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Where are the Bob Barrs, the Tom Delays, the Dick Armeys, the Newt Gingrichs, the Denny Hasterts,

Lost a Friend to Stupidity- House of the Dragon SPOLIERS

Shandi- He's A Dream

Hashbrown omelet

Four score and one

Sheer Panic For Trump And His Lawyers: Criminal Searches Mount, Giuliani 'Targeted' For Charges

Remember when some folks here on DU said the J6 Committee would be ignored

[Tweet]: Fox News just showed a "poll" that Herschel Walker is tied with Raphael Warnock in GA

Blue - The Birthday Massacre

Sen. Ron John says he sees no need to testify before the Jan 6 committee because he was involved in

Do you think some of them

I've Read Nearly All the Books by Former Trump Officials. Now We Have the Worst.

Black People Are Finding Their Ancestors Through Centuries-Old Newspaper Ads

Trump And Mark Meadows Wanted To Give Sensitive FBI Intel To Conservative Journalists - Ring of Fire

Judge sets expedited schedule for Lindsey Graham testimony to ensure he can't stall for months

King County warns swimmers at several beaches after sewage spill

Trump had more than 300 classified documents at Mar-a-Lago

Bellingham Police investigating series of reports of a man touching women along trail

Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago

Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago

Kansas recount confirms landslide win for abortion rights, but highlights risk to democracy

Billy Wylder: Whatcha Looking For

UW Ranks Among Top 20 Universities In The World

See The Disconnect

Alex Jones, that sure didn't last long

Gas prices keep sliding in U.S.; some experts watching tropical weather

The IRS could be on the verge of changing the way Americans file their taxes

Republican SINKS himself with dumbest answer possible to incriminating question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Donald Trump Jr. Offers Wildest Defense Yet Of His Dad and proves he's a dumbass in the process

Trump Legal Meltdown: Trump Motions To Review Seized Mar-A-Lago Docs As Right-Wing Media Leaks Info

Why new Trump lawsuit shows disagreement behind the scenes (CNN)

Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here's How.

Shostakovich. Violin Concerto No 1

Radar Love

Lindsey Graham is running out of rope & likely will soon find himself in the GA grand jury hot seat

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about talking points that are destroying families....

The Dangerous New Movement In Right-Wing America - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Republican Infighting Escalates As Hannity Attacks Mitch McConnell - Ring of Fire

GOP Senate Candidates Struggle With Less Than Three Months Until The Midterms - Deadline - MSNBC

There's No Way That Donald Trump Will Do Well In The Court Says Weissmann - Deadline - MSNBC

"Dark Money" should not be permitted to be used for any purpose in politics.


*Dr. Fauci coming up on Rachel show.

White House reportedly doesn't approve of Dennis Rodman's plan to rescue Brittney Griner

Confederate statue is bulldozed as mayor livestreams it, video shows. 'Not in my town'

Michael Keaton: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Is 'Extraordinary' - Deadline - MSNBC

Has DU discussed the possibility that DJT is a long-time top echelon confidential informant?

U.S. judge questions Idaho abortion ban challenged by Biden administration

Judge wants list of questions that attorneys say Lindsey Graham can, can't answer before grand jury

Breast-feeding mom in underwear saves pet goose attacked by eagle.

Herschel Walker (Luckovich Cartoon)

BREAKING: Trump files Motion to STOP Mar-A-Lago Record Review and appoint Special Master - Meidas Touch

Matt Gaetz, who is under FBI investigation for sex trafficking: "This is a movement for winners!"

Always 😆😝 have a story ready for job interview questions.

Give it up, Mark Gietzen. You can't Donald Trump your way out of Kansas abortion vote

New Chicago elections map cutting precincts significantly ahead of November general election

Pujols 693 vs Cubs

Got to love the CHiPs!

Navy Vet REACTS to Republicans wanting Trump to be DICTATOR of America - Meidas Touch

This latest revelation about the over 300 classified docs and TFG deciding what to hand over...

Woke: "alert to injustice in society, especially racism." That's how the dictionary defines this

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

NYT: Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents At Mar-a-Lago - All In - MSNBC

DOJ launches federal civil rights investigation into violent Arkansas arrest caught on video

With Texas' Restrictive Abortion Laws, Strange Things are Beginning to Show Down South

It's breaking right now on Maddow and O'Donnell that trump himself...

