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Evening, southern MD 8/14

Mehdi Hasan has a two hour special on the man under investigation😀😀

I'm starting Christmas early.

Trump and the Saudis

Whose attorneys does this sound like?

National Review: Trump's Explanation of Document Declassification Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

Kansas abortion vote showed that voters support progressive ideas...but not necessarily the party

Possibly an unpopular opinion, but I believe...

Republican goes down in FLAMES when asked ONE SIMPLE question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse

ABC Analyst: Trump Faces '20 Years Behind Bars' For 'Serious Felonies'

Cowards, crooks, and crazies

Schiff: "No evidence" that Trump declassified docs found at Mar-a-Lago

Photo Captures an Osprey Gently Gliding Along the Water's Surface

Barnes campaign: Slams Ron Johnson for doing the bidding of Big Pharma donors

No Problem! Our Compay Will Offset Our Emissions W. A Forest That . . . Oops! It Just Burned Down!

War criminal Eddie Gallagher gives training to Tallahassee police

Devin Nunes Somehow Blames Benghazi And Obama For Mar-A-Lago Search

Joyce Vance: A Rat in Trump's Inner Circle & a Crazy Story of Secret Intel Thrown Around Don's W.H.

CNN host ridicules Trump's evolving excuses: 'There was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locusts!'

Baby Porcupine eating a Peony

After Mar-a-Lago search, authorities warn of threats to the judge and others involved

US Senate Elections in the states the Democrats will win in 2022 by a wide to narrow margin.

Seattle's Japantown holds first annual block party since pandemic began

Texas Paul REACTS to Republican PANIC as Beto O'Rourke Draws MASSIVE Crowds

Michigan plot to breach voting machines points to a national pattern

So if I post inside a specific forum

NCN - Josh Hawley vs Monty Python 'Run Away' Mashup

If anyone would like a star membership and cannot afford to donate at this time

Tweet: De Santis pulling up the pegs that make education a profession

When both of your parents are news anchors (short video)

Most abortions are done at home. Antiabortion groups are taking aim.

Harry Litman - Trump & His Team Mislead the DOJ. Could There Be More Documents at Mar-a-Lago?*

Not top secret the Trumpy way.

Texas Paul REACTS to Biden wins as MAGA sinks GOP - Meidas Touch

Mary Trump: Donald Spinning, Who is the Mar-a-Lago Mole? Jared Kushner Has Been Quiet for Too Long.

There is place in hell for people who falsely claim food wasn't delivered

Trump demands 'privileged' documents be returned - NewsNation Prime

Those damn petty work rules...

The complete guide to every excuse Republicans have made for Trump's theft of classified documents

Buckyball alien creature

Living On Mercy Dan Penn

Monday's digit - 5/10: Sure, it's showery. But 70s in mid-August are worth savoring. Jason, CWG

Fmr. Amb to Russia Michael McFaul's interview with Center for Russian Studies

Republicans push to see affidavit that justified FBI search of Trump's home



I Remember Everything John Prine

Monday Morning Positive Coffee Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Made me chuckle, cartoon

Jackson Browne, with special guest Bruce Hornsby (on dulcimer) - I'm Aiive (Richmond VA, 7/19/2022)

If Trump declassified the documents, he would break the law that he's being investigated for.

Adam Schiff says he's seen "no evidence" that Trump declassified documents found at Mar-a-Lago

Good news Tweet on GOP polling:

Anne Heche's mother has outlived 4 of 5 kids..

'How dare they': Legendary journalist on GOP rhetoric (CNN)

Okay...wait...let me catch my breath.....Bwahahaha.....I can't do it......hahaha

David Crosby & Graham Nash: Lee Shore (Crosby & Nash duet from CSN&Y's live album 4 Way Street)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about London and polio....

Hi everyone!

I think I may have converted a Republican.

80,000 Posts!

Jessica Tarlov deserves a medal for courage-Talking back to Fox

On 10 pm EST Jamie Raskin MSNBC documentary "Love and the Constitution"

Election prediction from non-celebrity pundit who has studied politics for the last 35 years

Lock him up?

Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer & Mark O'Conner w/James Taylor: Hard Times Come Again No More

Tweet of the Day

Have you watched "Deep In The Pockets" yet?

ICYMI, Anne Heche either isn't dead or...

