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Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Trump's message to the Republican caucus:

El Salvador's President keen on 'Bitcoin City', but residents say plan is not working

American killed while fighting alongside Ukrainians in contested Donbas region

Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man (studio version & live at Hofstra University, 11/2/1972)

Sunset, southern MD 8/28

Not a new story: American domestic terrorism. Detonating the Georgia Guidestones and mass shootings.

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan says he supports 'a tax cut for working people that will affect everybody'

IMHO, if GQP leaders care about civilians, they'll force tfg

Jan. 6 committee will dig in on the money behind the riot, Kinzinger says

Another Republican loser screams voter fraud.

Dilerious @kimguilfoyle: MAGA Republicans will SAVE AMERICA!


GOPer disappoints Maria Bartiromo: Trump can't declassify documents without 'some' proof

When Trump is indicted there will be celebrations. When Trump is convicted, there will be free

Ex-Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt says the 2020 RNC fireworks display spelling 'Trump' near the Was

Washington Commanders RB Brian Robinson in stable condition after being shot in attempted carjacking

Not a quiet day in Central Maine. Not by a long shot.

Looks like another Republican candidate has removed abortion language from his website

PA-SEN: Tweet of the Weekend

Sandy Hook families accuse Alex Jones of transferring millions to himself while claiming bankruptcy

Sandy Hook families accuse Alex Jones of transferring millions to himself while claiming bankruptcy

WaPo just reported "Boxes of documents even came with Trump on foreign travel

"What do you mean by semi-fascism, sir?" BIDEN, smirking: .....

LTTE reminding us that past generations have received taxpayer assistance in covering college costs

2017: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Snowflakes have a meltdown at a drag brunch

Senator Warren worries that Fed will tip U.S. economy into recession

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a story out of Tennessee....

More than 311,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine

So Trump is threatening violence now.


Here's hoping Ken Burns' new documentary might change a few things

Promoting His Memoir, Kushner Offers Tortured Defenses of Trump

Trump-appointed-judge Aileen Cannon grants Trump's demand for special master BEFORE DOJ weighs in-GK

Mitt Romney Is No Angel: He Helped The Rise Of Trump Racism

Some of us have been saying "TREASON" from jump

The Truth Comes Out - Bill Barr Lied About Trump's Crimes From The Mueller Report - Ring of Fire

Absent major student-loan reforms, 'my preference would be no relief at all': Obama economic adviser

When trump was a pro-choice democrat and businessman in the 1980s he was a crook (thread)

Washington Commanders rookie RB Brian Robinson shot in reported carjacking attempt

Donald Trump Ramps Up Attacks Against Government Agencies Following FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago - MSNBC

Interesting tidbit about the republicans

WHO decides what the SPECIAL MASTER can remove from the DOJ case?

How The Mar-a-Lago Stash Threatens America's Place On The World Stage - American Voices - MSNBC

Cuba asks for U.S. technical assistance in oil fire clean-up

Couple meets Keanu in a hotel lobby, invite him to their wedding, and he shows up

Top Biden aide gives epic response to viral Twitter takedown of Marjorie Taylor Greene - BTC

I am NOT 'hoping' for riots when [Redacted] is perp-walked. But I do believe they'll be useful.

PA-SEN: Dr. Oz gets trolled right to his face, and doesn't even realize it.

Michigan Republican deletes the entire 'values' section of his website just to 'hide' his anti-choic

Hawai'i beats Curacao on the mercy rule.

States With GOP Governors That Democrats Are Most Likely to Flip in Midterm

**NOW on TCM, late but Cary Grant & Sophia Loren!!!

With student loan forgiveness coming, Schumer calls on providers to staff up

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham calls for RIOTS if Trump is INDICTED - Meidas Touch

Tornadoes touched down in Dakota and Ramsey counties last night. Hope everyone here is OK

Taliban jabs Pakistan over US drones: 'don't use your airspace against us'

Just to be clear Lindsey

Well, another judge gives Trump what he wants!

Ultimately, they're just a bunch of delusional perverts

Believe In Yourself As Much As This Woman ...

