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Pac-12 Commissioner Kliavkoff jabs Big 12, touts future after USC, UCLA

Facebook Faces Suspension in Kenya After Approving Genocide Ads

Shock: Justice Alito disgustingly Mocks critics of repeal of Roe v. Wade - Meidas Touch

Sunset, southern MD 7/29

The circuit court judge candidate who stopped by my house, today, is on 20/20 right now

Nikki Fried calls DeSantis, other GOP leaders 'creepy' for bringing culture wars to Florida schools

Cassidy Hutchinson and Liz Cheney

GOP leader caught on tape accepting 'collateral damage' to pursue Trump's election lies: report

Does Justice Alito think America's founders were stupid? Dobbs ruling proves he does

If Beto gets elected...I will move to Texas....

Mexico: Priest Shot And Wounded

Criminal Complaint Filed Against tfg's Saudi Golf Tourney-Hosting Resort After Presidential Seal Sea

Oglala Sioux Tribe Temporarily Suspends All Christian Missionary Work

Wooooo Hooooo! 19 years officially today! What an extraordinary journey this

3 Children and 1 Adult Killed After Farm Tractor Rolls Over in Pennsylvania

Reps. Biggs, Gosar join the Kook Caucus in voting against anti-human trafficking bill

I got a nice letter from the state thanking for my help arresting and convicting someone for litteri

Is it seems Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, PhD, is not.

Ari's Inside "The Slobfather's" Election Plot

The independent state legislature doctrine could reverse 200 years of progress and take power away f

First on CNN: Jared Kushner details West Wing 'war' with 'toxic' Steve Bannon in new book

Doctor who provided abortion for Ohio girl files claim for damages against Indiana AG

Jon's Response To Ted Cruz's PACT Act Excuses

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 if 57.

Friday Talking Points -- Democrats In Array!

The Angst of the WSJ Editorial Board: The Senate GOP Got Played

Boomer destroys Trump for insulting 9/11 victims to host LIV Golf

Bill Burr on Cancelling Dead People

Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer, at center of possible prisoner swap - CBS News

200-Plus Bot Programs and Millions of Fake Customers Are Ruining Sneaker Releases

Biden, 'Age Before Beauty' and Political Leadership - WSJ letter

Patrick Leahy set to return to the Senate next week

Artificial Intelligence will kill us

Is a federal grand jury criminally investigating Trump? An explainer of how grand juries work

So I read about employees at both Walgreen's & CVS refusing to sell

MSNBC Special "Inside Trump's Election Plot" tonight at 9 ET. nt

Civil rights group says fliers from 'virulently anti-Semitic group' showing up all around Twin Citie

Florida to Schools: Don't Follow Federal LGBTQ Protections

"I don't mean to alarm anyone, but someone is about to give birth to George Jetson" :

'Pegging' Sets the Internet Alight, Just in Time for the Weekend

Guess who wants 5 days to be able to read (have someone else read) bills before a House vote?

Jon Stewart Tweet:

Please I beg you. Survive.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Tweet of the Night:

Last night of call. Tomorrow night: we DRINK!

Betsy DeVos and the GOP's Plan to Destroy Public Schools

BEEF. It's what's for dinner.

Heartbroken foal learns what love is

Fox News, Once Home to Trump, Now Often Ignores Him

Trump's Criminal Intent Exposed: How Jan. 6 Plan Emerged From Military Coup Plot (MSNBC Pt 1)

When Mercy the Dog Is Busted Chewing on a Picture, Her Cat Accomplices Cover Up for Her

Why do people believe the SS and DHS people used government phones?

John Williams Conducts 50 Years A Salute to Film Composers [1080p Remastered]

Dean Phillips calls for 'dynamic' new candidate for president in 2024, not Joe Biden

Men Cheered As They Beat People Unconscious At A Homeless Camp

Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet (Fantasy Overture)

My fave stand up

The last Uvalde shooting victim at University Hospital was released today

Anyone else tired of the MSNBC Kids Commercial

A Trump Coup Nightmare: Prosecutors Probe Full Conspiracy, Not Just Jan. 6 - MSNBC - Part 2

Major flooding on Las Vegas Strip, 7/28-29, 2022.

I am so fricken glad I live in Vacation-land.

