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"They even broke into my safe!"

Former WSU coach Nick Rolovich takes first steps in suing the state


Tucker's Got A Substitute Host Tonight Who Just Announced That....

Flood of violent and specific rhetoric on right-wing forums

Mar-A-Lago RAIDED BY FBI, Search Warrant Executed - MeidasTouch

Eight egg whites to use up

That awkward moment when you meme yourself:

Do you think they'll find Hunter Biden's laptop?

Hopefully the FBI, when conducting the

Could it have something to do with Matt Gaetz, etc? nt

how much ketchup is running down the walls at TFG's NJ home?

Can someone please tell me what was else was in

It's crazy that the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago

Rachel Maddow gives her first interview as she steps back from the nightly grind

Joyce Vance: "If he's listening to his lawyers...

Who did TFG share those classified documents with, and what did they pay him?

Most often used "ice breaker" at a Trump rally?

Wow! We got our TABOR advance today.

This would be a good night for MSNBC to bring Mary Trump on


Bumbershoot files early plan for downtown Bed, Bath & Beyond space

CNN going on about how great this is for Trump

Nikki Fried(D candidate for FL Gov) tweet

"The really, really big reason why the raid today is a potential blockbuster..."

Reports said the search warrant centered on boxes of presidential records Trump improperly took with

Sunset, southern MD 8/8

Trump, "they even broke into my safe," thread.

Trump no doubt needs a new lawyer.

Maggie's List is likely one of the worst named political organizations out there

Biden's BFD

He'll never say a word, of course, but here's looking at you, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

How much of the most incriminating docs were the "loyalists" able to REMOVE from the premises

Missing documents.

What if they find like a pound of cocaine in the safe

Stupid question: how did they break into his safe?

What a week. Biden Escalator- Going Up! Trump Escalator - Going Down. nt

Today is my birthday!!! 🎉🎂🥳 and my gift is

LTE: Secularism protects Christians' religious freedom too

Former Kentucky justice secretary arrested in downtown Lexington, charged with rape

Lock. Him. Up.

The first flying machine..

Nebraska Republicans lack votes to pass 12-week abortion ban

Eric Trump:

He Went for the Honey Pot

Say it out loud: "The FBI raided the home of a former US president"

this raid could preclude Trump from running for office ever again, by law.

"It's deja vu all over again."

Popehat thread on the mar-a-puke-o raid

A Question for my Fellow Veterans. (Secret Documents)

Rudy Giuliani says he can't make the trip to testify before a Georgia grand jury. But Fulton County

"know who didn't get raided by the FBI?" (can you guess the next three words? say it with me!)

Firearms banned at events with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has argued 'gun-free' zones are less

Litman nails it

As Many as 80,000 Russian Forces Killed, Wounded in Ukraine: Pentagon

August off to amazing start. alzawahiri. jobs. unemployment. gas prices

Listening to the raid news, and

Herschel Walker's Ex-Wife Describes Abuse In Brutal New Political Ad

Ha! Jill Wine-Banks on MSNBC wearing Lady Justice pin

"How to properly handle classified documents was not something that was really pressed upon us."

My dream pic for what's in the safe

I like this tweet because it's how I'm feeling right about now:

Anne Heche is in a coma.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

raise your hand if your house wasnt raided by the FBI today.

Anne Heche is critical

Rachel says buy a physical newspaper tomorrow.

"We don't know yet what crimes the FBI had sufficient evidence of to convince a federal judge there

Tweet of the Day

Waxing Gibbous, 78% visible, clouds moving around

Michael Cohen tweet, heh

Alex Jones Says HE TEXTED NAKED PICTURES OF HIS WIFE to Roger Stone!!!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Dark Brandon....

Benito Golf Cart is getting what he deserves.

What The FBI Needed To Have On Trump To Raid Mar-a-Lago - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Interesting point. Heeheehee...)

The trump administration will go down as the largest criminal enterprise in history.

BREAKING: Trump Says His Mar-a-Lago Home Was 'Raided' By The FBI - The ReidOut - MSNBC

You know whose house wasn't raided by the F.B.I? The email lady.

How worried are right wing politicians right now with what is at Mara Lago


Raise your hand if your house was not just raided by the FBI

WHOOO!!!! HOOO!!!!

I hate to turn on Faux but

Biden Kentucky - The Lincoln Project

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Nixon Resigned. And today Trump's Mar a Loco was Raided by the FBI

He stole those documents to take to marolago

'They even broke into my safe': Trump responds to search of his Mar-a-Lago home - CNN

Donald Trump gets a DEVASTATING SURPRISE from the FBI - Brian Tyler Cohen

So why wouldn't Trump have destroyed everything?

Sure sounds like McCarthy is threatening Garland

LIVE: View of Mar-a-Lago after Trump said FBI agents raided his Florida home - Reuters

And then,

How to speak Republican.

Anyone have a link to watch Rachel? Or can someone post after?

tfg's statement set to the star wars opening

Outside Mar-a-Lago tonight. (Language)..

I cheated and watched 90 seconds of Fox about 10 minutes ago.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

wordle today (spoiler alert)

Secret Service Facilitated FBI Access To Mar-a-Lago, Did Not Take Part In Search - All In - MSNBC

Anybody know anything about the judge who signed the search warrant?

I love Stephen King.

In the waiting room

How 'Dark Brandon' Memes And Schumer's Machiavellian Moves Gave Dems A Summer Surge

Trump On FBI Raid Of Mar-a-Lago: 'They Even Broke Into My Safe' - All In - MSNBC

'Drastic and serious': Ex- FBI official on FBI search at Mar-a-Lago (CNN)

Is it wrong of me to hope that Don Jr releases one of his insane videos?

Which nation do you think Donald Trump was sharing classified information with?

'This is hugely significant': Former FBI agent reacts to Trump's Mar-a-Lago raid - NewsNation Prime

Just disgusted

Investigators were at Mar-a-Lago in June.