*Rick Steves Fascism in Europe NOW, CH 32, WHUT


The mail ballot deadline for the Alaska House Special Election is Tuesday (8/31)

Just shut up, Lindsey!

2000 year old Roman ruins "reappear again" after 70+ years underwater

I'm seeing an alarming demand for vengeance here...

Truth Social faces financial peril as worry about Trump's future grows


Trump's Legal Team Scrambles to Find an Argument

Analysis: The Biden White House gets feisty on Twitter


When zealots tell you religion should rule according to the founders, : Thomas's own words:

Republicans Criticize Justice Dept. For Protecting State Secrets In Trump Documents - American Voices

From the Beginning- Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Dahlia Lithwick: The Men Just Keep Talking

Leon Russell - Back to the Islands - 1975

Dan Rather speculates

Trump Truth Social Trademark Application REJECTED by Trademark Office - Meidas Touch

Neighbor lady said I could raise meat chickens on her property

Biden's WINNING and ratchet Republicans want riots.

Sen. Bernie Sanders blasts Sen. Blunt on Student Loan forgiveness hypocrisy. TikTok answers!

Dan Rather with the SNAP of the Day...

Polar floof

How motivated are you for the 2022 midterms?

Merrick Garland is torturing Republicans with his drip, drip, drip, drip of possible prosecutions...

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Glendale Train - 1971

Republicans need to win 2 Democratic held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022.

Steve Goodman - A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request

DO any of you remember when Donald Trump met with Putin privately for a period of time?

Epic Twitter thread on how our Covid pandemic has played out

Commanders' Brian Robinson Jr., shot twice in D.C., is in stable condition

Grateful Dead - Filamore East 2/13-14/1970 - Not Fade Away

Monday's digit - 4/10: This late August heat -- while not too intense -- has overstayed its welcome.

Come clean

Dear Parents,

You know what else is loan forgiveness?

Potato Studies

1 day old moon

Countdown is on for Artemis launch, America's next phase in the space race - Face the Nation (2 videos)

Undercover Girlfriend l 20/20 l

Greg Abbott left no tip to restaturant servers and he had a party of twenty folks

Upnorth Wi Bait Shop

Mark My Word ...

Monday Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music to Start the Week Livestream

Link Wray - Lawdy Miss Clawdy w/Commander Cody, David Bromberg, Bill Kirchen & others

Saint-Saens: 'Piano Trio No.1, 2. Andante'

Two Tweets:

When he gets arrested, celebrations will dwarf the riots.

HOLY F#@% THAT'S frightening

The Daily Show: Eye on Space - A Cosmic Compilation

I've been reading (ebook) Watergate: A New History off & on since mid June...

Link Wray - Tucson, Arizona w/Jerry Garcia on pedal steel

So what will the time line be for Trump's arrest if it happens

Our new pupster, Frankie

In fiery midterm speech, Biden says GOP's turned toward 'semi-fascism'

Permitless carry is opposed by a majority of Texans - Beto for Texas

Flute Selections by Devienne, Mercadante, C.P.E. Bach, Reinecke

Bring it, Lindsey!

Classic take down of Pierre Polievre in House of Commons years ago:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: McConnell 'Probably' Won't Be Able To 'Save The Senate' - NBC News

watch as Pence affirms Biden is elected president. Such a warm and tender

Aunt Crabby owns Dr. Oz

Armed volunteers in Texas protect a drag event from a bunch of far-right bigots

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - AI Images

3 dead, including suspected shooter, in Oregon grocery store attack

Bolsonaro and Lula trade jabs in fiery presidential debate ahead of the election - FRANCE 24

Happy anniversary to the biggest scandal of the Obama presidency.

Dominon lawsuit-. Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson will have to sit for depositions.

Artemis: what, when, weather and where to watch

Art Oberto, Seattle's sausage and jerky king, dies at 95

Folks. Hillary was not playing when she said Donald was Putin's puppet.

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Wonder who tipped them off?

Biden's brutal honesty is a boon for his administration

Illegally constructed 32-storey tower blocks demolished in Delhi - Guardian News

Trump's campaign coordinated a plot to send fake electors not chosen by the voters.