AOC Puts Alito On Blast Over Deranged Speech

Series of sunset photos

Why Those Missing Secret Service Texts Could Be Key To The Jan. 6 Probe - All In - MSNBC

Just a brief reminder

Gohmert's daily entry for Stupidest Member of Congress

Over 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war killed in Russian captivity - Azovstal POW's murdered

Joe Manchin shocks Republicans by revealing he is a Democrat

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Joe Manchin (Ferret)

Ivana's grave

'Paper Girls' Could Be the Next 'Stranger Things'

GOP Candidate Doug Mastriano's Ties To Antisemitic Site And Its Founder - All In - MSNBC

Homeland Security watchdog halted plan to recover Secret Service texts, records show

More than $1M stolen catalytic converts seized in Houston raid, 6 arrested

Georgia deputies never closed patrol car door before handcuffed woman fell out and died, report says

Sarah Jarosz - Come On Up To The House

Bill Maher: let's put Trump in jail and then exchange him for Griner

Houston region to receive more monkeypox vaccine doses as case numbers climb

Forget record retention! Focus on why. What could those texts

Cops Arrest Homeless Vet for Being in a Median and do This to His Dog, Sunshine

Ebony, Jet photo archives are headed to the Smithsonian

Homeland Security watchdog halted plan to recover Secret Service texts, records show

A Trump-Backed Veteran Ran Hard to the Right, Only to Be Outflanked

Real Time With Bill Maher (7-29-22) Full Show

Ex marine wanted to rape white women to make more white babies

Houston and Harris County plan to sue Union Pacific over 5th Ward pollution

Maya Wiley & Elie Mystal: The Noose is Tightening on Trump. There is a New Urgency with DOJ

Houston doctor suspended for vaccine misinformation files $25 million defamation lawsuit against

At some point, Trump has to be evaluated in the context of an Organized Crime Network.

For info, Forboes America's Top Colleges List 2021

Stephanie Ruhle doing a good job, DHS I.G. issue today,

Black - Wonderful Life

McLaughlin, Ponty and several other badasses

Question: How close are we as a society to the point of no return and losing all of our freedom? The

CRAP!!! I bombed out completely on the Mega Millions.

Why isn't it easy?..It is not easy, never has been. Changing one's life is very, very, difficult.

Binged "Just Breathe"

So much for that "recession"! Atlanta Fed rolling estimate of 2.1% growth in GDP in 3rd quarter

Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come

Why is it that republicans have to lie about the performance of

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 7/29/22

Ionov directed the efforts of US Political Group based in Atlanta. - Julia Davis

Billy Crystal at Muhammed Ali's funeral service

The Inner Mounting Flame - another one of my top 20 albums.

Bob Uecker is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

London Beat - I've Been Thinking About You

It's looking good for Dems in the Senate races, but

Watch: GOP Senators Slammed For Fist Bump After Blocking Vet Health Bill - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Just a hypothetical question, about the lottery.

Alex Jones' company files for bankruptcy amid Texas trial to award damages to Sandy Hook families

No suspect found after reports of shots fired at Arizona Mills Mall, police say

Now that we're old, how has our perspective on "dreams" evolved?


DeSantis Is Anti-Big Business Only If That Business Doesn't Agree With Him Says Joy - The ReidOut

It's not so bad.

Democratic cities in Texas push to blunt impact of state's abortion ban


Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Full Album) (Rolling Stones' Greatest Rap Album Ever)

Is Sinema now playing Hamlet?

I really hope DOJ ends it

Fox News Is Ignoring Donald Trump

Did anyone see CNN's Deep into the pockets of Texas?"

