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Latest Breaking News (Forum)

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Hope Hicks nearly $500,000 legal fees are being paid by donations to the Republican Party 17 riversedge Monday Tuesday 16 1486
Obamas Sign Deal With Netflix, Form 'Higher Ground Productions' 6 mobeau69 Tuesday Tuesday 7 501
National Die-In Day: US high schoolers to protest inaction on gun control 2 turbinetree Monday Tuesday 16 707
In major embarrassment to GOP, House fails to pass massive Farm Bill in face of conservative Republi 32 EricMaundry Friday Tuesday 57 4505
Trump to meet South Korea's Moon amid signs that partnership is faltering on North Korea 1 brooklynite Tuesday Tuesday 3 687
Pope Francis tells gay man 'God made you like this and loves you like this' 13 7962 Monday Tuesday 14 856
Interior Department moves to reverse Obama-era rules on hunting bears, wolves in Alaska 14 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 6 714
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Touts Need To Arm Teachers [View all] 53 packman Sunday Monday 4 1337
Corker turns downs Trump's offer to be ambassador to Australia 4 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 1067
GOP lawmaker introduces bill to crowdfund border wall 32 brooklynite Monday Monday 10 1335
Michigan Backs Down From Medicaid Rule That Favored Rural White Voters 5 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 13 1246
Guns found at 2 schools, threats reported at 3 schools near Santa Fe High School on 1st day back aft 6 demmiblue Monday Monday 9 1181
Dozens Hospitalized in NYC After Using Synthetic Marijuana 13 DonViejo Sunday Monday 10 1585
Mueller Plans to Wrap Up Obstruction Inquiry Into Trump by Sept. 1, Giuliani Says 45 DonViejo Sunday Monday 7 2334
Democrats' newest midterm pitch: A crackdown on corruption 22 brooklynite Monday Monday 9 1048
Border agent questions 2 women for speaking Spanish 3 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 7 695
Supreme Court upholds employers' right to require arbitration to settle workplace disputes 15 DonViejo Monday Monday 16 1338
New Report Undermines Erik Prince's Sworn Testimony On Ties To Campaign 6 riversedge Monday Monday 11 1040
Trump Admin Hit With Lawsuit For Keeping Survey On FBI Morale Under Wraps 6 DonViejo Monday Monday 47 2470
Texas Lt. Gov. Won't Commit To Law Requiring Safe Storage Of Guns 29 turbinetree Sunday Monday 7 1152
Exclusive: Peter Navarro pushed Stefan Halper for Trump job 1 brooklynite Monday Monday 0 827
Watchdog report to fault FBI for Clinton probe delay 7 DonViejo Monday Monday 11 1502
Marseille: at least one injured after hooded men open fire on young people 2 Calista241 Monday Monday 11 1109
Trump Quotes Fox Guest to Trash 'Disgraced' John Brennan: 'He's Worried About Staying Out of Jail' 16 DonViejo Monday Monday 14 1429
Sally Yates warns Trump's 'all-out assault on the rule of law' has already targeted Bob Mueller 9 riversedge Monday Monday 40 2763
Cuban media: Boeing 737 crashes with 104 passengers aboard 40 DonViejo Friday Monday 18 2370
Florida's expensive race for governor highlights lax laws 7 Judi Lynn Sunday Monday 4 777
Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes 8 Qutzupalotl Monday Monday 26 2785
Russia's first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic 9 Devil Child Monday Monday 0 651
Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights 38 elmac Monday Monday 23 2708
'Significant' issues remain over NAFTA: U.S. treasury secretary 1 DonViejo Monday Monday 1 476
Texas governor scraps shotgun giveaway after school shooting 10 brooklynite Monday Monday 3 701
White, straight and Christian: Dallas County candidate admits rewarding his kids if they marry withi 23 Judi Lynn Friday Monday 9 2257
Trump Jokes That CIA Director Gina Haspel Might Not Be Qualified at Swearing-In 6 luc mont Monday Monday 7 1737
Hillary Clinton to receive prestigious Harvard medal 28 DonViejo Sunday Monday 50 1686
Human Rights Defenders Killed in Guatemala 18 Judi Lynn Sunday Monday 6 781
Reuters: Source says Giuliani 'made up' end date for Mueller probe 17 brooklynite Monday Monday 18 1417
Trump Admin Middle East Plan To Slash Humanitarian Funds As Tensions Rise 9 DonViejo Saturday Monday 8 1038
Parkland Survivor David Hogg Calls on Media to Stop Naming School Shooters 8 DonViejo Monday Monday 10 896
