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I need info on migraines.

Miles Jaye - Is It Time For A Kiss

Fux Noise host taken aback when Joe Manchin asks if she fears his bill will 'help our country'

A subway car filled with children singing "We Don't Talk About Bruno."

A contrast in Trump and Biden.

Lionel Richie - Love Will Find A Way

How many incumbent US Senators up for re-election in 2022 might lose re-election?

Senate Democrats unveil legislation to protect abortion providers

None of the 11 Republican Senators who voted "NO" have served in the military

Equilibrium/Sustainability -- Wild horses could help temper Western wildfires

I'm gonna have a real hard time sleeping tonight

Chaka Khan with Me'Shell OdegeOcello - Never Miss The Water

Lindsey Graham adds Trump's former White House counsel as he battles Georgia subpoena

Lindsey Graham adds Trump's former White House counsel as he battles Georgia subpoena


Anyone know the 11 who voted to torment veterans more????

Trump's Fox News Nightmare: Anchor Touts 'Huge Win' For Biden As Carlson Gets Emotional - The Beat MSNBC

Green figs

I wonder what Sinema, Cotton and McConnell are talking about.

Arizona's GOP attorney general refutes claims of dead 2020 voters

Kansas abortion amend. Live results. 70% no (pro choice side). 2% reporting

Another one of my top 20 - The Rolling Stones - High Tide and Green Grass

Thomas Friedman on CNN

By Attacking Brittney Griner, Trump Signals to His Base: "I'm Still Racist"

Sunset, southern MD 8/2

A federal judge dismissed Trump's request to toss out 3 Capitol Police officer lawsuits against him

Rudy's ex demands $262k in unpaid divorce settlement

Ukraine's grain is ready to go. But ships aren't. Why? Risk

Witchita people still in Long long voting line..3 hour wait

Russia Blows Up Its Ammunition While Trying to Hide From HIMARS

War Games: The Battle For Taiwan

Trump meets with Hungary's Orban

Trump's Lawyers Try To Find Someone To Be The 'Fall Guy' If Trump Gets Indicted - Ring of Fire

whoa so far in Kansas no is 70 percent !

Seattle man's bail set at $150k after allegedly yelling expletives outside US Rep. Jayapal's home

Serious Question: Did Trump have any bipartisan legislation done?

King County Reports 6 Deaths Linked To July Heat Wave

The MFs in Kansas dressed in blue to confuse the voters into thinking "Yes" was pro-choice.

is there legal exposure for groups who deliberately lie to trick people

Star Wars Fans -Sarlacc Digestion

Pornhub: Judge rules Visa can be sued in abuse claim

Tweet of the Night:

Okay I realize this is early

Taj Mahal: Queen Bee

Judge scolds Alex Jones for lying under oath. Twice.

Republican basic training.

I finally got my husband's obit done

WATCH: Jon Stewart, lawmakers make remarks after passage of PACT Act for veterans healthcare

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Judge scolds Alex Jones for lying under oath. Twice.

Remember Manchin getting beaten up for not saying he'd support Biden in 2024?

Pickle pizza started as a novelty, but now it's a big dill

Tucker is still lying about cities being destroyed

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's lawyers preparing for charges....

MI-11 Democratic Primary: 46 % reported

Kansas abortion vote

Trump Faces Questions About His Net Worth in Interview He Tried to Avoid

President Biden is so pleased about tonight's Senate vote (tweet)

How Is HIV Transmitted?

'A Thing of Beauty': Trump Was Tickled as the Missouri Erics Scrambled to Claim His Endorsement

Why Trump's Big Lie Isn't Going Anywhere - The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

Tennessee judge issues restraining order against anti-abortion group after armed activist arrest

who voted against vets? Cruz, Hawlin' ass

Tucker Carlson Called Out By 9/11 Families Over Greg Norman Interview Defending Saudi-Backed LIV Gol

Utah resort group offers $58 million for Jay Peak

Commodores - Too Hot Ta Trot

Republicans saying Republican primary elections will be fraudulent.

Kansas Women Win!

juju has been asking me forever to get one of these, and so I finally did today

GOP Candidates Push Trump's Big Lie Amid Primary - All In - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Emails of great honors from Trump

Lawsuit accuses Dairy Farmers of America of creating 'monopsony' in the Northeast

Kansas abortion far, repubs arent voting 'yes' in numbers expected

I think I can put the "core principles" of the MAGA/Big Lie/ Q-anon screamers and spitters

Waxing Crescent, 24% visible

Nina Turner's profound electoral analysis

Chris Smither: No Love Today

Fox host tries to lie to Manchin's face about his bill. It goes HORRIBLY wrong - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tweet of the Night #2:

Jan. 6 text messages wiped from phones of Trump officials (CNN)

Why Ron DeSantis views attacks on drag queens as a great presidential election issue

Why haven't the fake electors been arrested yet?

