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This Week at Justice - August 19, 2022 - The Justice Department

Dictionaries Rejected From School District Following DeSantis Bill

"I found the GOP's gun-toting IRS boogeyman. He's a Republican."

Interstate 90 Pavement Repairs Begin Next Week

Vance: Trump Could Find Himself Involved In GA Probe 'Very Quickly' The Katie Phang Show

Charlie Kirk Wants GOP State AGs To 'Raid' Liberal Groups

Martin Short Gushes About Steve Martin While Simultaneously Roasting Him The Tonight Show

GOP candidate announced his school board bid with a Bible verse - then got busted for sexting ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene rolls out "Protect Children's Innocence Act"

The Mysteries of Mar-a-Lago

President Joe Biden is very good at what he does. And he always has been.

Doug Mastriano's comments on Islam and climate change resurface, the latest hit for his campaign

Friday Talking Points -- Banana Republicans


Tweet of the Night #2:

It's key to stare at them for several seconds before showing your complete disdain:

Clinic operator that partners with employers makes push into Seattle area

What are these clouds called?

Trump's defense.

Could We See a #Roevember Election?

Biden to host unity summit against hate-fueled violence

Why Won't Former Trump Org. CFO Weisselberg Flip On Trump? The Katie Phang Show

In Deep Red Texas, Beto O'Rourke Takes on Guns and Abortion

Michael Cohen On Trump: 'Disgraceful, Non-Empathetic, Narcissistic Sociopath' The Katie Phang Show

Those darned "geometric storms" again...

The minimum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 52. The maximum is 56.

Republicans call it an 'army' but IRS hires will replace retirees, do IT, says Treasury

conservative group tries to keep abortion off the ballot in Michigan

NGO Raids Highlight Injustices Palestinians Face Under Occupation - Ayman

Construction Issues Delay East Link Opening to 2024 and Federal Way Link to 2025

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Chris Hayes: Trump's 'Openly Inciting' Rhetoric Against DOJ Is Dangerously Familiar - All In - MSNBC

Texas Paul REACTS to OAN anchor's call for ARMED REVOLUTION

Somebody PLEASE Calm me down.

One for DuncanPup.

CNN: In short: Barr lied about the Mueller investigation, and then he lied about his lies

DeSantis and his "illegal voters" kubuki theater

Friday Night Gin Buzz. Ask me anything.

Tweet of the Day

MUST SEE! Noel Casler: Trump's an Addict & a Narcissist. Jared Doesn't Have a Soul.

The Truth Behind The DeSantis 'Election Integrity' Stunt In Florida - All In - MSNBC

I like Alex Wagner - she's all over DeSantis


Pence says he didn't leave office with classified material

Mom fighting abortion bans after her daughter's death points to her homeland as a cautionary tale

Melanie Safka "Beautiful People"

The war on public schools is being fought from Hillsdale

Guys, I'm going to have to find a new car repair shop!

MI-GOV: Republican says rape victims "will have their babies to help them heal".

Crudits And Terrorism: Portrait of a Party Gone Mad (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The State of the Race in Pennsylvania is Sinking In, Fast

It may be up to women to save the nation from Trump and Trumpism.

John Fetterman for President 2028

This is the Loire, the longest river in France. It's gone now.

GOP scared about Utah senate race

How the idea of a "transgender contagion" went viral--and caused untold harm

Saturday's digit: 7/10 - Fairly standard warmth and humidity for the time of year.

TV CEO Insults Emilia Clarke In Front Of 'Game Of Thrones' Fans -- And It Does Not Go Well

Ali Velshi is on fire tonight. He sitting in as host of The Last Word.

Beaver & Krause: By Your Grace (w/Gerry Mulligan)

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are going to win.