Mrs. Betty Bowers asks an intriguing question

Fetterman Calls for Prosecution of Corporate Executives 'Gouging Consumers'

My dog has better chance in my Will, but Lounge gets a shot

Time Stand Still - Rush

Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher

Tuesday Digit: 7/10 - August is still here, so the lack of 90s and high humidity merits

If someone else has brought this out

I Feel Like I Just Won The Lottery

Hey Yankees, as much as I love Harrison Bader. I think we won that trade.

My wish list for SNL hosts and musical guests this season:

Leonard Leo, The Most Powerful Person In America You've Never Heard Of - All In - MSNBC (2 videos)

Timelapse of the traitorous attack on our Capitol, Jan 6

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

This will sound like a joke but it is serious. Is Hershel Walker the dumbest Sen candidate ever?

Here's where the two NY21 Democratic candidates stand on top issues - NCPR

Girl Crush.You know I'm all MELODY, *not* lyrics - and yet

Stonehenge Dronescapes is in Stonehenge world Heritage site, Great Britain.

Nearly all marine species face extinction if greenhouse emissions don't drop: study

Florida primaries: The political brawl brewing over Miami's airwaves

Hungary's weather chief sacked over wrong forecast

Salt mountain in Iran ( tweeted photo )

Trump seeks to temporarily block FBI from reviewing items seized from Florida home

Trump's lawyers admit to him violating the Espionage Act in their own court filing; legal analyst

Canadian Tweet:

Does anyone believe the top secret documents were not copied and given to Flynn, Bannon,

There is Just No. Innocent. Explanation. For. Any. Of. This. Period.

Far-right Italian leader blasted for posting rape video

Arkansas violated the Voting Rights Act by limiting help to voters, a judge rules

Colombia to divert criminals' assets to social good: president

BREAKING: DOJ issues a NEW Subpoena to National Archives Relating to Jan 6 - Meidas Touch

Judge in Trump Search Case Issues Written Order Seeking Redactions

Could Colombia's new president help Washington solve the Venezuela crisis? Gustavo Petro offers U.S.

Trump's lawyers file motion for "special master" in Mar-a-Lago search - CBS News

Powerful solo performance from Nick Cave

Tuesday Morning Positive Happy Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Colo. Senator Says He 'Cannot Continue' to Be a Republican Due to Party's Jan. 6, Stolen Election Cl

How Latin America Could Inspire and Inform the US Fight for Reproductive Justice

Tweet of the Late Night:

After being fired by Robin Vos Michael Gableman now working for conservative law firm

Life transitions, ain't they awful - old sister went to "independent living"

Winging it into the sunset.

Why do the late night shows have long breaks during the summer?

Opinion: Late-night television's golden age is over

Just can't get away from Trump.

Tracheotomy performed on former Paraguayan President Lugo

Joy Reid: Trump Can't Seem To Understand Those Documents Belong To The American People - The ReidOut

Beautiful clouds tonight from my back yard.

If you haven't seen the actual Trump document requesting the Master

over 300 top secret docs. tell me obama wouldn't have been handcuffed & perp walked for

this vid is just peak jt.

On Thursday Aug. 25 we will have an opportunity to catch sight of the two brightest objects

An old homophobe comes out from hiding

'Rubio Is Scared. Val Demings Is Dream Candidate For The Democrats' Florida Pollster Says - ReidOut

U.S. court upholds Conoco's $8.7 billion award for loss of Venezuela assets

Young Gun Safety Advocate Takes Activism To Congress By Running For Office - The Last Word - MSNBC

The death of decency?

Archives warned of national security damage from Trump's classified Mar-a-Lago docs, letter shows

How a Secretive Billionaire Handed His Fortune to the Architect of the Right-Wing Takeover of the Co

'Mr. Trump Went Through The Boxes Himself' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Dear media: I want to hear you ask

Markos Moulitsas, DailyKos Founder, infers that based on data, Dems should win Midterm 2022.

Twins turn their second triple play of the season

Charge the appraiser who lowballed the black professor's home by 300K with felony theft.

Kiela Smith-Upton discusses Artists Design the Future, her worker cooperative of BIPOC people.

Colorado GOP Sen. Kevin Priola switches party affiliation to Democrat, citing election conspiracies

Colorado GOP Sen. Kevin Priola switches party affiliation

Dr. Fauci On His Announcement To Step Down And The Health Threat Of Toxic Politics - Rachel Maddow

Nanacamilpa Firefly Forest

Are Porsches out of style?

