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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 82004
Dems Like Leftism, Not Bernie Sanders [View all] 328 boston bean Thursday Monday 34 5808
Ocasio-Cortez: House Democrats too old to understand income inequality [View all] 281 John Gruff Aug 7 Sunday 21 7482
Congressional Black Caucus chair blasts proposed superdelegate changes [View all] 267 Gothmog Tuesday 7 min ago 21 3987
Most voters stayed home for stunning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win [View all] 254 sheshe2 Sunday Tuesday 37 6720
MI-GOV: Abdul continues his daily scorched earth attacks against Whitmer. [View all] 239 RandySF Aug 1 Friday 10 4926
Congressman Chris Collins is retiring [View all] 172 Gothmog Saturday 21 hrs ago 148 9709
MN: Keith Ellison's opponents asks him to address allegations of domestic abuse [View all] 162 RandySF Sunday Monday 6 5771
WAPO: "Fact-checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's media blitz" [View all] 160 stevenleser Sunday 7 hrs ago 37 6124
I'm confused about the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bashing [View all] 160 Equinox Moon Monday Monday 42 4413
I can't think of a single reason why Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be the Speaker of the House next year... [View all] 158 MrScorpio Sunday Yesterday 122 4814
Ocasio-Cortez and DU [View all] 157 Stinky The Clown Aug 7 Yesterday 108 6339
'I will never drink Sam Adams beer again!' Somerville's mayor fumes at founder's praise for Trump [View all] 145 G_j Tuesday Yesterday 156 9931
Our Revolution just endorsed an UNAFFILIATED candidate running against a Democrat... [View all] 127 George II Yesterday 22 min ago 16 3173
Sanders Institute: total 2017 donations:$459K. Total spent on salaries for Jane's son and 2 other [View all] 122 pnwmom Saturday Sunday 31 3545
Who Is Your Favorite MSNBC Personality? [View all] 117 Grassy Knoll 19 hrs ago 39 min ago 12 2241
Cops taser 87yo woman while gardening with a knife. [View all] 115 DetlefK Yesterday 7 hrs ago 35 3534
Democrats are voting for establishment candidates at a rate of 89% [View all] 113 scheming daemons Tuesday 10 hrs ago 33 2551
Vox: Only 28% of young voters say they will definitely vote in midterms (compare to 74% of seniors) [View all] 112 triron Monday Tuesday 11 3074
My doctor asked me if I was on social media [View all] 111 Cyrano Thursday Friday 63 5598
Is Nancy Pelosi an effective leader? -- Bernie says... [View all] 110 SkyDancer Yesterday 10 min ago 83 3862
Tulsi Gabbard won't debate Democratic opponent, sparking accusations of hypocrisy [View all] 110 John Gruff Saturday Sunday 16 2667
Another election stolen by the GOP: THOUSANDS of votes not counted or "stuck in the voting machines" [View all] 102 liberalnarb Aug 8 Monday 91 9762
Just got my refill of Tramadol. Now it reads: WARNING! Opioid! [View all] 102 Coventina Monday Tuesday 7 3119
Let's celebrate Aretha Franklin while she is still alive [View all] 101 malaise Monday Tuesday 84 3041
I had understood, perhaps incorrectly, that there was more or less a consensus here that [View all] 98 Atticus Aug 8 Tuesday 199 9161
Karen Monahan threatens to release more info about Keith Ellison, [View all] 98 pnwmom Sunday Monday 3 3268
At 6:38 this morning, Donald Trump finally has crossed over into full Mussolini. [View all] 96 madaboutharry Aug 5 Sunday 135 12704
Bernie Sanders on MSNBC up NOW 8:30 est [View all] 95 oasis Tuesday Yesterday 9 1795
If not "socialism", what should we call "spending tax dollars on things that help everyone" [View all] 94 ProfessorPlum Aug 5 Friday 9 1708
Trump: "Hundreds of Bikers for Trump just joined me at Bedminster. Quite a scene..." [View all] 93 Miles Archer Saturday Monday 4 3704
Why are Hilary, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren so hated? [View all] 92 Cyrano Saturday Sunday 69 3638
This is crazy: Omarosa secretly recorded Kelly IN THE SITUATION ROOM - threatened her. [View all] 90 sunonmars Sunday Monday 73 5320
Franken on Running Again: 'Won't Rule it Out, Won't Rule it In' [View all] 88 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jul 31 Saturday 48 2039
Bill Kristol is "getting out over his skis"...way too much [View all] 88 SHRED Friday Saturday 135 8905
AOC hits back at the MSM [View all] 88 SkyDancer Saturday Monday 40 4069
Internal poll for El-Sayed shows undecideds broke big for Whitmer. [View all] 87 NCTraveler Aug 7 Friday 9 2476
Oregon homeowner's association refuses to let bus come into neighborhood to pick up a girl with [View all] 87 turbinetree Yesterday 3 hrs ago 68 5512
Every time an idiot votes Green Party, they're voting for oil, gas, and asbestos [View all] 84 scheming daemons Aug 8 Friday 57 3103
POLL: Democrats More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism [View all] 82 SkyDancer Yesterday 3 hrs ago 11 1510