Something I just saw

Abbott's failed leadership - Beto For Texas

Coast Redwood Logging plan out of Guerneville, CA

Matt Gaetz HUMILIATED by crowd and RUNS AWAY during press conference

Jury To Decide How Much Alex Jones Must Pay For Sandy Hook Lies - The Last Word - MSNBC

Here's How The U.S. Economy Is Really Doing (MSNBC)

Lis Smith Says the Path to Trouncing Ron DeSantis Is Straight Through Right-Wing Media

Greg Abbott Stayed At Fundraiser For Hours After Uvalde Shooting New Report Finds - The Last Word MSNBC

New Riders

Greg Abbott Stayed At Fundraiser For Hours After Uvalde Shooting New Report Finds - The Last Word MSNBC

Indiana AG's Probe Of Doctor Who Gave 10-Year-Old Abortion 'Riddled With Inaccuracies'

Gov. DeSantis Uses 1947 Court Ruling To Go After Miami Drag Show

Musk confidentially countersues Twitter over nixed acquisition bid: reports

Musk confidentially countersues Twitter over nixed acquisition bid: reports

PA Republicans Form PAC Backing Dem In Governor's Race - The Last Word - MSNBC

PA Republicans Form PAC Backing Dem In Governor's Race - The Last Word - MSNBC

My favorite version of Peter Gabriel's...

Fears that Egypt may use Cop27 to whitewash human rights abuses

Kansas Voters To Decide Fate Of State Abortion Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

London's High Court rules against Venezuela's Maduro in $1 billion gold battle

We added a new camera to the family.

Kansas Voters To Decide Fate Of State Abortion Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

Saudi ambivalence - an old fart rant

US court sides with NY in fight over school vaccine rules

Jack Kerouac on Charlie Parker w/Steve Allen on Piano

Reversing a Reversal, Miami School Board Accepts Sex Ed Books It Had Rejected

Tweet of the Week

"coal consumption affecting climate" from newspaper 110 yrs ago! malloy tweet, snopes link

Explained in detail: Trump's criminal intentions exposed

9/11 First Responder Calls Trump A 'Piece Of Sh**' Over Recent Comments - The Katie Phang Show

david hogg on dems: "Burned a lot of bridges yesterday my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

Mystery Of Missing January 6 Texts Widens - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

White House hosts lawyers for discussion on abortion access

Heino Eller's 'Five Pieces for String Orchestra'

Wordle 406 ***Spoiler Thread***

Dissecting The GOP Midterm Strategy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Saturday 30 July 2022

Backyard orchard culture update

Testimony to start in civil lawsuit against Alex Jones

THE GOD OF SO FLIX:He's been called a deforester and killer. Now he's called mayor. (Feature story)

Reversing a Reversal, Miami School Board Accepts Sex Ed Books It Had Rejected

I survived the night, toes in tact. All four fur babies were SO well behaved.

Abortion ruling will worsen military personnel crisis, Pentagon says

An intriguing new detail on Trump's 'fake' electors

Alleged Oath Keeper Thomas Caldwell had a 'death list' including the name of an election official an

Anyone that's for forced pregnancy should be forced

US Senate seats in the states the Democrats will win in 2022.

He was asking for it:

Man who stopped Jan. 6 protesters from heckling ex-officer Michael Fanone breaks silence

17-ton truck abandoned on Brooklyn street for 2 years

gab, the social media network for nazis, has started running ads on their platform. who would ..?

Cooking dinner on television shows

'Endless river of bats' streams from cave in Mexico, video shows.

Guatemalan Journalist Critical of President Arrested

Now, this reminder to turn off your camera:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests Uvalde Students Needed JR-15s for Defense

Female Kurdish commander who 'saved American lives' killed by Turkish drone strike

Friend of mine got into a accident playing peekaboo

The Tuskegee Experiment 50 Years Later: Uncovering the Buried Truth

Brazil moves toward paving road key to deforestation

Brazil OKs Paving Highway Thru Heart Of Rainforest; 5X Increase In Deforestation By 2030 Projected

Bolsonaro calls for mass fascist demonstration against Electoral Court on Brazil's Independence Day

Drake defends his short private jet flights - by saying plane was empty

Mother imprisoned in Brazil for 17 years speaks of ordeal

Is Bohemian Grove in California still a thing?

Today in 1978, your mom panics and fatally beats the Chuck Wagon dog food gang with a broom.

It has not gone unnoticed ...

Esiason rips Trump, LIV Golf: "They can kiss my ass. I'm not watching,"

Longest-Serving CA Water Board Member Out; Upper Basin Claims In Emergency Talks Called Out

Nursing homes slip forms into admit packages that opens up friends, relatives neighbors to lawsuits

"Marine Wildfire": Temps In Parts Of Mediterrenean Sea 6C Higher Than Normal; 30.7C Off Corsica

Injured Sea Turtle Hatchling Saved From Sydney Beach Crapped Plastic For Six Days

A reporter accused his bosses of burying a scandal. They say he's lying.

