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Fox News (!) polls show Warnock and Fetterman leading.

Germany and the End of Globalization

DOJ prepping to go to court to squeeze testimony from WH officials about Trump conversations

Sound Transit Board approves free youth fare policy

Michigan Supreme Court: Law bans discrimination based on sexual orientation

Liquid oxygen truck fire nearly causes evacuation of Mercer Street as integrity of I-5 remains in qu

House GOP gets pissy about Manchin. Decides to throw American companies under the bus in retaliation

Joe Manchin, the Unlikely Thorn Now in Mitch McConnell's Side, Surprises Everyone

A further warning from Weissmann re: Trump appeal of any possible conviction

That time Letterman gave Peter Gabriel a full orchestra was pretty cool

Senate Republicans hate military veterans

Kinzinger discusses Jan. 6 committee's evidence-sharing agreement with the Justice Department - CBS News

Blunt, Hawley, Marshall betray sick veterans because they're mad at tax, climate bill

Medicare Watch - Senate Democrats Unveil Expanded Reconciliation Package

I wasn't prepared to face a religious test when renewing my license plates

Russia has suffered an estimated 75,000 casualties in Ukraine invasion, U.S. officials say

DOJ Eyes Trump, Vet Prosecutor Says Evidence Shows Clear "Multifaceted Conspiracy" - The Beat - MSNBC

Bacteria that causes rare tropical disease found in US soil

Horrifying footage appears to show Russian captors castrating a Ukrainian prisoner of war

Matt Gaetz body shamed a pro-choice advocate. She has now raised $1 million for abortion access

TFG keeps using the Presidential seal as his coolest brand...and could be jailed, fined...

Alito claims Boris Johnson was forced out because he criticized him

U.S. carrier strike group returns to South China Sea amid Taiwan tensions

Awaiting crape myrtle

GOP governor candidates Kleefisch, Michels and Ramthun pledge they won't legalize marijuana

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Gas prices plummeting in Springfield....Today, it's down to $3.89.

Mick Mulvaney, Former Trump Acting Chief Of Staff, Testified With Jan. 6 Committee Today - NBC News

Afternoon storm, southern MD

Manchin Declines to Endorse Biden over republicon opponent

Music for Cats - Harp Music to Calm Cats, Relaxing Music, Sleep Music, Anxiety Relief

No new mask mandate for LA County!!!

How Goes the War on Inflation? - Paul Krugman NYT

Democrats tee up another vote on burn pits bill for Monday

I'd love to see polling on the following question:

World's first hydrogen trains enter regular passenger service

Sunset, southern MD 7/28

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Jon Stewart 'Veterans are going to die': GOP Senators block burn pits legislation procedural vote- CNN

good stuff...

Is the J6 Committee Trying to Crack Trump?

Houston doctor suspended for vaccine misinformation files $25 million defamation lawsuit...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, July 29, 2022

Yikes.....Kentucky is in really bad shape......8 have died from the flooding.

One America News Just Got Dealt A Deathblow - Rebel HQ

A few unique series to share with you.

A few unique series to share with you.

High court allows sex abuse suit against diocese to proceed

by Robert Reich: Yesterday, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates


Adam Kinzinger (interview) - FRONTLINE

Democrats need to run a national campaign called

Rise of the Cossacks - Origins of the Ukrainians DOCUMENTARY

VP Harris welcomes Biden back

Man suspected of starting fires in remote Oregon woods detained by 3 residents who tied him to a tre

Jan 6 Committee puts Ginni Thomas On Notice for Subpoena - Meidas Touch

Rep. Jamie Raskin On New Jan. 6 Witnesses: 'It's Like A Waterfall Of Truth' - All In - MSNBC

Argentina names House Speaker Sergio Massa 3rd Economy Minister in a month amid crisis

Some rather sobering info on heavy metals in biomass and its fate in pyrolytic systems.