Leon Redbone - "Shine on Harvest Moon"

MASSIVE pro Trump protest in Washington, DC today

Shooting at Six Flags (IL)

mara lardo is not a private home, so stop saying that.

John Bolton's dangerous disregard for the national security threat posed by Donald Trump

Rapid cryptocurrency growth sparks calls for national regulation - ABC News (Australia)

Vegas odds on Trump indictment up to 40% probability

i got out to see some live music today.

The best way to fight Trump and his Cult, with their lies, propaganda, and crimes...

Kindergarten teacher talking to Trump the way she does her students.

Taj Mahal - Cakewalk into Town - 1973

538 says Two key Senate Democrats are in STATISTICALLY TIED races,

8 hands, 1 guitar...

That moment in history when...

Breyer, Gorsuch join to promote education about Constitution

Ballad of Spider John

Six Flags shooting

Dave Bromberg - I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning.

Woody Guthrie - "This is Our Land....

Leon Redbone - 1977 - "Please don't talk about me when I'm gone."

Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe (nice Beatles cover)

Why Dems havent piled on Trump: 1. Surprised by events 2. Want tfg to be candidate

Hot Tuna: Hesitation Blues (live)

mehdi hassan breaks it all down

I keep hearing "never searched a President's home before"...

I think I know a way the GOP can get rid of Trump and keep the base...

HOF to announce senior nominees Tuesday

'Deeply alarming' Adam Schiff DlSMANTLES Trump in SINGLE MINUTE with stern call for d.amage rep0rt

Dokken - Into The Fire

Dems need to grab the reins on GOP war on teachers.

Tweet of the Late Night:

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Saw this and thought I should share.

Ben Sidran - Feel Your Groove

Dead - 1972 - Germany - Going Down the Road

Michigan plot to breach voting machines points to a national trend

Steve Miller Band - Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma

Some mostly good news from Sri Lanka

Science says bachelorette parties are destroying LGBTQ safe spaces

Would you trade Trump for Brittney Griner?

Preoccupied with politics, many conservative Evangelicals are dealing with major scandals

Russian pilots told to not use their brakes....

Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

Greatest Page - August 14

Regina Belle - So Many Tears

NRBQ: Want You to Feel Good Too (live, 1989)

Why does the news media keep focusing on Truth Social?

Rep. Adam Schiff said the seizure of Rep. Scott Perry's phone suggests the Justice Department thinks

California Becomes First State to Offer Free School Meals to All Children

Who doesn't love a bassoon? 😉 Two selections: von Weber, Hummel

This New COVID Variant Is Shaping Up to Be a Dj Vu Nightmare

Facebook Turned Over Teen's Personal Info So She Could Be Prosecuted For Abortion - Ring of Fire

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Weekend

FBI's Trump search fuels online threats, questions about seized documents - Face the Nation

Death by a thousand cuts: Russia running out of airplane brakes.

Need a hug?

US Senate Seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are favored to win.

Coastal erosion in Puerto Rico - CNN reports (4 min video)

Coastal erosion in Puerto Rico - CNN reports (4 min video)

Jim Acosta zinger:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Afghanistan


Cat practicing its soccer dive:

Fox News Host STUNS Dan Bongino, CALLS OUT his LIES to his face

You might find this interesting.

Republicans Rally Around Trump, While Election Deniers Are Winning Primaries - The Sunday Show MSNBC

Talking Heads - The Girl Wants to be with the Girls (1978)

[FULL] Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 8/14/2022 HBO John Oliver Aug 14, 2022

MAGAt Gravy Seals show up to Phoenix FBI office.

The Police - Bring on the Night

'Donald Creates His Own Reality': Dissecting Trump's Legal Battles - American Voices - MSNBC

PIL - Public Image

When someone mentioned Nixon had a tape, a pile of leading Republicans went to he White House...

Jenna Bush invades her co host's space

Armenia: Firework explosion kills five - Al Jazeera

Hadn't seen this before re: COVID in 18yo or younger

Antytila: The Ukrainian rock band who fight on the front line against Russia - BBC News

Breakfast Monday 16 August 2022

Any tips on PET scan prep diet?

Some images from Colombo

Al Gore predicts impact of Democrats' massive climate bill - CNN

Brittney Griner Appeals Conviction Amid Talk of Prisoner Swap

Just another result of the cancer of Trump brought to our nation.

