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Glenn Kirschner Lists Seven Trump Crimes from J6 Hearings That Add up to Life in Prison

It's Easier For Me To Buy An AR-15 Than It Is To Buy Adderall

Jayland Walker was handcuffed when his body arrived at the medical examiner's office

They Brought Him From Mexico To America So He Could Have A Better Life

VP Harris to speak at Highland Park any time now. 8:04 PM EST CNN n/t

Iowa Supreme Court denies Kim Reynolds' request to revisit 24-hour abortion waiting period

Cheney Is Just Like Trump - Don Winslow Films

Highland Park Shooter Charged With 7 Counts Of First Degree Murder - The Beat - MSNBC

Too many Americans want a dictatorship, not democracy. That fails our national motto

First-time voters weigh what they've never known - Turkey without Erdogan

Solution: Balance the Supreme Court with anti gun justices.

Black Man Arrested on White Man's Warrant Wins $90K in Settlement

Sunset, southern MD

January 6 Committee to Hold Hearing Next Week

Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn disparaged teachers. Bill Lee should not tolerate that.

Some may disagree, but it is my strong opinion that if you cannot tag your deer using a bolt action

Conservatives no more: Supreme Court's ruling on EPA's right to regulate greenhouse gases is a cappe

Trudeau: Canada first NATO ally to ratify membership bids by Finland and Sweden

4 Hours After Listing Posted, Go Fund Me For Aiden McCarthy Now Over $1,000,000

Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi

We Asked GPT-3 to Write an Academic Paper about Itself--Then We Tried to Get It Published

Email reveals Trump campaign told fake electors in Georgia to use 'complete secrecy'

WHERE did this guy get the gun?

Democrats See Post-Roe Campaign Cash Surge

What's with all the bison attacks lately?

His Name Is Alive - Last Night

more thoughts on love in old age.

Insurrectionist wants leniency cuz felony means he loses his government contract

Our Rights Have Been TAKEN AWAY?? First Time In Modern History! Titus Podcast

The Blackbyrds - Lady

Titus: THIS GUY Chose THREE Supreme Court Justices?? THIS GUY!?????

The latest on the House Jan. 6 committee investigation and possible Trump announcement - CBS News

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

Trump is trying to sue two former FBI officials -- but has failed to serve them papers six different

Gov. Beshear turns over White House 'privileged' emails on Chad Meredith judge nomination

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

July 12th. Next J6 Hearing, and 1st James Webb Space Telescope Images.

Tucker on why young men become mass shooters. Spoiler alert! It's mom's fault.

For God's Sake Where Is It Safe In America?': Sen. Durbin On Highland Park Shooting - All In - MSNBC

Krugman's latest comments on inflation

US civilian gun deaths in July vs Ukraine War.

Be Kind

Is it common for food to taste "off" when depressed?


Press Conferences with High Hat

For bakers; any who do this, I'll BE there!!!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Georgia, Trump, Rudy, Lindsey, and subpoenas....

'Police may be at your hospital bed': an abortion rights activist on post-Roe criminalization

Did I miss something?

New Rule:

Trump considering announcing 2024 presidential bid this summer, sources say - CBS News

Look at My Face and Tell Me We Don't Need Gun Control

"A uniquely American holiday. A uniquely American tragedy. It doesn't have to be this way"

Illinois is not Texas

Lawmakers seek protections for abortion access in Washington state

Good thread on the state of Covid, here and elsewhere.

The Wrong Kevin McCarthy

What a freaking LIAR! Makes my blood boil!

Barbra Streisand Kvells About Being a Grandmother.

In 1824, Adams beat Jackson. Jackson spent the next four years screaming the election was stolen

Sigh - Intersex people can become pregnant as well as solid XX women...

most of my household down with covid.

"Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history"

Governor DeWine ordered flags to be flown half staff until July 9th for the

"Land of the free, Home of the brave".

July 12th lindsey has an appointment

It's the cruelty that will undo the forced-birth crusade

The Supreme Court Case That Could Upend U.S. Elections - All In - MSNBC

Koch funded Anti-ACA ad does not age well

No more attacks on women. No more $10,000 bounties - Beto For Texas

"We're sitting on a powder keg"

Where should we move???

This domestic terrorist has been charged with 7 counts of first degree murder.

Big 12 in deep discussions to add up to six Pac-12 teams after USC, UCLA defections to Big Ten

Spent some time with my grandson today. We read about the desert and made a plaster of Paris flower

Carlson on Cremo. It is the fault of women.

Criminal grand jury subpoena is enforcable

Bring it!!!

*The Great Muslim American Road Trip

Supreme Court parade of horribles: what we CAN do about the court revoking our constitutional rights

Supreme Court parade of horribles: what we CAN do about the court revoking our constitutional rights

Movie time!!!