Argentina names House Speaker Sergio Massa 3rd Economy Minister in a month amid crisis

What the world needs now...

Honest Government Supreme Court Ad.

This DHS IG is looking like a real f-ing problem. Text messages from Wolf and Cuccinelli are also

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a billion trees....

Jon Stewart speech on the PACT ACT

WAPO: More text messages missing from on or about 1/6

Starbucks is getting expensive.

*More Texts missing, discussion NOW on Lawrence show.

The Daily Show: Manchin Shocks Washington & McConnell With Bill Compromise

TFG looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet in these photos

Louis Dejoy celebrated TWO YRS of fuckery this past June

Golden Earring - Bombay (studio version 1976 & live, 2006)

Climate change is killing more elephants than poaching, Kenyan officials say

Omaha expert helps with study that finds vitamin D doesn't reduce risk of broken bones

Golden Earring - Bombay (studio version 1976 & live, 2006)

Federal investigators say US Bank workers opened fake accounts for sales goals

In the GOP's new surveillance state, everyone's a snitch.

San Francisco, New York state declare monkeypox emergencies as outbreak grows

'Is This Real?' Sen. Schatz On Finding Out About Manchin, Schumer Climate Deal - All In - MSNBC

Billy Joel with Ray Charles - Baby Grand

3 Sundaes 🍧🍧🍧

Capitol Rioter Gave FBI Info on Rally Organizers

Republicans Punish Veterans After Getting Out Maneuvered By Manchin, Schumer - All In - MSNBC

Ex-Trump Justice Department Official to Testify

Experimenting with a new #10 macro lens in addition to the macro setting in my camera!

Infamous pro-gun Senate candidate McCloskey just got busted for faking famous rapper's support

Is Val Deming's campaign being overshadowed by DeSantis

Billy Idol with Sal Cuevas (bass) - Eyes Without A Face

Bowie with Lennon - Fame

Can we make an ad with Jon Stewart's words? If this is America First , we are F**ked

The Beatles with Alan Civil - For No One

Olivia Newton-John with Babyface - I Honestly Love You

Adele - My Little Love

Jon Tester Slams the Senate on the PACT Act -- American Young People Are Watching

Aww...Buy your dog a pool tomorrow!

Alex Jones is gonna stroke out 🤞

Al Haig: Still my favorite Dan Aykroyd bit

Pre-Jan. 6 Text Messages Missing For Key Trump Officials - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jon Stewart reacts to Republican efforts to block bill that aids burn pit victims - CNBC Television

Anesthesia stories

A Ukrainian Defense Reporter on the mutilation video by Russians

DO you feel ripped off becaue 2001 : A space Oddessy

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump will likely be a defendant for the rest of his life - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security's Wolf and Cuccinelli

The Five Satins - In The Still Of The Night

A wild and wonderful Thursday evening sky, followed by a fireball

If God, Himself, gave US free will, why does the Reich Wing feel THEY know better what HE wants?

Beto O'Rourke On Uvalde City Council Calling For Gov. Abbott To Take Action On Guns - The Last Word

Beto O'Rourke On Uvalde City Council Calling For Gov. Abbott To Take Action On Guns - The Last Word

Chaikovskii: *Ballet Class* 🩰 'Sleeping Beauty Suite - 5. Valse'

Talking Heads - The Great Curve (Live)

💙 Olivia Julianna and #ThankYouMattGaetz

'She made us happy': The all-star dreams of Uvalde's biggest Jose Altuve fan

Jon Stewart excoriates GOP senators for blocking veterans' health bill - MSNBC Prime

Democrats Lead Big In Pennsylvania

2022 US Senate Elections in states the Democrats are favored to win.

Top Democrat Stuns with Speech of the Year Slamming Republicans after they Block Veteran Health Bill

Veterans Blindsided After PACT Act Blocked - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Sakurajima Volcano Eruption Update; Evacuations Ordered, Alert Level Raised to Highest Level

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

Leaked pics of what heaven looks like...and more

Democrats will definitely win the 2022 US Senate Elections in all of the Biden 2020 states.