The Misleading History Of The 'Pro-Life' Movement - Velshi - MSNBC

Dershowitz is sad because how unfair people have been to him after he defended Trump

Recommended by Andrew Weissman for our enlightenment.

You have a doppelganger and probably share DNA with them, new study suggests

Tweet of the Early Morning #2:

Greek Party Islands Chill Out

Tweet of the Early Morning #3:

Creamy Peach Pie Bars


France: D-Day Tribute or Theme Park? Battle Rages Over Normandy Plan

What about the lawyer who signed off that all docs had already been returned?

How NASA's Artemis 1 Launch Will Prepare Astronauts To Return To The Moon - MSNBC Reports

NASA faces it's biggest test in decades (Today, we begin our journey back to the moon!)

Why Is Donald Trump So Masculine ? THE MARY TRUMP SHOW

Former Texas Rep. Steve Stockman's arrest surfaces as feds build case against Trump ally

Former Texas Rep. Steve Stockman's arrest surfaces as feds build case against Trump ally

Top Analyst of Trump's Crimes Allison Gill REVEALS Trump's VAST Criminal Exposure - The Weekend Show

Breakfast Monday 29 August 2022

Right-Wing TikTok is Ridiculous Hasanabi Reacts


Today's fact:


Columbus School strike is over. Classes start today.

Monday TOONs - Not Secret

Drink shit and choose between heating and eating

MAGAts and wingnuts on Tik Tok make me laugh

Indianapolis: Dutch commando dies after shooting outside US hotel

Russian defense min. Shoigu being 'sidelined' and ridiculed for 'ineffectual' leadership, says UK

Russia names second suspect in Dugina murder

Would it be in Putin's interests to publicly share some of the intel Trump shared with the Russians?

Artemis I Launch to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast) - NASA

We have been under a years-long, if not decades long terrorist attack...

IAEA to visit Ukraine nuclear plant amid renewed shelling

Walmart lists a 30TB portable SSD for $39. It is, naturally, a scam

My response to Sen. Graham. There will be riots in the streets if Trump isn't indicted.

Duke volleyball player: BYU response slow to racial slurs

Theory On Movement Of Classified Documents


August 28, 2014: America's day of shame

"Biden's wholesome reaction"

"...there's no one in this entire world who hates Americans.......more than other Americans."

Ted Cruz retweets Randy Quaid racist tweet

Well, is Squint and the Meat Puppet back on their show this morning?

Donald Trump's Former Connecticut Estate Relists for a Deep Discount

As an aside....if TFG were smart (which he is not) he would have

The American people and the news media need to face reality.

A morning dose of sweetness

Republicans EXPOSED for ULTIMATE GASLIGHTING about Trump AFFIDAVIT Redactions - MeidasTouch

So where is Melania

Lindsey and Hawley... ARE YOU THREATENING US?

Veiled threats to the DOJ

Remember There Were Supposed to be Nuclear Related Classified Documents

Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting a Webtoon

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/24/22

The Rundown: August 29, 2022

The only 3 questions of the Trump stolen document scandal

Whose Side Are You On

how to spot the unevolved, and how to evolve together.

Florida leading the way! (In Covid deaths since vaccines became available)

Their talking points miss the point (GOPers and the affadavit)

Will Merrick Garland wait until the Jan 6th investigation is completed before making any indictments

Fuel leaks force NASA to scrub launch of new moon rocket

Fuel leaks force NASA to scrub launch of new moon rocket

Unprecedented actions demand unprecedented transparency

OMFG!!! I'm stuck in a hospital waiting room with

Fly Me to the Moon, Sinatra. Launch on hold as of 8:13am, eastern time

"Law and Order" Republicans Echo Trump's Attacks on Law Enforcement Agencies (MSNBC)

You raised $160.00 on August 28, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Regarding Trump's theft of government documents, classified and otherwise, the Republicans

Everytime a Repub man opens his mouth about women's bodies, 10 new female voters get their wings.

Graham's hypocrisy excoriated on MJ

Kim Jong Un?

Joe: If Any Official Took This Many Documents, They Would Be In Jail (MSNBC)

Marco Rubio's solution to student debt..."Write a Book!"