Last Week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Who was the person that warned us in the 90's about the vast right wing conspiracy?

Trump Sides With Russia And Attacks Detained American - Ring of Fire

Trump's lawyers preparing for him to be indicted; looking to blame Trump's crimes on "fall guys"

Kansas abortion vote so far

Your Guide to Local Elections Where Abortion Is on the Line This Year

Republicans' CAUGHT lying about new climate bill - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Irredeemable' Batgirl movie unexpectedly cancelled despite being in final stages

COWARD: Herschel Walker exposed as Too Scared to debate in Incoherent Fox News appearance - Meidas Touch

Big crowds showed up in Wichita, Kansas to vote tonight! (tweet)

Tweet of the Late Night:

Misleading text messages sent to Kansas voters traced to GOP group in Nevada (link and tweets)

80 men in South African court on charges of raping 8 women

Kansas voters resoundingly rejected a measure which, if passed, would have established no right to

Hey, Alito!

Turnout Surges In Kansas for Abortion Ballot Measure (Update: we won on Abortion rights)

Herschel Walker Fumbles His Way Through Softball Fox News Interview - Ring of Fire

Eric Schmitt wins GOP primary for Senate in Missouri, defeating former Gov. Greitens

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Warren says she's a 'no' on bipartisan bill that would protect abortion access

Chris Jansing reporting live on MSNBC: KS election turnout is "extraordinary"

Clear as day in Kansas: if Abortion is on the Ballot, We Will Win This Fall

Coffin Flop

So, in the wake of Kansas

Kansas Holds Abortion Access Vote - All In - MSNBC

🚨BREAKING: Federal Court STIKES DOWN Texas voter suppression law SB1111 which imposed unconstitutio

Here are the 11 Republicans who voted against the PACT Act, which boosts healthcare for veterans exp

Georgia residents can now claim embryos as dependents on state taxes

Texas Residency Restriction Bill

I Wonder if Pollsters Are Reanalyzing Their Voter Models Tonite

MSNBC is calling Kansas for "no" to withdrawing abortion rights.

NBC News calls Kansas for "NO"!!!!! (Pro choice)

Kansas voters protect abortion rights, reject measure that would have allowed statewide ban

Pat Cipollone subpoenaed by federal grand jury investigating Jan. 6 attack.

MSNBC Calls it for Kansas No will win on abortion question

It looks like Kansas will be an example of what happens when the dog catches the car. nt

from the center of KANSASwhew we did it. NOW these SAME PEOPLE KICK OUT KOBACH dump just vote still winning by huge margin

Ex-White House counsel subpoenaed by federal grand jury investigating Jan. 6 attack

I hope Democrats are listening to the red state Kansas abortion vote today, and use it in the

Charles Blow: Republican Opposition To Climate Bill Is 'Purely Partisan' - All In - MSNBC

Ex-White House counsel subpoenaed by federal grand jury investigating Jan. 6 attack


Jemele Hill: What Made Bill Russell a Hero (wonderful tribute)

How many endorsements from tfg have won tonight?

BREAKING: Pat Cipollone has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury

Nbc news calls Kansas abortion vote

NBC calls abortion vote in Kansas. The NOs win. Abortion will remain. Legal in Kansas.

Motherfucking LOSER

Can this be the beginning of the end for hate and lies winning for the Republicans?

VP Kamala Harris spoke at FIU on Monday about how environmental justice impacts Americans

susan del percio just needs to STFU!

Now what?

Some freepers react

Question for lawyers re Alex Jones Trial

Maricopa County Attorney's Office demands candidate to stop urging voters to replace pens at polls

The rabid mad dogs done caught the car. And hoo boy!

MI-3-R: Pete Meijer ( voted to impeach Trump) takes the lead...

JB Pritzker's opponent darren bailey's holocaust remarks

MI-11: Haley Stevens defeats fellow incumbent Andy Levin for nomination.

Kansas defy polls, voted in droves, and protected women's rights. WOMEN WON!

Looks like trump's candidate Eric won in Missouri

AZ-GOV-R: Trump is about to rack up another loss...

Jon Stewart Humiliates Ted Cruz live on FOX "News" - Meidas Touch

Carrie Lake down by 10 pts so far

so Keri lake the Arizona maga candidate for governor

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Hot sun and low 90s, but not the worst humidity. -Dan, CWG

The Daily Show: U.S. Kills Al Qaeda Leader al-Zawahiri & Trump's "Eric" Endorsement Creates Chaos

Cipollone gets subpoenaed by federal grand jury!h

Tudor Dixon....isn't she one of

Russia's Catastrophic Oil & Gas Problem

Kansas voters protect abortion rights, reject measure that would have allowed statewide ban

Can I get a HUZZAH for Jon Stewart after the passage of the PACT Act?

Republicans should be really, really nervous tonight.

Damn! Kari Lake is already crying fraud and the Arizona primary has only 51% of the vote in!