Kevin McCarthy threatens Garland with retaliation

Remember: The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.

Anyone else getting Google error messages for the first time?

Secret Service Facilitated FBI Access To Mar-a-Lago, Did Not Take Part In Search (MSNBC)

McCarthy Tells Garland and DOJ to "Preserve All Records" Pending A Republican Investigation of DOJ.

Fox is furiously poisoning the well after the Mar-a-Lago search

Keith Olbermann brought up a good point

Is anyone having trouble reaching major websites,

Alex Jones sent pictures of his naked wife to Roger Stone

NY Times is live tweeting all new findings here...

The Dems are no longer in disarray, but the GOP is goofing off

Old rusted-open fence tool. (A new one's been ordered.)

Then they broke into his safe!

Trump says Mar-a-Lago was "raided" by FBI - CBS News

Biden Administration to Allow New Injection Method for Monkeypox Vaccine

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

What we know about the FBI search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, Republicans react - CBS News

Kevin McCarthy should be censured and subject to an ethics investigation

Can Trump Can Be Indicted In 2022? Yes, History Shows How - The Beat - MSNBC

I think I might see Trump's defense here:

Re Google - there was an "electrical incident" injuring 3 people at a data center earlier

Republicans are going scorched earth now.

Faux News Headline Now

Of course Jeff has another great tweet right now:

Feels like the Republican Party is having a Hindenburg moment.

Bill Kristol on why Trumpists are upset

In these dark times, it's sometimes best to focus on the positive and on people having a good day

We must hold the House and Senate.

You know how people keep worrying that there'll be a "civil war" if Trump is convicted or loses the

The irony is lost on Kevin yelling Garland to preserve his documents

Biden Had No Advance Notice of FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago

Feels like the ultimate political power moment of my lifetime.

Mary T**** Coming Next On "The Last Word" - 10:35 PM EST nt

Mary Trump coming up on Lawrence.

Johnny B. Goode - The one, and only...

Mary Trump will be on Lawrence O'Donnell after commercials

BREAKING: Trump currently in a white Bronco

Question regarding today's events

I KNEW IT!! The repubs Are Gonna Double Down On The Traitor

Mar a Lago question.

This is what a lack of accountability begets

Google hit by worldwide outage as users report search engine down

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Please pray for Anne Heche. n/t

Google outages are worldwide, affecting more than 40 countries

Occasionally, some have advocated what they call "smash-mouth politics " and others have opposed

FBI executes search warrant at Donald Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago - Glenn Kirschner

Abortion laws in Texas, Wisconsin forcing pregnant women to wait for care

Michael Steele lacks respect for Congresswoman Margie Three Names...

When do the parades get started?

Bombshell Verdict Stuns Alex Jones As Fox News Braces Amid Lawsuit Over Election Lies - The Beat MSNBC

Gableman has turned on Vos...

NOPD officer stood by during French Quarter street corner rape

Who in tfg's inner circle helped the FBI get the search warrant?

Garry Kasparov regarding today's big news

Classified Documents At Heart Of FBI Search Of Trump's Mar-a-Lago (MSNBC)

Sturgeon Supermoon: August's Sturgeon Full Moon will be the last of 4 in a row.

"Paranoid" (Black Sabbath) Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson

15 boxes?? Who does stuff on hardcopy anymore??? The White House????

Lara Trump (basically): "Trump's a hoarder!"

Why execute the search warrant today

Tuesday Digit: 3/10 - We need to deal with the heat and/or storms for a couple of more days,

Liz Cheney Ad to Air on Fox News

The Daily Show: Trump Wanted Generals As Loyal As Hitler's & CPAC's Bizarre January 6 Jail Cell Art

For you early risers, Nancy Pelosi will be on Morning Joe, which starts at 6 am

You know whose home wasn't searched by the FBI today

It's times like this when I love Twitter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

August 8, 1974

TCM later:

Is It A Coincidence That This Raid Happened After Biden & The Dems Are.....

The Pee Tape

This Fox News chyron is a masterclass in propaganda.


Monitor all the exits!!

BREAKING: Michael Cohen REACTS to Trump FBI Raid - Meidas Touch


Boy, do I miss Brian Williams right now.

The only tiny criticism of Drumpf my local radio wingnuts have had: If he would just SHUT UP.

Charles Pierce has some advice for Gym

John Denver & Olivia Newton John - Fly Away

Is the search warrant tonight the precursor to the indictment that's coming very soon?

U.S. Rep Jaime Herrera Beutler poised to lose primary to Trump endorsee

Isn't funny how the GOBers wanted the DOJ & the FBI to have more power to investigate the Democrats?

FL: New Hillsborough state attorney reverses Andrew Warren, seeks death penalty in teacher slaying

Since we figure tfg kept dirt on people - What would he keep in that safe?

No Longer A Death Sentence: How Living With HIV Has Changed (A year old but very good)

I'd like to say one thing about the the FBI search of Mar-A-Lago today

Ron DeSantis is defending Donald Trump instead of the rule of law

CNN and MSNBC are either...

Mishandling Of Documents 'Clearest Case Against Trump' Says David Rohde - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

You don't belong here. This is private restricted property.

It is time to reevaluate the status of pineapple on pizza

The traitor party has abandoned the rule of law. They are hell bent on overthrowing the government.

C'mon Iowa, Chuck Grassley Claims He Wants To Lower Insulin Costs, But Voted Against a price cap

Marco Rubio denounces persecution

You know what's going to be the most fun part?

The FBI was wise to do this while he was in NJ.

You won't find any followers of Jesus, according to the Bible, at CPAC

Grateful Dead - Jahnrhundert Halle - 1972 - Going Down the Road

Caroline Kennedy meets children of Solomon Islanders who saved JFK's life

The Republican Right is losing their shit over this raid on Trump...