DOJ Says Florida Republicans INTENTIONALLY Trying To Disenfranchise Non White Voters - Ring Of Fire

Fuck this guy (John Wayne)

Charlie Kirk HUMILIATED by comedian on HIS OWN SHOW

Newsmax: 'Don't Worry, Trump Can Run For President From Prison!' - Rebel HQ

11 Activists Share Alternatives to Prisons and Policing

Fox News Host goes ROGUE and STUNS guests by calling out their LIES

'Shipping up to Boston' by the Dropkick Murphys

Louisiana AG delays flood funds for New Orleans because they will not enforce abortion ban

'It's a rip-off': GOP spending under fire as Senate hopefuls seek rescue

Republican Senate Campaign Funds Running Dry

Texas Schools Require Clear Bags To Prevent Students From Bringing In Books

First bus stop bomb shelter installed in Kharkiv. - The Kyiv Independent

Hershel needs your help


Top British Broadcaster REACTS to Trump Espionage Crimes and attacks on FBI - Meidas Touch

Impossibly Early


Into the Mystic

Saturday Morning Relaxing Weekend Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Livestream

The Band: Acadian Driftwood

Launching a nonfiction book soon -- pay for reviews?

Real Time With Bill Maher (8-19-22) Full Show

During rally for JD Vance, Ron DeSantis quoted a Bible verse about putting on the full armor of God

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/19/22

Andrea Mitchell dings Sen. Mike Rounds on his recession lie with words from Republican economists.

Son of gun trafficker sentenced for role in exporting firearms to Mexico

Make America Great Again (MAGA) deconstructed and exposed as crap for most.

Republicans' new voters turn out less while Democrats do the opposite. And that may swing midterm.

Mexico Charges Former AG With Torture, Misconduct in Missing Students Case

National Security Expert: Trump Had Classified Docs In 'Hotel And Wedding Facility Basement' - ReidOut

Historian: No longer a cliche. Vote like your life depended on it because it does. Here's Why!

well, here's a twist for ya.

Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Islamic State 'Beatle' El Shafee Elsheikh gets life term for US hostage deaths

St. Sen. Raquel Teran: 'Road To Preserving American Democracy Runs Through Arizona' - The ReidOut

El Salvador plans to open 'mega prison' after 50,000 gang members arrested

Illinois Family Charged for Forced Labor of Two Guatemalan Minors

Hey Mitt Romney! You had better be careful?

BREAKING: Weak and Desperate Trump to file Fourth Amendment Motion DOOMED to Fail - Meidas Touch

I'm against violence. These photos are just for educational purposes.

ya know, perhaps life's most frustrating enterprise

Panama Canal Calls on Ships to Protect Marine Life as Nearby Annual Migration Begins

Florida Christian school says it will refer to students only by 'biological gender,' asks gay and tr

Perspective: How green energy in Central America can help tackle migration issues

'I'm Carrying This Baby Just to Bury It': The Struggle to Decode Abortion Laws

Caribbean Matters: The Panama Canal is a modern wonder of the world--built on racism

Fun times in the GOP

'Ukrainian sabotage attack' on Putin ammunition depot seen in new footage

Yes w/orchestra: Soon (Live, Amsterdam, November 22, 2001)

Anybody notice the paid Pharma ads?

Catholic agencies say Inflation Reduction Act address long-standing goals

How'd this happen?

man is this one ringin in my ears.

Honduran Jos Luis Oliva,'The Lord of the Skies', was extradited to the United States to stand trial

Mick Mulvaney details how he saw Trump handle documents - CNN

Briege McP refutes an article that compares the Republican Party to Ireland's Sinn Fein.

Historian: No longer a cliche. Vote like your life depended on it because it does. Here's Why!

Rep. Ilhan Omar has a kind message for our Right Wing friends about democracy and more.


Robot boat maps Pacific underwater volcano

James Oswald's 'Serenata No.4' in four parts

Bob Rae Retweet:

So, Why Did The CJNG Burn Baja Over the Weekend? And Who Are Los Erres?

STELTER's got 3 yr contract @ 1M$/yr - suck it, MALONE. *Updated* OP for final show/today.

College student is slain in a national park by a woman pretending to be a stranded motorist, police

Socialist President Xiomara Castro Is Trying to Revive Democracy in Honduras

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about water cuts to Arizona and Nevada....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Kansas, recounts, perceptions, and realities....

DA Alvin Bragg delivers Donald Trump a gift by going easy on Trump's criminal CFO, Allen Weisselberg

Honduran journalist Sonia Prez criminally charged over reporting on Indigenous evictions

Pendejo45's future ...

On Chile rivers, Native spirituality and development clash

Ali Velshi On Extremist Takeover Of Republican Party - The Last Word - MSNBC

J.J. Cale - Call Me the Breeze

Wordle- finally got it in two

In April 2021 Merrick Garland APPEALED the first court decision to release the memo that Barr

Mandela Barnes Leads Ron Johnson In Recent Polls - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Forgot this one... 'Daya's Spin' from Scott Tenant

A sign of an ecosystem out of balance: too much nutrient pollution.