LOL - Claire McCaskill

Same-sex marriage plaintiff Obergefell seeks Ohio House spot, clears primary

21 Chinese warplanes flew through Taiwan's air defense zone on the day of Pelosi's visit

can a us suprime court desision be reversed? , yes , no. thanks

Strivings of the Negro People - By W. E. B. Du Bois, August 1897 Issue of The Atlantic

Hey Melania?

MLB & Dodgers Broadcasting Legend Vin Scully Has Died At The Age Of 94

I found this delightful museum piece when I was looking for something else

That moaning sound you hear in the distance? party will shut up about abortion for the next 3 months

Blood Red Kansas shows how out of step the antediluvian Supreme Court is

DU Mini summit with the US Senate--the first "Marcs and Johns" dinner

Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully has died

Truth Social is hiding user posts, threatening to create a 'curated echo chamber'.

Vin Scully, legendary Dodgers broadcaster, dies at 94

Kansas Voters Protect Abortion Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

So I'm watching Bob Ross reruns tonight on public TV.

Live Now (10:54 CDT) Nancy Pelosi Full Speech LIVE

Who won the night? KS women. Who lost the night? SC Justices Alito/Thomas nt

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Living In The U.S.A.-Steve Miller Band-1968

Ivana Trump gravesite story just took an even more sick and twisted turn

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. I quoted that and then mentioned the Kansas vote.

Tudor Dixon wins Republican gubernatorial primary, will face Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Cecile Richards: 'Extraordinary Victory' For Abortion Rights In Kansas - The Last Word - MSNBC

Salvador Dali's Disney Animation...

Here's wishing Vin Scully a very pleasant good evening, wherever he may be.

(Jewish Group) Jewish superhero Liberty fights antisemites in new comics anthology

Percent of Americans without health insurance reaches new low..thank you Obama

Does Kansas mean Desantis might lose re-election in Florida?

(Jewish Group) Michigan Dem group apologizes for 'offensive' TikTok attacking 'Zionists' ...

(Jewish Group) 4 Nice Jewish Boys. 1 high-stakes pageant. Who will win?

4 Nice Jewish Boys. 1 high-stakes pageant. Who will win?

NYT AZ primary results

Maybe this shouldn't be here on General Discussion, but the sport world has lost a great sport icon.

Q Himself in last place for AZ 2nd District GOP Primary

Eric Greitens: MAGA loser. Watch till the end...

Former Marine Trevor Reed Who Spent Three Years Imprisoned In Russia Says There Is No Justice There

Could the Kansas vote mean Abbott loses in November??

Douglas County Kansas, home of the big university, voted 82% "No".

Early Results Washington Primary

Austrian doctors speak out after suicide of GP following Covid threats

As history looks back at President Biden and his Administration, he will be

Alex Wagner On The 'Anti-Democratic Norms Of GOP' Evident In Leading Primary Candidates - The ReidOut

dems getting what they want in Michigan repupb house race, hope it wont come back to bite them

Kris Kobach is...back in Kansas. projected to win repub attorney general primary in a 3

Democrats call on IRS to review right-wing group's 'church' status

If the vote in Kansas showed anything, it's that the Midterms

How is Fox reporting the Kansas victory?

US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats are favored to win in 2022!

Nate Cohn: Seems Dems had election edge in both Eday and early vote.

Now it's clear their constituents support abortion rights, what will the Senators from Kansas do?

Unarmed Black Man Killed By Deputy After Allegedly Shoplifting Detergent

BREAKING: Kansas Voters Defeat anti-choice amendment, Fox Stunned - Meidas Touch

repubs Will Vote For Abortion Rights, But Then Will Vote For Politicians Bent On Eliminating Them

How to Recreate a New England Clambake at Home

Turina's 'Sevillana' played by Manuel Barreuco

Wasserman tweet on huge Dem turnout

Want a Diplomatic Settlement in Ukraine? Keep Arming Kyiv

Semore Views: MAGA Influencer's Social Media Blabbing Leads to Jan. 6 Charges

Meijer Has Conceded To Gibbs In Michigan Congressional Primary

Gun-Brandishing Mark McCloskey Trounced in Missouri GOP Senate Primary

great tiedrich tweet on homeland security, secret service, & military missing 1/6 texts

Justices uphold Pennsylvania's mail-in voting expansion

In First, DOJ Sues Idaho Over Abortion Restrictions That Threaten Medical Treatment - MSNBC Prime

Justices uphold Pennsylvania's mail-in voting expansion

High Stakes Abortion Vote, Key Primaries Drive Huge Voter Turnout - Decision 2022 - MSNBC

Three from Fretwork

The Republicans Who Want Election Laws to 'Stay Broken'

"Devs" on Hulu

Lake is only down by 4 now.

