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Secret mathematical coded message.

Trump struggling to find lawyers willing to work for him because they want to be paid

Oklahoma GQP Senate candidate: 'I am bringing Jesus directly into politics'

Life After Trump: Someday He'll Be Gone. What Will Republicans (and Democrats) Do Then?

Clapton, Richards, Lennon, Mitch Mitchell - "Yer Blues" Rock n' Roll Circus

Florida primary early voting totals

UK - In the Dead of the Night - Studio Version

Donald Trump's Latest Response To Classified Documents Investigation (MSNBC)

Americans Are Well Aware Of Climate Change -- But Not About The Government's Efforts To Fight It

New "W" statue at Williamsport.

The Nest - Jimmie Spheeris

Texas Republicans spark URGENT Teacher Crisis they don't want you to know about

More Money for IRS Spurs Conspiracy Theories of 'Shadow Army'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, executive privilege, and the search...

"Republicans Ain't Sh*t!" Reecie Colbert Comes For The GOP In New Book About 2022 Midterms

Scary report out of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya NPP)

Dr. John - What Comes Around (Goes Around)

Tweet of the Day

Interesting to see Weissmann go after Wray.

Court Blocks Graham From Having To Testify In Georgia 2020 Election Probe - MSNBC Reports

Once trump passes should he be given the honor of lying in state...

George Takei FTW

Do you have unwanted friends trying to stay at your house? I have the perfect prop.

Y'all seen this poll?

Bernie Sanders joins Cambridge rally for worker's rights, highlighting Massachusetts union battles

Top Expert on Extremism EXPOSES NRA and GOP Plan to RADICALIZE America

Bob Cesca: Trump is stuck between his brittle ego and bankruptcy.

Liz Cheney's Next Chapter - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

NBC Polls Shows A Mixed Landscape For 2022 Elections - NBC News

tiedrich: excuse me, but why the fuck is Ginni Thomas still getting away with it

Commentary: Texas has always been tough on women. It's worse now.

Guest opinion: Yes, Mr. DeSantis, I am woke

bradley whitford has a great piece of advice to the press (spoiler: look out the fucking window)

Factbox-Who is Alexander Dugin, Russian nationalist whose daughter died in car bomb attack?

After Trump, Christian nationalist ideas are going mainstream - despite a history of violence

Virginia Patton Moss, Last Surviving Adult Cast Member of 'It's a Wonderful Life,' Dies at 97

"Land Dog, meet Sea Dog..."

Michael Cohen REACTS to Ivana Trump's unusual burial at Trump Golf Course - Meidas Touch

Melitopol: Partisans attack Russian occupier as he molests teenager, blasts heard in town Mayor

Houston Woman Says She Was Poisoned By Napkin Left On Her Car - NBC News

Zelensky Warns of Russian Escalation as Putin Ally's Daughter Is Killed

Elton John- Daniel

Monday's digit - 5/10: Warm and humid with the chance for a couple downpours.

Crews removing nearly 2,000 toxic pilings from Harbor Island shoreline

Trump Controversies Could Be Advantage For Democrats In Midterm Elections - MtP - NBC News

Arkansas cops commit horrible abuse

Jill Biden ends COVID-19 isolation after testing negative

US Senate Elections that the Democrats are very likely to win in 2022.

1 in 5 U.S. adults...

Herschel Walker won't debate because of Sunday Night football (Debate scheduled for a Thursday)

The Alan Turing Institute FTW

Now I am not saying MTG and Hershel Walker are ignorant

Alaska's snow crabs have disappeared, mystery as where they went.

Residents react to scheduled West Seattle Bridge reopening

The Hollies - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress (Midnight Special, 1975 + studio version)

Trump's Senate Candidates Say Better Call Mitch (McConnell) - WSJ Editorial

Full Maloney: Republicans 'Don't Have A Plan, They Have A Ploy' - MtP - NBC News

Democrats see hope in midterms amid string of victories - Face the Nation

Kansas recount confirms results in favor of abortion rights

While European glaciers have been shrinking for decades, data and field reports show

A Russian soldier's journal: 'I will not participate in this madness'

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

Amid Outcry, Texas School Walks Back Decision to Ban Anne Frank Adaptation.