US extradition treaty map. Gotta have golf right?

And the Walls Come Crumblin' Down

Trump's Lawyer Should Advise Him He's 'Looking At Jail Time' Says Katyal - The Last Word - MSNBC

Defund the FBI, demand the Trumpistas

An animal rescue, bit intense

This is why Merrick Garland was getting "all of his ducks in a row".

When You Hear They Raided Trump's Place ...

"They even broke into my safe!"

Army Buys Equipment to Access Cell Phones (Brazil)

Dan Rather: 'Overheard in Florida'

Michael Beschloss with a scene comparison

O'KEEFE, "veritas" - just can't get a date.

"mar-a-lago? no, i don't really know the place."

Did this GOP Representative give away the reason for the search?

Peter, Paul, and Mary - "Blowing in the Wind"

"White Evangelical Christians might just be the weirdest fucking people in the world"

Wil Wheaton is two years OLDER than Alex Jones and I've been in a spiral questioning all of reality

Mary Trump: Trump Is 'Panicked' After FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Daily Show: The J6 Snitch at CPAC

The perfect gift to commemorate today's events!

Funny tweets about tonight's events in MAL, Florida

Should have expected this from Trump

Tucker Carlson Has A Weird Kink For Getting Publicly Humiliated By Jon Stewart - Ring of Fire

We have lost a great today. 😭😭😭

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Asha Rangappa analyzes the FBI / DOJ decision.

In case anyone ever doubted the policy

New Riders of the Purple Sage - You Should Have Seen Me Running

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had this to say about the FBI

Today has been a day hasn't it.

One more thing to add to your delight:

'Trump Is Clearly The Target': FBI Veteran Breaks Down Mar-a-Lago Raid - The Last Word - MSNBC

Classified Documents At Heart Of FBI Search Of Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Guitar, lute selections

Giuseppe Cambini's 'Sinfonia'

The Mar-a-Lago search could signal the end of another 'long national nightmare'

Commander Cody: Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues w/Nicolette Larson on lead vocal

FBI Searches Trump Home On Nixon Resignation Speech Anniversary - The Last Word - MSNBC

Are all the Repug senators/ congressmen freaking out right now because they know they're next?

They broke into TFG's safe

Tweet of the Week

Who monitors websites

I peeked over at Freak Republic.

Where were House Republicans when Breonna Taylor was murdered?

The GOP Word Of The Day is...weaponization.

Trump's Unprecedented Behavior In Office Yields Unprecedented Legal Scrutiny - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Nebraska Cops Subpoenaed A Teen's Facebook DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion


Campaign to get abortion ban on Colorado ballot fails to collect enough signatures

May, 2022: GRAND JURY used in probe of Mar a lago classified documents

North Dakota's only abortion clinic tried to raise $20k for move to Minnesota..raised $1 million

They just finished CPAC

Biden administration ends Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy

How Tesla Lost The Race For Affordable EVs To An Unexpected Rival

Never thought I'd be resurrecting this one, but it is TIME!!

I'm watching the rerun of "All In"

Teary trump supporter

Brazil: Indigenous Rights Under Serious Threat

Chet Baker: Alone Together

FBI Searches Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Republicans support this Sh-t. Head of the Republican Party

You know who's been real quiet tonight?

The Last Thing: Remembering An Icon - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Couldn't Trump have declassified all his documents before taking them?

A theoretical web of people of the documents

1 dead after US Coast Guard, boat collide in Puerto Rico

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/8/22

Trump World Furious Over Mar-a-Lago Search - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Big Five Personality Traits are Associated with Tinnitus Improvement Over Time Scientific Reports

Game On!!!

Feds likely obtained 'pulverizing' amount of evidence ahead of searching Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

Relax Cafe Tuesday Morning Good Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Stephen Colbert - Guest Sen. Chris Murphy On Pres. Biden's First Term Achievements

Brazil's Bolsonaro 'not afraid to lose' election, does not seek a coup

Chile to 'sanction' those responsible for sinkhole near copper mine

OPINION:Colombia's New President May Need U.S. Blessing to Realize his Domestic Agenda


I woke up this morning with a feeling of anxious anticipation and happiness...

Trump Said Wounded Veterans In Military Parades Didn't 'Look Good' For Him: Book

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Simple questions for all ReTHUGs and hacks

American Man on a Quiz Show Foil Arms and Hog

My Qvangelical trumpig uncle and brother are on the edge over raid.

Breakfast Tuesday 9 August 2022

Michigan AG calls for special prosecutor in case now involving her Trump-backed opponent

Oh my! Trump's statement on what happened came out before the raid actually took place?

Taiwan holds drills, says China seeks control of seas

Good Morning, DU!!!!!

According to "the experts" on MSNBC the FBI had to get by a number of people and legal reasons to...

I love the smell of justice in the morning.

Fatsen your seatbelts

Two hacks on CNN said yesterday was a good day

The saddest thing about Giuliani (Fulton County subpoena)...

"Kids are huffin' skin bronzer mixed with Ivermectin to get high."

Who thinks there are some rethugs quivering

So who else here believes that this whole sequence

i wont be real mad if we dont nail tdfg for j6 if

Stealing federal documents is a federal crime,

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about Dark Brandon....

LA Times: The Mar-a-Lago search could signal the end of another 'long national nightmare'

On this day, August 9, 1974, Gerald Ford became president.

This raid on mar a lago reminds me of 1976 our moms raid on our bedroom.

Read Today: How to make MAGA Zombies

Trumpsters & some media are blowing this MAL search out of proportion, which is igniting the RW

'Astonishing': Search Warrant Reflect's DOJ's Lack Of Trust In Trump (MSNBC)

But, her emails ...

They even broke into my safe

Tuesday TOONs - Beep Beep

The FBI called the Secret Service at Mar-a-Lago hours ahead of the search warrant...

