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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 82230
#Resistance Twitter Hero Exposed as Pro-Trump Gamer 1 .99center Friday Friday 4 446
When Russians flunk English 13 .99center Wednesday Wednesday 17 934
Aretha has passed!! 0 2naSalit Thursday Thursday 2 194
I am sitting here, crying. Nicolle Wallace just did a segment... 17 3catwoman3 Thursday Friday 84 5642
White supremacist Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad while livestreaming 38 47of74 Wednesday Thursday 39 1693
Michael Shannon Explains Why He'd Never Play 'That F**king Guy' Trump 23 47of74 14 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 44 2484
Matthew Heimbach, he of the Nazi Trailer Park Love Triangle, back in the news. 3 47of74 Thursday Friday 4 543
How long does it have to be before we get nervous about the jury 8 a kennedy Friday Friday 0 528
Has the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief responded to Admiral McRaven? 7 Achilleaze Saturday Sunday 2 386
The Queen of Soul has died and instead of recognizing the passing of a national icon... 22 ADX Thursday Thursday 13 1152
Al Franken today on Facebook 46 Algernon Moncrieff Friday Saturday 251 8287
Dealing with maybe fake a/c but definitely inappropriate comments 6 Alleycat Thursday Thursday 1 483
Did Chris Christie admit the Republicans gerrymandered? 4 AllyCat Sunday 17 hrs ago 4 633
Dane County election website goes down just as polls close 10 AllyCat Wednesday Wednesday 5 477
Animals that will make you laugh, because don't you need something to make you laugh? 14 Amaryllis Aug 13 Tuesday 69 2236
Just saw a Toyota commercial with Chuck Norris 20 angrychair Sunday Sunday 17 1425
Don't forget who Omarosa is... 24 angrychair Tuesday Tuesday 12 982
Thank goodness trump never went to Viet Nam 2 angstlessk 23 hrs ago 18 hrs ago 0 644
I never get tired of seeing this video 10 AnnieBW Thursday Thursday 24 1138
"This is a guy [Trump] who rage tweets on the toilet in the morning" Rick Wilson GOP strategist 2 AnotherMother4Peace Saturday Saturday 11 712
Forbes: Americans paid $104 BILLION in credit card debt interest in the past year 4 ansible 2 hrs ago 24 min ago 3 354
Teenager who escaped ISIS slavery says her captor found her in Germany and police didn't do anything 0 ansible Friday Friday 1 410
Lunch Ladies Accused of Stealing Nearly Half a Million Dollars from school cafeteria: Police 7 ansible Thursday Thursday 2 684
Now MSNBC, Omarosa, Hardball 23 appalachiablue Aug 13 Tuesday 1 732
Infowars Website Goes Dark 25 Archae Tuesday Wednesday 18 1227
My "WTF?" of the day, why isn't this ditz in a rubber room? 4 Archae Tuesday Tuesday 1 949
My "WTF?" of the day, "Christian" stupidity department... 11 Archae Friday Friday 2 799
Well, Bill Donohue had to weigh in on the Pennsylvania priest scandal... 4 Archae Thursday Thursday 3 633
About that Aretha Franklin/Patti LaBelle mixup by Fox News. [View all] 87 Arkansas Granny Friday Saturday 161 8597
12 former top intelligence officials criticize Trump for pulling security clearance 9 Arkansas Granny Friday Friday 32 996
The evolution of truth: 2 Arkansas Granny Sunday Sunday 8 360
Trump Tax Cut Unlocks Millions for a Republican Election Blitz 1 Arkansas Granny Sunday Sunday 2 284
File this under "Did he really say that?". 5 Arkansas Granny 3 hrs ago 1 hr ago 10 630
Parkland students blend QR and fashion to register voters 3 Arkansas Granny Sunday Sunday 4 451
More on Trump's parade: 3 Arkansas Granny Friday Saturday 15 655
Good grief. He's tweeting his ass off this morning. Doesn't he have a job or something? 18 Arkansas Granny Tuesday Tuesday 11 997
Trump: If soldiers were 'real patriots,' they wouldn't take a pay raise 6 ashling Wednesday Wednesday 4 1111
So, more power to Omarosa for anything she can do to amp up Dumpy's heartburn, 1 ashling Thursday Thursday 0 318
The FBI Says There's Going to be a Huge Bank Heist in the Coming Days 34 at140 Wednesday Thursday 63 5057
Are there any plans for protest if Trump pardons Manafort? nt 5 Atticus Thursday Thursday 1 431
