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CPAC Day 2 in 83 Seconds - The Lincoln Project

Owens, Lieu Introduce the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2022

The Daily Beast: Way too hard to erect a lynching marker in America

Election deniers take over CPAC after primary victories (CNN)

Wisconsin Republicans Spending Big Bucks To Keep Proving Trump Lost In 2020 - Ring of Fire

More 90-plus days ahead for Puget Sound, forecasters say.

'We're not victims ... we're survivors': Kentucky residents deal with flooding aftermath (CNN)

Interview with blank paper: an enigmatic sensation from the future

Bernie Sanders breaks it all down.

Hai I know is a sports things, but you will have chuckle anyway!

Washington operators to see increase in Ferry Boat Program Funding

That's some catch. That Catch-22.

Johnny Crawford - Rumors

Just finished "Lightyear"

Julee Cruise - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

TDFG wins the Straw Poll for POTUS at CPAC...

Textile Co.Tainted Drinking Water w 'Forever Chemicals' 65 Sq Miles, New Hamp. -- Lied to Regulators

Zoe Tapley met a Disney princess with whom she was able to communicate on her own using ASL

Dems getting slammed for spending millions to elect MAGA

The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) - The Doors - Hollywood bowl 68

Dems' climate, energy, tax bill clears initial Senate hurdle

Sanders: It's time for Congress to take a giant step forward and address the needs of working people

Sanders: It's time for Congress to take a giant step forward and address the needs of working people


Ronny Jackson loved looking at Trump's body.

Tracing the Republican Party's devolution to one man: Newt Gingrich

So let me get this straight

Ron Johnson(R-WI) is the only incumbent US Senator up for re-election in 2022 that will lose year.

A Denunciation Of Gloat 45, Greatest Loser Of All Time

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pelosi's Taiwan trip....

How many times is CNN going to air this Alex Jones special.

Joan Armatrading: Down to Zero

MSNBC Breaking : "Parliamentarian greenlights Dem budget bill."

Colombia to seek decriminalization of drugs despite US objections

'People Everywhere,' Khruangbin, on Austin City Limits

TCM tomorrow:

Trump's Grip on GOP Activists on Display

THE ORIGINAL Godzilla King of the Monsters dUBBED featuring Raymond Burr.

Democrats See Potential Midterm Momentum After Series Of Wins This Week - MSNBC Reports

Doobies - Long Train Running

How violent Colombia became while Duque was in office

Are posts that question an Independent who caucuses with the Dems liable to be flagged on DU?

Colombia's failing state Part 6: indigenous under siege

My daughter picked me up for ice cream

Donald Trump at CPAC Dallas complains, 'I'm always being persecuted'

Mara Fernanda Cabal is furious because the president-elect wants to end permits to carry weapons. s

Inquiring mind wants to know: How did Alex Jones get away with not attending court every day?

November 3 program at St. Thomas: Christian Nationalism in America: Its History and Resurgence

Dozens injured and 17 missing after lightning strike triggers huge fire at Cuban supertanker port

Democrats Are Getting Things Done For Folks Right Now: Fmr. Sen. Doug Jones - Velshi - MSNBC

So the Kansas vote the other day was almost double what it normally is

Fourth Muslim man murdered in New Mexico in 'targeted killings'

Senate Democrats Advance Climate and Tax Deal

Just F*** Them. ReThug AG's trying to control us through our kids.

Is Roger Waters from Pink Floyd a Putin crony?

Colombia's first-ever leftist president sworn in

Rubio criticizes Dems for taking out the loophole for greedy billionaires or some crap

Thoughts on western states building a pipeline to take water from the Mississippi river??

Do You Ever Think About How Much Brain Power It Takes to Play Wordle?????

Brazil police arrest 5 more in murders of journalist, Amazon expert

Graphic! The occupied #Popasna in Donbas. A head of a Ukrainian PoW on a stick.

It took Mendelssohn 13 years to complete his "Scottish" Symphony

If only ...

I'm new to this group. I just have to post this.