Ted Lieu: The search occurred because fed judge found probable cause - evidence of a crime

Look who is not talking

By popular demand: I'm far left.. And Joe Biden is my guy

August 9 International book lovers day!

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/3/22

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 7/31-8/6/2022

The Rundown: August 9, 2022

"Documents were seized."

It's amazing how miserable some people can make themselves...

About a series of comics, not strictly a comic book

i dont think the timing is an accident.

Timing and All Eggs in one basket

Lamont Dozier: Motown hitmaker dies aged 81

Sadly, for the same reasons abortion clinics have had to provide "escorts" for those who wanted

The favorite song of a beautiful goddess

The AG MUST get hold to this latest search at Mar-a-logo NOW! He must go on TV and explain

Hey Mitch! Unintended consequences.

I'll give Republicans credit for one thing ...

Asha Rangappa's updated COUP CHART

US obtains warrant to seize $90M jet of Russian oligarch Andrei Skoch

George Conway predicts what FBI was looking for (CNN)

U.S. Citizens Will Need to Register to Travel to Europe in Late 2023

Rupert Murdoch, FOX News, nor Donald Trump have a right to the documents at MAL.

I'm sure this has been stated, but WHEN the indictments come down...

Good morning...Mar-a-Lago getting raided by the FBI wasn't a dream

I think the threats from Kevin McCarthy, fox news, and other congressional republicans are

Who thinks Pompeo will come clean with the J6 Committee today

My first post about the raid

The media is missing the really, really big reason why the raid today is a potential blockbuster

Raise your hand if your house wasn't raided by the FBI

There is more to this raid than meets the eye.

Still missed

Randy Rainbow: It's not a raid, it's just a normal FBI-executed tourist visit.

The Guardian has extensive coverage of and comment about the impending UK poverty "catastrophe."

"Lil extra chip action" 😆😆😆

How much do you think DeSantis helped?

I think all the Trump supporters should go down to Mar-a-Lago and protest...

Anyone Being Investigated By The FBI ...

You raised $160.00 on August 8, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken

Notable Thefts From The National Archives

You raised $25.00 on August 8, 2022 Democratic Underground for DUer Stephanie DuBois

Sometimes a brief news report can lead to a possible big clue.

Hezbollah warns Israel over border dispute with Lebanon

Apres Trump, le deluge!

Well played, emptywheel

Kash Patel has already announced that he's a witness to Donald Trump's suspected theft of documents

Has Mary T. had a comment, and I just missed it?

Chump: This is a witch hunt conducted by

Dodging Mudbergs, Boating Through Terra Incognita - Tracking Sediment Changes On Lake Powell


Give Me Some Lovin

Sam Alito wept

Domino's Pizza Quits Italy After Locals Shun American Pies

Please, the "Raid" (Search) was actually very simple....

My fear...

Blackmail documents are likely among the useful classified items trump took to Mar-a-lago.

On this day, August 9, 1944, Smokey Bear was "born," or introduced, or whatever.

From this mornings row

Looks like the DOJ and FBI are on it.

Alexander Vindman on Trump as "cult leader" and the line from Jan. 6 to Putin's war on Ukraine

Owner of conservative apparel brand fined $200,000 for falsely claiming products are made in the USA

Work with me here: I think I've figured out why the FBI raided Mar-a- Lago YESTERDAY...

Serena Williams Says She Will Retire From Tennis After U.S. Open

What was Trump doing with the documents he stole?

US Productivity Falls for a Second Quarter, Labor Costs Surge

Ten Tips for People Starting Out in Their Careers

The people happiest about the "raid" are elected Republicans.

Lets not forget, as the GOP clearly has who installed the current FBI director

The Michigan GOP's disastrous election year continues.....

Florida Lawmaker Calls for FBI Agents to Be 'Arrested Upon Sight' After Trump Raid

Neal Katyal on tfg & warrant

The end of an era: Serena Williams retiring from tennis

Breaking on MSNBC: Serena Williams is retiring from tennis

Big explosions at an airbase in Crimea

Let me Play Debbie Downer

Peter Strzok: DoJ Likely Timed Search To 90-Day Election Window

"preserve your documents and clear your calendar."

'6 n the Morning Feds at your door.....'

91 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Boy, just one little warrant has all the GOBers scurrying for cover!

If there were national security secrets at Mar-A-Lago...?

Pope Francis reforms influential group Opus Dei

Pentagon acknowledges sending previously undisclosed anti-radar missiles to Ukraine

Jim Jordan seems pretty damn nervous about the FBI search warrant on Mar Lago

A story about crisps in 4 parts

Guess I was right!!! Doesn't this 2020 Seth Abramson tweet seem quite relevant again today??

Senate calls USPS bluff with $3 billion for electric trucks - will it go 100% BEV?

PELOSI on Mar-a-Lago raid:

Think about this . . . . .

People are outside Mar-a-Lardo chanting

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Admiring the Trees of Paris

This isn't rocket science.

Full DC Circuit won't rehear panel decision finding members of the House Oversight have standing ...

Question about the mar-a-lago layout.

Happening Now: President Biden delivers remarks and signs into law the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022

I'll bet the safe contents end up being the big story

I hope it was a Trump appointed judge who approved the warrant.

The temp in my apartment is 95 degrees. And I just made a batch of bone broth.

Michael Rapaport REACTS to FBI Executing Search Warrant on Mar-a-Lago - MeidasTouch

Fashion for today's Badass types

Could there be someone who has pointed out to the FBI about where

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 9, 2022

Fox News MELTDOWN over Trumps Mar-A-Lago home being raided - MeidasTouch

FOX says it was a raid. By 10 oclock it was a raid with machine guns.

This would be a good time for Republican leadership to finally turn on Trump.

Trump only cares about power & money. For him to take those documents, he wanted something in return

Swalwell: "Trump has a copy of the search warrant. Show it or shut it."

