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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 108 50681
In 18 years since Naders run, what has been accomplished by attacking the Dem party from the left? [View all] 809 stevenleser Jul 4 Saturday 79 13044
Bernie Sanders Faces Feisty Democratic Challenger [View all] 557 yallerdawg Jul 10 14 hrs ago 17 14916
If it's out of bounds to keep attacking Hillary, it's out of bounds to keep attacking Bernie. [View all] 236 Ken Burch Sunday Tuesday 110 7255
Bernie Sanders primary challenger appears to slur transgender people as 'lady boys' [View all] 216 Hassin Bin Sober Friday Monday 32 7566
Democrats See Conservative Blue Dogs as Key to Winning House [View all] 206 yallerdawg Monday 20 hrs ago 9 4038
Breaking - CNN now reporting that there were 8 people in the June meeting [View all] 187 NewJeffCT Friday Saturday 121 10669
FiveThirtyEight Chat: Is Bernie Sanders Really The Democratic Front-Runner? [View all] 170 Purveyor Saturday Wednesday 2 4578
It took an international criminal conspiracy to take HRC down [View all] 165 La Lioness Priyanka Friday Saturday 202 7248
We Sanders supporters need to recognize that his brand is damaged now [View all] 143 TXCritter Wednesday 5 hrs ago 42 4587
You want Democratic messaging? You got it. [View all] 139 ehrnst Monday Tuesday 117 7755
The issue in the Minneapolis police shooting [View all] 138 MineralMan Wednesday 18 hrs ago 58 4780
Calling Trump gay is homophobic [View all] 136 dsc Jul 10 Saturday 51 5380
I would support Howard Dean for Vermont's US Senator... [View all] 135 FarPoint Jul 12 Sunday 34 4192
Is there an effort to take over the Democratic Party by someone outside of our Party? [View all] 128 pirateshipdude Wednesday Wednesday 6 2426
Turning away from Trump supporter relationships. [View all] 127 Funtatlaguy Tuesday Wednesday 138 9721
The Dirtbag Left and the Problem of Dominance Politics [View all] 124 La Lioness Priyanka Wednesday 1 hr ago 18 2710
BREAKING: Delta responds to Ann Coulter [View all] 124 brooklynite Sunday Tuesday 143 12598
*****BREAKING*****WAPO- Trump considering pardoning himself and criminal associates [View all] 120 DemocratSinceBirth 11 hrs ago 36 min ago 63 5910
Can we give decent burial to the meme that Bernie Sanders didn't appeal to black voters. [View all] 120 LongTomH 20 hrs ago 6 min ago 42 2725
I have a question--are we allowed to criticize some of the actions of the Democratic Party? [View all] 112 Akamai Tuesday 19 hrs ago 12 2501
Katy Tur just said that Hillary is currently polling LESS favorably than 45 according to Bloomberg. [View all] 111 BigmanPigman Tuesday Wednesday 5 4010
i guess we could learn from bernie on messaging.. [View all] 110 drray23 Tuesday Wednesday 3 2851
Why we need Bernie - like him or not.... [View all] 108 ciaobaby Monday Tuesday 34 2090
Can we now, FINALLY, all agree that Louise Mensch is either a troll or an idiot? [View all] 106 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 11 3236
Go ahead and say it Ann, they gave it to this brown woman. That's what offends you. [View all] 99 kpete Saturday Sunday 15 5033
America's current situation is just chickens from the '80s coming home to roost [View all] 98 misanthrope Sunday Tuesday 123 6996
Breaking from Bloomberg: Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions [View all] 96 sunonmars 22 hrs ago 23 min ago 146 7314
Okay, this is really weird. Nov. 2016 Facebook posts from Putin parliamentary ally Konstantin Rykov. [View all] 89 Tommy_Carcetti Jul 13 Saturday 74 6006
** The biggest money-laundering operation in the history of the world! ** [View all] 86 kentuck Tuesday 20 hrs ago 213 10608
Minneapolis Police Kill Australian Lady Engaged To American Businessman [View all] 85 SoCalMusicLover Monday Tuesday 32 4173
Louise Mensch is a nut job. [View all] 82 demmiblue Monday Yesterday 10 3584
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 81 stopbush Jul 13 Sunday 15 2613
Two days [View all] 78 apkhgp Sunday Tuesday 188 6240
I knew it, the Minnesota cop who shot a white woman is black AND named Mohammed... [View all] 78 Archae Wednesday 18 hrs ago 7 2794
This will end in complete and absolute disgrace for Don the Con and his family [View all] 77 malaise Wednesday 11 hrs ago 76 4358
Beautiful tweet from Obama about McCain. Trump hasn't commented. [View all] 77 Mrs. Overall Wednesday 13 hrs ago 174 9207
Australian woman shot dead by Minneapolis police [View all] 74 Lotusflower70 Monday Wednesday 5 2043
This fucking idiot misogynist is trying to primary Pelosi. [View all] 74 La Lioness Priyanka Friday Saturday 19 2321
OK --Time to praise Dems for speaking out. Ted Lieu just now! [View all] 73 Hekate Jul 12 23 hrs ago 84 3365
