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John Cleese Tweet:

uploaded a couple of free books from an author to the Kindle app

Here's 10 crudites aka veggie trays. One for each house that Dr. Oz owns.

McConnell: "Senate races are just different, they're statewide" Allow Me To Translate.

Allen Weisselberg, a Top Trump Executive, Pleads Guilty in Tax Scheme

Does Trump want his terrorists to attack the FBI?

Turtle: "Too Many Of My Party's Senate Candidates Suck"**

Ginni Thomas emailed Arizona GZP urging them to appoint fake electors

Authorities left speechless after monkey dials 911 in Paso Robles

Congdon, McPartland, Krupa and Friends - "At the Jazz Ball" - 1969

How come the WI and national Republicans are comparing Barnes to Feingold?

Breaking: Judge unseals Trump info today, "Donald Trump as a possible subject of the criminal probe"

Sunset, southern MD 8/18 7:58PM

How to Kill a Newspaper

Rosalynn Carter marking 95th birthday with butterflies

Good news Tweet:

The museum filled with venomous spiders that just won't die

Rosalynn Carter marking 95th birthday with butterflies

South African musician alleges he was racially profiled at Napa restaurant

Streaming viewership surpasses cable TV for the first time in the US

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an update on the Vanessa Guillen case....

No Caption Needed

Mike Luckovich-Can you gut Women's voting rights

Chelsea Handler on Lauren Boebert:

Royal Gorge - Salmon River

Border agents are flooding NYC nonprofits with improperly addressed court notices for asylum-seekers

Happy 89th orbit Gene Kranz!

Julie Louis Dreyfuss tweet about abortion

Glenn Kirschner & Ken Dilanian - Garland Spent Weeks Considering Mar-a-Lago & Trump Raid... Why?

catching up on podcasts. Listening to Bob Cesca's Tuesday show

"Some days he wanted more French fries. Other days he wanted documents."

They are too young to walk but not too young to be shot at in America.

Former Trump officials say his claim of 'standing order' to declassify is nonsense

CNN Exclusive :...Former Trump officials say his claim of 'standing order' to declassify is nonsense

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Extra! Extra! Donald Trump says Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK!

'Cult Of Criminality': Long List Of Trump Allies Convicted Of Crimes Grows - All In - MSNBC


Tweet of the Night:

What's Wrong With My Cat? (2 videos)

Larry Hogan: Maryland GOP Gov. Candidate Mentally Unstable, Has Zero Chance of Winning

The Daily Show: Trump CFO's Guilty Plea & Mariah Carey's Trademark Play

One positive thing crosses my mind.

Why hasn't Trump received a target letter yet from Fulton County?

Home Appraised With a Black Owner: $472,000. With a White Owner: $750,000.

Veteran Destroys DeSantis' 'Troops To Teachers' Program - Rebel HQ

Met a guy today

Les McCann & Eddie Harris: Kathleen's Theme (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, 1969)

This is brilliant!!!

This guy just looks for any chance to pull his gun

Important Court Races in North Carolina...

Farmer's Market Today

arizona radar showing clear out flow boundaries from strong thunderstorms....

"You human tramp stamp"

Well I'm guessing that Dr. Ozone isn't following his own doctor's advice?

New CNN boss fires Brian Stelter

This looks cool. 45 minutes. Clive James, Ed Meese, P.J. O'Rourke, aaand Hitchens

Democrats will end up with 52 to 54 US Senate seats after 2022.

Nice sunset, @ 7:56 p.m!

Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs (Just came on local news.)

The GOP has reached a point of no return.

Andrew Yang To Speak Alongside Far-right Figures at 'FreedomFest'

Du Hast by Rammstein Performed by Kids!!! / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Friday's digit: 7/10 - Slowly increasing clouds and a slight afternoon shower chance. Also,

DOJ Alum: It's Clear National Security Interests 'Paramount' To Trump Probe - All In - MSNBC

Corey Taylor - Wicked Game (Live at House of Blues 2015) HD

Ron DeSantis suspends a prosecutor for having different opinions than Ron DeSantis

My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

Theme from "Game of Thrones" (Season 8)

Republicans Are America's Problem

Theme from "House of the Dragon" (prequel to "Game of Thrones")

Minnesota Republican State Senate candidate says people may 'have to vote with bullets'

Pelosi laptop thief allowed to go to Renaissance fair

"Brian's Song" - starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams - is now free with ads on YouTube

So I got a price increase notification from CMP.

