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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 122 102155
A silent thread for Elijah Cummings. [View all] 405 ArtTownsend Thursday Friday 342 4312
when did your political awakening happen? [View all] 163 EricaGriswoldAuthor Oct 14 Tuesday 25 2344
I'm tired of the Uber military worship [View all] 152 Bluesaph Oct 14 Wednesday 37 4579
When Hillary Clinton was First Lady and said what she thought, she was told to watch what she said [View all] 130 StarfishSaver Sunday Yesterday 47 2813
What will be your first post when you hear than the Con is leaving the White House [View all] 122 malaise Yesterday 3 hrs ago 15 1546
Schumer: Senate republicans promising not to convict Trump under any circumstances [View all] 121 fleur-de-lisa Wednesday Thursday 182 10428
They're heeeere! Photos from the Texas rally [View all] 115 Generic Other Thursday Friday 69 7632
BREAKING: G7 will not be held at Dorale. [View all] 111 RandySF Saturday Sunday 97 5025
BREAKING: Pelosi, Hoyer and Schumer walk out of White House meeting because Trump "melted down" [View all] 110 StarfishSaver Wednesday Thursday 176 10234
My small, impoverished town still loves Trump [View all] 101 Orrex Saturday 7 hrs ago 152 8440
Hundreds didn't make it to DC "March for Trump" . . . due to series of declined credit card payments [View all] 101 fleur-de-lisa Friday Saturday 201 10317
Donald Trump Flips off Female Astronaut After She Fact Checks Him During Press Conference [View all] 99 malaise Saturday Sunday 143 10933
Hillary Clinton Appreciation Thread [View all] 98 lapucelle Sunday 11 hrs ago 221 3574
Electoral College [View all] 96 RicROC Oct 10 Thursday 21 3037
What I Can't Process is the number of people who fell for the [View all] 95 malaise Tuesday Tuesday 78 4653
At WH - Pelosi To Donald's Face: "All roads with you lead to Putin" [View all] 91 kpete Wednesday Thursday 254 10377
Does anyone think the Russians are all over social media but not on Democratic Underground? [View all] 91 StarfishSaver 19 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 22 2378
Grieving Parents 'Ambushed' by Trump, Who Had Teen's Killer Waiting at White House [View all] 87 Dennis Donovan Wednesday Thursday 166 9392
May I begin an appreciation post for Speaker Pelosi? [View all] 86 BadgerMom Wednesday Friday 241 3054
Speaker Pelosi releasing the Dragons [View all] 85 irisblue Wednesday Thursday 137 6842
Body Language Expert Dissects Iconic Pelosi/Trump Photo [View all] 78 CousinIT Yesterday 2 hrs ago 165 8389
Trump's Downward Slide Is Accelerating [View all] 77 MineralMan Sunday 1 hr ago 120 6705
Adam Schiff....'Things just went from very, very bad, to much worse' [View all] 75 pbmus Thursday Friday 237 12252
Steny Hoyer...No inherent contempt [View all] 74 pbmus Wednesday Friday 4 2381
we just couldn't do it. we had to wait until he really ruined something big. [View all] 74 unblock Tuesday Wednesday 203 8611
The Freshman Democrat Who's Making Conservatives Squirm [View all] 73 ehrnst 22 hrs ago 13 min ago 155 6548
Hillary might be right about Tulsi. I don't know. But... [View all] 72 Tom Rinaldo Saturday Saturday 17 1920
GOOD POST for Chris Matthews thread. . CHRIS MATTHEWS ..... RECOVERING FROM PROTATE CANCER SURGERY. [View all] 69 trueblue2007 Oct 14 Tuesday 76 6020
Pelosi: "We have to pray" for President Trump's health [View all] 68 left-of-center2012 Wednesday Wednesday 38 2270
"Our Health Care System Is Fucked Up And Bullshit" [View all] 67 edhopper Wednesday Thursday 30 1531
The Senate Vote to REMOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP from office must be done via SECRET BALLOT [View all] 67 guillaumeb Thursday 7 hrs ago 34 2587
Why we can't just admit that universal health care should be paid by taxes???? [View all] 67 garybeck Tuesday Thursday 31 2187
Romney is ready... [View all] 66 kentuck Thursday Friday 34 2899
Well, the Cabinet meeting is going swimmingly: [View all] 66 demmiblue Yesterday 16 hrs ago 57 5750
Meghan Markle: "Not many people have asked if I'm ok..." [View all] 66 demmiblue Saturday Saturday 20 2340
I know Trump's base is solid. but how can they be broken? [View all] 66 imanamerican63 Friday Saturday 8 1478
WTF does Putin have on Trump? [View all] 66 milestogo Thursday Saturday 15 1663
More proof supporting my hypothesis that the entire Mueller investigation was a sham [View all] 65 NewsCenter28 Sunday Yesterday 38 4859
Wow. Nancy Pelosi tweet, minutes ago, with #TruthExposed video [View all] 64 highplainsdem Friday Saturday 309 13827
