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Conservative Judicial Kingmaker Scores $1.6B Donation - The Katie Phang Show

Brent Terhune on student loan forgiveness (parody)

US is sending Ukraine VAMPIRE rocket launchers that can turn a regular pickup truck into a drone kil

Great t-shirt I saw today in Provincetown.

Parts Of Redacted Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit Released By Noon Tomorrow - MSNBC Reports

'Drone Boy' becomes hero in Ukraine after taking out a line of Russian tanks

Jamie Foxx doing an amazing impersonation of Trump

UNESCO Called to Save the Hagia Sophia By Greek Archaeologists

LOL!!! The White House Twitter Account Today

Meet The Man Representing Trump Over Missing Classified Documents - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Report: Benefits of dams must be replaced before breaching

Joe Cocker and John Belushi - "Feelin' Alright" (from SNL)

KC making biscuits and Shadow protecting us from the birds.

Abbott's Abortion Ban - Beto O'Rourke

Sunset, southern MD 8/25

Tweet of the Night:

Who Is The Fox News Version' Of Ari Melber? Canada's Nardwuar Grills MSNBC Anchor - The Beat MSNBC

Meadows, Powell testimony sought in Georgia election probe

Beware of Southern Storage in Fayetteville.

KC making biscuits and Shadow protecting us from the birds.

Family Research Council, a Very Powerful Right-Wing Lobbying Group, Designated a Church? C'mon Man

Tweet of the Night #2:

Another Trumpster for you all and really, really, really stinks!

Jaime Foxx does pitch perfect impression of tfg

Oz wants 5 debates as republicans question Fetterman's stroke recovery

Michigan panel recommends abortion rights proposal for ballot

Golden Earring - The Road Swallowed Her Name (1971 studio track + live, 2007)

A Rose' So Divine They Call It Baby Jesus

Bill Barr Slams Trump, Accuses Former Boss of 'Extortion' and 'Sabotage'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's student debt relief policy....

Barr: Trump using 'extortion' to control GOP

DA in Fulton County call on Mark Meadows to testify in the ongoing case

Nebraska school officials close newspaper after LGBTQ issue

This is how Democrats need to talk about President Biden.

Dr. Oz's Leaked Emails To Jared Kushner Are Raising Eyebrows

Dad chokes driver who tried to run Florida family off road in hate crime, feds say

Alex Jones lawyer takes the Fifth during Sandy Hook hearing

Democrat Tim Ryan blasts student loan forgiveness, says it sends 'wrong message'

The Euro is dropping below the dollar

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

Celebrity chef Mario Batali settles sexual assault lawsuits in Boston

Et tu, Anderson?

I'm Offended By Believers

Red panda blep:

'Turning point': Climate change forces early start to Champagne harvest

Mierda-a-Lardo has underground tunnels, new book on Giuliani's 'tragic fall' discloses

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Stealing Someones Labor ...

More than a dozen police officers were caught texting about killing Black people in California

CNN calls Biden "Indecisive" in the headline on the website.

So much misinformation out there. The rich don't take out loans for the most part. Majority of debt

Biden administration has a plan if SCOTUS tries to stop student loan forgiveness

Trump Fears Indictment As 'Lock Her Up' Rallying Cry May Come Back To Haunt Him - All In - MSNBC

IRS sets the record straight: We're going after tax evaders, not honest Americans: Op-Ed

IAEA may get into the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine. CBC News

Why the U.S. Supreme Court Is Bad for the Jews

The Removal of Some Radionuclides from the Nuclear Weapon Waste Tanks at Hanford w/Titanate IE.

Letitia Jame's Trump Investigation is Nearing its Endgame

'We are counting down the days': Projected reopening of West Seattle Bridge less than a month away

AT LAST! Mainstream Media finally acknowledges Democrats could hold House & Senate in 2022.

Isn't It Ironic THat THe Man Who Refused To Leave A Paper Trail

Democracy for America's Yvette Simpson & Christopher Scott on Midterm 2022. We will win if ...

Ain't She Sweet - Paul, George and Ringo

Chris Smalls, who Amazon fired for organizing employees to form a union, speaks at Netroots Nation.

New superfast electric car charging method reportedly takes just 10 minutes

Mondaire Jones, one of the first gay Black men in Congress, trails in House race

Weekend traffic gridlock in Seattle area likely with lane closures set for I-5, SR 520

Publicity stunt or real? Terrell Owens, age 48, runs 4.38 40-yard dash.

Ferry damaged during 'hard landing' in West Seattle could be out of service through the year

John Paul Mejia on the Sunrise Movement to solve climate change which includes jobs and justice

Butter bean salad

Lizz Winstead, The Daily Show co-creator, discusses her organization to fight the SCOTUS decision.

Holy shit! The White House just destroyed Marjorie Taylor Greene.🤣

Rep Adam Schiff 'Still Concerned' DOJ Is Moving 'Very, Very Slowly' On Jan. 6 Probe - All In - MSNBC

BREAKING: White House UNLEASHES epic Twitter thread exposing Republican Hypocrites

Inside the Secretive World of Irish Limited Partnerships

@WhiteHouse smackdown: Congressman Matt Gaetz had $482,321 in PPP loans forgiven.