He was talking about new secret nuclear weapons. OPENLY

Since Trump put targets on FBI backs, why should he be entitled to Secret Service protection?

China announces new Taiwan drills as US delegation visits

A year into Taliban rule: Mass hunger plagues Afghanistan - DW News

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Activist offers to pay for Kansas' recount of abortion vote

Wordle 422 ***Spoiler Thread***

Monday TOONs - Slow Good

Climate change is worsening heat waves in oceans. Here's why that's a problem - PBS NewsHour

Prez Obama's Reading List:

My wife was screaming this morning give it to me I'm so wet

I have a joke about trickledown economics

The Race To Keep Political Power - Symone - MSNBC

UK first to approve Omicron COVID shot with Moderna nod

Donald Trump is a terrorist, like other terrorist leaders they have their fanatics

the field of dreams game

"THE FBI IS ASSHOE" sign at cult protest.

Caste in California: Tech giants confront ancient Indian hierarchy

Ukraine hits Russian Wagner mercenary HQ in east


Biden's Regulators Take a Harder Look at Wall Street Deals

joe should task the doj w forming a domestic terror task force and

Faster Internet Is Coming to America--as Soon as the Government Knows Where to Build It

Oscar Peterson was born on this date.

Ecuador: Guayaquil blast 'declaration of war' by gangs - officials

Thank you for the star, anonymous donor!

On this day, August 15, 1969, "An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake,N.Y." began.

Marge green says white men are discriminated against

Rose Maddox was born on this date.

Special prize today to Delta for letting me and my husband into their lounge because ...

Fox News host wonders aloud if Trump could have tried to sell highly classified material to the Russ

A peaceful moment for you today

Unless I am badly mistaken, there hasn't been ONE word out of tfg to defuse the

Anne Heche dies of crash injuries after life support removed

The Republican Plan To Devastate Public Education in America

The elephant in the room nobody wants to mention

A Convenience-Store Magnate, Teen Drinking and a Fatal Boat Crash: The Legal Case Shaking S.Carolina

Ohio's voters are moderate, but its legislature is to the right of South Carolina's

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 8/10/22

The Rundown: August 15, 2022

📢 AUG 20/21 Philadelphia and Boston - Rally with Bernie Sanders, Sean O'Brien, Sara Nelson

For me, this one word from the Trump warrant jumped off the page.

It's Time for Republicans to Go Nuclear and Dump Trump

Mitch McConnell greatly damaged US democracy

OK, what's TFG''s new excuse today going to be,

Ex-CIA official: What I'm seeing now is similar to the run-up to Jan. 6 (CNN)

What exactly is in the IRA? How will it affect the average American? How is it supposed to

Covid lab leak theory is dead. The virus came from a Wuhan market: Report

A tremendously innocent man -by Tom Tomorrow

Everyone is thinking inside the box again...

Some believe that tfg thought he could "get away with anything" because he was POTUS.

I'm A Man

Pundits are saying the FBI investigation boosted Trump

The Georgia poll you may be reading about today is...a High School

You raised $55.00 on August 14, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

August 15, 1961: E. German border guard Conrad Schumann leaps into the French Sector of West Berlin.

What did Donald J. Trump say this morning?

You raised $264.78 on August 14, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Intel official: MaLago "nightmarish place to secure."

New: A federal judge rejected Sen. Lindsey Graham's challenge to a subpoena

Democrats try a new campaign strategy -- getting things done

You raised $5.00 on August 14, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

You raised $50.00 on August 14, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

You raised $50.00 on August 14, 2022 the DU is out for BLOOD Gov NE

"Dear combat area commandment generals..."

New business taxes are coming. Wall Street isn't worried

You raised $10.00 on August 14, 2022 DU for Ukraine!

So TFG couldn't afford to hire someone to pack up his shit in an organized fashion?

"Mr Trump, your followers are revolting"

Special prize today to Delta for letting me and my husband into their lounge because ...

Delta Fires Flight Attendant For FB Post - Editorial Cartoon of TFG Wearing KKK Hood

New York Manufacturing Plunges by Second-Most in Data to 2001

Poll response required

EDIT: A former NBA player from Detroit is reportedly among those under consideration to be Tudor...