One for L💓vers of the Bassoon and two other different pieces...

There Are Holes on the Ocean Floor. Scientists Don't Know Why.

Kherson counteroffensive. Ukraine to Russian soldiers: leave now or be annihilated.

(Jewish Group) Moscow's ex-chief rabbi warns of 'dark clouds' for Russian Jews

(Jewish Group) When a Jewish group fought antisemitism with radio shows and comic books

(Jewish Group) In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jews are barred from political positions of power.

25th Amendment Threat To Trump Recalled As Jan. 6 Probe Meets With Cabinet Members - MSNBC Prime

Gen. Milly Worried Trump Would Try 'Banana Republic Junta Move' WaPo Reporter Says - The ReidOut MSNBC

Sweet Talking Guy, The Chiffons, 1966

Breakfast Friday 29 July 2022

More Trump Insiders Speak With January 6 Committee - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Ugh..Drudge headline photo..upclose of sweaty tfg

Former Marine Dismantles Right-Wing Arguments On The Second Amendment - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Dogs remix

From 6T$ to -- $433B

In the GOP's New Surveillance State, Everyone's a Snitch

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/28/22

Women rush to get long lasting birth control .fearing it soon won't be available

Stephen Colbert: Why The Jan 6 Committee Wants To Talk To Mike Pompeo - Guest Jonathan Karl

America's nun population in steep decline, 1% are under age 40, avg age is 80

Tweet of the Morning:

The Clash - Charlie Don't Surf

Conservatives: obsessed with Trudeau's hair since 2015

China's Xi warns Biden over Taiwan, calls for cooperation

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Last Goodbye

Questions the DOJ must ask the former VP ?

Tim Giago, Native American Newspaperman, Is Dead at 88

BIOLOGICAL SEX AFFIDAVIT - new form for Oklahoma schools - Read the last sentence

Number of migrants crossing border is dropping, in part due to US agents helping nab human smugglers

(from last week) Starmer rules out even informal post-election deal with Lib Dems

Wordle 405 ***Spoiler Thread***

Stop the Steal' speaker Brandon Straka gave FBI info on rally organizers, more than a dozen others a

So text messages from the leaders of DHS were deleted

Who was that 'last curl left' ReTHUG Congressman

Mega Millions or a lightning strike: Which has better odds?

The damn dam has broke.

I may have a palette addiction....What do you think?

Friday TOONs - No Making Unauthorized Whoopie And Getting Away With It

These non-MAGA conservatives believe their third party can help prevent 'the demise of our democracy

On this day, July 29, 1967, a fire broke out on board the USS Forrestal.

Russia, Ukraine trade blame for shelling of POW prison

How successful is Ukraine's counteroffensive in the south? - DW News

Report: Siegel Group execs used deception, harassment to evict tenants during COVID

Climate activists gathered outside of Nats Park ahead of the congressional baseball game tonight.

Broomstraw Philosophers and Scuppernong Wine

That moment you realize. . .

I was thinking about the shit-gibbon a little bit ago

ADOC officials tell reporter that her skirt is too short to witness execution

Trump uses presidential seal at N.J. golf club amid ethics complaints

2-4" More Rain In St. Louis Thursday; Second Flood In Three Days As West End, Kingsway Swamped

Tiny Abandoned Kitten Asks Woman For Help

NY Times: Ukraine off the website's front page, Covid still costing 400+ lives a day in US.

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 1 - August 5)

Permian Basin Awash In Methane Emissions; w. Laughable Fines, TX Effectively Has No Enforcement

Eurozone Recovery Picks Up Speed but Ukraine War Threatens Deep Contractions

January 6 Hearings Are Changing Republicans' Minds

The origin of Super Villians: Owlman

The Rundown: July 29, 2022

As Jan. 6 probe expands, officials worry DOJ resources are at a breaking point

NC Chick-Fil-A asks for volunteers

Top US judge Samuel Alito mocks world leaders over abortion ruling

Trump vs DeSantis in 2024 - who is more dangerous?

