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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 107 45869
It would be nice if the centrists in this party did some introspection, too. [View all] 405 Ken Burch Apr 17 15 hrs ago 131 11286
The next time you are thinking about praising Bernie Sanders.... [View all] 385 scheming daemons Apr 19 Apr 20 122 16756
Bernie! Bernie, bernie bernie bernie bernie bernie. Bernie: Bernie bernie [View all] 357 ProfessorPlum Apr 19 Friday 234 13525
Pinboy3niner died [View all] 344 duhneece Tuesday 5 hrs ago 374 11446
And the hits just keep coming.... Bernie Sanders: The Model of the Democratic Party Is Failing [View all] 313 boston bean Monday 11 hrs ago 58 7105
Bernie Sanders Defends Ann Coulter [View all] 271 SecularMotion Monday Tuesday 13 5595
The hypocrisy of the latest round of Bernie-bashing [View all] 248 Jim Lane Tuesday Wednesday 179 7738
This board is absolutely unreadable and it's not even an election year. [View all] 238 Barack_America Monday Tuesday 250 12826
Bernie demands that Democrats accept 100% of his platform? WTF? [View all] 224 nikibatts Saturday Tuesday 34 7000
Thom Hartmann is defending RT [View all] 222 NightWatcher Apr 20 Friday 50 7743
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 221 Ken Burch Sunday 18 hrs ago 56 4238
With "friends" ***ahem:Bernie*** like these, who needs enemies? (tweet and link) [View all] 204 tallahasseedem Apr 19 Friday 50 5764
Please always tip at least 15%, regardless of the service. [View all] 196 athena Sunday Tuesday 52 5476
The Uncurious, Continuing, Stubborn Refusal to Grasp Bernie Sanders [View all] 196 babylonsister Friday Monday 136 8749
There Is No "Bernie Bashing". There's Reasonable Annoyance At His Insults & Unhelpful Comments [View all] 191 KittyWampus Apr 20 23 hrs ago 106 7228
WAPO: Bernie Sanders's strange behavior [View all] 189 ehrnst Apr 20 Saturday 86 12539
Sernie Banders: A Thought Experiment [View all] 177 ProfessorPlum Apr 20 Apr 20 58 4372
I have been an active member of DU since 2001, and I have survived with this board [View all] 167 ProfessorPlum Apr 20 Friday 228 8571
I waited on Bernie Sanders in Burlington [View all] 166 smirkymonkey Sunday Monday 20 5372
Will We Abandon Womens Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics? [View all] 165 ehrnst Tuesday Wednesday 34 2776
Female genital mutilation procedure 'hurted a lot,' child says [View all] 160 Mosby Tuesday 14 hrs ago 18 3273
Joy Reid gets it [View all] 158 LexVegas Saturday Sunday 83 7878
FactCheck.org: Sanders Wrong on Voter Turnout [View all] 150 Cha Apr 20 Friday 58 4761
What is with this sudden uptick of anti-Bernie threads? [View all] 149 mac56 Apr 19 Tuesday 46 5792
I'm ready to quit my local gym: The men think they own the place [View all] 149 lindysalsagal Monday Tuesday 33 5803
How can one claim to be progressive while being pro-life? [View all] 148 BainsBane Friday Sunday 49 6154
Breaking Jason Chaffetz to step down as soon as tomorrow! [View all] 146 fun n serious Apr 20 15 hrs ago 49 10078
Bye Bye Bernie...There is no economic populism without abortion rights and civil rights. [View all] 143 Demsrule86 Tuesday Wednesday 29 2751
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 142 Ken Burch Sunday Monday 57 5546
Sanders Supporters Get Their Day In Court Against Wasserman Schultz [View all] 141 TexasTowelie Wednesday 1 hr ago 35 5032
An excellent read - I'm a White, working-class millennial. Bernie Sanders does not speak for me [View all] 139 DURHAM D Monday 10 hrs ago 40 4928
So many on the alt left and right OBSESSED with how much money Obama is making [View all] 138 La Lioness Priyanka Wednesday 9 hrs ago 34 3584
The Bernie Bashing is so counterproductive. [View all] 137 TDale313 Apr 19 Tuesday 64 4951
So, who has read SHATTERED yet? [View all] 136 jodymarie aimee Friday Wednesday 6 6146
So everybody here votes in 2018 for the democrat on their ticket NO MATTER WHAT? [View all] 136 Eliot Rosewater Friday Monday 62 4083
Citing health issues, Jason Chaffetz takes immediate leave from Congress [View all] 134 dixiegrrrrl Wednesday 1 hr ago 108 9674
Ok, let's talk about conservative Democrats [View all] 133 Kentonio Wednesday 14 hrs ago 2 2597
Why the sudden urge to move the party right? [View all] 133 BainsBane Tuesday Wednesday 65 3705
Bernie, There Will Be No Revolution Without Reproductive Rights [View all] 131 ehrnst Saturday Tuesday 49 3499
