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WOW! First I've seen in WEEKS!!!

That Sheriff' commerial against Val Demmings. What a joke.

Reporter Confronts Kari Lake, Wasn't Taking Any Of Her Sh*t

Mark Murphy - Stolen Moments

Republicans betrayed our country and our community that's what I've been thinking that's it

Johnny Mathis - Misty

"After 1 instance in which DOJ was in touch w Trump's team-boxes were moved out of the storage area"

**Update** Agent: Salman Rushdie off ventilator and talking, day after attack

After half a century in captivity, Tokitae the performing orca could finally go home

Discussing The Dangerous Republican Rhetoric Against The DOJ - MSNBC

If the Trump Cult had lived in Germany in 1932, who would they have supported?

Mort Garson Orchestra - Midnight Blue

So I wonder

Level 3 evacuation notice for fire near Chelan

Lawyer question: "Can the traitor appeal ANY AND ALL legal cases, criminal and civil, to the SC?"

Russian propagandists claim Moscow has been 'studying' Mar-a-Lago nuclear documents 'for a while'

3 Parents arrested and 2 tased trying to get to their children

Trump stuck taxpayers with $150K bill for 'clearly illegal' Fox News event at Lincoln Memorial

John Kelly: Trump 'didn't believe in the classification system'

Biden Tweet on Rushdie and fighting to keep free speech free:

Congressional security chairs request damage assessment of seized documents

Surveillance footage shows boxes moved at Mar-a-Lago after FBI contacted Trump

Why Donald Trump's possible violation of the Espionage Act must be prosecuted - Glenn Kirschner

Possible Legal Fallout Following The FBI's Search Of Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago - NBC News

My "dating" status...

Open carrying Trump supporters keeping watch on FBI office in Phoenix. CNN

Sibylle Baier - The End

Sunset, southern MD 8/13

Las vegas landlord has tenant sign sex contract

The Swinging Blue Jeans - You're No Good

Today in things that never happened.... (And Fetterman's response)

Tweet of the Night:

Maurice Jarre - Lady Mariko's Theme From "Shogun"


Trump LAWYERS make HUMILIATING appearances on TV about search warrant - Meidas Touch

What a great landing in a big wind for this pilot:

We need to fly Union battle flags

Truck Convoy in Canada cost the economy billions:

Here's the last quilt I made. It's unique in that the kimonos are

From 2 years ago:Trump disclosed that the US has a previously unknown nuclear device to Bob Woodward

El Pollo Loco is coming to the Puget Sound area

MTG is anti-solar because "I don't want to have to go to bed when the sun sets."

GQP Needs Preparation H

Sunday Morning Weekend Coffee Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Documents show how Trump landed Lincoln Memorial for Fox News event

Lawyers In Love - Jackson Browne

Did Ivanka and Jared distance themselves from Trump because of Saudi payment for secrets?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump declassifying the docs....

Nonwhite Voters at Higher Risk of Being Dropped from Arizona's Mail Ballot List

Need Help to Stop Otero County Shenanigans

Prediction: Jared and/or Ivanka will flip on Trump!

Any polls on Florida 10th (Alan Grayson)?

Gentle Giant - Just The Same

Suspect In Salman Rushdie Attack Charged With 2nd Degree Attempted Murder - NBC News

Whole Foods CEO says 'socialists are taking over' schools and gun control debate

Cognitive biases and brain biology help explain why facts don't change minds

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are strongly and slightly favored to win.


For Electric Vehicle Makers, Winners and Losers in Climate Bill

My cat is stoned

American politics is infected with naegleriasis.

Rand Paul wants to repeal the espionage act

Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles

Old but still relevant: How Russian Money Helped Save Trump's Business

Extremism experts warn of echoes of Jan. 6 in rightist response to FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

Now Jared's Jan 2021 trip to the Middle East makes sense

The most beautiful places I've been

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

Imagine If You Will ...

Trump's allies are alarmed and starting to 'go dark' amid Mar-a-Lago search warrant revelations, rep

Former flight attendant sues Delta Air Lines after it fired her for sharing anti-Trump editorial ...