I can't understand why the Nazi Party - the Nationalist Socialist party -- [View all] 80 pnwmom Monday Tuesday 10 2385
The Argument about Nancy Pelosi is Destructive. [View all] 80 MineralMan Sunday Monday 84 2086
***HUGE BREAKING NEWS*** Trump sychophant Chris Collins being charged with insider trading [View all] 76 DemocratSinceBirth Aug 8 Thursday 131 7519
**OMG-Trump's Approval among African Americans has plummeted to 3% !!! ** [View all] 74 DemocratSinceBirth Friday Friday 50 4475
Why are we discussing House speakership now? [View all] 73 SHRED Friday Saturday 43 1964
Charles P. Pierce: You Want Nancy Pelosi Out? Find Somebody Better. [View all] 72 babylonsister Monday Yesterday 139 3818
Ohio soybean farmer who voted for Trump because he's a "can-do guy" is "getting his butt kicked" [View all] 72 Miles Archer Sunday Sunday 62 5002
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez perfectly shuts down Ben Shapiro's pesky challenge to debate [View all] 72 Uncle Joe Sunday Tuesday 29 2021
Rachel - Misleading and Extremely Disappointing Tonight [View all] 72 DDySiegs Monday Tuesday 3 4009
Rick Wilson on what would happen if a tape of Trump "saying the n-word" surfaced. [View all] 72 Miles Archer Tuesday Yesterday 78 5062
Who is the "most electable" in 2020? (Poll) [View all] 70 ecstatic Tuesday Yesterday 9 1487
Led by Boston Globe more than 300 newspapers were to publish Press Freedom editorials today [View all] 70 hlthe2b 9 hrs ago 40 min ago 46 1651
Avenatti is right: Democrats need to fight fire with fire [View all] 69 DonViejo Saturday Sunday 53 2977
Do you ever just not get racism? [View all] 69 wonkwest Friday Sunday 109 4176
I have a question re: Elizabeth Warren and her heritage claim. [View all] 68 TheCowsCameHome Yesterday 14 hrs ago 7 2274
***BREAKING****Defense rests in Manafort trial . No defense witnesses will be called. [View all] 68 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Tuesday 32 3281
Nancy Pelosi: "Has anyone asked whatshisname, the one who's head of the Senate?" [View all] 66 bigtree Saturday Sunday 211 9650
The anatomy of a ratfucker. MI-Governor style. [View all] 66 NCTraveler Aug 4 Friday 17 2246
Trump walks into your house. Your first words are? [View all] 66 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Yesterday Yesterday 2 1798
Collins' Dem opponent only has $81,000 in campaign funds. [View all] 65 Grasswire2 Thursday Friday 18 2162
The multivitamin industry rakes in billions of dollars. [View all] 65 SidDithers Sunday Monday 11 1852
Does anyone really believe that if a tape is released which has Trump [View all] 65 Atticus Monday Tuesday 12 2056
Omarosa is putting herself at risk [View all] 63 Equinox Moon Sunday Monday 14 3060
'If I don't have it, I die': College student describes the copay that almost killed her [View all] 63 pstokely Aug 8 Friday 64 3824
Omarosa to release secret recording on MSNBC at 1 p.m. ET [View all] 63 bearsfootball516 8 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 27 3202
Anyone gonna buy Omarosa's book? [View all] 62 Kajun Gal Friday Sunday 1 1406
Our Revolution/Ocasio endorsed Hawaii candidate who used campaign donations to pay his rent [View all] 62 John Gruff Sunday Sunday 15 2214
A guy stole a Horizon Air plane from Seattle airport. [View all] 62 nolabear Saturday Saturday 19 2819
My daughter stood up against Trump related bullying today [View all] 61 rainbow4321 Aug 7 Thursday 182 10223
NY Times reporter: Omarosa wasn't the only White House staffer making secret recordings of Trump [View all] 61 Snake Plissken Monday Yesterday 102 7112
Sikh man beaten, spat on. 'Devastated' police chief says suspect is 'my 18-year old son' [View all] 61 jpak Thursday Friday 32 3447
Black women become most educated group in US [View all] 61 marble falls Yesterday 23 hrs ago 77 3215
I just heard there are about two dozen white supremacist protesters in DC [View all] 59 malaise Sunday Sunday 56 4025
I know one thing....they shouldn't have fucked with Omarosa. [View all] 59 LexVegas Tuesday Tuesday 61 4447
Newspapers Plan Coordinated Response to Trump [View all] 59 babylonsister Saturday Sunday 260 10245
Does AOC read DU? [View all] 59 SkyDancer Monday Tuesday 14 1973
Steve Schmidt Exposes Trump's Strategy To Break Your Will To Fight [View all] 59 babylonsister Thursday Friday 173 10570
****BREAKING**** TRUMP CAMPAIGN IS TAKING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST OMAROSA * [View all] 58 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Yesterday 2 2288
More Omarosa "Unhinged" Skinny on Melania and the Jacket [View all] 57 Snellius Monday Tuesday 38 4246
Putin pal Artem Klyushin tweeted out list of security clearances to be revoked 2 days before WH memo [View all] 57 kpete 8 hrs ago 18 min ago 121 6678
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