Stormchaser caught this in West Texas

◇Sundae Sundae◇ Eichner's 'Oboe Concerto', Spohr's 'Violin Concerto No.8'

Drier than a bone: Platte River goes dry in wake of hot, rainless year

Trump on His White House Doctor: 'He Loved Looking at My Body'

Thoughts and Prayers - Randy Rainbow Parody

Bobby Darin, Simple Song of Freedom

He'll Be Voting This November

Is Vote-A-Rama Over

Albuquerque, NM: 'People are beginning to panic': Fourth Muslim man killed Friday night

Watching the Saturday night debate in the Senate, this came to mind.


Eric Swalwell: "Trump going full-Alex Jones ..."

Viagra Boys -- Punk Rock Loser

Lt. Gen. Michael Langley becomes first African American Marine promoted to 4-star general

These Two Baby Elephants Love To Have Fun On The Mud Slide

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

The term bread and circus was coined by the ancient Roman poet Juvenal

Harris breaks 50-50 deadlock to advance landmark climate, tax, health bill

Opinion Go ahead, Democrats: Take credit for the terrific jobs numbers - Waldman

Just heard that Anne Heche was in a bad car accident.

"We've seen this before. This time we have a chance to stop it." (Lincoln Project)

These puppies are hoarders. And they work together!

JOE BIDEN, Make it legal for AMERICANS TO..

JOE BIDEN, Make it legal for AMERICANS TO..

Tweet of the Night:

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

2 more Sundaes, 2 ways: Gluck's 'Dance of the Blessed Spirits'/Flute, then Cello

Return to Forever: The Shadow of Lo

Opinion: The Fed's inflation promises are simply not credible.

We Don't Ride Llamas - Venus & Mars

"You're Not You". What an amazing performance by Hillary Swank!

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 56. FL and IA are added.

The Dodgers are giving it to the Padres this series

Lack of Constitutional Understanding Disqualifies Congresswoman Boebert

My concern about Alex Jones' phone

Fetterman Tweet:

Watched the Alex Jones special on CNN. He is really a POS squared.


How schools are tackling safety as students return to class - PBS NewsHour

Tallahassee has a war criminal training their police

Venezuela, Colombia border areas hopeful as reopening looms

Tweet of the Day

Miami Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Bonkers Plan to Move Homeless to Island

Elegant August Sunday Morning and Relaxing Happy Weekend Jazz and Bossa Nova

The Wizards from Kansas - High Flying Bird

Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies - You Can't Ever Come Down

How a Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire

Tico the parrot & the man, Frank Maglio - Whole Lotta Love (+ Led Zeppelin, live, 1970)

The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home

Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales: DC-502


LFR Rant: MAGA's are still thick on social media.

Jonathan Edwards - This Island Earth

Stop the Medicare "Advantage" Scam Before Medicare Is Dead

Sunday Funnies 8/7/22 Plus Doonesbury

'Nightmare scenario': How FPL secretly manipulated a Florida state Senate election


Man out for walk is hit with truck then shot at

Four muslim men have been killed in New Mexico

Ted Cruz just Outed Himself as most despicable Senator with disgusting transphobic attack on Fox

MAGA 'Lions Not Sheep' bro busted for putting bogus 'Made in USA' tags on Chinese-made apparel

A friend's mom died and they are having a two hour

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Glenn Kirschner: It's Unravelling, The Constant Wall of Lies from Trump, Jones & FOX News Exposed

Whaa, YouTube won't exist in 5 yrs? Lounge explanation, please/ty.

Return of 'the boss': El Jefe, a jaguar that roamed Arizona, has turned up alive in Mexico

Tiny Bolivian carmaker's tiny Bolivian car hopes to leverage nation's lithium

Eating Oreos at 1:38 AM

From June, 1944 to August, 1945 to April 10th, 1982: From war with the Axis to "The Axis Wedding."

Truth of Why Japan Hates Beards that No One Talks About

Democrats will end up with more than 52 to less than 56 US Senate seats after 2022.