'They Voted Hell No': Sebelius Notes Kansas Abortion Vote Crossed Party Lines - Decision 2022 - MSNBC

TCM 'tonight'

One-On-One With Sen. Joe Manchin - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bernstein's "Mambo", performed at our 2019 New Year's Eve concert with Kirill Petrenko.

Can we get state constitutional amendments to protect abortion in other states? All states?

Eric Schmitt and Trudy Busch Valentine win Missouri's Senate primary contests

Vin Scully - yes, Vin Scully... "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Poll: Over half of U.S. voters say abortion is "very important" for midterms elections

Officer sees elderly woman walking on busy road

Lake just took the lead by about 2000 votes

Republicans campaign on legislation they voted against - Dan Abrams Live

Breakfast Wednesday 3 August 2022

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/2/22


Stephen Colbert: Guests 'Pod Save America' - President Biden Was Right To End The War In Afghanistan

Here's a Rainbow for you

Kansas defied polls, voted in droves, and protected women's rights. WOMEN WON!

Son who turned Capitol rioter in reacts to father's sentence - CNN

Tweet of the hour

German foreign minister criticizes Chinese aggression towards Taiwan - DW News

Wordle 410 ***Spoiler Thread***

Taiwan remains defiant: China's risk of losing face 'much bigger than any risk run by Nancy Pelosi'

Sandy Hook Trial - Where is Justice

Don't piss off Mother Nature! SCOTUS and the ultra conservative wackos have fired us up.

Congrats to the women and men of Kansas

Arizona Primary: Rusty Bowers, who defied Trump, loses re-election bid

Pat Cipollone is Going Before a Federal Grand Jury

Pelosi departs Taiwan as furious China holds military drills


I spotted a albino Dalmatian yesterday

Wednesday TOONs - The Speaker Has Landed

Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack (full documentary) - FRONTLINE - PBS

Don't Retweet This Pic

Why did Adele cross the road

Greitens went down hugely. I didn't think he could

Biden's success story

I instantly knew overturning Roe would awaken the slumbering American.

Special prosecutor says Virginia police officer who pepper-sprayed Army lieutenant should not face s

Help wanted: $78,000 a year to taste candy while sitting on your couch

A huge voter turnout in Kansas means a huge voter turnout in November.

Yes, the situation in Arizona scares me now.

China, as a power, is dying. All they have left is propaganda, censorship, and bluster.

Atlanta's image challenged by facts of 1906 race massacre

People are dying from unpaid energy bills

4 HIMARS in action

Police investigating after "unattended backpack" was left at Linden (MI) polling location

I don't know if Joe Scarborough came up with the phrase

Hobbs wins Democratic primary; battle between Lake, Taylor Robson too close to call

Drink This Blood Orange Spritz Cocktail to Celebrate Leo Season

It looks like the midterms will be a referendum on abortion and trump, and while

Judge to Alex Jones, "I don't want to see the inside of your mouth. Sit down."

Blake Masters wins Arizona's Republican Senate primary and faces Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly

First ship with Ukraine grain cleared to sail on to Lebanon

The new Countdown with Keith Olbermann podcast

Joe Arpaio trails opponent in small town mayor's race

Just saw this new ad by Stefanik opponent. Love it.

We had the Watergate coverup and now we have the Jan 6th coverup.

McKinney Fire: Deadly California wildfire wipes out scenic river town, Klamath River

Another great tweet from Jeff

if i were on the ballot-

China blocks some Taiwan imports but avoids chip disruptions

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think "might" vote Republican next fall.

Sorry, Kansas voters: The crusade to revoke your abortion rights will never, ever end

Election denier Finchem wins GOP nomination to oversee voting in Arizona

Joe Arpaio trails opponent in small town mayor's race

Idaho Statesman: If this is Idaho's response to federal lawsuit over abortion ban, we're in legal tr

U.S. to Enrage Kim Jong Un With Assassination Dry Run

You raised $70.00 on August 2, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

If I wrote a book about the Trump voters, I would title it this.

Alito told the ladies to vote. So they did.

Gasoline price update from Joe

Clerics sue over Florida abortion law, saying it violates religious freedom

97 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Shri Thanedar claims victory in Democratic race for congressional seat in Detroit

Ever Hear Of A Glacial Upwelling? Me Neither, But This Is What One In Greenland Looks Like

2011. 2019. 2022. How three presidents announced the deaths of terrorist leaders.

Meet The Sea Pangolin: A Vanishingly Rare Thermal-Vent Snail With Iron Scales

Tony Bennett has a birthday today.

Dinesh D'souza is running a poll asking if it's appropriate to celebrate if the Chinese kills Nancy

Karrin was ahead by 8 points when

It's a no brainer; The Democrats rally cry this November should be this.

