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Latest Breaking News (Forum)

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Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election 15 Eugene Saturday Yesterday 1 902
Montana GOPer Says She Would Have Shot Journalist Gianforte Assaulted 24 turbinetree Saturday Yesterday 19 2598
Trump Jumps Back On Twitter to Complain About 'Fake News' and 'Discredited Dossier' 11 DonViejo Saturday Yesterday 7 1418
Pollution kills 9 million people each year, new study finds 5 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 8 464
Campaign from former presidents raises $31M for disaster relief 7 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 17 729
Trump likely to block release of classified JFK files: report 30 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 21 2923
O'Reilly Settled New Harassment Claims, Then Fox Renewed His Contract 7 highplainsdem Saturday Saturday 12 1523
Three deaths in Tampa neighborhood likely linked, cops say 3 jpak Saturday Saturday 6 452
JPS school honoring Jefferson Davis to be renamed after Barack Obama 34 DonViejo Wednesday Saturday 92 3723
Pro-Trump War Hero Featured on Fox News Never Actually Served 36 riversedge Thursday Saturday 54 4488
Sanders: It is 'highly inappropriate' to debate Kelly 25 Discussionist KING Saturday Saturday 2 1279
From opioids to HIV -- a public health threat in Trump country 12 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 6 826
The Latest: Ohio State turns down white nationalist request 7 Judi Lynn Friday Saturday 12 949
On Morning of Sgt. Johnson's Funeral, Trump Continues Hate-Tweeting at Rep. Wilson 24 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 40 3138
CIA corrects director's Russian election meddling claim 15 DonViejo Friday Saturday 16 1601
Comey friend: Not sure Trump has a soul 19 highplainsdem Friday Saturday 14 1371
Young subscribers flock to old media 17 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 44 1996
Trump may pause US refugee family reunification program: report 2 riversedge Saturday Saturday 4 480
Feds warn about cyber attacks on energy, industrial firms 0 highplainsdem Saturday Saturday 0 595
What Puerto Rico is doing to get the power back after storm 8 DonViejo Friday Saturday 9 743
This message was self-deleted by its author 5 blogslut Saturday Saturday 11 453
Maxine Waters: Trump's White House 'transforms everyone into liars' 9 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 16 1010
Billionaire Steyer Launches Ad Campaign Urging Trump Impeachment 16 bathroommonkey76 Friday Saturday 50 2148
White House under fire for suggesting general's remarks should not be questioned 12 nitpicker Saturday Saturday 19 1724
Dems: GOP tax cut plan fails Trump's own test 0 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 5 551
Dems Rebuff Effort Urging Sanders, King to Switch Party 11 TexasTowelie Friday Saturday 1 817
Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens 'survival of human societies' 4 turbinetree Friday Saturday 6 444
Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren't sure Puerto Ricans should 29 DonViejo Friday Saturday 30 2273
Rate of U.S. adults with health insurance makes U-turn, major survey shows 5 groundloop Friday Saturday 8 643
Louisiana parish leaders sued over Confederate monument vote 2 Judi Lynn Friday Saturday 3 662
After Video Contradicts John Kelly, White House Doubles Down In Defense 15 DonViejo Friday Saturday 26 2395
Senate investigators spoke with Russians present at Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jr. 4 riversedge Friday Saturday 13 1012
Missing soldier found nearly a mile from Niger ambush, officials say 17 erpowers Friday Saturday 6 1540
Graham Responds To Sanders: 'In America' Debating Generals Appropriate 14 DonViejo Friday Saturday 31 2771
Budget deficit hits $666B, an $80B spike for the year 11 DonViejo Friday Saturday 2 894
Obama didn't call John Kelly when his Marine son died in action, White House official says 49 Pugster Tuesday Saturday 6 4694
Exclusive: Pentagon Document Contradicts Trump's Gold Star Claims 13 highplainsdem Friday Saturday 60 3668
Kelly Speaks About Sons Death and Criticizes Congresswoman Wilson 36 mobeau69 Thursday Saturday 4 2385
