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Biden 'Got Through Covid With No Fear' Due To Widely Available Vaccine, Treatments - MSNBC

'Complete standstill:' Sanctions leave Russia facing 'economic oblivion'


Glenn Miller Orchestra with Tex Beneke & The Modernaires - (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo

US F-22 Raptors are on their way to Poland to boost NATO's air shield against Russian threats

Brazil towel sales emerge to mock mistrust of polls

Luckovich: "Same Old Song"

Report: Big Ten targeting Oregon Ducks, numerous other Pac-12 schools in expansion efforts

'They are being lied to and manipulated': Congressman cringes at footage of Trump supporters blaming

The CROWN Act Is Now Law in 18 States

Battleground US Senate Seats that Democrats will win in 2022.

CVS Pharmacy has similar policy to Walgreens, allows pharmacists to deny birth control prescriptions

Here's How Suzuki's Boat Motors Are Cleaning Up the Mess We've Made in Our Oceans

Courts block abortion bans in Wyoming, North Dakota

Link only. Kudos to the Guardian for acting like local journalism in the US

Union Pacific to spend $1B to upgrade 600 older locomotives

10 States That Produce the Most Renewable Energy

😂 🤣 😂 Herschel Walker IS GOING TO DEBATE Raphael Warnock on October 16th.

Takei on Manchin

The Conservative Agenda Depends On Judges Being Terrible Historians

FTC files to block Facebook-parent Meta from buying a VR company

Christian Mission Ousted from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation after Distribution of Hate Materials

Can Televised Hearings Change Minds Anymore?

"Donald Trump is a Straight Up Traitor!" - Malcolm Nance with Stephanie Miller - Live from Ukraine

GUILLERMO DEL TORO'S PINOCCHIO - Official Teaser Trailer - Netflix - Streams December

MO: Every abortion must be reported and prosecutors will decide whether to file charges

Janis Joplin and Ron "Pigpen" McKernan duet - Turn on your Lovelight - 7/16/1970

Sunset, southern MD 7/27

Samaritan - Official Trailer - Prime Video - Streams Aug. 26th

Professor Snape's potion class AMSR! 32 minutes long.

Frank Zappa on the threat of government take over by religious zealots (1988)

Amidst Women's Rights Clash, Sam Bee Fights Back With Comedy, Truth, And Late Night Breakthroughs

Ron DeSantis makes plans to regulate "woke CEOs"

I remember when I first heard this album.

Seattle City Council weighs permanent cap on food delivery fees

Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song

Covid in China: Million in lockdown in Wuhan after four cases

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr supporters storm parliament building in Baghdad

Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr supporters storm parliament building in Baghdad

Important new data points indicate DOJ does, in fact, have Donald Trump in its criminal sights

Manchin must really like his Committee

Here's Why We Should Stop Calling It 'Monkeypox'

Russia Today loses fight against EU ban, Moscow warns of retaliation

Has anyone heard anything lately about Putin's funding of his GOP puppets?

I wonder if Schumer had a come to Jesus with Manchin about his committee assignment

Trump's New Jan. 6 Nightmare: 'Devastating' Evidence Sparks MAGA Panic As Fox News Ignores 45

Doctors and patients deserve a 'conscience' exception to abortion bans

Trump and his allies want to cut back government watch dogs so they can rip you off

Important new data points indicate DOJ does, in fact, have Donald Trump in its criminal sights

Whose Choice

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans bizarre request of DOD....

Bellevue cheer coach arrested on charges of child molestation

This is another one of my top 20...totally different style

At CPAC next week: Victor 'pure Nazi' Orban rails against 'mixed-race'

Seattle Pastry Shops Partner With Bakers Against Racism to Fundraise for Abortion Access

The Supreme Court Is Coming After More American Rights

The casual coolness of Madoc

Rep. Kinzinger on CNN: DOJ, Marc Short Testimony, Ginni Thomas, & GOP Reaction to Hearings - CNN

First Snooki, now Little Steven: Fetterman trolls Oz with N.J. celebrities

Has Anyone Ever Called Tr**p A Liar To His Face - While He Was On Camera?.....

How about a ...Positive Miracle In History..TWA Flight 843.- July 30, 1992 - TWA Flight 843

A hero of the Trump right shows his true colors: Whites only

Bach's 'Cello Sonata No. 3', I, II, III/Alisa Weilerstein

Over the past three years...there has been a surge of interest in...the hydrogen economy...

Here's what ALEC has in store for us...

Alex Jones's slimy criminal defense attorney was caught lying and there was almost a fight

What do you think about Democrats' supporting far right wing candidates?

Can we turn back the clock 18 years, please?