Tweet of the Night #2:

Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona: Student Loan Announcement 'Within The Next Week Or So' - MtP - NBC

Electric bass!

Potential mass shooting foiled in Washington state - ABC News

A personal triumph. Peach pie. My first ever❣️❣️

The Battle For Control Of The Senate - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Compton spent $4000 on some dots to stop street takeovers then this happened...

Iowa GOP candidates love state fair, shun DM Register Soapbox

What's with Mike Pence?

IRS is NOT hiring 87,000 agents

Come to This Court and Cry: How the Holocaust Ends - a book review

Fire-Fighting aircraft.

☦️ Orthodox: Psalm 136/Slavite Hospoda

BREAKING: Herschel Walker declines Thursday Debate because of Sunday Night Football - Meidas Touch

***Stay Off the Roads it's not safe Swift Water Rescue JOPPATOWNE and ABINGDON

The situation must have been desperate while I was at work...

Take a look at these futuristic floating 'living pods' being built in Panama that cost up to $1.5 mi

Has anyone noticed a right wing ad offensive on YouTube?

Monday Morning Great Mood New Week Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Today's lunch with my family at El Pollo Inka!

Georgia jury awards $1.7 billion in Ford truck crash case, AP reports

Damn judge! Lindsey should have to testify no matter what!

Many Are Still Seeking Food and Shelter a Year After an Earthquake Hit Haiti

상사화 Magic Lily- Ahn Ye-eun: Lyrics, melody, with Song So-hee

Brazil's Trump threatens to follow former US president and declare election stolen

Picking up some change I dropped, I found a Bat Quarter...

Where the Justice Department's Trump investigation goes from here - Face the Nation

UN Petitioned to Save Pantanal Wetland Wildlife From Fires

Ron Johnson admitting to a little "light treason"

Billionaire says build more housing... just not near him, don't "MASSIVELY decrease our home values"

Americans see threat to democracy as No. 1 issue, support Trump probe, poll finds

People are now testing Tesla's 'full self-driving' on real kids

Sunflowers at Sunrise

Ukrainian Hackers Hack The TV Shown In Russian-Occupied Crimea

Test program in San Diego to help poor families.

"Karen" and "Joe the Manager" action figures

Navy Vet Faced Death Sentence From Religious Zealot


'Who won the 2020 election?": Hear ex-Trump DHS official's answer - CNN

Acosta presses Chad Wolf over role in Trump's family separation policy - CNN

cozy cats

Patrick Stewart. Macbeth. 'nuff said.

Brazil census to survey quilombola communities for first time

Military brass await word on corrupt officers; Polls show Ecuadorians hold government in low regard;

Colombian President Gustavo Petro Suspends Orders to Arrest & Extradite ELN Leaders

Sunflowers at Sunrise Pt. 2

Statement from President Joe Biden on Slavery Remembrance Day

Trump's throw-everything-against-the-wall response to the Mar-a-Lago search

I don't post here a lot, but I read what y'all say every day, as I have for...a very long time.

Proposed rocket launch site in Michigan fuels community concerns - PBS NewsHour

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Arkansas, Police, and a change in headlines....

Fake abortion clinics now outnumber real ones 3 to 1, campaigners say...

The end of Roe could enable a horrifying neo-Nazi plot

Navy Vet REVEALS how Beto O'Rourke is TURNING TEXAS BLUE - Meidas Touch

Maureen Abood: Salads for Summer

Navy Vet REVEALS how Beto O'Rourke is TURNING TEXAS BLUE - Meidas Touch

Trump Junior Awkwardly Explains Why Corporate Donors Are Abandoning His Dad - Ring of Fire


Texas Paul REACTS to Adam Kinzinger MOCKING Trump as whiny 'victim' - Meidas Touch

Just 3 cops beating the hell out of some dude.

Anybody STILL having trouble streaming House of the Dragon on Fire Stick?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Carbon Offsets

Honey bee

republicans & log cabins & stonewall -- "oh myyy"

Most Americans Approve Of FBI's Search Of Mar A Lago - Ring of Fire

Opinion: After 50 years, could Colombia finally have awoken from its nightmare?