I had understood, perhaps incorrectly, that there was more or less a consensus here that [View all] 99 Atticus Aug 8 Friday 199 9227
This could be much longer post, but I'll try to cut to the chase. 36 Atticus Wednesday Thursday 75 3436
Dear Mr. Trump: I do not have a security clearance for you to revoke, but could you please 1 Atticus Thursday Thursday 9 496
Could we ask House Democrats to make the same pledge most here have made? 10 Atticus Friday Friday 1 421
So, since no one is talking about immigrant children anymore on TV, I assume they 12 Atticus Thursday Thursday 6 364
To those for whom the mere mention of "impeachment" is evidence of the speaker's 11 Atticus Saturday Saturday 8 753
I have stopped hoping that we will wake up some morning soon and find that 4 Atticus Tuesday Tuesday 7 477
So, boys and girls, friends and neighbors, posters and lurkers, are we going to wait 5 Atticus Wednesday Wednesday 25 1094
Just curious---has anyone ever heard John Bolton say "Coo-coo-kachoo"? nt 7 Atticus Saturday Saturday 2 573
Trump was absolutely right about the Red Tide. 0 Atticus Wednesday Wednesday 6 576
Does anyone really believe that if a tape is released which has Trump [View all] 65 Atticus Aug 13 Tuesday 12 2071
Cognitive dissonance/cognitive dissidence 5 Atticus Aug 13 Tuesday 7 422
Los Angeles to vote on breakthrough: own the bank 8 Auggie Saturday Sunday 23 849
We are seeing a deranged president in the throes of knowing his world is crashing down on him. 43 Augiedog Wednesday Thursday 64 3773
Hey trump, the reason Sessions isn't a real AG is because you're not a real president. Dumb ass 3 Augiedog Tuesday Tuesday 7 318
I keep trying to come up with functional analogies for the current White House and the lunatics 4 Augiedog Friday Friday 1 272
Does it seem possible that FOX news is an appendage of Russian intelligence service? Just asking. 5 Augiedog Thursday Thursday 4 327
Has anybody read "House of Trump, House of Putin?" 4 avebury Saturday Saturday 2 445
Manafort Jury - Should we be worried? 13 avebury Thursday Thursday 5 915
Just now on Rachel Maddow 6 avebury Thursday Thursday 19 1243
President Prickly Pants 3 avebury 8 hrs ago 7 hrs ago 9 711
LET YOUR GUESTS ANSWER A FUCKING QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22 AZ8theist Aug 13 Tuesday 10 1597
TRUMP CANCELS MILITARY PARADE 4 AZ8theist Friday Friday 2 568
Can anybody fact check Sarah Hucklebag from today? 7 AZ8theist Tuesday Tuesday 0 507
Pardoning Manafort Wouldn't Work 19 babylonsister Tuesday Wednesday 33 1668
Officials Defend Plan To Close Almost All Polling Places In Majority Black Georgia County 32 babylonsister Friday Saturday 58 2940
Former Nixon Era Prosecutor Calls Trump's Attack On Brennan 'More Serious Than Watergate' 1 babylonsister Friday Friday 8 394
Illinois attorney general sues Trump Tower for river violations 1 babylonsister Wednesday Wednesday 4 143
Professional Women Are Coming for the GOP 0 babylonsister 10 hrs ago 10 hrs ago 20 446
Charles P. Pierce: You Want Nancy Pelosi Out? Find Somebody Better. [View all] 72 babylonsister Aug 13 Wednesday 139 3863
Senate Dems demand immediate reunification of remaining separated children 4 babylonsister Wednesday Wednesday 10 290
Pierce: Newspapers Have Faced Down Dictators, So They Should Face Down This Obvious Clown 1 babylonsister Thursday Thursday 12 407
Pierce: The Military Intelligence Folks Are in Open Revolt 22 babylonsister Friday Saturday 141 8438
A couple was denied access to the Statue of Liberty because they were wearing 'Abolish ICE' T-shirts 8 babylonsister Friday Friday 21 1838
Justice Dept investigating GOP donor for allegedly offering Trump admin actions in exchange for $$ 1 babylonsister Friday Friday 11 423
DOJ Sues Ivanka's Ex-Business Partner for Massive Fraud 4 babylonsister Friday Friday 6 391
Pierce: The Defense Spending Bill Is an Abomination 3 babylonsister Tuesday Tuesday 9 463
What Was the Life of This Guest Worker Worth? 1 babylonsister Wednesday Wednesday 9 327
GOP resorts to racism and yelling 'liberal' to try to keep the House 5 babylonsister Wednesday Wednesday 6 606
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