Man trying to burn spider with lighter sparked Utah wildfire, police say

Inspectors OK 1st Ukraine grain ship but no sign yet of more

'Road House' Remake With Jake Gyllenhaal

Nomad: Hackers drain nearly $200 million from crypto startup in 'free-for-all' attack

(Jewish Group) As Nancy Pelosi visits, everything to know about the Jews of Taiwan

Pro-Trump activists swamp election officials with sprawling records requests

One Love

Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney says she doesn't think Biden will run for reelection

Ok, ok, ok,

Naked Florida man hurls urn full of ashes during argument

BTRTN: Democrats, Ask Not What Joe Biden Can Do For You...

BTRTN: Democrats, Ask Not What Joe Biden Can Do For You...

(Jewish Group) Doug Mastriano PA governor candidate cuts ties with Gab, and antisemitism spikes

Someone please post the link for the Alex jones

The Republican party is the Trump party.. end of story..

Zelenski asks prime minister to consider legalizing same-sex marriage in Ukraine

When all is said and done, leftists will out number fascists in America

Father of man who shot Ahmaud Arbery seeks leniency in hate crimes sentence

What I wish Dems would say when asked about Pres. Biden's 2024 prospects

Now they're blaming the IT guys for the deleted texts.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 3, 2022

Watch Prince Support A Teacher's Strike At Age 11 In Unearthed Footage

Landslide! Kansas Voters Protect Abortion Rights in State Constitution, Reject GOP-Led Measure

Watch Prince Support A Teacher's Strike At Age 11 In Unearthed Footage

Indigenous sea gardens fed communities, preserved ecosystems

China blocks some Taiwan imports but avoids chip disruptions

Indigenous sea gardens fed communities, preserved ecosystems

Just Now Reported CNN: Sinema says she's "Taking Her Time" on Bill

Senate Votes to Help Vets Poisoned by Military "Burn Pits." Why No Help for Sick Iraqis & Afghans?

Question for anyone and everyone

It's the alex jones infowar show in a courtroom

To review this past weekend

Fake Doctor Who Convinced Trump That Bleach Cured COVID-19 To Stand Trial For Fraud

We have been praising the women of Kansas but men voted NO too? Didn't they?

A heads up for gaging and hurling.......Senator Collins & Senator Manchin on

Will pollsters adjust their likely voter models based on yesterday's election?

The DNC should offer Alito some kind of honorary election role

Tiedrich excels at fake disbelief.

To be pellucidly clear - Hanover Co. (Va.) schools condemns anything associated with the Nazi regime

plaintiffs attorney questioning Alex jones now

My first experience with cell phone connection issues

X post from GD - Hanover County is sorry about the Swastika thing

U.S.-China Tensions Rise as Pelosi Vows "Ironclad" Support for Taiwan During Controversial Trip

TFG's election deniers have a new scheme to make election offices miserable...

Yo! About the Ohio Supreme Court

Maybe Kansas should do another referendum from the other direction

Great A'Tuin the star turtle

MAGA Primary candidates winning is GREAT news for Ds in November

Whose idea was it to bring Elizabeth Hasselbeck back on The View?

"Marcel" - Disasterpeace

It was news to me that Kansas actually guarantees abortion in its Constitution

So how did you get fired from your chocolatier job?

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Opinion: Kansas just gave forced-birth zealots a reason to be very afraid

What is Wrong with this Woman?

Judge to Alex Jones: "DON'T TALK"

A Tax by any other name - The unmentioned REAL lottery winner

Giuliani's Ex-Wife Demands $260K Or His A** Can Go To Jail

Gas Prices Have Fallen for 50 Straight Days, Approach $4 a Gallon

Nuclear Power Plants Could Stay Open, Says Germany

HIMARS not required. I've wondered if the keystone cops were still around.

Girl, 12, Escapes Captivity, Leading Alabama Authorities to Find 2 Bodies

A major Arizona county ran out of ballots during primary voting. Republicans are now demanding the e

Cities All Over Texas Are Protecting Women. Why Isn't Arlington?

Who pointed out that there was a heavier Dem than Repub turnout somewhere????

the time to rise has been engaged you're better best to rearrange

Record amount of seaweed chokes Caribbean beaches and shoreline

UN nuclear chief: Ukraine nuclear plant is 'out of control'

This is bold, aggressive leadership

Jennifer Rubin: "This is real, this is not now hypothetical."

How Florida Twisted Science to Deny Healthcare to Trans Kids


Since it is Martin Sheen's Birthday.. 2 look them up suggestions from early 70s.

This is Not a Drill.

UN nuclear chief: Ukraine nuclear plant is out of control'

Kentucky flooding: Is it caused by Mountain Top Mining?

Kansas demonstrated how the country's democracy is supposed to work

Republicans Decry Democrats' Push For IRS Crackdown On Tax Evasion

Morning after stunning abortion rights outcome, Fox news leads with Pelosi hubby DUI

It's HIMARS o'clock

Michigan working to attract chip manufacturers under new U.S. bill - governor

Blake Masters, disaster for democracy, wins Republican nomination for Senate in AZ

President Biden-daily update after COVID-19 rebound.