Bolivia's Notorious 'Death Road' Is Now a Wildlife Haven

Journalist Ernesto Mndez Killed By Gunmen In Bar Attack In Guanajuato

Those poor 'political prisoners'

Harry Litman: Trump's Legal Team Talks with DOJ & They Should Be Nervous!


Russia-defenders have this weird colonialist/imperialist mindset:

Woman pulls over to exchange info after a gender bender. Other driver hurls dumbbell at her

Mass shooting of the day..4 shot in Ohio..manhunt

Ella Fitzgerald: Russian Lullaby

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will face 2 judges in Connecticut next week - ABC News

Barbara McQuade: Alex Jones Hit in the Wallet Again! Texting w/ Roger Stone on J6 & More.

Blinken in the Philippines: Meeting comes as US-China tensions grow - Al Jazeera

Israeli airstrike kills 2nd top Islamic Jihad commander

Breakfast Sunday 7 August 2022

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? Week of 8/01/2022

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Council Of Cats Edition

We are going to win this election and we are going to do it together - Beto For Texas

U.N. watchdog warns of 'nuclear disaster' from shelling at Zaporizhzhia plant

Why is China so interested in who picks the next Dalai Lama? - ABC News (Australia)

Monkeypox, What It Is, Who It Affects And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself - MSNBC

China halts military and climate ties with the US over Pelosi's Taiwan visit - ABC News (Australia)

Volcano Getting Smaller But Still Significantly Bigger - The Reykjavk Grapevine

No.10; two headless chickens vying to replace a useless cock.

I can always tell when they have a cpac convention.

"Sneak Attack"

Driver of other car was falsely blamed for deadly Walorski crash

Anyone watching the Vote-A-Rama?

Federal court upholds First Amendment protections for students on social media off campus

"I would have been happier if a jury had assessed the merits of the case against Alex Jones ..."

Do these people ever work? Or are they on tour from one carnival to the next?

The death toll from the Israeli assault on Gaza has risen to 31, including six children

"I want to see an episode of 'Undercover Boss' with Jesus in some evangelical churches."

US-China relations at a new low after Pelosi's Taiwan visit - DW News

In wake of new abortion ban, Lilly will look outside Indiana for expansion projects

Al Franken: Mark Leibovich on his #1 NYT bestseller, "Thank You For Your Servitude" (August 7, 2022)

What is WRONG with these people?

The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham

On this day, August 7, 1942, B. J. Thomas was born.

Do Republicans compete with each other to see who can tell the biggest lie?

Not photoshopped. Real rabid 'pro-life' conservativei insanity.

The true impact of sanctions on Russia - DW News

Feds Arrest Man for Allegedly Mailing Poop to Rep. Jim Jordan

Democrats should follow Val Demings lead & BLAST Republican opponents over Social Security

The 50 most ridiculous lines from Donald Trump's CPAC speech Chris Cillizza Analysis

Cuba asks for international help as deadly oil depot fire rages - FRANCE 24

Two prominent men died on the Titanic. Were they secretly a couple?

"Republican leaders Hugh Scott (Senate) and John Rhodes (House) and Senator Barry Goldwater ..."

Distractions 07/08/2022

Distractions 07/08/2022 Posted in Photography

Gotta go. "Saved by the Bell" is coming on. NT

George Van Eps (on the left) was born on this date.

Doonesbury - Character Counts

Israel kills second Islamic Jihad leader, Gaza death toll mounts - FRANCE 24

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was born on this date.

Rodney Crowell has a birthday today.

Astrud Gilberto - O Morro (Nao Tem Vez)

Director Wray has to go


Loose lips and all that...

This Is Why Politics Matters

Ha ha ha - Someone put this up at CPAC as a joke

Well I was just falling into it yesterday

How sweet it is.

Seems TFG went the full Alex Jones at CPAC. Fake plots were a theme...

You raised $105.00 on August 6, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

In re: DOJ Investigation ?