Former Trump Aide Patel makes DUMBEST CLAIM YET about Stolen Top-Secret Documents

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about if Trump did declassify the documents....

Going up for auction soon! Get your bids in now if you really need this !

I would like to know

Bill Barr Lied About Considering Charging Trump With Obstruction Of Mueller, Court Says- Rachel Maddow

Here's a good link

Better ice tower reservoirs for farming (

Crime and no punishment: Impunity shrouds killings of Indigenous Amazonian defenders

'Staggering': Schiff On NYT Report Of Quantity, Range Of Classified Mar-a-Lago Materials- Rachel Maddow

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping -live

Los Lobos - Don't Worry Baby

tiedrich replies to warnock's tweet about walker

Los Lobos - One Time, One Night

Another side of Chumbawamba

GOP Candidate Saying it's 'Totally Just' to Kill Gay People Resurfaces

The Differences Between Parmesan, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Grana Padano, Explained

Trump PAC paid nearly $1 million to defense lawyers in July alone as Georgia and New York probes hea

Trump Files Lawsuit In Mar-a-Lago Search - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How do uninsured folks in Texas pay medical bills ?

Migrant Surge Strains NYC, D.C. Resources - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Daily Show: Catching Up With the January 6 Hearings

Identical cuteness

In Fauci We Trust: Dr. Fauci Announces He's Stepping Down In December - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

SO GOOD! 💙 "Look At All These FBI's" Parody. This man is fabulous!💙 Show this thread

Breakfast Tuesday 23 August 2022

DR Oz and the GOP's latest campaign strategy: Uncle Fester lol

Rob Portman's former chief of staff, John Bridgeland, supports Ryan over Vance

Dayton area people, remember Brock Turner, convicted rapist? Apparently he's bar hopping

If TFG believes he declassified the top secret documents, and

Giovanni Punto's 'Horn Concerto'

Crimea tourists helping Ukraine

Rossini's 'Bassoon Concerto'

Dvorak - Serenades for Winds, Strings

Tuesday TOONs - Pointed Inquiries

Wordle 430 ***Spoiler Thread***

This is an excellent explanation about self satisfaction.


Russian TV news head hints at country's role in Skripal poisoning

Archives warned of national security damage from Trump's classified Mar-a-Lago docs, letter shows

The maximum number of seats in the US Senate the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

This back to physical school is tough on the Boog the drama.

Ex-Twitter exec blows the whistle, alleging reckless and negligent cybersecurity policies

So How Many People Who Weren't at the Insurrection, Were Indicted or Convicted?

Boris Nemtsov warned about Russia's war against Ukraine back in 2014

(Not likely to happen, but . . . . ) If a Special Master is appointed,

The DOJ must act quickly. Trump will obstruct justice, tamper with witnesses, destroy evidence.

The vitriol against Dr fauci

As an aside, what happened to Sheldon Adelson's widow, Miriam?

You may have often heard this kind of talk before,

Question. It took the FBI 6 months to figure out Trump lied to them?

This is a preview of what the republicans will do everywhere in 22 and 24

I've lost my mojo.

The amount of lawyers who have committed crimes for Trump is staggering.

CNN Staff Fears Right-Wing Billionaire Will Turn It Into a Dumpster Fire

The Wizard Himself:

Devoted cat:

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

BREAKING: MASSIVE amounts of Classified Documents Found at Mar-a-Lago, letter reveals

A Democratic Foe Emerges From the Dark Swamp (my words)

Marcy Wheeler (Emptywheel) on Trump's "Special Master" filing

Why CNN cancelled Brian Stelter

On August 22, 1914, country music impresario Connie B. Gay was born.

Severe European drought reveals sunken World War II warships on Danube River

On this day, August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake was felt across the eastern U.S.

I wonder if the TS/SCI docs at Mar-a-Lago showed that


Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 8/14-8/20/2022

Ron Filipkowski defines "RINO":

The Rundown: August 23, 2022

77 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

What donations to Trump are actually paying for:

Trump believed that he was safe in Mar a Lago

The 38 Best IPAs in America Right Now

Mitch McConnell Says Voter Fraud Is Rare

Walmart male "Karen" costs them 4.4 million under new anti profiling law

You raised $1,320.00 on August 22, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Who is Evan Corcoran?