Beto rally

People Are Posting Photos Of Working Cats


Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra Wayfaring Stranger 2017

Texas Paul REACTS to Beto O'Rourke's ELECTRIC Clap Back to Heckler at Rally in Deep Red Texas - MT

Post Malone - I'm Gonna Miss Her & You Can Have The Crown (Country Cover)

DeShaun Watson got an 11 game suspension. IMHO it should have been 11 years

This dude is on a fvcking roll!

Judge retains jurisdiction in lawsuit over Enbridge pipeline

'Who Would Know Better Than A Trump Family Member?': Questions Arise About Who Tipped Off FBI

P.S. Juanita Tolliver is ALWAYS right on point, Ruhle show.

Trump Threatens to Release FBI Raid Surveillance Footage

Grease will be playing at AMC theaters this weekend

Anyone else see "She Hulk?"

James Gang - Funk 49

Topping $1 Billion a Year, Big Ten Signs Record TV Deal for College Conference

Sen. Warnock: Happy 95th Birthday to Georgia's own Rosalynn Carter!

*Re: Richard Engel's son's death, ruhle show now

'They Went Too Far': Pollster On GOP Losing Latino Support After Roe Reversal - The ReidOut - MSNBC

In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists

Sweet Friday Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Livestream

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Every Day Is Worse Than The Day Before' For Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

#Trump is so bigly--he is lumbering and can hardly walk!

Just learned, via 1940 census/ancestry, my maternal grandparents were born in Russia.

Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Funniest thing I've seen roasting TFLG!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about WHO changing names and changing as a person....

Boston Shoplifter

Florida judge blocks parts of Gov. Ron DeSantis-backed 'Stop WOKE Act,'

Florida judge blocks parts of Gov. Ron DeSantis-backed 'Stop WOKE Act,'

Why Trump Should Worry About Ex-CFO Weisselberg's Guilty Plea - The Last Word - MSNBC

What is the gop thinking?

TFG is the "messiah of America"

Charles Blow: 'Republicans Are America's Problem' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Forest fires across Algeria kill at least 41 people - Al Jazeera

*MASH, on HBO now,

Team Pence notes how it didn't improperly take classified docs

Cover letter of unsealed Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant application:

Europe's Rhine River levels plummeting, hampering shipping - Al Jazeera

Six Flags: Amusement park CEO says parks have become 'cheap daycare center for teenagers

Compare & Contrast

Border Patrol's Seizure of Religious Items from Sikh Migrants 'Egregious Violation' - Lawmakers

Wreck of US warship sunk in WW1 found off English coast - BBC News

How Does Utah's Anti-Trans Law Work? Secret Investigations Of Kindergarten Records - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Leave it to Rudy to come up with another batshit explanation!

'To Connect, Not To Divide': Buttigieg On Outreach To The Right And Helpful Infrastructure - Alex Wagner

A DUer offered this in a reply to a post of mine quite a while ago. It just popped into mah noggin.

I think it's time for "Liberal Hollywood" to help us keep the House

What Trump Org CFO Weisselberg's Guilty Plea In Fraud Case Means For Donald Trump - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Why isn't there legislation, and laws against domestic terrorism?

Judge Inclined To Unseal Portions Of Mar-a-Lago Affidavit - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When - Dreamy!

Why Republicans Turned Against the Environment - Paul Krugman - New York Times

sucker punch guy out of jail. charges downgraded from attempted murder to assault, victim in coma

Breakfast Friday 19 August 2022

Some Much Needed Comedic Relief

Far-Right Extremists Are Threatening to 'Execute' Doctors at a Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital Barraged With Threats - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Arkansas to pay atheist group $16,000 in Jason Rapert social media lawsuit

With so many Elected MAGATs defending TFG

Putin is losing the war, and is using the nuclear plant as a weapon,

DU ads are getting weird. I almost miss the toe fungus adverts.

Texas Law requires public schools to display donated 'In God We Trust' posters

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.


Police release video of the mob that looted 7_11 during street takeover..wants help identifying

Is Grassley going to lose on Election Day due to his insane comments about the IRS using AR-15.

How Did an SUV Get on the Second Floor of South Shore Plaza?

