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Latest Breaking News (Forum)

Title of discussion thread Replies Author Start time Last reply Recs Views
Black man asked to leave his own pool by officer in viral video 15 Judi Lynn Thursday Thursday 26 2926
Trump's top Hill aide leaving White House amid Supreme Court battle 3 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 5 868
Macron Denies Trump Claim That NATO Allies Agreed to Increase Spending Beyond Goals 4 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 7 918
Trump says NATO nations make major new defense spending commitments after he upends summit 25 Arkansas Granny Thursday Thursday 8 1900
Illinois officer resigns after not helping woman harassed for wearing Puerto Rico shirt 15 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 20 1663
Loaded gun found atop baby changing table at Utah aquarium 16 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 8 808
Tesla Plans China Plant With 500,000 Vehicle Capacity 3 DonViejo Tuesday Thursday 5 765
Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Want Roe v. Wade to Stand 6 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 6 487
Wife of top Trump aide had radio show where she said women in military should expect sexual harassme 7 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 4 730
North Carolina GOP candidate compares Democrats to Nazis 16 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 6 1258
Tim Ryan weighs new challenge to Pelosi amid Democratic unrest [View all] 88 brooklynite Tuesday Thursday 17 3082
Paul Manafort has phone, email, 'VIP' treatment in jail, prosecutors say 19 Mrs. Overall Wednesday Thursday 12 1336
FBI agent: My work has never been tainted by political bias 3 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 5 863
Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as 'barrier' to Russia inquiry - Schumer 16 turbinetree Tuesday Thursday 17 1459
Lisa Page plans to defy GOP subpoena for her testimony, her lawyer says 28 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 17 2322
India Says 'Yes' to Net Neutrality 4 JI7 Thursday Thursday 9 526
Senate confirms Trump DOJ nominee with ties to Russian bank 10 Mrs. Overall Wednesday Thursday 12 986
Asbestos sold by Russian company is branded with Trump's image 13 jpak Wednesday Thursday 13 1784
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh piled up credit card debt by purchasing Nationals tickets, Whi 44 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 15 2939
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 pnwmom Thursday Thursday 1 91
Manafort Loses Bid To Stay In 'VIP' Jail, Could Face Evidence From 1980s 15 appalachiablue Wednesday Thursday 18 1758
North Dakota soybean processors hit hard by tariffs as China cancels orders 19 jpak Wednesday Thursday 13 1427
Trump reportedly will visit Missouri again to help Hawley raise money for Senate race 4 pstokely Wednesday Thursday 1 439
Rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins primary in district she is not running in 11 Tarc Tuesday Thursday 13 1692
Trump Tells NATO Germany is 'Totally Controlled By Russia' 18 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 7 1275
Supreme Court nominee dishes out mac and cheese to homeless 35 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 0 1892
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin facing criticism over tone-deaf comment he made on social media 14 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 9 1705
Trump Changes Tone In Merkel Meeting After Earlier Slamming Germany 15 appalachiablue Wednesday Thursday 3 1626
Trump's relationship with Merkel sinks even lower 11 Judi Lynn Wednesday Thursday 10 1361
Alabama Bans Sheriffs from Pocketing Jail Food Money 12 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 11 964
Flake drops opposition to Trump's judges after tariff votes 13 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 4 1164
Official: Florida Shooting Suspect's Mom Let Him Buy Gun 17 appalachiablue Wednesday Wednesday 11 1402
Mueller Asks Court For 100 More Blank Subpoenas Ahead Of Manafort Trial 13 appalachiablue Wednesday Wednesday 39 2388
McCaskill raises more than $4 million in second quarter 1 pstokely Wednesday Wednesday 7 509
First Fire Chief To Rush Into Twin Towers On 9-11 Becomes Last To Retire 3 appalachiablue Wednesday Wednesday 13 532
California slashes emissions, hits major greenhouse gas goal years early 10 demmiblue Wednesday Wednesday 44 1138
92-year-old man attacked with brick, told to 'go back to your country:' reports 14 Judi Lynn Monday Wednesday 10 2311
The House committee tasked with making sure US immigration police follow the law has given up 6 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 18 1056
Feds: Kentucky coal mine supervisors cheated on dust samples 5 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 13 740
Mueller turns the tables on Manafort after he's caught boasting about 'VIP' treatment in jail 3 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 24 2063