Michigan's Top Doctor Testifies Against Abortion Ban: 'The Law Is Problematic In So Many Ways'

You raised $5.00 on August 28, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke TX Gov

CORRECTION - Artemis I has been scrubbed for today

Why is Trump so obsessed about the "classification" of the documents?

Could this finally be "it"??

OZ grassroots support

I'm Bracing Myself

Cartoon: Jubilee for me, but not for thee -by Tom Tomorrow

Voter Registration Increasing In Several States Following Abortion Bans (MSNBC)

Key Details about Trump's lawyer for the Mar-a-lago cases

'Unforeseen Tragedy' Causes DeSantis to Cancel Fundraiser

It is not our fault Trump voters chose to make themselves ignorant to the point of delusion.

Trump's threats of riots and violence show he's desperate, knows legal case is weak

Bastard people that should, and deserve to, burn in hell?

Putin's freeze-the-Germans strategy isn't looking so hot

My own prohibitive and embarrassing student loan story

President Biden's Approval Gets A Boost In New Polling (MSNBC)

'It took everything': the disease that can be contracted by breathing California's air

Perhaps Trump RENTED availability to the secrets.

Ukraine says long-anticipated southern offensive has begun

Michigan's Whitmer plot cases stronger after federal convictions, law experts say

If Any Official Took This Many Documents, They Would Be In Jail: Then the criminal incites a riot?

Student Debt Relief Gets Support From Majority Of Voters (MSNBC)


Hey Lindsey, if u get indicted, no one will be rioting in the streets for u

Middle Age Riot tweet of the morning:

Leg cramps - Try some mustard - A collection of home remedies at the People's Pharmacy

If your US household hasn't ordered a 3rd round of free COVID tests, order now. Free ends 9/22

Baby rescue rhino in pyjamas running around:

Tiny baby elephant in a blanket:

Randy Rainbow: Lock Him Up, Like Yesterday

Some of dis and some of dat

Its starting to dawn on me, how a couple of my MAGA relatives have been dealing with the news

We all knew this would be the result of a Trump Presidency.. from day one

Republicans be like...

diamonds are for ever . james bond theme .

Stephanie Miller: WTF? Trump is Still the Leading Republican Candidate for 2024

We've heard plenty of criticism from Republicans about how the left incites riots and violence

Billions in 'dark money' is influencing US politics. We need disclosure laws

Rep. Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) Discusses Seized Mar-A-Lago Documents And Threats To National Security

Using OZ campaign signs against OZ ...

Brian Kemp's effort to quash subpoena in Fulton County grand jury case denied by judge

It is all up to Garland to make sure this question is never asked again.

Taking the birds for a drive in their mask hammocks:

Love bird LOVES his shower:

Staff shortages, overscheduling, bad weather, .... now alligators...The air travel summer from hell.

Update on my wife and our separation due to COVID and her Green Card

71 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Sound on for adorable foot taps:

Naked man crawls through Taco Bell drive-thru window: police

Judge delays Gov. Kemp's testimony in Ga. probe until after November election

Trump can't "Win" through violence, only (potentially) through threats of it


This Tawaki (aka Fiordland Crested Penguin) comes to visit his friends in this neighborhood often.

Millions bought the snake oil Trump was, and still is, peddling

Ex-Agent: FBI Has Long History of Abuse, But Trump Probe Shows "More Effective" Path for Agency

Surprise, Schrodinger! (By onesies & twosies):

Sneaking into the kitchen for snacks at 3am.

Very ugly a story about Gregg Abbott: From February, NBC New:

NYT spelling bee different?

President Biden helped by trump dynamics

"Climate Apartheid": Pakistan, Contributing Less Than 1% of Global Emissions, Ravaged by Floods

Joe: Trump And His Defenders Aren't Explaining 'Why' He Took Documents (MSNBC)

Panda plays with stick:

Redacted affidavit reveals new information on Trump investigation - ABC News

Barbara McQuade, "Appointing a special master to oversee the materials taken from Merde a Logo ....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the predictions about Trump's indictment....

Most likely, as the elections draw near the Trump investigations will go somewhat silent.

