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Yosemite Washburn Fire

'Crimes': Surrender By Trump Lawyer Who Warned Of WH Felonies As Congress Gets New Jan. 6 Testimony

I have a very quick question.

I was skeptical at first that DOJ would indict Trump

As inflation soars, here's how average rents are trending in the Seattle area

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 to have a majority.

An ISP Scam Targeted Low-Income People Seeking Government Aid

U.S. House panel to investigate companies sharing reproductive data

Nice line Chris Hayes

Here we go again...

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

RonJohn's 'Mass Murder' Ad Quickly Removed After Highland Park Shooting

Mets' Chris Bassitt wants to halt MLB covid testing: 'There's no reason'

GOP push to defeat Whitmer threatened by candidates' baggage

Friday Talking Points -- What Would You Say To A 10-Year-Old Rape Victim?

Fetterman Ad:

Texas rep 'working on' bill to expand state's abortion law nationwide

CBS segment today: Allentown 1970 97% 31% white. Home of big hunk of J6ers

Man arrested over alleged threat to Colorado's top election official

Ok, I'm watching the "stars" play golf at that celebrity golf tournament.......

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Mocked For Calling Simone Biles, Megan Rapinoe 'Losers'

Ha ha ha! Love this response to Poilievre.

Transcript: Biden Remarks On His Executive Order for Protecting Reproductive Health Care Services

Roger Stone Tells Christian "Prophets" About Literal "DEMONIC PORTAL" Over Biden White House.

Bannon to testify for the J-6 Committee?

Tweet of the Day

Jenna Ellis' mentor doesn't like Simone Biles' attacking her!

Oz campaign baffles and frustrates GOP. Trailing in polls and leaving airwaves to Fetterman

We'll its been about five days since 6 federalist society members sitting on the US Supreme court

BREAKING: Elon Musk Terminates $44 Billion Deal To Acquire Twitter - Meidas Touch

Chefs criticize Dallas restaurant conference where Gov. Greg Abbott is set to speak

I hate the way the media thinks it's their job to channel stupid people

Vigilante climate activists deflates Bay Area SUV tires overnight.."dont take it personally"

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

Texas judge blocks two CPS investigations of transgender health care for kids

Texas judge blocks two CPS investigations of transgender health care for kids

Boris Johnson has vandalised the political architecture of Britain, Ireland and Europe

Going sketching in Bar Harbor tomorrow. Debating on if I

Wow. Another great actor has died. Tony Sirico was 79.

Woo-hoo! We get a break from the heat for the weekend with highs in the upper 90s.

Jon Stewart for President?

"He taught Republicans that it's okay to fight back." Ivanka Trump speaking about

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about sensationalism for fun and profit....

What Pat Cipollone Got Wrong About Donald Trump In 2020 - All In - MSNBC

Why does Ali velshi keep referring to the Jan 6

I realized today

Midnight Cowboy.......Watching it again...for I think the 15th time.

NC wants to ban free car chargers

lightning videos

I'm sorry but you are evil if you care more about the temporary price of gas than Roe or Democracy

We have 4 months to organize, get out the vote, and win. Sign up to knock doors. - Beto O'Rourke

2022 Wimbledon: This Slam was a clear reminder the sport's GOATs are endangered

F troop Larry Storch dead at 99

Birthdays are exhausting

Here's how Parallel Reality is helping passengers at Detroit Metro Airport

Sunny (until tomorrow)

WV Trooper Walks in House and Demands to be Sued

The News, or: An Incomprehensibly Vast Sea of Buttholes, Stretching Beyond the Horizon (El Ferret)

DOJ details evidence that Oath Keeper brought explosives to D.C. area

How Much Will Biden's Executive Order Protect Abortion Access? - Ayman - MSNBC

Not 'mine,' but close enough: Osprey has view of daughter's house, southern MD


US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by solid to slight margin.

The People Breaking The Simplest Rule Of Climate Change: Don't Go Backwards - All In - MSNBC

Watching Ali Velshi tonight on MSNBC..