The Distinct Shame of Senate Republicans

'A hundred years later, we are still fighting the same fights.'

What is the point of releasing a redacted affidavit?????

RFK Jr.'s anti-vaccine group kicked off Instagram, Facebook

Ex-Trump Attorney: Trump Will Be Indicted, But He Can Run For Office From Prison

Is it time for Biden to start saying the word Fascism?

"The Undeclared War" is a fictional series on Peacock. The story

My Trumper customer has gone quiet. But:

My wife says I only have two faults.

My wife really gets upset when I introduce her

America is incapable of handling the truth at this time.

Democratic Party is Tweeting An Ad Words by Morning Joe

Spectrum Health no longer screening most new hires for marijuana

Euro zone July inflation confirmed at 8.9% y/y, core measure sharply up

Why Democrats could win 2022 midterm

Phoenix, Las Vegas face flooding storms from surging monsoon

Friday TOONs - The GOP Is All Bucked Up

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 22 - August 26)

The origin of Superheroes: Mister Miracle

Dems Do Big F*cking Deals, the GOP Does Fake Big Dick Energy

Tensions between FedEx and the independent companies that help it deliver packages are escalating

North Korea dismisses Seoul's aid offer as 'foolish' repeat

The Rundown: August 19, 2022

GameStop Is Being Sued by Diamond for Almost $3 Million

Hey, Texas: Turn 'Lights Out' This Fall to Help Save Migratory Birds

Definitely not intentional, but the DOJ fighting to keep the affidavit sealed, is probably going to

Steen announces write-in campaign to 'toss Vos'

Morning Joe actually made some really good points this morning!

What McConnell said about the House is bigger than what he said about the Senate

You raised $170.00 on August 18, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

The Saudi-Funded LIV Golf Tour

Are alligators expanding their habitat?

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS upgrade and no Firefox bookmarks dilemma

This should be a Tropical Depression later today

Worst TX Drought In A Decade; Forecasters Expect It To Continue Into This Winter

Reach for the unreachable

81 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Global Warming Means "Irreversible Decline" In Himalayan Snow/Ice That Water Most Of Asia

I have my baby boy home!!

In public they all act so tough, so defiant, behind the scenes their lives are in complete turmoil.

Noel Casler tweets a fact for the day (NSFW)

Europe storms: Children among dead in France, Austria and Italy

Idris Elba new film Beast

Congress needs to figure out the deal between Trump, Jared, and the Saudis

Martin Short skewers the Trumps and a few others on Fallon's show.

Since Liz Cheney won't be working as a Representative come January...

Just got stung by a scorpion on the thigh. Little bugger was in my pants.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

PFAS: Possible breakthrough to destroy harmful 'forever chemicals'

Lashing out

What, exactly, is Florida's traffic laws on stopped school buses and paved medians?

Any long time Cleveland Indians fans here?

With the LIV "tournament" and the PGA's injunction against golfers in LIV,

8/25 - In-Person Reception with President Biden

Eddie Durham was born on this date.

(Peter) Ginger Baker was born on this date.

Viral video of local Sikhs partying with sex workers in Costa Rica subject of lawsuit

Nearly half of college students wouldn't room with someone who votes differently

Trump advisers call out Kimberly Guilfoyle as one of the biggest 'grifters'

This needs to be the DOMINANT NARRATIVE.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 19, 2022

Cineworld drops more than 50% on bankruptcy report

Opinion: Trump took classified info docs home to cash in on them...period.

Scratching my head

Friends, Rudy Giuliani needs YOUR HELP!

Ex-Trump official says GOP has dissolved into another Trump property (CNN)

Nonprofit raises concerns that Iowa regulators are facilitating 'puppy laundering'

What Will the Future of Kenya Look Like? Nanjala Nyabola on 2022 Disputed Election, Drought & More

Let's Go ...

How to recognize propaganda

Palestinian NGOs Speak Out After Israeli Forces Raid Offices & Declare Them to Be "Terrorist" Groups

Rudy basically admits Trump violated the Espionage Act

Former Northern Va. high school basketball player killed by train in North Carolina

Former Northern Va. high school basketball player killed by train in North Carolina

Tucker ripping into Mitch McConnell:

Sometimes I smell bullshit coming from my computer.

Marcy Kaptur, a Veteran Democrat, Breaks with Biden in New TV Ad

Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought

Rescue Dog Was Terrified Of Going Outside Until...