Next week's Jan. 6 hearing will focus on Trump's ties to domestic extremist groups.

July 12... 2022? Not 2023, but 2022?

Reefer Madness caused the parade shooting!!?!11!

Water crisis in Southern Europe: Severe droughts and scarce rain force water restrictions - DW News

The GOP's Indifference To Gun Violence In America - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Another young woman witness?

Sloviansk reports heavy shelling, Donetsk governor calls for evacuation of civilians - DW News

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" (An old article but worth the read)

NY AG blasts Cushman & Wakefield for blowing Trump-probe subpoena deadline; asks judge to 'enforce'

Bristlecone pines in Panamint Range

Russian RR artillery depots and why they are being shelled.

Minnesota Republicans accidently legalize edibles - Part 2

Behind my little rental cabin in Challis, Idaho, today. I despise this guy.

Otters frolic in a tub of ice:

If I Can Dream

Father Describes Horror, Terror As Family Fled Highland Park Shooting - Ali Velshi - MSNBC Prime

Go Fund Me links for Shaye Moss and her mother Lady Ruby - Don't forget about them!

crimos father sponsered his foid card

Kevin Nicholson is dropping out...

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction HD (Live in Argentina) Subtitulado

Mike Lindell embarks on a new crusade:

As NYC Slashes School Budgets, Art Teachers Are Feeling the Squeeze

Rock rapids replace aging dams to let Minn. rivers flow

Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punisment Due (Full Band Cover)

The (t)right wing threw America a GIANT red flag

It keeps getting worse for Trump

Tiedrich on the god-given right to an AR-15:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth (Acoustic Cover w/ Solo)

Puppies & newborn kittens in the rubble of a destroyed building in Ukraine:

There may be as many as twenty *trillion* galaxies in the universe...

Wednesday Digit: 4/10 - Gross humidity, a heat index peaking near 100,

'I hope you die': Adam Kinzinger posts threats made against him - CNN *GRAPHIC WARNING*

Kentucky Supreme Court denies AG's request to reinstate abortion ban

Carlos Santana collapses on stage at Pine Knob in Clarkston Mi.

When Donating to Charity From an IRA, Beware of These Tax Traps

Mitch McConnell says the labor shortage will be solved when people run out of stimulus money

SNAP Tweet of the Day - Betty on Georgia

Social Security Survival benefits for parents

Megadeth - We'll Be Back: Chapter I

William Loeb: Truman stole the election. "THE GREATEST THEFT IN HISTORY!"

Tweet of the Day

Joy Reid: We 'Live At The Mercy Of Whoever' Can Buy An AR-15 - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham and John Eastman subpoenaed by Fulton County DA in election probe

My Covid experience

Brookfield Zoo locked down after threatening call; all staff and visitors safe after no threat found

NH Police arrest man after children left in car with loaded gun

God, I hate it when the news brings me to tears.

Americans' confidence in the presidency and Supreme Court suffer the greatest drop between 2021 and

The word "fuck" can be any part of a sentence.


Mayors Advocate For Assault Weapons Ban As Mass Shootings Become Part Of The Job - MSNBC Prime

Observation of large and all-season ozone losses over the tropics

Does Anyone Think It Would Be Worth Getting Mike Lindell Under Questioning By The J6 Committee?....

(Jewish Group) 'There are no words': Highland Park recalls shooting victim's work with Jewish kids,

Judge orders Wisconsin investigator[Gableman] not to delete records

CARTOON: Devoted Forever

(Jewish Group) NYC's Holocaust museum uses personal objects to tell stories of lives lived and lost

(Jewish Group) In Highland Park's Jewish community, few are untouched by deadly mass shooting

(Jewish Group) The Orit is a rare Ethiopian version of the Bible. This Israeli family risked it all

Dam it.

Trophy hunter, dead. On to the next one.

You Can Spot Climate Change in Old Restaurant Menus

One week til the first pics from the James Webb space telecope!

Toddler orphaned when parents were slain after taking him to Highland Park parade - CBS Chicago

You Would Think The House Minority Leader - Kevin McCarthy Would Feel Some Anguish For His...

The Women Who Leave Anti-Abortion Picket Lines to Get Abortions

Fireworks Karma

3 dead 7 others shot at block party in Gary Indiana

Bonus Tweet of the Day

It's all starting to the the better of me.

'It Was Carnage': Doctor Describes Damage By Assault Weapon To Highland Park Gun Victims - MSNBC Prime

'Nothing feels safe:' Americans are divided, anxious and quick to panic

The EPA prepares for its 'counterpunch' after the Supreme Court ruling.