Duke Ellington with Ben Webster - How High The Moon

You raised $100.00 on August 6, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks NE House

"My Health Insurance Company Is Risking My Life"

You raised $25.00 on August 6, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

"Crisis Actor"

maybe someone here knows- passports

The Greatest Grifter is at it again -- fund-raising off his planned lawsuit against CNN.

You raised $100.00 on August 6, 2022 the DU is out for BLOOD Gov NE

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Biden ends isolation at White House after second negative test for COVID-19

Conservatives vs. the KKK: Spot the Difference (The Daily Show)

How to change a tire

Locals and lawyers point the finger at Kentucky coal companies in region's deadly floods

93 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Michael Steele: CPAC "It is more fascism than farce"

Don't believe Trump and the GOP: Biden and the Democrats are winning

Project for someone with editing abilities.

Some RWers have become so mentally ill they are opposing preventing disease and death in the USA

Lindsey Graham: "Talking about 2020 is not what people want to hear. He likes to hear it"

"Heading into midterms Dems have the wind at their backs, Republicans have Trump on their backs."

DUer duhneece plea for support from a 'Ground Zero for Violence' County (updated at the bottom)

Across the Desk - S6:E4 (Special Guest - Nick Singer)

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

But are these "excused" absences?

Higher Love

Democrats' big climate, health care and tax package clears major Senate hurdle

Marge Greene says she wants to run for President or VP: "Those are things I'm definitely interested

Reminder Eli Lilly is KILLING people with price gauging

i have a ?? about returnees.

Bravo Australian Senator Lidia Thorpe

If ya know, ya know...

Stacey Abrams has been kicking butt on interviews this am

Nancy Mace alarmed US becoming like 'Handmaid's Tale' after she backed ending abortion rights

This is why they are called flash floods, because they happen rapidly and without any warning...

Margaret Brennan is shredding Sen. Scott on Face The Nation.

Demand for grocery delivery cools as food costs rise

I hope you just watched Margaret Brennan show how its done in her interview of Rick Scott.

The lack of a real investigation does NOT mean the subject is guilty of anything. BUT . . . . .

Chomping at the Bit

Republicans block cap on insulin costs for millions of patients

California 'the state everyone can't wait to leave behind,' Kevin Kiley tells CPAC audience

This long New York Heat Wave

A Sweet Henry and James Taylor Duet

In nearly 4000 innings pitched Jim Palmer never gave up

I'm gonna have to take a few squirrels for "a trip to a friend's farm in the country" where ....

President Joe Biden has tested negative twice foe COVID

Sen. Rick Scott accuses Democrats of "pushing us into a recession" Interview with Margaret Brennan

This old Boomer is not ready to be relegated to the scrap heap.

Youngkin administration is now attempting to ban the mention of homosexuality in all VA schools

Something baffles me.

I would love to pet this sweetheart!

For your amusement:

This Donkey Sings To Get Everything He Wants

Does anyone know what feminist organizations like NOW think about...

Lost dog's owner leaves her behind, takes the male dog

This Man's Best Friend Is His Golden Retriever

A question about how the media frames monkeypox: "men who have sex with men"

Republicans are openly fascists and will kill democracy in favor of an authoritarian government

Something in the forest alarmed these ladies and they're discussing it.

Public Display of Affection in Flight

Gas coming on down

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be VP or president. What a disgusting thought.

An American Catastrophe: The secret history of the U.S. government's family-separation policy

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about CMEs, Carrington, and the media....

GOP strips insulin out-of-pocket cap from bill

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 7, 2022)

They're all absolutely fucking insane. (CPAC & MTG content)

Donald Trump vows to campaign against Joe Manchin, who he claims betrayed him on impeachment

New York Health Department says hundreds of people may be infected with polio virus

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 7, 2022?

Eureka- I saw gas for less than $5.00 in the San Fernando Valley.