NYC Mayor de Blasio tells police to end arrests for marijuana smoking 4 DonViejo Monday Monday 10 789
NRA's Dana Loesch says 'media' is creating mass shooters 28 DonViejo Saturday Monday 3 1896
Patricia Morison, star of Broadway and Hollywood, dies aged 103 8 turbinetree Sunday Monday 11 1211
Trump pushes China to be 'strong & tight' on North Korea border 5 DonViejo Monday Monday 1 422
Pompeo threatens Iran with the 'strongest sanctions in history' 12 DonViejo Monday Monday 0 877
Richard N. Goodwin, 'supreme generalist' who was top aide to JFK and LBJ, dies at 86 2 Faygo Kid Monday Monday 16 526
Hawaii volcano fills sky with acid plumes and glass shards as lava hits sea 3 turbinetree Monday Monday 15 926
As despair continues to engulf Venezuela, voters go to the polls 20 Zorro Saturday Monday 1 1254
Comey associate: Rosenstein and FBI director will quit if Trump goes through with DOJ investigation [View all] 52 DonViejo Sunday Monday 48 5090
Trump's D.C. Hotel Gave a Sweetheart Rate to a Pro-Immigrant Worker Group 2 DonViejo Monday Monday 6 573
Trump on Mueller investigation: 'STOP!' 31 DonViejo Sunday Monday 10 3151
Bernie's army in disarray 18 brooklynite Monday Monday 17 1854
Trump says he will ask Justice Department to look into campaign surveillance 33 DonViejo Sunday Monday 8 1838
Mueller Probe Expands to Israeli Entrepreneur With U.A.E. Ties 12 Americanno Saturday Monday 30 1810
McCaskill Defends Vote Against Gina Haspel, Says Reasons Are Classified 13 DonViejo Sunday Monday 19 1196
Chris Christie compares Mueller investigation to 'Bridgegate' probe 17 turbinetree Sunday Monday 6 1670
Incoming NRA president: 'Disease' is violence, not the 2nd Amendment 37 DonViejo Sunday Monday 2 1193
Europeans Invoke 'Blocking Statute' To Preserve Iran Deal 14 turbinetree Sunday Monday 54 3045
U.S. Suspending New Tariffs While Negotiating Trade With China, Mnuchin Says 9 DonViejo Sunday Monday 2 853
Intelligence Committee Democrats: Trump Jr.'s reported meeting with Arab representative could be cri 12 jpak Sunday Sunday 59 3295
Scotland will consider independence vote after Brexit clarity, says Sturgeon 13 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 12 1151
Mueller probing Israeli businessman connected to UAE 3 Botany Sunday Sunday 9 1048
Houston police chief: We need people to start using the ballot box to take action on gun control 2 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 30 938
Trump welcomes Melania home from hospital by misspelling her name 28 EricMaundry Saturday Sunday 21 2816
Officials tell CNN that FBI 'informant' not planted inside Trump campaign 23 DonViejo Friday Sunday 23 2256
UPDATED: Warner: There are 'credible components' to report that foreign govts offered to aid... 6 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 28 2557
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Julian Englis Sunday Sunday 0 81
Tax law supporters rally for Republicans in tough races 12 turbinetree Sunday Sunday 1 753
Jimmy Carter Makes 'Crowd Size' Jab At Trump Amid Liberty Commencement 18 DonViejo Saturday Sunday 44 4920
Houston police chief: It's time to ask 'God's forgiveness for our inaction' on gun violence 18 DonViejo Saturday Sunday 26 1208
All of Mugshots.com's alleged co-owners arrested on extortion charges 44 mahatmakanejeeves May 17 Sunday 26 2827
Attorney-Client Privilege Review In Cohen Raid Is On Track 2 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 17 1394
Trump: Why didn't DNC hand over hacked server to FBI? 15 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 4 2626
South Korea, U.S. to work closely on summit after Pyongyang's about-face 2 DonViejo Sunday Sunday 1 450
Santa Fe school shooting: Texas Gov., wife to attend service at church 8 groundloop Sunday Sunday 3 632
China Lands Nuclear Bombers on Disputed South China Sea Islands In Warning to American Rivals 15 Devil Child Saturday Sunday 6 1255
Zinke, Wife Requested VIP National Park Tours For Friends And Acquaintances 19 DonViejo Saturday Sunday 18 1776
Students arrested protesting gun violence outside Paul Ryan's office 11 riversedge Saturday Sunday 33 2085
22 injured in fire, explosion at Pasadena industrial plant 8 TexasTowelie Saturday Sunday 5 1125
Dem lawmaker spars with own party over prison reform 8 laserhaas Saturday Saturday 5 1350
Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election. 17 elleng Saturday Saturday 27 1845
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