Map may prove 'Welsh Atlantis' rooted in fact, say academics

An asteroid impact crater found beneath the North Atlantic Ocean


Breakfast Monday 22 August 2022

'Bonkers Crop' Of GOP Candidates

Massachusetts student receives uniform violation for hijab

Falling Yangtze River water levels reveal 600 y.o. Buddhist statues

First day of school mess hall is opening up. I'm getting into my Drill sgt mode for a wakeup

New evidence shows water separates into two different liquids at low temperatures

Madison Cawthorn Facing Thousands In Fines Over Campaign Finance Violations - Ring of Fire

US, S. Korea open biggest drills in years amid North threats

In Photos: See The Spectacular New Images Of Jupiter And Its Swirling Storms Taken Last Week By NASA

Shopped online at Office Depot for some jump drives, put some in the cart

Door Dash:

CIA unable to corroborate Israel's 'terror' label for Palestinian rights groups

Brian Stelter rebukes CNN on final show: 'It's not partisan to stand up to demagogues'

How Trump's Attempt To Hold Onto Power Led To The FBI Search At Mar-A-Lago (MSNBC)

Changing teams.. 😂

Honest Government Ad UK

Cineworld confirms it is considering bankruptcy

Kansas recount confirms results in favor of abortion rights

Nobody does it better than Kari Lake

Not only Trump, but DeSantis would do this also.

When a scam destroys entire families...

'Cable Cowboy' John Malone (Merry Christmas MSNBC)

When you can lie with sincerity...

Don Jr. was out late partying with the MyPillow guy and now he has new SEAL friends.

Actor David Lochary was born on August 21, 1944. Remembered for his John Waters films ...

The MSM is Complicit in Destroying Our Democracy

Dallas - Flooding

Two Crawford County Sheriff's deputies suspended over beating caught on video

words to live by

It's Madras Day.

Flooding in Dallas

Monday TOONs - Too Far

Kushner to Mark Levin: How TFG's enemies keep making the same mistake...

On this day, August 22, 1880, George Herriman was born.

On this day, August 22, 1961, Ida Siekmann became the first person to die at the Berlin Wall.

3 Arkansas officers suspended after video captures beating

Hey, MSM!

Mignolaversity: November 2022 Solicitations

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/17/22

The Rundown: August 22, 2022

GOP Lawmaker Offers New Excuse for Trump

I missed the fundraiser deadline. Can't find donate button.

Running for office? Here's a proven way to get gobs of FREE media coverage.

UAE ambassador to return to Iran after six-year absence

UAE ambassador to return to Iran after six-year absence

Russia says Ukraine whacked Rasputin's daughter

A peaceful moment for you today

1.6 billion given to the republicans by one person.

Will the American people wake up before the next election?

Study: Already shrunk by half, Swiss glaciers melting faster

You raised $100.00 on August 21, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

Krugman: (I) Got a lot of hate over this tweet

You raised $100.00 on August 21, 2022 DU for Westlund WI State Senate

You raised $100.00 on August 21, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

a poster for texas schools

Did Florida's lieutenant governor say 'illegal' Cuban migrants will be sent to Delaware?

Jacobus: Trump was likely moving hard copy and electronic to NJ, NY, FL before he left WH

anyone know how to figure a carbon footprint?

Morning Rant .... on the media being "Trump Fluffers."

Win a fantasy Super Bowl from the comfort of your home

Win a fantasy Super Bowl from the comfort of your home

Expedited scheduling order is out on Lindsey Graham Subpoena--must be fully briefed by end August

Tom Brady's reason for missing training camp.

Into the Magaverse -by Tom Tomorrow

The FSB has a history about bombing their own people and being incompetent about it

i cant seem to post on downstream threads on comments on youtube , any idears ?

After all the excuses, some questions for Republicans.

I Predict The Search Warrant Affidavit Will Remain Sealed.

Some of dis and some of dat

The last remaining days of Trumps presidency was a free for all.

Area near Ukraine nuclear plant hit again despite US pleas

Trump launches Truth Social attack on Mitch McConnell's wife over criticism of his losing candidates

Fire the Feds - The Lincoln Project

Well I will just admit it.

Excuse # 3: The Movers Did It

I could be wrong, maybe the FBI should question Trump about the stolen top secret documents.

All the experts are saying that the Maralago documents investigation is in its "early stages".

The Most Powerful Moms in America Are the New Face of the Republican Party

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump begging McConnell for help....