North Korea offering 100,000 troops to help defeat Ukraine, Russian state media says

Brahms double concerto, been on the radio, so want to share:

Anne Heche 'stable' after suffering severe burns in Los Angeles car accident

Greek PM under pressure over tapping of opponent's phone

U.S. may do '2-for-2' prisoner swap to free Griner, Whelan in Russia: Ex-ambassador

The Five Stairsteps - Ooh Child

The Byrds - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star

Small Alabama Police Department Dissolves After Racist Text Surfaces

CPAC Texas Gives Platform To Global Far-Right - American Voices - MSNBC

Billionaire indicted in largest-ever tax fraud case dies

Biden Is About to Make History

China keeps up pressure on Taiwan with 4th day of drills

Lindsey Graham would like states to decide if LGBTQ people count as fully human.

Sen. Sanders: IRA "Doesn't Go Anywhere Near As far As It Should - But It Is A Step Forward" - MSNBC

Ukraine war: Four more grain ships leave Ukraine as hopes grow for export stability

Discussion board case in point: "Facts Don't Win Fights: "

The Secret History Of The U.S. Government's Family-Separation Policy:

He just keeps shoveling the manure

The deadly disease called The Republican Party

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

GOP seeking power over elections in Wisconsin, Minnesota


BOZ SCAGGS Rare Live.. Make my light shine 1971

Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass

Blinken in South Africa to seek support over Russia-Ukraine war

How to climb a tree

California appeals court rules no arbitration in Cisco caste bias case

Police arrested an Ohio man who is accused of sending more than three dozen letters laced with poop

IDF: Misfired rocket launched by Islamic Jihad kills Palestinian civilians in Jabaliya refugee camp.

Cuba Responds to Matanzas Fire with International Support

Seattle's first Monkeypox vaccine pop-up clinic runs out of shots

California Proud Boys member Ricky Willden gets two years in prison in Jan. 6 insurrection case

Is this the USA? DeSantis is just as bad as Trump. What are Republicans thinking?

There's a new thrift shop in Tacoma where you can get discounts, help folks in need

Peter Thiel's plan to buy elections

Avoid the water at this Whatcom beach. Bacteria has been found there.

GoFundMe scammer who used story of homeless vet gets 5 years

Remember, TCM 'soon'

Generational differences...

London museum to return looted Benin Bronzes to Nigeria

Right-Winger Calls for LGBTQ+ People to Be Put in Camps Over Monkeypox

Well, my wife went away for the weekend...


Dem strategist's winning msg: GOP giving gifts. Message Republican Party as wacko party & then ...

President Joe Biden to Return to Public Engagement After COVID Rebound Case: 'I'm Clear!'

Message To Garth Brooks: Took this superfan lots of money & attempts to finally see you in Houston.

"The perfect soundtrack for a Jeebus CircleJerk!"

Fears Grow Over Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Now Under Russian Control

how much longer are the repukes going to keep amending? what are the rules?

Roger Waters is a political moron

One of President Obama's tweets (the kind we can read without grimacing) from last week

Will Bunch: It's your rights, stupid. How Kansas showed Dems a roadmap to '22 victory

When your person is sleep but you want attention 🤣😂🤣

Firefighters battle big blaze at Cuba tank farm for 2nd day

Sinema trying to blow up the IRA?

Let me try to explain this in short bursts. 1. The bill does NOT have 50 votes at the moment. 2.

Stephen Miller, architect of the monstrous child separation policy, says Dems are mean to migrants

The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery -- then gave the technology to China

Sneak attack.

VP Harris just walked into the Senate.

But Does She Even Care A Flying Fig For What The Voters Who Elected Her Want?

Alabama city disbands police force after racist text messages revealed

Charles Booker's speech from Fancy Farm yesterday.

Endgame in the Senate

The Cult of Trump by Steven Hassan

Tax Bill Latest: GOP's Johnson, Rubio Targeted for Insulin Vote

Why doesnt Sinema just say "Hold on, Charles Koch has just emailed me, he is not happy"

Badass Animals Who Don't Care About Your Stupid Rules

Opinion: The Kansas abortion vote should never have happened

WATCH: Swimmer Riley Gaines dodges Trump as he tries to kiss her on stage

How many billion-dollar disasters will it take?

