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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 85919
South Carolina Democrats: Better if Sanders 'got lost' (don't shoot the messanger, AP story) [View all] 412 Tavarious Jackson Oct 10 Wednesday 51 7950
Kirsten Gillibrand for president [View all] 361 oberliner Monday Thursday 15 5325
Stephen Hawking: 'There is no God,' says physicist in final book [View all] 238 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Wednesday 3 hrs ago 37 5360
Michael Avenatti, please go away [View all] 171 oberliner Wednesday Yesterday 12 5067
Got called a racist today... [View all] 160 Athenapallas Oct 12 Monday 5 5693
Avenatti is awesome! It is about damn time! [View all] 148 LBM20 Saturday Sunday 169 11870
Now THIS is how you close a debate against a GOP candidate [View all] 145 scheming daemons Tuesday Thursday 252 12165
Bernie on Democratic protesters: "I am not a great fan of being rude or disrupting activities."... [View all] 141 SidDithers Sunday Tuesday 25 3440
Kirsten Gillibrand should be the LAST person we want to run for president [View all] 139 mtnsnake Monday Tuesday 79 3897
Why do "conservatives" troll here? [View all] 137 Cary Oct 10 Monday 14 3384
Holy Shit - they're saying Cat3 Hurricane Michael - and it's now Cat4 with 140mph winds [View all] 117 malaise Oct 8 Oct 12 28 3781
Avenatti's macho act against us is getting old [View all] 116 SHRED Saturday Sunday 24 4503
Do you like Beto? [View all] 109 leftyladyfrommo Thursday 21 hrs ago 6 2231
"Look at me!! Look me in the eye!!" [View all] 107 Roadside Attraction Monday Wednesday 323 9017
Heidi Cruz complains about Ted's $174,000 Senate salary:'We're not buying a second home anytime soon [View all] 104 deminks Thursday Yesterday 39 2963
OK. Now It's OK to Say "Motherfucker" in the Godamned Fucking Oval Fucking Office. [View all] 101 MineralMan Oct 11 Wednesday 38 4419
A Moment From Black America About Kanye West.... [View all] 98 LovingA2andMI Oct 11 Saturday 175 10114
Oh, my! Susan Collins is demanding that we get to the bottom of the Khashoggi murder! [View all] 98 ehrnst Thursday 23 hrs ago 228 8241
Her body language is telling the entire story. RETWEET IF YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? [View all] 97 riversedge Oct 11 Sunday 66 9469
Hillary Clinton: Bill should "absolutely not" have resigned over Lewinsky scandal [View all] 95 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sunday Monday 15 2733
BREAKING: Kamala Harris called on Franken to resign [View all] 94 Renew Deal Monday Monday 5 4097
Stormy just responded to "Tiny" who called her Horseface this morning: [View all] 90 Mrs. Overall Tuesday Wednesday 202 9547
Bold prediction: Trump out of office and his family under indictment a month from today [View all] 86 NewsCenter28 Wednesday Thursday 80 6600
Manafort in wheelchair, facing 'significant issues' with health [View all] 85 underpants 15 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 26 3476
I will never vote for a businessman again. [View all] 82 lunatica Tuesday Thursday 56 3613
No Food, No FEMA: Hurricane Michael's Survivors Are Furious [View all] 80 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Saturday Wednesday 52 4397
I am a Native American. I have some questions for Elizabeth Warren [View all] 78 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 18 3821
MoveOn is pulling funding from Sen Manchin, so I'm going to send him a donation. [View all] 77 pnwmom Monday Tuesday 27 2562
Why do so many purposely misinterpret Senator Warren's position? [View all] 77 louis c Tuesday Wednesday 77 3154
I once slammed Joe Manchin. I regret it [View all] 77 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Thursday 33 2630
CNN: donald is REALLY, REALLY agitated right now! He's upset. Thinks he's being unfairly criticized! [View all] 77 PearliePoo2 Tuesday Wednesday 85 6266
35% of Dems support a Republican... [View all] 75 disillusioned73 Oct 10 Tuesday 5 3120
Are you fucking kidding me............ [View all] 72 Old Vet Oct 11 Sunday 179 11748
Is Trump the "Supidest Person" ever to become President of the United States? [View all] 71 Stuart G Thursday 1 hr ago 13 1726
Avenatti shows us just how to deal with Trump and ANY bully: SMASH THEM DOWN HARDER! And GOOD! [View all] 71 LBM20 Wednesday Wednesday 54 4385
Melania: I Wore the Jacket to Tell 'Left-Wing Media' That 'I Don't Care' [View all] 70 DonViejo Saturday Saturday 8 2237
Wow. Just wow. [View all] 70 rownesheck Thursday 11 hrs ago 216 12090