A metaphor to explain why money should not be protected as Free Speech when it's

Some insight from Wikipedia on Hershel Walker's "Why are there still apes?" question

Just My Imagination

Ted Cruz EMBARRASSED By Pranksters At Rally

For all you Willie Nelson fans - Willie and his rage against the Night

Viral video captures Arkansas officers beating man during arrest

After wiping out $6.7 billion in medical debt, this nonprofit is just getting started

Why commas are important (2nd tweet):

Biden Stresses Need For Protecting Ukraine Nuclear Plant - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Texas DUers, how's the rain

Chinese Spy has been ARRESTED at Trսmp Home

Imran Khan: Pakistan police charge ex-PM under terrorism act

Women in Finland post party videos to back PM Sanna Marin

Ukraine war: Russia appeals for new recruits for war effort

Republicans Demand To Know What Happened To Vanishing GOP Millions

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 22, 2022

Serbia warns it will protect Kosovo Serbs if NATO doesn't (ABC)

President Biden's and Vice President Harris's Maternal Health Blueprint Delivers for Women, Mothers,

John Lee Hooker was born on this date.

Rescued Baby Anteater Learns How to Be Wild

Walmart, CVS and Walgreens Must Pay $650M for Filling Prescriptions to Pill Mills in Opioid Crisis

Trump Having Hard Time Finding Lawyers Because They Want To Be Paid: Journalist

'The world flipped upside down': will end of Roe galvanize Democrats' base in midterms?

The Base Leader Re-Sentenced For 2019 Incident In Dexter

Claude Debussy was born on this date.

Holding the House and Senate is a Herculean task.

After flat-footed response to a white supremacist march, questions about Boston police intelligence

Video shows violent arrest by law enforcement in Arkansas (CNN)

So, tfg is a psychopathic extremist willing to destroy America to get his way.

OBGYNs speak out: Doctors say Idaho's abortion laws will cause harm to patients

Am I the only one who wishes they would bring back DU Merch?

People who gift Star Memberships:

In Attack on Voting Rights, DeSantis's Election Police Arrest 20 Former Felons for Voting in Florida

How The Bronx is Restoring its Ancient River System into Urban Green Oasis

HUGE LAWSUIT! These Cops Had NO IDEA What They Were Doing! - Audit the Audit

So 57% of Americans say that investigations on the Slobfather

They didn't remain silent: How false confessions happen

Florida "Stop WOKE Act" Blocked in Court, But Prof Says DeSantis Push to Scare Academics Is Working

Fauci Says He Will Step Down in December to Pursue His 'Next Chapter'

Google Workers Demand Privacy for Abortion Searches & Want to Stop Ads for Anti-Abortion "Clinics"

Dan Rather tweet:

Hollidaysburg, Pa playing NY at LL World Series.

The red-capped manakin performs his "moonwalk" to impress the ladies (Twitter video)

Did anyone watch "House of the Dragon"? Based on the books "Fire and Blood".

Judge Hints Most Of Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit May Not Be Made Public (MSNBC)

Putin's Secret Neo-Nazi Armies - Decade of Hate

Dr Fauci will step down at the end of the year

Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden

Ukraine's New Army Of Volunteers, Armed With Shovels, Rebuild Bombed-Out Homes (MSNBC)

Leave it to our ex president Carter to say

Haven't had a lot of luck with these type posts but will try again.

Kill your lawn before it kills you

Russian tourist inadvertently reveals location of Putin's artillery in Crimea

Three Arkansas Police Officers Suspended After Video Appears To Show Excessive Use Of Force (MSNBC)

'I CONDEMN YOU' Half-naked burglary suspect hits Florida sheriff with a Bible before POOPING himself

Dogs getting sick with parvo-like illness in northern Michigan, dying within 3 days

Is this the answer to not losing the House?

And now a word on another possible business failure...either you make it.... or liquidate...bigly...

Texas gets an entire summer's worth of rain in 24 hours.