Judge Blocks Ban Criminalizing Abortion In Michigan - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

I've been hearing rumors that Cartoon Network may actually no longer exist by next year

2 additional from Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Florida Teachers Afraid, Confused As DeSantis Politicizes Curriculum - Alex Wagner - MSNBC (2 videos)

'Bonkers Crop' Of GOP Candidates Undercuts Typical Midterm Advantage For Opposition - Alex Wagner MSNBC

New discoveries at Orkney's Ness of Brodgar Neolithic site

'Spanish Stonehenge' dating back 7,000 years emerges as water levels recede

Cuba to send hundreds of doctors to Italy's Calabria region

The "Female Factor" At The Ballot Box - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump Escalates Rhetoric Against Law Enforcement - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Saturday 20 August 2022

My Abortion at 11 Wasn't a Choice. It Was My Life

Is the reason for President Biden's continued low approval ratings the Afghanistan withdrawal?

More than 100 Bay Area school board candidates -- including some with extreme views -- running unoppos

'A rip-off': Republicans demand answers as Rick Scott burns up cash needed for Senate fights

There are no words for this level of special

Extreme Drought In Northeast Fueled By Climate Change - NBC News

Urartian chamber tomb, water channel discovered in Trkiye's Van

Glacier archaeologists find a 1300-year-old arrow in melting ice

Al-Shabab: Islamists kill 10 in Somali hotel - reports

Pennsylvania court orders end to primary election stalemate: Count the undated mail ballots

Mexico arrests ex-attorney general in missing students case

Ukraine war: Russia to allow inspectors at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant - Putin

The Knack - My Sharona (Colombia-only 1979 long version w/ full guitar solo, + rare studio footage)

Sen. John Cornyn visits Port of Corpus Christi to promote hydrogen infrastructure bills

It's 'Back to the Bricks' weekend in Flint. The town is flooded with classic cars

I wish the DOJ, prosecutors, courts, would treat Trump as the traitor and threat he is.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are most likely going to win.

Desantis, The Dork who stole the 1st Amendment.

Salvation Army vs. Skeleton Army

Chet Atkins And Boots Randolph - Yakkety Sax

Supreme Court issues rare emergency order favoring voters challenging elections rules

I think I wrote a beer commercial

NC Supreme Court gets it (gerrymandering)

Jack Teagarden was born on this date.

Chunk FTW: President Joe - Dancing for The Stars - Crank It Up!

Who's Filling The Local News Void? In Texas, It's Chevron, W. Plenty Of Folksy Propaganda

Carbon-negative cement manufacturing from seawater-derived magnesium feedstocks

Sneaky Pete Kleinow was born on this date.

John Hiatt has a birthday today.

Tier 2 Cuts In Colorado River Water Allotments 1/4 To 1/8 Of What BuRec Had Indicated In June

Street takeover turns into flash mob which loots 7-11

New York's ageing prisoners languish with poor medical care and little hope

Why some say democratic process is in danger.

Duer duhneece is targeted by a right-wing domestic terrorist.

Absurd rules for reporters at Vance/DeSantis rally in Youngstown OH

New satellite images debunk Putin's claim about nuclear plant (CNN)

EXODUS: Jamaica reeling from second-highest brain drain in the world

my iOS 15.6.1 upgrade experience

I need stories like this to restore my faith in man

You raised $1,165.00 on August 19, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

It's not what Trump can finally do to break the spell he has over his cult. It's what we can do.

You raised $250.00 on August 19, 2022 DU for Westlund WI State Senate

Federal judge has denied Lindsey Graham's effort to avoid testifying before Fulton County grand jury

Why is Desantis flying around everywhere

Did trump attend Ricky shiffers funeral?

This new lyric is to the tune "KeyLargo"

Arthur would like to thank his DU friends for their good wishes and positive thoughts

Regarding a civil war: white Supremists don't have

Trump Threatens 'Major Motion' Based On Fourth Amendment In FBI Mar-A-Lago Search

Hi everyone, quick question:

'(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman' - with Zkye Compson-Harris, SingitLive

Chinese leader asked Biden to prevent Pelosi from visiting Taiwan

Oasis - Morning Glory

Cheney says talks are underway for Pence to testify in front of Jan. 6 committee - ABC News

Another Convincing Argument for the Cultists

Pink Robin:

Incorrect Quote Generator:

The worst case scenarios...