New Rule: Let the Population Collapse Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Oh, Good Idea! France Orders Air-Conditioned Stores To Stop Leaving Their Doors Open

New from me.. Why I Quit BuzzFeed: Because I'm Going To Win The Mega Millions

Fancy Cycling (Twitter)

Lava Tubes on the Moon Maintain Comfortable Room Temperatures Inside

A disgusting abuse of power by san Mateo sheriff..

The Pope's health: I could step down - but not yet, says pontiff

I picked up some kitten food, this morning. The check out clerk and I got into a conversation

Let me make this pellucidly clear for the hacks

The Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that is likely to flip?

'Breaking Bad' statues shine light on actors, Albuquerque

Gosh! Someone is actually richer than Trump!

Buddy Guy has a birthday today.


New York Islanders buy 25,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets

I'll be out canvassing all day again

Washington D.C. Man Who Left Parasite-Infested Dog Hanging Dead On A Fence Sentenced

Richard "Duck" Baker has a birthday today.

Weekend TOONs - Sportswashing

TFG Buries Ivana on his golf course & gets a series of HUGE tax breaks

Someone in Illinois won the Mega Millions!

I'd appreciate any information I can get on pacemakers, the plus and minuses.

Yesterday I just sat alone with my thoughts.

Hahaha-Lets serve this to TFG for breakfast with "lots of sweat"

You raised $8.00 on July 29, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

They're Not Patriots - They Are Rats In Expensive Suits.

You raised $10.00 on July 29, 2022 MOPINKO for Westlund WI State Senate

Illinois to Use $760M from Opioid Settlements to Fund Treatment, Prevention Programs: Pritzker

You raised $25.00 on July 29, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks US House NE

Secret Service Purged Texts

is this the worst restaurant in america???

Mickelson heckled at Trump's LIV event

What Is Hip

WVa delays chance to pass 1st new bill since abortion ruling

Cat Is Obsessed With The Ocean

This really is the 'most important election in our lifetime,' and Democrats need to explain why

The looming disaster in the mental healthcare system

U.S. Economy Transitions to Slower Growth as Inflation Weighs on Consumers

Exxon, Chevron & Shell Report Record Profits as Americans Struggle With High Fuel Costs

A peaceful moment for you today

Do you support direct military intervention into Ukraine by NATO immediately?

Landscaping by Melania

I made 2 loaves and 2 muffins

Compilation of cats knocking things off:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the RNC cutting Trump off....

Hot mic captured Gaetz assuring Stone of pardon, discussing Mueller redactions

GOP officials refuse to certify primaries: "This is how Republicans are planning to steal elections"

I had no idea Radio Caroline, the most famous pirate radio station in the '60s, still existed

101 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Best ball boy ever:

Justice Samuel Alito Is Now Beefing With Boris Johnson and Prince Harry

Is it just me?

When you feed one, you are surprised the next day when the whole forest is in front of your house:

House approves bill to help West fight wildfires, drought

Gaetz discussing a pardon with Roger Stone:


Jon stewart calls out ted cruz for lying

What has Mitch McConnell done to help his people in Kentucky?

Let me introduce you to the darling of the stray cat jail

Gaetz broke a DOJ confidentiality agreement and told Stone what was in the Mueller report.

Officially off call now!

We're all gonna DIE!! Tracking Chinese rocket return to earth

'It's Only Love' (Tina Turner/Bryan Adams), SingitLive

The Current View From MBS's Ass

What's up with these impromptu Cult 45 memorabilia stands?

Beautiful guitar. I watch these videos all the time and rarely see such a gorgeous instrument

Some of my hard work has paid off

I think these lotteries---Mega-Millions and such---are discriminating against folks like me

"predator and prey" or

Welp, I just dropkicked my cat

Photos That Helped to Document the Holocaust Were Taken by a Dutch Nazi, NYT

This sure makes my day! I just got new photos of Arthur's other siblings

As Starbucks exits, Union Station struggles with safety, empty stores

Raphael Warnock has a 9-point lead over Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate; Kemp, Abrams are close

California secession movement was funded and directed by Russian intelligence agents

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 30, 2022)

Navy Vet SLAMS Republicans as the party of cowards

I just found out that a distant relative operates a cat hotel

Dead-Eyed and Cold-Blooded Killers

An indictment of Donald Trump is an indictment of the Republican Party.