Horry County GOP censures Lindsey Graham for supporting post-Uvalde gun reform bill

tfg signed law to increase penalty for mishandling classified documents from 1-yr to 5-yrs

In a Post-Roe World, the Future of Digital Privacy Looks Even Grimmer

Gentle Giant - Cogs In Cogs

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? Week of 8/8/2022

South Park 25th Anniversary show on Comedy Channel

Carole King - It's Too Late

Lesson Learned

Russian army command leaves Kherson.

Is Trump pushing for a coup #2, in the near future?

Young voters, VOTE or birth control wil be outlawed next.

Gentle Giant -Free Hand

Salman Rushdie's condition is improving

Democrats, we NEED an effective voter turn-out drive...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares Republican Party Is Dead, Only Trump Party Remains - Ring of Fire

EmptyG showing why she's a founding member of the Gang of Dumb

Today's Zinger Tweet brought to you by mr. Takei (Re: TED Cruz)

Terry Adams (NRBQ): Love Letter to Andromeda

The Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

If it were proved tomorrow that Trump had indeed sold our national secrets to the highest bidder...

Olmec reliefs of "contortionist" rulers found in Mexico

Mother tiger & tiny cub:

Rolling Stones - Love in Vain (Live)

I made something new today

Lucinda Williams - Copenhagen

A ? about free covid tests from USPS

Dog and foal are best friends:

Great MAGA sign

Dead - Ron McKernan - Operator - Filamore East - 9/18/70

Protesting the removal of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago...

Shelley Washington's 'Middleground'

Vero Fucking Beach to put an AR-15 in every school

Fred Neil (orig.) Everybody's Talkin'

One of my favorite unsung bands from the sixties: The Youngbloods singing "Euphoria"

This Supreme Court and Independent State Legislature Theory

Trampled by Turtles - The Calm and the Crying Wind

A Sundae 🍨 Angelo Corelli's 'Violin Sonata No. 6', 1-5 played by Trio Sonnerie

Procol Harum: Conquistador (live w/orchestra)

I'm afraid your child has-The Knack!.

Beatles - All You Need Is Love

Threats grow for nuclear power plant in Ukraine - ABC News

Study links protecting Indigenous peoples' lands to greater nonhuman primate biodiversity

Trump supporters remind me of the "horse's tail" story by Abe Lincoln.

Sweet dreams, spidey: Arachnids experience REM sleep, and may even dream

Karl Frisch w/ Stephanie Miller: FBI Informant in Trump's Inner Circle? FOX News is Confused & More

Attorney Generals Across US Join Coalition Opposing Florida 'Don't Say Gay' Law

Baby Koala sleeping in a tree:

Troubling questions unresolved in latest end to Till case

BLM to pause oil, gas leasing on 2.2 million acres in Colorado

Freight train derails in downtown Portland near west end of Steel Bridge, all rail traffic through a

Mary Trump - Garland is a Ninja. With Feds Circling, Trump Asks Allies: "Who's Wearing a Wire?"

Trump's GOP 'Kind of Creepy,' 'Not the Party I Ever Joined': Kinzinger

A cool visual trick

Glenn Kirschner & Roland Martin - Garland Outsmarted the Idiots on Trump's Side.

Vehicle plows into fundraiser for Nescopeck fire victims (PA)

Two very different virtuoso renditions of a hauting melody by the same artist

Facebook To Ease Rules On Election Misinformation As Midterms Approach - Ring of Fire

I think I'm over COVID and grateful for many things

Barbara McQuade: Boxes of Hidden Secrets Exposed: Roger Stone, Nuclear Weapons Info & More on Trump

You Talk Too Much

The Seekers: I'll never find another you

John Fugelsang's Merrick Garland Poem. Also, Do We Still Think Trump will Run for President in 2024?

Tikal: The iconic ancient Maya city in Guatemala

I wanna do something special for my girlfriends daughter for her birthday

How a Trump-era policy that separated thousands of migrant families came to pass - PBS NewsHour

Allright ... New DU'ers ... Welcome ... :) ...

Discussing The Dangerous Republican Rhetoric Against The DOJ

Cat turned solo into a duet real quick...