"That's my stepladder," he said. "I never knew my real ladder."

Oh geez now there is a Christian mobile carrier called Patriot Mobile

U.S. judge throws out Texas gun ban for young adults after Supreme Court ruling

Why U.S. Supreme Court Justices Serve For Life - Cheddar Explains

Grateful Dead - Oh Boy! (Buddy Holly cover - Live) - 1971

Boxer George Foreman allegedly sexually assaulted 2 minors in 1970s

Trump's Truth Social HEADING TOWARD BANKRUPTCY as company falls apart - Meidas Touch

Synthetic embryos obtained without eggs or sperm advance to organ formation.

DeSantis: Fauci a 'little elf' that should be chucked 'across the Potomac'

Gov. Newsom donates $100K to DeSantis' opponent in Florida governor's race: 'I don't like bullies"

New & Improved Macro Photos!

Governor Newsom contributes to Crist campaign

Student Loan comment on LinkedIn

Tim Ryan To JD Vance: 'Screw You, We're Not Giving Up On The Industrial Midwest' - All In - MSNBC

Brandon has had just about enough of your fucking malarkey.

U.S. judge throws out Texas gun ban for young adults after Supreme Court ruling

Alex Wagner has totally lost a viewer. WTF is she doing trying to act like the college

Twitter labeled factual information about covid-19 as misinformation

How does the rise of MAGA change the way you think

96 Tears - Question Mark & The Mysterians - The Best Of ? & The Mysterians

Golden Earring - She Flies On Strange Wings (Dutch TV, 1971 & live in Voorburg, 1979 & Leiden, 1999)

The Country Needs To Come Together

Blues in the Night

Biden Says GOP Has Turned Toward "Semi-Fascism'

Democrats ahead in brand new Emerson (A-) Pennsylvania Senate and Governors polls

NRPS - "You Should Have Seen Me Running" - 1973

New Abortion Trigger Laws Taking Effect This Week - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Senate Dems brace for a red wave -- of cash

Someone needs to tell Michaels that businessmen usually make lousy public servants.

Old and In the Way - Muleskinner's Blues

The Commander - -1973 - Austin, TX - Mean Women Blues

Doobie Brothers Fan Info

He challenged his all-white city council in Alabama. Now he's on it

Dark Brandon goes off in Maryland

Thank You, Biden, For Calling Out Republican Fascism.

Robin Fulford discusses running against Dan Crenshaw in the Texas 2nd Congressional District.

Trump Is Now Whining About Not Being Allowed To Keep Classified Documents - Ring of Fire

War - Slipping Into Darkness - All Day Music - 1971

Old robovac and old car

Sunset...then flying home

Van Morrison - Wavelength - 1980 - Montreux

LA once had an alligator park...

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 28, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Cary Grant

Did Gavin McIness just get raided? (Interesting. Just found this on Twitter)

TCM Schedule for Monday August 29, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Myrna Loy

Looks like CNN really is swinging hard right

Court: Arkansas can't ban treatment of transgender kids

Three more GOP-led states enact abortion 'trigger laws'

Assemblyman, Kevin Rooney, (R-Jerkoff) introduces legislation to require edible marijuana

BREAKING: DEPOSITIONS of Sean Hannity, Tucker, and others at Fox set for NEXT WEEK by Dominion

Let's not forget about Lindsey Graham.

The wealthy oligarchs will not go quietly. Main stream media is in on it.

Biden destroys a Trumper who interrupted him during his speech at tonight's rally by screaming "You

Tweet of the Late Night:

Abortion Rights Concerns Motivating Women To Vote And Boost Democratic Candidates - The ReidOut MSNBC

US strikes Iran backed militias - ABC News

When you have a moldy block of cheese ...

I usually turn MSNBC on during the day. Open design house...just loud enough not to interfere with

'I should not be running any medical facility': Man offering abortions at sea for Texas women

How's that rebranding working for ya, Putin?

Trump DEMANDS Mitch McConnell RESIGN and mocks his wife - Meidas Touch

@POTUS uses visual aids to warn that GOP would kill @SocialSecurity if they take Congress, by requ

"The Weight" - kinda been overplayed.....

At the end of the day ...

Tim Ryan Stands With Workers - More Perfect Union

Meme baby lawsuit against former Rep. Steve King set for trial in November

Megan Coyne is the apparent new mastermind for Biden's social media

Big Pharma Lies Debunked - More Perfect Union

Maxwell Frost Could Be First Gen Z Member Of Congress - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Wajahat Ali: The Dark Brandon Rises

Pete Buttigieg attends the butter carving at the MN state fair

In late August and early September, look for a hint of the changing season in the predawn sky.

Serbia, Kosovo leaders hold talks in Brussels amid tensions - Al Jazeera

White House Pushes Journals to Drop Paywalls on Publicly Funded Research

Steve Goodman - A Dying Cub's Fan's Last Wish

Mike Luckovich-Can't forgive Biden for forgiving student loans

"Kitchen Timing" - A Legacy From Joe Biden's Mom

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump Is Living The Worst Post-Presidency Life Ever - The Last Word - MSNBC

Socialite, Widow, Jeweller, Spy: How a GRU Agent Charmed Her Way Into NATO Circles in Italy

"I was a Pell kid" at an "elite" school and I'm feeling unexpectedly emotional

Trump Truth Social trademark

Beto O'Rourke Blasts Abbott's Extreme Texas Abortion Ban - The Last Word - MSNBC

Starbucks put on notice as Laila Dalton & Bill Whitmire, organizers, enlighten us on unions

Beto O'Rourke Blasts Abbott's Extreme Texas Abortion Ban - The Last Word - MSNBC

Arlo Guthrie - Don't Think Twice - 1975

OUR PRESIDENT "Fighting Joe Biden" is on their trail !!!!