Have a blessed day the hypocrisy

You raised $25.00 on August 22, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Blast from the past: "I don't call them Democrats and republicans. I call them

Exclusive: Yelp to flag listings for crisis pregnancy centers

Women in Ohio Are Using TikTok to Warn Each Other About Brock Turner

Check this out...2.5 MILLION $

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the ceremony to raise Ukraine's flag

Have any Republicans commented on the 300 documents yet?

Still say he copied the papers to hold the country hostage if not elected again.

Tweet regarding Beto

Guest opinion: Yes, Mr. DeSantis, I am woke

Who wore it better?

It has been reported some of the documents are from The CIA, NSA, and FBI.

Guest opinion: Yes, Mr. DeSantis, I am woke

Choices, choices...

Trump, golf and Saudi Arabia: A filthy cycle of "sportswashing"

Documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago were among government's most classified, letter shows

Rachel M destroys Barr the liar. So time to charge him right now.

Exclusive: Justice Department issues new subpoena to National Archives for more January 6 documents

Just say you lied to Fox News viewers, Saying it wasn't "accurate information" It's not good Enough

Twitter misled investors, FTC and underplayed spam issues (Washington Post)

Thank you, A.G. Garland for aiming the Arrow of Justice straight into the corrupt heart of D.J.Trump

Publix heiress is helping fund some of Florida's most competitive school board races

I am SO fed up with the MSM.

Serious question? How much of the Discovery/Warner merger

Ron "Maverick" DeSantis.

"feeding a beaver fruit on a staircase by the sea" (muskrat, actually):

True Colours: Primary Losing, Problem Solver/Blue Dog Kurt Schrader Dumps On Dems 2022 Chances

Why hasn't the DoJ charged Paul Manafort in his betrayal of America to Russian?

Here are the current links to donate to Ukraine!

I just found out ActBlue was down for several hours yesterday

The Pillow Of Winds

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 23, 2022


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Special Masters, and a new subpoena....

Fauci responds to GOP lawmakers' promise to investigate him if they win House (CNN)

"A Crime of the State": Mexico's Attorney General Arrested in Case of 43 Missing Ayotzinapa Students

Lights on in town after sun's gone down.

Man Shoots himself in the Face after robbing stores and shooting at police during chase

TURNING BACK THE CLOCK - Freedom Toast & Parody Project

So everyone

Thanks to the kind individual who gifted me the star. Much appreciated!

CNN interviews Twitter whistleblower about what he saw inside the company (CNN)

"Put Down The Ducky":

Keith Moon was born on this date.

Mandela Barnes

Sometimes a golden escalator delivers something wonderful:

How Trump-Linked Lawyers Shared Sensitive Data With Conspiracy Theorists (MSNBC)

Former Tennessee Speaker Casada arrested in corruption probe

Tariq Ali: Terrorism Charges Against Pakistan's Former PM Imran Khan Are "Truly Grotesque"

I'm not sure exactly how this guy who supports the anti-trans policy at GCISD thinks this speech is

Newsom vetoes bill to set up drug overdose prevention programs in some California cities


"Elvis & Anabelle". Great feel good indie flick!

Why would he place some documents in a separate container in a closet in his bedroom?

Warmth is where you find it:

Today will be another indication of Dems November chances

Kitten cuddling baby:

GQPers: Abortion is bad! You could be aborting the person who could cure cancer! Also GQPers:

Maybe don't ask the parking garage lawyer to file your federal motions.

Redrawn Districts in NY Primary Pit Progressives Against Self-Funded Millionaire & Nadler, Maloney

Jeff Tiedrich morning tweet (about Reality Winner):

Are young voters aware of how bleak their futures are

More filing problems for Trump legal team in its FBI search lawsuit.

Kitten waits at the bus stop for his ride:

I named my dog Five Miles....

Can I rent a walker when I go to Paris? I will inquire through the hotel's concierge service first,

Because of trump do our agencies charged with keeping our nation secure now have to consider that

Will our car insurance premium go down because we now only have one driver??

The federal government tells how to make a dirty bomb.

Effective "sproing!" hunting technique :

when are joe and mika coming back to Morning Joe? Anything new and exciting coming up for that show?

Who better to fill the role of "Special Master" for Trump?