Republicans recycle mass shooting playbook to deflect blame for Roe overturn

See Trump's Living Fox News Nightmare: Murdoch's MAGA TV Turns On Trump - The Beat - MSNBC

A near miss to my top 20. Has its moments.

No one in an American uniform has protected our freedom

Senate Republicans just blocked the PACT Act - critical veterans' healthcare legislation

A new Georgia voting law reduced ballot drop box access in places that used them most

Man Died After Lyft Driver Kicked Him Out on Highway

Jamie Raskin Schools Republican with epic Fact-Check in real time - Meidas Touch

Eric Swalwell tweet about "yesterday":

Let's do away with the separation of church & state

Honest Government Ad: The Supreme Court ((parody))

Minstrel of the Dawn - Gordon Lightfoot

Yes, Donald Trump Is at Significant Risk of Federal Prosecution

SO enjoying hearing Lawrence O'Donnell's analysis!

I believe the term for this might be "BFD."

Chuck Schumer Pulls a Fast One on Mitch McConnell, Revives Major Spending Bill That Looked...

Clarence Thomas is a filthy coward

This just on: 'Serenade for Strings' by Wm. Lloyd Webber

Citizen journalist rains hell on Matt Gaetz

Randy's Caturday

Yang & Whitman form third party

History of the World Map by Map

Secretary Miller's Testimony Debunks Lie Pushed By Trump, Fox News--And Miller - All In - MSNBC

New US estimate of Russian casualties in Ukraine is 75,000

I just feel the earth moving under my feet.. We walk away with both houses in November..

Do the crazy RW politicians actually believe the shit they say?

Nice move, Andy...Why not just call it the "Wee OP" and call it a day....?...smh..

Cotton says Manchin double crossed Republicans

Spectrum ordered to pay $7 billion in punitive damages after employee killed Irving woman

Florence Price's 'Mississippi Suite'/The Women's Philharmonic

Thursday's digit - 5/10: A typical summer day, humidity overextends its stay and late day storms

Canadian Pot PSA

Second day of Alex Jones trial ends in turmoil as lawyers square off

Second day of Alex Jones trial ends in turmoil as lawyers square off

Cotton urges every House Republican to not support the CHIPS bill

Warnock Opens Up Big Lead in Georgia

'There's Enough Evidence To Prosecute Trump' Says Obama DHS Secretary - All In - MSNBC

Deborah Harry and Nick Cave.."The Breaking Hands" from The Journey Is Long....

Welcome back, @POTUS .

Chris Hayes & Elie Mystal: Republicans lie for a living

Important caveat from Andrew Weissmann re: IF Dems lose mid-terms

The Daily Show: The Justice Department Investigates Trump & Instagram Faces Backlash

Kentucky man in remission after being first to undergo new cancer therapy

On Politics: Calculating just how divided America is

Dido - White Flag

Gaetz among 20 House Republicans who voted against anti-human trafficking bill

Caution. From Pete Williams and Phil Helsel, NBC

Byrds - Goin' Back

The Daily Show: Rafael A. Mangual - Making the Case for More Policing

NEW Another Fetterman troll: "Hey NJ, please come get your guy."

The long con...

Another one of my top 20 - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaugnan

Maybee. Frisbee. All day every day.

Bwah! - freaked out the wingnut Drumpf-ist VFW!

Rep. Katie Porter: 'Shameful' Gunmakers Refuse To Take Responsibility - The Last Word - MSNBC

What is at stake in the DOJ investigation?

Steve Goodman - : A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

Steve Goodman - : A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

*Fences, on HBO, now, ch 559.

If Hershel Walker is ready to debate, why hasn't he agreed to any?

27 years old

Now where did this idea come from?

Record Heat & Drought Push Projected EU Crop Losses Near 10% For Corn, Soybeans And Sunflowers

Charles Blow: MAGA Doesn't Care About Cops

One hurdle down (Manchin) on the BBB, 3 to go: the Senate parliamentarian, Sinema, and Gottheimer's

Matrix - The Unknown PR Firm Funneling Millions From US Utilities To Destroy Clean Energy Candidates

Russian Propagandists With Epic Fail, Again

DOJ's Scrutiny Of Trump Raises Prospect Of 'Something Extraordinary' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Darts (US) - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

The I.M.F. warns that a global recession could soon be at hand.

Dark money group funded by oil and gas industry falsely blames Democrats for gas prices

My (glucose?) is going to be over 200 tomorrow morning.

Activist Trolled By Matt Gaetz Fundraises $330K For Abortion Access - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Colorado House races illustrate gun safety chasm between Democrats and Republicans

Juicy Tomatoes With Parmesan-Olive Bread Crumbs

"Magic Trip" - Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters ...