Abortion ban 'exceptions' cannot protect life

'It's A Crime': Claire McCaskill On Why DOJ Should Charge Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

The "Improved" Siemans Process for Producing Polysilicon for Solar Cells.

Pleasant Green: Don't Send Pictures of Yourself to Scammers!

Noises cause Americans to stampede. Stampede of the day..Orlando

'Traumatizing': Rep. Schiff Condemns Threats Against Jan. 6 Committee - The Last Word - MSNBC

Anyone involved in stop the steal or Jan 6th should lose the right to vote

Prayer given in court before start of hearing on Mississippi abortion ban

Gay former wrestler running for office refuses to back down after homophobic 'hate crime'

Every day I hear the press say that inflation is the highest

I couldn't watch more crap news so I started rewatching west wing

D'espairsRay (live) MIRROR

The insurrectionists' clubhouse: Former Trump aides find a home at a little-known MAGA hub

Bill o'Reilly goes off on shooting

JFC.... Just buy a fucking tent

'We Are Making Progress': Democratic States Passing New Gun Laws - The Last Word - MSNBC

Four fans inside Athletics' stadium injured by bullet fragments during postgame fireworks

Patron blocked on TikTok

Samuel L. Jackson Dunks on Clarence Thomas/**

TX State Sen. Roland Gutierrez: 'Systemic Failures' In Uvalde Shooting Response - The Last Word - MSNBC

Has anyone seen a series called The Undeclared War

Republicans against Trumpism-What the hell happened to Lindsey Graham?

Warning signs reportedly missed ahead of deadly parade attack - NewsNation

Breakfast Wednesday 6 July 2022

Paid Family Leave? State-Funded Child Care? Noem Evades Direct Answers on Practical Pro-Family Policy

'Purge At National Level' Needed After Jayland Walker Shooting Death - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Police: Rodolfo Aceves, 19, arrested for plotting mass shooting at Amazon warehouse

Role Of Armed Policing Reconsidered After Violently Deadly Traffic Stop - Ali Velshi - MSNBC Prime

UK: Tory attorney general won't rule out changing Equality Act to attack trans rights

Thousands more evacuate in Sydney even though heavy rains ease

Education Minister Will Quince Resigns After Being Asked To Defend Boris Johnson On TV

One-On-One With Jason Kander - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump's Phone Call to Raffensperger in Georgia is ALL. WE. NEED!

Remembering Highland Park Shooting Victims - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

In a nutshell:

Wednesday TOONs - Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and RUN AWAY

Tackling inflation from a pro-poor standpoint

GRAPH: The difference could not be more stark:

Attorney for accused Highland Park shooter's parents denies red flags - NewsNation Prime

I bet Lindsey Graham didn't sleep well last night.

I seem to remember the last time oil was $100/barrel,

OPEC's secretary general Mohammad Barkindo dies aged 63


Santana - Smooth

The coup plotters have a major problem, it's called Immunity.

9 PA Republicans endorse Shapiro for Gov

LIVE: Boris Johnson faces Prime Minister's questions

So is today the end for Boris Johnson? Update- Johnson to resign

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is getting the ball rolling on a potential Democratic reconciliation

I have two mentally unstable (crazy) uncles and one unstable aunt.

If I brought drugs into a hostile country and was caught

Donald Trump is unhappy with DeSantis...

Simon Berger's shattered glass art:

Johnson on Brink as Resignations From His Government Continue


Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Moving the Goalposts: As a girl I dreamed about covering women's football. Now it is a reality.

"Quoth the Raven, 'Lah-lah-lah-lah-lah'"


Since some seem programmed to assume the worst motivation, let me begin by saying

On Facebook -- a "Gun Memes" page. 34,137 people like the page; 35,018 people follow the page

The Weekly Pull: Batman, Suicide Squad: Blaze, Starhenge, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (7/6/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #193: Maybe Our Soul's Frosty (7/5/2022 Edition)

I had a thought this morning and decided to share it here.

The Rundown: July 6, 2022

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix reminder

Cheating GOP States Want Covid Funds To Cut Taxes For Rich

Laura Ingraham has found the root cause of mass shootings.

Anyone notice that the next WH staffer to testify next week is also a pretty good looking woman?

You raised $20.00 on July 5, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Police received tip of planned July 4th mass shooting in Richmond, multiple arrests made

You raised $25.00 on July 5, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

"Sometimes sex is NOT about procreation"

Bill Haley was born on this date.

Nanci Griffith was born on this date.

Water crisis in Italy: Severe droughts and scarce rain force water restrictions

Next weeks hearing is about seditious conspiracy. This could get very interesting.