Kansas just showed us how to win the fight to protect abortion rights

Nashville council axes GOP convention bid; Milwaukee in line

Paul Pelosi pleads not guilty to DUI misdemeanor charges

Duck helps cat lose weight:

@POTUS: Spent some time speaking with folks in Michigan (virtually)

The Violent Fantasies of Blake Masters

Democrats will win 20 US Senate seats in 2022.

Alex Jones' lawyers sent Plaintiffs lawyer the contents of Jones' phone BY MISTAKE.

IMHO: Yay for Kansas, but I don't want other people voting on my rights to my own body!

State reps demand answers after reports of 'mountain' of undelivered packages, mail in North Sound

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 3, 2022)

Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney says she doesn't think Biden will run for reelection

Pass the Wine - My Most Complex Machine Ever?

Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was '100% real'

On this day, August 3, 1966, Lenny Bruce was found dead in his Los Angeles home.

Singular they question

Poisoning Not Ruled Out by Italy in Case of Ex-Putin Ally Who Bailed on Russia

ON THIS DAY: In 1993, the Senate voted 96-to-three to confirm SCOTUS nominee Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Here are the 11 Republicans who voted against the PACT Act

On this day, August 3, 1926, Tony Bennett was born.

I know this is simplistic but why can't China leave Taiwan alone?

On this day, August 3, 1963, the Beach Boys released "Surfer Girl."

On this day, August 3, 1963, the Beatles played at The Cavern Club for the last time.

Youngkin appointee resigns after remarks about Civil War

Saylor steps down as CEO of Tysons tech company MicroStrategy

Don't celebrate Kansas too soon

Coming wave of opioid overdoses 'will be worse than ever been before'

It's a Miracle! 281 dead people who voted in Arizona election in 2020 are found alive!

Alex Jones is getting crucified on cross examination. Watch live:

Kansas abortion win is a wake-up call: Americans do not want GOP bans

In you face Satan -Jury hears Alex Jones say Sandy Hook was 'fake with actors'

Ahhh- The Rich and their problems - Rudy Vs. ex wife (Going for the throat)

Listen to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson openly call for massive cuts to Medicare & Social Security.

Zawahiri appeared on his balcony. The CIA was ready to kill him.

Some Days InfoWars brought in 800,000 a day Alex Jones Emails Show

See the human dog turd Alex Jones squirm on the witness stand (2min Twitter vid)

The New Way Police Could Use Your Google Searches Against You

We have been assured for years that the National Security Agency collects and secures

This is where we are, James O'B sums it up!

Earth is spinning faster than usual and had its shortest day ever

UPS drivers record temperatures above 100F in trucks without air conditioning

The US Senate breakdown in the next Congrbe 56D 41R 3I

Cartoons 8/3/2022

Russia says United States is directly involved in Ukraine war

Hobbs leads the pack in crowded secretary of state race

DelBene, Larsen, Schrier cruise through Congressional primary

Need windows 11 help! SOLVED!!

Republicans Sutherland, Low locked in tight primary battle

Jill Filipovic: Run on Abortion

Mexico's Top Female Narco Accused the Former President of Being a Narco

Ahead of demolition, tribes lament loss of Mukilteo research center

alex jones commiting perjury

Missouri man who pointed gun at BLM protesters gets just 3% of vote in GOP Senate primary

Arizona Republicans nominate slew of election-denying conspiracy theorists for November

Russia Claims Capture of Donbas Position Long Held by Ukraine

More than 200 ALEC Politicians Participate in Far-Right Facebook Groups

Biden praises Kansas vote to protect abortion rights

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about text deletions:

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a large to narrow margin.

Pelosi says US will not abandon Taiwan as China protests

Nancy Pelosi: Why I'm leading a congressional delegation to Taiwan

Small puppers jump rope:

This is a statement from our own Roger Marshall

If anyone asks, you're a black lab:

Putin's rumored girlfriend hit with latest U.S. sanctions

Fierce Roe Meme

France's 2nd heat wave of the year leaves Paris sweltering

LGBTQ+ Floridians & Allies May Decide the State's Next Governor

Pre-dawn, southern MD

Biden to sign executive order aimed at helping patients travel for abortions


German ex-chancellor Schroeder says Russia wants negotiated solution to Ukraine war

optical illusion. the square doesnt change color

Sweden Democrat politician charged for posting Hitler tribute

Rep. Haley Stevens Wins Hotly Contested Democratic Primary In Michigan

'Never seen it this bad': America faces catastrophic teacher shortage

Adorable tappy-paws kittens:

This Orange County city to consider banning abortions, becoming 'sanctuary for life'

Walker says he will debate Warnock in high-stakes Georgia Senate race

Senator Chris Murphy is right

The good old days, he perched above my car! Happened for a few days, 5 years ago.