Avg new vehicle price 46K, Avg new car loan 40K. Avg car payment $667 avg used car 28K

Abbott's extreme abortion ban - Beto for Texas

something mike malloy tweeted that could give me nightmares!

Abbott's extreme abortion ban - Beto for Texas

Friday Morning Good Weekend Vibes Jazz & Bossa Nova Music for Relaxing Livestream

Beau of the 5th at his most sincere

Friday's digit: 7/10 - Summer is camping out with some heat and humidity.

Sen. Gary Peters: GOP Senate Candidates Are 'Not Ready For Primetime' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jesse Watters "Can you spank females"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a surprising internet development for Trump....

Trump's Truth Social has trademark application denied as setbacks pile up

Ry Cooder - The Prodigal Son

Olivia Rodrigo and Billy Joel perform a duet of "Uptown Girl" at Madison Square Garden

So how long before I see my Student Loan wiped from my credit report?

White House's Klain Expands On Biden's MAGA 'Semi-Fascism' Remarks - Alex Wagner MSNBC (2 videos)

Hungarian government cuts fuel subsidies amid rampant inflation - Al Jazeera

7 Little Things Newborns Do That Reveal Their Future Personality

Mobile Phone Company Makes Mission Of Christian Nationalism In Schools - Alex Wagner MSNBC (2 videos)

"Trump's secret papers and the 'myth' of presidential security clearance" (wapo)

Double ambush....

I think there should be a recount!

Redacted Affidavit In Trump Search Warrant To Be Unsealed - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Can we just call them the Qpubes?

Roe Reversal Drives Women To Polls - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

For everyone asking "where was this Joe Biden the past two years?"


18 USCodes

Where's TFG's public statements saying he has no more illegal documents,

Listener Eve has got atheists' number:

Uglicans really do share some values with Russians ....

Breakfast Friday 26 August 2022

Democrats will have between 51 to 56 US Senate seats after 2022.

A 17-year-old swam out of her flooded home with her dog and waited for hours on a roof to be rescued

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 26, 2022

Ethereum's "Merge" is about to put every ether miner out of work

Court: Arkansas can't ban treatment of transgender kids

Fish kill, nine miles of river, potentially affected by chemical spill on W.Va. Turnpike

I Never Thought I'd Live to See ...

Trump's "Harry Potter Defense"

Cost of building a small, 4 hen chicken coop

This forgiveness of student debt will lower enlistment into the military

Biden asks Republicans to shun 'MAGA' in November, vote Democrat

Some information for those concerned about safety in horse racing.

They took a former presidents law license away over lying about a blow job.

As the country loons out about student debt relief, Meadows and Powell are ordered to testify.

Sports Streaming Makes Losers of Us All

Hey Bill Barr! You mean to tell the American people that you...

Friday TOONs - Joe Did That

VERY well-trained dog! (video tweet)

Inside the Freaky World of Spotted Lanternfly Fetish Videos

This is how Trump did business his whole life.

my nominee for Tweet of the Day

Mueller told everyone years ago Barr lied about his report. That is Dereliction of Duty.

The face of evil and danger to our country

Two dead, four injured in shooting at Henderson, Kentucky homeless shelter

Karen And Her Lawyer Give Bizarre Press Conference After Claims She Threw A Racist Party

Insanely Racist Rich Couple CAUGHT Throwing 'Juneteenth Party' And That's Not All

Trump is asking his advisers if he is going to be "indicted".

The origin of Super Villians: Conduit

Seminole County, Florida halts school book fairs in response to DeSantis's "Don't Say Gay" law

Good God in Butter MI's Tudor Dixon: There is healing in making a rape vicitim have the baby

The Rundown: August 26, 2022

Creed Taylor, Producer Who Shaped Jazz for Decades, Dies at 93

All Hail the MAGA King!

The republicans are sending migrants

Jesus's miracle of loaves & fishes was a slap to all the people who brought their own lunch.

On this day, August 26, 2015, two Virginia TV station workers were shot and killed while on the air.

White House shines light on Republicans who are criticizing student debt cancellation after getting

That Release of the Search Warrant Affidavit.

Federal judge says Texas can't ban 18- to 20-year-olds from carrying handguns

Trump Golf Course in New York City Will Host Saudi-Backed Event

Moderna sues Pfizer/BioNTech for patent infringement over COVID vaccine

Household Energy Bills in Britain to Soar 80 Percent

Time For the Preacher

Fed's preferred inflation measure shows price pressures eased in July

the ads seem to write themselves,

Russia burning off $10m of gas a day at LNG plant

found this bit of audio about jt earle.