'Synthetic' Embryo With Brain and Beating Heart Grown From Stem Cells

Judd Legum: How DeSantis manipulates the media

Re Trumps Request for Special Master .. DoJ has already done that

Is the idea that Dems will lose the House solely based on history?

Fox News editor who says he was fired after calling Arizona for Biden in 2020 slams network ...

Forced parenthood and failing safety nets: This is life in post-Roe America

Documenting Hate: New American Nazis (full documentary) FRONTLINE

'Limited set of materials' potentially covered by attorney-client privilege found in Mar-a-Lago

DoJ Checks and Mates 'Judge'

It's Time

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 29, 2022

CA Gov. Newsom Threatens to Veto Farmworker Union Bill as He Buys $14.5M Vineyard in Napa Valley

Law Enforcement Has an Extremist Problem in Its Own Backyard

Cat uses hedgehog to scratch it's cheeks:

Not a Single Democrat Threatened Violence or Civil War

FBI's Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Reveals How Trump May Have Compromised National Security

Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents already examined by FBI, Justice Dept. tells judge

Don't Worry, Democrats. Be Woke.

Charlie Parker was born on this date.

House Member Sounds Alarm On Authoritarianism In New Book (MSNBC)

Same-sex marriage puts Ron Johnson in a bind

Dinah Washington was born on this date.

Compilation --Dogs with babies & little kids:

Greenland ice sheet set to raise sea levels by nearly a foot, study finds

Georgia Gov. Kemp Ordered To Testify Before Grand Jury After November Election (MSNBC)

1100 people in KCMO area have donated $70,000

Families of 9/11 victims asking NYC mayor to rescind invitation to Saudi-funded golf tournament repo

Trump has really lost it

Can you imagine if they trace any of the secret documents to the death of an overseas informant.

Biden Has Become A Boon For Democrats (MSNBC)

Republicans EMBARRASS themselves on LIVE TV attempting to criticize Biden student loan plan

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 29, 2022)

The propaganda is the problem.

On Truth Social, QAnon Accounts Found a Home and Trump's Support

For the folks in Bend, Oregon... Aquas de Marco -- Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto & Mucha

Biden Becomes a Boon for Democrats

From civility to hostility: Congressional correspondent reflects on his four decades on the Hill

The secret documents: Just a reminder, our spy agencies sometimes coordinate with other spy agencies

"I have come into the world to testify to the truth." said Jesus. "What is truth?" retorted Pilate.

"(Trumpism) is no longer a political movement. It's a violent fairytale of revenge on political

I Have Long Wondered ...

Yeah, that's where I'd seen it!

"people who don't want "their" tax dollars providing student loan relief are the same ones..."

Earth Wind and Fire, 1978; y'all know what it is

Youngkin to Campaign for Unhinged, Extremist, Racist Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage

The polls are telling a new story about Democrats and the midterms

Help. I need ammo for discussion on Student Loan forgiveness w a family member

I wanted to become a monk

The Strength We're Taught To Admire

Pakistan rejects Taliban blame for use of its airspace for operations in Afghanistan

'Blanks keep getting filled in': What we've learned from Trump's Mar-a-Lago docs (CNN)

Warmest thanks tblue37 and catbyte.

'God be with you': Pro-Trump Xtians flood fundraising site for Proud Boys with donations



Anyone have experience w/ foraminal stenosis and associated pain?

GOP Rep. Warren Davidson is a font of stupidity

Concerns grow as shelling intensifies near Ukrainian nuclear plant - ABC News

North Korea

Weirdo crashes wedding. Whines about how awful his life is.

Baby Goat Grows Up Believing She's a Cat

tRump's hand written notes revealed.

It isn't about right or wrong for them; it's just about winning or losing:

Gee, where have I heard this before?

One of my cats also loves lettuce:

Does anyone have the link to ....

More people like this, please

Once upon a time stories like this lasted 3 days . . .