Republicans were handed script filled with evolving nonsense - which contradicted earlier nonsense

Federal judge rejects Sen. Lindsey Graham's bid to quash grand jury subpoena in Georgia case

Something about Putin that I was wondering about.

Wondering what all the fuss is in West Virginia about the Mountain Valley Pipeline?

Wondering what all the fuss is in West Virginia about the Mountain Valley Pipeline?

I have "de-classified" this song on a "standing order".

David Corn: "With FBI Raid, Merrick Garland Has No Choice But to Go Big on the Trump Probe"

Forget fingerprints.

Will there be a Cost of living raise

Blossom Rock had a bit part in "The Best Man" (1964) before she was Grandmama on "Addams Family."

Kari Lake says Desantis has 'BDE,' (Big Dick Energy), the same kind of BDE that Trump has.

Cookie jar? What cookie jar?

We will not tolerate a right wing fatwa call to attack our military, fbi, police. we will NOT

Did Trump spill the beans on himself?

A little bit about Beau of the Fifth Column in his own words: An interview

A luxury magazine photo hid relics Cambodia says could be stolen

Some of dis and some of dat

Oil drops as China data weighs

The MAGA movement is a Cult of Personality following, no other individual can repeat it.

!!!Another Trump Search Warrant (not related to the search of Mar-a-Lago)

Gelvin Custom Guitars - Hidden neck pattern that will tell you every chord or note in any key

Fox News host asks Trump to call off rhetoric against FBI

Postal Service shuts Montpelier Station office over racial segregation exhibit

The FBI found evidence at Mar-a-Lago that Team Trump can't ignore

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 15, 2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what I worry about....

Benedict Arnold tried to sell West Point to the British...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia implying they have the Trump docs....

Did Trump Jr. just break from his dad?

Questions continue to arise about the documents.

Federal judge rules that Graham must testify in Georgia 2020 investigation (CNN)

Question about passing legislation after midterms

85 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Trump's "Call to Violence" Against FBI as He Faces Espionage Act Charges Is "Replay" of Jan. 6 Riot

There is nothing better than not seeing ads as you

Nathan Van Cleave's haunting score for Twilight Zone 1961 episode "Two"

Happy Birthday Ignacio Anaya Garcia

"Will We Become Our Enemy?": After Salman Rushdie Assassination Attempt, See Rare Address

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott still leads Beto O'Rourke, new poll shows

"Where is the warrant?", "Where is the affidavit?", "Who squealed?", etc.

Texans not very confident in power grid's ability to avoid blackouts, poll shows

Wobbliest Foster Kitty Falls In Love With 1-Year-Old Dog

Why I keep working as a librarian in Middle School- and good news

Steve Bannon vows MAGA will destroy 'Gestapo' FBI: 'We are a threat to the American state'

August 15: This Date in Rock and Roll History.

An observation about espionage.

Why Abortion Has Become a Centerpiece of Democratic TV Ads in 2022

Burning imported wood in Drax power plant 'doesn't make sense', says Kwarteng

Debt strike: How student-loan borrowers are finding ways to stop payments without defaulting

The Wealthy Contribute More to Climate Change

Top prosecutor gives bombshell update on Trump after Mar-a-Lago search (Glenn Kirschner interview)

How Swelling Grocery Bills Are Crushing the Poorest

Senior Kenyan election officials disown the results of presidential election

NEW: White House announces "Building a Better America" campaign to tout passage of climate/health...

Inflation or profiteering? Advocacy group says companies raising prices under cover of inflation

Chef Anders is schooling Dr Oz on food

Trump and Bannon step up the threats.

Beschloss: Grievance, Persecution and the Endless Excuse

"This Is Personal: GOP Voter Suppression Stopped My Vote from Being Heard, But We Can Fight Back"

SENSE OF SECURITY: The problem of school shootings in America

And now a message from the continuing liar / traitor who really does want violence..... after

Trump's Shifting Explanations Follow a Familiar Playbook

Document classification/declassification is not the equivalent of divorce in Islam.

What Trump and the GOP are telling people via email

End result of #ChristianNationalism scaring away our teachers & counselors over last 3 years.

The latest polling from Texas says that Paxton (AG) is in trouble and Abbott (GOV) is not

Trump says 'temperature has to be brought down' after Mar-a-Lago search

Trump fear!