12-Year-Old Fights West Virginia's Anti-Abortion Bill During Public Hearing

Lawrence: Leaks Of DOJ's Criminal Investigation Of Trump Will Keep Coming - The Last Word - MSNBC

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Irini Pasi' ('Peace Be With You') Blogspot

Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Preserve Peak Produce with This Indian Pickle Recipe

The Democratiic Party needs to re-tool this classic LBJ ad...

DL Hughley GED Section: Keeping White People In Charge of America

Triple dipping: How some farmers got paid three times for the same decreases in crop prices

Congressional Office Dog...

Judges block abortion bans in Wyoming, North Dakota

Class of 2022 US Senate seniority list.

David Hogg: Americans 'Exhausted' With Washington's Failure On Guns - The Last Word - MSNBC

Barriers Worldwide Draws Inspiration From The North Star, A 19th Century Anti-Slavery Newspaper, For

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 July 2022 -- supplemental

Seth Meyers - President Biden Doesn't Think the Country Is Going into a Recession - Monologue 7/26/22

Kherson bridge be like

Senator Elizabeth Warren Talks Inflation Reduction And Avoiding Political Catnip - MSNBC Prime

And after Manchin/Schumer agreed to pass the reconciliation bill in the Senate:

U.S. Conservatives Undeterred By Orban's 'Race Mixing' Remarks - MSNBC Prime

Trump's Rogues' Gallery Of 'Bad Lawyers' Could Be Key To DOJ Probe Of Jan. 6 - MSNBC Prime

"Black Widow" Pulsar May Be The Heaviest Neutron Star Ever

What kind of sorcery is this?

How to stop Trump's sneak attack on the civil service.

Trump Supporter Tells Reporter January 6th Was An 'Inside Job' After Admitting Her Friends Were Rioters

Understanding Trump's Army Of Capitol Hill Enablers - The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

Rep. Marjorie Greene: 'Toxic Masculinity' Should Be Top Military Requirement

Colombia's New President Gustavo Petro Set to Reshape Drug Laws

DOJ Gets Warrant To Search Eastman's Phone - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Colombian city is counting the days until its border crossing with Venezuela reopens

Bipartisan Plan To Launch Third Political Party - The 11th Hour - MSNBC


Archaeologists discover Ice Age human footprints in the Utah desert --may be more than 12,000 years o

The Last Thing: "Visions Of A Shared Future" - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Archaeologists unearths Unique Tomb of 6th Century BC Egyptian Commander at the archaeological area

Floors of ancient Greek luxury villa were laid with recycled glass

Henry Cuellar partners w/ ultra MAGAt Elise Stefanik on Bill to strip away minimum wage & OT

Ancient Maya installed gemstones in their teeth. It wasn't just fashion.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/27/22

Ancient Maya installed gemstones in their teeth. It wasn't just fashion.

Strange, never-before-seen diamond crystal structure found inside 'Diablo canyon' meteorite

This is what happens when you let your emotions get the better of you. And it's funny

Dr. Caitlin Bernard speaks out on "real-life implications" of abortion bans

Dr. Caitlin Bernard speaks out on "real-life implications" of abortion bans

Giant kangaroo fossil points to previously unknown species in New Guinea

Ever feel you are constantly in defense mode?

High-status Danish Vikings wore exotic beaver furs

Breakfast Thursday 28 July 2022

Shell, Total continue buyback bonanza after record profits

Eating Too Much Protein Makes Pee a Problem Pollutant in the U.S.

Norman Lear: On My 100th Birthday, Reflections on Archie Bunker and Donald Trump


A new law is putting astronomy back in the hands of Native Hawaiians

Thursday TOONs - You're Gonna Need A Bigger Bloat

Let me make this pellucidly clear

On both Bloomberg and MSNBC, if we are able to get the chips bill, and the energy climate

Ricketts, AG fight federal bid to ban LGBTQ discrimination in food programs

Taps Run Dry

EAT's Si+ lightweight hydrogen powder: Your questions answered

Message to the Gun Machine

Clarence Thomas Quits teaching Law School Class at GWU Law School

When MO doctors terminate a pregnancy because of a medical emergency, they must report their ...

Emu and chef help stop driver fleeing crash site

Ted Cruz Calls For Texas To Repeal Anti-Sodomy Law

JetBlue announces a deal to buy Spirit Airlines

Washington Examiner: Trump asks court for absolute immunity from Jan. 6 lawsuits

Josh Shapiro tells Pittsburgh his 'business-friendly' administration would slash corporate tax

'Sick people': Food company issues transphobic reply to Canmore Pride's request for donation

How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood

I had the worst fucking dream last night...