Ex-Clinton aide on Kelly: 'Don't be distracted by the uniform' 17 DonViejo Thursday Saturday 84 5222
Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer after all, experts say 6 Judi Lynn Friday Saturday 12 1286
Merkel: EU To Cut Aid To Turkey Over Democratic Backsliding 5 Purveyor Friday Friday 8 544
CNN anchor: White House thinks the US is a 'military dictatorship' 3 highplainsdem Friday Friday 27 1754
Family confirms body found in Argentina river was missing activist 2 Judi Lynn Friday Friday 2 464
GOP State Lawmaker Suggests Quarantining People With HIV, Says It's 'Almost Frightening' How Many... 24 DonViejo Friday Friday 17 1664
Peru legalises medical marijuana in move spurred by mother's home lab 0 Judi Lynn Friday Friday 11 513
Senate votes down effort to block drilling in Alaska refuge 9 highplainsdem Thursday Friday 8 779
Cummings: Trump aides admitted to lawyers they used private email 3 DonViejo Friday Friday 9 818
Devastation in Raqqa raises questions about cost of victory 5 DonViejo Friday Friday 5 557
Singer kneels after performing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets game 4 highplainsdem Friday Friday 27 998
3 Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Firing On Spencer Protesters 19 demmiblue Friday Friday 17 1596
Trump: 'I don't know' if I'll interview with Mueller 11 DonViejo Friday Friday 4 1706
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 DonViejo Friday Friday 5 1106
Niger Ambush Came After Massive Intelligence Failure, Source Says 22 kstewart33 Friday Friday 35 2286
White House: Unfortunate If Widow Of Fallen Soldier Misunderstood Trump 29 DonViejo Friday Friday 6 1595
Donald Trump sparks fury from Brits after saying that crime has soared by 13 per cent in UK because 24 highplainsdem Friday Friday 43 2985
Obama tears into Ed Gillespie's MS-13 ads, calling them 'as cynical as politics gets' 5 DonViejo Friday Friday 24 1015
Dozens dead in mosque blasts in Kabul and central Afghanistan 0 Eugene Friday Friday 1 289
Appeals court rules teen can't be denied abortion; gives government time to find her a sponsor 3 DonViejo Friday Friday 10 534
Defense Secretary Mattis to meet with McCain after subpoena threat over Niger attack 6 DonViejo Friday Friday 7 963
Full video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech shows John Kelly got it wrong 10 LovingA2andMI Friday Friday 18 1012
Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group's Campaign of Menace 1 highplainsdem Thursday Friday 11 688
There is a transcript of Trumps controversial call to Sgt. Johnsons widow, Lara Trump reveals 12 turbinetree Friday Friday 6 1821
Most Americans don't have much confidence in Trump's legacy 8 highplainsdem Friday Friday 6 641
President Trump releases petition requesting support on standing during the national anthem 16 mdbl Friday Friday 0 1229
150 Afghan Soldiers Fled After Being Sent Stateside for Training 5 DonViejo Friday Friday 2 890
Hilton El Conquistador cancels plans to host upcoming white nationalist VDare conference 10 demmiblue Friday Friday 21 991
U.S.-led coalition declares ISIS forces vanquished, battle for Raqqa over 4 jpak Friday Friday 0 326
There is a transcript of Trump's controversial call to Sgt. Johnson's widow, Lara Trump reveals 26 highplainsdem Friday Friday 13 2714
Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, but the court just refused to erase his crimes from the record 11 Stonepounder Friday Friday 33 1342
San Juan Mayor: Trump lives in 'alternative reality world' 3 highplainsdem Friday Friday 16 766
Frederica Wilson says John Kelly lied from the White House podium 24 Pugster Thursday Friday 54 4576
Pelosi: Trump needs an 'intervention' 16 highplainsdem Thursday Friday 14 1198
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 mahatmakanejeeves Friday Friday 0 266
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 DonViejo Friday Friday 2 315
George W. Bush just laid a major smackdown on Trumpism 18 Honeycombe8 Thursday Friday 15 1651
Trump calls to 'keep America safe' citing rising UK crime rate 3 DonViejo Friday Friday 2 467
Gitanjali Rao: Girl of 11 takes US young scientist prize 9 Judi Lynn Thursday Friday 29 1094
UK agency disputes Trump tweet on rising crime, terrorism 1 highplainsdem Friday Friday 5 323
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