I'm telling you that the FBI has Donald Trump sewn up.

BREAKING NEWS: New upstart venture Trump Nuclear announces start of business operations

Trump used Obama to defend actions after FBI search. Hear why that isn't accurate (CNN)

Greg Abbott tweets about the anniversary of his marriage.

TikToker says hospital charged her $300 for confirmation of her daughter's death

More dangerous heat waves are on the way: See the impact by Zip code.

Summers End by John Prine

Calls to violence or smelling the wind?

More John Prine, Summers End

Trump's DOJ won a 2018 case that undermines claims about his broad declassification powers

Has this been posted? OMG! Even if it has, watch it again.

25 years after wrongful conviction, a man is free from Angola

Top prosecutor gives bombshell update on Trump after Mar-a-Lago search

Many people connected to Traitor Trumps crimes must be under surveillance by the FBI.

I have 5 stickies.....

Popular Trans Twitch Streamer Keffals Arrested After 'Traumatizing' Swatting Incident

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 15, 2022)

The Republicans and the Trump voters are all pissing into the wind.

Haberman reveals the message Trump tried sending to Garland (CNN)

Attorneys argue juries should know they don't need to convict on unpopular abortion and drug laws

Defund the FBI, straight out of the mouth of the genius MTG.

Kenya election result: William Ruto wins presidential poll

Exclusive: Inside the Alex Jones jury room: tensions, pizza and 'lizard people'

Exclusive: Inside the Alex Jones jury room: tensions, pizza and 'lizard people'

Peter Strzok was on to the classified docs problem on March 22

Giuliani says Trump's first reaction to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was to boast about the size of

Strike four: Facebook misses election misinfo in Brazil ads

West Texas Crude Has Sunk To 87 dollars a barrel on Chinese economic woes

Tropical rainfall to funnel into Texas, Mexico threatening flooding

Ruby G. spilled the beans, somewhat?

August 16, 1977 - it happened 45 years ago

Laura Nyro: Save the Country (Live from The Bottom Line)

Supporters of Cheney, challenger split on legitimacy of Biden win: poll

Hank Kunneman: False Prophet?

"Stop The Steal," says the thief

Well worth a revisit in light of today's situation: The Kompromat Thread

Republicans and their guns.

Why does MSNBC keep showing FOX headlines and banners?

Russia leaves 20,000 soldiers stranded in tactical withdrawal to the east

Andrew Weissmann tells us something to watch for re: search and prosecution

"payroll information of covert agents whether foreign or domestic."

If you know how to see it the Republicans ALWAYS tell on themselves.

I'll bet Mitch McConnell is now wishing he had allowed a floor vote on Garland's SCOTUS nomination.

Few---possibly NO--- worthwhile accomplishments would have occurred if a decision-maker

Trump-allied lawyers pursued voting machine data in multiple states, records reveal

I had Andrea Mitchell on for a minute just now...

Pro-Trump FBI protest cancelled after not one demonstrator showed up

Jim Acosta zings Andrew Yang:

Election deniers march toward power in key 2024 battlegrounds

FBI search of Mar-a-Lago raises critical national security questions: Sources

18 traitors, I mean Republican Members of Congress demand Garland's info on informant.


Ignoring Ukraine setbacks, Pooty Poot boasts of Russian weapons prowess

can a person ignore a congressional minority request to preserve documents

For 87 years, through good times and bad,

Oh look... They have a dumbass who'll be the next Madison Cawthorn in Congress: Bo Hines

Did Al Capone claim that he was being persecuted?

Ukraine Wipes Out Mercenary HQ After Russian Posts Photo

Now what would a guy want to keep this? 😝

Giuliani Is Told He Is a Target of Trump Election Investigation in Georgia

Rudy needs to make a deal in GA

Texts, calendars, emails link DeWine to FirstEnergy's bribery scandal

What About Those of Us Who Want Donald Trump Prosecuted? Talk to Us, Media

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Trump & the law:

So, Sarah, word salad, Palin is running for office again? Spare us! nt

Love is like a butterfly:

Trump-allied lawyers pursued voting machine data in multiple states, records reveal

Fawn kisses man who rescued and raised it:

Tomorrow is the crackpot House election in Alaska...

De Crazy the governor says veterans can be teachers.