How Scotland Is Reinventing Its Centuries-Old Canals for Paddlers

Preview of page 3 of the Trump search affidavit

Stolen Top Secret Docs

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

You raised $665.00 on August 25, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

I know what I don't know.

New restrictions from major abortion funder could further limit access

Biden administration moves to formalize DACA and shield it from legal challenges

You raised $30.00 on August 25, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

You raised $15.00 on August 25, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

"I got subpoenaed and I had to tell the truth."

You raised $5.00 on August 25, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

74 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Poll shows Whitmer with double-digit lead over Dixon

Cat Power - Nothin But Time (Feat. Iggy Pop)

Democrats Flip the Script

You raised $22.00 on August 25, 2022 DU out for new BLOOD NE Gov

Cucker Tarlson fails at his attempt to ridicule Biden last evening.

Abortion, voting rights proposals should make Nov. 8 ballot, Michigan bureau says

Biden administration faces pushback over student loan debt - CBS News

It's a deal with the devil': outrage in Appalachia over Manchin's 'vile' pipeline plan

The right keeps making Dark Brandon look awesome:

The tricky politics of Democrats getting things done

Racist confrontation in Plano: What the video shows

Jackson Hole: Where Fed officials gather, and workers can't afford to stay

Cat Power - Cherokee

Glenn Kirschner: DOJ Submits a Redacted Affidavit Used at Trump's Home & Bill Barr Back in the News!

Jamie Foxx Does An Incredible Impersonation of Donald Trump

Beware new phishing message scheme: Looks like USPS

A recent painting from the Bahamas

EPA to designate 'forever chemicals' as hazardous substances

George Conway: Trump wants the affidavit to see 'who is squealing on him' - CBS News

Amy Coney Barrett's secretive faith group drove women to tears

Hal Sparks on Fire! Mitch Gargling Marbles, Hannity Losing His Mind & the GOP Running out of Money.5

Imprison Fauci (Luckovich cartoon)

Middle Age Riot tweet of the morning:

Canadian inflation eases in July, but central bank says it is still too high

No Way! Economists (Brace Yourselves!) Understimated Economic Impacts Of Rapid Global Warming

How Thoughtful! Google Changes Search Engine To Automatically Cut CO2 Impact Of Air Travel By 50%

Weird Goodbyes

Tweet acknowledging Biden's political expertise:

The Republican/Christian dilemma:

Name a crazy bat shit Democrat in Congress

I feel like God has been on my side through the beginning


Nature Climate Change - 90% Of Known Marine Species @ High/Critical Risk By 2100 w/o Real GHG Cuts

Independent conservative Dennis Pyle to be on ballot for Kansas governor, state officials say

Sean Hannity and Other Fox Stars Face Depositions in Defamation Suit

Where the child tax credit for my parents who raised their kids in the 80s and 90s?

White House Puts Republicans' Loan Forgiveness Hypocrisy On Blast

There's pearl clutching, and then there's extreme pearl clutching

Large elite corporations are conspiring to cut us off from communities and control all communication

The fascist media circus is trying ever so dutifully to come up with excuses for why trump had our

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 26, 2022

Rhode Island students sued for the right to civics lessons. Now they will ensure others benefit

Russia is burning off millions of dollars in gas every day.

'Democrats have their mojo': has the tide shifted for Biden and his party?


What about those unfortunate people who paid Estate Tax on anything over $5.5 million

Percentage of Heavy Drinking Days Following Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy vs Placebo

ohn Fugelsang w/ Stephanie Miller Doing Impressions of Trump & Shooting Holes Through GOP Arguments

Biden: They're about to find out! (2nd tweet):

'Curious' worker ignites foam, causes huge warehouse fire in China

Jerome Powell Warns That War on Inflation May Be Painful

Tweet of the Day

The River Is The Place Of Healing Elephants Who Have Bad Memories - ElephantNews

Anatol Lieven: Ukraine Has Become a Bloody Stalemate. We Need a Settlement to End the Fighting.

New Model Army - Vengeance

Texas requires 'In God We Trust' signs in schools. A man wants some in Arabic.

its groaner time !!!!!

Seaspiracy on Netflix

Retirement Plans Poised to Benefit From Student Loan Forgiveness

Dr. Oz's Senate hopes dealt Fatal blow with Bombshell revelations

Shy Donkey With Strange Hidden Talent Shocks New Owner

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Seaspiracy on Netflix

As Afghanistan Faces Economic Crisis, U.S. Could Help Prevent Mass Starvation by Unfreezing Funds

SCOTUS will probably kill student loan relief. But Biden has a backup plan

Unwanted dog gets the best mom. And a sister from another mother.

Help please from classical music buffs and artists!

Abandoned Pittie Puppy Watches Her Family Grow

Trigger Laws Make Abortion Off Limits for Millions; Patients Face "Intolerable" Risk & Uncertainty

Military recruitment in Nebraska, U.S. is falling short of goals

Excellent reading!

Olbermann: Fox Guest says Trump may have taken nuclear retaliation plans

new book banning rule

A few yucks -- editorial cartoons

GOP Candidate Scrubs Extreme Abortion Views From Website (MSNBC)

Rape Victims Can Find 'Healing' In Having Baby, Says GOP Candidate (MSNBC)

Over the years law enforcement has investigated at least 3 women with foreign connections

Feds investigating Ukrainian immigrant who posed as a Rothschild, infiltrated Mar-a-Lago

Here's the 38 page affidavit, at last. There doesn't appear to be anything earthshaking.