Ron Filipkowski tweet about screw-up by Alex Jones's lawyer:

Canada minister calls on China to de-escalate tensions after Pelosi's Taiwan visit

'Conversion therapy' will continue after court rules against Palm Beach County, Boca Raton

I am a poll worker in Broward County on Aug. 23rd

Why are so many senior citizens ignoring what Republicans will do to Social Security and Medicare,

Dark Money Groups Are Pushing Disinformation to Downplay the Overturn of "Roe"

Furious Judge RIPS Alex Jones in Court, Catches him LYING UNDER OATH

For some reason

Collin County Republican Party votes to censure Texas Sen. John Cornyn

Snatch, on Netflix

City of Seattle expands programs for small business owners

The most extreme MAGAt candidates may not be the Dem "helpers" some are saying they could be.

Re: Kansas vote. Wont repug legislators just keep it off the ballot in red states?

Rudy is $260,000 in arrears in payments he owes his ex: his last $10,000 check bounced .

Gryff is determined to take a nap in the far too small saucer bed on the cat tree.

Trump faces new danger in DOJ's surprise subpoena of Pat Cipollone

Here is more on how the Sandy Hook Plaintiaffs got Alex Jones' phone records

Biden signs executive order to support travel for abortions in latest move aimed at protecting acces

Rudy Giuliani is unlikely to face federal charges stemming from his dealings in Ukraine

Breaking- Deputy Deputy Counsel subpoenaed by DOJ

closing statements by lawyers in alex jones case just started

FIRST ON CNN: Former Deputy White House counsel subpoenaed in January 6 probe

from Joe Trippi, @ Lincoln Project:

*Not* news: Integrity, Constitution, country are not welcome in Wingnut World

Living in a Chicken World

U.S. oil benchmark ends sharply lower after rise in crude, gasoline inventories

Tennessee DA Faces Voters, Months After Prosecuting Activist for Wanting to Vote

jan 6th committee to subpeona alex jones text messages

I was WONDERING why "But her emails" just started trending on Twitter (hee)

I'm considering the best place to move, were I to hit a big jackpot

Nate Silver: The Political Environment Might Be Improving For Democrats

As I watch the alex jones trial I have come to

Speaking of logos

Tweet of the minute

Bolsonaro Claims He Believes He Could Be Arrested If He Leaves The Presidency

Jan. 6 committee preparing subpoenas for Alex Jones emails and text messages accidentally leaked

Are you more hopeful (for America) today than yesterday morning?

Mike Luckovich- Congratulations on your promotion

Cases against Women Alleged to Have Had Abortions in Brazil Lack Strong Evidence

U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana) has been killed in a car crash

IF any wonder: Freedom of movement under United States law

Donald J. Trump was the Manchurian Candidate...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Senate bill to codify Roe....

McCarthy Lies: Pelosi Did Invite Republicans To Taiwan

Georgia nuclear plant gets OK to load fuel at new reactor

The 2022 US Senate Elections in WI,OH,and NC are Tossup/Tilt D.

Eleni Mandell - 1970 Red Chevelle

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who will pay for climate research....

Can I get a HELL YES because we voted HELL NO in Kansas?

Politico article: Sinema wants two changes in bill

Border agents deny entry to migrants based on interviews lawyers say are fiction

kidneythieves - Mustard Seed

MIGOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock: "Tudor Dixon is a much younger, smarter, and hotter Gretchen Whitmer

U.S. Rep. Walorski one of 4 killed in northern Indiana crash

The Velvetones - The Glory Of Love

Which teams improved the most at the MLB trade deadline?

Mike Luckovich - Handmaids Strike Back

The Dominoes - Stardust

The Ink Spots - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

That HIMARS munitions hit on 40 Russian train cars? Yes, it really happened.

The Jan. 6 Committee's Findings Have Met the Appropriately High Bar for Prosecuting Trump

The Mills Brothers - Till Then

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 August 2022

Herschel Walker Agrees to Debate

Sandy Hook lawyers say Alex Jones's attorneys accidentally gave them his phone contents

Sandy Hook lawyers say Alex Jones's attorneys accidentally gave them his phone contents

Excellent toon about the Kansas vote

Astrud Gilberto - Stay

Gay Iowa Teacher Breaks Through Partisan Noise To Win Board Seat

What will it take for a Democrat to win a US Senate race in KS?

Democrats' Reconciliation Bill Would Cut Deficit

Dan Rather: Wow. Kansas. Might be time to reshuffle the conventional wisdom deck for the midterms.

Democrat Wins in Midterm Spell Trouble for Biden in '24

Pro-Trump Activists Swamp Elections Officials

You done real good, dude.

Brinksmanship is back.

WHOA, the JAN 6TH Committee is going to subpoena Alex Jones' treason text messages and emails!!!