Evening, southern MD

Trump Now Claims He Won Wisconsin Since State Court Has Restricted Ballot Drop Boxes

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Attention: Steve Bannon -------

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

I don't read legalese but, did any of the dissenters mention the 9th Amendment? (about Roe)

If anyone hates the Giants City Connect uniforms,

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Knife Edge (live studio-great show)

Woman Exposes Walgreens For Withholding Her Birth Control - Rebel HQ

Former secret service agent analyzes Abe assassination - NewsNation Prime

Gun control initiative submits signatures, poised to be second on Oregon's November ballot

MAGA Actor LOSES IT During Viral Rant - Rebel HQ (Jon Voight)

OMG, The new THOR movie is So Gay!

Trump says NY AG Letitia James is a "racist prosecutor" who should be investigated

OMG Rosario Dawsen liked my tweet!!

Caroline Kennedy Reflects On Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Legacy - NBC News

Trump promises to take over Democrat run cities

A lot of ships are jumping rat...

So----Roe v. Wade, a fifty year old SCOTUS precedent has been trashed---reversed---set aside---by

THE MONKEES: "Salesman"

Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Legal Expert: Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Is Done And Looking For Way Out - The ReidOut MSNBC

The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe MWBP Extended Mix

Love Is Like Oxygen (Extended Album Version) - Sweet

the reddest flag

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On

Got gas today

We might see an arrest in a local tragedy

Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes

The Monkees - Circle Sky (Live 1968)

Eight Miles High - The Byrds

Rudy G.'s story take a new twist?

Eight Miles High - Husker Du

Chairman of the Oklahoma College Republicans has been arrested for sex crimes w/ kids

Anybody else get back on twitter now that the rich man-baby is exiting stage -- good riddance?

Trump's White House counsel speaks to the Jan. 6 committee - Washington Week PBS

Love how MSNBC hosts

Joe Walsh - The Confessor

George Michael - I Want Your Sex (Complete NO-FADE Version)

Hey Mitch.... Come get your boy

'Too Little': Alabama Reproductive Health Doctor On Biden Executive Order - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Zamba de mi esperanza (Zamba of my hope)

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (LIVE, acoustic, in Amsterdam, 1992)

The Jazz Crusaders - Space Settlement

Report: Texas House committee on Uvalde shooting may soon release hallway video - KVUE News

Beach House - Myth

Over 300 Virginia state employees resign in wake of Gov. Youngkin's telework policy

Rain blossoming locally with the flood watch going into effect at 11p.

*MPT now, Miss Marple

whitney cummings

Herb Alpert - Route 101

What to do with very rich asada pulled pork?

When you roll with 12th century European magistrates who burned women as witches

Why Trump Should Be Nervous About Cipollone's Jan. 6 Committee Testimony - The Last Word - MSNBC

Stop Right-Wing efforts to change the narrative. Stay on the Progressive narrative offensive.


LMFAO Ooooow that's gonna burn. Queue temperature tantrum

Ars Technica: The danger of license plate readers in post-Roe America

NASA Shares List of Cosmic Targets for Webb Telescope's First Images

How the nightmare could play out:

After Abortion, What Rights Could Supreme Court Conservatives Target? - The Last Word - MSNBC

This New 'Ninja' COVID Variant Is the Most Dangerous One Yet

Quarter to Three - Gary U.S. Bonds

Personality Crisis New York Dolls

Theism and non-theism by Pema Chodron (Buddhist Leader)

A Canadian Perspective

Ayman: It's Been a Bad Week for Donald Trump - Ayman - MSNBC

Patron has a question.

Thatched Living: A Nostalgic Future - NHK WORLD-JAPAN

What is originalism? Did it underpin the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion and guns? Debunking the

This is love ❤

Gun groups challenge California ban on firearms marketing to kids

Middle Age Riot tweet about Japan's strict gun laws:

Great Russian Downgrade Has Begun

Democrats Look To Abortion To Motivate Voters In November - The Last Word - MSNBC

Middle Age Riot tweet of the early morning:

Bird repeatedly rejects small fish and demands larger one:

Pupper invites his reflection to play--but looks like he's mooning it:

I am now totally berift of cords. Went from a cable suplied internet access to wireless.

We need more ads like Fetterman is running

Led Zeppelin - Thank You

Steve Bannon Tries 'Hail Mary' With Trump Letter As Contempt Trial Looms - Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Texas Freedom Caucus is coming after attorneys over abortions

Police - Bring on the Night

Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Woman Exposes Walgreens For Withholding Her Birth Control

What To Know About The Covid Variant, BA.5, Behind A New Wave Of Infections - Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Trump says he endorsed Oz b/c he was nice to him, said nice things about him...