Hoping for an easy, quick answer. Trumps crimes were committed in D.C. why are are courts in

You had one job:

Beto flips LIFELONG Republican in epic display - Brian Tyler Cohen

Parents ask federal judge to block Florida schools from carrying out 'Don't Say Gay' law

Ukrainian Forces continue their advance in Kherson region

DOJ RESPONDS to Court Preliminary Order to Appoint Special Master for Mar-A-Lago Search

Drudge Puts Trump in an Orange Jumpsuit as Site Monitors His Potential Indictment

The meme about blue collar workers paying off student

I'm going to wear my drapes to my next formal

Rioter who encountered senator gets over 4 years in prison

Ugh.....turned on ESPN for coverage of the U S Open start, and the damn talking heads have been

Russian troops in a new combat unit meant to turn the tide in Ukraine keep getting drunk and

China charges 28 people over restaurant attack on group of women

When a president is sworn into office...

Bernie Sanders rebukes GOP for backing corporate tax breaks but not student debt relief

Missing Indigenous Person Alert issued for woman last seen in Skyway

New scientific tools will help predict, warn about Nooksack River flooding

Fuck around and find out: Ghana zoo: Lions maul man to death in Accra

Andrea Mitchell...

"I wish I was in the land of cotton..." (Doug Mastriano)

Buildings stormed after Moqtada al-Sadr, Iraqi political leader, retires

Buildings stormed after Moqtada al-Sadr, Iraqi political leader, retires

Little Revenue, Lots of Debt: Trump's Truth Social Faces Bleak Financial Future

Why A Possibility Of Obstruction Looms Over Trump (MSNBC)

Why did Trump have these top secret documents?

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

There will be 'riots in the street' if Trump is prosecuted, Graham says

"Reverse Racism"

The Supreme Court's ratings have plummeted by 33 points -- to net -7% -- after Republican justices

Trump's followers are delusional and dangerous -- but don't call them hypocrites

This kid can look at any font and draw it from memory

Stella Goes to a Dock Jumping Competition!

A Reminder That Hillary Clinton Warned Us About Every Little Bit of This

The leader of Latinos for Trump says Trump has offended the Lord

Resentment over student loan forgiveness

I have been to a few thrift stores in my area of SW FL that are

In my mind, this was the date that modern rock & roll was born.

Beautiful white stag:

ABBA - Waterloo - Eurovision 1974 - the TV appearance that started it all

TCM tonight

The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend Some Time Together (live on "The Ed Sullivan Show")

Memo to the beast

TRUMPISM defined: "a violent fairytale of revenge on political enemies."

The Doors - Light My Fire - The Ed Sullivan Show 9/17/67 - The night they pissed off Ed Sullivan

"Trump calls for him to be declared the winner of the 2020 election and be reinstalled as president"

Catalytic converters

A Damage Assessment of Trump's "Declassification Defense" (Just Security)

Joan Baez - I Should Be Released (live at Woodstock)

Cartoons 8/29/2022

Latinos for Trump Leader Warns Trump Has 'Offended the Lord,' Must 'Repent'

"Fake News" anyone? (GOP and misinformation)

Student debt relief shows why campaign pledges matter

Are you easily deceived by grifters? Take this quiz


Proud Boy sentenced to 4.5 years in prison in Jan. 6 case, still says election was stolen

China's drought-hit areas get rain, bringing flood risks

Davy Jones with the cast of "Oliver!" on "The Ed Sullivan Show" 2/9/64 - same night as The Beatles

Freddie and the Dreamers - Do the Freddie (Live on The Ed Sullivan Show)

Peter and Gordon - World Without Love (live in 1964)

Crushed caught covid

Other than threats of riots and violence, does Trump have any more cards left?

Lindsey Graham's vile 'riots' threat gives away Trump's game

Germany's Scholz pledges to support Ukraine "for as long as it takes"

Very Cool Video Of Side Canyons Reemerging As Powell Continues To Drop

how do they film something like this? (dog on skateboard)

Former WH press secretary says Trump's changing of his messaging of his Mar-a-Lago raid shows he's

Facing voter backlash, California Republicans recalibrate their antiabortion stance

Charles Pierce: Nobody Should Entertain Trump's Bid to Appoint a Special Master, And Yet...

Today's email about winning the 2020 election is proof that Trump listens to nobody but himself.

Ever Since Tr**p Created The "Big Lie" MAGA's Had Weekly Sunday Protests On A Schaumburg, IL ....