Hudson River Tunnel Project Moves Ahead as States Agree to Share Costs

Traumatizing students

On this day, July 6, 1944, Emmett Kelly cried. It was the day of the Hartford circus fire.

Are U.S. Gasoline Refiners Running Out Of Steam?

Nice try asshole! Illinois GOP Candidate try's to apologize for his comment...

VP Kamala Harris visits Highland Park following shooting and calls for federal ban on assault weapon

125 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Nature Geoscience - Drought Conditions In Parts Of Portugal & Spain Worst In Last 1,200 Years

Roe v. Wade: Law Professors Break Down What Happened The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

I hope this gives some comfort to all members of DU.

Do I need to take the GRE to get into this Masters program?

How Much Health Insurers Pay For Care Is About To Go Public

In Ukraine, rescuers found a group of puppies underneath ...

World Appalled By SCROTUS Decision; A Potentially Lethal Stumble As Warming Policy Goals Evaporate

Obituary: ouch!

July 4 parade shooting suspect slipped past Illinois "red flag" safeguards

Bill Gates just won legal approval to buy 2,100 acres of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5M

Kamala Harris Keeps Beating Ron DeSantis In Polls. Why Don't We Hear More About That?

A Daydream

Six years later, James Comey's Clinton conference still stings


The Alan Parsons Project - The Raven

9 am update, Wed 6 July on Carlos Santana

Maybe inflation needs to be embraced as a success story - food for thought.

The battle that will determine the future of American passenger rail

Robert Hubbell finds consequences in Supreme's Gun Love.

Darwin Award winner July 4th

McConnell wishes someone would figure out a way to keep 'these troubled young men' from getting guns

Latest update of Boris Johnson's future...

I don't know if I'm just denying reality, but...

GOP officials endorse Shapiro over Mastriano in (PA) governor's race

Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey says "Move on to the Celebration"

when does the new u. s suprime ct justice come on line?

WGC Shanghai in October canceled (again) due to COVID

Trying to figure out the number of ways the Father of Crimo can be sued in Civil Court.

Pritzker's anti Bailey adds:


Looks like we got us a convoy.

Exxon profit set to soar again; White House wants more oil

My 5-year-old grandson just reenacted a scene from 'Caddyshack'

Bill Gates just won legal approval to buy 2,100 acres of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5M

Getting frequent "iPhone unavailable" crap events

Amazon faces UK investigation over anti-competitive concerns

Schumer moves on reconciliation

The immortal Trump.....(most frightening thing I've read today)

Federal appeals court to hear arguments on future of DACA

CNN- Wounded Philadelphia Police Officer describes 4th of July shooting.

Prof Tribe-The Supreme Court is poised to cut the heart out of majority rule

Prof Tribe-The Supreme Court is poised to cut the heart out of majority rule

Cuteness alert! Meet the three red pandas that recently arrived at Nat. Zoo's facility in Virginia

Is there some deal between cops + gun manufacturers not to release brand and models of mass shooters

The most amazing fact to me is how many sold their souls to the con man and fraudster?

It cannot survive without a broken America, yet we live with it as we fail to confront it.

Ali Velshi: SCOTUS Reign of Terror. There is no land of the free when freedom is extinguished.

Demand for workers remains strong despite mounting economic gloom

GOP Rep Kinzinger slams GOP Gov Noem: Like invasion of the body snatchers. She was very different.

Uvalde blame game continues - Today's episode

When I drive through the

I am definitely not saying I'm God, or godlike, but there are times in my own

Gove tells PM he must go (UK)

Children with autism are at a heightened risk of drowning. This woman is working to change this

Someone in the White House "inner circle" was a direct contact with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

Analysis: The Supreme Court's EPA ruling was the beginning of something bigger

States that choose to make human life at a stage "VOTING"

Children with autism are at a heightened risk of drowning. This woman is working to change this

We need to do to gun stores and gun shows what anti-abortionists do to women's health clinics.

Cipollone won't be testifying publicly -- but his interview WILL be video taped,

For bird fans in your backyard.....

Crimo's father sponsored his gun permit.

L.Graham is lawyering up in Georgia

Jan. 6 Committee Member Releases Audio Of Threats Made To His Office (MSNBC)

NY judge holds Trump appraiser in contempt, fines it $10,000 a day

These two brothers seem to grow closer, every day

Doug Mastriano's supporters were waving a Three Percenters flag at Fourth of July event

Mitch McConnell says the labor shortage will be solved when people run out of stimulus money

The Way

Yes Minister Brexit special - Sir Humphrey explains all (Guardian)

Trump cracks down on deceptive fundraising by others using his name

Our Country

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 6, 2022

Hope Hicks could see the writing on the golden toilet. Will she be called to testify?

