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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 117 90822
SOTU DIY - complete this sentence: "Fellow Americans, the state of our union is..." 23 0rganism Wednesday Thursday 2 410
After four Americans die in Syria, Jim Jordan (R-Gropeywrestling) celebrates ... 5 11 Bravo Wednesday Wednesday 6 775
When they make a movie about Barr 2 49jim Tuesday Tuesday 1 326
Ok, I just have started to change my mind on George W Bush......he's buying pizza for Secret Service [View all] 71 a kennedy Friday Saturday 1 2124
Boofer & Barrfer - this is what the KGOP republicans are doing to US justice 1 Achilleaze Tuesday Tuesday 0 330
Kremlin Names Trump Employee of the Month 0 aggiesal Wednesday Wednesday 6 243
Just listened to Pelosi explain why SOTU should not be 6 ALBliberal Wednesday Thursday 10 677
Want to ReOpen the Government? 0 AldebTX Friday Friday 4 344
Republicans may go nuclear on judges again - link 3 Alhena Friday Friday 1 540
It's pretty clear to me that when the Dems take over the Senate and WH, ignorer to clean up 5 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 1 419
Barr seems to want to protect the pot business owners and growers who are mostly white but 3 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 0 437
What poll is showing Trump's numbers going up among Hispanics. What Hispanics? 19 allgood33 11 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 2 767
Saturday announcement to detract from Women's March??? Fund raise?? 8 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 2 395
All of this is Obama's mothers fault for not giving birth in Kenya or Indonesia. 0 allgood33 Friday Friday 0 190
Missiles vs a wall...what will they decide? 0 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 0 171
If Trump want his STOU in the House, he must end the shutdown first. 0 allgood33 11 hrs ago 11 hrs ago 1 256
I'm sorry, but Trump's business dealings in Russia should NOT be separated from election 0 allgood33 Friday Friday 4 168
Remember when the GOP was concerned about guests in the Clinton WH sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom? 2 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 14 742
"Please don't characterize the strength I bring to this meeting"{Please don't characterize my power} 3 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 16 738
Not to worry about evidence. Remember Cohen's offices were raided and loads of materials 1 allgood33 Friday Friday 4 312
It is now clear that Trump does not know how to negotiate. He only knows how to bully. 4 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 16 416
Trump just ought to stay away from smearing father-in-laws. Ivanka has one. 0 allgood33 Friday Friday 0 252
I just searched for Trump's visit to Afghanistan. Here is what I found: 1 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 2 531
Can the Senate take a vote of no confidence in its Leader, McConnell? 3 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 0 312
WALL, what wall? Next 8 allgood33 Friday Saturday 5 378
Why the hell is the stock market taking off. t's almost like Wall Street likes mainstream suffering 5 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 0 533
When is a good time for people to turn against Rush, Ann, Laura, and Hannity and call them out 2 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 1 366
Why is Trump taking credit of the US being the hottest economy in the world? 2 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 0 310
Post your favorite political quote of 2019 here. The list can grow as events unfold. 1 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 2 193
While the furloughed suffer, looks like stock market is linked to lifting sanctions on Russian 5 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 6 569
What is really behind the shutdown and comments by some administration and Congressional 0 allgood33 1 hr ago 1 hr ago 2 391
I really do not want Kamala Harris to be President. 17 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 4 1176
Turn the Women's March into a March to end the shutdown to stop hurting women and children who are 1 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 2 162
Will there be a thread here on Trump's campaign rally (oops, speech) today? 3 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 0 244
Think Nancy will come out with "What, I had already cancelled my trip to Egypt and Afghanistan. 0 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 2 511
So now we know the real problem with Trump: He lives in a FOX hole, blinded by the dark. 1 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 4 388