"What about Hunter Biden!!!" screams RonJohn the clown

UN agency to inspect Ukraine nuclear plant in urgent mission

[Art] a wedding dress with rows of tiny mesh pockets containing 6,279 contraceptive pills (pictures)

Why Russia's efforts to replenish its depleted armed forces may not matter much in Ukraine

Trump's a desperate man. Do any of us doubt that he sold secrets for cash?

Ellis denied Gay Student Union co-sponsorship request as student, archives show

'Never-Ending Nightmare.' An Ohio Woman Was Forced to Travel Out of State for an Abortion

"They didn't fall for it? Don't worry. They always fall for something. What else can we feed them?"

'Zombie ice' from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches

Ex-Trump Attorney Warns Trump May Have Already 'Given Away' Sensitive Info

The great Republican abortion backtrack has begun

Singer Dinah Washington was #BornOnThisDay, Aug. 29, 1924.

Actress Nancy Kulp was born on August 28, 1921.

So what would TFG's Special Mistress actually do?

We, on the left, have no argument against God's will.

I miss this era type of pranks😭

amazing new phone technology. life changing. genius:

9th Cir. holds 2-1 Fellowship of Christian Athletes school group likely to prevail on its challenge

Looked over the list of late pardons Trump granted. These 2 jumped out:

Andean Community nations push for Venezuela, Chile, Argentina to join bloc

'A moon race': Neil deGrasse Tyson answers your Artemis I questions (CNN)

Trump's Documents Already Examined by FBI

23-year-old Brazilian man dies while in custody of ICE at abusive New Mexico detention center


Tried to join a membership. But it didn't work. I don't want to join PayPal. Where did my info go?

At least seven killed in two massacres in Colombia

FT points to Uruguay as new market for cocaine and speaks of the "burned or dismembered corpses" of

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and witch hunts....

Kenyan cyclist Sule Kangangi killed in crash at Vermont Overland gravel race

3 of 12 rail unions announce tentative deal with 24% raises

TFG is as corrupt as humanly possible--nothing off limits.

Conservatives Get Mad When Liberals Don't Roll Over And Die

Cops shoot at LGBTQ protestors during "Straight Pride" after Proud Boys start violence

My sleepy panther

Former FBI official says Russian, Chinese, and Iranian spies could have tried to infiltrate Trump's

Tesla Illegally Restricted Union Shirts, Labor Board Rules

Tesla Illegally Restricted Union Shirts, Labor Board Rules

Kazakhs Confront Russian Tourists Over 'Z' Stickers On Cars

Proud Boy Sentenced To 4.5 Years In Prison In Jan. 6 Case (MSNBC)

im sick and tired of hearing about her emails and hunter bidens laptop.

I guess I'm just slow, but I have a question.

Hot afternoon with baby elephant WanMai and her watermelons

Am I Detecting Some Backpedaling From Talking Heads That Just Last Week Had TFG In Jail?....

How cults are made. MAGA or any other.

Retrumplicans haven't made our judicial system a joke. It's always been a joke

"Trumpism no longer a political movement. It's a violent fairytale of revenge on political enemies."

Construction crews race to build replacement canal as Central Valley sinks

China irate over Kyiv pro-Taiwan group

Today's Republicans remind me of "Dolly" in an old "Family Circus" panel.

23-year-old Brazilian man dies while in custody of ICE

"Dangerous": Former GOP congressman on Lindsey Graham's "riot" warning (CNN)

Why Putin's Henchmen Are Dying for the Debut of "My Son Hunter"

Great thread regarding the FPOTUS filing and the Trump Judge's nonsense...

About those 20 Florida ex-felons who allegedly illegally voted ...

Intruder - The Lincoln Project

Bend, Oregon Safeway shooter has been identified

Oh goody. Another severe thunderstorm warning. Should be here in less than 10 minutes

We went to our favorite bakery this morning.

Strzok nails it

Meet the Local Judge Mitch McConnell's PAC Wants to Unseat

At this point, an innocent ex-potus would pro-actively reach out to doj to clear his name

GOP Paranoia Could Cost the Party in November

A responsible Senator would advocate against political violence

Michigan power outage map, right now (Consumer's Energy customers)

A Rochester couple denied allegations of racism. Then came a confession

Biden creates a new position

Just A Reminder That ...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 29, 2022

Hell hath no fury...