Cowardly SCOTUS asked governors to quell non-violent protests

Former White House counsel Cipollone to testify before Jan. 6 committee

Who Are the Oath Keepers?

Pic Of The Moment: As Americans Struggle With High Gas Prices, Big Oil Makes Record Profits

Judicial Coup? SCOTUS Gerrymandering Case May Let GOP State Legislatures Control Federal Elections

The Leach In Collin County

Last Week in the Republican Party - July 5, 2022

Rightwings answer to most everything.

Shouldn't they be able to track down where the calls came from where threats were made to those on

Activists want anti-vaccine amendment in Ohio Constitution

Penguins Refuse to Eat Cheaper Fish After Aquarium Cut Cost to Fight Inflation

Justice Department is investigating Texas' Operation Lone Star for alleged civil rights violations

PROOF: Our Supreme Court is illegitimate and sadly was placed there by rogue small-state Senators.

Justice Department is investigating Texas' Operation Lone Star for alleged civil rights violations

European Union Parliament Member ridicules our democracy: 'The US couldn't spell democracy'

All the traitors claiming some type of privilege have serious problems.

The Trailer

Just saw an ad for Dan Goldman, running for Congress in my district (NY-10)

to give is better than to receive

"Last week in the Republican party" video -

Oh great. Crimo "had an affinity for the numbers 4 and 7"

New episodes of Better Call Saul!

The Supreme Court's Holy War Against Public Schools

Police did not know white supremacist group was gathering in Boston, Rollins says - CBS Boston

Prosecutor: July 4 parade shooter confessed to police

Bad News: No, Air Travel Won't Get Better Anytime Soon

How hot is too hot for the human body? Our lab found heat + humidity gets dangerous fast

***Important Announcement about the Photo Contest for July***

My melanoma nightmare update.

Nadhim Zahawi was appointed yesterday by Johnson to be Exchequer, and is about to pay him back.

The Seahorses - Love Is The Law (studio track w/amazing guitar solo, music video + live, UK TV 1997)

'Payoff for 40 Years of Dark Money': Supreme Court Delivers for Corporate America

My wife's Trumper brother has covid

"He also posted racist rants on snapchat."

It sure looks like Ron DeSantis is worried about a backlash over abortion

Great Salt Lake is 'in trouble' as level falls to lowest on record for second year in a row

BLS Report: May job openings decrease; hires and total separations change little

UCLA's reason for Big Ten move revealed

My spouse worries about me.

The Trucker Convoy Is Back (Sort of) and Its Leader Got Arrested in DC

"White life" and the fascist movement: Hey, at least they're telling us the truth

Babe Ruth knocked unconscious after running into stadium wall in pursuit of foul ball, July 5, 1924:

SCOTUS Justices 'Prayed With' Her -- Then Cited Her Bosses to End Roe

Larry has had it - don't go Larry

Former Seminole tax collector Joel Greenberg sentencing is being set

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 6, 2022)

Don't mind me. I'm just checking the wall.

Leader of trucker convoy arrested in D.C.

Shooting suspect confessed to police, prosecutor says; is denied bond

EU lawmakers back gas, nuclear energy as sustainable

For my 29 thousandth post, I want to say that-

Kellyanne Conway: Trump should think about supporting a Pence 2024 bid if he doesn't run

Increasingly isolated, Boris Johnson pledges to fight on

Bird (2nd tweet) repeatedly tries to approach cat, fakes eating to pretend he wasn't doing anything

Russia's Brain Drain Is Officially Underway

This is an actual obituary.

More than 40 cars reportedly stolen in Pierce County over Fourth of July weekend

Saw "ELVIS" yesterday and loved it! IMHO, Austin Butler was fantastic!

Republican government is a threat to the lives of children and women

Dozens gather outside DNR office to protest 'unjust practices' in timber harvesting

I *said*, I'd like some of that! (2nd tweet):

"I don't know where to fucking start"

Tim Ryan needs to ask himself this question.

The Supreme Court Case That Could 'End American Democracy'

Cats, amirite?

Biden heading to Ohio to spotlight rule to rescue pensions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about American pride....

When your best defense is saying, it's a political witch hunt, you're fucked.

Democrats press Biden to use 'existing authority' to take step toward marijuana legalization

2nd tweet: cats vs. dogs

Justice Dept. operation targeting violent crime nets 1,500 arrests


Hold me!