LAAL SINGH CHADDHA Trailer (2022) Forrest Gump Remake Movie In Cinemas 11th Aug

Alex Jones's lawyers accidentally send revealing texts to opposing counsel

Which ReTHUG Congresswoman from Indiana died in a car crash today

Exclusive: Jan. 6 Committee Prepares to Subpoena Alex Jones' Texts, Emails

GOP Candidate Refuses to Concede Despite Finishing 4th

538 Generic Ballot shows an even race

Why is a monkeypox vaccination recommended for people who have been....

A 'Reversible' Form of Death? Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs' Organs.

Sandy Hook lawyers say Alex Jones's attorneys accidentally gave them his phone contents

Two Premie Kittens Save Rescuer Who Suffered A Stroke

The Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility in the World Is Coming to Navarro County. Not Everyone Wants It

With rural Texas watching, Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke dig in on school vouchers fight

The most flippable US House seats in MI?

Jared Yates Sexton: Kansas is a Victory of the People

Republicans know what's coming in November.

You think you had a bad day?

Joke...kinda nasty...but that is up to you

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 3, 2022

Happy birthday, James Baldwin!

Judge Reprimands Alex Jones: You MUST Tell the Truth, This is NOT Your Show

China has been poking at Taiwan (and America) for quite awhile. None of this is new...

My guess is MAGA SCOTUS

LIVE: I'm on the floor of the U.S. Senate to discuss the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act"

Milwaukee, 1928 and 2022. Explains a lot about what's wrong with us as a nation.

Ex-Trump Lawyer Says Congress Already Has Evidence That Should 'Easily' Result in 'Disqualification

'A cowardly act:' Sandy Hook parents blast Alex Jones for skipping court during defamation trial tes

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema act out of ego, not principle

alex jones ex wife wants his messages too

Hey this looks like something Texas libs would enjoy.

So does Kansas change the narrative any on the House ?

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway w/ Ketch Secor - "Big Backyard"

Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau among 11 LIV golfers to file antitrust lawsuit against PGA Tour

Peter Navarro Sued for Unofficial Email Account

Aide to Houston mayor resigns after reportedly pleading guilty to public corruption

Cold showers, no lights: Europe saves as Russian gas wanes

GOP activist group instructs Michigan poll watchers to call 911

All of these elections going to Big Lie candidates boggles the mind

Law Firm Tries to Strike Fear Into Soldiers Over Monkeypox Vaccines

Have other states prosecuted those who traveled to Nevada for legal sex-for-hire?

Senate votes to ratify NATO membership for Sweden and Finland

Ukraine: Russian-backed terrorist Olga Kachur AKA Korsa KIA

Two 'Squad' members survive primary challenges

Truth Social Can't Handle The Truth - The Damage Report

Harris County will consider legal action against Texas over its selection for a 2022 election audit

Los Angeles OKs sweeping ban on homeless camps near schools

The Senate just voted 95 to 1 to expand NATO w/ Finland & Sweden

Rand Paul Hates America - Don Winslow Films

Joe Manchin Is A Disgrace - Don Winslow Films

Republicans Want Women To Suffer - Don Winslow Films

Sarah Huckabee Sanders commits DEVASTATING mistake in her governor's race - Brian Tyler Cohen

Happy Birthday, Tony!

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Macro via flowers...

Pay attention to all of the right wingers tonight who aren't coming to Alex Jones' rescue on social

The Daily Show: MAGAts 🤝 White Supremacists

I thought goverment run safe injection sites were illegal under federal law

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. sit for depositions as part of NY probe into Trump Organization

Kinzinger says new subpoena is 'bad news' for Trump (CNN)

Sandy Hook family attorney exposes Alex Jones' dishonesty during brutal cross-examination

Guy Thinks Trump is Still in Power

Something that everybody is missing!

I'm in Washington County Ohio

Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote

San Antonio Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez pulls no punches in calling out anti-abortion activists

Yesterday, thanks to DUer Celerity, I learned about dill pickle pizza.

Suit: Police chasing white suspect wrongly arrest Black man (Arlington, Mass.)

Six years ago, when you heard "Voters aren't stupid! There's no way they'll elect _______!", that

Are modified exhaust systems on cars these days louder than Cape Canaveral or is it just me?

To all the wonderful women in Kansas

Onlookers Stand And Watch While Disabled Black Man Beaten To Death

Start considering the worst-case 'mass extinction' scenarios of climate change, warn scientists in n

Animal Names That Are Actually Better Than Their Real Names

And then some!

New crypto oversight legislation arrives as industry shakes

The Forgotten Constitutional Weapon Against Voter Restrictions

David Frum: Trump Just Told Us His Master Plan

McConnell Understatement

Tweet of the Night:

Jersey City Councilwoman In Hit-and-Run Incident

Will abortion access be on the ballot in other states?

One winner in Friday's lottery. Jaw dropping 1.337 Billion.. winner in Illinois (not me)

Alex Jones continues to dig a deeper hole. Badmouthing judge after today's debacle.