More US children becoming obese at younger ages

The Raveonettes - Aly, Walk With Me

Mexican ex-President Pea Nieto under investigation after large money transfers detected

Highland Park gunman's family was in turmoil for years leading up to parade shooting

January 6 Committee Questions Cipollone For 7 Hours - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bolivia to produce toothpaste made of coca leaves

CO Sec of State: 'We will stand firm' in blocking extradition of women who travel to get abortions

Peru returns to blanket mandatory wearing of facemasks

Elon Musk Backs Out Of Twitter Deal - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Argentinian Tall Ship Arrives At Inner Harbor, Tours Available This Weekend

Officials announce more arrests in Sonora of suspects in slaying of Chihuahua priests

Amazon Rainforest: Highest deforestation rate in six years

Bay Area Doctor Plans to Offer Abortions Via Boat off the Gulf of Mexico

The Impact Roe's Reversal Could Have On Foster Care - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Alabama judge suspended after mocking Asian accent in the courtroom

Oath Keepers leader offers to testify before Jan. 6 committee -- but only if it's done live on TV

Steve Bannon SWATted tonight.

From climate change to China: what to expect from next week's Pacific Islands Forum- ABC (Australia)

New York City's Hudson River Now Home To Dolphins - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Daily Show #Shorts - Coup Mobile: The Only Phone Plan for Insurrectionists

Mark Humphries presents the awful news - ABC News (Australia)

COVID-19: Beijing makes surprise reversal on vaccine mandate - CNA

Clown show alert: AZ Trump Party Governor's Debate

Breakfast Saturday 9 July 2022

Dark Star

A little OT but... I've done something in my past that I doubt will ever be done again.

BREAKING: Sri Lanka protestors have stormed the presidential palace

UK: Rishi Sunak launches bid to be new Conservative leader - Al Jazeera

Tony Sirico, 'The Sopranos' Actor, Dies at 79

Dissident crackdown: Nicaragua expels order of Mother Teresa nuns - Al Jazeera

Why in the world are DUers arguing about Covid and the new variants?

Boog the chocolate lab loves social programs

No Sharpies will be allowed

169 days until Christmas.

Former state lawmaker convicted on Jan. 6 charges considering run for Senate - CBS News

Oh you're not gonna BELIEVE this one!

DOJ details evidence that Oath Keeper brought explosives to D.C. area

Well, I am in hospital with a-fib . I had a murmur but update

In hindsight, "Stand Back and Stand By" does not sound quite the same as the first time...

Kitty cuteness

Mick Mulvaney says he resigned on Jan. 6 because Trump "failed" as president - CBS News

(UPDATED) Protesters break into home of Sri Lankan PM, set it on fire

Trump pardoned him after $1M tax evasion, now he's back as an N.J. GOP boss

Paint your faces, tighten your smiles, lace up your boots...

Cipollone, another asshole who could have warned the nation, did a lot of talking yesterday.

Another side of Patron

Foster Kittens Trying Wet Food for the First Time (so cute)

Once a Crucial Refuge, 'Gayborhoods' Lose L.G.B.T.Q. Residents in Major Cities

John Waters, an Auteur of Trash, Would Like to Thank the Academy

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Tuesdays hearing could be a blockbuster.

Alexandra Petri: Sorry, but the Constitution contains no right to eat dinner

What's driving the mass exodus of Cubans to the US - ABC News

On this day, July 9, 1944, Root Boy Slim was born.

Wordle 385 (7/9/22) *********SPOILERS*******

On this day, July 9, 1937, the Fox vault fire happened.

Ukrainian official warns of deteriorating living conditions in captured city - ABC News

On this day, July 9, 1981, Nintendo released "Donkey Kong."

Coroner: Missing S. Carolina man fell into plastic shredder

The false debate on whether the committee should send criminal referrals to the DOJ.