Harry Litman - Trump's Actions are Very Serious & Dangerous to the US... His Excuses Don't Add Up

Frank Figliuzzi - Warrant for Mar-a-Lago Cites Espionage Act Violation. Trump Team is on Defense.

Tweet of the Day

arrest TFG now

Palestinian gunman wounds 8 in late-night Jerusalem shooting (UPDATE)

Did Donald Trump commit a crime? What was DOJ looking for? - NewsNation Prime

Sunday Funnies 8/14/22 Plus Doonesbury

A reminder to Republicans:

Andy RICHTER tweets

4 from Pat Metheny for a Sundae🍨 Sunday

Who's In The Mood For Broccoli?

Almost one third of Ukraine needs to be cleared of ordnance, ministry says - Reuters

Nicolette Larson - 'I Only Want To Be With You'

Glenn Kirschner & Roland Martin - Garland Outsmarted the Idiots on Trump's Side - Political Voices

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Something In The Past' 2 ways...

Michael Cohen says he 'would not be surprised' if FBI informant was one of Trump's kids or Jared...

Trump's Scandals Are Never Done And they seem to always get worse.

Mar-A-Lago Search Was Reportedly To Find Classified Nuclear Documents - The Cross Connection - MSNBC

I need to say this tonite: I'm grateful for DU 'company'. We haven't met face to face, but y'all


Any chance that clemency granted as part of a criminal enterprise could be cancelled?

Paddy was vacationing on the French Riviera when he bumped into an old lawyer friend...

I was scared of Poilievre Poliovirus a month ago. Now less so.

US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats will win in 2022 by solid to slight margin.

The incredible case of the only known individual whose parents were two different species

Kansas to recount abortion vote by hand, despite big margin

Good Pierre Polioirus meme:

BREAKING: Mar-a-Lago surveillance shows boxes moved AFTER Trump told FBI they were returned - MT

Justice Matters

☦️ Orthodoxy: James 3:14-16, English Standard Version

☦️ Orthodoxy: John 8:44, English Standard Version

Pretty much sums up Man United

iOS 15.6 recommended update

Sunday Morning: Velvet Underground

Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption for golf greens


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pez Of Mind Edition

US paedophile dies after drinking mystery liquid during guilty verdict

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Armed Trump supporters gather outside Phoenix FBI office

Breakfast Sunday 14 August 2022

One possible reason why il douche had those documents, and I could see it being true

Wordle 421 ***Spoiler Thread***

NY-10; NY-12; NY-17: The NYT endorse all white men in the three most contested Democratic primaries

Terrible Maps Twitter at 5:30am is a good browse

Battleground US Senate Elections in 2022.

I went on a date yesterday... and I have proof that women are evil.

The GOP is too stupid to recognize irony (tweet)

'August 14... in 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act'

GOP candidates stress urgency at annual Nevada cookout

Tweet of the minute

On August 13, 1952, Big Mama Thornton recorded "Hound Dog."

Responding to FBI search, Trump allies return to his familiar strategy: flood the zone with LIES

On this day, August 14, 1961, East Berliners awoke to see a wall going up between them and W. Berlin

Al Franken: The Authors of "His Name is George Floyd" - Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa

On August 13, 1860, sharpshooter and media sensation Annie Oakley was born.


Once-Infamous "Road Of Death" From La Paz To Las Yungas Now Wildlife Haven Since Bypass Constructed

Robert Costa: Bolton on TFG and classified document handling. NO regard for security protocols!

Bang A Gong -- T. Rex (with Elton John)

Why Trump is screwed even if he did 'declassify' the documents he 'took' from the U.S.A.

'Mama Cass' - overbred, abandoned 3 yo girl needs a loving home. Upstate NY.

Your Sunday philosophy question. The FBI is "As Shoe". Discuss.

Elizabeth Kolbert On How GQP Anti-Science Went From Dirty Dollars And Cents To An Article Of Faith

He most likely made copies of everything.

Trump the Traitor must be removed from society, he is too dangerous.

"We Are Waiting For Rain, For Winter, For God" - Fighting A Megafire In Southern France

a short convo w my peeps that i never met.