Dear Putin

CNN's new CEO met with GOP lawmakers to promise CNN will become more Republican

I love the smell of Bloated Tick fear in the morning

Regal Cinemas parent company plans to file for bankruptcy protection, per report

Regal Cinemas parent company plans to file for bankruptcy protection, per report

So all those brand name pharmacies were peddling opioids while

Russian security services conducted polls in Ukraine to see how an invasion would be greeted

Trump's desire to make the affadavit public isn't just to retaliate against the FBI agents

On this day, August 20, 1968, Operation Danube, the invasion of Czechoslovakia, began.

Democracy vs Republic

On this day, August 20, Finnish architects Eliel Saarinen (1873) and Eero Saarinen (1910) were born.

Caption this!

On this day, August 20, 1923, "Gentleman Jim" Reeves was born.

80 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Dog killed by wolves in Metlakatla was defending its family, owner says

Where we are

White House officials express concern about classified docs taken to Mar-a-Lago (CNN)

Looks like someone behind the scenes at Fox 10 does not like Kari Lake and has had it with her...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Trump, and the midterms being 3 months away....

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

China: The dams don't have enough water to make electricity, so let's burn coal

Cops Are Now Freaking Out About 'Rainbow Fentanyl'

Arizona's Shallowest Lake Is Circling The Drain

Robben Ford - How Deep In The Blues (live - nice performance)

What else is Trump hiding?

Tim Ryan's Online Store

Tim Ryan's Online Store

Ex-lawyer Alex Murdaugh now faces about 90 charges after new indictment

The money went the same place that the 350 million that Rick Scott took.

Couple adopts two shelter dogs. And now say they are their two sons.

These Senior Cats Fell In Love During Retirement

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick

Far-Right Primary Wins In Blue States Threaten GOP Victories In November

The Daily Show: Dulce Sloan and Kerri Colby Help Find Republicans' Inner Drag Queens

Beagles play after release from research breeding facility (4,000 beagles)

Shitstain-Endorsed Doug Mastriano Campaign For Governor In PA Haunted By . . . Doug Mastriano

Dion and The Belmonts - That's My Desire (1972 REUNION CONCERT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN)

Alfred Hitchcock

Texas Paul REACTS to Louisiana forcing woman to carry a fetus WITHOUT A SKULL to Term

THANK YOU! To the beautiful DUer who gifted me a star!!

Election expert predicts who will win control of Congress (CNN)

If Republicans make bodily autonomy a felony

Covid Stimulus Fraud Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New info about human foot found in a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park

An observation at a yard sale I went to yesterday.

Hecklers Remind Ted Cruz What Trump Said About His Father

5 things that changed photography.

Florida Man Shot Dead After Climbing Into Stranger's Bed With Machete, Whispering 'I Love You'

At this point, 80 days out from the midterms, the consensus seems to be that the Democrats will

WWI - A photographer's diary-

How Bea Arthur Reacted To Jeff Ross's Iconic Roast Joke - Conan O'Brien

WAR - Heartbeat

From India, also I made a sandwich for lunch

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme - I. Acknowledgement

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 20, 2022)

Appreciate my gifted STAR!!

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (live on the beach near The Hague, 7/18/1986)

Donald Trump hints at legal action over Mar-a-Lago raid. Lawyers are already finding fault with his

Jaw-dropping numbers: A huge surge in women registering to vote since the 6/24 Dobbs decision.

UN: US buying big Ukraine grain shipment for hungry regions

Donations to abortion groups poured in after Roe v. Wade overturned. Here's what it means.

Super page turner: Fern Michaels "Sweet Vengeance"

The Colorado River drought is coming for your winter veggies

A Migrant Wave Tests New York City's Identity as the World's Sanctuary

Whatever Happened to the News?