Trump really has reason to fret.

Appalachian floods kill at least 15 as rescue teams deploy

Way to go Brandon!


Trump Wants Concentration Camps and Presidential Control of Domestic Troops

U.S. inflation surges again and stays near 40-year high, key price gauge shows

You raised $63.00 on July 28, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

OPINION: Can the Carter Center save American elections?

Despite being a Christian, Biden is protecting everyone....

You raised $100.00 on July 28, 2022 Democratic Underground for Patty Pansing-Brooks US House NE

You raised $4.00 on July 28, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

A Lovely Day


'Are the police capable of changing?': Data on racial profiling in CA shows problem is getting worse

Fist bumps for fucking over veterans.

You raised $25.00 on July 28, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Worker Pay and Benefits Rose 1.3% in Second Quarter

July 29, 1974 🕯

Democratic SoS Candidate Destroys Second Amendment Myths

If Donald Trump were Black, he'd be in jail already

Charlie Christian was born on this date.

Man wearing Burger King crown thrown off plane

Catastrophic Kentucky Flooding Leaves At Least 15 Dead; 9" Of Rain In 12 Hours In Hazard, KY

Don't threaten me with a good time, The Federalist!

Proof that I'm a very forgiving mom

bezos $500 million, 3 mast yacht - stymied by Dutch values.

Andrew Yang starts "centrist" third party with a bunch of former Republican office holders

Alex Jones trial: After heated exchanges between lawyers, jurors shown InfoWars videos

102 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Gov. Tom Wolf sues Pa. Legislature over proposed abortion amendment

Jan 6 / Trump Indictment - I Truly Believe...

In a Nevada county, election conspiracies sow deep distrust

Inside one far-right sheriff's crusade to prove Trump's bogus voter-fraud claims

Samuel Alito mocks foreign critics of repealing Roe v. Wade in Rome speech on religious liberty

Former Michigan GOP executive director says Trump and Republicans should be criminally charged......

When a true clown (Underwater one at that) ran for Texas President

"Mitch McConnell Expels Joe Manchin from Republican Party"

I was a lifelong supporter of same-sex marriage. Then Joe Manchin agreed to support the climate bill

Denver Public Schools raises minimum wage for paraprofessionals to $20 per hour

Midterms may be too late

Norm Ornstein on Republican Veterans in the Senate

My House candidate selection model...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 29, 2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about planes, trains, and ethical consumption....

Jon Stewart calls out Senate Repugs on Veterans Bill vote

July 29 at 6PM: Michigan Rally with Bernie Sanders, Rashida Tlaib, Andy Levin

Justices worry about the future of the Supreme Court -- and point fingers as to who's to blame

Trump Rages As Fox News Turns On MAGAWorld - The Beat - MSNBC

J.D. Vance denies supporting abusive marriages after viral comments

The Fed Is Making A Mistake With Rate Hikes

I just saw video of Trump at his golfcourse tournament in New Jersey.

Trader Joe's in Hadley MA successfully organized first union in the history of Trader Joe's!

Why Is AIPAC Spending Millions in Primary to Defeat Rep. Andy Levin, a Former Synagogue President?