Dr. Fauci To Step Down From White House And NIAID In December (MSNBC)

This is an article about the abortion Vote No recount here in Sedgwick county KS

GOP candidate said it's "totally just" to stone gay people to death

Locked Up For Parking Near Her Own Business

78 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Pres. Biden issues statement on Dr. Anthony Fauci's decision to step down from NIAID in December

Christian Political Ethics Lacking Kindness And Humility, Says Writer (MSNBC)

Malcolm Nance with Elie Mystal: American Violence and the Trump Insurgenc

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 22, 2022)

The circles of poop

Rhiannon Giddens: Spanish Mary (Austin City Limits, 2016)

Aleksandr Dugin Calls for Russia to Punish Ukraine for Daria Dugina's Death

Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America: 'The place has lost its mind'

Anybody familiar with the 14th amendment ?

Egging a Repuke at the grocery store

GOP lawmaker says Trump may have kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago to write a memoir

Dr. Fauci announces he is stepping down from current roles (CNN)

Floodwaters overtake trucks and cars in downtown Dallas as flash flooding threat persists

Russia Blames Ukraine For Car Explosion That Killed Daughter Of Putin Ally (MSNBC)

Mike Pence Owes the Country an Explanation

The Lincoln Project-Kari Lake wants to fire the federal government

The Lincoln Project-Kari Lake wants to fire the federal government

The Lincoln Project-Kari Lake wants to fire the federal government

Kansas abortion vote recount confirms original result, leaving an election denier and a GOP activist

Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden

The behavior is criminal, it is not "normal".

'We got rolled': How the conservative grassroots lost the fight with Biden because it was focused on

iOS VPNs have leaked traffic for years, researcher claims

Massachusetts student receives uniform violation for hijab

Imran Khan: Pakistan police charge ex-PM under terrorism act

southern md pre-dawn

Texas Judge Accused of Calling Immigrants 'Wetbacks'

Russians blame Ukrainian woman for car bomb near Moscow that killed Putin ally

So my wife was watching this pop singer who had a back up band, including

Italy investigates US servicewoman in crash that killed teen

Alaska's snow crabs have disappeared. Where they went is a mystery.

Biden: USA is stronger, more resilient & healthier because of Dr Fauci

U.S. Immigration Battle Now Playing Out In The Northeast (MSNBC)

Is Greg Abbott a coyote?

Shit Republicans Say: A running list of the worst things Republicans have said about abortion

Jared Kushner said the Mar-a-Lago raid was a mistake by Trump's enemies. He spoke after rampant

'Bad Sisters' Proves How Much Fun It Is to Kill Bad Men

Rep. Abigail Spanberger: Election Deniers And 'Extreme Candidates' Are Threats To Democracy (MSNBC)

Mandela Barnes lead Ron Johnson in WI...

Next Blast Of Heat Is On The Way: Puget Sound Forecast

Behind the lie of '87,000 armed agents': How an obscure factoid was bent into a popular GOP talking

Judge says FBI's evidence for searching Mar-a-Lago is 'reliable'

Oil Prices Plummet as Iran Nuclear Deal Appears 'Imminent'

Election staff abruptly quits, upending rural Texas county

Behind the Scenes: Nick Lowe's "Cruel to Be Kind" video

Any entomologists/insect experts here?

Amid rising numbers of attacks on Seattle firefighters, union seeks better protections

Chris Evert on fame, family, and cancer

HOV lane violations seeing sharp rise in Washington state, says WSP

Russia pins murder of Darya Dugina on ukrainian woman who has conveniently already left the country.

Ron DeSantis Won't Be Awoken

NYT Leonard Leo & new 1.6B political action fund. (No paywall, I gift link to DU)

Qanon experts LAY INTO Marjorie Taylor Greene - Brian Tyler Cohen

Adam Schiff w/ Stephanie Miller - What Could be in the Affidavit Used to Search Trump's Home?

Ron Johnson confirms that women don't count

Ray Charles critiques Elvis Presley's dancing..Discuss

Flooding around DFW area, I took these pics yesterday vs today

Former Fox News politics editor says network stoked 'paranoia and hatred'

Kid Cudi says he had a stroke at 32. Hailey Bieber was 25. How common are they?

Hattie McDaniel and Clark Gable - some movie history

Why people follow tyrants. Or - Facts about the MAGA crowd

Parts of Dallas Have Received 14 Inches of Rain (So Far)

An Unusual $1.6 Billion Donation Bolsters Conservatives

Remember now we're approaching peak

11 of our Presidents have been Episcopalian, we should probably elect a few more.