GOP senators block bill expanding care for veterans exposed to toxins

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/27/2022

The Rundown: July 28, 2022

Art of the Week: Week of 7/27/22

The Evidence Is Absolutely Clear. - You Lost.

Patron on The Day of Ukrainian Statehood

GOP senators block bill expanding care for veterans exposed to toxins

Murdoch on Election Night: "Sorry, Jared, there is nothing I can do."

Guess the book by the first line.

We found a candidate to run Against

Lavrov denigrates West's stance towards Africa on Ethiopia visit - Al Jazeera


Kim Jong Un threatens to use nukes. Glad Trump ain't president

Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 0.9 percent in the second quarter

Long Covid - this is a depressing read

MISO board approves $10.3B transmission plan to support 53 GW of renewables

You raised $165.00 on July 27, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Mike Pence Sold His Soul for Nothing - He was honorable on January 6th, but not before or after.

You raised $100.00 on July 27, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

U.S. jobless claims retreat after hitting highest level in eight months

You raised $25.00 on July 27, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Republicans are not Pro-life. They're Pre-Life, Pro-Rape, Pro-Incest & Pro-Death.

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

We are winning.

A Washington grand jury is going to indict Donald Trump (I Hope)

Rejected by courts, retirees take last shot to save pensions

Senate Republicans blocked the PACT Act, leaving sick veterans out, again.

I Got The Blues

103 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

FBI found Huawei gear near U.S. military bases and silos could easily disrupt nation's nukes

TFG's fighting like crazy to get his grievances list heard by the SCOTUS...

Watch This K9 Dog Help Her Dad At Work Every Single Day

Will the Georgia elector fraud case harm the federal investigation?

Restoration Movement news for Thursday, July 28, 2022

Jordan Peterson dreams about his grandma's pubes.

Highway robbery

"I had not expected to be fighting to protect a right that's already been won in court," said Sen.

Wavenumber 5 - The Destabilized Jet Stream Pattern Driving Heat Waves And Record Floods

Kim threatens to use nukes amid tensions with US, S. Korea

Alarm as Earth hits 'Overshoot Day' Thursday: NGOs

Daily High Temp Records Matched/Broken Throughout PNW; State Of Emergency In 25 OR Counties

PSA: Two links I use to check media sites

LOL! OH SHIT!! Looks Like Dems Gave The Turtle a Taste of his Own Medicine!! They Snookered Him!!

Can anyone recommend a good Python guide for kids?

Flammability hazards of typical fuels used in wind turbine nacelle

Democratic candidate Alex Lasry ends bid for US Senate in Wisconsin

OPPENHEIMER Teaser Trailer (2023) Christopher Nolan - 7/21/2023

Family brings home a dog and he becomes everyone's soulmate

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 28, 2022

This Grandma's Dying Wish Was a Giant Dick on Her Grave

Here's a great write-up on John Fetterman - hope to see more of this

DeSantis is a real nasty guy and he's got a press secretary to match.

David Bowie - Heroes, Rebel Rebel, The Jean Genie, Diamond Dogs, Suffragette City (live, 2002-2004)

a thought about joe manchin

Victory!!! Larry Klayman sued Rebecca Schoenkopf and @Wonkette over publications protected by 1A.

Ukrainian Feminist: We Need Western Solidarity in Fighting Russian Imperialism

GDP fell .9% for the second quarterly decline and a strong signal of recession.

Rescued Hairless Cat Works At Her Mom's Vet Clinic

Are those home tests making covid worse?

Coffee spill on the laptop

Mick Mulvaney, ex-White House acting chief of staff, is testifying before the January 6 committee

Haiti gang violence: Gun battles rage in Port-au-Prince

I figured out my mystery bird!

Wife asked me "Why did we get the Mexican Weather Channel on Cable?"

Ukraine Invasion: Russian Opposition to War Has Been Smashed, with Many Dissidents Fleeing Abroad

'Disturbing': weedkiller ingredient tied to cancer found in 80% of US urine samples

Who is going to win by a wider margin? Ryan-OH or Barnes-WI?

hubby and I have sent in and our ballot has been accepted in KS we voted NO

Times 'Stupid Cat Drawings' Made Everyone Laugh With How Accurate They Were

Nina Khrushcheva: "Don't Cancel Russian Culture." Collective Punishment "Plays into Putin's Hands."

New York Cop Bought Rifle for Neo-Nazi 'Rapekreig' Marine Who Planned Synagogue Attack: Feds

Woman Tells Congress What It's Like to Be Hacked by NSO's Pegasus

Jan. 6 committee interviews Mnuchin as probe expands into Trump Cabinet: Sources

The extremism of the, Eliminate Everything Party, is catching up to them.

I'm glad Merrick Garland is keeping his investigation under tight wraps.