In 1993, Bill Clinton fired the FBI Director on recommendation of AG Janet Reno

Final vote on reconcilliationn bill in Senate in the next hour. Final vote. Damn US law passing is

Cartoons 8/7/2022

To prevent tragedies, police see extreme risk orders as 'the safest tool'

Pervs of a feather

Velshi Across America: Stories from the cruelest post-Roe regime (Pt.1)

Eric Swalwell asks "Do these people ever work?

Wouldn't it be funny now since TFG threatened Manchin and Seinema for voting for the IRA bill,

I just joined the COVID club.

Disappointed' remnants of People's Convoy are living in cars/vans wondering why movement didnt catch

MyPillow CEO Recruiting Right Wing Sheriffs To Help Overturn Election

Ukrainian risks her life to rescue wild animals from war

Alex Jones makes money by creating boogeymen and then selling protection from said boogeymen

Democrats face last-minute hiccup as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema could back GOP amendment to their sweeping

Ex-rebel taking oath as Colombia president in historic shift

It Passed!


H.R. 5376 just passed!!!

VP voted...bill is done folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bill passes

Democrats' Sweeping Climate, Health Care And Tax Bill Has Passed The Senate

Stress eating, weight gain issues etc....

Thank you thread to Senate Democrats.

How 'Loyal Dog' Sean Hannity Went From King of Fox News to Has-Been

Pro-Trump Clothing Company Fined by Feds for Replacing 'Made in China' Tags With 'Made in USA' Tags

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Waters of March (Aguas de Marco)

Abortion Registers as a Top Issue In Swing Districts

Jim Acosta Mocks CPAC's 'Summer Shakespeare' Capitol Riot Prisoner Exhibit

Climate Bill Passes - Biden Becomes One of Our Greatest Environmental Presidents

The tie breaker from Kamala Harris makes it official. The bill is passed.

Tim Ryan turned his race into a surprise Senate battleground. Now comes the hard part.


So I flipped on CNN, planning to read while checking the crawl and there was...

Trump calls swimmer Riley Gaines up on stage and tries to give her a kiss. She flinches and pulls...

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are polling ahead in every poll.

'The prescription barrier': Birth control access comes into focus in post-Roe world

Elections matter

Biden 100 ---- GOP trolls 0

Alright you repukes...

Graham warned to follow decorum rule after he attacks Democratic colleague

A challenge for antiabortion states: Doctors reluctant to work there

The Inflation Reduction Act 'could be the most impactful climate legislation of our lifetimes'

What would be the icing on the cake now,

Is $1 Worth of Shampoo Worth More Than The Life of a Black Man?

Fetterman Celebrates 1 Million Individual Donations Ahead of Return to Campaign Trail

Why is everything about the Republicans so dark, miserable, mean, dystopian..

Growth of Borderland Policing Is Deadly for Migrants

DeSantis: Proposed state license plate features warning to "out-of-state cars"

Brachydios, Queen of explosive slime, MHW: ICEBORNE

Kind of genius, naming a bill the "inflation reduction act..."

Peter Doocy is an idiot who got his job due to his daddy

Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass

Here the whole list of amendments to the bill put up, Biden got a lot..

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 7, 2022

Hey J-6 MAGA assholes & those that supported them guess what? You have lost. 1 picture.

Leaked report suggests Dominic Raab trying to curb judges' powers

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Kamala Harris breaks tie on crucial bill in the Senate. I adore her. She is a wonderful VP.

Of course he did

Jim Jordan and Tamie Wilson

Could someone explain, in layman's terms, Warner's final amendment that led to the passage?

Intelligence Expert REACTS to far-right Prime Minister of Hungry's keynote speech at CPAC in Texas

And they said "Democrats are to slow and can't get nothing done"?

Vote them all out.

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

Voters Prefer Candidates Who Favor Legal Abortion

President Biden on passage of Inflation Reduction Act:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans claiming victory in Kansas....