Ian Anderson performing a Rock Flute solo

Trump and his band of traitors are a festering wound that must be lanced.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 August 2022

It's Either A Dead Girl Or A Live Boy

"It's a violent fairytale of revenge on political enemies."

The Irony of Trump Whining that the FBI Sabotaged His 2020 Election Run is Quite Striking.

Trumpian Arizona candidates lose nonsensical bid to ban voting machines

This man is ready

Rethugs are now setting their sights on banning the pill and many forms of contraception.

The Partisan Implications of the ISL Theory

Bankrupt Infowars parent company will face second Sandy Hook defamation trial

*The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn and Her Scandalous Family PBS;

Justice Department Weighs Whether Or Not To Prosecute Trump (MSNBC)

Taking the birds out for a ride....

Pakistan floods: One third of country is under water - minister

*The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn and Her Scandalous Family PBS;

Marianne Faithfull - Sister Morphine (Live in Brooklyn 1989)

Kherson: Ukraine claims new push in Russian-held region

Pregnant inmate who lost baby after jail staff allegedly stopped at Starbucks en route to hospital

Wall Street closes lower, adding to last week's losses

Ukraine asks public to not post military updates during the Kherson offensive

Mar-a-lago should be razed to the ground ...

GOOD neighbor's crape myrtle

haha this commercial

Faa Mai wants Lek all to herself. 🤣😍

FBI raids police headquarters in Louisiana and arrests union president

David Jolly: There's A Willingness In The Trump Regime To Use Violence (MSNBC)

I wonder if Infestminster and Twinkie tower will be raided soon?

When Karl Rove complains about Democrats doing something to hurt GOP candidates, I picture this

Phoenix shooter had AR15 and tactical gear..threw molotov cocktail

The University of South Carolina has name its new mascot, and it's deeply problematic.

Biden's better poll numbers!

'Stop the Steal' organizer complains 'crippling and crushing' legal bills have hurt his ability to i

My new favorite pic of those women from Michigan:

Wynton Marsalis and Band - Smokehouse Blues. Standard Time.

A U.S. Senator's Veiled Threat Is Scrubbing the "Semi-" Off the Semi-Fascism

Illinois Family Charged for Forced Labor of Two Guatemalan Minors

New battery tech from MIT and others

Why is Oz so fucking weird?

Those Damn Onions

Hot Tuna - I Ain't In No Hurry

Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters scrubbed language on campaign website

Criminalization of Activism in Central America, Not Make It Worse

US Secret Service Assistant Director Tony Ornato leaves agency

The Other Americans: Guatemala's Attacks on Press Have Reached New Heights

FYI: Serena soon playing on ESPN.

Haberman: This is what GOP is learning about abortion rights during midterms (CNN)

Biden on Student Debt Relief

Nico - These Days (video features clips from Fellini's La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2)

Tony Ornato leaves Secret Service today

warning- bawdy humor.

In real America, you work hard, pay your bills ...

My spam e-mail box is getting weight-loss supplements from Dr. Oz..

Sometimes one misses the beauty of the flower section

Now, this is clever!

President Joe Biden will give a primetime speech about democracy from Philadelphia Thursday night

Quiet Quitting: A New Worker Trend? - Symone

Sometimes one misses the beauty at the flower stand.

I'm following Merrick Garland.

Social Security Disability

Love MSNBC but their ad department sucks.

My KISS (15sec) 2022 ad .

Periods of Drought May Be Linked to Fall of Maya Capital

You need To Get Out of This Town Now

The Rolling Stones - We Love You (1967)

Threats: GOP Shredded Over 'Riot' Talk If Trump Is Indicted, After Claims To Condemn Looting In 2020

I feel I need to post this cuz LilBit

Guatemalan girl, 5, drowns in Rio Grande after river drags her from mother's arms

Poll: will TFG get indicted???

Twitter goes down for millions unable to access website

Elderly Man Paralyzed By Cop Tasing Awarded $100 Million

Across the Desk - S6:E7 (OK Primary Election Results & How Your Vote Matters)