Yeah, my house was NOT searched yesterday or any other time.

Police bodycam of homeless Army vet's controversial arrest released

Local white nationalist Max Misch takes plea deal

Rick Wilson: Ron DeSantis Must Have Known About the Raid and Stayed Silent.

As FBI Raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Public Citizen Calls Again for Trump to Be Prosecuted for Jan. 6

If anyone did not see this coming with TFG.. and his proclivity to skirting the law

CNN interview between Sens. Blumenthal & Graham a disaster for Democrats. He should've said this.

The best pet trick...

Under Senate Bill, Medicare Can Negotiate Some Drug Prices, But Power to Lower Prices Still Limited

We have cops with no knock warrants knocking down the wrong door and

I don't watch Fox News, anybody here been watching what they have been saying?

Last night I had Korean BBQ chicken for the first time...

It's not a raid

Trump once said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose support

Our local substance abuse treatment center just had to shut down due to COVID-19. This ain't over.

Why only Mar a Lago ?

Oh, how I would love it if

I wonder if the FBI found all of his burner toilets? - Conan O'Brien

I know this would require quick movement by the DOJ, but...

Looks like hay fever season has come to Washington

Would an aide PLEASE hand the President a glass of water?

Wasn't the 15 boxes of stuff all over the news when he was...

I'm getting sick and tired of this, here.

Hope somebody ties mitch to having known about the russians aiding tfg yet refusing to act

The "Cult" is so pitiful...


Hey, Trekkies, send a red shirt to Mar-a-Lago

From February 7, 2022: Trump Presidential Records at Mar a Lago.

So the question is, why NOW??

Maybe the trap worked

NJ pizza trends

Sinema received over $500K from private equity before shielding industry from tax hikes

Getting Sh*t Done - The Lincoln Project

Search 'Unprecedented' But 'All Legal, All Lawful' And It's 'Not A Raid' (MSNBC)

The Tolkiens knew how to throw a party

"While Joe Biden is passing bills, Trump..."

Like Clockwork: Trump attorney: No proof 'something wasn't planted' in FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

ECU commit who lost leg in boating accident being closely monitored

Most electric vehicles won't qualify for federal tax credit

Please stop calling this a "raid."

Myna bird trained to look for money.

Music to Listen To While the Police Search Merde-A- Lago:

Money for child care for working class kids? "Can't afford it!"

Nat'l Review: 'Raid': It's about the Capitol Riot, Not the Mishandling of Classified Information

Sania Khan: She TikToked her divorce, then her husband killed her

Trump Supporters Are Calling for Civil War After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago

The opinion of a former Democratic Presidential candidate

He was fine with the Breonna Taylor search.

28 years later, Super Punch-Out!!'s 2-player mode has been discovered

Why all the outrage on the right about the search warrant?

Remember Sandy Berger?

Serena Williams Says Farewell to Tennis On Her Own Terms--And In Her Own Words

Explosions rock area of Russian airbase in Crimea

Wait! Weren't there people outside of Mara lapse land...

DC Circuit court of appeals rules that House Ways and Means Committee can access Trump's tax returns

Andrew Yang is a douchebag- part MMXXII

MAGA Zombies: This raid on our Orange God is an outrageous attack on

It's inevitable

On August 9 and August 10, 1969, the Tate-LaBianca murders occurred.

Jay Bratt was one of the investigators that went to Mar-a-Lago in June

The GOP is calling for the release of the warrant. I agree!

The first Ukraine grain cargo refused by buyer -Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon

Florida man filming sunrise killed when sand dune collapses

'The Sacrifice Zone': Myanmar bears cost of green energy

The Republican's aim is to kill democracy

Driver in LA crash that killed 5 charged with murder

Rude Pundit - Note on Democratic Groups Helping Trump Republicans Win Primaries: So?

Investigating Trump sets a dangerous precedent

Appeals court says House can obtain Trump's taxes from the IRS

A Texas church performed an unauthorized production of "Hamilton w added religious stuff/ anti lgbt

In case you were wondering who this new party intends to support and defend

Ezra Miller charged with felony burglary in Vermont

I just spent $4.82 for a Monday Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

Appeals court rules IRS must provide Trump's tax returns to House committee

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the FBI searching Trump's home....

OMG! LOVE this defense from a Qultist/MAGAt....

A Meltdown Of Epic Proportions - Threats Of Violence And War

Some MAGA and militias' say its civil war now.

Former FBI Agent Suggests Mar-a-Lago Was Raided Due To National Security Issue

When it Rains, it Pours....trump's taxes

Fuck Andrew Yang.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 9, 2022)

National Meet an anti-gun safety Senate candidate: Blake Masters

First picture of the Mar-A-Lago safe

Lock them all up! Begin with the Congress threatening their own government.

Child Slave Labor Uncovered At Alabama Hyundai Facility - Ring of Fire

Eric Trump Is Very Upset That Benghazi Was 'Never Investigated'

PA Gov. Race: DeSantis/Mastriano Pennsylvania rally appearing to move

Vote! Whenever You Can!

Estonia and Finland want fellow European countries to stop issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens

Andrew Cuomo with the latest shit take...

Lamont Dozier: Motown hitmaker dies aged 81

N.J. hospital marketing director arrested after cache of 39 guns, ammo found in office closet

What Did The FBI Find In Trump's Safe,

A caller on Tom Hartmanns just speculated

Explosions at Saky airbase in Crimea send plumes of smoke into sky

Wisconsin Primary Sets Up Marquee Battle for Control of US Senate

News dump on the raid -

Is anyone else besides myself LOLing over the concern from the media about the FBI raid?

Pink Floyd co-founder explains meaning behind warning at the top of his show

Kevin McCarthy republican minority leaders statement exposes his unfitness for the job.