Mike Bloomfield, a fabulous yet short lived guitar player,

So, someone explain to me why you raise rates

🐦 Firefighters rescue bird stuck in tree

Donald Trump hosts Saudi-backed LIV Golf tournament. Bob Costas reacts

Saudi Arabia reveals 170-kilometre-long mirrored skyscraper to house nine million people

The Default Tech Settings You Ought to Flip Off Proper Away

Shell Posts Record Quarterly Profit of $11.5 Billion. Exxon and Chevron Are Next.

Tomorrow my wife officially becomes a US citizen. Of course she will vote Democrat.

Mothers Against Greg ad. Funny and hard hitting.

I now know why my creepy older cousin was creepy.

The Default Tech Settings You Ought to Flip Off Proper Away

Gohmert: Hey, you're not allowed to tell the people we're lying (basically)

Kilmeade: If Trump is watching just let him know we didn't come up with those numbers!

WEATHER WATCH ALERT: WUSA9 is tracking a Weather Watch Alert for dangerous heat

Today I've officially nominated my North Jersey constituent Dr. Oz for membership in the New Jersey

Calf playing the "Teat / Not a Teat" game:

DOJ: Buffett company discriminated against Black homebuyers

DOJ: Buffett company discriminated against Black homebuyers

Actor Bernard Cribbins dies aged 93

The REAL problem is the BASE. Your neighbors. Actual people you likely know.

Ken Buck: Stupid AND Anti-Semitic

Love Jon Stewart. GOP sucks, bigly.

It is the "Media" that is the problem: Next Presidential Election: Tuesday, November 5, 2024

Hulu reverses policy, will use cable standards for political ads

J6 terrorist Derrick Evans reports to prison, describes himself as "political prisoner"

Pennsylvania republican candidate for governor said in raw story he doesn't want practicing Jews

Homemade Light and Crispy French Cruller Recipe (video)

Anger as Republicans block bill to help military veterans exposed to toxins

Anger as Republicans block bill to help military veterans exposed to toxins

Blue - Joni Mitchel's best album. One of my top 20

L. Tribe re-posted this 2018 WaPo study on Trump & "Fragile Masculinity"

Yucatan archaeological site has been abandoned, residents claim

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's new relationship with conservative media....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 28, 2022)

3 GOP-controlled counties are insisting that the incomplete results they submitted must be certified

Jeff Tiedrich tweets about pronouns & guns:

Hey Guys, do you mind if I come on board?

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Moscow Mitch vows to fight Democrats' new spending bill "as hard as we can"

Skinner's (David Allen) first Tender collaboration

Helicopter parenting--Baby Elephant edition:

I do not do twitter but you have GOT to follow Fetterman in PA. He is masterful

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood posts videos of himself shooting his former allies

A BFD: Finally Medicare will be able to negotiate Prescription Drug Prices with Big Pharma

Capybara mother and tiny baby:

Karl Rove asks: 'What will Donald Trump do with his campaign cash?'

Man out for a walk with his little baby goat:

Jesus!!! What happened???

Pooty gets pouty Following Brittney Griner Swap News

Naomi Biden announces that her wedding will be on White House South Lawn

So who in the Slobfather's Cabinet spoke with the J6 Committee

Louisianna's cornpone Senator has a sad after Manchin announces surprise deal with Dems

Leatherback turtle rescue:

So did WV legislators understand this was sarcasm or did they take notes?

Everyone should see this. Please rec and forward

NH Republicans reject family planning contracts for 4th time

Massive damage, casualties expected after overnight flooding in Eastern Kentucky, governor says

I see Navarro is polishing his insanity defense...

Liberal Ideas: Medicare, Social Security, Obamacare, Seat Belts, No Smoking Places.. proposed by ?

Smash-and-grab at Seattle jewelry store; total loss in the hundreds of thousands

Watch: Jon Stewart uncorks profane rant after GOP senators block veterans benefits bill

So many, many new housing and condo are being built in Montgomery County, MD it's sad.

President Biden on now n/t

Fauntleroy ferry crashes into, damages 'dolphin' structure at terminal

State fair in Puyallup holding job fairs this week to hire 5,000 people

I'm not thrilled at the Fetterman campaign's current strategy

Monsters on Maple

'Dumb Fux & Friends' Is Now Begging Trump to Love Them Again

Liz Cheney smacks.down Fox news

Federal Reserve Announced it is raising interest rates 0.75% Yesterday, July 27, 2022

Man arrested near Jayapal's home charged with felony stalking

Inflation Act - Limits on the $7500 Tax Credit for Clean Vehicles?

I had my first "M&M" ((to)mato and mayo) sandwich, made with a fresh picked tomato

After vandalism, UpRising Bakery re-opens to long lines in Lake in the Hills

Where Is Dan Snyder's Yacht? An Interview With the Football Fan Tracking It.