Liz Warren is running for reelection in November. So why would ANY Democrat criticize her [View all] 70 pnwmom Monday Wednesday 43 2705
Wow. Melania, Professional Victim, is just as vile as that thing she married. [View all] 68 catbyte Saturday Saturday 45 2631
A new study reveals the real reason Obama voters switched to Trump [View all] 68 ehrnst Wednesday Thursday 35 5170
Scott Walker just got re-elected: Evers campaign PLAGIARIZED sections of the Evers budget [View all] 67 Still In Wisconsin 20 hrs ago 11 hrs ago 2 3867
OKAY someone PLEASE calm me down... [View all] 66 yuiyoshida Thursday 4 hrs ago 5 3028
Why would any woman ever vote for a Republican? [View all] 66 Cyrano Tuesday Wednesday 20 2130
Hey, ABC This Week, Sanders is not (D) Vermont [View all] 65 question everything Sunday Monday 11 1622
Black Voters Matter. Seniors board bus to vote. Bus stopped and seniors kicked off.... [View all] 64 jodymarie aimee Monday Tuesday 211 9282
Teacher who recounted Trump aide eating glue as a child is suspended [View all] 63 DonViejo Oct 12 Oct 12 19 2506
So much of where we are right now is because of Nader's 3rd-party run in 2000 [View all] 63 scheming daemons Monday Tuesday 32 1874
Sanders 2020? Many Bernie backers aren't feeling it [View all] 63 brooklynite Thursday 13 hrs ago 13 1349
Michael Avenatti with another great idea: [View all] 63 Kingofalldems Sunday Monday 154 9391
Three Letters. A T F [View all] 63 BigGermanGuy Tuesday 14 hrs ago 8 2426
Fixed up version of the new tacky Trump painting [View all] 63 NewJeffCT Monday Tuesday 160 8220
Youtube is Down Worldwide [View all] 61 Jspur Tuesday Wednesday 18 2667
Acosta describes crowd reaction: He looked at me and ran his thumb across his throat. [View all] 61 kpete 23 hrs ago 7 hrs ago 142 10166
Beto may not win [View all] 60 Guppy Oct 12 Wednesday 9 3383
Regretful Trump voters tell CNN why they've turned on 'the dictator in White House': [View all] 60 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 45 3684
I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too [View all] 60 babylonsister Oct 12 Saturday 109 5393
Beto raises $38.1 million in three months. From 802,836 contributions. [View all] 60 Gothmog Oct 12 Wednesday 48 1725
Politics are spilling over in my life with intolerance and suspicion... [View all] 60 Equinox Moon Tuesday Wednesday 45 3235
Yes, he was alive when they began cutting him up..... confirmed GUARDIAN [View all] 59 jodymarie aimee Wednesday Wednesday 38 3649
Last Year, The Flu Put Him In A Coma. This Year He's Getting The Shot [View all] 59 ehrnst Monday Monday 28 2627
Why Are Pelosi, House Democratic Leaders Such a Bummer on Legal Weed? [View all] 59 brooklynite Thursday 23 hrs ago 6 1593
Right wing trolls are trying to divide us with the Democrat vs. Democrat tactic . [View all] 59 Kingofalldems Monday Tuesday 46 2008
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 58 Laffy Kat Saturday Sunday 10 2269
Fox News Host Tucker Carlson 'Can't Really Go' to Restaurants Anymore [View all] 58 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Monday Tuesday 10 1860
Warren releases results of DNA test [View all] 57 Donkees Monday Monday 49 2968
Trumps luck may finally be running out. [View all] 57 shockey80 Wednesday Thursday 117 10788
They brought a BONE SAW. Case closed. [View all] 57 Grasswire2 13 hrs ago 5 min ago 90 3606
Four devastating paragraphs by W.E.B. Du Bois, on Robert E. Lee [View all] 57 bigtree Oct 12 Saturday 99 4947
Cook who served kangaroo meat no longer employed by western Nebraska school [View all] 57 Omaha Steve Yesterday 12 hrs ago 4 1303
During Katrina - They Called This "LOOTING" [View all] 56 kpete Sunday Monday 120 8979
This is how we start taking the country back, from the ground up [View all] 55 DFW Saturday Monday 111 5425
Florida politician shoots a fleeing shoplifter dead [View all] 54 Demovictory9 Monday Tuesday 25 2543
Luckovich-Horseface [View all] 53 Gothmog Tuesday Thursday 240 7831
Wyoming is one of the least religious states in the Union. [View all] 53 Turin_C3PO Sunday Monday 1 1567
Does anyone here want to tell him? [View all] 52 MrScorpio Thursday Yesterday 58 2839
BREAKING NEWS: Trump to travel to Florida to view Hurricane Michael damage at Mar-a-Lago [View all] 52 Tommy_Carcetti Oct 12 Sunday 108 8018
Russ Feingold told me last year HRC would have won by 9M, not 3M were it not for R voter suppression [View all] 52 jodymarie aimee Saturday Sunday 49 2088
Read this carefully and you will understand why our democracy is being wrecked. [View all] 52 shockey80 Saturday Sunday 126 6732
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