Lifeless- Def Leppard featuring Alison Krauss

Why tensions between China and Taiwan are on the rise - CNBC Television

How New York's highest court has veered right

China and Australia to discuss trade barriers at G-20 - DW News

Pregnant woman says her fetus should count as a passenger in HOV lanes. She got a ticket

IRS Asks IG To Investigate Fishy Comey And McCabe Audits --I bet there were dozens targeted.

David Sirota tweet (re: inflation)

Madoc's siblings Birthday night exhaustion

1 minute. Rod Serling on TV coverage of black soldiers in Vietnam

Cipollone provided new information further underscoring Trump's "dereliction of duty" on Jan. 6.

Belgium first European country to decriminalize sex work - FRANCE 24

Serious Campaign Business (The DU is out for BLOOD!)

Rock Me Baby

Brett Kavanaugh is the latest target of protests at D.C. restaurants

Middle Age Riot tweet about Elon Musk:

It seems to me that many of us demand not only that our president share our opinions about

Kavanaugh haz a sad or is it Kyle? Funny tweet

Women's March protesters to risk arrest near White House

When you go crop top football jersey over swim trunks, it's always a nice touch to ...

In 1991, Andre Dawson was called out looking by Cowboy Joe West and then ejected for ...

Musk Destroys Twitter!? Happy Days!

Sanford & Townsend - Moolah Moo Mazuma (Sin City Wahh-Do)

Cousteau - The Last Day Of The Year

Teena Marie - Out On A Limb

'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' (Tears for Fears), HSCC

Milt Jackson feat. Freddie Hubbard - Sunflower


Cruise Ships Dump 59,000 Olympic Pools' Worth Of Toxic Waste/Sewage Per Year Off British Columbia

You raised $55.00 on July 8, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

You raised $15.00 on July 8, 2022 for Rev Sen Warnock D GA

After Disastrous Blazes In NM, AZ, AK, West Braces For Climax Of Another Catastrophic Fire Season

My guess to why Cipollone came clean, assuming he did.

122 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Great Things Biden Has Done So Far

You raised $25.00 on July 8, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

A3 - Woke Up This Morning (RIP, Tony Sirico)

Snow At World's Highest Year-Round Weather Station Melts More Than A Month Earlier Than Prior Record

Pennsylvania's GOP-led Senate advances constitutional amendment on abortion

It's Time to Stop Living the American Scam

Cacophony of dunces: When the Supreme Court trashed the Constitution

American Factories Are Making Stuff Again as CEOs Take Production Out of China

Prediction: The November elections will be about, The Rage of The Majority.

Bear does NOT need a reminder that he's having a bad hair day:

There's something I don't understand re: Twitter & Musk

I was told "now is the time to adjust the dates on your resume"

Freedumb! Texas Had 3,866 Boil Orders In 2021, Most In 10 Years, As Aging Water Systems Crack

Can FEMA Survive Climate Change?

So the British government denied visas to Ons Jabeur's

Blue Oyster Cult - Harvester Of Eyes

"Carbon Capture" Is Not Going To Work, And Oil Majors Have Known That For Decades

Thousands rescued at flood-hit Hindu pilgrimage in Kashmir

Neurofibromatosis (NF) and Children's Tumor Foundation announce


Democrats believe in "the American Dream" and ask "How can we help?"

Could Cajuns relocate back to Canada?

Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is attacking me for being a veteran

Comment: A cycling journey, Uvalde, and Canada's future

This Cat's Favorite Activity Is Showering With Mom

Woman refuses to give up on senior dog despite being told otherwise

Chuck Grassley is attacking me for being a veteran

DU Experts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the weather, the climate, and Yellowstone....

Like two viruses that just won't die......

⛳️ R&A tells 2time champ Norman not to come to 150th Open celebration

Pregnant Texas woman tells cop Roe repeal lets her fetus count for the carpool lane

House Democrats Advance a Bill for the 'Supreme Court Ethics Act' To Challenge SCOTUS

Salt Lake City Confronts a Future Without a Lake

Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger

Scored big time!

Highland Park gunman's family was in turmoil for years leading up to parade shooting

Mary Trump: Donald is Terrified

Mary Trump: Donald is Terrified

I am not going to spend the few remaining years of my life living as a 2nd class citizen

Peek-a-Boo Parrot

***We still need SIX entries!*** NOW, we need FOUR MORE!

Bad Omens - Like a Villain

David Bowie, live on German TV show Musikladen, May 30, 1978 - 42 minutes

good morning du.