"You're an idiot", "LOL, whatever", "Sure, lib", "That's stupid"

The opinions of all the "experts" wear on me

AP-NORC poll: Most in US say they want stricter gun laws

National Archives wanted to share classified docs from Mar-a-Lago with intel community for damage a

Beto O'Rourke: It Will Take All Of Us To Overcome Attacks On Democracy (MSNBC)

Liftoff from neighbors Norfolk Island Pine,

3rd resident of The Villages admits to voting twice in the 2020 election

3rd resident of The Villages admits to voting twice in the 2020 election

Former TN House Speaker GOP Glen Casada and top aide indicted

Machine Politics: How America casts and counts its votes

I don't get why "Nobody wants to work anymore", I mean, check out this job ad

Secretary Blinken: Crimea is Ukraine

HAHAHA Jenna Ellis hahaha says hahaha she says...

To the person who gifted me the "Star Membership" Thank you so much!

Really old growth . . .

'All of it is a lie': Russian paratrooper condemns his country's war in Ukraine

Jury convicts Adam Fox, Barry Croft Jr. in Whitmer kidnapping plot

Breaking: 2 convicted of Whitmer kidnapping plot.

The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby (stereo mix)

Oklahoma continues to disappoint, and this one hurts

'He's a wannabe dictator': Democrat has DeSantis in his sights in Florida primary

The Ronettes - Be My Baby (My One and Only Baby) Takes 26-33

Jury finds two men guilty of plot to abduct Michigan governor

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 23, 2022)

We reject the free speech-trampling rules set by J.D. Vance and DeSantis for covering their rally

Trump's message to the AG in a nutshell:

Atlanta TV station fired its chief political commentator for insulting Trump during a live broadcast

This senior cat's retired life might make you jealous

Joan Baez - Joe Hill (live at Woodstock)

White House leans toward canceling $10K student loan debt for some. Economy expert weighs in (CNN)

Sweet Rescue Cat Walks Girl To School Bus Every Morning

Joan Baez - We Shall Overcome (Washington March for Jobs and Freedom, Aug. 28, 1963.)

Pete Seeger - Solidarity Forever

A Katy, Texas, mom called the cops on a book.


Great News in Nevada Senate race (Cortez Masto +7%)

Michael Cohen WARNS Trump will SEEK REVENGE against FBI, Democrats


Former Louisville officer to plead guilty to Breonna Taylor cover-up

I can't wait to watch the Desantis presidential bid go down in flames.

Cat Owners Can (Almost) All Agree on One Thing

It really bugs me, these infamous mass murders that have never been solved.

Biden to Unveil Long-Awaited Student Debt Relief Measures on Wednesday

Two celebrations tomorrow (the 24th)

Arrest and charge the fascist who ripped off Americas most deeply held secrets.

McConnell has voted 6 times to raise his own pay, yet voted 15 times against raising minimum wage.

When Moscow Mitch tells the truth, you know the Republicans are in trouble.

Two weekend boat crashes on Puget Sound waterways stir safety concerns

Zelenskiy vows to restore Ukrainian rule in Russia-annexed Crimea

A Trump ally produced an unpublished letter meant to help him. It actually spells out even graver co

Trump clearly compromises U.S.national security

STUNNING new poll signals DISASTER for Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

Verizon Math

UPDATED: OK teacher placed on leave after sharing code to get free-ebooks

China punishes 27 people over 'tragically ugly' illustrations in maths textbook

Conservative activists want to ban 400 books from a library -- but they aren't even on shelves

Purported Archives letter on extent of classified material previously at Mar-a-Lago

Wonder how much classified material Jared has in stock? That he has not sold yet.

Debate Over: Vote by Mail Boosts Turnout

When discussing "Free Speech" with a Republican, make sure you know which language you are speaking

Woman Saves Baby Fox Who's Head Gets Stuck In A Jar

Pallas's cat kittens:

Google Maps Regularly Misleads People Searching for Abortion Clinic

MSNBC not being helpful with stale Morning Joe promo

Had an orderly transition occurred, would the document theft been possible? nt

Ranting on...

Can President Biden fire all postal board members

It's effin' propaganda... Pay workers a decent wage without whining 🤬

'Yikes': Experts stunned after Trump's late-night release of NARA document

Two men convicted of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Hopi teens see need for skateboarding park, make it happen

Dogs can cry when owners come home, study suggests

Happy story for a change

Mar-A-Lago docs could have caused 'massive firestorm' and 'gotten people killed' if they leaked

Dugina's body was apparently pulled from the car.

Apparently in Alabama watering flowers as a black man is "suspicious"

Happy Ukraine's Flag Day!

Cartoons 8/23/2022

Juror shortage leads to postponed trials in municipal courts

Former TN GOP House Speaker Glen Casada, Cade Cothren indicted on federal corruption charges

Mom, Dad's Home

Yes . No . Discuss. . . . . . Has TFGWorld already given secrets to our adversaries?