Biden Calls MAGA Philosophy 'Semi-Fascism' (MSNBC)

Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis deepens

Biden administration to declare toxic 'forever chemicals' as hazardous

canals of england.

FIRST DAY - A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5***

Grandma question on Reddit:

psilocybin Shows promise for treatment of alcoholism

DOJ ordered to release redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit by judge - ABC News

German consumer confidence hits record low as energy bill fears soar

Slowdown in inflation buoys consumer sentiment

Cats on the wacky-weed

I have an online friend....

Trump's Social Media App Accused Of Not Making $1.6M In Payments (MSNBC)

This is gross. The Libertarian party of NH are DNA level rotten.

Biden is finally throwing the hard balls.

INVENTING ANNA: A Tale of a Fake Heiress, Mar-A-Lago, and an FBI Investigation

Federal Indictment of Active Military Member on Firearms Charges (3D printed switches)

DAMN - Hillary is stomped by Kim (and is so gracious about it)

Defendants targeted in DeSantis' voter fraud crackdown were told they could vote

Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-paw-sible Not To Laugh At

I really appreciate hearing President Biden use the F word.

As the steps the Fed believes necessary to control inflation are being termed "painful", it

Local CBS channel says CBS will have network news bulletin when affidavit released

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's CHIPs executive order....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 26, 2022)

Biden approval skyrockets - now higher than Trump, Obama, Clinton, Carter, or Reagan

Link to the just-released MAL search warrant affadavit

Georgia DA Fani Willis moves through Trump lackeys: Giuliani, Graham, Kemp and Meadows

Trump's Truth Social website hasn't paid rent in 6 months. Owes 1.6 million to webhost-company.

"I will go down with this ship"

Throw him to the ground, cuff him...

This is the unsealed, redacted affidavit

Beto's first tv ad.....

Justice Department makes redacted Mar-a-Lago documents public

Check out website ""

DU EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of alleged "Swatting" call to 911 regarding Marjorie Taylor Greene

Revealed: leaked video shows Amy Coney Barrett's secretive faith group drove women to tears

CNN trying to help Trump.

Woman Sees a Stray Kitten On The Edge Of a Bridge And Rushes To Save Her

Hurricane watchers - The second one is looking ominous

Poland says WWII grave destroyed by Russian ally Belarus

(LIVE) Redacted affidavit for search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home released - CBS News


Let me make it pellucidly clear


So Human Intelligence INFO were in MAL?

Of course this sociopath likes and employs a guy whose first name is Kash...

Sheririlyn Ifill: Gov Whitmer, AG Dana Nessel, Secy of State Jocelyn Benson- defenders of democracy

This affidavit is alarming but yet.....

Woman appears to attack group leaving restaurant in video, tells them to 'Go back to India'

Judge surprised Alex Jones' lawyer took the Fifth 25 times in disciplinary hearing: 'highly unusual'

Kevin McCarthy vows to punish Democrats and Big Tech after Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook suppressed

So what should I call him?

Trump is going to say that the fact that highly secret documents were mixed in with

50 Pets Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren't

Putin's Secret Neo-Nazi Armies Decade of Hate


found the full Biden rally online

Handwritten notes

Stacey Abrams's Rising Financial Fortunes Draw Fire From the Right

Okay, why is this indicted creatin still sitting as a AG in Texas....

Is There Anything In This Released Document That Can Help TFG's Case?....

an ancient warning "look Behind"

Report large, striped-eyed grasshoppers, state urges

Does this bug you? Not me.

"Semi"? President Biden deserves credit for his self-restrained understatement.

Times have changed: No AG Barr, No lawyers, No office of the presidency, to save the traitor.

What's next? "My wife brought the boxes with her"?

Clustertrump's hand written notes on docs. Poll but please add

Was Tr**p So Astute That He Knew What Documents Could Be Most Valuable To Him & His.....

How A Jack Russell Terrier Saved Its Owner From A Bear Attack In Vermont

A redacted thread uncovered!

Has anyone watched Riverdale, based on Archie comics

National security analyst can't come up with a single excuse for Trump

How secure were the secret documents as they were being driven to Florida.

No nuclear codes found?

Very sad day for me today.

COVID case average increases in Wisconsin

Two Baby Elephants Having After-Dinner Fun With a Tire

SIGINT was not mentioned in the document

So did you hear Kelly O'Donnell making excuses for Slobby's hasty packing

Most Incredible Footage of Rhino Calf Birth

Slate "The One Big Lesson for Merrick Garland in the Newly Released Barr Memo"

Here is the memorandum supporting the redactions. It's more interesting

Ummmm ... I think this might have been modified ...

Wanna bet Trump does not return to MAL? It is now poisoned for him.

Biden finally busts out the F-word: MAGA is more than "semi-fascism"

Partisan Gerrymandering Actually Peaked In 2012

He Knows Too Much.....

I bet secret spy operations have been or will be shut down because of what trump did.