Al Gore could unite business & progressive Democrats in 2020. [View all] 130 yurbud Apr 15 Sunday 3 6511
When a friend is addicted to something that is harmful to them [View all] 130 ProfessorPlum Apr 20 Saturday 37 4778
I've been told my equal rights just aren't pragmatic [View all] 128 BainsBane Saturday Sunday 131 6963
If I can make a suggestion, why don't we all just ignore the anti-Bernie/anti-Hillary posts. [View all] 122 Nitram Tuesday Wednesday 117 2739
In 1980 I said that Reagan had early Alzheimer's [View all] 121 PCIntern Apr 20 Friday 135 8911
So any speech by anyone must be allowed an audience and center stage at a [View all] 119 Eliot Rosewater Monday Tuesday 5 3343
Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Wont Win the War [View all] 118 Little Star Monday Tuesday 135 7478
I believe that Russian trolls are STILL TROLLING [View all] 116 TheDebbieDee Apr 20 Saturday 145 8534
Democrats welcome Bernie takeover [View all] 113 workinclasszero Apr 17 Tuesday 24 6593
Nate Silver analysis: Hillary would have won but [View all] 113 PsychoBabble Sunday Tuesday 134 12491
Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative. Don't let them gaslight you! [View all] 110 LaydeeBug Sunday Tuesday 162 7984
"I'm ashamed to admit I voted for him." [View all] 110 tavernier Friday Saturday 133 11147
Thread to celebrate the firing of "Bill-O"! [View all] 109 Ken Burch Apr 19 Tuesday 132 8658
Democratic Party Draws A Line In The Sand On Abortion Rights [View all] 107 BainsBane Saturday Sunday 118 6112
To Ivanka Trump. Don't ever think to speak for me about empowering women again. [View all] 106 Solly Mack Tuesday Wednesday 176 6174
I figured out what's pissing me off about all this hate being thrown on the left. [View all] 106 retrowire Wednesday 18 hrs ago 46 3966
It's not about Bernie. It's about the way he wants to change the party. [View all] 106 DanTex Saturday Sunday 33 3588
Josh Moore (R): Im Allowed To Grab Breastfeeders Nipples If They Use Them In Public [View all] 104 n2doc Saturday Sunday 57 5697
I'm so GLAD Obama took the going rate for his speech really early on. [View all] 103 LAS14 9 hrs ago 56 min ago 27 2105
Just saw a segment on ABC news about vinyl... [View all] 99 Archae Saturday Sunday 18 4323
I have tried to be neutral for the good of the party, but when I hear that Bernie [View all] 97 mfcorey1 Apr 20 Wednesday 47 5854
Hear me out: we all know trolls are trying to divide us here, but there is a way to stop it. [View all] 97 Squinch Saturday Monday 67 4352
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 97 kentuck Saturday Monday 101 4877
Bernie didn't get on the bus. [View all] 97 Cattledog Wednesday 5 hrs ago 175 7839
"Progressives Say We're Proud Of Not Voting For Hillary!" (idiocy from the far left). [View all] 96 DanTex Saturday Sunday 33 4305
Not everyone in the party respects a woman's right to choose? And we are supposed to respect that? [View all] 94 LexVegas 12 hrs ago 5 hrs ago 28 1864
GHW is really not looking well [View all] 94 malaise Saturday Tuesday 0 4547
Chaffetz laundering - I posted this last night but it was late and people missed it. [View all] 94 shraby Saturday Monday 183 13508
How many DUers would vote for a Democratic Socialist? [View all] 93 kentuck Saturday Sunday 20 2952
What rights are you willing to give up? [View all] 93 mercuryblues Tuesday 5 hrs ago 29 2483
Democratic Dream Team Needed [View all] 92 fescuerescue Sunday Monday 2 2571
Instead of throwing women under the bus, in a misguided attempt to appeal to anti-abortion people, [View all] 90 pnwmom Friday Saturday 118 4955
Are we being divided and conquered? [View all] 89 randr Tuesday Wednesday 43 2714
How do they expect provoking NK to end? [View all] 88 MGKrebs Apr 17 Friday 5 4537
Nancy Pelosi just got a challenger and he's a 'pretty hard-core' Bernie Sanders supporter [View all] 88 CreekDog Wednesday 5 hrs ago 11 2588
Someone Chained A Cross To Gay Street In NY. What Happened Next Was Beautiful. [View all] 88 sheshe2 Tuesday Wednesday 189 9786
Have the Russian troll farms hit DU again? [View all] 88 kentuck Tuesday 20 hrs ago 48 3711
Sessions 'Amazed' Hawaii's One of the United States [View all] 87 bigtree Apr 20 Monday 121 11992
Is this all because Bernie endorsed ONE LOCAL CANDIDATE IN A LOCAL RACE [View all] 87 retrowire Tuesday Wednesday 15 1667
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