British weather office issues 'Amber' warning for more extreme heat

How to tour, and enjoy it, when you're 60 or close

Trump- How it started... how it's going

"/2 This concludes, for the foreseeable future, {my} agreeing with Ben Shapiro."

If you think the Maggats are upset now, just wait until they watch Trump arrested & perp walked

Ex-RNC chairman calls MTG a 'shitforbrains' Republican for demanding the FBI be defunded

Finishing up "The Expanse" (by James SA Corey) book series **NO SPOILERS**

Oh NOW they want to Defund The Police... pathetic

Trump Campaign Releases All NDA's after court finds them unenforceable

US Postal Deliveries Continue to Disappoint

EFF THESE EFFING HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chairman Hinojosa Applauds President Biden, Texas Democrats on Delivering the CHIPS and Science Act

After 8 Years of our Republican Gov Greg Abbott, Texas Teachers are Saying *Enough*

Power Politics: Trump and the Assault on American Democracy

Growing by our trash bin! 😳

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

After Mierda-a-Lardo search, Fux Noise, Trump supporters decry 'abuse' of power

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Norway draws up plans to slash energy supplies to Europe, driving power prices to record highs

Middle Age Riot tweet about Trump's toilet documents:

It's Hunter Biden's fault!

Cop Brutalizes Handcuffed Black Man Before Arresting Onlookers

Trump tried to flush the constitution down the toilet but it didn't go down

FBI and Justice Department 'abused' their power in search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Rudy Giuliani says

I Don't Know Why - But I Keep Thinking About The Original Ocean's 11 Movie With The Rat Pack.....

Anybody ever had a criminal warrant authorized by a judge and FBI Director appointed by...Themselves?

IF the AJ does not also indict Trump's co-conspirators in the House and Senate,

It makes me laugh to see Repubs claiming the DOJ and FBI are being weaponized by Biden and the Dems.

It's about National Security.

But Her Emails

EXCLUSIVE: Sandy Hook Families Attorney Mark Bankston Joins TYT To Discuss Alex Jones Case

Luke Gilford's Tender Photographs of Gay Rodeos

Dan Bongino: "The left thinks this is hilarious"

Sorry John... That'll be a hard No...

Nurses picket for better working conditions at Seattle Children's hospital

David Bowie & Annie Lennox - Under Pressure (rehearsal + performance, Freddie Mercury Tribute, 1992)

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Fetterman leads Oz in new poll

How do we know that Trump did not deliver secrets to the Saudis at his Golf Tournament...?

Gas-powered leaf blowers facing a ban in Seattle

Observations about the right's reaction to the Trump warrant.

10 Lessons of Conservative Cowardice - Book

Pence demands 'full accounting' from Garland on Mar-a-Lago search

POLL: Tim Ryan Leads J.D. Vance 49% to 38% Among Likely Voters in Ohio's U.S. Senate Race

Play the tape forward

The Revenge of The Archivists?

GOP's Doug Mastriano abruptly ends Jan. 6 interview after refusing to answer 'a single question'

MAGAts think what's happening is a democratic operation

GOP's Doug Mastriano abruptly ends Jan. 6 interview after refusing to answer 'a single question'

I smoke some pretty damn good weed... Mike Pence smokes the serious stuff though...

Amazingly wide spread agreement from both left and right: We wanna see the warrant.

Biden signs $280B CHIPS act in bid to boost US over China

BREAKING NEWS: Trump makes impromptu 2024 announcement as federal agents search his estate

Compare/Contrast - Biden's Last Week & Trump's this week (so far)

I had an abortion using 'sick time' at work. These days, I worry others won't have the same privacy

Sources: Big Ten nears media rights agreement with Fox, CBS, NBC

Let's compare how many other living Presidents took classified documents.

President Nixon toured Mar-a-Lago. Then he resigned a month later.

On this day, August 9, 1995, Jerry Garcia died.

From the what-in-hell? file: Florida lawmakers like this are why the state looks so stupid...

With all the Hx we know, "I'm the least racist" makes me hurl

now the magats are saying......

Emails Raise Questions About WashPost Fact Checker (10yo rape victim abortion)

non-earthshaking question

ICYMI: Reconsidering the Fight Against Disinformation

Will the FBI's Marred Lardo action lead to violence by TFG's supporters?

Conspiracy Theories and Uncertainty About Monkeypox Are Spreading Really, Really Fast

Just as long as he had a GOOD reason...

Axne, Bohannan, Mathis and DeJear among Soapbox speakers at IA State Fair

GOP goons follow the Alex Jones playbook when accountability knocks

Trump Supporters Gleefully Threaten Civil War After FBI Raid

Alex Jones Sent 'Intimate Photo' Of His Wife To Roger Stone, Lawyer Says

Can you imagine what GOP would have done if Pres Obama had taken (stolen) BOXES of secret

"Setup for extreme rain in Korea similar to recent 1,000-yr events in Lower 48."

J.D. Vance Quietly [Says "I Should Probably Vote for Tim Ryan"]

look how big the baby hippopotamus has gotten already

Strokes, Head Injuries & Heat Exhaustion: Why Amazon Workers In Albany Are Unionizing

What Is Really Unprecedented Is Trump's Criminality. The Republican outrage is telling.

Democrats score massive win in unexpected development - Brian Tyler Cohen

BREAKING: Suspect arrested in serial killings of Muslim men in Albuquerque

It'll cost you to charge your electric vehicle at Fairfax Co. stations

Grand jury declines to indict woman in Emmett Till killing

Does Mar-a-Lago Mark The First Of Other Searches To Come? - Morning Joe - MSNBC

So now we can't investigate in an election year

Baby elephant throws tantrum when told to get out of the water:

Tiffany Trump has a lavish wedding scheduled for Nov. 12

Inside Trump's Frantic Hunt for 'Killer' Criminal Defense Attorneys (from Rolling Stone)

The new republican slogan

Judging by some of the comments on RW Social Media today...