Eric Swalwell on classified documents

The Idea That Letting Trump Walk Will Heal America Is Ridiculous

This Is The Future We Really Want

Monkeypox has reached all 50 states

so, the one rocker in the band does a lot of lyle lovett.

Did America "heal" when Oliver North and Elliott Abrams were absolved of their high crimes?

How much is "little" Marco worth?

Its largest lake is so dry, China digs deep to water crops

Today's Primary Elections...

After Roe, teens are teaching themselves sex ed, because the adults won't

Don't underestimate Val Demings. She's got Marco Rubio pegged.

Grab 'em By The Evidence

Far-Right's 'Morality War' Now Has Its Sights Set on PrEP Access

The Who - Sparks (live at Woodstock - for Mr. Moon's B-Day)

IRS launches safety review after right-wing threats

A judge's wise injunction against a bad law championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis

'I'm not going to pay for that': Gietzen scoffs at Sedgwick County recount

Conservatives enter a new phase of trying to influence the education system

IRS launches safety review after right-wing threats

Florida Republicans Accidentally Ban Dictionaries In Schools

So For 5 Years In The Army

Spectacular new images of Jupiter

Women are registering to vote in Pa. in numbers far exceeding men since the SCOTOS abortion decision

If we can bail out Wall Street after their greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior

Queen - Somebody To Love (live in Montreal, 1981)

Some may think this "oldie" is a groaner, but I think it's a "goodie".

Laughable opinion piece by Jeffrey Rosen of all people

Prosecutors reveal details of moment Proud Boy chased Chuck Schumer during Capitol riot

Wait, Why the Hell Did Trump's Own Buddy Release the 'Extraordinarily Damning' NARA Letter?

Child, woman killed, others injured in mass stabbing in Stewartstown, York County

Queen - Somebody To Love (live in Montreal, 1981)

Could Rick Scott be an android? Seriously.

Opinion Trump's risk of indictment for his document snatch just skyrocketed

Waning Crescent, 11% visible, + pre-dawn

A former Twitter executive, its head of security, has turned whistleblower.

This is a recent photo of me! This is what I really look like:

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton: Gutsy- Official Trailer (new docuseries on Apple TV+)

As a Dutch person I just can't take Lauren Boebert seriously...

Andrew Tate shows how fascists recruit online

This Traffic Stop Ended His Career At This Department

Jewish Democrat calls out Mastriano's favorite social media site -- its users respond with threats

(Jewish Group) Jewish Democrat calls out Doug Mastriano use of Gab -- gets anti-Semitic threats

Which Republican Senate candidate is worst? There are so many choices!

I'm haunted by this South Carolina Republican, Rep. Neal Collins, realizing that the anti-abortion

700 pages of classified information

@SenRonJohnson says he only plotted to overthrow the election for "a couple seconds."

The Koch network and other Trump allies are quietly backing his biggest GOP critic: Rep. Liz Cheney

Why lawyers are 'giggling' at Trump's new Fourth Amendment case

OPEC planning to rescue Republicans, right on schedule....

How many people are dead because of the traitor selling American secrets?

The Anarchy: The real war that inspired House Of The Dragon

Time-lapse video shows Jan. 6 mob surge 4 minutes after Trump tweeted attack on Pence

Oklahoma statehouse candidate in 2013 called gay people 'worthy of death'

Trump-loving mayoral candidate exits race after dropping homophobic slurs at LGBTQ-sponsored forum

How Tennessee colleges & universities can take part in the College Voter Registration Competition

$119,000 spent, 42 votes changed (Kansas anti abortion recount result)

Rick Scott's ill-timed Italian vacation

Michael J. Fox Shut Down a Nasty Twitter Troll - The Graham Norton Show

Tennessee's abortion trigger law goes into effect Thursday. Here's what it means

Mike Luckovich-What TFG did with top secret documents

The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone (studio version + disastrous first TV appearance)

I'm No Tree Expert

Black Player Covered In Cotton By White Teammates At Little League World Series

'Disagree With Trump' And 'There's A Target On Your Back,' Says Sen. Leahy. 'I Fear For The Country'

Democratic legislators say LGBTQ rights under threat

Rural LGBTQ Adults Are More Likely to Be Depressed, Anxious, Less Likely to Seek and Find Treatment

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine 73% effective in children under 5, data shows

Rwanda's LGBT+ people want to be counted

Gay man from Qatar sounds alarm about coverage of the World Cup and LGBT oppression

Then there was the time Meadows swore in federal court tfg's tweets did not declassify documents...