Racist asks "What did Jews ever invent" and is answered

I've started pulling the garlic.

A few pics of my refinishing progress.

Somehow this seems to sum it all up for me

Wimbledon Women's Final ......... (spoiler)

Your Wildest Dreams

Sex therapist issues warning after 'gimpman' returns to UK village

Opinion: Cacophony of dunces: When the Supreme Court trashed the Constitution

Update: Around 4,000 beagles from Va. breeder to be released

Groups sue over ban on marketing guns to minors

New app for Tennessee drivers calls an attorney if you're stopped by police (5 states!)

raise your hand if you support protesting kavenaugh and his SC buddies everywhere they go

Someone lost a mattress on the freeway...

Retired three-star general suspended from Army contract after tweet that appeared to mock Jill Biden

Blinken Reproves China Counterpart Over Support for Russia

updates on the yosemite - blackburn fire and the electra fire .

Morton's Steakhouse Defends Brett Kavanaugh's "right to congregate and eat dinner."

Intel expert lays out case against 'deeply suspicious' IRS audits of Trump enemies

Dead solar panels are about to become a lot more valuable

Now THIS is how you celebrate the 4th

There are other kinds of protests...

A story about value

Soldiers take rocket launcher out of hiding and fire at Russians

It's the mama grizzly and dotard show

I bought two rabbits.

Cipollone's 8-hour testimony will light a fire under Trump's inner circle to talk to investigators

Federal investigation launched after feces were mailed to 25 Ohio GOP state lawmakers

Fun with a trail camera.

Fun with a trail camera.

A treasured Austrian folk music tradition. Zungenpritschler.

Warmer Days Ahead & A Chance For 80s Next Week: Puget Sound Forecast

A.A. Mine's Winnie-the-Pooh copyright has expired. Get ready for ...

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 9, 2022)


TCM today, for others in rainy places:

I heard another person saying California needs to cut farming to save water

The housing market, at last, appears to be cooling off

States must now take lead on climate change action

The Supreme Court is no longer deciding many major cases in a way that is recognizably 'legal.'

Cartoons 7/9/2022

National Geographic 3 episode series on the Greeks has a great segment on Democracy

Planning is done at Lord Hill Park -- now the work begins

Do people really donate to GoFundMe?

State bans may go after more than abortion drugs

Let's Start A Protest Against SCOTUS!!!!!! Join me!

Monroe schools wants to know what public seeks in an interim leader

Schools can serve authoritarian aims; or thwart them

Executive Order on Protecting Access to Reproductive Healthcare Services

The gunners here on DU keep reminding me that hammers kill more people

I believe most of our problems stem from one aspect of American life.

Our Abortion Stories: "The Word 'Freedom' Is Hypocrisy When Women Lose the Right To Control Their Ow

Our Abortion Stories: "The Word 'Freedom' Is Hypocrisy When Women Lose the Right To Control Their Ow

Our Abortion Stories: "The Word 'Freedom' Is Hypocrisy When Women Lose the Right To Control Their Ow

Our Abortion Stories: "The Word 'Freedom' Is Hypocrisy When Women Lose the Right To Control Their O

Reports of Russian convicts recruited for the war in Ukraine

For EU, Johnson exit won't change much; damage already done

Abortion misinformation in the United States of America

Abortion misinformation in the United States of America

BREAKING: Gas prices in the U.S. have now DROPPED for 24 days in a row.

Abortion misinformation in the United States of America

Replacement theories, hunting RINOs: How GOP candidates, lawmakers push 'dangerous' language

Protesters in Sri Lanka have stormed the president's home in their nation's capital.

'Don't vote for that party': Mexican president slams Texas migrant policy

FYI: 4G, 5G, LTE, LTE-A, 5G+, 5Ge, 5G NR...