After Mar-a-Lago search, users on pro-Trump forums agitate for 'civil war', including a 1/6 rioter

Can you imagine if Trump was there during the warrant serving?

Cat enjoys bunny massage:

TCM tonight:

The current FBI director served under Bush AND was appointed by trump

'A fragile monster': Author describes Putin's character - CNN

Police detain suspect in killing of Muslim man

Howler Monkey at large.

(Jewish Group) Meet the Jews of color exploring what it means to be Black, Asian, Latino and Jewish

White woman not indicted for Emmett Till's murder. . . .

The dam is breaking: House Ways and Means can review tfg's Taxes

Republicans are very good at minimizing their crimes...

A couple of cool looking vultures:

Mike Pence.... then.... and now...

Eric Trump might have accidentally revealed key details about his father's case

(Jewish Group) Born and raised Jewish, man leads 19 years of protests against a MI synagogue

Ron Filipkowski: The loudest voice tonight is the silence of Mitch McConnell.

FBI should retrieve the hard drive from the copy machine.

Opinion: A seismic shift in Trump's legal woes.

The FBI's Search of Mar-a-Lago Is a Reminder That Trump Has Always Been a National Security Threat

Missouri voters will decide in November whether to legalize recreational marijuana

Front desk clerk at Mar-a-Lago during the search (Brittlestar)

Hillary trolls TFG and the GOP with "But her Emails" caps -the proceeds to help democrats

Moscow Mitch deflects

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Hoping for the best....

So, if you ever frequent wingnut websites,

Russia 'clears out' prisons in desperate search for soldiers - Times Radio

Child molester says "What about Hunter Biden?"

What Cracker Barrel can tell us about culture war

breaking IRS must release Trump's tax returns to Ways and Means Committee

Eric Swalwell tweet:

Cartoons 8/9/2022

'If I Could Turn Back Time' (Diane Warren), Zkye Compson-Harris, SingitLive

Really Funny Tweets About Married Life That Are Undeniably True

Days Inn near Everett Mall chosen as new $10.8M homeless shelter

'Shelves are bare': More need, fewer donations puts strain on food banks

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion

The narrative that Fox had turned on Trump was always underbaked. Now it's totally collapsed.

'Big Brother 24' Edits Out Michael's Fianc Letter From HOH Episode

What's happening at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home? Was the FBI there? Answers to your questions

Beaver County nursing home owner indicted for Medicare/Medicaid fraud

Greg Sargent: The GOP position is & always has been that Trump is above the law.

Dan Rather: We can learn from the instincts of children. More comfort and empathy.

Taiwan warns China drills show ambitions beyond island

Newsweek reported: Marjorie Taylor Greene "Would Be Honored" to be Trump's running mate.

Ukrainian resistance grows in Russian-occupied areas

Donald Trump has been preparing for this moment for a long time

Giuliani ordered to testify in Atlanta next week in 2020 election probe

Senate Republicans Just Can't Stop Talking About How Much They Want To End Social Security

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans calling for an FBI hearing....

Jan. 6 committee acquires Alex Jones's texts

Raid-A-Lago: What did DeSantis know...?

California Fire and Floods Turn a River to 'Sludge,' Killing Thousands of Fish

Tweet of the Day

Judges Say House Panel Can Have Trump's Tax Returns

Oh yeah... the FBI musta found something good at Mar-a-Lago

Rep. Gym Jordan's Judiciary Tweet Mocked For Struggling With Basic Legal Concepts

10 Lessons of Conservative Cowardice - Book

Albuquerque police arrest suspect in serial murders of four Muslim men:

Texas lawsuit aims to gut birth control and HIV medication coverage from health insurance plans

Gas Prices Drop Below $4 per Gallon

Did someone change Christmas to August? I guess I didn't get the memo!

Rudy Giuliani ordered to appear in front of Georgia grand jury investigating 2020 election aftermath

Donald Trump and the Republicans POV...

Huge traffic jam on the Kerch Strait bridge in Crimea.

Hillary Clinton Promotes 'But Her Emails' Merch as World Melts Down Over Trump Raid

What Does the Disgusting Orange Hobbit Have in its Pocketses?

Stephanie Miller - Can You Imagine the Amount of Evidence the FBI Had, to Raid Trump's Home? 11,238

Suddenly, it's the right that wants to defund law enforcement Police for thee, but not for me

What's for Dinner, Tues, Aug. 9, 2022

Liberal Redneck - FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago (This is a good one🤣😂)

2 minute video David Bowie and Peter Frampton on streets of Madrid . 🤩 UPDATED full 15 minute vide

As the school year begins, calls for book bans begin to accelerate in Ohio

No one not directly involved with drafting, obtaining and executing the search warrant for Trump's

emptywheel: Some Likely Exacerbating Factors That Would Contribute To A Trump Search

Mastriano, Pa. nominee, cuts short interview with 1/6 panel


Cat Is Obsessed With His Tiny Love Bird

Photo shows Wisconsin Trump rally in 2020, not 2022

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion

So, I'm at the local market and the MAGAt across the street is whining....

Sick Rescue Beagle Has The Energy Of A Puppy Again Thanks To His Foster Mom

'Defund the FBI'--the MAGA Right's Hypocritical New Slogan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Dog makes the saddest face when his feelings are hurt

I'll just leave this here

Facebook turned over personal data to help police prosecute a teen for an alleged abortion

One of these things is not like the other...

magnificent bonsai forest planting (sold for $15,800)

Adam Serwer: Conservatives Believe Trump Is Above the Law

Ron John steps on political land mine with Social Security, Medicare comments

Kevin McCarthy

Words matter more for a governor looking to murder democracy

Let's Explore The 'Deep State'....

Md. governor hopeful Dan Cox says he would use state police against Biden

PLEASE PLEASE let this TRUMP/JAIL gif go viral

Another bizarre Tweet from the Congresswoman who's married to a Colorado perv.