Link service returns to normal tomorrow, August 27

50 Soul Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile

Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Reveals Who Could Be Endangered By Classified Documents ( MSNBC)

Cartoons 8/26/2022

Night Sky

Why Student Loan Forgiveness Might Be Good Politics

Flights from Paine Field to Anchorage will begin this fall

Analyst explains meaning of 'top secret' documents. There were 25 at Mar-a-Lago (CNN)

Evergreen State Fair is the hot ticket as 11-day run kicks off

GOP's 'candidate quality' problem deeper than candidates

Any speed readers here, with legal knowledge, who can tell us what's important in the affidavit?? nt

Biden kicks off midterm campaigning, promotes Democratic wins

Just learned that a high school classmate 'passed away in her sleep this morning. She was very Happy

Maybe the documents got to Maralago by accident

A question about the student loan forgiveness

Drought forces earliest harvest ever in French wine country

@emptywheel is the gold standard if you, like me, crave the best legal explanation and deep dives.

I wonder if they found the file on Khashoggi in one of the boxes?

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza

Bettye LaVette is having a bit of a resurgence lately, or maybe I just lost sight of her

We're Not Gonna Take It

Inside Trump's public bravado and private resistance over Mar-a-Lago documents

Crafty Joe taking questions in front of Marine One throws SHADE on Margie Greene

Sandy Hook families ask judge to order Alex Jones to relinquish control of his company

Texas trigger law banning almost all abortions in effect now

This alone should make Trump unable to ever run for any office again!

WH doing a good job clapping back at Republicans over student loan forgiveness

Woman claiming to be a Rothschild infiltrated Mar-a-Lago

Why Are They Treating Tr**p With Kid Gloves.....

SC lawmakers didn't know $1.5 million was for private 'school?' Is that some sort of joke?

Jungle Bird: Tiki goes dark and bitter.

Tweet of the Day (Canada):


TCM later:

Biden's 1st midterms campaign speech targets Trump and 'MAGA Republicans'

Trump's latest grift -- the 'Save America PAC' $100-million hoard

My favorite paragraph in the affidavit:

"Trump needs better legal representation"...

'"I've declassified everything in the world - I'm president!' C'mon" -- Dark Brandon

'Nothing Mentioned On Nuclear': Trump Slams FBI, Judge Amid Affidavit Warrant Release (MSNBC)

Secret Service recovers $286M in stolen pandemic loans

(Jewish Group) Jewish community buys back Montana's first synagogue from Catholic Diocese

My brother was found dead yesterday

The Feast (Gwledd) available on Hulu

(Jewish Group) Texas is shipping migrants to New York. A Jewish group is giving them a warm welcome.

Inflation falls for first time in more than two years, key U.S. gauge shows, due to sinking gas pric

Spy vs. Bloated Tick

Charlie Crist expected to select Karla Hernandez-Mats as running mate

Flattop Mountain blueberries!

Prosecutors Ask for 17-Year Jail Sentence for Vet Who Assaulted a Cop with Marine Corps Flag on Jan.

So the affidavit assessment only deals with the docs...

Texas is shipping migrants to New York. A Jewish group is giving them a warm welcome.

(Jewish Group) A novice baker has a soft, fresh take on your grandma's mandel bread

I watched a bit of FOX News with Sandra Smith and John Roberts a couple of hours ago...

Trump Bolted to Mar-a-Lago With Over Two Dozen 'TOP SECRET' Docs, Affidavit Reveals

Reporters Examine First Pages Of Affidavit Used For Trump Search Warrant

If TFG thinks he can declassify anything. Shouldn't Biden be able to declassify TFG's tax returns?

NBC Considers Cutting Back Programming Hours in Prime Time

'Church Militant' member who fired shots on federal building dies after 'medical episode' in TN

The critical revelation from the Mar-a-Lago affidavit...

From Page 8 of the affidavit

Shit....I agree with Karl Rove (brb gotta shower in bleach)

Have Any Repugs Made Any Statements About This DOJ Redacted Document Release Today?.....

How incompetent are Trump's lawyers? They haven't served the DOJ in their "special master" suit

That's probably correct...

From the "We-told-you-so" file: TFG still stiffing his bills after all these years...

Mike Barnicle asked Neal Katyal a question...

There be Dragons in this world.

"The government is conducting a criminal investigation..."

The redactions helped

Now that Mara-A- Lago has been searched in a limited way and many suspicious things were found.

Donald Trump's Pumpkin Patch

Affidavit Says Classified Documents Stored At Mar-a-Lago Weren't In Secure Location

"Let me finish! Let me finish!" Dershy talking about massage from "middle-aged woman"

How many people were compromised or killed because Traitor would POCKET top secret docs

Here's how Trump reacted to the Mar-a-Lago affidavit release (CNN)

Dennis Prager Thinks The Nazis Had Some Good Points, Actually

Do you know why the TFG took all those documents to Mar-a-Lago?

Has the National Archives gone thru all the boxes of documents that were seized on August 8th?

Under Trump,

(Jewish Group) The CNN documentary glossed over progressive antisemitism.


The time line is so bad for Trump. Jan 2021 - to effin August 2022.