Simpley FYI, some meetings are ocurring - Republicans have a Plan to Change the Constitution and it

Alabama city disbands entire police department after racist text message

Meme Of Evil Joe Biden Takes A Dark Turn, Goes Viral - David Shuster - TYT

Next time someone pop off about "Where is Harris?"

Interesting statistic. Thank you, VP Harris!

Past 10 days - all while having COVID

In Re Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation (class action)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats do have a chance of winning.

is there a website that lists reputable solar companies

"Casper (mattress) is hiring professional nappers with 'exceptional sleeping ability'" :D

russian terrorists declare that they plan to detonate bombs on the nuclear reactors. This is the lar

Tikal: The iconic ancient Maya city in Guatemala

I just started watching Sandman on Netflix (no spoilers)

Canada Tweet: don't vote out of fear and hate. Vote Liberal

Russian man spent years as puppeteer behind US political groups, officials say

Whew. Considering myself lucky today. Not a big deal, but...

As we begin another week, let's review what PRESIDENT Joseph Robinette Biden accomplished

12 state legislatures have banned or restricted abortions since Alito's folly

Lari Basilio - Alive and Living

Cease-fire between Palestinians, Israel takes effect in Gaza

Congratulations to Senator Joe Manchin

Need fierce Roe memes? Check out

Nefarious JustAnswer remains as a Google result - harmless but irritating

Is there any danger the bill just passed by the Senate will have trouble in the House?

Feels damn good to have a big legislative win, doesn't it?

Does anyone know how Patrick Leahy made it to the vote...

Democrats in disarray?

To the people who question Tim Ryan's electablity in OH. Look at Jon Tester of MT.

Chuck Grassley says he voted for insulin reduction -- but videos show him voting 'no'

A Buffalo attorney's investigation of one mass shooting leads him back to another.

Your take on two Netflix movies - POSSIBLE SPOILER

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 August 2022

16 Fall Road Trip Ideas Throughout the U.S.

An alumni group from Rhodes college... to REMOVE Amy Coney Barrett...

One of four Muslim men slain in potentially linked Albuquerque killings remembered as 'brilliant pub

Correct comma usage is SOOOOOOO important ...

Here they are!

Patio tomatoes

Dems should be writing ads now on GOP senators running in 2022 who opposed capping insulin prices

Iraqi Electric Grid Collapsing As Temps Soar Past 120F; Farming & Fishing Crushed By Drought

And so it begins

The 52nd US Senate seat for Democrats will be either OH(Ryan-D) or WI(Barnes-D).


GOOSEBUMPS: This sweet boy dedicates his first home run to his grandpa....

'Self-serving, multimillionaire' Ron Johnson targets Medicare and Social Security

Hillary speaks.

Mike "we-need-another-summit" Lindell is plotting an August summit starring voting machines that

Really sadly today

Russia's private military contractor Wagner comes out of the shadows in Ukraine war

Temple Dedicated to the Sun God Unearthed in Egypt

Top Republican tries to LIE to host's face, gets called out INSTANTLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

Cuba accepts technical assistance from the United States to control fire in Matanzas

iraq in broiling heat wave . grid operators shut down grid to conserve powr

So Rick Scott?

My COVID journey and my opinion of CDC guidelines

More explorations on the lake's beach . . .

Historic secrets unearthed by archaeologists before the sea claims them

Look out! The river of shamelessness is over flowing from the GOBers' own tears!

40,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Cave Chamber Discovered in Gibraltar

Name a better statewide ticket

Exclusive: Trump-backed Michigan attorney general candidate involved in voting-system breach, docume

You may not like it, but accept it

Exclusive: Trump-backed Michigan attorney general candidate involved in voting-system breach...

List of Republicans wanting Americans to die an early death due to not being able to afford insulin

The 1/6 Committee Is Using Forensics To Recover Evidence Destroyed By Secret Service

Oh Donald! You're definitely delusional beyond the facts of the universe!