We should have known the Republican Party didn't give a damn about veterans...

Salted or unsalted butter??? We buy the Kerry Gold brand of butter, and our trip to the

Republicans---how long will you remain on the "Trumptanic"?

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 31, 2022 - Special Theme: Follow the Thread

TCM Schedule for Monday August 1, 2022 - Summer Under the Stars: Elvis Presley

Have a nice weekend.....

Trump Burger restaurant is a tourist attraction monument to the former president.

Bill Moyers' associate Stephen Harper has an insurrection timeline going

No evidence of a Red Wave anywhere

Matchbox Twenty - Bright Lights (studio version + live)

Alex Jones attorney flips middle finger to lawyer representing Sandy Hook victims' families

Let's Talk About Misoprostol--the Original Abortion Pill

Manchin and Sinema are on a collision course over closing a tax loophole for rich Americans.

Of the three kinds of people...

Let's Talk About Misoprostol--the Original Abortion Pill

Let's Talk About Misoprostol--the Original Abortion Pill

Let's Talk About Misoprostol--the Original Abortion Pill

Uvalde survivors face bureaucracy and confusion as they struggle to stay afloat financially

Chinese rocket live updates: Massive debris in uncontrollable return to Earth

Timeline of Taliban Restrictions of Women's Rights

Timeline of Taliban Restrictions of Women's Rights

'Let's do big things': Democratic gubernatorial candidate O'Rourke stops in Longview

Trump inner circle members voluntarily testifying because they see the Jan. 6 investigation is 'gett

40 Percent of Single Moms Face Food Insecurity. The Fall of Roe Will Plunge Them Deeper Into Povert

40 Percent of Single Moms Face Food Insecurity. The Fall of Roe Will Plunge Them Deeper Into Povert

40 Percent of Single Moms Face Food Insecurity. The Fall of Roe Will Plunge Them Deeper Into Povert

40 Percent of Single Moms Face Food Insecurity. The Fall of Roe Will Plunge Them Deeper Into Povert

Actually, the Russian Economy Is Imploding

Texas Sues Biden Administration: How EMTALA Prevents 'Patient Dumping' in a Post-Roe World

Texas Sues Biden Administration: How EMTALA Prevents 'Patient Dumping' in a Post-Roe World

Texas Sues Biden Administration: How EMTALA Prevents 'Patient Dumping' in a Post-Roe World

Texas Sues Biden Administration: How EMTALA Prevents 'Patient Dumping' in a Post-Roe World

DeSantis, citing a 1947 law on crossdressing, seeks to revoke a restaurant's liquor license after a

In a banned tweet, a top state-media commentator reportedly said China could 'forcibly dispel Pelosi

The wife of Prince Bandar bin Sultan the Saudi Ambassador to America paid for the room ....

Actor Edd Byrnes was #BornOnThisDay July 30,1932. Survived a troubled adolescence ...

Had the same car for 13 years, among other things

Jeep pulls out of China over government meddling in its business

Malcolm Nance: Behind the Ideology of the Trump Insurgency

Merry widows? How attitudes to bereaved women have changed


Tomorrow, George Jetson will be born

'Coverup of treason': Trump-appointed IG, facing investigation, was aware of missing Secret Service

The end of men: the controversial new wave of female utopias

The end of men: the controversial new wave of female utopias

The end of men: the controversial new wave of female utopias

State Patrol tries out plan to reduce homeless camping at Washington's highway rest stops

WaPo: Secret Service officer under scrutiny over comments on Facebook accusing lawmakers of treason

Weekend updates from Eastern Kentucky: Death toll rises past 20 amid flood recovery efforts

Starbucks union workers: Concessions won following store closures, negotiations

How local journalists proved a 10-year-old's abortion wasn't a hoax

Manchin schedules a "Full Ginsburg"

Restricting websites that provide abortion information is the next step in the GOP's plan: a

When church and government get intertwined? (Japan)

How does this even happen?