Weissmann hot under the collar this morning re: Patel

Women are voting -- and the GOP is scared

my favorite part about health insurance is how your teeth and eyeballs are add-ons

Eric Burdon, Rory Gallagher, David Lindley, Wolfgang Niedecken - jam session, Rockpalast, 1982

Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America: 'The place has lost its mind'

"Bishop" Weakland finally has died.

Teachers in Ohio go on strike after requests for more staffing, smaller class sizes and A/C ignored

Joe and Hunter Biden need to sue Breitbart

Ethics board: SD Gov. Noem may have 'engaged in misconduct'

Is it in yet?

A Republican candidate is facing backlash after 'joking' Garland should be executed

Glenn Kirschner: No Sweetheart Deals! There Are a Whole Host of Crimes that Apply to Rudy & Trump.

The Weight featuring Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson and the world

What is it about Donald J. Trump?

Trump-linked SPAC warns decline in ex-president's popularity could hurt his social media company

Australian News Outlet Dares Lachlan Murdoch to Sue Them For Tying Fox News to January 6

"Why do narcissists find conspiracy theories so appealing?"

New Video Sites Thrive on Misinformation

Breitbart Gets Duped By Fake Fetterman Vs Oz Poll

Rory Gallagher, live on Rockpalast, 1976 - full 1-3/4 hour show + interview

Mike Pence Owes the Country an Explanation

SkewTube: New video-sharing sites thrive on misinformation and hate

Ethics board: SD Gov. Noem may have 'engaged in misconduct'

Biden's Approval Rate Pops Back Up

Colorado GOP senator becomes Democrat, cites vote falsehoods

She just letting it all hang out! 🤣🤣🤣

Liz Cheney Dares Kevin McCarthy to Subpoena Her

Massive dark money windfall: New conservative group got $1.6 billion from single donor

Geesh. Now GOPers say Fauci's retiring because he's afraid of a Repug investigation.

Chad Wolf the election denier

Holy shit

Middle Age Riot on a roll:

Why, oh why?

How do you make 1.6 billion dollars worthless?

Mike Pence's quiet subversion of Trump portends an ugly 2024

Dis mine! No dis mine! Dis mine too!

Cartoons 8/22/2022

Horses enjoy the water at the beach:

Dog must have his stuffie to enjoy a pool float:

Ethics Board Says Kristi Noem Engaged in Misconduct

Trump PAC's $650,000 'charitable contribution' to the Smithsonian will pay for portraits of Donald a

The nation's growing union movement has roots in Seattle

Cuddling a rescued bald eagle:

Catwalk--Fall 2022 collection in collars:

Target Giuliani 'Will Be Indicted': Rudy Insider Says Trump 'Stole His Soul' (MSNBC)

The most powerful moms in America are the new face of the Republican party

Demon cat's gonna get you!

The languages that live forever

I'm calling this the "Universal Three Word Response" to most MAGAvolk candidate choices:

Qatar detains workers protesting late pay before World Cup

Active shooter in midtown Atlanta

Gays hail Singapore sex-ban repeal, see long way to equality

clever (fetterman ... oz)

Leo Kottke: Vaseline Machine Gun

Suburban voters are key for Doug Mastriano. His abortion views seem to be turning them off

The Question Menacing Brazil's Elections

Beto O'Rourke asks appeals court to toss Greg Abbott megadonor Kelcy Warren's libel lawsuit

Panic:Walmart shopper accidentally shoots himself and three other people with a single bullet

rich people and their bought and paid for politicians . isnt there a limit on dark money?

Report - Russia Blames Ukraine for Darya Dugin's Death

Hey Media. Has abortion ever been taken away from woman going into a mid-term election?

Woman can't believe her dwarf cat is real

Teachers at Ohio's largest school district vote to strike just before start of school year

A couple questions for Leonard Leo: how many SCOTUS justices will $1.6 billion buy? Has the cost

Jersey Shore pier in shape of cross in deeply religious town raises concerns

Don Junior's ventriloquist act

Timelapse video of the western side of the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack

Chico gets around

Emails Show Omaha Police Planned Deal With Far Right-linked Gun Shop

Embarrassing Posts Shared By Clueless Americans

Explosives detonated after being discovered in multiple buildings in small W. Va. city

The Onion asked Pennsylvanians why they are voting for @DrOz, and this is what they said.

