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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 111 72933
U.S. Sen. Sanders rallies in Lubbock of all places [View all] 481 Donkees Mar 11 Friday 38 7308
So, let's say Pelosi gets replaced by (insert name here). Do you think that will stop the . . . . [View all] 326 Stinky The Clown Thursday Saturday 59 4005
Dear Hillary, I wish you did not say this [View all] 239 question everything Wednesday Friday 6 5850
Many Trump voters voted for Obama. Many are not racist. Some are. Not all. That's just the fact. [View all] 217 LBM20 Thursday 8 hrs ago 14 4051
This will be controversial to say, but Lamb is right about Pelosi [View all] 216 scheming daemons Wednesday Wednesday 34 4203
Why does unconditional support of the D party bother some? [View all] 211 Eliot Rosewater Wednesday Friday 37 2848
One thing REALLY bothers me about Lamb's campaign: [View all] 205 RandomAccess Wednesday Thursday 20 4435
Why are *some* Bernie supporters crapping on Conor Lamb? [View all] 187 dansolo Wednesday Friday 34 4565
Are you going to vote for the democrat if they [View all] 163 boston bean Saturday 2 hrs ago 140 6181
SC Justice Kennedy to retire this summer, is the rumor. [View all] 159 Eliot Rosewater Mar 9 Friday 49 9937
Prediction: Trump is going to fire Mueller and there will be zero consequences for it. [View all] 156 oberliner Saturday 8 hrs ago 6 4672
Bernie Sanders in Phoenix: Senator encourages supporters to fight for change, riles opponents [View all] 147 Donkees Monday Wednesday 36 3038
When someone works to get people not to vote or vote 3rd party, [View all] 144 Eliot Rosewater Mar 10 Tuesday 83 5170
Why do so many people think it's OK for Trump to behave like a low-class, ill-mannered boor? [View all] 143 The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 11 Wednesday 87 5190
Gal Gadots Seemingly Innocent Tribute To Stephen Hawking Pissed Off Some People [View all] 143 Proud liberal 80 Thursday 17 hrs ago 2 4957
A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why theyre so pissed off [View all] 140 tenderfoot Thursday Friday 115 9760
What's with the sudden spate of "Leave Trump supporters ALONE!" OP and posts? [View all] 138 EffieBlack Saturday 4 hrs ago 59 3840
Revenge of the Gun Nerds [View all] 137 mac56 Mar 7 Saturday 13 4049
Bernie doesn't seem to love Beto [View all] 137 EffieBlack Mar 10 Thursday 23 3737
Are "Conservative Democrats" good or bad for the Democratic Party? [View all] 134 kentuck Wednesday Thursday 9 1953
Where's the concern about "turning off" minority voters? [View all] 128 EffieBlack 17 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 86 3346
Hillary Clinton told the truth: Trump's voters are backwards and stuck in the worst parts of America [View all] 126 sheshe2 Friday 7 hrs ago 95 3844
DNA Heritage Tests - Why Would E. Warren or Anybody Bother? [View all] 123 MineralMan Monday Wednesday 13 2757
To those still worried about offending Trump supporters because you're hoping to get the to vote Dem [View all] 120 EffieBlack Wednesday Thursday 102 4365
Anyone you see making our TWO PARTY choice out as NEGATIVE, i.e. more or less stating that while one [View all] 120 Eliot Rosewater Monday Thursday 36 2329
Minority voters, not Trump voters, are key to Dem victory. Why else is GOP suppressing their votes? [View all] 116 EffieBlack Saturday 4 hrs ago 54 1485
Thoughts on PA-18 from a resident [View all] 110 scheming daemons Monday Thursday 213 9873
NYT: Pennsylvania Special Election Results [View all] 109 Stallion Tuesday Tuesday 23 7839
So, Um, "Family Cloth" Reusable Toilet Paper Exists Would You Try It? [View all] 99 underpants Friday Saturday 3 2137
Trump nickname thread. [View all] 94 Flaleftist Saturday 10 hrs ago 5 1202
Hillary Clinton was right: The parts of America that support Trump are stuck in the past [View all] 90 DonViejo Thursday Friday 59 3028
Dear Hillary Censors: Please advise when Hillary will be allowed to speak her thoughts out loud [View all] 90 EffieBlack Wednesday Thursday 62 1750
I would like to propose a new DU rule. That is... [View all] 89 LAS14 Friday Saturday 4 2148
What age do you think old age begins [View all] 88 gabeana Tuesday Friday 11 2151
Trump Jr and wife Vanessa expected to file for divorce [View all] 88 sunonmars Wednesday Wednesday 52 6291
I am sooooo happily divorced. [View all] 88 Kath2 6 hrs ago 4 min ago 156 4755
Hillary had the presidency stolen from her! I am so tired of some dems [View all] 88 triron Thursday Friday 131 5180
By definition, anyone who voted for Trump is an idiot. [View all] 87 MineralMan 11 hrs ago 6 hrs ago 62 2974
