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Activist Headquarters
Organize and meet your fellow DU activists!
0 3,370
This group is intended to be a resource and an open forum for all things marijuana: discuss legal matters and advocacy efforts, post strain and product reviews, provide medical marijuana resources and assistance, talk about growing techniques, explore the possibilities of industrial hemp, etc.
54 11,354
Economic Activism and Progressive Living
End corporate control of our government and media though targeted product and service boycotts and the redirection of our personal finances.
2 680
Occupy Underground
A place for Occupy participants and supporters to promote the values of Occupy Wall Street, share information, and advocate constructive interaction among members of the DU community. This is a General Assembly of supporters of the 99%. While dissent is allowed because there are many different groups that oppose rule by the 1%, anti-Occupy Wall Street rhetoric belongs in other forums.
0 10,945
Peacemaking and Community
A place for people to gather and discuss peace as a guiding principle in our lives, in our communities, in our nation, and in our world.
0 442
Propaganda Debunking
Discredit and or refute right-wing propaganda disseminated via e-mail, newspaper, 527 organizations, and broadcast media.
9 1,639
Become more informed and also active in supporting whistleblowers in their quests to be heard.
0 116
Socialist Progressives
Link Socialist ideas and suggestions for political change to a Progressive framework.
0 13,295
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Civil Liberties
Discuss individual rights and liberties of all people, in the United States and elsewhere.
61 4,544
A place for Congress-watchers, legislation-followers, and C-SPAN junkies to discuss all things Congress.
1 4,972
Election Reform
Discuss voting and e-voting, campaign finance reform, and all issues related to improving our election system.
0 2,939
A safe community where all those interested in discussing and trying to resolve the problems that are inherent to women in society can come and work together, without having to defend the basic premise that issues do exist which specifically affect and limit women, their rights and their potential.
15 14,315
Frugal and Energy Efficient Living
This group is dedicated to conservation, frugality, efficiency and the sharing of those ideas. We can do our part to help each other stretch each dollar through strategic or timely buying.
5 5,106
Gun Control Reform Activism
Discuss how to enact progressive gun control reform in a supportive environment. The group serves as a safe haven in which to mobilize supporters in support of measures reducing gun violence by changing laws, culture and practice at the municipal, state, and federal levels. While there is no single solution to the tragic epidemic of gun violence, members agree that more guns are not the solution to gun violence, and are expected to be supportive of the policies of progressive gun control reform organizations.
14 14,444
LGBT Civil Rights and Activism
A discussion area of fierce advocacy for LGBT people and their allies. Our concerns regard issues of socio-economic justice and equality for LGBT people.
1 1,836
Nuclear Free
Discuss the dangers of nuclear energy, including nonproliferation, whether or not nuclear energy can ever be made truly safe, and power generation in a post-nuclear world. The group may also be used to organize anti-nuclear activism.
0 252
Omaha Steve's Labor Group
Workers of DU, unite! A group for union members, labor activists, and supporters.
177 14,386
Peak Oil
Discuss issues related to peak oil, petroleum dependence, and oil depletion.
0 660
Populist Reform of the Democratic Party
To discuss and debate issues, candidates, and strategies related to the promotion of progressive, populist reforms within the Democratic Party.
0 11,151
Social Security & Medicare
Discuss Social Security & Medicare.
27 1,217
Vegetarian, Vegan and Animal Rights
A safe haven for anyone interested in vegetarianism, veganism, and animal rights, to discuss health and animal related issues, organize, exchange recipes, support each other, and network.
8 6,432
Women's Rights & Issues
This group is a place for members to discuss all issues affecting women in the U.S. and globally. Our goal is to keep this forum friendly, polite and respectful. If you agree with the necessity of women's rights advocacy and believe in furthering the legal & cultural rights of women then this is the place for you.
84 15,207