Anti-Semitic Group GDL 'More Than Tripled' Propaganda Dehumanizing Jews 'This Year Alone' (MSNBC)

Amy Coney Barrett served as a 'handmaid' in Christian group People of Praise

Mary Trump Show -Malcolm Nance

Mike Luckovich-What Did Hershel Walker say now??

Man Arrested for Playing Guitar Then Obliterates the Case in Court


Tweet of the Afternoon:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's memoir defense....

Trump ABANDONED By Voters Calling For Truth - The Damage Report

Fox News Op-ed: The Trump Mar-a-Lago search was justified

Websites Selling Unapproved Abortion Pills Are Booming

Pfizer seeks OK of updated COVID vaccine booster for fall

2 artists tape banana to wall, now in Federal court. Poll... who did it best?

This dog owner made a bus lift for his dog who suffers from arthritis and he loves it!

If The House Flips, Rep. McCarthy Will Miss Liz Cheney (MSNBC)

Russian Rebel Group Take Credit for Murder of Daughter of Putin's 'Spiritual Guide'

Cultist finds out

Consumption Of Fentanyl, The Drug That Is 50 Times Strronger Than Heroin, Grows In Northern Mexico

Two Oklahoma County Police Officers in Critical Condition after trying to serve eviction paperwork.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 23: Summer Under the Stars: Mickey Rooney

Cat People Are Loving a New Videogame. So Are Their Cats.

1.5 million fentanyl pills found in a tractor-trailer at the Arizona/Mexico border

Massachusetts student receives uniform violation for hijab

Brazil polls menaced by question of coup

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 22, 2022

(Jewish Group) Arizona's Kari Lake denounces "derogatory" language from OK candidate she endorsed

Violence against Indigenous in Brazil surges, says Catholic council

(Jewish Group) What CNN's Dana Bash learned reporting on the rise in antisemitism

(Jewish Group) How a Black, queer, Jewish artist uses her work to change the world

Biden to host unity summit against hate-fueled violence

"mini-Trump" DeSantis already plays a mean invisible accordion LOL

Trump's PAC to Pay for Portraits of Donald and Melania

Overlapping emergencies strain the nation's public health workforce and threaten critical vaccinatio

'The Territory' Review: Indigenous People Fight Encroaching Deforestation In An Engrossing Doc Portr

Lou - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 9/23/2022

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic Group GDL 'More Than Tripled' Propaganda Dehumanizing Jews (video)

SNAP Tweet of the day (Ivanka's excitement over hubby's new book)

It looks like Trump's camp is calling for the release of the affidavit, but did not join the motion.

Emperor Pedro I's heart returns to Brazil for 'state visit'

Four tourists die in bus crash after Machu Picchu visit

Chyron on Nicolle Wallace -

Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers

A Coal Miner's Political Transformation - The Daily podcast from NYT

Why Ambulances Remain Convenient Way to Move Drugs in Colombia

uvalde police and schools to be sued for 27 billion

Have you seen this family? If so, contact the FBI

'I don't say his name, ever': Vulnerable Republicans seek to avoid Trump in 2022 midterms

Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers

Southern MD afternoon 8/22

Life accordion to Tr*mp

Osprey back again! southern MD, + later

GOP Candidate Wants Science, History Out of Schools

Trump's legal team asks for 'special master' to go through Mar-a-Lago evidence

Had a run in with a MAGA hatted Trumper at the Dollar Tree (it turned out well)

Trump sues to block DOJ from reviewing materials seized at Mar-a-Lago until watchdog appointed

Whitehouse lawyers, White house staff all knew about the dozens of boxes of documents.

Herschel Walker: 'Don't We Have Enough Trees Around Here?'

After two months I've finally added new images to my web page.

traditional Uzbek bread. The doughs are baked upside down. Look like giant bagels. Yum.

After two months I've finally added new images to my web page.

After two months I've added new images to my web page.

Cortez Masto Holds Solid Lead In Nevada

Cheri Beasley leading Ted Budd in latest poll as Budd's positions become even more unpopular

Trump Sues to Stall FBI Probe

Is a Fetus a Person? An Anti-Abortion Strategy Says Yes.