Have you noticed that separation of races is getting worse?

"No Tech for ICE": Data Broker LexisNexis Sued for Helping ICE Target Immigrant Communities

Dr. Annie Andrews running for South Carolina 1st Congressional District

A drowning man grasping @ straws texts like this @ 2 AM:

I have fought my conscience whether to fight them or to ignore them?

Michelle O'Bonsawin of Odanak First Nation nominated to Supreme Court of Canada

DC Circuit: DOJ must release FULL COPY of 3/19 Memo to Bill Barr re: conclusion of Mueller investig

You know, when Trump said that when you're famous

The generic Republican candidate

My Girl

NH Governor Sununu gives up on his Senate candidate...

How much of the affidavit could they release without exposing sensitive information?

Colin's 2022 election predictions

Short pointed vent.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a redacted Trump affidavit....

Was there any discussion about what actually happened with the Arizon recount?

On this day, August 19, 1943, Billy J. Kramer was born.

Except for the proven existence of the "pee tapes", was the Steele dossier wrong about anything?

at the beto rally last night

The incredible power the prick still holds

Can complicit Republicans' change of heart on Donald Trump be trusted?

Trump Was Breitbart, DeSantis Is Infowars

Got an email from Social Security

Help please - "Post Removed"

Happy Birthday to President Bill Clinton - 76 years young!

Finnish PM: 'I Resent' That Videos of Me Partying Leaked, some call for her to be drug tested

Gerry Mander does not vote. People Do. GOTV is VITAL and Will Work. Let's go to work.

Cat attorney practicing in Texas.

Judge orders preliminary injunction temporarily blocking Michigan's 1931 abortion ban

The quality of people running for office in Florida -

Seal breaks into New Zealand home, traumatises cat and hangs out on couch

Florida State Attorney Slaps Ron DeSantis With A Lawsuit

Just renewed my star membership.

Weird how in these politically extreme times, the media doesn't care about policies anymore.

📱 HUGE NEWS!!! CREW Gets Barr's Secret Mueller Memo Released!!! 📱


VMI's male cadets were berating her. The 1997 Hell Week photo went viral.

"There's no way I could have predicted where this ad was headed." (Twitter)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 19, 2022)

On this day, August 19, 1962, this president was not wearing a tan suit.

Software is a race with the devil. The devil usually wins.

Drought Exposes Sunken Nazi Warships In Danube

How do we beat them? How do we save America?

Avatar vs Sticky

Conservatives Have Been Packing the Courts for Years

What's on TV tonight, in 1972?

Its SHOWTIME for Mike Lindell!!!

Rudy Offers New Story for Mar-a-Lago Docs: He Was Just Keeping Them Safe

Historical rates of enslavement predict modern rates of American gun ownership

Really Bad Move, Politically And Morally, For GOP To Spout Conspiracy Theories - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Good to remember

Trump's relentless attacks on Mar-a-Lago search lack context. What he said vs. what we know.

u2 - one tree hill (st. francis hotel remix - 2018) cool remix of a great joshua tree song

I have a small question about Honest Donald's Used Secrets Store of Palm Beach, Florida

OMG! If you are in doubt about whether mar-a-lago is a secure document storage facility...

Why does Allen Weisselberg refuse to testify against tRump & family?

BBC 'Dracula' Shadows Billboard Timelapse

NC Supreme Ct: Racially gerrymandered NC legislature cannot propose constitutional amendments

Biden climate law could expand controversial biogas industry

TFG and his defenders regarding his justified custody of classified documents.

State Abortion Bans Face Obstacles as GOP Split

Teachers quitting because of "culture wars"

'Fiction': Top Trump Officials Tell CNN His 'Standing Order' Claim Is Rubbish

🚨🚨🚨 North Carolina Supreme Court: racially gerrymandered North Carolina General Assembly, as an u

Walmart expands abortion coverage for its employees in the wake of Roe v Wade decision

Trump-backed candidate is 'probably the dumbest' state legislator in Arizona -- according to an Ariz

Arthur had a very busy morning reacquainting himself with his surroundings.

