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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 90820
Bernie Sanders does NOT SHOW UP to vote on Russian sanctions [View all] 410 Eliot Rosewater Wednesday Friday 154 12084
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rockets Into Social Media Stardom [View all] 224 BluesRunTheGame Monday Wednesday 27 4720
If Gillibrand is automatically disqualified because she called on Franken to resign... [View all] 204 NYC Liberal Thursday Friday 23 4515
This Bernie Supporter Will Support Bernie If He Runs [View all] 198 PaulX2 Wednesday Friday 25 3449
My dad just died. [View all] 191 mvd Friday Saturday 320 5050
Should Hillary run again in 2020? [View all] 187 gyroscope Wednesday Thursday 3 3183
If trump were to resign today, would you be satisfied or would you want to see him [View all] 173 Poiuyt Friday 35 min ago 29 3327
About Gillibrand and Franken - a letter, not mine. [View all] 155 question everything Thursday Friday 157 5746
BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi just asked to postpone the SOTU until after the shutdown. Dems don't want [View all] 147 MelissaB Wednesday Saturday 206 9537
At Kirsten Gillibran's exploratory committee facebook page, it looks like 9 out of 10 comments are [View all] 145 wasupaloopa 9 hrs ago 1 hr ago 53 5861
**Breaking** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand enters Democrat's 2020 presidential race with gender pitch [View all] 126 hlthe2b Tuesday Wednesday 1 2728
Mother of teen staring down Phillips blames "fake news" [View all] 120 Takket 16 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 55 6996
I asked my wife this question and she laughed her ass off. [View all] 119 shockey80 Saturday 5 hrs ago 49 4815
If you think Rep Tulsi Gabbard is progressive, you should read this [View all] 117 mahina Monday Thursday 46 3090
MAGA "pro-life" Catholic high school students mocking and harassing a Native American chanter. [View all] 113 tenderfoot Saturday 12 hrs ago 44 4638
Cold Big Macs, only the best from the Big Con.. [View all] 110 pbmus Monday Wednesday 40 4490
Kirsten Gillibrand answers an Al Franken queation [View all] 109 brooklynite Friday Saturday 7 2791
DeVos in wheelchair after breaking her pelvis and hip socket in bicycle mishap [View all] 109 left-of-center2012 Thursday Friday 4 2992
Watching the news on CNN/MSNBC. To put it bluntly, this is OVER. trump is a criminal and finished. [View all] 106 George II Thursday Friday 55 5360
1 hour 46 minute video of before and after incident....[VIDEO] [View all] 104 IcyPeas 19 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 15 5048
Check out Donnie's hand. Is he getting IV treatments? [View all] 104 DesertRat Tuesday Wednesday 20 4704
Three-Dimensional Chess: Nancy Pelosi throws a wrench in Stephen Miller's "Blame the Dems" speech. [View all] 101 Miles Archer Wednesday Thursday 149 9380
Can we say that we think a Democratic running is unlikeable? [View all] 100 Laura PourMeADrink 11 hrs ago 1 hr ago 1 1711
Statement from Nick Sandmann the teenager who was in Nathan Phillip's face [View all] 98 octoberlib 4 hrs ago 1 min ago 10 5178
Waiting in line at the local sandwich shop I was eavesdropping on a couple of old white guys [View all] 97 The Velveteen Ocelot Tuesday Thursday 150 11998
W T F happened in Luzerne County (PA)? Trump won an Obama county by 20%! Torshin involved?? [View all] 96 Roland99 Wednesday Thursday 80 5312
Telling you right now...you start F-ing with business travelers...it is over [View all] 94 titaniumsalute Wednesday Friday 94 5974
What one single action could have prevented election of Trump? [View all] 94 AndJusticeForSome Thursday Friday 3 1957
Ocasio-Cortez's climate genius stroke: Her Green New Deal is the most serious response to the crisis [View all] 92 ashling Jan 13 Tuesday 72 3025
Jason Leopold needs to quit journalism, tomorrow [View all] 91 Recursion Friday Saturday 4 3657
I don't know if I can forgive Gillibrand for Franken [View all] 91 Cary Wednesday Thursday 19 1793
The Supermoon is stunningly beautiful [View all] 89 malaise 4 hrs ago 26 sec ago 43 3445
Ok, I know in the scheme of things this is minor, but who the hell wears a cowboy hat at WH meeting? [View all] 88 hlthe2b Wednesday Thursday 13 3168
Trump at Pentagon: Entire room stayed silent and did not applaud his partisan remarks [View all] 88 kpete Thursday Friday 260 13915
What if DT isn't the only Republican that Putin owns? [View all] 86 Freelancer Wednesday Thursday 46 3723
BREAKING......Steve King is stripped of all Committee assignments. .... [View all] 85 ProudMNDemocrat Monday Tuesday 195 6512