Trump may shift midterms from a referendum on Biden to one on him -- and torpedo the GOP

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 21, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Clint Eastwood

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing (studio version + live in Toronto, 7/11/1983)

DeSantis teacher shortage plan: 'Shortcutting the process' won't work, Florida union president says

No major motions reported yet

TCM Schedule for Monday August 22, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Constance Bennett

Chinese farmers struggle as scorching drought wilts crops


Looks like its almost time to bring out the snakes down at the tent revival

A history teacher of 40 years explains the difference between conservatives and liberals

Finland, Sweden offer NATO an edge as rivalry warms up north

US Supreme Court temporarily blocks controversial Georgia election law

Ukrainian spies snuck into Russia ahead of the invasion & found a lot of Russian troops had traded

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram - Hey Joe/Redbone/Old Town Road (live in Charlottesville VA, 8/31/2019)

'The Dr. Oz Show' advisory board had people with no medical training who promoted fake treatments

Groundbreaking Massachusetts Law Protects Telemedicine Abortion Providers Serving Patients Located

Groundbreaking Massachusetts Law Protects Telemedicine Abortion Providers Serving Patients Located i

Groundbreaking Massachusetts Law Protects Telemedicine Abortion Providers Serving Patients Located

Groundbreaking Massachusetts Law Protects Telemedicine Abortion Providers Serving Patients Located

Nuclear waste ravaged their land. The Yakama Nation is on a quest to rescue it

Safe Haven Laws Were Never Supposed to Be an Alternative to Abortion

Safe Haven Laws Were Never Supposed to Be an Alternative to Abortion

Safe Haven Laws Were Never Supposed to Be an Alternative to Abortion

Safe Haven Laws Were Never Supposed to Be an Alternative to Abortion

NC Zoo breaks ground on 10-acre Asian-themed expansion

But not protecting the innocence of intersex children

I've just learned that Arthur isn't a fan of thunder

Apparently We Don't Need Abortion Because of Adoption ... "or Whatever"

Apparently We Don't Need Abortion Because of Adoption ... "or Whatever"

Apparently We Don't Need Abortion Because of Adoption ... "or Whatever"

Apparently We Don't Need Abortion Because of Adoption ... "or Whatever"

They're Hit Tunes, Jim --- But Not As We Know Them....


Alas, Women--Barrett Is No Ginsburg (In memoriam)

Alas, Women--Barrett Is No Ginsburg (In memoriam)

Alas, Women--Barrett Is No Ginsburg (In memoriam)

Dahlia Lithwick: We Don't Need a Trump-Inspired Civil War for Things to Get Real Bad, Real Fast

Don't Draft Our Daughters--or Our Sons


Don't Draft Our Daughters--or Our Sons

Don't Draft Our Daughters--or Our Sons

Coach D SLAMS Marjorie Taylor Greene for homophobic 'groomers' insult

I Taught My 4th Grade Class About White Privilege And Their Response Was Eye-Opening


The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Much-Needed Win for Women

The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Much-Needed Win for Women

The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Much-Needed Win for Women

The Inflation Reduction Act Is a Much-Needed Win for Women

Sen. Lindsey Graham loses bid to delay testifying in Georgia Trump probe

A few things that I believe could happen.

Second Wave Feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment and Phyllis Schlafly

Second Wave Feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment and Phyllis Schlafly

Biden administration touts $1 trillion infrastructure bill

Coincidence? The Saudi run LIV golf tour trophy--

How did TFLG get hold of documents in the SCIF?

What We Must Learn From Latin America in a Post-Roe World

What We Must Learn From Latin America in a Post-Roe World

What We Must Learn From Latin America in a Post-Roe World

Cartoons 8/20/2022

What We Must Learn From Latin America in a Post-Roe World

I was in the parade, can you spare $5?

Education doesn't set agendas; it informs decisions

Aunt Crabby Tweet

Just came across her on Twitter - Qondi!

No, you can't be free from LGBTQ+ people

Trump world rumor from Rick Wilson

Honey with Pizza. Discuss.

Bringing choice to rural Nigeria

Bringing choice to rural Nigeria

When you take a photo at Russian HQ and forget to turn off the geotagging function

Women know how choice and freedom feel - and we will never give that up

Dem lawmaker, 36, says lawmakers who are 'past childbearing age' have 'less fight' in them

Women know how choice and freedom feel - and we will never give that up

Women know how choice and freedom feel - and we will never give that up

Women know how choice and freedom feel - and we will never give that up

Ukrainian MiG-29s Are Firing AGM-88 Anti-Radiation Missiles

What is your prediction for the November election?