Commission refers HUNGARY to the Court of Justice of the EU over violation of LGBTIQ rights

Cheap Trick - Don't Be Cruel

Extended triple-digit heat suspected in 4 deaths in Oregon

1/6 Traitor shot mountain lion while on release in Colorado

A Wee Bit of Dis N Dat

2 public opinion polling companies for the 2022 US Senate Elections in

Behind the Scenes of the Senate Climate Bill & What Finally Pushed Joe Manchin to Make a Deal

Maybe another

Bayer to pay $10 billion to Roundup victims

Phillip Geissler, beloved UC Berkeley professor, dies at 48 while hiking in Utah

Jon Stewart: GOP Using False Talking Point On Veterans Health Bill - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The Federalists are whining

N.C. Chick-fil-A faces backlash over asking volunteers to work drive-thru for food, not pay

Samuel Alito mocks reactions to abortion ruling at religious summit

Enjoy free entry to Colorado state parks Aug. 1

"Hellholes": Heat Waves Worsen Conditions in Prisons with No Air Conditioning, Understaffing

$2,245.62 a second: ExxonMobil scores enormous profit on record gas prices

Godlewski leaves Senate race, endorses Barnes

Teaching adults on the autism spectrum?

Long WaPo article on the Dispatch & Indy Star & that poor kid.

Eric Swalwell tweeted: Fox News wants me and my staff physically harmed.

Turtles are reptiles.

Long WaPo article on the Dispatch & Indy Star & that poor kid who had an abortion at 10

The 12 players most likely to be traded

Long WaPo article on the Dispatch & Indy Star & that poor kid.

Which Democratic held US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 is the most vulnerable?

How Many States Of Matter Are There?

U.S. consumer inflation expectations ease in July, UMich says

Racine County man admits to voter fraud to prove a point

Coming To TX Schools: The Constitution Is Based On Christianity

What's going on with Chuck Todd over at NBC?

Elizabeth Short, the #BlackDahlia, was #BornOnThisDay,July 29, 1924. Murdered in 1947, (age 22)

Video worth posting again: Honest Government Ad US Supreme Court

ICYMI: Across the Desk - S6:E2 (OK U.S. House Reps Vote 'No' On 2 Important Bills)

Earlier: U.Va. Solar Car team set to race its solar powered car for the first time in 20 years

Zeldin kitty cat keychain attack

Some Very Good News Out of PA, This Time From Fox News

Biden and Xi's lengthy call spotlights tension over Taiwan - CNN

Czech police add Ferrari taken from criminals to fleet

"See, this is why we don't ask you to go out anymore, Gary"

Jim Hightower: The Far Right Hates 'Woke' Society Because They Want One That's Asleep

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 29, 2022)

Biden nominates abortion rights lawyer in U.S. Supreme Court case to federal judgeship

Exhausted Pittie Momma gets Surprised with a Day Off

Spain: Prosecutors to seek 8-year prison term for Shakira

'Getting Rolled': McConnell Was Outfoxed With His Own Playbook

Socially awkward dog lights up for only one woman

toe tapping time

Biden nominates abortion rights lawyer in U.S. Supreme Court case to federal judgeship

A Democrat who dropped out of the Wisconsin Senate race is giving the party a $600,000 surprise gift

Oh my.

"Embarrassment to the Supreme Court": Alito gloats and taunts critics of his anti-abortion ruling

U.S. Bank opened fake accounts for unsuspecting clients

Sens. Durbin and Duckworth ask Walgreens CEO to revisit pharmacy beliefs policy

actually saw 1 or 2, osprey or hawks, big wings and flew off.

My friend Laurie Garrett has had her Twitter account spoofed.

Turtle/terrapin's back, southern MD creek

Les Barker for the win. Banned by bush one as a subversive.

Wagner Group in eastern Ukraine: A 'sign' that Russian forces are 'not doing the job' - FRANCE 24

Gavin Newsom is fighting a wealth tax that would fund his own climate goals

Russian charged with using US groups to spread propaganda

Russian National Charged with Conspiring to Have U.S. Citizens Act as Illegal Agents of Russian

Paralytic Shellfish Poison Prompts Warning In Orcas Island

New COVID vaccines expected in fall

'Playtime's over': Sweden to introduce new law on e-scooters

If the economy is strong but prices are up, is it really inflation?

TCM tonight:

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner says Steve Bannon threatened to break him 'in half' during bitter Whi

President Biden Names Twenty-Fourth Round of Judicial Nominees

Look up tonight! The Delta Aquarids peak between midnight and dawn on July 29 and 30, 2022!