Texas Paul REACTS to Civil War Calls by Republicans after Trump Raid

Abbott: UTRGV to host 'one and only' gubernatorial debate

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

COVID is no joke

Md. governor hopeful Dan Cox says he would use state police against Biden

To the Right, Everything is Lexington and Concord Now

Body Found Hanging & on Fire From Griffith Park Tree (Los Angeles ħ

"Trump has incriminating top secret information about the Bushes, Johnsons and the Kennedys"

Where is Mitch McConnell?

Is it not strange---sick? twisted?---that the loudest and most passionate defenders of tfg after

tRump should have hired Fawn Hall for document removal...

Tweet of the Evening:

Dystopian nightmare! FBI obtains warrant, conducts search!

Judge Box o'Wine: "Buttery males!!?!11!"

As dawn is breaking tomorrow (Wednesday 10),

Trump solicits donations after FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago home

I just saw country singer Johnny Rodriquez playing a part on Adam 12 back in


Liberal Redneck - FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

NEW: FBI removed about a dozen boxes from a basement at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, according to Trump's..

Border collie films her first TikTok:

Police name suspect in killing of Muslim men

Martial arts--this tiny girl has the moves!

Did a google search and looks like no one has told Iowa's US senators what to think or say...

Arrest Made In Truck Ramming Of Protest For Abortion Rights In Iowa

FBI SEIZES the phone of Rep. Scott Perry (R) Pa.

Mar-a-Lago search appears focused on whether Trump, aides withheld items

Missouri family says racism led to pool party cancellation

This needs to be put up every where we can.

This Border Collie is a Jenga master:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Show

Trump is a fucking spy!

Breaking: The FBI has seized the cell phone of Republican Congressman Scott Perry a day after execut

Will Bunch: A raid at Mar-a-Lago and a race against fascism

Trump Indicted In 2022? Here's How It Can Happen - The Beat - MSNBC

Unraveling The Mysteries Of "Gigantic Jet" Lightning

Inside Trump's safe

I would like to thank Dems, the FBI, and DU for

N.J. hospital marketing director arrested after cache of 39 guns, ammo found in office closet

Trump ally Rep. Scott Perry says FBI seized his cellphone

Why We Need to Flood the U.S. With Beavers and Wolves

Little League World Series: Scary moment turns to sportsmanship after pitch hits player in the head

51-year-old man charged with murdering 2 Muslim men in Albuquerque; additional charges possible

"Breaking News: Florida Man Stunned to Find That Laws Apply to Him, Too" - Lynda Carter

She Never Hurt Her Kids. So Why Is a Mother Serving More Time Than the Man Who Abused Her Daughter?

An amygdala walks into

"FBI alerted the Secret Service" - Secret Service is stationed in Margaret Lago even when

Historical novel tells story of Mexican-American war's Irish battalion

Schumer: GOP's Indulgence Of 'MAGA Republicans' Will Backfire - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Brent Terhune: They stormed Mar-a-Lago (parody)

Ozzy returns to the stage

CNN: "...some of the documents that remained...has national security implications."

From this point forward, it should be referred to as "The Raid"

The Right Rages On

Trump ally Scott Perry says FBI have seized his phone following Mar-a-Lago raid

Yaser Said found guilty of capital murder in 2008 shootings of teenage daughters

I just got my first part in a porn movie

Leave me alone!

Garland Had To Have Thought Trump Wouldn't Comply With A Subpoena Says Weissmann - Deadline - MSNBC

Michael Cohen on MSNBC now. What was in Trump's safe??? ???

Balancing act:

Parenting problems:

Jerry Garcia & Merle Saunders: Keepers (Live at Keystone)

Yep. that's what he said

Secret Service says uniformed officer assaulted outside White House

Lazy horse enjoys breakfast in bed:

Trouble at Merde Largo

The only thing that keeps coming back to me about where we are ....

Here we go again: Langya Virus: China Detects New Virus in 35 People

Choir practice:

Doug Mastriano Did Not Answer Questions During Jan. 6 Interview - MSNBC Reports

Convenient exit:

Hillary Clinton promotes 'But Her Emails' merch after FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago

How Coal Mining Contributed to Deadly Kentucky Floods

Were there any Primaries today???

Cassidy Hutchinson (May): Meadows burned papers in his WH office fireplace after meeting Scott Perry

GOP Transforms From The Party Of Law And Order - Deadline - MSNBC

"He Is A Bit Of A Superhero": Sen. Murphy On Pres. Biden's First Term Achievements

By Lamont Dozier, who just passed away:

10 Lessons of Conservative Cowardice - Book by Oklahoma Author/Podcaster

How do you feel about Attorney General Garland today?

Attention: Taco 🌮 Tuesday at Mar-A-Lago has been cancelled. n/t

MAGAts are not pleased with magistrate judge who signed Mar-a-Lago search warrant

Andrew Weissmann tweet:

trump's lawyer says he CAN'T release the warrant

A reminder about PA Rep. Perry - more shoes to drop?

Chris Christie labels FBI search of Trump home 'fair game'

Statement from McConnell:

I deeply loathe Susan Collins and find her quite repulsive.

Questionable method of speeding up the loading of Youtube videos:

how sweet it is to watch them squirm.

Auwe, Auwe, Auwe Nate Yuen,

Violent Comments Flood Far-Right Forums Following FBI Mar-a-Lago Search - MSNBC Reports

Anybody know what's up with Spectrum?

Judge Jeanine had a few glasses at Happy Hour and is hopping mad!

Trump ally Doug Mastriano's January 6 committee appearance ends without a single question answered,

How Can People Watch CNN?

Apparently a review on the Internets

BREAKING: FBI Executes NEW Search Warrant, CONFISCATES PHONE of Top Republican - Meidas Touch

My favorite Taxi clip