ASIAN tweet of the day

DOJ contact info - demand they indict trump NOW

Our 5 Eyes Program Has Been Compromised.

A stunning sunrise from last week

The topic today should be: just how easy is it for a president to declassify documents?

Trump lawyer said no classified material was at Trump's home before FBI search, sources say (CNN)

Declassify this:

Trump frantically packed up documents to take with him in the last days of his presidency after

Rand Paul calls for repeal of Espionage Act amid DOJ investigation into Trump taking classified docu

UPDATE: 18 children among dozens killed in Egypt church fire

A Florida Teacher's Poster of Black Historical Figures Was Taken Down, So He Resigned

US to boost Taiwan trade to counter China 'aggression' - DW News

I want to post this quoting a Republican Senator (RIP) because it is apt

My iphone and imac are not in sync and my imac

The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's throat,

Classified or not

Crazy old man rants after midnight about FBI.

So is Kusner's $2 billion finally going to get treated like a missing laptop?

'The US will face violence and Trump will announce soon,' Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson - DW News

Way Too Late

Sometimes it is difficult, almost impossible, to accept certain realities.

Watch Jordan Klepper confront MAGA crowd on conspiracies - CNN

J.D.Vance comment that women should stay in unhappy marriages doesn't mesh with pro life claims

one of the names running ads against Val Demmings

Coffee Dynasty Son's Run for SF DA Fails As He's Not a Lawyer (Twitter)

The question Trump supporters never answer: "Where's the BEEF?"

The coming California megastorm

David Crosby has a birthday today.

can we find a little compassion for the mindfucked among us?

(Frank) Son Seals was born on this date.

It should come as no surprise that a non-attorney tried to run for DA in San Francisco

Here's What Trump's 'Nuclear Documents' Could Be

UPDATE: A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan

OK, think of the worst scenario you can come up with regarding Trump and U.S. security.

Garland the Sly Fox.

A peaceful moment for you today

No Indictment for Former Dallas Paramedic Who Repeatedly Kicked Mentally Ill Man in 2019

Jared got 2 billion dollars. What did the Saudis get? (Here comes the judge!)

Fresh from Defamation Defeat, Alex Jones Is Already Promoting Similar Conspiracy Theories

Across the Desk - S6:E5 (The Corruption of OK Gov. Kevin Stitt - Abridged)

Internets today

POLITICS How the "Soft" Dictatorship of Lee Kuan Yew Became a Template for the American Right

You raised $155.00 on August 13, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Grifters gotta grift... and they learned from the grifter-in-chief

You raised $10.00 on August 13, 2022 Democratic Underground for Rev Senator Warnock GA

Last night on Skye I had the joyful experience of walking alongside my fairy shadow in the mist!

Breaking - Man dead after crashing car, opening fire near US Capitol, report says

Sunday Talk Shows Framing Trumpolini's Very Bad Week

Another member of the Donald Trump Martyrs Brigade goes to MAGA heaven

Recount requested in Kansas

Brianna Keilar to Mike Turner: "Do you take home documents marked special access?"

Across the Desk - S6:E5 (The Corruption of OK Gov. Kevin Stitt - Abridged)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Rio Grande and other rivers....

I'm going to start a booth

Disabling land mines using a key

Man dead after crashing car, opening fire near US Capitol, report says

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the ultimate American test....

Barbara Streisand Effect: Sean Hannity Edition (FUNNY -- Unintended Consequences)

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

If Trump had only guarded these top secret documents like he guarded his tax returns

Deshaun Watson is "welcomed" back by chants at pre-season game

Why should we trust ANY Republican on ANY Intel or Defense/Military Committee or subcommittee?

10 years after journalist Austin Tice's abduction in Syria, his family holds out hope for his return

Has anyone seen any mention of FBI search and/or confiscation of

How does The Onion always know?

The profound sadness of Trumpism

An Anti-LGBTQ Texas Mom Out to Ban Library Books Gets Pushback from Her Gay Son

Nyambeni is something of a social butterfly. She loves seeking out & greeting new friends.

Lehto's Law: Crime Ring May Have Stolen 44,000 Catalytic Converters (Book Thrown At Them)

Forum for those who read books?

How do you like my tattoo?

U.S. Amateur tee times are out

I'm thinking there's a 50/50 chance

Help me understand how much power a US. president has here.

Aunt Crabby Asks An XLNT Question-

Something in the water today?

Nice Graphic Representations of Some Thermochemical Hydrogen Cycles; Tables of Cost & Efficiency.

He ain't invincible, not even close. Celebrate those who beat him: Merv GRIFFIN, for starters.

I still believe Trump is legally responsible for all the injuries and deaths from Jan 6th.

This is what we will get in our country if DeSantis is elected.

"When I look at classified documents, I've got to go in a special room...I can't even wear my Fitbit."

aka/dba Les Fleurs du M-a-L

The Case Against Trump Is Strong

What is the origin of the Trump closed fisted salute? As used by Sen Hawley on November 6th.

Just heard on Face The Nation there is a plot afoot to explode a dirty bomb in front of FBI HQ in DC

This is a bigger problem

Josh Shapiro, Doug Mastriano race for Pa. governor puts partisan divide in clear view

I told you the extremists would become more extreme and destroy themselves. They have no control.

We need to hit the MAGAPUBLlCANS hard for wanting to defund the FBI

Why doesn't FOX talk more about Kushner's $2 Billion from the Saudis rather than Hunter Biden?

Apropos of nothing Jonathan Karl is much better than Chuck Todd

Apparently, the cat ate his homework?

Has anyone had problems with deer eating their tomato plants?

Face the Nation barely follows up Repuke ex-FBI/Congresscritter about specifying Drumpf

silently waiting to find out what to think

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 16: Summer Under the Stars: Raquel Welch

FL Sharpie Attack

The US would have been better off using the 25th Amendment

The MSM is simply not doing its job reporting on Biden's accomplishments. It never does.

In a Post-Roe world, Protect your privacy and help others to protect theirs.

Man crashes into barrier near Capitol and opened fire before shooting himself...

Why the "lawyer" should be taken into custody?

The lull before... what ?

Police: Officers in Texas fatally shoot man with rifle

Time for duck

Whole bunch of editorial cartoons

Gee willikers! Who am I to disagree with all the folks saying that "somebody should do

Just came across ABC: Rushdie is off the ventilator

A flaw in Trumps defense regarding "he can declassify anything, he doesn't need a paper trail."

Oh great, John Fetterman and Mandela Barnes are going at each other on Twitter...

Tweet of the Weekend

Rejected designs for the Eiffel Tower

I saw one news report that says Trump wants his documents back but I can't post it

This meme is rated Fresh

A few years ago, there was a commercial on TV featuring a young man and woman on a

Kari Lake , Running for AZ Governor, Called for "Dismantling of the FBI : source: AZ Central

There's No Question About This - If A Dem Former Pres Was The Subject Of What TFG Is.....

Mar a lardo: Michael Cohen slipped and called it that.

If we have a domestic terrorism Act, how long

Bonus Tweet of the Weekend

Parrot and kitten:

Parrot plays peekaboo with cat on other side of window:

By copy of this TRUTH!

Cat finds perfect napping spot:

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 14, 2022?

Physician Green wins Hawaii Democratic primary for governor

I have contact info (not posting it here) for a psychic medium I've known since I was a teen.

Next time someone on the right demands FBI be defunded or dismantled, point them to this

Who keeps sensitive documents and a safe in a basement of a narrow coastal barrier island property?

Don Moynihan: From Access Hollywood to Anti-Statism

Trump sent cryptic message to Merrick Garland before warrant was unsealed: 'The country is on fire.

French wildfire stops expanding; workers seek to tame it

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 14, 2022)

On this day, August 14, 1971, fifty-one years ago, the Who released "Who's Next."

'China threat' emerges in elections from UK to Australia

On this day, August 14, 1958, Larry Williams recorded "Bad Boy."

I think this smart cat spotted the incoming dog:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 August 2022

Monsoon storms leave Phoenix area picking up the pieces

Great minds think alike

Make room for baby:

Charlottesville hired a Black police chief to heal. Then it fired her.

Cat packs a nutritious lunch for his human:

Martha Stewart knows where it's at.

Looks like there's no standing memo to declassify

Limbo--how low can you go? (2nd tweet):

Astonished kitten discovers his paws:

Activists Fill Golf Holes With Cement, French environmentalists angry courses get watering exemption

Jury: Democratic PAC defamed Roy Moore, awards him $8.2M

On this day, August 14, 1954, Mark Fidrych was born.

And then what happened? (Fox going with the Nixon defense)

Fishing vessel carrying 2,600 gallons of fuel sinks off San Juan Island

GOPer who had phone seized suggests he would have destroyed it if there was Jan. 6 evidence

Ancient Incan technology being used to harvest water to combat Peru's crisis

Thousands of Michigan residents under water boil advisory after break in main supply line

I wonder what Macron is thinking?

Some Capitol rioters try to profit from their Jan. 6 crimes

Some Capitol rioters try to profit from their Jan. 6 crimes

LOL! Band's lighting tech's gestures copied by crowd:

On August 14, 1819, the Nacogdoches Texas Republican was first printed.

White House says Biden was not briefed on Mar-A-Lago FBI raid: 'We do not interfere'

On TikTok, Election Misinformation Thrives Ahead of Midterms

Gustavo Petro's Victory Brings an Opportunity To Reverse Inequality in Colombia

Grandpa showing the kids how it was done in the 80s

Baby elephant learning to use its trunk splashing the water and trying to drink.

Baby elephant takes his trunk out for a spin:

Anti-Semitic Threats Mount to Judge Who Signed Warrant, Florida synagogue increases security

The most powerful telescope of all time is coming to Chile

The most powerful telescope of all time is coming to Chile

PSA: Please get regular eye exams--(The ongoing saga of my guy's eye issues)

Baby elephants don't learn to control their trunks until they're about a year old.

On August 13, 1908, actor Gene Raymond was born.

When they came for the librarians: My profession is under attack -- what happens now?

Researchers in South America Discover a New Species of Tiny but Tough Dinosaurs

Right-wing media {have} been promoting a pro-Trump protest at the FBI headquarters today ...

Tell him to run a Google search for "Macron Leaks" and "Jack Posobiec".

You all input about USPS informed delivery

Four Latin American nations back Castillo as Peru political crisis continues

Turtle sleeping underwater:

"Magdeburg Unicorn" (OMG I can't stop laughing)

I'll be getting cataract surgery soon


Walrus Freya who became attraction in Norway's Oslo Fjord put down

Los Angeles: Transient sucker punches elderly customer eating lunch alone at a cafe in Hollywood ...

Soon It's Gonna Rain

US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats are favored to win in 2022.

Maybe a poll should be taken with these questions.

Do we Democrats have a line in the sand?

How long before TFG goes full Jim Jones?

Former Grenada minister tapped as next U.N. climate chief

State Board Responds to False Information from Fox News Guest

Bannon promises (threatens) what a 2nd Trump administration would mean:

TCM today:

We are watching Xanadu and next up is Grease

Dawn/Sunrise, southern MD

Any idea what's to come in next Committee Meeting(s)?

I Find It Interesting That Most Of Congress (H & S) Is Out Of D.C. On Recess At This Time.....

How we know TFG didn't declassify the nuclear information

1 dead, 17 hurt in crash during fundraiser for fire victims

Across the Desk - S6:E5 (The Corruption of OK Gov. Kevin Stitt - Abridged)

Part of Renato Mariotti tweet thread about ease of proving Trump guilty:

The Daily Show: Joe Biden - No President Has Done Anything Worse

The unlikely team that is trying to make Trump follow the law

Spoiler Alert - Trump supporters are stupid.

Editorial: Nurses and hospitals need our care, support now

86 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Cartoons 8/14/2022

Republicans want to elect a guy who sold Americas top secrets to its enemies to destroy her.

'Freya', a young female walrus made the mistake of basking in the sun in Olso.

The struggle over Trump's White House records

Chester County takes new look at 20 stab wound "suicide":

Postal Service features mariachi musicians on stamps (picture too)

MTG the electrical engineer

Ted Cruz's new nickname, Reek

Goodbye, gas water heater --- Some the changes from IRA...

Had to take my work car in because it was farting

"TRUPM STAMP". I have a feeling this guys tattoo artist didn't like him very much!

Goodbye, gas water heater --- some of the IRA changes...

On Trump's Truth Social, anti-FBI sentiment builds with little oversight

Kash Patel thinks Trump is God

Trump's message to Justice Department 'The country is on fire. What can I do to reduce the heat?'

'Catastrophic failure': California university accidentally kills 21,000 fish

Through the wall AC question

"The Kaiser wasn't really such a bad guy..."

Republicans call for dismantling of the Congress.

'It worried people all the time': How Trump's handling of secret documents led to the FBI's Mierda

The Republican viewpoint really does not deserve to be heard.

Newsweek: Russian Media Reporting that Moscow Already 'Studying' Top-Secret Records From Trump Raid

Florida Has An Outrageous New Law Targeting Teachers. Here's Why I'll Be Breaking It.

'Foolishly sticking with failed system': Mississippi leads the world in mass incarceration

WTG Houston Astros- Uvalde Strong Day at Minute Maid Park

Providence tests new treatment for meth addiction

To those who engage Trumpers on social media...

WTG Houston Astros- Uvalde Strong Day at Minute Maid Park

Len Dawson in hospice care

U.S. allies most vulnerable to Russia press for more troops, weapons

Liz Cheney is preparing for defeat in her House race.

Scott Perry's Hometown Paper: Candidates giving Pa. a black eye

when the sun goes down

scary neighbor

Trump Wants FBI to Return Documents

that woman who flew through the redlight at 100 mph and killed seven... only suffered an arm boo boo

I am thrilled to have a boring as fuck President

FBI and DHS Warn of Threats to Law Enforcement

So I had these 4 images *

Up but not Running yet...

Salman Rushdie 'on the road to recovery,' agent says

2022 Democratic US Senate Nominee in the states that will win by a wide to narrow margin.

Celebrating 50 years of "The Godfather"...

Calm southern MD afternoon

James Carville in a western movie. I did not know that.

'My' crape myrtle

Am I crazy to contemplate the worst case scenario?

Rosie O'Donnell & Mary Trump The Mary Trump Show

Those "of a certain age" will understand when I say Trump is today's Maxwell Smart.

Down the road

Police: Man Killed Himself After Ramming US Capitol Barrier

August 14: This date in Rock and Roll History.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Eli Lilly, Indiana, and more to come....

No, donnie baloney,

Strange place for a prickly pear to grow.

A Trumper protesting outside Bedminster wants to "Bring back Aunt Jemima!"

Biden's Chief of Staff goes in on Republicans in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

For all us lunatics (moon lovers)

Albert damn Pujols just made me yell at my TV

Pierre Poliovirus update:

You ever hear the one about two Purdue engineering students?

I keep hearing this when I see the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid scenes.

Everybody needs to read this commentary....Nobody Wants to Teach

Rescue Lamb Loves Sleepovers with Mom

Inhale, Exhale - Mr. Kitty

So many great tweets from Twitter's "Faux News" trending topic..

Presidential Power to Declassify Information, Explained

Cockatoo falls in love with grandma Barbara. Now guess what he calls all women.

To those who have listened to TFG defenders, a question.

It's Time to Start Treating Trump Like Charles Manson...

Assclown Alert: Pandering to the law-and-order fringe with Gov. Greg Abbott

With all due respect, two of the greatest god damn guitar players ever and both RIP

Will Bunch: Hey, Trump GOPers, we don't have to imagine what cops can do to everyday citizens

Mary Trump speculates that Jared Kushner could be the 'Mar-a-Lago mole'

The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues

Which future Democratic ticket do you prefer?

texas under abbott

What did the state of Alabama do to Joe Nathan James in the three hours before his execution?

Be a Trudeau:

Where is Rudy Giuliani?

Can Wyoming Democrats save Liz Cheney/

Fastball - The Way

Some very good news in yesterday's primaries in Hawai'i.

Texas police department under fire after officer posts selfie with Kyle Rittenhouse

I think he'll run away.

Rude Pundit: What About Those of Us Who Want Donald Trump Prosecuted? Talk to Us, Media

16 year old me: Hey, 37 year old me, what is the future like?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 14, 2022

Guy joined Truth Social to see how crazy it was. Here's some of the ads he saw (PARODY)

Supergiant Betelgeuse had a never-before-seen massive eruption

DeSantis: "For too long, the requirements to be a teacher have been too rigid."

Still not one interview from Trump since the search. No Fox, no Newsmax, no OAN, no Podcasters, no L

Really, I think we should be talking about Biden here than Trump.

Andrew Yang back-peddles on Mar-a-Lago search tweets as CNN's Jim Acosta tries to get a straight ans

They must be worried tapes are going to come out......

2022 Democratic US Senate Nominee in states that are going to win.

Ella Fitzgerald , I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues

Carolina in the morning

80 years later, Navajo Code Talker marks group's early days

The Body Count Grows As Trump Followers Put Their Lives On The Line For Him

What Really Surprises Me And Blows My Mind Re: TFG - Is.....

CNN STUNS Republican with epic question live on air.

Ship carrying grain for hungry Ethiopia leaves Ukraine

80 years later, Navajo Code Talker marks group's early days

The entire staff of the Gillespie county (TX) elections office resigned after being stalked/threaten

Jill Wine-Banks


It turns out that Trump was prescient about what would happen when he lost the election.

If you are able, consider volunteering as a poll watcher

Didn't OJ go to prison

emptywheel: Trump's Timid (Non-Legal) Complaints about Attorney-Client Privilege

Joyce Vance: Trump Testing Out A 'Shifting Array Of Potential Defenses' Following FBI Investigation

Reddit: White Angel unit of Ukrainian police evacuates people from the frontline

"The Two-Ton Contest"

R Kelly accuser to give key testimony on trial-fixing charge

Glenn Kirschner & Andy Weber - When Will Republicans Walk Away from Donald Trump?


'Luxury treehouse resort' opens in West Michigan

The man hasn't got 2 brain cells to rub together...

Let me begin by saying that I do not "know" any more than anyone else here, but this is

Silver Thimble in macro mode

the most beautiful peice of music , ever . some of u may dissagree.


Our "MFM Lounge" namesake is on the big board. Thank you, Kali!

Frank Figliuzzi & Charles Coleman Jr: GOP Lawmakers Attack FBI Following Search at Trumps Home.

TEXAS: Bring Your Fire-arms to Little League Football Games

Frustrated' 24-Year-Old Allegedly Admits Mowing Down Mourners Then Bludgeoning Mom

【侍マネキンドッキリ#05】SAMURAI Mannequin PRANK in JAPAN

High oil prices help Saudi Aramco earn $88B in first half

Reminder: Next Week Mike Lindell will release the smoking gun that will ensure Trump's return !!!

While Trump Was Secretly Loading Up Documents, Mike Ellis Was Hoarding an NSA Document at the WH

Multiple people swept away by storm in Nogales

An ex-NASA rover engineer tells us why 'technology agnosticism' will save the planet

Warm is good

Who needs a star membership?

I have a star membership to give to someone. *done!*

I just hope there is as much uproar over the teacher shortage and the incompetent

I think John Solomon & Kash Patel are going to be on tape moving boxes

'Potential for serious felonies': Abrams on Trump crimes being investigated - ABC News

Sam Donaldson Tells Trump's Supporters That They Are Un-American

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I am not sure if this is the proper place for my post but...

Hey geniuses at ESPN Baseball Tonight

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted, Johnny Rawls

Woman killed after getting trapped between train, platform at Mount Baker rail station

People Need To Stop Calling Right-Wing Extremism A 'Civil War,' Says Yale Professor

German minister decries ecological catastrophe in Oder River

Stephen King talks politics: 'Trump was a horrible president and is a horrible person'

Drying rivers reveal warnings from the past-"Hunger Stones"

I got a rare group snuggle, this afternoon

Trump's Fox News interview inside Lincoln Memorial: Scratches + gouges left in marble floor.

Some potty humor