BREAKING: Judge grants preliminary injunction barring enforcement of Michigan's abortion ban

A Utah high school dug into a student athlete's records to check if she was transgender after she

Georgia's Kemp Says Trump Prosecutor Is Trying to Hurt His Campaign

Appeals court orders release of key memo Bill Barr used to justify refusal to prosecute Trump in Mue

When you want to play a game of "two on two", but there's 3 of them and only 1 of you:

20 years here as of last week. Seems like yesterday. :-)

Mayor Adams Vows to Clean Up NYC's Outdoor-Dining Scene

Judges Are Now Using Their Retirements as Leverage Against the President

Where the Crawdads Sing heard it here first:

Trump's next Mar-a-Lago move will escalate his supporters' rage

Crisis looms without big cuts to over-tapped Colorado River

Why Civil Case Is More Important Than Criminal Case In Trump Org Case - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Do you think Liz will be extra hot in the next Committee Hearing?

Mueller Memo From Justice Department to Barr Is Ordered Released

Surge in pet surrenders leaves Tacoma Humane over max capacity


You can go with this or you can go with that. Twitter meme artist.

There'll always be an England...

Texas Republicans file lawsuit to sweep 23 Libertarians off 2022 ballot as polls forecast tight race

Texas Republicans file lawsuit to sweep 23 Libertarians off 2022 ballot as polls forecast tight race

florida GOP candidate wants to make it legal to shoot fbi agents

How the Dems-Biden Inflation Reduction Act helps Wisconsin

Digging Into Criminal Investigations Surrounding Trump (w/ Glenn Kirschner) - Symone - MSNBC

Given the many crises we face,

Really real

Yangtze shrinks as China's drought disrupts industry (AP many pictures)

Trump Only Hires The Best People

Abbott supporters crash one of Beto's town halls in central Texas. It didn't go well.

Bird jumps for joy in pushing over Betty Crocker

A Psychiatrist Warned Us About Trump and The Potential For Violence in His Name

Michael Cohen REVEALS Trump Family Member who may be FBI Informant in Mar-a-Lago Search MeidasTouch

Suffolk police shielded an off-duty officer from alcohol testing after crash seriously injuring 2yo

Does anyone have high deductible health insurance with an HSA

If you walk without rhythm you might attract the worm

Pence testifying

Is this the regular lasagna or lasagna plus whitening?

Elizabeth on Keeping Up Appearances has died. Josephine Tewson.

Lawyer Rejected Offer To Join Trump's Legal Team And Here's Why - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Cartoons 8/19/2022

Pennsylvania Court Orders Counties To Count Undated Mail-in Ballots in Vote Totals

Judge Sentences ISIS 'Beatle' To Life In Prison - MSNBC Reports

As violent crime trends up, Everett looks at gun buyback, legal options

Totally not a cult

Drought in Spain reveals submerged "stonehenge" (video)

The Count of Mar-a-Lago and his Many Boxes of Secrets

Edmonds Library continues as rooftop pop-up

Russia's war in Ukraine signals USSR's death throes

Biden did what Trump couldn't do.

Judge declines to block ban on giving food, water to voters

U.N. works to protect Ukraine nuclear power plant and keep grain shipments moving - CBS News

*Rumor* - this was said on Twitter to have been found in Trump's safe

Americans Are Well Aware Of Climate Change -- But Not About The Government's Efforts To Fight It

King Crimson - Starless - orig from Red Album

Fmr. DOJ Counter Intel Chief: 'Public Interest' In Mar-a-Lago Affidavit 'Could Not Be Higher'(MSNBC)

Al Stewart: Terminal Eyes

Sudden crypto market drop sends bitcoin below $22,000

Judge Tells Weisselberg Testify Against Trump Or Get 15 Years In Prison - Ring of Fire

Furious Texas Paul EXPOSES Greg Abbott and the GOP's latest Voter SUPPRESSION attempt - Meidas Touch

U.N. Chief Visits Odesa, Facing Limits of Influence Over War in Ukraine

'ware the stool!

Federal judge denies Lindsey Graham's latest 'unpersuasive' attempt to evade grand jury subpoena

Republicans Turn Against the League of Women Voters

Nigeria's Osun River: Sacred, revered and increasingly toxic.

Anti-vax group in Europe thrives online, thwarts tech effort

Doctors stay in Ukraine's war-hit towns: 'People need us'

Furious Texas Paul EXPOSES Greg Abbott and the GOP's latest Voter SUPPRESSION attempt - Meidas Touch

Pretty interesting look at Cardinal catchers from Viva El Birdos blog member Solanus

On radio show, Paladino said Merrick Garland 'probably should be executed'; he later said he was bei

help me out y'all. blanking on a song

If the government can figure out that

Any guesses on a Friday afternoon news dump?