Is it the Coulter-Trump shutdown or the Trump-Coulter shutdown? 5 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 1 303
Ann Coulter says Trump' is dead in the water if he doesn't build that wall. 16 allgood33 Wednesday Friday 2 652
Brexit fails and so will Trumpism. At look at the UK and USA. It's happening here under another 11 allgood33 Tuesday Tuesday 12 701
We aren't paying enough attention to the stock market and what is happening. 9 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 4 852
"He can give it in the Oval Office if he wants to." GO NANCY!!! 7 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 20 854
Now is the time for all good men and women in the Senate to come to the aid of their country. 5 allgood33 Wednesday Wednesday 8 288
Ill the messenger time. GOP out in full force. They are in complete denial that Trump is a bigger 5 allgood33 Friday Friday 2 490
Trump pulls Nancy's aircraft for trip to Afghanistan. I am sure she doesn't care. 46 allgood33 Thursday Thursday 12 1584
Cousin twice removed, had to be talked back from suicidal emotions after being furloughed. 11 allgood33 Saturday Saturday 31 1698
Threatening dirt on a witnesses FIL is witness tampering or intimidation, is it not? 7 allgood33 Friday Saturday 4 326
On the Pence school issue. Do they also ban adulterers? 8 allgood33 Friday Friday 1 347
Congress needs to pass laws within the budget process to narrow when agencies can be shutdown. 4 allgood33 Friday Friday 2 199
I finally figured out what the R after some elected officials names means! 7 AllyCat Tuesday Wednesday 21 755
Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo belong to a doomsday cult -- and may be trying to bring on the apocalypse 16 Amaryllis Tuesday Wednesday 19 850
Chris Hayes: Rep. Dan Kildee just said Mitch has made Trump the majority leader of the Senate. 3 Amaryllis Wednesday Wednesday 2 520
2020 Big Donors Want Us Doxxing Misguided Dupes -- It's Easier For Them To Win Again 3 ancianita 22 hrs ago 17 hrs ago 2 420
Can Trump just re-open the security portions of govt that Pelosi mentions? 3 AndJusticeForSome Wednesday Wednesday 0 241
When Trump learned that Putin was trying to recruit him, he probably thought Trump Tower Moscow 0 AndJusticeForSome 8 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 4 372
We cannot wait until Feb 7th 6 AndJusticeForSome Friday Friday 5 482
Benjamin Wittes et al Lawfare Blog take on BuzzFeed story 22 AndJusticeForSome Friday Friday 32 2848
Buzzfeed's sources preceded, but we're later read into, Mueller's investigation 2 AndJusticeForSome Saturday Saturday 4 711
What one single action could have prevented election of Trump? [View all] 94 AndJusticeForSome Thursday Friday 3 1957
Which part of BuzzFeed report Mueller took issue with 3 AndJusticeForSome Saturday Saturday 5 774
About Romney's vote 5 Andy823 Friday Friday 7 566
Supreme Court unlikely to hear trump DACA appeal 5 Andy823 Saturday Saturday 4 324
Why is the Senate confirming positions for trump? 18 angrychair Tuesday Wednesday 3 787
My new political muse 10 angrychair Thursday Friday 9 513
Twitler Announcement About Shutdown 15 AnnieBW Friday Friday 0 930
Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada says she's one of the lucky women who escaped 2 ansible Thursday Thursday 7 330
Tonight on SNL: 6 applegrove Saturday Saturday 9 1067
The Dam Is Breaking As Republicans Flee Trump and McConnell On Russia Sanctions 17 applegrove Tuesday Wednesday 42 2114
Frum tweet: 4 applegrove Wednesday Wednesday 31 851
Schultz Mulling Independent Bid for President 10 applegrove Saturday Saturday 0 639
Bipartisan senators introduce bill to block Trump from pulling out of NATO 0 applegrove Friday Friday 37 712
Tweet of the night: 0 applegrove Thursday Thursday 25 1034
Republicans are accidentally doing more to advance progressive values than Democrats 0 applegrove Saturday Saturday 21 594
Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: 1 applegrove Friday Friday 3 348
Kelly Moves Closer to Senate Bid In Arizona 1 applegrove Thursday Thursday 10 383
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax on the super-rich is more popular than Trump's tax cuts, new poll 0 applegrove Thursday Thursday 8 329
Photo of some great eggs: 10 applegrove Wednesday Wednesday 72 2232
Let us remember the lesson of the GOP fomenting hate of Nancy Pelosi: 2 applegrove Wednesday Wednesday 11 419
Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House 'Out of Control' 0 applegrove 1 min ago 1 min ago 0 20
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