Some abortions now have to be reported to sheriffs. Here's how they plan to respond

Ohio GOP Lawmaker Wants To Teach The Holocaust 'From The Perspective Of The Nazis'

Teri Kanefield: The Authoritarian Personality

Biden Administration Releases Proposed Changes to Trump's Anti-Survivor Title IX Rule: 'An Importan

Biden Administration Releases Proposed Changes to Trump's Anti-Survivor Title IX Rule: 'An Importan

Biden Administration Releases Proposed Changes to Trump's Anti-Survivor Title IX Rule: 'An Importan

Biden Administration Releases Proposed Changes to Trump's Anti-Survivor Title IX Rule: 'An Importan

I didn't see a single post about this Summer of Rage rally today in DC

Question for Legal Scholars re last clause in Biden's EO

Should the U.S. Build More Public Housing?

There are too many mass shootings for the U.S. media to cover

I wonder if "pro life" women understand that they have doomed themselves to have less health care

Weak protection for vanishing whale violates law, judge says

It still amazes me how quickly the former president was able to embed his brand of corruption....

This Tiny Abandoned Kitten Was Found On The Sidewalk

Opinion: Even conservative justices have a right to privacy - Marcus

Joey Alexander Trio: 'Tis Our Prayer

This inflation-proof bond is paying 9.62%. Here's how to buy it.

Realtor Warns America, This Time Is Different

Is there still a way to search old DU archives?

Building Our Very Own Hell

TikTokin Realtor Warns America, This Time Is Different

Political Violence Is The New American Normal

Black Republicans Keep Chasing White Racist Votes

Hey right wing MAGA nutjobs, just admit you don't care about kids.

My supervisors were checking up on me while I worked in the herb garden

How to make a conservative and how to make a liberal

👏👏👏👏 Democratic Leader of the Pennsylvania House, Joanna McClinton....👏👏👏👏

5 salad recipes with a refreshing kick of heat


Amber alert. That is all.

Electricity is out for mine and 5500 other homes in Fort Bend county. . But by all means,

I Felt Trapped': Sexual Abuse of Teens in the Military's J.R.O.T.C. Program

Another deadly Tesla crash.. Teslas are involved in 70% of autopilot.crashes

Pat Cipollone Testified for Eight Hours

The Clash - The Call Up

Kevin Bacon marks his 64th with a little ditty

Sometimes I'm still taken aback by the stupidity of right wingers

A 🧵on Eid Mubarak feasts from around the world. This images are drool worthy

I love this cosplay of DC Comics' Zatanna

My Covid experience update

Clobbering the Cult

Fears of Another Gas Shock Drive Biden to Seek Price Cap on Russian Oil

Texas judge blocks child-abuse investigations into 2 families for gender-affirming care

Protesting to a government official outside of a restaurant on a public sidewalk.

A pro-lifer I know is scheduled for some much-needed orthopedic surgery,

I can't keep out of trouble. Asking advice again:

Exploiting cheap labor is disgusting. Uber drivers, tutors, etc.

Malcolm Kenyatta bringing the heat 🔥 and preaching about GOP extremism

Is a senator exempt from giving testimony in an election fraud probe?

Police arrested a Colorado pastor for his participation in the Capitol riot after a Bible college co

A School of Fish on river @ my house:

School of fish

If Republicans retake Congress in November, here's what their agenda will look like

Zelensky sacks Ukraine's envoy to Germany, other ambassadors

Pump up The Volume movie

Trump rally today in Alaska.-the cult members and idiots are gathering

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

When will Canada sue the US like Mexico has?

Did Mitt Romney's dad invent this?

Trump accomplishment. ✅ Drug use down 18% in his White House

Legal action starting against companies that pay for employee abortions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Pennsylvania, and a cop being hired and fired....

Do you need to see BABY OWLS? Yes. Yes you do.

Why American Life Is So Weirdly Stressful

Just got back from the local convenience store.

It was California's forgotten mass shooting. But for victims, the 'hell' never ends

Herbie Mann - Upa, Neguinho

Bob James - We're All Alone (Live at Carnegie Hall)

3 Powerful, Historic, Black Women.

So @ShutDown_DC will send you $50 for a sighting and $200 if they show up within 30 min.

Statewide chairman of Okla. College Republicans arrested on sex charges involving minor

Trump's New Attorney Has '2023 Reinstatement Plan': Don't Laugh ... This One is Dangerous

RuPaul's Drag Race: A work of art!

I read that micro plastics are in meat, fish and milk.

With Abortion Bans, a Bewildering New Reality for Courts and Law Enforcement

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 9, 2022

Warning on cigs in Ukraine now says you should quit smoking ....