Forest Service green-lights new seismometers at remote Glacier Peak

Gunman contemplated a second shooting in Madison

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, July 6, 2022

OMGOSH......just saw an advertisement for "meet Ukrainian single women". 😳 😳 😳

Otter hugs:

Conservatives Keep Blaming Marijuana for Mass Shootings

Woman stabbed at Sweden's Almedalen political festival

Does anyone else think the Dems should be BLASTING the airwaves about big oil GOUGING

Someone should point out

Honestly, at this point, who gives a SH*T about HVAC. But if you're hot, give us a call.

SCOTUS Justices 'Prayed With' Her -- Then Cited Her Bosses to End Roe

The American Fritz is playing Nadal in the Quarters of Wimbledon........

(Opinion) Americans Are Losing Their Right to Not Conform

The GOP appears to be aligning itself with Orban and quietly embracing the nationalism.

Run in the sun.

Targets (1968) - Old film about American gun violence

This is clearly a "postal" scam, but am not sure what kind of info is being sought

Two Mississippi district attorneys say they will not prosecute people who provide or seek abortion

Graham will challenge Georgia grand jury subpoena in Trump election interference probe

The base cause of our dysfunction.

Why Is It So Hard To Put Obviously Guilty Criminals In Jail?....

How conservatism conquered America -- and corrupted itself

Karen Tumulty swooned over a Glenn Youngkin presidential run in the WaPo on July 3.

TX GOP Rep. says they're going to introduce legislation to ban minors from using social media

AZ GOP candidate: More guns to defend against "a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods."

The gaslighting over separation of church and state

Believe it or not, I really do understand that real-life law enforcement, subpoenaing of witnesses

Georgia DA won't rule out subpoena for Trump in election interference investigation,


I am so sick and tired of Dems condemning our President Biden. He has and is doing everything he can

Cartoons 7/6/2022

'Mass fentanyl poisoning event': Laced drugs in Gadsden claim nine lives over holiday weekend

I read that kittens can have catnip but shouldn't eat the leaves when they are young

Police: July 4 Mass Shooting Thwarted in Virginia's Capital

Evangelical Leader Claims She Prays with Justices

What All State Constitutions Say About Abortion, and Why It Matters

Some Russians won't halt war protests, despite arrest fears

The 14 characteristics of Fascism

Which Democrat is going to challenge John Cornyn in 2026?

Police: July 4 mass shooting thwarted in Virginia's capital

Press conference: Richmond police received tip about planned Fourth of July mass shooting

'Satanic' Georgia Tablets Despised By Conspiracy Theorists Bombed

Why right-wingers claim white nationalist group Patriot Front is an FBI sting

Leader of trucker convoy arrested in D.C.

GOP Leaders Back Democrat for Pennsylvania Governor

Law professor issues dire warning on the Supreme Court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Flood watch late this afternoon and evening (Wednesday) through the DC area

Clerks III (2022 Movie) Official Trailer - Kevin Smith

Letter: Stop pretending about the nation's gun violence and support gun control

50 years ago on July 4th I became a US citizen (been meaning to write this, but have been busy)

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Highland Park victims leave behind toddler who must 'navigate life as an orphan

Emails show White House initially planned to nominate anti-abortion Republican to federal judgeship

Rhode Islanders who help someone from out of state get an abortion are now protected

CNN: Highland Park killer's gun-loving father sponsered his application to purchase rifle.

Supreme Court showing little restraint of own power

Reenactment of Don Jr. DRUNK DIALING friend after Cassidy Hutchinson Humiliated Dad

Two and 1/2 years was a pretty good run

Black GOP Candidate's ad gives the most compelling reason for needing an AR 15

Cipollone to sit down under oath for several hours with j6 committee for taped interview

For SCOTUS watchers, judicial restraint has left the building

Supreme Court poised to allow a 'radically anti-democratic partisan' coup: columnist

Reproductive rights activists read first Amendment outside Kavanaugh's home

Shooting suspect contemplated second attack in another city, police say - CNN

Baby Graham isn't going to comply with subpoena.......

June 29: "The protesters keep coming and keep getting louder" outside Brett Kavanaugh

Carlos Santana collapses during Michigan concert due to heat exhaustion, dehydration

Police search for boat after a hit-and-run crash kills woman on Fourth of July.

Petro's Victory in Colombia Reinforces Bolsonaro's Isolation in Latin America

A much needed respite with a smile...

Tip from "hero" prevented July 4 mass shooting - Richmond VA

On this day, July 6, 1957, John Lennon met Paul McCartney.

Gov. Greg Abbott's lead over Beto O'Rourke narrows to 6 points, poll finds

SCROTUS' prayer buddies are a designated hate group

Ken Paxton seeks to dismiss state bar's lawsuit against him over his attempt to overturn the 2020

This sounds like something I would have said when I was a bit younger.