Steven Beschloss: Grievance, Persecution and the Endless Excuse

In honor of Arthur's neutering - Neuticles!

Military families' housing benefits lag as rents explode

Deranged, Dopey and Deluded (for Marjorie Taylor Greene) by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

GURL, YOU'RE A KAREN - A Randy Rainbow Parody

Question about search warrant affidavit

Trump 'Going Nuts' As His Paranoia Hits An All-Time High

PSA - what to do when your pulled over

The high cost of gas and food make life on the reservation even more difficult than usual

The high cost of gas and food make life on the reservation even more difficult than usual

New polls show Democrats could 'win' the 2022 midterms. Should you believe them?

Best description of it I've seen in a long time. Maybe ever.

This Gaffe Should INSTANTLY Disqualify You From Running For Office - Rebel HQ

Rachel Bitecofer FTW

Why No Mar-A-Lago Search Video Yet (MSNBC)

As Investigations Into Trump Heat Up, He Deflects By Encouraging MAGA Mob (MSNBC)

Dr. Oz ROASTED By Fetterman For Disastrous Mistake

'It's just insanity': ATF now needs 2 weeks to perform routine gun trace

Happy 188th birthday!

Trump supporter Gary Busey charged with sex offenses at Monster Mania Con

Crimea: The Russians say they shot down a Ukrainian drone which 'fell' right onto Fleet HQ.

Dems just took the lead in 538s generic-ballot average for the first time in nearly a year.

Hello Mr. Trump, DOJ calling. Can you please give back the documents you stole?

Gazprom to shut Nord Stream 1 for 3 days, with limited service after - DW News


LOL... Gmac Cash (of "Big Gretch" fame)- Giant Slide

Wendy's pulls lettuce from sandwiches amid E. coli outbreak

With the Senate outlook appearing brighter, what house races should we be focusing our attention on?


Songs people on the trail want to hear from your Bluetooth speaker

Cat 'graduates' from UT Austin after attending every Zoom lecture with owner

It's 1979 and the Assistant Purser on the Titanic tells his story

Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail

THANK YOU President Biden & Democrats. Record Number of Overseas Jobs Coming Back to US

Bernie: I'm proud to endorse @MaxwellFrostFL for Congress.

Saw a pretty sunset the other night

They're coming for the Civil Rights Act next

LIVE 4PM ET: Working Class Rally in Philadelphia - Sanders, Sean O'Brien, Sara Nelson

Russia Strikes Down Drone Aimed For Black Sea Fleet Headquarters (MSNBC)

This meme made me chuckle.

FLASHBACK (Nov. 2020): America Assembled!

MAGAt: Trump will be reinstated Oct. 30, 2022!!!!111!!1!!

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - A Banda

LOL: Danish women show "Solidarity" with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin

☦️ Orthodox Hymns

Louisiana woman faces 'horrifically cruel' abortion choice over fetus missing skull

Live SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch: Starlink Mission / August 19th 2022

(Jewish Group) Reactions roll in after Kari Lake endorses Jew-hating Jarrin Jackson

Reactions roll in after Kari Lake endorses Jew-hating Jarrin Jackson

(OK Group) Reactions roll in after Kari Lake endorses Jew-hating Jarrin Jackson

MIDTERM POLLS: Democrats Take Lead in BOTH Polling Averages for First Time This Year

Public Schools & Hurricanes

Question, on abortion issue.

Don't worry be happy.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the next rocket to the moon....

(Jewish Group) Fire destroys building at Grossinger's Catskills resort...

(Jewish Group)Jesse Eisenberg's film follows 2 cousins exploring their grandmother's Holocaust story

(Jewish Group) Gab, Truth Social, beyond; antisemitic threats continue in the wake of the FBI seach

On Gab, Truth Social and beyond, antisemitic threats continue in wake of the FBI's Mar-a-Lago search

Texas Conservatives Are Trigger Happy for FREEDOM - Rebel HQ

Wtf? Burning body found hanging from tree, LAPD says "no indicators of foul play."

CNN is airing a special on antisemitism. Here's your guide to what it will cover.

(Jewish Group) CNN is airing a special on antisemitism. Here's your guide to what it will cover.

We discovered a New York City treasure today!