NYC mayor accused of crossing southern border illegally 5 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 16 1610
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 3 198
McCaskill polling supporters on Supreme Court decision 19 pstokely Tuesday Wednesday 2 1390
Execution blocked after judge rules for drug company 2 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 2 731
Paul Ryan calls Jim Jordan a 'man of integrity,' amid accusations Jordan ignored alleged abuse 10 riversedge Wednesday Wednesday 1 520
Colorado police officer fired for using racial slur rehired after appeal 2 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 5 757
National Retail Federation CEO says Trump's tariffs 'aren't going to work,' will raise consumer pric 5 jpak Wednesday Wednesday 6 638
Sri Lanka to begin hanging drug dealers to 'replicate success of Philippines' 9 Equinox Moon Wednesday Wednesday 7 832
What Did Deputies Do During Parkland Shooting? Officials Fight To Keep Footage Secret 7 appalachiablue Tuesday Wednesday 12 1558
Judge denies trans teen's name change because Caitlyn Jenner may have brainwashed him 8 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 4 1172
Hawaii Supreme Court hands anti-LGBTQ hate group a post-'Masterpiece Cakeshop' defeat 3 turbinetree Wednesday Wednesday 16 961
Former Tennessee officer arrested in Panama on theft charge 1 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 4 551
Trade war fallout: Soybean prices plunge to a 10-year low 35 blue-wave Wednesday Wednesday 18 1600
Environmental Group Files Suit To Block California's Split-The-State Measure From Ballot 8 appalachiablue Tuesday Wednesday 17 1055
Fifth-ranking House Dem doubles down, says it's time to overhaul leadership 23 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 5 1373
Top Ecuador court upholds $9 billion ruling against Chevron 0 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 1 340
At NATO, Trump lashes out at allies and then asks them to double their defense spending goals 9 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 4 596
Trump is stealing money from HIV programs to pay for migrant kids snatched from parents 9 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 11 1066
US House Committee Passes Anti-Gay Amendment Allowing Taxpayer-Funded Adoption Agencies to Discrimin 20 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 11 1118
Merkel hits back at Trump's attack: I remember Soviet occupation 28 riversedge Wednesday Wednesday 51 3167
Croatia tops England in extra time to reach World Cup final 10 sandensea Wednesday Wednesday 1 828
Arkansas teens taunt toddler with a Taser in Snapchat video 8 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 9 1642
Controversial Justice Department Nominee With Russia Ties Wins Senate Confirmation 14 neohippie Wednesday Wednesday 19 1154
Papa John's Founder Allegedly Used N-Word On Conference Call 34 pstokely Wednesday Wednesday 20 2949
Trump seeks to reassure anxious farmers being hurt by his trade war with China 17 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 7 1378
Here are the top midterm ad markets and most expensive races 0 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 1 333
Dem redistricting group picks targets, unleashes Obama 7 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 18 1061
HHS Sec: What We're Doing to Help Migrant Children 'One of the Great Acts of American Generosity' 19 highplainsdem Tuesday Wednesday 10 1458
TSA screeners win immunity from flier abuse claims: U.S. appeals court 8 left-of-center2012 Wednesday Wednesday 8 1002
Protesters Confront Ivanka on Family Separations 28 appalachiablue Tuesday Wednesday 57 4323
Exclusive: After discouraging year, U.S. officials expect review of Afghan strategy 5 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 1 385
U.S. Promises a 'Reckoning' If China Doesn't Change Trade Policy 14 jpak Wednesday Wednesday 5 1077
Poll: Voters oppose abolishing ICE 14 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 0 1095
Senate approves symbolic criticism of Trump's tariffs following failed efforts to block them 4 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 3 637
Trump suggests NATO allies raise target spending to 4 percent 24 demmiblue Wednesday Wednesday 2 1163
Smucker is saying goodbye to Pillsbury and its doughboy 10 DonViejo Tuesday Wednesday 8 2141
A Property Manager Was Fired For Calling The Cops On A Black Man For Wearing Socks In The Pool [View all] 60 left-of-center2012 Jul 7 Wednesday 32 4658
Social media users respond to Sacha Baron Cohen impersonating U.S. veteran and tricking Sarah Palin 12 mac56 Wednesday Wednesday 12 1423
China's Response to Trump Tariffs: 'They Go Low, We Go High' 5 DonViejo Wednesday Wednesday 6 1115
Playmate Who Had Affair With Major GOP Fundraiser Has Never Met Trump, Sources Say 22 Calista241 Wednesday Wednesday 3 2496
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