President Biden speaks on new bill to fight inflation

Where is the thread about Trump Judge offering to dismiss Bannon's case?

After vandalism, UpRising Bakery re-opens to long lines in Lake in the Hills

A Russian Duma member called Apricothellbeast "Our Trump" on state TV

Judge: Wisconsin probe found 'absolutely no' election fraud

Minnesota restaurant pros offer tips for navigating the new world of tipping

Are we in a recession?

Clean energy package would be biggest legislative climate investment in US history

DeSantis is determined to destroy education in Florida:

On Their 57th Anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid Remain Under Threat

Chuck Schumer Pulls a Rabbit Out of Joe Manchin's Hat

No bond for accused rapist of girl who traveled for abortion

This guy's a goner:

You can get air quality right now from this site on where you are living today link below

A deal that just won't work.

Massive flooding in eastern Kentucky engulfs homes, leaves several dead

Josh Hawley is writing book on masculinity. Senator's 'Manhood' goes on sale next May.

Four Democrats and a Jan. 6 Participant Vie for Ron Kind's Seat in Congress

Abandoned Street Dog Who Didn't Know How To "Dog"

If the Republican Party couldn't cheat, they'd disappear

AR-15 style guns sold as a sign of manhood as shootings rise

Cartoons 7/28/2022

GOP Gun Bill Loses Support Amid Outrage From Hunting, Conservation Groups

Yosemite's sequoias saved; but threat to parks remains

Christian Mission Ousted from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Senate should speed votes on Biden's judicial nominees

The worst flooding in Kentucky history?

Okay, who has Zombie spiders on their 2022 Bingo card?

Eric Swalwell calls out Boebert again

Republican AGs Sue USDA Because Food Assistance Programs Can't Discriminate Against LGBTQ Recipients

Millions still without sense of smell or taste after Covid-19

Adam Schiff on TFG's comments about him

GOP Pa. governor nominee under fire for ties to white nationalist site Gab

Northern Ukraine Comes Under Burst of Russian Attacks

'Hunted': one in three people killed by US police were fleeing, data reveals

With so much crazy and negative stuff going on, here is an original song to brighten your day.

Tim Ryan loudly pointing out the GOP are aligned with China (re: voting no on CHIPS bill)

What's in, and out, of Democrats' inflation-fighting package

TFG goes full-on authoritarian: executions, internment camps

Trump tells ESPN "nobody's gotten to the bottom of 9/11..." as he's hosting Saudi golf tournament

Massive methane leaks speed up climate crisis.

Instead of White Christian Nationalism, here's where the Christian Church should be influencing

Warnock to Walker: 'Stop dodging. Commit to debates.'

Mick Mulvaney being deposed by J6 committee at this time

House is currently voting on CHIPS bill

Husband finds 70-year-old wife killed by family dog

Herschel Walker - Debate Dodging (Luckovich cartoon)

Help Air "Reject Oz" in Pennsylvania

The putz putts: TFG opens the LIV tournament at Bedminister (Did he cheat?).

'The Court has no comment': It's not publicly known whether the May leak of Alito's draft opinion on

Camden County, Georgia files suit to force land sale for spaceport

Matt Schlapp Endorses Racial Purity As Fine Topic For CPAC

Kicked Out: Cobb County families say they are not wanted in rental properties

Discontinued soon

'They got DeSanitized': Mixed reactions after governor files complaint against Miami bar

Ellison: No appeal to defend Minnesota abortion restrictions

Not gonna lie.... I'm nervous about Sinema.

'They got DeSanitized': Mixed reactions after governor files complaint against Miami bar

Florida schools to let veterans teach without degrees

Dad surprises his boys with a new pup

Biden holds a critical call with Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping - CBS News

Joy Behar Suggests Biden Send Mitch McConnell to Russia in Exchange for Brittney Griner

Registered letter never arrived

apparently the ruskies are mutilating

Congressional Primary Reveals GOP Ties To Extremism Which Surprises Literally No One

House passes bill to boost U.S. chip production and China competition, sending it to Biden

Tread lightly, sex offender, winter is definitely coming for you

Jon Stewart SLAMS Republicans for blocking Veterans bill

Tren Maya: Grupo Mexico confirms termination of Mayan Train contract

Proud boy..what the term actually means

Mike Luckovich-Trophy for Debate Dodging

House passed 'Chips' Bill

This New Band-Aid Lets Doctors Look Inside Your Body

Congress passes bill boosting US semiconductor production

Pope Francis Mass interrupted by protest over 15th-century doctrine justifying land grab

Beware of the Lake

How Maricopa Elections is purging poor and elderly voters

Talk about having a really s****y day...