Eugene Robinson: Herschel Walker Would Be A New Low In The Senate

I never knew how much this is my friend

Video compilation so you can hear how cruel Fox News is to teachers.

Perry Hooper Jr., former Alabama lawmaker, charged with sex abuse in Montgomery

Oh, you're gonna love this. Florida governor Ron DeSantis attacks media in 'Top Gun' campaign ad

Officers won't face any charges in Rayshard Brooks shooting

Italian company that has long produced Hitler wines says it will stop next year

Publix heiress funds Florida school board races through Moms for Liberty PAC

(Jewish Group) Italian company that has long produced Hitler wines says it will stop next year

Leo Kottke - The Fisherman

Paul Pelosi gets 5 days in jail, 3 years of probation in DUI

(Jewish Group) Texas school district reinstates an adaptation of Anne Frank's diary amid firestorm

Texas school district reinstates an adaptation of Anne Frank's diary amid firestorm of controversy

Florida man gets 5 years in plot to extort Matt Gaetz's father

(Jewish Group) Creator of 'Shtisel' works on a series about Theodor Herzl, father of modern Zionism

Jan. 6 Committee Meets With Former Trump National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien (MSNBC)

The biggest special election since Dobbs: What to watch on Tuesday's primary day

Giuliani Falls ON HIS FACE With Staggering Plea - The Damage Report

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the newly-released NARA letter to Trump....

(Jewish Group) In an era of war, Ukrainian refugee kids get a summer break thanks to Jewish charity

Sen. Mark Kelly launches "Republicans for Kelly"

Sen. Mark Kelly launches "Republicans for Kelly"

WooHoo!!! Publix got Boar's Head turkey pastrami back!

Police are investigating wild sex act that occurred in near-empty Oakland A's stadium

Florida Minister bringing candidates before congregation to endorse CRT and school districts.

The key are sentences below. (2 posts & credit is given to those who posted)

Wynonie Harris - Good Rockin' Tonight

What is your date for the Slobfather's indictment

Ruth Brown - Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean

Maybe he wanted those docs to help him form his own govt

Bernie: If we could afford to cancel hundreds of billions in PPP loans to business owners ...

Man stops to rescue kitten, gets ambushed... 🐈

The Clovers - Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash

Tried something new

Arizona Republican Candidate LOSES IT and STORMS OFF during interview - MeidasTouch

The reason TFG is not in prison yet.


Phone message from Eden Ahbez

How Will The Inflation Reduction Act Reduce Inflation?

Cutting onions post - A dog's last snow day

BREAKING: President Biden to announce plan for student debt relief

Always bend with your knees...

Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC: Finally someone backs up what I have been saying.

Pete Buttigieg sends heartwarming letter to gay teen activist in Florida

Trump super PAC hosting $100,000/person candlelight dinner with former president

More Women Registering to Vote in Pennsylvania Than Men

Here is a really quick and easy recipe for cannabis treats. It calls for jam but the same amount

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 23, 2022

Democrats Hold Generic Ballot Lead

Liz Cheney Presidential Run Would Hurt Biden

Arctic Sinkholes: What They Mean for Climate

NY-12: Now, the hostile NY primary will reach its conclusion

who eats this for breakfast? (dr. oz video)


Trump Representing himself in court?!

'The lawyers or Donald Trump is going down': Legal expert says he feels 'the noose tightening'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Donald Trump's personal handling of stolen classified documents increases odds he will be prosecuted

Trump Kept More Than 700 Pages of Classified Documents, Letter From National Archives Says


Bolognese fritatta

((Two people stabbed at DC Metro Center))

They boys have sure had a busy day

Wingnuts Still Addicted To Trans Panic

George Dawson Middle School bans an autobiography co-authored by George Dawson at 103.

Trump's team is hurting more than helping now

Fmr. Rep. Joe Crowley: Nadler V. Maloney Race Is 'A Mess,' NY Will Be Losing More Influence (MSNBC)

Trump legal team trying to stop Department of Justice from reviewing records seized from Mar-a-Lago

Poll shows Newsom with wide lead over GOP challenger, State Sen. Brian Dahle


Darya Dugina: Moscow murder accusation is fiction, says Ukraine

Another company gives up lease in Alaska's Arctic refuge

We reject the free speech-trampling rules set by JD Vance and Ron DeSantis for covering their rally

With apologies to a decent Governor, Michael Dukakis.