Full Panic Mode

Trump RAGES Over Released Affidavit Evidence - The Damage Report

This homophobic Twitter troll f*cked around with Brian Sims and quickly found out

BOMBSHELL Lauren Boebert Report Exposes Serious Dirt Hidden In Her Past

emptywheel tweet: Trump Had Human, Signals, and FISA Intelligence in an Insecure Room

Biden wrecks Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump as GLOVES COME OFF - Brian Tyler Cohen

Glenn Kirschner w/ Stephanie Miller: Indictment Coming Soon for Trump? And Bill Barr's Cover Up.

So we know Kash Patel is likely getting indicted or a plea deal. What about Devin Nunes?

Them there GOBers are having a hissy fit because the DOJ had redacted all the good stuffs!

Trump Devastated As Affidavit Says He Had Information On US Spies

Anyone been to Scotland recently?

I saw somewhere Trump may have written notes on documents.

Steve Schmidt FTW

I want everyone who advised TFG which documents to keep to be indicted,

I need a gif for someone at their kitchen table and their head exploding, kinda like "Scanners"

We are seeing democracy and justice working as one!

Trump Had Human, Signals, and FISA Intelligence in an Insecure Room at Mar-a-Lago for a Year

My friend was invited to a Jewish wedding in an affluent suburb recently.

A Traitor To The United States of America ...

Columbo & Ivanka

A Russian Spy visited Mar A Lago?

Detroit Giant slide closes the same day it opens after riders "grab some air"

Pagan and witchcraft festivals confront growing Christian harassment

What will it take before they ever arrest and charge Trump?

Why The Accompanying Mar-a-Lago Memo May Be More Significant Than The Affidavit Itself

Drought is exposing world relics -- from dinosaur tracks to Nazi ships

FBI's Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit reveals how Trump may have compromised national security -

Okay this tweet really made me giggle 😆

Too Many Questions I Wish to Not Answer

Has anyone ordered a new CPAP machine recently?

Amy Klobuchar: "People could die." #TrumpisaNationalDisgrace

fox news 4p et, cavuto show. Theme, was 'the break-in' to President Trump's home

Cognitive Dissonance

Federal obstruction of Justice, obstructing a federal investigation is a serious felony.

Trump fan who assaulted Capitol cops with Trump flag, billboard on Jan. 6 gets over 3.5 years in pri

Does anyone near Pittsburgh want a cat with an attitude?

Badass outlaw biker doing badass outlaw biker shit

Any comments from Mike Pompeo?

Mark Meadows Ordered To Testify Before Georgia Grand Jury ( MSNBC)

3 big things we learned from the Mar-a-Lago affidavit

Well, this explains a lot.

live long and prosper mr spock

Update to and request re: "Stick Up for Your Rights" Sticky Note Pro-Choice Messaging Campaign

State Department Confirms American Citizen Killed In Ukraine (MSNBC)

NASA contractor arrested for January 6th participation

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's unsealed affidavit....

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 26, 2022

2021 Letter to DOJ: ...there was a covert communications channel between Alfa Bank,

Abortion Issue Deflates GOP Hopes for November

Everyone around Trump corruptly trying to help him better be careful, they won't.

Now I'm aggravated. Dow drops 1000+ points.

If Trump goes to jail, does he still have a secret service guy by his cell?

Fears of a radiation leak mount near Ukrainian nuclear plant

Washington State to follow California in phasing out gas vehicles

Washington State to follow California in phasing out gas vehicles

It Took Me a Few Seconds ...

On this day, August 26, 1949, Bob and Dick Cowsill were born.

FBI: Trump mixed top secret docs with magazines, other items

FBI: Trump mixed top secret docs with magazines, other items

MSNBC: Andrew Weissmann said in his professional opinion Trump will be prosecuted.

Kremlin TV Desperately Wants You to Move to Russia Right Now

When does Trump try to flee the country?

If in June or July 2015 that guy had said, "look, I have money. I don't need to do this,"

If Trump flees the country, where will he go?

lawyers on DU . Did you ever need to get a clearance to defend a client ?

Is it possible that some of the redactions includes names of individuals Trump tried

So, where is the gangster today, and is he spouting off

"The FBI has not yet... "

So, Bloated Tick is lashing again

Probate Issues Part 2

3M combat earplug lawsuits to proceed, judge rules, despite bankruptcy case

Save the mangroves:

Kushner Calls Chrissy Teigen 'Nasty Troll' for Ivanka Dunks

RNC fires national spokesperson and head of Black Media Affairs

I wonder how much Trump used his sharpie to redact info on him while he went thru all those papers?

Magical Security Charms!

White House Twitter thread trolling Republicans features a N.J. flair: Meet 26 year old Megan Coyne

This is not, repeat not, creative speculation, it is the Macguffin Assertion

Maxwell Frost coming up on

"O.K., They're starting to realize it's bad" - Asha Rangappa

A Little Girl Gets A Doll That Looks Like Her

What actress is forever associated with one role for you?

Louisiana woman denied abortion despite fetus's fatal abnormality to travel to North Carolina

Rescue Pet Photos Of This Month August Edition

My crazy prediction for the 2024 Republican Presidential nominee

"ORCON (secret level ) is REALLLLLLLL BAD"

And That Is All Our Business

I wonder if Traitor Trump's next move will be to threaten to disclose top-secret information if he

Dow drops 1,008 after Fed's Powell says rates will stay high

President Biden STUNS with EPIC MAGA takedown in most POWERFUL speech yet - Meidas Touch

"The single greatest threat to our national security is Donald Trump" - 2017

To all those so called Trump loyalists who idly stood by and watched him commit his illegal schemes?

