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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 111 69087
A question about the legality of personal space [View all] 321 Downtown Hound Thursday Saturday 4 5869
Bernie Sanders: Lets wrench power back from the billionaires [View all] 302 Hassin Bin Sober Sunday 19 hrs ago 64 6244
Aziz Ansari [View all] 197 Proud liberal 80 Monday Yesterday 1 6284
Chelsea Manning releases a campaign ad [View all] 196 janterry Sunday Tuesday 6 4564
When the democrats regain power, I want blood. [View all] 196 shockey80 Sunday Monday 203 9864
Bernie Sanders fan "Killer Mike" wants Nina Turner to run for OH-GOV [View all] 173 brooklynite Friday Sunday 1 3263
Some asshole with no handicap sticker parked in the last available disabled parking spot!!! [View all] 170 CTyankee Sunday Tuesday 61 6543
Those taking a strict "no Dem must be primaried" position may have a point... [View all] 163 Ken Burch Sunday 2 hrs ago 6 3244
Pro Tip for Men: Only Enthusiastic Consent is Consent. Here Is a Guide: [View all] 151 MineralMan Monday 19 min ago 15 5240
So, what "Shithole" country did your ancestors come from? [View all] 144 packman Friday Sunday 12 2025
Whoa. All I can say is Cory Booker for President. [View all] 140 mainer Tuesday 23 hrs ago 158 8826
Wow, wow, wow! Flake! [View all] 134 bigtree Yesterday 1 hr ago 159 10372
Oprah Winfrey Helped Create Our Irrational Pseudoscientific American Fantasyland - Slate [View all] 130 SidDithers Thursday Monday 55 3886
I dare say Oprah is not that different from Obama!! [View all] 127 hertopos Jan 9 Monday 2 2210
Religion question - Do Catholics NOT accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior? [View all] 118 underpants Monday Tuesday 4 3310
Goodbye lunch: Internet barfs after Stormy Daniels claims Trump told her she was just like [View all] 101 malaise 20 hrs ago 1 hr ago 104 8467
The Final Straw [View all] 95 CaliforniaPeggy Friday Sunday 170 8765
Idiot Teacher Asked 4th-Graders to Give 3 Good Reasons for Slavery [View all] 93 WhiskeyGrinder Thursday Friday 3 2506
Had an encounter with a small group of Trumpers, and am left utterly flabbergasted! [View all] 93 markpkessinger Monday 16 hrs ago 100 9616
This "medical evaluation" was a sham and insult to the American people. [View all] 92 Irish_Dem Tuesday 1 hr ago 66 4096
Jeff Flake and Democrats... How do we make allies out of Republicans opposing Trump? [View all] 91 zaj Monday Yesterday 3 1404
Worker thought Trump would save her job. She was wrong. [View all] 88 SummerSnow Saturday Tuesday 20 3396
"... Trump will be impeached this spring" [View all] 86 left-of-center2012 Yesterday 2 hrs ago 81 6593
Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Stars Silence Agreement just before election [View all] 84 kpete Friday Saturday 64 4194
Who's going to their cities "Women's March" next Saturday? [View all] 83 Upthevibe Sunday Tuesday 18 1408
New 'Hot-Desking' Trend Eliminates Personal Space In The Office [View all] 82 TexasTowelie Yesterday 12 hrs ago 23 4329
How Big of a Divergence between EC winner and Popular Vote winner will we tolerate? [View all] 81 kennetha Sunday Tuesday 8 1698
We are not ready for the influenza pandemic [View all] 80 lordsummerisle Sunday Monday 13 2633
Good Bye Cashiers [View all] 77 erpowers 20 hrs ago 15 min ago 0 3260
Sanders Family Disputes Report of Escalating Burlington College Probe [View all] 77 Omaha Steve Jan 8 Sunday 4 2431
Can't believe this shit...... Joe Arpaio: Obama's birth certificate is a 'phony document' [View all] 72 spanone Thursday Monday 16 4255
Why isn't anyone on here talking about this? [View all] 72 bathroommonkey76 Tuesday 23 hrs ago 56 6034
Best Tweet [View all] 71 sheshe2 Monday Yesterday 94 5734
The Aziz Ansari thing made me realize how I had no clue how to act on a date [View all] 68 nadine_mn Monday Tuesday 61 4233
The Strange Battle of the Pussyhats [View all] 68 peggysue2 Saturday Sunday 20 2441
So what do I tell friends and family after finding out that I'm likely terminally ill? [View all] 68 bondwooley Tuesday 16 hrs ago 19 2959
U.S. must accept a new, multipolar world order, Russian foreign minister says [View all] 67 orangecrush Monday 20 hrs ago 6 1489
Well.... we are all gonna die [View all] 65 Texasgal Monday Tuesday 35 4226
" I'm a Republican. What on Earth Is Wrong With My Party?" [View all] 64 babylonsister Monday Monday 61 4547