Toobin, re: HRC emails- "As a journalist, I regret my role in blowing this story out of proportion." [View all] 63 Dennis Donovan Yesterday 22 hrs ago 90 4174
Rachel just stitched the whole thing together ( video added ) [View all] 63 BootinUp Friday Saturday 87 4456
A disturbing and eye opening read for those here who think that any Democrat will easily beat Trump. [View all] 62 elocs Friday Saturday 27 2433
Michele Bachmann: Climate Change Is a Fraud Because 'God Says We Will Never Be Flooded' [View all] 61 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Tuesday Wednesday 13 1480
Michael MOORE is an a-hole still crapping on Hillary, so if voters didn't vote/like her [View all] 60 UTUSN Friday Sunday 18 1903
There Is No Jennifer at This Number, Dammit! [View all] 59 MineralMan Thursday Friday 24 2024
For those that weren't around during Watergate... [View all] 59 jberryhill Thursday Yesterday 112 4646
A constructed video of Trump figure shooting media figures in church mass shooting was shown.. [View all] 57 Grasswire2 Oct 13 Wednesday 38 2392
Elijah Cummings has just died...... [View all] 57 a kennedy Thursday Thursday 63 2372
Is Bill Barr more corrupt than John Mitchell? [View all] 55 edhopper Oct 11 Wednesday 29 1055
POPCORN! Speaker Pelosi news conf @ 6:30 p.m. ET to discuss the latest on the impeachment inquiry [View all] 55 Miles Archer Tuesday Tuesday 53 3949
Ominous warning from Seth Abramson: "Our democracy and rule of law is collapsing." [View all] 55 triron Friday Yesterday 112 4327
You need some spices, right? [View all] 54 spinbaby Oct 13 Wednesday 91 2904
CNN Banner: WHITE HOUSE ADMITS TO QUID PRO QUO [View all] 53 Wednesdays Thursday Thursday 83 5413
Someone took photos of Taylor's opening statement. PDF link (WaPo) [View all] 53 Pacifist Patriot 1 hr ago 1 min ago 51 3313
FINE!!! I'll hold the STUPID G7 thing at the STUPID Camp David!!! GAAAHHH!!! [View all] 53 Tommy_Carcetti Sunday Sunday 82 4175
No words [View all] 53 StarfishSaver Thursday Friday 275 7812
The 1,000 elite US troops in Syria are making a chaotic and demoralizing retreat [View all] 52 bronxiteforever Tuesday Wednesday 33 1520
Maybe it's just me, but... [View all] 51 Zaphod42 Tuesday Thursday 3 1995
The CIA confirmed that Trey Gowdy altered documents to frame Hillary Clinton. 49 kpete Yesterday 12 min ago 212 14138
Esquire: "We're supposed to believe that the Russians hacked into voting systems but did nothing..." 48 triron Yesterday 4 hrs ago 53 2182
'We have reached the bottom' 48 struggle4progress Friday Saturday 81 3580
GOP 2020 ticket will be Romney/Haley 48 Funtatlaguy Friday Friday 14 1401
Just in House and Senate Dems just introduced the "THUG Act" which would block funding for the G7 48 MelissaB Friday Saturday 192 7144
Five inanimate objects that are more useful than Mick Mulvaney. Feel free to add to the list. 47 Miles Archer Saturday Sunday 18 804
The Speaker has ordered Capitol flags to be lowered to half-staff in tribute to a sharecropper's son 47 StarfishSaver Thursday Friday 212 3426
Oh, Lordy, Chris Wallace played the TAPES for Mick Mulvaney..."You totally said that!" 47 Miles Archer Sunday Yesterday 158 7807
Chris Hayes went WAY out on a limb last night (re: Weinstein / Farrow / NBC News) 46 Dennis Donovan Tuesday Wednesday 147 7546
Taylor's Opening Statement Shocked Lawmakers 46 book_worm 4 hrs ago 35 min ago 50 4364
trump just said that Miami Airport was "one of the biggest airports in the world, maybe the biggest" 46 George II Yesterday Yesterday 3 1342
Amazon is paying $0 in taxes this year, and everybody has the wrong response to that 45 Recursion Sunday 9 hrs ago 11 1451
The "Trump would never allow himself to be impeached, he'd resign first" meme is still churning. 45 Miles Archer Sunday 5 hrs ago 20 2145
Richard Engel: ..."Tonight they were sold out by Trump..." 45 Leghorn21 Thursday Friday 148 6464
What, if anything, is there to do about American ignorance? 45 Garrett78 Friday Friday 22 1584
Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors 45 Demovictory9 Thursday Saturday 22 1924
LA TIMES Editorial: Donald Trump, the worst, most dangerous president in modern history. 44 kpete Sunday 19 hrs ago 139 5200
a white male in this country has very few rights and they're getting took more every day 44 dajoki 7 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 23 1666
Give it up to General James Mattis for what is, IMHO, the quote of the year. 43 Siwsan Friday Friday 101 4083
WaPo: Who was in the White House photo of the 'meltdown' meeting, annotated 43 BumRushDaShow Thursday Friday 73 4941
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