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General Discussion (Forum)

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This may start a DU dispute," but [View all] 287 Cyrano Saturday Yesterday 158 12176
I wish people would knock off the "Ha ha, Trump wears diapers" shit. [View all] 191 Archae Friday Saturday 72 7782
What three movies do you recommend [View all] 163 StClone Thursday Sunday 12 3370
Mark Kelly tweet about John McCain, the day before he's sworn in as Senator in McCain's seat: [View all] 150 George II Yesterday 55 min ago 242 10898
Was Jesus real? [View all] 147 AmyStrange 21 hrs ago 25 min ago 3 3100
Obama Says 'Defund The Police' Alienates Voters, Drawing Sharp Rebuke From The Left. [View all] 136 brush 17 hrs ago 1 hr ago 27 2809
My sister-in-law died from Covid last night. [View all] 132 Buckeye_Democrat Friday Saturday 239 6489
Why Democrats Keep Losing Rural Counties Like Mine [View all] 131 brooklynite Yesterday 21 hrs ago 19 3630
I spent 8 hours listening to Christmas songs in a car and I have some questions [View all] 131 underpants Monday Yesterday 41 4586
Squad Members Clap Back at Obama's 'Defund the Police' Clapback [View all] 128 George II 9 hrs ago 53 min ago 5 2917
AOC: Covering up a murder is disqualifying for public leadership. [View all] 128 melman Nov 23 Sunday 41 3999
Y'know what? I suspect there WAS fraud in this election. [View all] 126 Jeebo Sunday Yesterday 188 8176
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 124 sl8 Wednesday Thursday 162 9450
How can a disease with a 1% mortality shut down the United States? Glad you asked. [View all] 122 WillParkinson Sunday 1 hr ago 338 13138
Why do white men as a demographic always vote Republican? [View all] 120 BainsBane Sunday Sunday 3 2423
Micheal Steele Just Turned [View all] 115 angrychair Nov 23 Sunday 181 12828
Holy fucking shit!!! Maureen Dowd at the NYT has gone insane!!! [View all] 114 DetlefK Sunday Sunday 19 4435
The final update [View all] 114 mercuryblues Thursday Saturday 288 8472
Oh Please... give me break.. give me a F**king break [View all] 113 Peacetrain Nov 24 Friday 159 9135
Amy Coney Barrett just got a lot of people killed [View all] 110 brettdale Thursday Yesterday 79 6609
Attacked By Neighbor UPDATE: Positive for COVID-19 [View all] 107 rustysgurl Wednesday Thursday 253 8848
Mueller Investigation Prosecutor Calls on Next Attorney General to Investigate, Prosecute Trump: ... [View all] 107 DonViejo Nov 24 Wednesday 228 8376
CNN: USDoJ investigating crime related to funneling money to the White House in exch for pardon [View all] 105 Dennis Donovan Yesterday 2 hrs ago 157 7217
I'm going to be spending my Thanksgiving with a LARGE group [View all] 103 Rorey Thursday Sunday 227 9461
New York Post reports today that Mrs. Trump is "preparing to pen memoir on her time in the White... [View all] 101 demmiblue Saturday Saturday 6 2493
Thank you, Eugene Robinson, for talking about the other "real Americans" [View all] 100 StarfishSaver Sunday 6 hrs ago 243 9362
AOC nailed it. [View all] 100 634-5789 Sunday Monday 176 9502
Justice Democrats is making demands of Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the JD superpac [View all] 99 lapucelle Wednesday Saturday 21 2631
Please stop using the words 'food insecure' [View all] 97 NYETNYET Sunday Monday 93 4368
From an Ultrasound Technician.... [View all] 97 Heartstrings Friday Sunday 251 9781
John Dean spot on!! [View all] 93 Laura PourMeADrink Sunday Monday 162 6938
You do recall someone else claimed rigged election and [View all] 92 boston bean Wednesday Saturday 14 3036
Major And Champ are saying it's Winston. . . [View all] 92 Stargleamer Saturday Sunday 127 6236
So I'm cooking a Thanksgiving meal for one. [View all] 92 OAITW r.2.0 Thursday Saturday 85 3219
Let's acknowledge that Republicans did a better job [View all] 91 Dem4Life1102 Sunday Monday 5 2657
Eric Clapton Sparks Backlash for New Anti-Lockdown Song With Van Morrison [View all] 91 babylonsister Saturday Sunday 48 5646
I am going to boycott Red States [View all] 89 Nimble_Idea Sunday Monday 15 2144
San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK [View all] 88 left-of-center2012 3 hrs ago 42 min ago 6 1495
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 88 Nevilledog Thursday Friday 14 2292
OK, enough with "people of color." [View all] 85 LAS14 Yesterday 5 hrs ago 5 2181