Post-Quantum Encryption

Italy's second-most-wanted mobster is extradited from Brazil

Second person in one day drowns off Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

GOP Will Investigate Jan. 6 Investigators For Investigating What GOP Did Jan. 6

The Coming Red Wave Might Be a Red Mirage

Right-Wing Truckers' Leader Gets Arrested While Protesting Non-Existent COVID Mandates in D.C.

how's everyone doing today?

Scientists discover new giant water lily species

We Americans Need Politician Call Outs Like This (Boris Johnson)

Texas teen arrested for planning mass shooting at an amazon delivery station in San Antonio

Somebody blew up part of the Georgia Guidestones

Controversial Georgia monument, nicknamed 'America's Stonehenge', damaged by bomb

'We are killing people': How technology has made your car 'a candy store of distraction'

Almedalen knife attacker linked to Swedish neo-Nazi groups (he was stopped by a 69yo pensioner)

Guns Killed More Than 220 People Over July 4 Weekend Alone (incl. 11 mass shootings)

Both Robert Crimos should be going to prison.

Biden speech up soon. It is on the economy. 3:13 PM EST CNN n/t

It eats lava, it spits lava, and can be fast as hell! MHW

Newsmax Host Suggests Cannibalism Could Be Part of 'Liberal World Order'

New Complaint Challenges Limits to Corporate Speech Enacted by Florida's 'Stop WOKE Act'

Richmond Police Thwart July 4 Mass Shooting At Dogwood Dell

Cops Say Robert Crimo Almost Carried Out a Second Massacre

Video: Richmond Police Explain How "Hero Citizen" Helped Them Stop Mass Shooting on July 4

Regarding Hate Crimes/ 2022

So tired of the gun violence,

If Florida legislators won't listen to people, give voters right to veto bills (Opinion)

Mass shootings. Should the mass reflect no. of victims or no. of shooters?

If Florida legislators won't listen to people, give voters right to veto bills (Opinion)

Roe v. Wade: Law Professors Break Down What Happened The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

Russian Troops' Embarrassing Drunkfest in Ukraine Prompts Alcohol Bans

Big Fish on Netflix

Ms. Marvel Aisha star on bringing an "important part of history" into the MCU (SPOILERS)

New report details missed chances to stop Uvalde shooting

Freedom, Story and Blackmun

My "effing" God! PRESIDENT Joe Biden is on "effing" fire in Ohio!

Biden burning it up in Cleveland

Christian Nationalists Are Excited About What Comes Next


The Site Search feature for DU works really well

Notes from the front lines in Ukraine by GI Sargent Jane and Operator Starsky

The times call for righteous anger

"i would do anything to protect my five grandchildren including, as a last resort, shooting them

Newsmax Host Says Cassidy Hutchinson Only Testified To Get Ex Boyfriend To Notice Her - Ring of Fire

President Biden knocks it out of the park in his speech in Ohio just now. HE IS FIGHTING BACK FOR US

New report details missed chances to stop Uvalde shooting

An Ohio soccer coach, sexual misconduct and the system that has protected him

An Ohio soccer coach, sexual misconduct and the system that has protected him

Ahead as States Agree to Share Costs.

The Supreme Court Reversed It (Luckovich)

Ahead as States Agree to Share Costs.

New Report Uncovers Massive Corporate Profits From Price Gouging - Ring of Fire

MTG suggests highland park massacre is plot to mess up "MAGA" month

Gov. Beshear turns over White House 'privileged' emails on Chad Meredith judge nomination

Kate Bedingfield is leaving the White House

Mark Meadows Allegedly Tried To Influence Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimony - Ring of Fire

Louder- Keb Mo'

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 9 - Stop the Presses! - Newspapers In Films

A hot dog store in Nashville is offering free shakes to people who have had vasectomies

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pat Cipollone talking to the committee....

Fulton County DA: 'This is not a game, at all'

Hunter Thompson for sheriff

Majority Disapproves of Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Fulton County DA On Issuing Subpoenas: 'This Is Not A Game, At All' - MSNBC Reports

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 July 2022

Madison was next......

Lindsey Graham says he will not cooperate with Georgia Trump election probe

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 6, 2022

How Republican-led states are targeting Wall Street with 'anti-woke' laws

Liberal Redneck - How the Right Handles the Shootings

DOJ Subpoenas Two Arizona Republicans Over Communications With Trump Lawyers - Ring of Fire

Losing a pregnancy could land you in jail in post-Roe America


Things getting serious at Number 10

On this day, July 6, 2013, a 73-car oil train derailed in the town of Lac-Mgantic, Quebec.

Woman Saves Hundreds Of Island Puppies Every Day

Artist Frida Kahlo was #BornOnThisDay, July 6, 1907.