China's unrivaled 70-day heat wave

New Tool Shows What You're Owed for Delayed or Canceled Flights

Chuck Todd Tells Lawmaker Griping About IRS Agents: 'Stop Cheating On Your Taxes'

We are fierce. We are fearless. We are ready to win.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Most Concerned Over Ron Johnson's Role In Fake Electors

The abortion ban will drive aspiring doctors out of state. Who will care for Idahoans?

Was Cipollone or Philbin the "mole"?

Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers

ok, i'd like to propose a new word-

You gotta love this. Why some Penn voters are voting for Oz.

Dog Caught On Hidden Camera Doing The Sweetest Thing For Foster Brother

The Rude Pundit: Ron DeSantis Is Not Your New Trump, But He Is a...

Nat King Cole Trio: Straighten Up and Fly Right

trump FINALLY found lawyers to represent him!

Latest attempt to legalize medical marijuana fails to make Nebraska ballot

German Shepherd Carries Cat Toy Around The House For The New Kitten To Play With

Let's try another take...


Russia appeals for new recruits to join Ukraine war effort - BBC News

NC lieutenant governor doesnt think kids need to learn science

Flood in Texas today

Nikki Fried's last ad before election tomorrow. She wants to take down DeSantis in November.

Herschel Walker Declares 'We Have Enough Trees'

Go Water Your Mother

I took a whole day off (Sunday) with No news other than local weather. I might make that a habit...

Doug Mastriano Has Security Tied to Militia Group

The Devil's Advocate author Andrew Neiderman

A Russian soldier's journal: 'I will not participate in this madness'

WAPO: Breaking: Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers

Texas schools are required to put up posters of the national motto 'In God We Trust,'

Seriously, America has a problem

Those who represent themselves have a fool for a client.

Cops Find 1,000 Firearms, 140,000 Rounds of Ammo After Brothers Fatally Shot in Standoff

Breaking news: An abandoned Brinks truck found at Trumps resort.

NEW DETAILS: Victims of deadly Midtown shooting were targeted, police say (Atlanta)

Panthers name Baker Mayfield as starting quarterback for 2022 season

i have an announcement.

aunt crabby calls bullshit: seriously.... WTF!?!?

In Nevada, Democrats' midterm prospects look better despite headwinds: Suffolk poll

Free School Lunches


There's now a police car parked full-time outside the local Planned Parenthood clinic...

It's flooding down in Texas

Evening + sunset southern MD 8/22

Tweet of the Evening:

Herschel Walker Turns Down Debating Warnock Because Of Sunday Night Football--Even Though The Debate

Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here's How.

Gun Control Advocates Petition FTC to Go After Gun Ads

Karl Rove, at it again

Lord Huron - When The Night Is Over

Senate Republicans Furious After Rick Scott Blows All Their Campaign Money - Ring of Fire

Exclusive: Justice Department issues new subpoena to National Archives for more January 6 documents

what could go wrong?

I might have enough tomatoes to make a batch of Marinara sauce

Darya Dugina, the 29-year-old daughter of Alexander Dugin, died Saturday..

Rosemary Clooney - Black Coffee

Trial balloon re: Student loans?? White House leaning towards canceling $10,000 for under $125,000 s

Ron DeSantis Goes Full Fascist During Chilling Campaign Speech - Ring of Fire

So, who really wants the affidavit of Trump's search warrant released?

If this is his official portrait, I hope they dont change a thing.

Pro cooking tip of the year, "if you stir coconut oil into kale...

Toward an Emissions and Modern Slavery Impact Accounting Model

Ray Charles - Greenbacks

The Michigan GOP gubernatorial circus sideshow

Kansas abortion foes will go door to door confronting voters after recount proves they lost

Nits - With Used Furniture We Make A Tree

Just wanted to share my happiness... PLUMERIA flowers!!

Terrorist threats against UK on Russian state TV (link is to story on MSN)

Democrats will have at least 52 US Senate seats after 2022 which includes GA,NV,and WI.

I happened to say the word "anemone" while watching Netflix

Zelensky warns of 'particularly cruel' attacks ahead of Ukraine Independence Day

Joe Biden Stole my Ice Cream Cone - Walter Masterson

State Board Opens Public Comment Period on Proposed Campaign Finance Rules

Thank you to a great human being! You served your country with honor and grace Doctor Anthony Fauci!

Biden Leans Towards Canceling $10K in Student Loan Debt