Glenn Kirschner: It's about to rain evidence. [View all] 83 highplainsdem Wednesday Thursday 215 13866
WaPo OP: White women vote Republican. Get used to it, Democrats. [View all] 81 My Pet Orangutan Friday Sunday 15 3022
Another side of Andy Borowitz [View all] 78 Siwsan Thursday Friday 298 7970
Schumer: Cal Cunningham "couldn't keep his zipper up" [View all] 78 brooklynite Yesterday Yesterday 14 2700
If this doesn't piss you off then... [View all] 76 DURHAM D Sunday Monday 267 10786
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris called Tyler Gordon to thank him for the portrait [View all] 76 bigtree Thursday Friday 196 6082
Cardi B Had 37 People Over for Thanksgiving While You Ate Alone On Your Couch [View all] 75 demmiblue Monday Monday 4 2885
Why Did 74 Million Americans Vote for Trump? This Jewish Sociologist Has the Answer [View all] 75 Newest Reality Thursday Friday 22 4573
Biden: No Bernie or Elizabeth Warren in his cabinet because he 'needs them in the Senate' [View all] 74 Baclava Wednesday Thursday 62 2653
I'm the president of the United States, don't ever talk to the president that way," Trump insisted. [View all] 74 Miles Archer Thursday Friday 56 6751
QUESTION: Is the DU rec button functioning for everyone ??? It won't allow me to recommend [View all] 73 SamKnause Wednesday Thursday 146 2682
The sedition continues... [View all] 73 kentuck Sunday Monday 122 6355
Joe Bennett stopped to film Jeffersontown Police as they surrounded a car. [View all] 73 Nevilledog Friday Sunday 22 2615
Chickens coming home to roost! GA Election Officials ANGER! Watch the video. The feeeels! [View all] 69 Nimble_Idea 23 hrs ago 1 hr ago 140 6276
I have a rather dumb sounding question: Would spraying the front of my mask with Purell [View all] 69 CTyankee Thursday Thursday 1 1537
Bernie world seethes over Tanden as OMB nominee [View all] 69 JoeOtterbein Monday 43 min ago 4 1515
Cori Bush: It's not a slogan. It's a mandate for keeping our people alive. Defund the police. [View all] 69 melman 21 hrs ago 18 min ago 11 1592
Just heard on CBS that the Bidens will be adopting a cat! [View all] 68 highplainsdem Friday Sunday 86 4087
Trump's plan to take over the Republican Party. [View all] 68 kentuck Friday Saturday 79 4062
The More Desperate Trump Becomes about Leaving the White House, [View all] 67 MineralMan Monday Monday 42 2955
Have you ever had a COVID-19 test? (Poll) [View all] 66 NurseJackie Saturday Monday 13 1380
FINALLY! Upright Freezers IN STOCK nearby! Should I get a larger store brand freezer? Or... (Poll) [View all] 65 NurseJackie Saturday Saturday 0 1398
From NewsFlector: How VP Harris can sideline MoscowMitch. [View all] 65 CaliforniaPeggy Saturday Sunday 100 4732
Do you, personally, know anyone who thinks the coronavirus pandemic is a 'hoax'? (Poll) [View all] 64 NurseJackie 4 hrs ago 1 hr ago 16 882
How seriously ill is MoscowMitch? [View all] 63 malaise Yesterday Yesterday 24 3115
My Grocery Store Encounter Just Minutes Ago [View all] 63 Stinky The Clown Wednesday Thursday 326 11570
This by @AOC . [View all] 63 melman Wednesday Friday 23 2300
What are some of your favorite Trump nicknames? [View all] 62 StClone Thursday Friday 3 784
just got a call from the nursing home- mom's positive [View all] 62 TalenaGor Saturday Sunday 175 4483
Rep. Katie Porter is not about to let Emily Murphy off the hook [View all] 62 True Dough Nov 24 Wednesday 170 9060
It will be interesting what the impact of Bernie Sander's endorsement of Jon Ossoff does [View all] 61 still_one Monday 17 hrs ago 1 1304
Like it or not, the Supreme Court WILL decide the presidential election... [View all] 60 regnaD kciN Sunday Monday 22 3955
Sad to see Rachel spreading misinformation on alternate slates of PA electors [View all] 59 Fiendish Thingy Nov 20 Monday 3 3374
Thom Hartmann just shouted out to DU. [View all] 59 nolabear Yesterday 5 hrs ago 118 4451
I just got a phishing e-mail from "paypal" [View all] 59 Trailrider1951 Wednesday Saturday 77 3854
🔥🔥🔥🔥Why does Fox News want to stop this video???? Almost 8M views! [View all] 59 Nimble_Idea Saturday 22 hrs ago 205 11816
I think I've been very careful [View all] 59 Rorey Sunday Monday 155 5040
NEW YORKER cover: "The Holiday Office Party" [View all] 58 brooklynite Monday Yesterday 195 11104
Holy shit they're real. (Perdue/Loeffler billboard): [View all] 58 demmiblue Yesterday 14 hrs ago 188 13688
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