Right Winger Gets Fact Checked To His Face Over Gun Violence - Ring of Fire

Bracing Hypocrisy.

Rowdy Puppy Becomes Best Foster Brother

Jamelle Bouie: The Supreme Court Is the Final Word on Nothing

Og great. Trump guy influencing Canada: Thanks Poilievre.

President Biden Speaks In Ohio -- Rips Into Republicans As The Shortchangers of Workers

14 books that NPR staff are loving so far this year

Puppy Brings His Favorite Toys To His Tortoise BFF Everyday

The Misogyny IS the Point

(Jewish Group) 'Like a big, big oak tree': Remembering July 4 shooting victim Stephen Straus, 88

Bolton, Barr, Cippolone, McEnaney, Short, Hutchinson, Matthews---PENCE-------

Tiedrich Tweet:

"In which the Brits and Americans debate whose country is sillier."

This dog's the size of a small horse. Her sister is even weirder.

The boys are resting up for their big transition to being CATS, not kittens, but CATS, on Friday

New York Republican drops out of state Senate race -- and quits the GOP

(Jewish Group) How the Highland Park shooter destroyed a Russian Jewish family's American dream

So Help Me Out Here DUers

***Comments Thread for the July Photo Contest***

US Senate candidate Eric Greitens is back with another ad shooting and blowing things up with his...

Marjorie Traitor Greene: 4th of July shootings were false flag operations

Cat Stevens, On the Road to Find Out

U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a factual error that could prove deadly

Daily Distraction 06/07/2022

Daily Distraction 6/07/2022 Posted in Photography

Federal judge restores endangered species protections gutted under Trump

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Tweet:

SCOTUSBlog Symposiums:

Readout Of President Joe Biden;s call with Britney Griner's spouse

Tweet of the Day

Landslide in Peru

New GOP Rep. Mayra Flores refused four times to say whether Biden is the legitimately-elected president

Petition calling for Clarence Thomas removal from Supreme Court gets 1M signatures

An observation I just had while

Greg Sargent: Why the Trumpist threat in 2024 just got more dangerous

STILL with the fucking 'privilege' opinion

Ask a trivia question about anything & see if anyone can guess the answer W/O using Google

Baker Mayfield traded to Carolina Panthers for fifth-round 2024 NFL Draft pick

Natural Male Enhancement

Breaking: Michael Gove sacked after he urges PM to resign

Isaac Hayes - Good Love 6-9969

UK Attorney General Suella Braverman to challenge Johnson for party leadership

Is this a legit shooting? (Warning - Graphic)


Gabor Szabo - Spellbinder

News: Fifth Circuit declines to freeze district court order scrapping Biden immigration enforcement

Jason Johnson Georgia has a much stronger case

The Bus Boys - Dr. Doctor

THE POLICE - Masoko Tanga

So lindsey is going to fight the subpoena

Absurd Trolley Problems

Eric Greitens Shoots More Guns

Comey and McCabe, Two Trump Foes, Both Faced Intensive I.R.S. Audits

Funny, but it didn't help Hillary...

Renewable energy accounted for 49% of German power consumption in the first half of 2022

Could Biden fire Merrick Garland and then...

Hybrid Work Is Doomed

Read The Memo From Turner?

Tim Scott Runs Ads In Nevada and Georgia


Comey and McCabe, Two Trump Foes, Both Faced Intensive I.R.S. Audits

Right now in the UK

Sign of the times

Concentrations of trifluoroacetic acid in water have increased 6 fold since 1998 in California.

Crimo's father to be investigated as to his role in getting guns.

Disinformation Has Become Another Untouchable Problem in Washington

GOP congresswoman says she woudl shoot her grandkids to protect them

McCoy Tyner Big Band - Fly With The Wind

"Anything's possible"

Activists want anti-vaccine amendment in Ohio Constitution

So if chump is eventually charged with a crime

Gary McFarland - Suburbia: Two Poodles & A Plastic Jesus

My take on indicting tfg,

Two Trump Foes Faced Intensive IRS Audits

Oliver Nelson Orchestra - Emancipation Blues

Cipollone Testimony 'A Very Good Development' For The Jan. 6 Committee - Deadline - MSNBC

Caroline, No (Mono / Remastered)

Some clown on CNN said he liked Trump because he ran the government like a business

'The Fabric Of The Country Is Shredding' Says Eddie Glaude On Disinformation - Deadline - MSNBC

Watched Red Dawn (1984) again. I still like it!

Advice to Florida students: Keep a straight face and tell them crazy stuff

"Drimble Wedge & The Vegetation" (aka Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) - Bedazzled

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses Altered Photo of Robert Crimo to Push Theory By Nick Mordowanec On 7/5