Stray Cat Chooses a Woman And Follows Her All The Way Home For a Better Life

Compilation of dogs bringing friends home:

Arlo Guthrie: Coming into Los Angeles (Woodstock 1969)

File copy/moving question Windows 11

A date with Rudy:

Trump-Allied Lawyers Pursued Voting Machine Data

I Keep Hearing That Because He Was President He Can't Be Indicted, Convicted & Jailed......

Ana Navarro: Covid is no joke (regarding tfg)

Guess whose passports the FBI now has

Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian: "Religious Freedom is Neither"

I am notoriously dim-witted about politics but my sense is that effective messaging will not include

good review: The Guardian exposed Russian determination to elect Trump 2016

No 10 admits Johnson will only be contacted if urgent while on holiday

(Salami inspector.)

Giuliani now a TARGET of a criminal investigation:

Leaked footage from the Mardi Lego raid. (tweet)

More than 100 million Americans will be exposed to extreme heat by 2053, mostly in the South and Mid

Too Much Tech - Edited

Pro Tip: Don't discuss your possible crimes in public...

New Hampshire Candidate Rips 19th Amendment

Cartoons 8/15/2022

Joe Scarborough KO's Trump's excuses

China announces new drills as US delegation visits Taiwan

Amazon Prime remake of "League of their Own" as a multipart series.

Prepare for 'Some of the Worst Attacks on the Rule of Law This Country Has Ever Seen'

Lynnwood's microtransit test begins this fall, others possible

Defense secretary Austin positive for COVID for second time

Trump's latest eruption underscores the danger of a GOP House

GOP cheered abortion ruling. Democrats responded by voting.

On this day, August 15, 1946, Jimmy Webb was born.

It is stunning that we had to ensure four years of the orange asshole - the media glued to him

Guess whose passports were never seized

Will Giuliani flip?

Jury hears from key informant in Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot

Daddy dog playing with his kids:

You know, maybe if Garland had indicted the f*cker on the 10 counts of Mueller obstruction,

Trump's worst enemies were his subservient 'yes men'

MY stick!

Sarah Palin's primary eve pitch: (not really, for cryin' out loud!)

Ex-Trump White House Lawyer Subpoenaed by Grand Jury

Pupper pool play:

Inside the Secret Boxes

Giuliani Told He's Target Of Georgia Probe Into 2020 Election Interference

Justice Department subpoenas former Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann

Baby pandas loving the snow:

What sorcery was used to get people to buy Big Lie?

Anti-Trump GOP group spends big to shrink his base

The Lizard Brain

Monkeypox isn't covid, but we're making same mistakes

Kash Patel Admits Top Secret & Classified Docs Trump Stole Were NEVER Declassified

Trump should announce run for 2024 soon to avoid indictment, source says

Hannity called out on fake news

Please Help! Found dogs in Tacoma/Parkland/Spanaway

Getting the infamous "Forbidden" error a lot today...nt

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

The motherly lecture DT needs

My first chuckle of the day :)

'Half an American dream': DACA was meant to be temporary. 10 years later, immigrants want relief.

Weekly Ludi #39

Video shows a man destroying a food vendor's table in Woodland Hills over the weekend.

I think, Russia will soon have its very own "Dolchstosslegende".

Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid

Iran denies involvement but justifies Salman Rushdie attack

Tweet: no kidding

'Benedict Donald' Trump 'understood the stakes in the search warrant that was executed': MSNBC panel

From MarketWatch: kissinger sez: "US is heading aimlessly toward brink of war against

Is there a place on DU to discuss ways to reduce polarization?

So-called 'Don't Say Gay' law confuses some Florida schools

Wow! They stole my three passports! How can I flee now?

No Escape (trump prison song)

Fewer than Half of Florida 5th Graders Passed State Science Exam

'It's mind-blowing': Trump-linked firm copied sensitive data from Georgia voting systems

I have a few questions for the next republican presidential candidate:

Donald Trump: Nice country, shame if something was to happen to it.

Qiantang river in China has the worlds largest tidal river bore, the surge of the tide that pushes..

Los Angeles area 7-11 trashed after street takeover

I suspect it is never a good thing when your name and the words "Target" and "Rico" . . . .

Happy 75th Birthday, India!

Some people think fighting gun violence is STUPID.