Under right-leaning Supreme Court, the church-state wall is crumbling

So With The Wiping Out Of Roe v Wade - The Repugs Have Their Version Of......

St. Louis reels from another round of dangerous floodwaters that damaged homes

Trump gets a tax break from this

There are two musical reviews in the Weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal. this morning.

Amid the Russian Invasion, Ukraine Stands up for Gender Equality

Amid the Russian Invasion, Ukraine Stands up for Gender Equality

Amid the Russian Invasion, Ukraine Stands up for Gender Equality

How long can you stand on one leg? How far can you walk in six minutes?

Donny Hathaway - Valdez In The Country

This popped up in my Victoria (BC) subreddit dealing with BC Healthcare

Long March 5B rocket stage makes fiery uncontrolled reentry over Indian Ocean

Mr Peacetrain is shouting up that Warnock is leading Walker by 9 points..

SANTANA - Waiting

Why those who blame America for Putin's brutal war are dead wrong -

Breaking: Biden has tested positive for COVID again (per MSNBC)

Isaac Hayes - Going In Circles

President Joe Biden tests positive for Covid-19 again

Catarina Ordua Prez RIP

Sinema indicates she may want to change Schumer-Manchin deal

Radio Caroline still exists. Great listening, AND they play listeners' Top 15 lists

For climate migrants in Bangladesh, town offers new life

Haven't been here much in awhile but got to

Climate change and vanishing islands threaten brown pelicans

Massive Attack with Terry Callier - Live With Me

Cartoons 7/30/2021

PACs spend $1.3 million in primary to sway Snohomish County voters

The Bold Progressive Versus The Loyal Liberal: Inside The Showdown In A Key House Primary

Whatever Biden's problems are, age isn't one of them

Bob James with Grover Washington, Jr. - Brighton By The Sea

Edmonds seeks applicants for vacant council seat

Newsmax Host Suggests School Shootings Due to Unarmed Kids

Which group was ACTUALLY disrespecting our vets?

Chris Connor - Down In Brazil

Eric Swalwell calls out Cancun Cruz's hypocrisy

Astrud Gilberto with The James Last Orchestra - Caravan

Analysis: A world changed, maybe permanently, by Ukraine war

Feds put $10m bounty on Putin pal accused of bankrolling US election troll farm (Mueller revisited!)

Iraqi protesters storm parliament in Baghdad, set up sit-in

Senator Warnock: I have accepted invitations to 3 Georgia debates,

(Jewish Group) Lawyer in Michigan synagogue-protest case accuses judge of being antisemitic

Headline of the Day

In race for monkeypox vaccines, experts see repeat of COVID

Ejected Boosters from Chinese Space Rocket Launch Re-entry Was Caught on Video

Lauren Boebert is worried about being audited

America First is laying plans to perpetuate Trumpism beyond Trump

New York declares state disaster emergency for monkeypox outbreak

Senate Republicans Splinter to Give Biden Key Victories

Invasive species already cost billions. As the climate warms, the damage is expected to get worse.

How far has Trump corrupted the GOP? Ron Filipkowki tweet:

Kansas Supreme Court denies self-defense to Wichita officer who hurt 9-year-old girl

Eric Swalwell tweet:

Florida congresswoman calls on DOJ to investigate Florida utility company over 'dark money' claims

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

2016: "it wasn't the Iraqis, you will find out who really (did 9/11) may find it's the Saudis"

Does anyone here know anything about McKinsey Consulting Company?

The Doobie Brothers - Ukiah/The Captain And Me (nice summertime tunes)

Rep. Kinzinger: "I Guarantee You Someone Is Going To Try This Again. Maybe Trump Himself

A pro soccer player known for her anti-LGBTQ+ views is refusing to play in team's Pride Night game

Oh I'm just ecstatic.......Kim and Kanye ARE POSSIBLY GETTING BACK TOGETHER. 🤮 🤮 🤮

This is how a traitor behaves:

Kansas nuns buck archbishop on abortion. Voting pro choice on amendment

A Republican poll has Beasley up 2.4 points over Budd in the North Carolina US Senate race

Trump trying to figure out what he's supposed to do while 'God Bless America' is sung at the Saudi g