AOC hunting his Mitch ass DOWN [View all] 85 bigtree Wednesday Thursday 84 3893
Rachel Maddow didn't ask Kirsten Gillibrand anything about Al Franken [View all] 85 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 5 2210
covington screenshots of each participant (removed!) [View all] 83 Demovictory9 21 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 39 4412
Another Tom Brady Superbowl..... [View all] 83 LovingA2andMI 1 hr ago 1 min ago 3 1704
Bernie Sanders just sent me an email. [View all] 82 yardwork Thursday Saturday 14 2012
BREAKING: Trump to offer temporary protections for undocumented 'dreamers' in exchange for $5.7 bil [View all] 82 herding cats Saturday 10 hrs ago 12 2305
The best thing about these big companies doing "woke" ads... [View all] 82 ehrnst Friday Friday 29 1579
Pelosi COStaff: "This morning we learned the Admin had leaked the commercial travel plans as well" [View all] 80 bigtree Friday Saturday 163 8228
Hey MAGA Hat Boy [View all] 79 brettdale Saturday 6 hrs ago 77 5350
The Atlantic: IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP [View all] 78 kpete Thursday 12 hrs ago 250 8742
Nancy is busting Spanky's ass in a presser [View all] 78 nolabear Friday Saturday 190 11023
Advice to AOC. [View all] 74 Are_grits_groceries Thursday Friday 17 2197
The Twit tweets: "I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders" [View all] 74 demmiblue Tuesday Tuesday 33 3154
Tulsi Gabbard today: "Both sides...unwilling to come together..." [View all] 73 manor321 11 hrs ago 3 hrs ago 6 1624
Ok, I just have started to change my mind on George W Bush......he's buying pizza for Secret Service [View all] 71 a kennedy Friday Saturday 1 2124
Petition regarding Covington Catholic High School, started by an alumnus: [View all] 71 George II Saturday 2 hrs ago 216 10382
We were only 3 votes short on the 60 needed to retain the sanctions against Deripaska. [View all] 71 pnwmom Thursday Thursday 23 1531
Some people fear impeachment will rip our country apart. [View all] 68 shockey80 13 hrs ago 10 hrs ago 92 3769
Kamala Harris Was Not a 'Progressive Prosecutor' [View all] 67 wellst0nev0ter Thursday Saturday 11 2144
Updated statement from Buzzfeed [View all] 67 octoberlib Saturday 18 hrs ago 96 6726
Too many acronyms..?? Abbreviations used ??? Many of us don't know the meanings. [View all] 66 Stuart G Saturday 8 hrs ago 13 1332
Jason Leopold is the co-author of the Buzzfeed article everyone is talking about [View all] 65 oberliner Friday Friday 3 2018
It's the voting machines, stupid. [View all] 64 garybeck Wednesday Thursday 66 2273
As of this early date, what is your ideal Democratic Ticket? [View all] 64 RicROC Thursday Friday 0 956
The NFL just had a game that was a replay of the 2016 election [View all] 64 edhopper 5 hrs ago 43 min ago 26 2459
Reggie Bush: Trump's fast food meal for Clemson a 'huge slap in the face' [View all] 64 DonViejo Tuesday Tuesday 88 6267
Gillette takes on toxic masculinity in new ad campaign [View all] 63 demmiblue Monday Friday 48 2283
It's time to "like" Gillette's new ad. [View all] 63 LAS14 Tuesday 12 hrs ago 56 3334
'Be careful, Nancy': Trump threatens to deport 11 million immigrants unless 'irrational' Pelosi..... [View all] 62 Soph0571 14 hrs ago 1 hr ago 39 3739
Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Democrats to the Left, Whether They Like It or Not [View all] 62 BluesRunTheGame Monday Tuesday 13 1374
Best reply yet on WH dinner of fast food !! Ah ha ha ha [View all] 62 Roland99 Tuesday Tuesday 86 6530
There was an important post here yesterday pointing out that [View all] 62 malaise Saturday 14 hrs ago 171 6534
This can only go ONE way, folks [View all] 61 NanceGreggs Thursday Friday 90 4487
Beto's excellent adventure drips with white male privilege - CNN [View all] 61 madville Thursday Friday 7 2301
We Need a Better Name for Rump Cultists [View all] 61 ProudLib72 Monday Tuesday 1 929
He's going to be indicted [View all] 60 malaise Wednesday Thursday 71 4813
Well shit, did it again. [View all] 60 Glamrock Friday Saturday 82 4974
Meanwhile Melania heads down to Florida for weekend tan on a government plane... [View all] 60 HipChick Thursday Thursday 65 4436
PERFECT response to Ann Coulter [View all] 59 EffieBlack Saturday 3 hrs ago 145 8136
Pelosi on postponing SOTU: "It's not constitutionally required. It's not the President's birthday." [View all] 59 bigtree Thursday Friday 136 5419
Covington Catholic High School mob from another angle,, over the shoulder of the smirker [View all] 58 Demovictory9 23 hrs ago 2 min ago 44 4385
DU help please ... I missed individual #1's speech [View all] 58 Botany Saturday Saturday 7 1378
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