Orlando Museum of Art director fired after FBI raids Basquiat exhibition

Senate G.O.P. Campaign Arm Slashes TV Ad Buys in Three States

FBI: Mercer (PA) man made online threats against law enforcement after Trump search

Odd phrase

Mike Luckovich-Classified vs Declassified

"87,000 IRS agents": New conspiracy theory proves Trump's encouragement of violence is GOP standard

Heads up. Al Franken to host Jimmy Kimmel show tonight!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 15, 2022

Social Security's birthday.

Salman Rushdie Remains in Critical Condition Following Attack

Three passports?

Starbucks asks labor board to halt union votes temporarily

Starbucks asks labor board to halt union votes temporarily

Prosecutors charge a PA man w/multiple online threats against the FBI

GOBers are more worried about the warrant served to Trump last week.....

Trump attorney who told John Eastman to get a 'great criminal defense lawyer' gets Jan. 6 grand jury

Richie Havens, opening act at Woodstock, August 15, 1969: Freedom

Must read re FBI merdelago: Jenn Rubin WAPO OP ED

Myanmar court jails Aung San Suu Kyi for six more years on corruption charges

This is very cute. Hope Bella thinks so in about 10 years.

A man was once asked what

I do NOT believe the Peach Hued Pestilence had his passports taken. I think he is lying.

North Dakota recreational pot measure approved for ballot

Doug Mastriano Plans to Use His Secretary of State Pick to Disrupt Pennsylvania Elections

Did Melania watch the "raid" on CCTV with her husband?

Today on Navajo Code Talkers Day

The Arizona Republican Party's Anti-Democracy Experiment

RECALL ALERT: Capri Sun juice pouches recalled because they may contain a cleaning solution

Black mom sues L.A. Unified over cotton-picking project at elementary school, suit says

"Show us the affidavit" is their "stop the steal" gambit.

I thought Nicole was going to be back today.

Which side are you on? Seems we need this reminder -- just takes 6 minutes

Zeldin's suspect petitions were assembled at NY Republican headquarters

Wow did I pick the wrong week to take vacation.

LMAO, just on MSNBC..."YOU" don't own your passports...the government does.

Opinion Leaving with nuclear secrets would be Trump's dumbest, scariest stunt yet

Leaving with nuclear secrets would be Trump's dumbest, scariest stunt yet

Our man Ted with today's Snap tweet...

With it being increasing likely that

There's only 1 way to fix the Arizona GOP: Make it lose in November (Republican Op-ed)

I am getting intermittent "forbidden" pages

monkeys. high ISO. fast shutter.

Senate GOP Campaign Arm Slashes TV Ad Buys in 3 States

"Without getting too technical, I think Rudy and Trump are screwed."

I believe him.

DOJ asks FL judge to keep Mar a Lago affidavit under seal ... national security implications

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Wherein Stinky spins a yarn as fodder for a novel (or whatever)

Christopher Miller document

Trump's 2016 Campaign Promise to Protect Classified Information During His Administration Goes Viral

Former CIA Director John Brennan just said on MSNBC

I'm officially an old fart: I've discovered I LOVE Werther's Originals!

Poll - Will Trump ever go to prison?

A blessed 84th birthday to Rep. Maxine Waters!

Mild rant: The wastefulness of our society.

Video of white moose. Beautiful.

Yet another person has died in defense of Trump's lies. When will it end?

"Other high profile investigations."

'My' crape myrtle trunks


Allen Weisselberg will plead guilty in NY tax case -- but won't cooperate, NYT reports

Since hair can't be preserved in fossils.... how do we know?

Doctor who sexually abused patients kills himself in jail

GOP Senate Arm Cutting Ad Spending in Key Battleground States: Report

I remember listening to Ghouliani's ferret rant when it happened...

The curious timing of Trump naming two allies to access his records

Still no mail since last Wednesday

Question for my homies re: TS/SCI documents


iCloud clusterf***. Please advise re deleted files.

Senate G.O.P. Campaign Arm Slashes TV Ad Buys in Three States

Daily show on gun violence

Hey Rudiiiiiii and Grahammmmmmm .........I dedicate this to you both....