AOC re Kavanaugh: "The least they could do is let him eat cake."

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Clarence Thomas

First Group Of Ukrainian Soldiers Begin Training In Britain

What is the primary motivation for why MAGA's want to overthrow our government?

Well, much as it started out poorly.....

US Senate seats that the Democrats will be going to win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Production resumes at troubled Abbott baby formula factory

Is the Slobfather holding rallies or getting together

Luis Echeverria, Mexico leader blamed for massacres, dies

This is Greg Abbott's Texas.

FBI is investigating a potential threat on an unidentified synagogue in Texas

Call me crazy, but if you're a public figure and you do things like

Russia hands down first prison term for anti-war remarks

Tribal elders recall painful boarding school memories

July 4 parade attack victim remembered for love of family

Brit on the street sums up Boris JOHNSON, would apply to Drumpf, "He's a pain... "

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 if and only if 2022 is a Democratic wave year.

DeWine and his load of shit about "Protecting Ohio's Most Vulnerable"

Wow! I got all three boys in one photo!

'Disturbing': weedkiller ingredient tied to cancer found in 80% of US urine samples

Senate Urged to Block Biden's Pro-Privatization Nominee for Social Security Board

Crowds of marchers turn out to rally Wichita support for 'Vote No' movement

The price America will pay if Trump is not held accountable.

Will Fetterman(D-PA) margin of victory in 2022 be similar to Casey(D-PA) in 2006,2012 or 2018?

Tweet of the Evening:

Tweet of the Evening #2:

They say this like it's a bad thing...

80% of US citizens have this cancerous toxin in their urine from ROUNDUP weed killer

They opened the Georgia Guidestones time capsule and, uh...

Metro woman with Alzheimer's arrested for domestic violence despite daughter not pressing charges

The 2022 GA US Senate Election is going to be decided in the 1/2023 runoff.

Trump Now Claims He Won Wisconsin Since State Court Has Restricted Ballot Drop Boxes

Choose your reality: Trust wanes, conspiracy theories rise

This is Democrat Joanna McClinton. She is the Democratic Leader of the Pennsylvania House.

Jeopardy had clues about the January 6 committee

Texas wants to have it both ways.

Zelenskiy sacks Ukraine's envoy to Germany, other ambassadors

MIT scientists think they've discovered how to fully reverse climate change

The Spiciest Ramen in the World/

GOP Accusations equal Projections (Ballot Box Fraud edition)

Freaking wow! Sri Lanka

George Carlin - Abortion

This could as easily go under politics

'Spectacular' Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds observed on California coast (in Pacifica)

'Spectacular' Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds observed on California coast (in Pacifica)

David Bowie - Heroes [Christiane F. - Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo]

Time to Regroup

Santa Monica today : Proud Boy and anti abortion rally on 3rd Street Promenade

Which US Senate seat in 2022 will be the Democrats tipping point seat?

Transgender Butler County man says group beat him up over restroom use

"All this because she was wearing a pro-choice shirt."

Russia warns Lithuania it could take 'harsh' measures over Kaliningrad transit


Three-star general who mocked Jill Biden is suspended

Helpful advice from a 74 year old...

mood. le sigh.

Pennsylvania Democrat SOUNDS OFF on Republicans in Speech of the Year - MeidasTouch

I like this about Fetterman

Cipollone testifies for hours about & against Trump. Next up Bannon? Elmer "Oath Keeper" Rhodes

Group offers up to $250 for SCOTUS justices sightings after Kavanaugh protest...

'Doomsday' Submarine Armed With Nuclear Torpedoes Delivers to Russian Navy

Rusty Dennis on People Are Talking (1985) discussing the movie "Mask"

Morton's has been flooded with phone calls and fake reservations after it said Brett Kavanaugh had a

Former Oath Keepers spokesman set to testify at January 6 hearing

Pops & Duke - Duke's Place

Jan. 6 Panel Questions Cipollone on Pardons and Trump's Election Claims

AZ Law Giving Fetuses The Rights Of A Born Person Targeted By Abortion Rights Groups - MSNBC Prime

Retired Texas Couple Could Lose Their Home After Being Hit with Lawsuit for Feeding Ducks

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