Joyce Vance says that Trump "knew" his stolen documents "could damage national security" and still g

Aunt Crabby with the SNAP Tweet of the day (Warning: crude language)

Former Navy Pilot HUMILIATES Ron DeSantis for Cringey 'Top Gun' Ad - Meidas Touch

Cat Purrs Only in Hospitals Finds a Therapy Sibling

Trump ally's letter meant to help him actually spells out even graver concerns re: Mar-a-Lago docs

Progressive fundraising group raising $25 million to boost Democrats this November and beyond

Former Louisville cop pleads guilty to lying on Breonna Taylor search warrant

Maybe Rick Scott the RNCs money and left the country.

Gov. Greg Abbott declares Dallas-Fort Worth deluge a disaster, freeing up state resources to help in

Grandson of slave learned to read at 98, coauthored a book at 103. Now book is banned

Judge orders Trump to give details about Mar-a-Lago search warrant lawsuit

EFF - Google's Scans of Private Photos Led to False Accusations of Child Abuse

McConnell Dismisses Threats to U.S. Democracy

'Electable' Looks At Why A Woman Has Yet To Break The Glass Ceiling Into The White House - MSNBC

Oz campaign on Fetterman: If he had 'ever eaten a vegetable in his life,' he wouldn't have 'had a...

The surveillance videos at Trumps resort.

As governor, I'll partner with communities like DeSoto so we can move Texas forward - Beto for Texas

Reports That Trump Reviewed Documents Shows His 'Willful Intent' Says Figliuzzi - Deadline - MSNBC

Wild Magpie trades discarded bottle caps for food

At Long Last, Mathematical Proof That Black Holes Are Stable

New oversight plan means closer scrutiny of St. Louis police

Glenn Kirschner: Trump Was Unwilling to Come Clean. Justice Dept Knew Since Jan that Trump Took Docs

Perry Hooper Jr., former Alabama GOP lawmaker, charged with sex abuse in Montgomery

Argentine prosecutors request 12-year sentence for VP Cristina Fernandez

Parent fights back for her right to not have her kid's schooling controlled

Former prosecutors mock Trump's attorneys

Votes on the Board for Florida Primary

Dems Amendment to Clean Air Act stuck into Biden's IRA-Defines C02 as air pollutant

Charlie Sykes: GOP Candidates Transform Politics Into An 'Unserious Business' - Deadline - MSNBC

Crist is winning big in the FLA primary

So I'm on my deck in Central Maine enjoying this afternoon, as usual, by myself.

Tweet of the Evening:

"She had not a thought in her head that was not a slogan." --George Orwell, 1984 (Kari Lake)

Finnish PM tests negative in drug test taken to 'clear suspicion'

FBI arrests ex-Marine accused of assaulting officers inside Capitol on Jan. 6

Some photos of echinacea from my front yard.

I bet the feds are quietly having this discussion

A nail-biter in FL-11-R...

BREAKING: Federal Judge RESPONDS to Trump's HUMILIATING Mar-a-Lago Motion - Meidas Touch

Beto coming up on Joy Reid

'Queen of Canada': the rapid rise of a fringe QAnon figure Romana Didulo sounds alarm

South Dakota attorney general's office to probe ethics complaint against Gov. Kristi Noem

anti lgbtq church helps out lgbtq charity

Did I say something wrong? (online dating)

In 'aggressive' step toward clean energy, Hawaii is closing its only coal power plant

illegal 60-Ton Pool on a Brooklyn Roof without permit or professional construction. NYC Says 'NOPE'

Wasserman: I've seen enough: Charlie Crist (D) defeats Nikki Fried (D)

Why do MAGAts even have TV sets?

Dramatic corgi:

Ex-FBI official thinks Trump's surveillance footage 'flipped the switch' for DOJ to issue search

Know this crosses art and cooking but happened upon this piece of art

Journalists Are Not Willing To Break Ethical Boundaries for JD Vance and Ron DeSantis

Nicolle Wallace May Be In Trouble.

Trump, Without the Presidency's Protections, Struggles for a Strategy

Maxwell Frost wins the primary for the open seat being vacated by Val Demmings. #FL10

Mitch McConnell Seems Afraid To Defend Wife Elaine Chao After Trump Calls Her 'Crazy'

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