"National Archives counters Trump's claims Obama took classified documents"

Melanie: Birthday of the Sun (Day 1, Woodstock Festival, August 15, 1969)

my good doggo friend Lula has crossed the bridge today

Al has been panicking for a few days

So wait the FBI arranged Jan 6

1 big thing: Deniers on the rise

Second Effort To Force George Gascon Into Recall Election Fails

A letter to the editor . . .

Kari Lake wants a 'Trump-Inspired' Curriculum in Schools

DOJ says it intends to unseal additional documents related to the Mar-a-Lago search.

Juvenile Venue?

GOP Platform so far:

Manhattan DA Bragg to give Weisselberg 5 month sentence with no cooperation required

Great name for Trump: the Manchurian Cantaloupe

No Escape (The Trump Prison Song)

It was just explained to me what BDE means..

Price increase of insulin since introduction: Eli Lily: ⬆️ 680% Sanofi: ⬆️ 420% ...

U.S. Divers say they've found wreckage of the first U.S. Navy destroyer ever sunk by enemy fire

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about tfg's claim about his passports....

Beware of search algorithm that puts what one wants on top

DOJ opposes making public details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant's probable cause affidavit

U.S. Divers say they've found wreckage of the first U.S. Navy destroyer ever sunk by enemy fire

Kansas anti-abortion activists scramble to cover $229K cost of abortion amendment recount

Now the far right is going after school counselors

Ari has another great program today

New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate touts endorsements from secessionist state lawmakers

Gisele Fetterman: Look how cool - we had crudite at @15104FreeStore just 10 days ago!

Just thinking about what Benedict Donald and his minions, enablers, apologists --

This not the Onion......

Nancy Pelosi just tweeted ...

"Scathing" distraction - House GOP to release report on Afghanistan withdrawal

Michael Cohen REACTS to Mar-a-Lago Search Updates and Guiliani Becoming a Criminal Target

The Shovel: FBI reassures nation that nuclear documents Trump stole aren't in picture book format


The Arizona Republican Party's Anti-Democracy Experiment

tonites din din.

Kraft Heinz recalling contaminated Capri Sun juice pouches

Monkey Books, Rescinded Jobs: School District Accused of Rampant Racism

Senate Intel wants a "Damage Assessment" of documents at MAL.

"Abbott is practically ensuring that these migrants will be allowed to stay in the country."

Euro Pride event in Belgrade. The bigots are getting busy. Three stories two different sources.

DOJ says Trump is lying about the passports

One thing that's bugged me about the coverage lately

CBS News: The FBI does NOT have Trump's passport(s)

Trump's Truth Social company ordered to turn over Devin Nunes information

Academy Apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for Her Mistreatment at the 1973 Oscars (Exclusive)

Heche family kept her alive to donate her organs

Pro-Trump FBI protest cancelled after not one demonstrator showed up

On Reid Out on MSNBC (Tiffany Cross) - talking about trump saying the FBI took his passports

The Republicans' Senate campaign arm cuts TV ad buys in 3 critical battleground states (PA, WI, AZ)

Wish we had more like Buzz Aldrin.

Did the FBI Just Re-Elect Donald Trump?

Meanwhile, in Norwalk, Ohio -

A new project gives a voice to people serving life sentences in Louisiana

The New Era of Political Violence Is Here

Republicans get BAD NEWS amid new Trump defenses - Brian Tyler Cohen

Regarding the claim that Trump declassified the stolen documents

FBI is not in possession of Trump's passports following raid at his Florida home, says DOJ official

How come we're hearing about so many shark attacks now?

I'm a really good singer.

Trump might've stashed documents at Mar-a-Lago for two 'deeply damaging and troubling' reasons: biog

Woman adopts a squirrel. Now she can't take any vacations.

This protestor sign brought memories of some classic DU posts

The Crypto Geniuses Who Vaporized a Trillion Dollars

Judge: Legislature can intervene a little in abortion case

Oldie but a goodie

We golf.

Trump demands return of seized documents - by order of social media

Boasting pictures cost Putin a key headquarters that was blown up

Whatcom County to spend $1.2 million this year to incarcerate people in Snohomish County

Sunset, southern MD 8/15

LA district attorney recall fails to qualify for ballot

Texas Paul REACTS to Biden wins as MAGA sinks GOP

Osprey @ sunset! & (beside my house!)

Ex-Trump Org. official Allen Weisselberg expected to plead guilty in tax case