NJ police used baby DNA to investigate crimes, lawsuit claims

DCCC 100 days out memo

The white nationalists are going to freak out when Johnson

Jon Stewart drops the MF word and GETS THE ATTENTION of folks!

The end of 4/2022, Warnock's campaign gained traction.

How Six States Could Overturn the 2024 Election

How the Founders Intended to Check the Supreme Court's Power - Joshua Zeitz American Historian

Wisconsin Elections Commission to consider seeking criminal charges against right-wing activists

Les Barker for the win. Banned by bush one as a subversive.

The backlash to Christianity: Panicked Republicans are to blame

Unsealed indictment accuses Russian national of misinformation campaign

So for the conservatives of the SCOTUS... their intestinal parasites count as children, right?

Dog Finds Injured Baby Bird On His Walk

What's The Status Of Containers At, Near Or In The Ports.....

Jordan, Davidson, Wenstrup & Latta voted against the CHIPs law. Ohio needs those jobs

Back in a different lifetime, I was in the army

Are you buying a MegaMillions ticket (or two) (or more) today?

Cartoons 7/29/2022

You can get free trees to plant! Years ago I got 3 Crepe Myrtle saplings from the Arbor Day

Rhiannon Giddens and Paul Simon at Newport - "American Tune"

Swedish Edmonds abandons plan to move reproductive care to Providence

Have any MSNBC pundits covered the breaking news

'One call for all': 988 mental health hotline quadruples Everett staff

Republicans Explain Why They Voted Against Veterans' Healthcare

Politicians, like doctors, should be open to change

First Aid Kit - "Boys of Summer" (Don Henley)

Inflation and wage data suggest US prices will keep climbing

Ruling may limit care for pregnant cancer patients

Jeep Is Closing Its Only Factory in China

Sacked shadow minister accuses Keir Starmer of 'complete car crash' (UK Labour)

These 41 Senate Republicans Voted Against Veterans' Healthcare--Full List

Democrats getting 52 US Senate seats without GA which is likely to be decided in 12/2022

Watch issued for severe storms headed toward DC area ahead of drier, cooler weekend

Hutchinson's testimony shatters any Trump defense of no criminal intent

Ships must slow down more often to save whales, feds say

Larry Summers' inflation & employment statement proves we have a defective & evil economic system.

Jinny Oops at J-Pop Summit Festival 2010 San Francisco Japantown

In a California town, a militia is welcomed by some, cautioned by others

Forget the Red Wave. Why '22 Could Go Blue

Was Alito paid to troll the Dobbs case at Notre Dame's Rome junket?

Ukrainian Forces Hamstrung by Pledge Not to Fire Into Russia

Marvel's Phase Five: A Guide To All The New Movies and TV Shows

Life Saving Technology. Incredible.

Abortion access finds a place even in down-ballot campaigns

how to catch up on your sleep-

FYI, camera sale.

Holy Shit look at those floods in Kentucky!

SpaceX junk lands in Australian sheep paddock

Josh Hawley's book on "Manhood" can't be very large.

Spanish Prosecutors Want to Toss Shakira in Prison for 8 Years

DOJ alleges Russian national used St. Pete-based Uhuru Movement to spread propaganda

Mike Luckovich-Woke Democrats

New York Jury Convicts Neurologist on a Dozen Counts for Raping and Sexually Assaulting Six Patients

Whenever Rethugs talk about having "skin in the game" I'm reminded of this.

Alex Jones Producer Tries to Implicate Megyn Kelly on Witness Stand in Sandy Hook Suit

A Circuit Court Judge candidate just stopped by the house and saw Arthur in the window

Wait, what?

Copaganda the Media and NYC

Kansas court: Self-defense doesn't apply when bystander hurt

Michael Bloomfield!