Republican pundit Steve Schmidt was on fire yesterday. [View all] 64 pnwmom Monday Monday 217 10126
What are women still marching for? [View all] 63 sheshe2 22 hrs ago 9 hrs ago 45 2271
I just found out my cousin is one of the most famous and beloved men in the world (really) [View all] 63 MLAA Saturday Sunday 118 8180
What does Melania Want? [View all] 63 kennetha Saturday Sunday 14 2883
Stormy Daniels has got me thinking about what my porn name could be .... [View all] 63 Botany Saturday Sunday 1 1324
67 year old disabled lady kicked out of the YMCA for talking politics..please read, I need you guys. [View all] 63 jodymarie aimee Monday Yesterday 62 4803
So have Sen Gillibrand and Schumer called on Trump to resign over the porn star allegation? [View all] 62 Chasstev365 Saturday Saturday 49 1973
keith just tweeted that Bannon is cooperating with Meuller and he may unretire lol [View all] 61 TalenaGor Thursday Friday 142 10945
Times Up for Aziz Ansari [View all] 60 brettdale Sunday Monday 1 3907
Taking bets on when Trump's going to come out and just say "nigger" in front of the wrong person [View all] 57 EffieBlack Tuesday 23 hrs ago 11 1267
Hilarious response to 45 allegedly passing his cognitive exam [View all] 56 LonePirate Tuesday 19 hrs ago 177 11056
Great music from countries we're supposed to despise and fear [View all] 56 klook Friday Monday 11 885
**Breaking** (confirmed): Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte!** [View all] 55 hlthe2b Saturday Sunday 140 12036
I Don't Think Sports Illustrated is Buying the Girther Report [View all] 55 TheOther95Percent Tuesday 22 hrs ago 35 4911
Does Social Security Means Testing Mean Little Or No Social Security If 401K Too Big. [View all] 55 TheMastersNemesis Tuesday 22 hrs ago 12 1931
I Came Home From Work And My Wife Was Crying In Bed With The News On [View all] 55 SeaDoo77 Friday Saturday 217 11071
"We should have more people from places like Norway" [View all] 54 meadowlark5 Thursday Friday 86 3434
Dick Durbin on live now, calling the President a liar. [View all] 52 Atman Friday Friday 150 6936
Good God. Weve gone full Strangelove. [View all] 52 nolabear Saturday Sunday 37 4018
I DEMAND the Long-Form Girth Certificate!!! [View all] 52 hatrack Tuesday 20 hrs ago 111 4749
Sorority sister who went viral for racist tirade just got what she deserves [View all] 52 shenmue 13 hrs ago 21 min ago 23 3002
Here is my letter to Lindsay Graham: [View all] 51 Are_grits_groceries Thursday Sunday 156 6703
Dr Ronny Jackson said Der Shitler is in excellent health. Will give details Tuesday 49 Roland99 Friday Saturday 2 1630
Which football quarterback should be elected president? (Poll) 48 milestogo Saturday Monday 4 1209
Trump standing next to Obama who is 6' 1" : 48 Kingofalldems 23 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 21 2907
This message was self-deleted by its author 48 Ken Burch Sunday Monday 1 1317
Is anyone sharing my hopelessness tonight? 48 IluvPitties Thursday Friday 31 2100
My sister, again. Enjoy. 48 Miles Archer Tuesday 20 hrs ago 1 1543
Why did Trump do nothing when informed of a possible incoming missile ?? 48 kentuck Sunday Sunday 10 1700
"Your mouth is the biggest shithole in the world"....Vincente Fox 47 jodymarie aimee Thursday Friday 170 6864
I yelled BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN at my Alexa... 46 titaniumsalute Tuesday Tuesday 40 3849
I think the president of the US is using hand signals to connect with his base 46 Maraya1969 Monday 22 hrs ago 34 3044
While we all live through this nightmare, remember one important thing 46 Eliot Rosewater Friday Monday 49 2181
To Get Medicaid in Kentucky, Many Will Have to Work. Advocates for the Poor Are Horrified. 45 mfcorey1 Saturday Monday 6 1552
Wait a minute-Dump is in EXCELLENT HEALTH! His cardiac calcium score is 130! I just 44 cornball 24 20 hrs ago 16 hrs ago 25 3414
Trump is not going to like Saturday front pages of NYC tabloids. 44 kpete Saturday Sunday 96 9271
This is Trumps first statement after the entire state of Hawaii was told a missile was coming 44 sunonmars Saturday Saturday 49 5367
Did You Know: Anyone Opposing Chelsea Manning's Senate Bid Has An Old Straight White Man Fetish? 43 peggysue2 Tuesday Tuesday 8 1008
I miss you... 43 SummerSnow Friday Saturday 126 2940
On Rachel: One of the nominees that Franken grilled and found lacking in veracity has been 43 Baitball Blogger Jan 10 Friday 70 4208
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