Christian pastor: Donald Trump has been 'anointed by God' to be a 'messiah'

When I Recieved DU Mail From EarlG

Washington AG accuses Meta of trying to gut state campaign finance law

Trump's Own Advisers Warn That Kimberly Guilfoyle Is A Shameless Grifter - Ring of Fire

Prosecutors in Ecuador Become Latest Victims of Targeted Assassinations

Brazil's Bolsonaro gets in spat with heckler

Voters Changed Their Views of Republicans

THIS is messaging! 🤣🤣🤣

Ron Desantis arrives in PA today to try and help Doug Mastriano, in his words, "make PA the FL of th

Here's a "what if" regarding the stolen classified documents:

Lula keeps big lead over Bolsonaro in new Brazil presidential poll

Quote of the Day

More Boogaloo Bois Are Heading to Ukraine to Fight

Coffee shop giving out free Plan B triggers flood of calls to Texas town's police

Walmart expands abortion coverage for its employees in the wake of Roe v Wade decision

Luis Miguel Florida candidate suspended from Twitter for threats vs Law enforcement.

Adm. Stavridis: Russia Wants U.S., Europe To Feel Like We're 'On The Edge' Of A Chernobyl 'Crisis'

Half of Russia's Black Sea fleet's combat jets out of operation - Western official

NightShade Paolumu hunt, Monster Hunter World

Public schools receive 'In God We Trust' poster donations as new Texas law requires their display

Michelle O'Bonsawin becomes 1st Indigenous person nominated to Supreme Court of Canada

Leaves are falling ;-(

Best video I have seen all day. Biden and his happy dance.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to stump for Doug Mastriano in Pittsburgh

Republican Senate nominee in Georgia Herschel Walker ends his "Women for Herschel" event by telling

Here is link to the 26 pg court decision granting release of Barr memo

Al Stewart: Roads to Moscow

Food of the future: breadfruit is resistant to climate change

Belle Isle slide reopens, sends children airborne, prompting concerns

Fake Nolan Ryan on Jon Daniels firing

Trains & War

Meet your Florida legislative candidate

What does the Inflation Reduction Act do for those thinking about installing solar panels?

MY Campaign message to the voters in gerrymandered states running Trump followers.

It's Chuck Brown Day.

BREAKING: Tudor Dixon has selected former state rep. Shane Hernandez as her running mate.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Dems, Trump, and the boy who cried wolf....

A touch of France - back after a creative hiatus -

"Moral CEO" stepping down amidst rape accusations

Loudspeaker @ Iowa State Fair telling people to take shelter from storm as Mike Pence arrives

The Kentucky State Fair should be sued

ICYMI: Across the Desk - S6:E5 (The Corruption of Governor Stitt - Abridged)

Meet your Arizona legislative candidate

Texas requiring "In God We Trust" posters in schools

Yet another MAGAT candidate calling for the execution of federal officers and agents.

Republican Minnesota candidate says people may 'have to vote with bullets'

"Thou shalt not kill, b**ch!" - Dr. Oz visits Dubois, PA.

Trump's lawyer threatens the DOJ.

Ron Johnson Said Social Security Was Set Up Wrong

Ukrainian long game includes taking back Crimea

Tucker Carlson HUMILIATES Himself On-Air With Insidious Conspiracy - The Damage Report

MTG releases bill to medically detransition all trans teens. It also targets trans adults

I have a camera question for you photographers **UPDATE**

Picture of the Day

Before the Penn voters go to the polls, here's one of the choices....

I'm looking forward to some indictments and jail time for the orange clown possee

'They turned us into savages': Russian soldier describes start of Ukraine invasion

Moms for Liberty activist wants LGBTQ students separated into special classes

Iowa Visit by Larry Hogan Tests White House Prospects for Anti-Trump Republicans

The first movie to use the word "homosexual"

There are more LGBTQ elected officials than ever before

Atlanta police hunt vandal responsible for spray-painting swastika onto rainbow crosswalk

Shoppers Warehouse?