Nascar driver at the center of the lets go brandon nonsense cant find a sponsor

Awww--look who showed up to see daddy Trump tee off:

Deleting things (i.e. flagrant consciousness of guilt with no penalty) is SOP for the GOP

After judge leaves, Alex Jones's lawyer starts yelling at Bankston and gives him the middle finger.

At least 16 people are dead after Kentucky's catastrophic flooding, and the death toll is expected

Jon Talks PACT Act on Fox News: There is no "Budget Gimmick"

Two Years before This Photo Was Taken, I Was a Campaign Volunteer for JFK

Edgar Winters White Trash-Back in the USA

A weird state law lets Virginians sue books. Politicians are using it to dictate what we can read.

Son who lost father on 9/11 says Republicans are turning on Trump over golf event

Republican Hot Heads Proudly Know Nothing About Science

Sam the Sham Alito is unfit to serve

Living their best lives.. 😊

Biden nominates abortion rights atty

Exxon And Chevron Report Record Quarterly Profits

How does "collegiality" work for 3 SANE justices with ALITO and the rest?!

Biden asked: "What are Republicans for?" They're for 2 things, pretty exclusively...

Ukraine's 'shadow army' working behind Russian lines to free Kherson - BBC News

I absolutely love the which side are you on ads

That's the price you pay for serving in government. You have to listen to the people who annoy you.

It's like they've never been apart

The Secret Service is a Hot Mess

Berlin's landmarks go dark as Germany races to save energy for winter

Caught some!

Iran raises death toll from mudslides, floods to at least 53

Democrats will definitely end up with 53 US Senate seats after 1/2023.

Everybody, put on your cowboy hat, and let's sing along.

I like using Oak Street Health as my HCP but I hate how they set up appts without checking

Russian National Indicted for Political Influence Operation

Climate change activists protested at Congressional baseball game. Cops got angry.

Wally and Beaver on SNL 1980

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Democratic party strategy....

Hawley, author?

Simple Question: Are The Text Messages Recoverable Or Not?

🚨 Top Democrat Steals the show, destroys Republicans on House floor - Brian Tyler Cohen

Alito's DIY Precedent Kit

Venn Diagrams That Are More Funny Than Useful

Trump Melts Down As Fox News Turns On MAGA, Cancels Trump Speech For New GOP Darling DeSantis

Manchin & the sunset of his power

Dillards Employee says slur as Black family walk past..fathers calm reply goes viral

"He's Not the Partner I'd Imagined for Myself. But He's My Best Friend."

Hulk the Dog Doesn't Scare This Super Chill Mailman

A little more cuteness overload

Billy Joel - 'We Didn't Start the Fire'

Pacific Northwest Restaurants Struggle as Temperatures Spike

Russians Want Murderer Added to Prisoner Swap

Whitt, Proud Boys attack another drag brunch

CNN Exclusive: Russian officials requested adding convicted murderer to Griner/Whelan prisoner swap

USPS Complaint: Second Time In The Last Week I Went To Buy Forever Stamps....

Rising hate leaves 'no place for gays' in Senegal

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 29, 2022

Andorra becomes the 33rd country with marriage equality

'Alarm bell': Oz's struggles have GOP pitching alternate path to Senate takeover

'Alarm bell': Oz's struggles have GOP pitching alternate path to Senate takeover

In an interview that appeared in the July 28, 1977, issue of Rolling Stone, Heart announced that

Jill Filipovic: Stop Supporting Bigoted Institutions

IMHO, the COOLEST End Theme in TV History

Trapped - The Lincoln Project

I Told You There Are No Texts to Find

The modern malaise: When your computer does something..

Kushner details West Wing 'war' with 'toxic' Steve Bannon in new book (CNN)

When Can Dying Patients Get a Lifesaving Abortion? These Hospital Panels Will Now Decide.

Problem at home - got advice?