We won a huge race and there is an immediate increase in attacks on Democrats and even DU members. [View all] 85 NCTraveler Thursday Friday 176 7292
I'm not relating to this need to reconcile with alleged Obama voters who voted for #fakepresident [View all] 84 Cary Friday Saturday 29 1485
I finally decided to retire at 70. [View all] 83 lunatica Thursday Friday 66 3121
Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away. [View all] 81 RandySF Tuesday Wednesday 138 4203
How A Twitter Fight Over Bernie Sanders Revealed A Network Of Fake Accounts [View all] 79 poboy2 Wednesday Friday 29 2430
Boycott worked [View all] 79 Sam McGee Friday Saturday 234 8766
Hmmmm, interesting? Vanessa Trump hires CRIMINAL defense attorney for Donald Jr. divorce (Updated) [View all] 79 kpete Friday Friday 51 5099
**** BREAKING New York Times calls it for Lamb **** [View all] 78 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Thursday 139 6913
White men stockpile guns because they're scared of black people and feel inadequate, science says [View all] 77 ffr Wednesday Wednesday 35 1729
Line is pretty long at my polling place [View all] 76 scheming daemons Tuesday Thursday 50 4165
Is The Stormy Story More Damaging Than We Thought? [View all] 74 demmiblue Monday Wednesday 46 5741
If Feinstein votes to confirm Haspel [View all] 74 gabeana Friday Saturday 4 1964
Rep. Eric Swalwell SWATS Trump: "Gloat now, but you will be fired soon" [View all] 74 kpete Saturday 23 hrs ago 163 7241
Can You Settle For A Candidate Like Conor Lamb -- IF THAT WHAT IT TAKES - To Regain The U.S. House. (Poll) [View all] 74 LovingA2andMI Tuesday Wednesday 5 2119
Palin heading to Mar-a-Lago.. [View all] 73 HipChick Friday Friday 15 2454
Hey Ladies! Donald Trump Jr is on the market! [View all] 73 milestogo Thursday Friday 1 1822
I said this to a Trump voter at work and his face turned red with embarrassment. [View all] 72 shockey80 Saturday 11 hrs ago 135 7883
What Conor Lamb, the "conservative," actually campaigned for. [View all] 72 pnwmom Wednesday Thursday 71 3135
Love this - freeper says : "November is going to be devastating" [View all] 71 mia Tuesday Wednesday 51 4680
Conor Lamb declared the winner [View all] 70 malaise Wednesday Wednesday 65 4023
DNC rules committee member: end the caucus System [View all] 70 Upstate One Mar 10 Wednesday 41 1646
Schwartz: Trump/Russia is the biggest, scariest story in the world. Let's stop pretending it isn't. [View all] 69 highplainsdem Wednesday Thursday 181 7651
As a first step: I am ending any show of respect for the U.S. flag, effective immediately. [View all] 69 Paladin Saturday 9 hrs ago 36 2659
Joy Reid Went There Trump Strutting On That Stage Hurling Insults [View all] 69 PaulX2 Mar 11 Wednesday 156 11707
WALK OUT - my daughter just finished theirs [View all] 69 underpants Wednesday Wednesday 86 2539
If true this is real bad [View all] 69 SHRED Monday Tuesday 203 14474
Hillary Clinton fractures wrist in India hotel bathroom [View all] 68 FarCenter Saturday 10 hrs ago 11 2907
To those now critical of Hillary's remarks about women who voted for Trump: [View all] 67 Atticus Wednesday Saturday 54 2914
Neo-Nazi Group Implodes Over Love Triangle Turned Trailer Brawl [View all] 67 Leghorn21 Wednesday Thursday 26 2141
Firing McCabe would be unfathomable cruelty which could have major blowback [View all] 67 Renew Deal Friday Saturday 64 3178
The Nancy Pelosi Problem (the most effective congressional leader of modern times) [View all] 66 workinclasszero Friday 10 hrs ago 60 1533
How the baby boomers not millennials screwed America [View all] 65 FarCenter Thursday Thursday 6 1401
Death of the Toy Store [View all] 65 no_hypocrisy Thursday Thursday 27 2553
I have lived in Canonsburg and North Strabane (Washington Co PA) my whole life [View all] 65 scheming daemons Wednesday Thursday 221 7252
Lamb is declaring victory. [View all] 64 PA Democrat Wednesday Wednesday 60 3467
Atlanta locked down schools to prevent walkouts - So HS students Took a Knee In Hallway instead [View all] 64 kpete Friday Saturday 92 2206
Please stop about the pedestrian bridge collapse [View all] 64 genxlib Thursday Friday 34 3219
What are your thoughts about Dwight David Eisenhower? [View all] 64 OAITW r.2.0 Monday Thursday 13 1744
The Stormy Daniels story just got a lot more interesting. [View all] 64 madaboutharry Friday 56 min ago 77 6402
FIU Bridge - What's missing from this picture [View all] 63 jberryhill Thursday Saturday 17 4014
Is there a chance that our imaginations are wilder than what actually happened with Stormy? [View all] 63 Siwsan Saturday Saturday 0 1280
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