Vance would vote against codifying right to marriage for same-sex couples

Now they want to testify before the J-6 Committee!

Tester speaks following failed PACT Act vote

Stonekettle from Twitter, has an idea to share about Christian Nationalists

Ukraine launches counteroffensive to break Russia's hold on major southern city

How Donald Trump Jr. Promised--and Failed--to House the World's Poor

Murphy on Failed PACT Act Vote: Did Republicans Decide to Take Anger Out on Vulnerable Veterans?

Biden to host Obamas in September for White House portrait ceremony Trump shunned

Pres. Biden celebrates House passage of CHIPS and Science Act

Xi Jinping tells Joe Biden not to 'play with fire' over Taiwan in two-hour call

Alito mocked "foreign leaders" who condemned his opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

Secret Service director "delaying" retirement

Dr. Oz is nominated for New Jersey Hall of Fame 😎

Collins: same-sex marriage bill may be doomed now bc of what Dems did on the inflation reduction bil

Doug Mastriano Under Fire for Ties to White Nationalists

The War on Drugs - Pain [Official Video]

Does everyone have a price? Re: LIV tournament

Committee Sharing Evidence with Justice Department

'Appalled' 9-11 survivors' families protest Trumps's LIV Golf due to Saudi ties

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Rhine and recession....

Biden and Xi Agree to Meet

Police searching for suspects who chased down and killed 2 men with AK-47 in N. Houston

If the AG asked me how he should treat Donald Trump, I'd quote Donald Trump:

Mega Millions jackpot now $1.1 billion, nation's 3rd largest (are YOU buying tickets?)

U.S. defense contractor and wife who were photographed in KGB uniforms charged with stealing identit

07-28-2022 Hazard, KY - Historic & Devastating Flooding

Absolutely no evidence of election fraud.

Need translation for Spanish(?) and Otter:

Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson on October 28, 1913, the only day they ever faced one another

I spend a lot of time on twitter in order to post things about Ukraine

Elizabeth May to run for Green Party Leader in Canada again.

digby: Have the Democrats actually outsmarted the Grim Reaper?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 28, 2022

I mean I can GOD DAMN REMEMBER a day in 2015 or 2016 and I am at

Yellen Assures U.S. Economy 'Transitioning To More Steady, Sustainable Growth' - MSNBC Reports

Shady Business involving Glenn Greenwald, Eric Prince, encrypted phones and DEF CON

Former Democrats And Republicans Create New Political Party With Andrew Yang Co-Chairing - MSNBC Reports

"I Call Bullshit!" Jon on the PACT Act Being Blocked in the Senate

Across the Desk - S6:E2 (OK U.S. House Reps Vote 'No' On 2 Important Bills)

These are the people who voted against veterans. Know their faces:

I can smell the stench from Trump's Liv tournament at my house

Why was the White House not put on Lockdown on 1/6?

Should Speaker Pelosi go to Taiwan?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-1: The Unbearable Weight Of Excessive Force Edition

Matt Gaetz ridiculed an abortion-rights activist; BUT it RAISED OVER $800K DOLLARS FOR ABORTION FUND

Kirschner: If DOJ Decline's to Prosecute Trump, It Opens the Flood Gates to Future Crimes. - PVN

Merrick Garland Is Doing His Job, Now We Must Do Ours - By Winning

This group wants to form a new party. I'd call them the Statistics Abusers Party.

Eric Swalwell w/ Stephanie Miller - Trump is Responsible for J6, All the Evidence is in Plain Sight!

Thigs are not broken under Trudeau:

Michigan Supreme Court: Law bans discrimination based on sexual orientation

In Poland, People Are Roleplaying as Americans, Here Are The Best Photos

Just heard from Martin Sheen!

Susan Collins: Democrats' Climate Deal May Doom Bipartisan Efforts On Same-Sex Marriage

Malcolm Nance w/ Stephanie Miller - There Needs to be Accountability for Donald Trump RIGHT NOW!

5.22 pm EDT 28, July: David Jolly on MSNBC coming up to tell us about his new Third Party

Place your bets on who leaked the Roe v. Wade decision ...

Beloved Chincoteague ponies' mythical origins may be real

EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutors prepare for court battle to force former White House officials to testify

Police Called as Rival Right-Wing Convoy Groups Duke It Out in D.C.