Biden administration: Israel has yet to justify shuttering of Palestinian human rights groups

DOJ reveals FBI has recovered encrypted Proud Boys chat that illustrates a LOT of 1/6 pre-planning

Rep. Michael McCaul says the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago was "by the books" - CBS News

Ted Cruz gets heckled by The Good Liars during a speech.

Former Trump White House attorney Ty Cobb weighs in on Mar-a-Lago search - CBS News

'A Clear Pattern Of Behavior' Fmr. FBI Agent On Law Enforcement Threats After Mar-a-Lago (MSNBC)

They Caught This Creep Looking Through Their Windows

Texas Leaders Shut Renewables Out In Planning the Power Grid's Future

"No wonder there are Republicans............."

Total BS! Woman under house arrest for stealing Pelosi's laptop

Scared kitten found abandoned in backyard

Grammatically Incorrect

Rescue dog can't stop jumping for joy after being adopted (tweet)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to win.

Trump's Golf Habits Expose Him For The Cheater He Is - The Damage Report

Michael Gove says he is quitting frontline politics and won't return to government

Family Experiences Close Encounter With Humpback Whale

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 20, 2022

"This is how all cat owners sound" (Twitter)

Hi My name is guest at M ara-a-lardo

Bill Nye is on CNN talking about the water shortages out West n/t

Warships Sunk During WWII Resurface During Drought

Bernie Philadelphia Rally Photo: Let me thank the more than 1,000 people who joined us today...

OMG Eric took a selfie

Gary Busey charged with sex offenses at Monster-Mania Convention

Evelyn Waugh describes Rex Mottram in Brideshead Revisted, foreshadowing Trump

John Ganz: The Case for Going After Trump

Michael Cohen speculates that Trump was going to use documents as a "get-out-of-jail free" card...

How many Democratic Governors will there be after 2022?

Midterms and voter suppression

Ruben Gallego Laces Down Kari Lake For Supporting An Anti-Semite

Dorli Rainey, symbol of Occupy movement, dies at 95

Synagogue of judge who approved Trump's search warrant cancels Shabbat service (last week)

DU Donation

Amazing tribute to all the enslaved people buried in cemeteries with no name

Successful assassination attempt in Moscow: a car blown up on Mozhayskoye highway.

What does Tudor Dixon know?

Tweet of the Evening:

Tweet of the Day

U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez and his wife defied property tax law for eight years by claiming two

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I wonder if Pierre Poliovirus will apologize.

Herschel Walker humiliates himself when asked about debate - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Classified-Files Scandal Is the Most Trumpy Scandal of All

Stanford rapist Brock Turner has moved back to Dayton

Velshi: Your Power, As A Citizen, Scares The Far-Right. Your Vote Threatens Them - MSNBC (2 videos)

Nope *ouch* Nope *ouch* Nope

Appellate court exposes Bill Barr's lies about secret DOJ memo used to protect Trump from charges

I spent the morning playing with my granddaughters. I'm absolutely exhausted.

serious question about voter fraud

My Song for November

Giuliani Associate Sought Pardon for Him After Jan. 6, Book Says

"Will The Russians Come Overnight And Kill Me?" - Velshi - MSNBC

Trump & Mark Meadows planned to hand FBI file to conservative journalists three days before leaving

Grace Christian School in Valrico, FL has asked all LBGTQ students to leave immediately.

The Brewers are down bad

'I am not upset. I'm enraged': Administration asked school librarian to take down banned books displ

Nina Simone: I Put a Spell on You

S.C. State Rep.: 'If You're Raped As An Adult, Good Luck' - Velshi - MSNBC

CTE is a real thing. (Herschel Walker word salad)

Siouxsie and the Banshees: Spellbound

Another Trump backer dumps Trump

Bobby McFerrin - Moondance

'Flow from the pulpit:' The LifeGate church members providing security to Doug Mastriano

Dorli Rainey, symbol of Occupy movement, dies at 95

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Prince with Apollonia - Take Me With U

James Ingram with Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There

Opinion: Ignore Trump? Sadly, not now. Los Angeles Times, August 20, 2022

Dog and Butterfly for real

Elvis Presley - Witchcraft

Queens of the stone age - Go with the flow -live

Fetterman video on inflation (Tweet)

Sunset, southern MD 8/20

Eddy Arnold - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye