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Whole Foods CEO: "Socialists are taking over"

Fla. Rep. Randy Fine (R) spreading unfounded assault story

Colombian narco militia seeks peace talks after calling 'unilateral' ceasefire

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

FBI searched Trump's home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say

Republican war on books: They don't just want to control your body -- next up, your mind

Vigilantes: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitmen [Trailer]

Where is Lindsey Graham's warrant? I bet it will be definitely delivered soon?

Researchers decode metal-making recipes in ancient Chinese text

Armed Suspect In Cincinnati FBI Attack Who Was At Capitol On Jan. 6 Dies In Standoff - The Beat MSNBC

Regarding the 2022 OH US Senate Election public opinion polls.

Alex Wagner's Prime Time Program debuts tonight at 9.00pm

Cheech and Chong's Cannabis Company launches in Michigan

FBI searched Trump's home to look for NUCLEAR WEAPONS documents and other items, sources say

That deceased brain genius thought he could shoot through bulletproof glass with a nail gun

FBI searched Trump's home to look for nuclear documents and other items...

WAPO reporting FBI was looking for "nuclear documents" and other items.

You learn something new every day

Georgia DA Willis destroys Rudy Giuliani's efforts to weasel out of testifying about Trump's crimes

Chaos and infighting break out in Macomb County Republican Party

The NFL will have trouble

QUESTION: Who is in charge of this show? 4 people: Atty General New York State, Atty General of U.S

Bonus Tweet of the Day

There's no doubt that Trump is a Russian Asset

He's Rattled: Trump's Raid Claims Shredded By Garland With MAGAWorld On Edge - The Beat - MSNBC

Chad Vader : Day Shift Manager

Racist man goes after taco stand..admits he has alcohol problemss

'We're not in Kansas.' But that state's abortion vote upsets Kentucky's political calculus

DOJ moves to unseal search warrant for Trump's Mar-a-Lago home - Face the Nation

Anyone here think the Slobfather and his henchmen aren't capable of nuking blue states for power.

Men Smart, Women Smarter

Trump's Legal Nightmare: AG Garland Faces Down MAGAWorld Vowing Justice - The Beat - MSNBC

The GOP appearing on FOX spewing all the heated rhetoric and lies should be barred from holding

Found on FB

Did trump steal the nuke codes?

Russia says Swiss 'no longer neutral', can't act as go-between with Ukraine


Tick-Tock; Colorado Compact States Deadline Looms On Tuesday 8/16 As Crushing Drought Continues

"I didn't know those nuclear secret documents were in that box, really I didn't"

Sunset, southern MD 8/11

Cameras caught model's elevator attack on her boyfriend, now he's dead

For those who are curious... new nuclear codes are generated DAILY.

Channel marker with bird

A Photographic Tour - Europe's Famous Rivers As You've Never Seen Them Before, Summer 2022 Edition

Fla. Educators Reminded of New State Curriculum upon Return to School: Observing 'Victims of Communi

About 10,000 Residents Evacuated In Gironde In SW France As Forest Fires Gain Ground

Dead, 1989, Philly.

UK Government Expected To Officially Announce Drought Emergency Tomorrow, W. Restrictions To Follow

I hope there is extra scrutiny on purchases of bomb making materials

Emails show Mississippi DHS pushed to hamstring probe into welfare misspending

Are there any left wing message boards?

Bug in dress

WaPo: Nuclear Documents Among Items FBI Sought In Mar-a-Lago Search - All In - MSNBC

FLASHBACK (FEBRUARY 2019) Trump's Efforts to Transfer Sensitive Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia"

Let me get this straight re the raid on Mar A Lago.

I want to thank everyone for help with my covid mouth issue.

Swiss Mountain Pass That's Been Iced Over Since Roman Times Will Melt In Next Few Weeks

So the Bloated Tick threw a flaming bag

The NY Times' comment section has been invaded

Faced with a rise of extremism within its ranks, the US military has clamped down on racist speech,

Shame on cable networks for letting fox News on the airwaves and f you to the advertisers

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Can't wait until next week when

Gerald Albright - Bermuda Nights


Flynn-backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis may have broken laws, say whistleblowers

One story or tid bit that got stuck in my mind today

GOP lawmakers call Garland's remarks on Mar-a-Lago search insufficient

The Crusaders with Randy Crawford - Street Life

Secret Service watchdog suppressed memo on January 6 texts erasure

Thieves break into Ballard post office, steal automated postal machine before ditching it

Race for Congress Tightens

What if Ivanka and/or Jared the ones that tipped the DOJ about the boxes?

DOJ Calls Trump's Bluff, Moves To Unseal Search Warrant 'Absent Objection' - All In - MSNBC

Beachgoer killed after umbrella impales her in the chest in South Carolina

One thing Trump seemed to be focus on was his Safe at Mar-a-largo. Why?

Fox host calls out Republican TO HIS FACE for lying on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Hillary's tapioca recipe email vs Trump stealing nuclear ☢️ documents

They were looking for nuclear weapons documents?!? 😟

Paul Krugman FTW!!!

Fox's Kilmeade says "Joe Biden's new army" is going to "hunt down and kill middle class taxpayers"

I hope Homeland Security has been tracking who has visited Mar-a-Lago

Nuclear Documents Among Items FBI Sought In Mar-a-Lago Search (MSNBC)

Andy Borowitz predicts 45's defense ...

Now I know why Trump tried to stay in power

What led to the FBI search warrant at Mar-a-Lago? - CBS News

From 2020 : Trump Claims To Have Built A New, Secret Nuclear Weapons System

He's not going to agree to unsealing anything. Because the list is "fake.

Okay, we now know the What. We need to know the Who and the How.

Shook down Ukraine, paid off porn star, insighted Capitol riot, secret nuclear docs to Florida

Worst case scenario

Well, That Escalated Quickly

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

that mofo was selling our secrets to putin

Trump's acitivities imply spying.

Another Republican voter in Texas turned Beto:

Is The Donald Trump Admin Working To Give Nuclear Secrets To Saudi Arabia? Velshi & Ruhle

Time to release the interpreters notes

So, when we say that they were looking for nuclear documents...

Remember the MAGA Bomber? Guy made "fake" bombs and sent them to people? He got 20 years.

Breaking: Surveillance video of FBI cracking the safe

Think about this: we are safer tonight.

Fox News Complains About Lower Gas Prices

Friday's digit: 9/10 - Any early-morning raindrops are mostly unnoticed.

Who had "Full Rosenberg" on their TFG Mar-a-Lago Bingo card?

BEAUTIFUL japanese

Beto with quick comeback to a "mother****er."

Didn't the US execute the Rosenbergs for doing what Trump may have been trying to do?

Leave it to Trump + Co...

On June 19th, 1953

The Unsealing of the Warrant and Inventory,

Dan Rather retweets a report about the judge who signed

Hall of fame candidate for quotes that aged poorly--Dana Perino's comment:

Tulsi Gabbard's Journey From Bernie Sanders Supporter to Guest Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight

If Mango Mussolini did indeed sell secrets to the Saudis and Russians, he had help. And I

WHO Begs Brazil To Stop Exterminating Monkeys Amid Monkeypox Scare

Trump Looking For 'Rats,' Worried Allies 'Wearing A Wire': Rolling Stone - All In - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pennsylvania, Perry, and subpoenas....

Mary trump: That's the [TFG} play--pre-emptive delegitimization..........

Watergate whistleblower has warning for Trump (CNN)

Chicago - Beginnings (2002 Remaster)

Trump billionaire friend aimed to profit from Mideast nuclear deal: Democrats

What happened to Royce White? From a BLM activist to running for Congress as a MAGA Republican


Could someone else be implicated? Like Jared Kushner? His trip to the Middle East?

John Thompson lost his seat. Was expected, I suppose. Using WI address and driver's

'Documents Relating To Nuclear Weapons' Among Targets Of FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago: WaPo - MSNBC Prime

Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Trump Looking For 'Rats,' Worried Allies 'Wearing A Wire': Rolling Stone (MSNBC)

We're in that short, golden period when anti-anti-Trumpers disappear from Twitter,

Reporter confronts Republican over call to defund FBI (CNN)

Dating app for MAGAts

So, It's Only One of the Most Singularly Perfidious Acts in all of US History

Man! Next they will blame me for taking top secret papers from the White House!

Likely Or Not-TFG Gave Our Nuclear Secrets To Putin

Enormous Underground City Uncovered in Turkey

Hillary 2016 for the win tonight.

Why would Trump have classified docs on Nuclear Technology?

"Could cause GRAVE HARM to US Security"...

Paul Krugman for the win.

BREAKING: Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Related to Classified Nuclear Documents According to Report


Marjorie Orr Had This Time For tfg Nailed

Treason never prospers

Is this a good time to point out that the Saudis gave Kushner

FOUR ways to say Thank you in Japanese

Rep. Swalwell On Violent Threats: 'If You Think You're Going To Intimidate Me, You're Not' - ReidOut

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John

So he gave the Saudis the documents at the LIV golf tournament last weekend?

I bought a drum shortly after tfg was "elected"

Merrick Brian Garland was born on November 13, 1952, in Chicago.

In the days when America was "great."

Former Top NY Prosecutor REACTS to Merrick Garland Press Conference on FBI Search - Meidas Touch

Oh, yeah..... He had sensitive nuclear documents.

Garland Praised For 'Speaking Up' As DOJ Moves To Make FBI Mar-a-Lago Search Details Public

So we're now actually confronted with the possibility of nuclear espionage

I wonder if Moscow Mitch and the GOPers are sorry now

Merrick Garland's "Br'er Rabbit" impression: "Oh, PLEASE, Br'er MAGA! PLEASE don't

Unpacking the Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C., Chapter 36. - Asha Rangappa

Regarding tonight's "nuclear" news. I actually feel like a weight is being lifted off...

Let's talk about Pennsylvania, Perry, and subpoenas....

Doctors Urge Calm as Right-Wingers Lie About Kids and Monkeypox

Deep State vs. Derp State

Ex-cop sentenced to more than 7 years in prison for role in storming U.S. Capitol

I shared the complete show this is from, but I'm reposting this clip anyway

We Need a Special Prosecutor

The French Government Is Suing Itself Over Nuclear Energy.

The pillow guy is flogging coffee now

Trump, Kushner, Saudi Arabia, and the nuclear-related documents at Mar-a-Lago.

What Do You Think The Talking Points Are Tonight That Are Being Distributed To Repugs In Congress?..

Didn't we electocute the Rosenbergs for about the same...


White House says it didn't have advance notice Garland would speak on Mar-a-Lago search - CBS News

I didn't have " Nuclear Docs" on my Bingo Card. Did anyone else?

Full Moon, 98% visible

GOPers were gonna have a big press conference tomorrow, but, well...


Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Think the GOP is sorry yet that Garland is not on the SCOTUS where he would not be in charge?

If you didn't hear warnings about this latest Trump scandal back in 2016 and '17

Republicans demand protection for NC crisis pregnancy centers, but ignore another threat

i'm betting there's already a body count. he was selling secrets on day 1.

Funny Times That People Take Dogs To Work

Sly & The Family Stone: Hot Fun in the Summertime

Trumpworld demanded the warrant. Garland offered to release the receipt. Trumpists DO NOT WANT!!

Any timeline on the unsealing?

Dan Rather re Trump and Garland. . .

Republicans may have shot themselves in the foot by hammering the DOJ to release the search warrant

Did the powers that be KNOW he had top secret nuclear documents for a year and a half?

Are there any pundits, journalists, and analysts who remember reports stating

Harrison Bader's goodbye video

TikTok's permissions allow the app to hijack a phone's camera and microphone, collecting photos and

Sure stealing nuclear secrets is bad but...

These two gave nuclear secrets to Moscow

Stevie Ray Vaughan, live n New Orleans, May 6, 1990

The Daily Show: Trump Smells a Rat & Iran Puts a Hit Out on Pompeo & Bolton

Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence on Truth Social in days after Mar-a-Lago

Life comes at you fast......

Cheney down by 29...

The Sounds of Silence (Undisturbed)

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Notorious Virtual Currency Mixer Tornado Cash

Lawrence: 'Merrick Garland Has Outsmarted Donald Trump At Every Turn' - The Last Word - MSNBC

I think I am overdue to post one from Styx

This Didn't Age Well - 10 Minutes Later - Deleting

As we speak ..

Trump is saying he won't oppose the warrant release.

I like Rob Reiner's summation here

Why Trump Can't Declassify Documents About Nuclear Weapons - The Last Word - MSNBC

BREAKING: Trump will allow release of Search Warrant and inventory

2017: Mar-A-Lago Assistant Manager Wondering If Anyone Coming To Collect Nuclear Briefcase


Appropriate sarcasm...good read.

Dead - "GDTRFB"

Details released on congestion tolls for New York City drivers

What will Trump say is the reason for taking nuclear documents?

so, i'm officially a member of the band and have received the warmest of welcomes.

Just to head off at the pass that Trump could have unilaterally declassified nuclear secrets ...

Former police officer gets 7-plus years in prison in Jan. 6 case

'Unite the Right' 5 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

MBTA seeks temporary bus lanes for 30-day Orange Line shutdown; drivers encouraged to take Commuter

Is "Google notification 10 millionth search winner" on the level? - bite or not?

Anne Heche not expected to survive fiery crash into home, her family says

Cross-posting Dan Rather tweet about the judge who signed the search warrant

Mass. Gov. Baker: MBTA must prove it doesn't need federal takeover

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 14, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Elizabeth Taylor

Mueller, She Wrote: Nuclear Docs and Saudi Arabia

TCM Schedule for Monday August 15, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Randolph Scott

Don't write off tfg so quickly...

Armed Man Who Attacked F.B.I. Office Called For Violence After Mar-a-Lago Search - Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like - Live at Brighton

The Full Moon

Jefferson Airplane: Law Man

Rainy day 5 years ago

Could Viktor Orban's visit to CPAC a few days ago fit somehow into this

What does it mean that

How Secure Are U.S. Nuclear Weapon Secrets? Former CIA Director Explains - Velshi - MSNBC Prime

As we speak part 2. HE HAS THE DOCUMENTS.

"Good people don't worry about 'rats' in their midst"

Clouds, clouds, step aside for 1/500 second!

Merrick Garland's surprise announcement calls the Trump-GOP bluff

Rep. Val Demings: Rubio's Attacks On FBI Raid 'Disgraceful' - The Last Word - MSNBC


Donald Trump does not oppose US bid to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant

Ricky Shiffer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to know (FYI)

Fox showing clearly photoshopped picture of the magistrate, Reinhart, to inflame extremists

Harry Litman: The Mar-a-Lago Search Could Signal the End to Another Long National Nightmare... Trump

Is it Fitzmas yet?

Donald J. Drumpf(parody account) informing Bobbinhead Boebert how it works

Back in April Jared received 2 Billion from the Saudis.

POWER out here!

Sicknick, Babbitt, Shiffer....All Collateral Damage To TFG

Ukrainian Amb to UN, earlier

Barack Obama On Bill Russell: I Learned So Much From The Way He Lived His Life - The Last Word MSNBC

What late night FQX news just reported

Man I hope everything is unsealed tomorrow

Friday Morning and Weekend Vibes Jazz and Bossa Nova Cafe Music Livestream

Armed Man Attacks FBI Building After Mar-a-Lago Search - The Last Word - MSNBC

Marsha (Batshit) Blackburn "What about Hunter Biden?"

Two by Eric Ewazen

Activist Ralph Nader urges regulators to recall Tesla's self-driving technology

Henry Thacker Burleigh's ''Through Moanin' Pines"

In all likelihood, Jared sold stolen documents from Mar-a-Lago to Saudi-Arabia.

New Fox news poll: record number disapprove of SCOTUS (55%) and 60% disapprove of overturning Roe

Abortion jumps to 2nd most important issue behind inflation. Ballot choice is 41% repub 41% deml

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 12, 2022

Please oh please please Please by All that is holy

3 Sundaes by Jean-Marie Leclair 🍨🍨🍨

The correct way to say "OH MY GAWD" in Japanese

North Korea declares victory over COVID, suggests leader Kim had it

'I hate Mexicans' - Woman accused of racist subway attack

Do u think trump will be indicted if...

DOJ Moves To Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Texas Rep Says He'll Never Eat 'A Whole Plate Of Dog Penis' Again

A mixed bag of 3

imagine being swallowed by a WHALE

trump 2014 tweet on locking "TOP SECRET" papers in a safe

Jan. 6th Tie To Deadly FBI Confrontation In Ohio - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Link the whole trait caucus to Immoral-Lardo

Pierre Polio strikes again Tweet:

(Jewish Group) In 'A League of Their Own,' Jewish representation leaves much to be desired

(Jewish Group) How Tu B'Av, the ancient Jewish holiday of love, was revived

(Jewish Group) How a blind Jewish boy from Baghdad became a great musician

(Jewish Group) Michael Twitty's 'Koshersoul' blends history, culture and culinary identity

(African-American Group) Michael Twitty's 'Koshersoul' blends history, culture and culinary identity

TrumpTreason is now trending on Twitter

(LGBT) Michael Twitty's 'Koshersoul' blends history, culture and culinary identity

State of Grace - Smile

Trump Looks Guilty As Hell After Suggesting FBI Planted Evidence At Mar-A-Lago - Ring of Fire

Hey Donny, just another reminder it was YOUR PEOPLEwho kept him off the Supreme court. Live with it.

Will Lindsey Graham face any consequences for not showing at the Fulton County Court?

Hillary warned us.

Santana: Caravanserai

Fox News reactions to FBI search at Mar-a-Lago - mediamatters4america

When you've got a while, just think of all the shit we wouldn't be putting up with if Hillary won.

I'm dying to hear more about Molly Michael, whom the NYTimes cited as a Trump employee

Suggesting evidence was planted by the FBI from TFG and GOP members of Congress,

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/11/22

Trump calls for 'immediate release' of search warrant docs ahead of Friday deadline

After the War, the Nuremberg trials and all that Germany, presumably with Allied counsel, decided...

Breakfast Friday 12 August 2022

Calls for indictments and arrests asap for national security reasons should be made now,

Stephen Colbert: Guest White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Lebanon man hailed hero for holding Beirut bank hostage to withdraw his savings


Jon Batiste is leaving the Tonight Show for good........

Wouldn't be surprised if TFG pulls another fast one,

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism is always wrong.

Did anyone ever expect this in their lifetime?

Guess who was absent from the WH on the morning of Jan. 6?

Really wondering about Ivana now

Should we be worried abpout volience in the next few days

So "Defund the Police" is election suicide for Democrats but "Menace the FBI"

A huge "Thank You" to all the reporters and news organizations,


Wordle 419 ***Spoiler Thread***

So which is more fascist, Parler or Gab?

TFG's using political rope a oops, again,

tRump is a cancer!

What is a scenario in which...

Democrats will definitely end up with 51 to 53 seats in the US Senate after 1/2023.

Jared Kushner Is Exactly As Dangerous and Entitled As We Thought He Was

Friday TOONs - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, It's Yours

You guys are better than Dallas

I can't believe Republicans elevated a QAnon candidate to run against one of the most

Something is off, it doesn't add up.

Alito is already hard at work on his next opinion.

Trump calls for 'immediate' release of Mar-a-Lago warrant

Wow, they've started making ads about Merrick Garland

I just realized why Becca Ballint won the Democratic nomination for the 2022 VT US House Race.

All repug talk will turn to the affidavit now

'Super-legislature.' Ballot question asks Kansans to empower Legislature over governor

I'm beginning to realize that Arthur is a bad influence on his big brothers

So When Will TFG Flee The Country?.....

I keep thinking: What would Dwight Eisenhower say about any of this?

Trumps revenge? Remember Trump is a textbook narcissist, the most dangerous kind.

According to Trump ...

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 15 - August 19)

After all the crimes in broad daylight the conman still walks free

Students sue college president who invented rules to ban conservative flyers

A dog was missing. Cavers found her two months later 500 feet underground.

I'm a Conservative, and I Don't Know What the GOP Stands For

John Fetterman rally in Erie today - 5:30 pm at Bayfront Convention Center

Trump to release warrant in two weeks

Why did Donald Trump steal America's most classified nuclear secrets ?

NY AG May Seek To Dissolve Trump's Corporate Status

Nixon may have been right about one thing

Buck Owens was born on this date.

3:01 P.M.

2022 Harvey Award Nominations Announced

The Rundown: August 12, 2022

The origin of Super Villians: Enchantress

Mark Knopfler has a birthday today.

On this day, August 12, 1985, Kyu Sakamoto died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123.

Memo to Trump

Is America letting these uninformed misled magaloons hold it hostage with threats of violence ?

Cracked the case, this one...

I can't WAIT for the day when no one is discussing Mango Mussolini anymore

Being a delusional, arrogant narcissist appears to have finally stopped 'working' for tfg

School District of Cadott, WI restores banned books.

Why did it take so long? If Trump stole such sensitive info, why was this not acted upon earlier??

Team Putin Airs Insane Offer to 'Help' America and 'Save' Trump

Does anyone else sort of resent CNN now giving Chris Wallace a mike? Even when he makes

That time Team Trump tried to build nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia

"Nuclear weapons issue a 'hoax'"...

UN chief affirms support for denuclearized North Korea

BLS Report: U.S. import prices decrease 1.4% in July on lower fuel prices; export prices fall 3.3%

Just Checking: How many here even know where their local FBI office is? n/t

It is sort of ironic that all those people who so proudly don their red caps refuse

BLS Report: Real average hourly earnings for all employees increase 0.5% in July

'Irredeemable' Batgirl movie unexpectedly cancelled despite being in final stages

When does the GOP "mob" begin to earnestly turn on each other?

You raised $125.00 on August 11, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken Senate IA

Former US Attorney Doug Jones ANALYZES Merrick Garland's PERFECT Presser on Mar-a-Lago Search

What's worse than a politician selling national top secrets?

What Is Really Scary About The Classified Documents.

Today is like we are living out the beginning of the movie Jaws.

Smart dog:

A lot of questions this morning.

Despite pleas from federal lawmakers, Md. on track to demolish old Nice Bridge

Instead of forming a new third party, these well-heeled anti-MAGA folks need to form a new media

The risk of assuming facts not in evidence

Garland keeps impressing me with his flawless sense of timing in his investigation of Trump.

Trump has decided to try and make some lemonade out of his huge box of lemons.

Surprise! Endless Supply Of Antarctic Krill Not So Endless When Humans Take +/- 0.5 Million Tons/Yr

Electable: Why America Hasn't Put a Woman in the White House . . . Yet

They preferred the GOP candidate by 1 point in May and now go for the Democrat by 6.

Trump Boys Thrilled FBI Seized Documents, Leaving Dozens Of Empty Boxes To Play In

Treason--what is it?:

Michael Jackson is still alive and Osama Bin Laden's real name is "Tim." Get a load of Gematria.

INPE: Amazon Basin Deforestation On Track To Match Last Year's Area; +/- 3,300 Square Miles

Make Red Hats Normal Again

CANCELLED: House Freedom Caucus will no longer be holding news conference to discuss raid of MAL

THREAD: Last night's report the FBI was looking for 'nuclear documents' could mean a couple differen

Pittsburgh immigration lawyer finds herself uniquely suited to help Ukrainians

Is it time to create a civil corps?

lol. Says the guy who can post them online this minute.

Even though the nuclear codes were obsolete

JPL Studies: Antarctic Ice Shelves In Net Negative Ice Loss; Warmer Seawater Moving Farther Inland

Just what if it was McCarthy, Graham or Rudy G. who squealed on Trump?

Slitherin' idiots

I can only wish

88 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

I want to see a full length video of ALL of Hillary's speeches, testimonies, and TV appearances.

No "conspiracy theory" about what Trump has been up to with our enemies seems implausible now

Mar-A-Lago Assistant Manager Wondering If Anyone Coming To Collect Nuclear Briefcase From L & F

Countdown with Keith Olbermann EPISODE 10

So... with the latest developments is the House back?

US, Indonesia, Australia hold drills amid China concerns

Pennsylvania focus group...

Trump's 440 times of taking the 5th in his NY civil trial could be taken as 440 guilty pleas.

Republican war on books: They don't just want to control your body -- next up, your mind

Across the Desk - S6:E3 (The Corruption of OK Ed. Sec. Ryan Walters)

Brian Kilmeade/FOX trying to smear judge that signed search warrant as a pedophile

Trump is just playing games again

As an aside....

Explain this to me...

The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree a/k/a Dot Those I's

Was that Sarah Fuckabee I saw on my TV

Michigan officials want you to kill this polka-dotted insect

GOP spends big in state-level effort to change Constitution

Why would he** not just turn the docs in?

What nuclear information and who might be interested? So many questions . . .

Forensics and the the classified documents

"not expected to survive" - seems to be a trend, obit before demise

The Perp-in-Chief - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Price of oil/bbl is at lowest since mid-February

Where have all the old cars gone - long time passing

Yes, the IRS is hiring criminal investigators empowered to use deadly force, but here's some context

100-year sentence upheld in killing of 2 Montgomery Co. teenagers

If Trump didn't know FBI had caught him w-docs he shouldn't have-He wouldn't be asserting OJ Defense

Obviously I missed it.

Louisiana child kicked out of class because parents are same-sex couple

Clearly Trump isn't bright enough ...


Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake Up Call From Behind The Lines

On Bloomberg Larry Summers blasts allowing the carry interest tax break to stay instead or

Lookit the dots! Let's connect them!

I have a fruit fly problem (done everything you are advised to do but still...) So I bought this

Do you agree with MAGA REPUBLICANS efforts to defund the FBI?

Dachshund Sniffs Out Human for Joyful Reunion

When Trump "won", I remember the world just went black.

Baltimore man, 25, shot to death while installing solar panels in D.C.

Dog Overcomes All Her Fears, One By One

Alex still reaping $$$ -

More Marjorie Today On tfg

How do they know that tfg didn't photo copy documents so still has them to sell?

538: Will This Be An Asterisk* Election?

When Will "They" Fall Out Of Love With 'Him'

Google gets the green light to flood US Gmail inboxes with political spam

Fearing climate-related water loss, California acts to bolster its water supplies

Move the Moon (The Gomert Mission)

"I see the pale moon rising..."

Seventy-five years ago this month, Harry Truman signed into law the National Security Act of 1947.

More Black NFL retirees win dementia cases in rescored tests

Approx. 3,000 yearly injuries from Beach Umbrellas. Woman died yesterday in S. Carolina

Go Make America Great Again!

San Francisco Taiko Dojo at risk of closing

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 12, 2022

Trump classified things to cover up wrongdoing too

New York judge rules criminal case against the Trump Organization and former CFO Allen Weisselberg..

Salman Rushdie stabbed

Author Salman Rushdie attacked on lecture stage in New York

the schmuck that beto called out

Afghanistan: The Taliban Cracks Down on Women's Rights as U.S. Sanctions Worsen Humanitarian Crisis

The lying ass liar and his lying lemmings watched the video from NY

Biden Plots a 2024 Presidential Run -- and a Trump Rematch

Actor Douglas Croft was #BornOnThisDay, August 12, 1926. The 1st actor (age 16) to play "Robin"

I watched this documentary recently about how Rush Limbaugh rose to power

TV personality "Miss Cleo" Youree Dell Harris, was #BornOnThisDay, August 12, 1962.

Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say

Then vs. Now: Fox on threats against judges

Can't say I haven't been warned about flip flops I-mean-shower-shoes around here

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Brings High-Speed, Affordable Internet to Tribal Communities

Can't Find My Way Home

Saudi Spying Inside Twitter Led to Torture & Jailing of Saudi Man Who Ran Satirical Account

Meta injecting code into websites to track its users, research says

tweet of the day?????

Pieces of paper hold finger prints.

Do you believe they now have all the boxes?

U.S. consumer sentiment up more than expected in August, survey shows

Majority don't regret switching jobs during the great resignation

It seems to me that tfg's people are playing checkers

Never admit nothing and never show any guilt.

"and not that there's anything wrong with that".......Kellyanne Conway's daughter comes out as gay

They're at the "Yeah, he did it, but it's really no big deal" phase" GOP presser

The Last Supper (1995)

What's really interesting to me

It's a house. No, it's a resort. No, it's a hotel. No it's a club.

fan of the year right here! 😍🏈

Filipino Activist Walden Bello Speaks Out After Arrest Just Weeks After Marcos Jr. Inauguration

I'm not worried about a civil war

The first FIFTEEN boxes of docs

California Does it again - Free school meals for ALL students

Under fire, Homeland Security watchdog delays probe -- with GOP help

Irvine doctor allegedly caught on camera poisoning her husband with Drano

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Gavin Newsom attacks Ron DeSantis in most direct strike yet - Brian Tyler Cohen

Backyard hens' eggs contain 40 times more lead on average than shop eggs, research finds

No one wanted this special needs duck. This woman took him home.

I see so much discussion today about the seriousness of electing that POS

When Trump says the "nuclear weapon issue is a hoax just like Russia . . ." believe him.

Jeff Tiedrich--a few tweets:

Evidence Suggests Trump Tried to Sell Out America for Profit

This date in Rock and Roll history.

I think I know why Garland's presser got a late start

In their drive to alter the Constitution conservatives turn on their own

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 12, 2022)

Washington Post Opinion: The Arbery case is heinous, but his killers' sentences are extreme

Nuclear Documents? Boom!

What is Trump's next excuse going to be?

Germany and Poland search for cause of mass fish die-off in river Oder

emptywheel: Three Ways Merrick Garland and DOJ Spoke of Trump as if He Might Be Indicted

GOP Rep. Turner Demands DOJ Explain Reasoning for Trump Search

The ears!

It's over and done folks, Trump is finished. This is a 2 year sting op.

Kilmeade lie on Fox / fake pic last night.

Hong Kong suffers biggest ever population drop as exodus accelerates

Monster wildfire incinerates French wine country

Most Peculiar

Police bust multi-state, $22M catalytic converter theft ring. Here's how to protect yours.

How to Befriend Crows and Turn Them Against Your Enemies

Inside a Kansas clinic where the battle over abortion is still raging

Extreme Heat Uncovers Lost Villages, Ancient Ruins and Shipwrecks

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about North Dakota and a tale of two candidates....

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Layla (Live at LOCKN' / 2019) (Official Music Video)

No, the IRS Is Not Hiring 87,000 New Agents to Go After Ordinary Taxpayers (Mother Jones)

Trump's ignoring legitimate legal recourse -- that speaks volumes

Five Chinese state-owned companies to delist from NYSE amid U.S. tensions

Large wildfire burning amid drought on Hawaii's Big Island

U.S. inflation outlook brightens as import prices drop, consumer sentiment rises

People Exposed to Covid May Need to Take as Many as Three At-Home Tests, F.D.A. Says

When a Witch-hunt turns out

Putin's Mouthpieces Air Insane Offer to 'Help' U.S. and 'Save' Trump

Dave Matthews Band with Warren Haynes - Cortez The Killer (Madison Square Garden, 11/30/2018)

Dave Matthews Band with Warren Haynes - Cortez The Killer (Madison Square Garden, 11/30/2018)

The Trumpists Have Finally Shown Us How Insane, Violent, and Idiotic They Really Are

Less than 3 hours to go...

"Yessiree, me 'n Earl did six tours of duty in Whitemanistan"

Get the ads ready

Peloton to Cut 800 Jobs, Hike Prices and Shut Stores in Sweeping Overhaul

When John Bolton says on Newsmax that we are safer under Biden then we would have been under Trump,

Dawn after Full Moon, southern MD

of all the nicknames we've used for tfg, "benedict donald" may be the one that sticks....

Biden admin announces $3 billion in FEMA climate resilience funding

CDC Drops Quarantine, Distancing Recommendations for COVID

Donations 2022

America won't last much longer if we don't put guard rails up against Capitalist grift and greed.

Here's an incomplete list of gop suckups who've been down to M-a-L

Let's start a thread - Things NOT found in Trump's safe

"Supreme Court holds 6-3 that FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago violated the Third Amendment. ..."

Republicans foolishly try to roll out the 'what about Obama' tack

🚨WSJ: FBI Recovered Eleven Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows

FBI attacker was prolific contributor to Trump's Truth Social website

Email from The Lincoln Project: So, Who Did It?

Republicans Flail In Deciding Who To Blame Before Warrant Release

Cartoons 8/12/2022

Highway 9 stretch closing for roundabout work next week

On this day, August, 12, 1927, Porter Wagoner was born.

Monroe to start building walking, biking path along U.S. 2

New York judge rules criminal case against the Trump Organization and former CFO Allen Weisselberg..

After 200-plus days abroad, Navy destroyers return to Everett homeport

Author Salman Rushdie attacked at western New York event

It is important for people to remember that at the Nuremberg trials

Schwab: Dare we compare recent news on Trump, Biden?

Western Europe, Summer 2022, As Seen From The Copernicus Satellite

Anne Heche has died

Can Liz Cheney be a write-in candidate in November? nt

Historian Thomas Zimmer meets a crazed MAGAt in the wild

Trump is calling the seized documents a "hoax" because he knows they can never really be shown

House Debate Right Now: GOP Keeps Repeating the Same 87,000 Armed IRS Agents Lie

Face check: No, IRS isn't sending 87,000 agents to audit you

Guess that covers it. Thanks Mr Takei

TS-SCI material is the highest classification category recognized by US law

None Dare Call It Treason - But Watch Some GQP Bigwigs Backpedal

11 sets of documents? Is that 22 documents?

So of course Trump lied about Obama stealing records:

Sila to open battery tech plant plant in Moses Lake

Even if Trump somehow legally declassified those documents before leaving office...

Should we all get vaccinated for polio again?

Texas Paul REACTS to latest updates on MAGA Lunatic in Standoff with FBI

Liz Truss Vs Rishi Sunak - The 'Best' of the Leadership Contenders Spitting Image

Would "top secret intercepts" reveal a mole in the Kremlin??

Glenn Kirschner: This is as Dangerous as Trump Gets! The Only Thing That is Left is Indictments.

Rick Wison on the GOP's dedication to Trump

I just have to say this somewhere...

NPR more concerned with Beto using MFer than they are about dead children

Anne Heche has died at age 53.

So he FBI attacker posted his threats on the internet tubes.

Birdwatching club (kitties)

Salman Rushdie is OUT OF SURGERY...the news is NOT GOOD

For "Better Call Saul" fans - last episode Monday night.

Nuclear materials were planted - Mango Mussolini

Another issue that needs to be looked at?

Can a president declassify the highest top secret documents?

It gets worse RE: FBI search

National Archives has promptly responded to Trump's "Obama rant" with this statement.

"NARA is publicly refuting Trump's claims about Obama taking 30 million pages of documents ..."

Busted (compilation):

Where Americans Stand On Trump's Legal Jeopardy

Trump RELEASED the warrant with the names of the FBI agents unredacted.

Hey Russia are you listening, I need a little help comrades?

"My Beautiful Home Was Raided"

Ex-detective Goodlett to plead guilty in Breonna Taylor case, her lawyer says

I think some (right-wing) Media Outlets Already Have the FBI Warrant/Documents

With Western Funds Slow to Arrive, Ukraine Scrapes to Pay Its Soldiers

So much for ......

Wasn't the House planning to vote on the IRA bill today?

At 75, India's democracy is under pressure like never before

It's almost 3 pm--will Trump's lawyers give consent


Global LGBTQ event cancelled after demand to remove Taiwan's name

Oh, look: QAnon hightailed it to Australia after fail/losing an election. Is that all it took?!

Kansas abortion vote shows limits of GOP's strength

Wisconsin GOP leader fires 2020 election investigator

Breaking: Trump under investigation for breaking Espionage Act!

First Cop pleades guilty to Breonna Taylor murder

Alabama Governor Hasn't Been Seen In a Week

So, what to you think? Good spot to hide stuff

Hey GOP: That's How It's Supposed to Work

Adam Schiff Would Like to see those Documents, please

Judge revives Obama-era ban on coal sales from federal lands

we heard from rubio, we heard from pricksnott, has

The fact that Fox is currently harping over Trump's ability to declassify documents indicates

Alex Jones spotted in Omaha following verdict in Sandy Hook trial

Top secret documents were found at the pig pen.

Trump allies say he declassified MAL documents. Experts say it's unclear whether that will hold up.

Notable Thefts From The National Archives

Trump is freaking brilliant at deception

It appears it was a very, VERY extensive search

Trump's own lawyer blows up his 'planted' evidence claims

Fux Noise Idiot Brian Kilmeade called out for showing photoshopped image of judge in Mar-a-Lago raid

I do recall early on in the Trump administration, when Flynn was

Obese Husky Makes The Most Beautiful Transformation Thanks To Her New Mom

Robin Vos fires Michael Gableman, ending a 2020 election review that's cost taxpayers over $1m

Well, we JUST KNEW he'd say something like this - Trump Statement today

Neal Katyal: 'A Brilliant Chess Maneuver' For AG Garland

Republican response to Trump FBI search raises specter of political violence against law enforcement

GOP Kills Biden Insulin Bill As Costs Soar. US $ More Than All Rich Nations. Diabetics Dismay

Trump apparently "leaked" the warrant to Breitbart with agents' names deliberately unredacted

Trumpy be like

Why Biden's Medicare drug price breakthrough is a 'BFD'

After 20 years on the run, man charged with raping child back behind bars in Loudoun Co.

Attachment B says they're investigating 18 USC 793 under the Espionage Act - here is 18 USC

Tweet of the Day

Mahaska County GOP censures U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks over support of same-sex marriage

Obama and National Archives

When all else fails, get him on tax evasion. It works! nt

Anne Heche, Star of 'Another World' and 'Men in Trees', Dies at 53

Bob Cesca: The Firehose of News on Trump's Bad Behavior is Crazy & the GOP still Blindly Follows Him

The traitors defense (from breitbart)

Do you ever get so angry that you don't know

My radio quit working! Anything happened yet?

Ex-police chief Dennis Deacon perjured himself to cover up for Jan 6 criminal

Trump got his Roy Cohn.

Search warrant shows Trump under investigation for potential obstruction of justice, Espionage Act

There are a lot pretty stupid "privileged" people with money in positions of power.

Dan Rather's Perfect Tweet: "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. Nuclear codes?"

Trump has no defense

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Some straight talk from an unlikely place..freeper to freeper

Gotta feel a little sympathy for President Biden...

It must be said about Merrick Garland

Glenn Kirschner :TRUMP'S TREASON in three easy steps

I thought like others here,

FOX is saying timelines dont match up and they were declassified papers.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Suspected bank robber rescued from tunnel near Vatican

Best sources to follow at this moment???

Maybe Trump leaked the nuclear stuff in order to raise expectation so that when it turned

National archives responds to trump trying to say obama has classified docs


Anyone remember what Spiro Agnew

From a Jewish friend of mine...

Trump is a national security and flight risk.

WAIT! Did TFG return a FAKE TS/SCI document??? USC 1519

Joe Walsh: Not surprising. Not surprising at all.

Steve Shives: What About the 30 Million Documents Obama Took?

Trump leaked the search warrant to.....

BREAKING: Judge has granted the motion to unseal the search warrant and receipts.

India man wins 22-year court battle against railways over 21 pence

Susan Sarandon

Montenegro shooting: Gunman kills at least 10

Something else for Congress to clamp down on. Declassification authority. nt

A most unique and interesting fountain...

MY dream to see TRUMP in an ORANGE JUMP SUIT

Noel Casler: Trump's going down for a word he would struggle with on a teleprompter: Espionage

Probably important.

Hey DC media, here's a question you should be asking every single GrOPer in Congress:

Rex Huppke: It was the best espionage. Nobody had ever seen espionage like it.

Link to the unsealed documents

"He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again."

The Trump warrant inventory --

Has Michael Flynn begun chanting "Lock Him Up" yet?

Radley Balko: Firing a successful prosecutor is DeSantis's latest political stunt

Those documents being flushed down the toilet early in this week

Was it payment to putin?

this is all of us at DU today reading the Latest Breaking News:

Neil Katyal doing a phenomenal job going through warrant now: MSNBC Deadline WH

A pair of Very Important Questions...

Starbucks workers hold strikes in at least 17 states amid union drive

Flight risk

The Hoarse Whisperer, wondering why Trump would steal info on Macron

What will be Trump's swan song be?

It's been a long time comin'

Two Years After The Race Riot In Weatherford; What's Changed?

Hmm: "Executive Grant of Clemency re: Roger Jason Stone, Jr"

At 75, India's Democracy Is Under Pressure Like Never Before

Axios: GQP plans effort to sabotage Inflation Reduction Act

It's Friday. Everybody dancing now!

trump finally bites the dust. It came quick, fast and in a hurry.

Let him who doesn't have eleven boxes of top secret classified documents...

GOP is as guilty as dRump! It is being reported that Breitbart published the names of FBI

When You Get The Head Of A Snake

Beau of the Fifth Column - some prebuttal about the former guy's supporters

Solomon and Patel May Be Implicated in the FBI's Trump-Related Espionage Act Investigation

Anyone remember Yujing Zhang or Lu Jing at Mar-A-Largo? No.

CNN Parts Ways With Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin

Rep Swalwell: "If you've been aboard Trump Train last 7 yrs, you've been given an unexpected stop"

Gunman in FBI attack was Navy veteran who had served on submarine

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.

I sure miss the Obamas.

2022: the state of our Democracy

Reality winner lost four years of her freedom over classified docs

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 12, 2022

Rand Paul fundraising off of lying about FBI planting evidence AFTER warrant is released

Are the GOPers still saying "it's just an overdue library book?"

"Russia Insider, founder Charles Bausman"

I wish there was a live camera

What is going on between Heilemann and Nuzzi

For those not yet under Trump's bus:

Mom Cat Shows Baby Kittens that Golden Retriever is Safe for Them

Trump prison intake video:

Just curious: Why is the GOQ House Conference convinced TFG is their best bet for 2022 and 2024?

It's Ok to celebrate people. the narcissist indicted himself, the lunatic is finished.

The FFA, coast guard and others needs to be on lookout for somebody who looks Trump trying to flee....

Ben Rhodes just said on MSNBC that there's no way Trump declassified all those documents

Last night Brian Kilmeade on Faux "news" smeared the judge...

A musical question for tfg:

An aspirational tweet/image:

OK, this is a weird question but I'm curious about others' opinions

The News

Views of river, first looking north (from my yard)

I'm convinced that Trump, and some of his family, will flee the country

I so wish people wouldn't keep posting pictures of tfg

Actor Anne Heche Pronounced 'Brain Dead' At 53: Family [UPDATED]

FBI personnel v. Breitbart

Hey GOBers ! Hozzz your days going?

Amidst all the celebration I am reminded of a quote

President Biden needs to do some leading and unifying now

WATCH LIVE: House debates on the Inflation Reduction Act (IT PASSED!)

John Fetterman campaign event today

a couple crape myrtles

ripe Concord grapes

The Inflation Reduction Act Vote Happening Right Now

Will Trump be indicted? If so, when?

The . Espionage . Act

Nuclear program documents cannot be declassified. CNN Daniel Goldman

Sing along DUers

Chump is a poltroonish Bond Villan

Jethro Tull - My God (interesting version)

So, I'm curious

Andrew A. Weissmann, asked to explain "what is in a warrant,

What's going on in the house? They're voting, but...


Why The Trumpified GOP Feels So Hapless At Governing

California to become 1st state to offer free school lunches for all students

Jeffrey Toobin Out at CNN After 20 Years -- And One Notable Controversy

Late afternoon snacker

Democrats' midterm prospects perk up as Biden finally hits his stride

Now you know why Republicans have been losing their minds all week re: THE SEARCH

What was in the RTumpster's safe???

This is this morning's Moonset. 5am before sunrise.

Please, please, Bloated Tick, order your flight crew to fuel up N757AF and try to escape to Dubai

An American President. Please share.

How many people here would like to see Hillary Clinton's passport seized?

Will a federal prison provide TFG conjugal visits with his bride?

How much does a twice impeached former president have to be under investigation for

King Crimson: Matte Kudasai + KD Lang's interpretation

I'll bet Don Junior and Young Jared are crapping their pants right about now; especially

a song for faux news

It's flooding again in Vegas... but why are there so many huge leaks inside buildings?

Do you remember the Comey days?

Vos finally fires Gableman...

House passes Tax, Health, and Climate bill. 220 to 207. waiting on 4 republican votes to finalize

House just passed the Inflation Reduction Act!

Reality Check: the Presidential Records Act DOES NOT STOP Trump from running for President...

I know that folks here are elated at the prospect of Bloated Tick behind bars, but ....

Speaker Pelosi is amazing

Anne Heche Has Passed

House passes Inflation Reduction Act, sending climate and health bill to Biden

Presidential De-Classification Capabilities. - The Atlantic

So it looks like Maricopa County (AZ) wants to fight back

Some more tech questions about the House of Rep process.

So, with today's breaking news, has Spy vs. Spy just become a Triple Threat Match???

Does Trump's alleged declassification of TS/SCI documents mean anyone can get them via FOIA?

Kitten Reacts to Thunderstorm With Hail

I can't understand how Trump gets the white glove treatment

Of course she is...

A Florida Teacher's Poster of Black Historical Figures Was Taken Down, So He Resigned

John Heilemann on MSNBC

MAGA Meltdown in Winter Springs, FL!

Moley Moley Moley!

Yes - I've Seen All Good People (Dedicated to Chessmaster General Garland)

Soooo 6PM EDT Will there be another bombshell for the Friday night dump?

Just a reminder, Trump had a a lot help stealing those documents.

With all due respect, Trump is not going to flee.

So how long do we wait for charges?

Southern Baptist Convention says it is under investigation by Department of Justice.

Southern Baptist Convention under federal investigation for sexual abuse scandal

I hate to think if things came out differently on J-6?

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

UK's Larry the cat: "One of the search dogs preparing to testify against Trump: "You're going to....

The Republicans better pull themselves out of Trumps gravesite, it's about to be filled in.

Republican Lawmakers Fear Violence As Trump Supporters Grow Angrier

FULL Moon rises @ 8:58PM SETS@ 6:38AM, 99% visible

AOC: The Inflation Reduction Act just passed the House, and will soon by signed into law! Here's...

I give you the grand illusion. The US senate, that august body of 100 very elite men and women.

Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Obtained By NBC News Reveals Items Of Suspicion - MSNBC Reports

Speaker Pelosi letter to colleagues

Mango Mussolini didn't simply "take" classified documents. THIS IS THEFT.

Joe Biden's Best Week Ever

WSJ: FBI Took 11 Sets Of Classified Documents During Mar-a-Lago Search - MSNBC Reports

Trump's Declassification Defenses Won't Hold Up In A Criminal Trial Says Katyal - Deadline - MSNBC

If TFG is a spy can we remove his SCOTUS appointments?

Super Secret Documents

The GOBers are asking the Democrats "what are you doing?"!

How 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Led to the Creation of the Prisoner Ankle Monitor

Pete Buttigieg does Q&As from plane while traveling

Navy Vet REACTS to Trump's Acts of Espionage - Meidas Touch

Mike Luckovich-Relief for Discomfort due to not capping insulin prices

Take my poll... who do you think is the Mar a Lago mole?

So, My Songlist Is Settled

Officials Fear Mar-a-Lago Espionage Issue Exacerbated by Signal Intelligence Issues

Did the CIA or NSA have intel of sensitive information

Tonight, my Friday drinking thread will be one of celebration, instead of numbing the pain.

Wisconsin GOP fired asshole who pushed false election fraud claim

Wisconsin GOP fired asshole who pushed election fraud lies

'Gravity Is Beginning To Exert Its Pull On Donald Trump' Says Ben Rhodes - Deadline - MSNBC

Who helped him? Who else had access to these documents? Were they signed out? If documents were

Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing articles of impeachment on Merrick Garland, claiming Trump is

Rednecks speeding on jetboat on Vedder River come to shore and assault Black Fisherman; July 24 2022

Periodonald Disease

California governor proposes extending nuclear plant's life

Note from Trump to Putin?

Trump supporter who called Capitol cops 'weasels' on Jan. 6 sentenced to prison

It's Bob Marley Day on Ari Melber's show.

Note to non-stupid republicans: get off the trumptitannic, there's an iceberg right ahead.

Ohio Players - Skin Tight

Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant released, reveals FBI seized classified documents - Face the Nation

Neil Katyal made a very good point about "classifications" of document.

"A meme in jest"

This TV promo always upped my mood as a kid

Mothers Behind Book-Banning Campaign Claim Their 1st Amendment Rights Are Being Violated

DREAMGIRLS (OBC) - Steppin' To The Bad Side

In "Thank you for your Servitude" Leibovich calls those close to TFG "pet rocks" ha ha

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

This Week at Justice - August 12, 2022 - The Justice Department

Why does Occam's razor not apply?

Bye bye Michael. You started out with the best of intentions...

FBI agents will begin FINGER PRINTING each doc to find out WHO actually touched them.

One of Trump's lawyers: Don't run for President Donald, and it all goes away

Well is the RNC going to pick up the tab on the Espionage Act being thrown at the traitor

Donald Trump will never go to prison, but he'll end up pleading guilty to felonies

"Coffee Boy" is still a blank spot on my Stolen Document Bingo Card

Unsealed Mar-a-lago search warrant cites 3 criminal laws - CNN

Evening/sunset southern MD 8/12

Maybe a not-so-bright mobster is threatening tfg!

Firefighters continue battling large Hawaii wildfire

Salman Rushdie is on a ventilator, unable to speak, and may lose an eye

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage.

Posted with an emoticon

Salman Rushdie is on a ventilator, unable to speak, and may lose an eye, his agent told the New York

Faith, Hope & Charity - To Each His Own (That's My Philosophy)

A Ghost From The Past....Sorry...Had to Say That...I remember ..".Watergate" I watched it live on


House Republican says classified Mar-a-Lago nuclear material is available 'on your own phone'

geez. GOP Ronny Jackson is having huge meltdown..........

This is what I wait for all year long. Then, when the best tomatoes start coming in,

This is the nutjob who's running against Liz Cheney.

tfg has escaped consequences his whole life

Marjorie Taylor Greene UNHINGED conspiracy theory EXPOSES Trump's Guilt - Meidas Touch

B.B. King - To Know You Is To Love You

whatever happens to trump the next republican president will pardon him

We all know Trump is a creature with Un-controllable obsessions.

Did you write your name in dust?

Trump Warrant Revealed: Receipts Show Search Was Valid - The Beat - MSNBC

Friday Talking Points -- Lock Him Up!

Hillary Clinton uses Trump's tweets against him in RICO lawsuit

Okay... I'm sure some of you have been waiting for Peter Navarro's take on the search. Enjoy!

How, in the first place, did TFG manage to get top secret documents away from the people

Lauren Boebert's neighbors' 911 calls describe threats, husband running over mailbox