Robert Duvall - It Hurts To Face Reality

Daily Distraction 29/07/2022

Daily Distraction 29/07/2022 Posted in Photography

Latest in Kentucky: four children found dead in high water CNN. Wonder if Mitch

Mr. Zeldin: Carry your brother home

The Forward Party???

Top Democrat STEALS THE SHOW, destroys Republicans on House floor - Brian Tyler Cohen

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Flamin' Oh's - I Remember Romance (afternoon toe-tapper)

LIVE 7PM ET: Michigan Rally with Bernie Sanders, Rashida Tlaib, Andy Levin

Sarah Godlewski withdraws from Wisconsin U.S. Senate Democratic primary

Jon Stewart's Response to ted cruz:

Anyone who sits home on their ass and does not vote in November needs to get their

Dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war killed in Russian captivity

Lou Donaldson - Midnight Creeper

100 degrees f in sonora @ 0305 p.,w humidity. ewwwwww , rickey!!!!!!

Do you know how much an orcestra costs?

Biden nominates abortion rights lawyer to US Court of Appeals

Turn on Ari RFN for the Criminal Conspiracy paths/plots

Weather changes today, southern MD

Senior dog is a delightful blend of beauty and brain

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge:systematic review

Simple, a sign of hope.

Ukrainian effort to retake Kherson begins - BBC Newsnight

Simple, a sign of hope.

Staffers Flee Katie Hobbs campaign (AZ-GOV)

satellite view shows lightning strikes in the desert southwest monsoon today...lots of flashes

Question from the jury in Alex Jonee case- Lizard people

House voting on Assault Weapons Ban --

TFG looks like shit

Free Speech Systems (the parent company of Infowars) filed for bankruptcy this afternoon.

Free Speech Systems (the parent company of Infowars) filed for bankruptcy this afternoon.

du'ers who tweet- a request.

Glenn Kirschner w/ Stephanie Miller: "I Am So Damn Ready for the Justice Tide to Turn on Trump!

Heads up! On Saturday and Sunday mornings, before the sun rises

House passes assault-style weapons ban

Indicted MAGA Clerk Pours Quarter Million Dollars Into Recount Gambit

Tweet of the Evening:

dinner is baked potato and steak w yogurt.

Hippy Vibes galore in this one. Kinda wish Glamrock was still around to hear her

Midterm Polls - The Lincoln Project

Does anyone have experience with alpha-gal?

DOJ Officials Tread Cautiously In Jan. 6 Investigation To Avoid Missteps - Deadline - MSNBC

MeidasTouch releases new MEGAVIRAL ad on GOP vote against Veterans

Las Vegas, NM declares emergency, with less than 50 days of clean water supply left

My online medical chart tells me I have kidney failure stage 3a

Cops Never Closed Car Door Prior To Woman's Death - The Damage Report

The made up non story that the MSM will be pushing

Jane Elliott Leaves White Audience Speechless

Oil drillers reap unprecedented profits as Americans struggle

Boomer Esiason rips ex-President Donald Trump for hosting LIV Golf, insulting 9/11 victims

Jim's Steaks in Philly is burned out...

Sinema Is Critical Vote on Manchin-Schumer Climate and Tax Deal

Florida political group defends its ties with Russia after FBI alleges they teamed up with Kremlin a

US Forest Service tightens rules on dispersed camping

Air Force grounds F-35As as ejection seat issue threatens fighter jets worldwide

GOP leader caught on tape accepting 'collateral damage' to pursue Trump's election lies: report

This Week at Justice - July 29, 2022 - The Justice Department

Flooding in Las Vegas Has Submerged the Strip

Republicans reportedly freaking out about Dr. Oz's performance in Pennsylvania Senate race

Michigan GOP governor candidates oppose shutting down 'dangerous' Great Lakes oil pipeline

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Paul Rieckhoff: Republican Senators Are 'Screwing My Friends Who Are Dying' - Deadline - MSNBC

Hawaii Gets Its Last Shipment of Coal, Ever

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