DOJ Probing Trump As Part Of Its Jan. 6 Criminal Investigation

As long as this part lasts it's beautiful

TCM later:

TFG's (who i just call the idiot) golf tournament is a bust

Daily Distraction 30/07/2022

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 30, 2022

Daily Distraction 30/07/2022 Posted in Photography

Johnson County sheriff claimed he got 200 tips of election fraud. A records request yielded only one

WAPO Wakes: "Senate GOP Begins to Fear Party Is Too Extreme"

Gohmert:"He is not allowed under the rules to impugn false statements by this side":

Personally, I have just barely---most of the time---been able to manage my own life and

Hot mic captured Gaetz assuring Stone of pardon, discussing Mueller redactions

Alex Jones attorney flips middle finger to lawyer representing Sandy Hook victims' families

Find someone who looks at you like they want to someday bury you on their golf course.

Two oil tycoons are spending millions to gut Texas public education, according to CNN report

When his favorite music comes on:


Owl controlled:

Europe's Extreme Heatwave Is Having EXPLOSIVE Consequences

Wow! ALL the whales at once:

TFG must have 1,000s of sumps pumping $$ into his coffers. This one popped up while I was

Artist paints with a spinning soccer ball:

I just saw something that freaked me out on Symone's show on MSNBC

I've noticed something about Madoc's behavior, over the past two days

Dogs, cats, & a chicken imitate their limping humans:

Tiny Kitten Tackles Giant Husky When He's Grown

juju helped me create a new avatar photo for my twitter account.. lovely job!

A Democrat who dropped out of the Wisconsin Senate race is giving the party a $600,000 surprise gift

Senate GOP Begins to Fear Party Is Too Extreme

Cop Caught On Bodycam Deleting Video - Lawsuit! (LackLuster)

Howard Fineman tweet about Roger Stone (from July 10, 2020):

Donny Deutsch: You got to scare the hell out of people about Republicans' level of crazy & insanity.

Jon Stewart HUMILIATES Ted Cruz in devastating smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an order from Karl Rove to Trump....

The next one of my top 20 is a 3 record set that isn't available in it's original form anymore.

SC candidate says America is ruled by 'geriatric oligarchy' (CNN)

Glenn Kirschner Predicts... We Will See Indictments Coming Soon for Eastman, Clark, Rudy & Bannon!

Tweet of the Day

I'm getting a treasure full of photos of my moved away fur babies. Here's one of Smoke

LOL it was THIS guy who said "Do it for the Saudi Royal Family" to Phil Mickelson


christian nationalist at the Saudi LIV golf tournament

Yee haw. I'm Greg Abbott....

How burn pits may have raised veterans' risk of rare cancers and respiratory illnesses

trim bangs straight with Scotch tape

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Chicago hotel near Lollapalooza event warns not to stand near windows in case of active shooter

Gillette's pubic hair commercial. I swear I thought this was a PSA (public service ad) until the end

9-year-old girl outdid everyone else who tried this challenge:

Tweet of the Weekend

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will most likely win.

Your Freudian Slip Of The Day, Sponsored By Scott Walker

Glenn Kirschner: Trump's State of Mind is in Question. Pompeo & Mnuchin Cooperating with J6 Committee

monarch butterflies

Canceling planned strike, Boeing workers to vote on revised contract offer

Canceling planned strike, Boeing workers to vote on revised contract offer

Must-hear audio: Trumpists are coordinating moves to take over states' vote counting apparatuses

Inside Trump's Election Plot - MSNBC Special Report - Parts 1 & 2

Cooking videos

*Told by displaced families trying to survive underground,

Another thing I think will happen after Moore v Harper and the R's take forever power:

The Cars - All Mixed Up

Katrina And The Waves - Do You Want Crying

I'm trying to remember what my grandmother ate

Manfred Mann - Stranded

Frank Cuesta takes a swim and is greeted by a very curious river otter:

Run away! Run away!

Evacuations ordered in northern California after new wildfire breaks out

Talk Talk - It's My Life

Subsidised childcare pays for itself with increased tax revenue in the future. Quebec

VA: Woman Finds Snake Inside Popcorn Bag at Grocery Store: Rodent Traps, Va. Depth of Health