Far-Right Trump Supporters Call For Mar-a-Lago Tapes After Redacted Affidavit Released - MSNBC Reports

Louisiana woman who alleges she was denied abortion after fetus' fatal diagnosis says 'it should not

Ron Klain: 'Democracy Is Definitely On The Ballot' (MSNBC)

does anyone know why we waited to get..

To all who voted for Trump, and you in the GOP too gutless to stop him

Thanks again, Jim Comey

We allowed the Murdoch family to ruin America.

Crist to pick Miami teachers union head as his running mate

Reuters Exclusive: Pennsylvania candidate Mastriano posed in Confederate uniform at Army War College

Establishing an Ambassador-at-Large for the Arctic Region

Maryland Grassroots Event with President Joe Biden - Joe Biden

Late 2021, SIC couldn't positively determine an intent or purpose to Alfa Bank covert comms

The convenient and inconvenient truth about who pays income tax

Andrew Weissmann Predicts 'The former president will be prosecuted' - Deadline - MSNBC

Republican rhetoric sounds like it's 1930 again

I like the way

My question

Sanitized Freeperville comments: Dershowitz on Newsweek: DOJ can indict tfg

Just when I think I can't possibly hate Ted Cruz more...

Any intelligence experts here who can tell me...

'Deadbeats' Don't Pay Debts, Says Trump Fed Pick Held in Contempt for Not Paying Debts

Is there a grand jury working on the Trump espionage case?

I was pulling some vining weeds away from the sedum and got quite a surprise

Spies at MAL? I dunno any spies at MAL.

Elizabeth Warren points out Mitch McConnell graduated from a school that cost $330 a year amid his c

Photo: "Whoever Needs, Come And Eat"

Scam alert: No, you don't have to pay for student loan forgiveness - KSAT 12

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Mississippi's Jim Crow-era felony voting law is constitutional, federal court rules

Bill Nye Addresses Trump's Suggestion To Nuke Hurricanes - The Katie Phang Show

Pakistan floods: Over 935 people killed, more than 33 million affected (pictures)

Somebody better pay for all this, hopefully with other suspects to be indicted with the Orange Blob?

A little-known, 90-year-old Chicago businessman reportedly gave $1.65 billion to Republican causes.

GSA says it had no role in packing the boxes Trump took.

Creation of linguistic landscapes using ancient and contemporary Mayan writing

I don't think we should be shocked TFG took docs

Another Roadside Attraction - The Maze (Canadian progressive rock band

Analogy for the current state of the Republican party- In game or toy form. Play away!

Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Suggests Someone Very Close To Trump Leaked Info To FBI - The Katie Phang Show

Russian-Speaking Immigrant Allegedly Entered Mar-A-Lago Using Fake Identity, Met With Trump

Hanford nuclear site: State, feds agree to allow tanks to continue leaking

White Witch - Have You Ever Thought Of Changing?/Jackson Slade

Peter Navarro Melts Down After Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Released

Russian woman posing as Anna de Rothschild infiltrated Mar-A-Lago multiple times...

Is this the worst security breach in American history?

$2 million in proposed funding would supply KCSO with body cameras, co-response

Working with invisible magnetic fields can be difficult

Louisiana to plug more than 250 orphaned oil wells with money from Biden's infrastructure law

This is a link to Reality Winner's

Colorado mom guilty of Qanon kidnapping conspiracy

Trump election probe in Georgia cites voting system breach

Republicans are in support of trump selling Americas top secrets to our enemies.

Feds arrest five members of 'B Squad' militia allegedly run by former GOP House candidate in Jan. 6

Bill Kristol has a sad regarding the WH tweets"THIS YOU GOP?"

The ReidOut was on fire today. If you missed it, catch it on the stream.

Fox Guest DESTROYS host's lies about Trump FBI Search on LIVE TV - MeidasTouch

Fox Guest DESTROYS host's lies about Trump FBI Search on LIVE TV - Meidas Touch

Greg Lake - Take a Pebble (Pre-tour rehearsal, 2005)

Biden: MAGA Republicans F*cked Around, And Are About To Find Out

It started when General Flynn lied to the FBI about talking with the Russians.

Don't kid yourself! There is only one reason that the MAGA/Q-anon screamers want to see the

Nevada GOP secretary of state nominee funded by election deniers and QAnon supporters

An American Prayer (& thoughts)

If you have never seen it, imagine a sewer backup through a restaurant size garbage disposal

Who do you think will be on the Sunday shows this week?

tiedrich: "spoiler alert: it turns out that Donald Trump was the enemy of the people all along"

Dark Brandon is all out of Malarkey to give. He's just done. Go JOE BIDEN. nt

Abortion Is Wedging the GOP. And They Don't Know How To Respond.

Florida man convicted in hate crime road rage attack on Black martial artist dad who fought back

Seattle region's multifamily production forecast to hit 5-year high

La. woman, denied an abortion for fetus without skull, says she'll seek the procedure out

Followers of QAnon 'Queen of Canada' obeyed her orders to arrest police officers. It hasn't turned o