When the shit really hits the fan remember [View all] 73 malaise Friday Sunday 236 10992
On cancer and "toughness" [View all] 72 Danmel Yesterday 9 hrs ago 49 2799
Chump just called President Obama a liar. [View all] 72 DemocratSinceBirth Wednesday Wednesday 57 6027
Rohrabacher asks about ancient civilizations on Mars. LOL. [View all] 72 L. Coyote Wednesday 15 hrs ago 26 4258
Kucinich: Trump Jr. Meeting Is a 'Bunch of Nothing' [View all] 72 oberliner Friday Saturday 0 3070
I'm stuck on a dead train coming out of Grand Central. Ask me anything! [View all] 71 MANative Wednesday Wednesday 0 1078
Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat. She's also a powerful leader [View all] 71 MineralMan Jul 10 Saturday 60 2380
FUCK CANCER [View all] 70 NightWatcher Wednesday 5 hrs ago 115 5085
Isn't it time to call republicans what they are? [View all] 70 Gabi Hayes Tuesday 1 hr ago 56 3552
WOW! President Trump clearly explains pre-existing conditions so that even I can understand them! [View all] 69 Miles Archer 22 hrs ago 1 hr ago 27 3066
THEY WERE BRIEFED AND LET IT HAPPEN. [View all] 69 kpete Jul 13 Wednesday 143 8477
#8. Who is your guess. [View all] 69 MelissaB Friday Saturday 4 2055
It's official. Hillary Clinton was NOT running against Donald Trump. [View all] 69 Foamfollower Jul 12 Sunday 95 4753
Can Someone Become President With 24% Of The Popular Vote? [View all] 69 eniwetok Jul 9 Monday 8 3200
Reach Out to Trump Voters [View all] 68 RecoveringJournalist Jul 11 Friday 0 2311
Ex-Trumpers have a sad that Democrats won't welcome them with open arms. [View all] 68 DetlefK Monday Tuesday 31 3678
Holy Shite - Rachel says we're now on Sessions resignation watch [View all] 67 malaise Wednesday Wednesday 32 2053
What live progressive feeds are you aware of? Cenk Uygur's live feed is [View all] 66 Akamai Tuesday Wednesday 0 1127
Judge Tosses Jurys Conviction Of Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions [View all] 66 n2doc Friday Saturday 214 8758
If you're really a liberal, you must applaud the Simpson parole. [View all] 65 Stinky The Clown 17 hrs ago 14 hrs ago 15 1660
Katy Tur just tied Kris Kobach's nuts to the wall! I HOPE this gets online. [View all] 65 Stinky The Clown Wednesday 3 hrs ago 99 8665
What is your favorite term of endearment for president dumpster fire? (Poll) [View all] 65 Tiggeroshii 16 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 2 818
Trump had 2nd, private meeting with Putin during G20 summit. [View all] 65 MelissaB Tuesday Wednesday 71 5366
Why Not Call It Treason? [View all] 65 turbinetree 22 hrs ago 50 min ago 4 1215
92 YO badass builds house, gets dehydrated, goes to hospital, is discharged, resumes building [View all] 64 Miles Archer Friday Tuesday 138 3672
"CBO scored repeal without a replacement - it's a humanitarian disaster of incomprehensible scale." [View all] 64 CousinIT Tuesday Wednesday 119 7691
OJ has no self awareness. [View all] 64 madaboutharry 19 hrs ago 11 hrs ago 2 2026
Say it with me, Trump's presidency is illegitimate due to Russian intereference in our elections. [View all] 63 Yavin4 Friday Saturday 90 3066
Ann Coulter's Lost Delta Seat: After Close Analysis, [View all] 63 MineralMan Sunday Monday 68 4917
On election night, when it still looked like Hillary was going to win, commentators said she must [View all] 63 EffieBlack Friday Monday 160 9272
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Who cares whats wrong with Donald Trump? Whats wrong with us? [View all] 62 babylonsister Saturday Sunday 157 6552
"Don can't do any deals because he'll be overly scrutinized. He just goes to work and is miserable." [View all] 62 Miles Archer Wednesday Wednesday 23 2924
I'm sorry, but I don't see how this Russia stuff is a thing. [View all] 62 Atman Monday Tuesday 214 10176
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) given explicit instructions by the Kremlin for how to attack sanctions [View all] 61 Miles Archer Wednesday 13 hrs ago 111 7468
They "promised" to repeal Obamacare and these women with severely sick children voted [View all] 60 question everything Sunday Tuesday 16 2621
Kellyanne Conway should learn that pieces of paper on TV invites memes [View all] 59 DonViejo Jul 13 Sunday 109 7928
As if things weren't bad enough, Pat Robertson is having visions again...... [View all] 58 LongTomH Wednesday 13 hrs ago 15 1928
O.J. is on ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the cable news channels [View all] 57 DemocratSinceBirth 20 hrs ago 1 hr ago 7 1361
This is an absolutely brilliant piece of writing [View all] 57 DemocratSinceBirth Sunday Monday 131 9021
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