Russia Moves to Close Key Jewish Group as Ties With Israel Sour

Video Shows ICE Officer With Foot On Neck Of Migrant In 2018 Raid (MSNBC)

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 19, 2022

Seriously Slobby's lawyer on Fox last night

Russia Moves to Close Key Jewish Group as Ties With Israel Sour

We're here because we're people who kill Hessians on Christmas. The kids will be okay.

Rush - Ghost of a Chance (2004 Remaster)

I don't if this news fits here, but I think it's important for writers in general.

GOP candidate who called for AG Garland to be 'executed' says remark was 'facetious'

Kansas abortion activists can't accept defeat

Started watching "Detectorists" the other day.

Backyard mosquito spraying booms, but may be too deadly

Mother Nature is beautiful and awesome........

Never give up! 💪

Electric Vehicle Sales Jump 41 Percent in First Half of 2022: Report

Cool math:

Alan Dershowitz says every reputable attorney he's spoken with has told him their firms 'won't let t

Florida GOP candidate facing backlash after calling on citizens to shoot federal agents 'on sight'

Republicans Are Murdering Democracy, While the Mainstream Media Searches for Both Sides ...

Another GOP extremist, Martin Hyde (FL),threatens the FBI

So I ordered eight new test kits for Covid

Greg Gutfield Makes A Fool Of Himself With This AWFUL Take - The Damage Report

Where ever you get your Podcast..Countdown With Keith O..EP 15...Won't Disappoint

NASA encouraging everyone to grow chile plants

Anyone else having trouble logging on to DU? Friday Aug 19, 6:23 PM EST

Fetterman on Facebook 😆😆😆👍

US announces new military aid, drones for Ukraine

Covid question

The Right-Wing is threatening violence because they believe Trump is guilty.

A few shots from Tuesdays paddle

Ok, vote for the best mullet for kids, two from Wisconsin. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Arrested Orange (FL) voters said they were told rights had been restored, affidavits show

Harbour Air's electric plane makes successful test flight

So Henry Winkler is on MSMBC

You know what else "floats"?

Randy Rainbow Parody! Lock Him Up Yesterday.

This makes me so sad.........Brad tried to do the right and noble thing......

Everytime I hear about new types of equipment the U.S. will be providing Ukraine -

Michael Heizer's Epic Desert Installation, More Than 50 Years in the Making, Has Finally Arrived

Tweet of the Evening:

Republican Jesus.

Lauren Boebert gets the humiliation of a lifetime on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

I am so tired of "HUMILIATES HIMSELF."

Elon Musk Whines About His Taxes At Secret Republican Retreat

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Dmitri Vrubel painter of kissing communist leaders on Berlin Wall dies

Oh sweet Jesus you would not believe the nightmare I just had.. Donald Trump was President

Hannity Assures Audience That Trump Can Still Run If He's A Convicted Felon

McConnell offers rebuke of violence toward FBI, law enforcement

'A hundred years later, we are still fighting the same fights.'

Tweet of the Night:

For your viewing pleasure: The President Biden Happy Dance.

Elon Musk sparks controversy again with tweet about buying Manchester United

Humiliating: Lawyer Who Rejected Trump Job Offer Recounts Decision - The Beat - MSNBC

Tejon Street Corner Thieves - Love's Pilot

FTW Tweet: Volume UP for Dark Brandon, Christopher Walken, and the Democratic Party

I understand the violence is real...

Shelter animals haven't been walked in weeks. Let the dogs out now.

Meet the First Election Denier Poised to Win for Secretary of State This Year

Blasts Hit Russian-Held Territory as Ukraine Intensifies Attacks Beyond Enemy Lines

Sane America if Trump is ever found guilty... (sound up)

Martin Short on Fallon, Crown Prince and Proud Boys:

Evening, southern MD 8/19 Weather Watchers, please advise about type of clouds, in #1 +3.

North Carolina's Supreme Court just issued an important decision on who can amend the state constitu

MI GOP Gov candidate: " that rape victims will have with their babies will help them heal."

The August prelims have closed!

Russia probe memo wrongly withheld under Barr, court rules

Former Trump official warns GOP...

Authors and friends rally and read for Salman Rushdie

Kushner says Trump tasked Ivanka with setting up meeting with Hillary Clinton after her defeat

Fox News Host leaves colleagues STUNNED with epic Pro-Biden rant! - MeidasTouch

there IS a bird, in the middle, @ sunset