Stacy Abrams Video Tweet:

First on CNN: Trump DOJ official cooperating with Justice Department's criminal Jan. 6 probe

"I Call Bullshit!" Jon on the PACT Act Being Blocked in the Senate

Mob-Fleeing Dweeb Josh Hawley Is Writing a Book Called 'Manhood'

Republicans in the Senate

Jan. 6 panel zeroing in on high-level Trump officials - CNN

Biden Calls On Lawmakers To Pass Bill Addressing Inflation And Climate Change - MSNBC Reports

Twitter warns governments are demanding user info at an alarming rate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 29 July 2022

Senator Tester BLASTS Republicans For Voting AGAINST Veterans

Question about solar incentives in new BBB bill

7 Years No Indictment - Don Winslow Films

Paul Walter Hauser Is Giving the Best Performance on TV Right Now

USPS announces election division to oversee mail-in ballots

USPS announces election division to oversee mail-in ballots

Jon Stewart goes viral EXCORIATING Republicans over disgusting stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

American Crystal Sugar workers reject 17% raise over 4 years

American Crystal Sugar workers reject 17% raise over 4 years

Comedian brilliantly Nails Trump outtake impersonation one year Before Jan 6 release - Meidas Touch

AOC Grills Gun Manufacturers - The Damage Report

MTG Makes AWFUL Comment About US Military - Rebel HQ

Texas Paul Exposes secret wedding recording of Republican who voted against his son's marriage - MT

Experts warn of election 'havoc' across the US if North Carolina case succeeds

I have a 1 year old black cat I adopted as a kitten from Lifeline (neutered & chipped)

The Worker Flexibility and Choice Act (WFCA)

Middle Age Riot tweet:

False claims of 'deepfake' President Biden go viral

HRC& TimRyan +the CHIPs vote

HRC& TimRyan +the CHIPs vote

DC requests National Guard help with busloads of migrants

Whew! I feel like I got hit over the head. I'm still a little woozy.

Barack Obama: This has been a big week for the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress. First

Dream Dreamin' Thread: What will you do with your MegaMillions Jackpot?

Amazing artwork. Watch to the end:

Politico sources: Sinema is "frustrated" and "totally shocked", did not attend Dem caucus today

How local journalists proved a 10-year-old's abortion wasn't a hoax

Oz has such enthusiastic crowds:

Hershey says it won't be able to meet Halloween demand this year

According to Jared Kushner.......

Senator Ha-ha-Hawley has ---snort!---written a book entitled---hee-hee-hee!---"Manhood"!

Sarah Godlewski will make Sen. Ron Johnson unemployed -2022 Partisan Primary Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Snipped in solidarity: the American men getting vasectomies after Roe - while they can

Wisconsin anti-voting-fraud activist commits voter fraud to make a point

Sen. Raphael Warnock To Herschel Walker: Commit To A Debate - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Meeting a Childhood Heartthrob?

Is the 2022 GA elections going to be similar to the 1998 GA elections.

I'm happy to report that Arthur is making up for lost meal time

I have never seen such a happy little boy who got a baseball at Fenway Park........

Val Demings' ad criticizes Rubio's attendance record

The grocery store near me (Giant Eagle) is now selling Halloween candy.

Jan. 6 Committee Focuses On Trump Cabinet Officials (MSNBC)

'Woo' gets mixed reviews from people who know about autism

Encouraging Sign: Democratic Turnout Surging in Kansas Early Voting

Majority of U.S. House backs sweeping semiconductor bill

Senate agreement on climate change, health care revives Biden's legislative agenda - PBS NewsHour

1st Trader Joe's union approved at Massachusetts store

Ron DeSantis filed a public complaint against a bar that does drag brunch.

Biden gives perfect Takedown of Trump's pandemic response when announcing he has tested negative

24 House Republicans break with leadership, vote with Democrats to pass chip bill

The government calls Pat Cipollone

Florida DOE to schools: follow Biden transgender protections and risk breaking state law

Florida DOE to schools: follow Biden transgender protections and risk breaking state law

Manchin: I was 'ostracized,' 'victimized' after nuking BBB

Kevin McCarthy whines about Democrats passing legislation

Love Devotion Surrender

(Charles Ng) California court OKs death penalty in '80s sex slave murders

Manchin-Schumer Deal Is 'A Message That Democrats Get Things Done' Says Maloney - Deadline - MSNBC

Yes, Social Media Really Is Undermining Democracy

Mick "we-do-it-all-the-time-get-over-it" Mulvaney testifies to the J6 committee re: Trump's conduct

Justice Kagan warns U.S. Supreme Court must maintain public confidence

For Those Of You Who Don't Speak "Fox," I'll Translate. When Fox "News" Spends The Whole Afternoon

Someone found a Trump lookalike:

Anyone willing to look over these YouTube lists I made meant to lure younger son

Anyone willing to look over these YouTube lists I made meant to lure younger son

LIV will mar US golf sanctity forever. It will no longer have the prestige it once had.

Ok, can the shittin' on democrats cease?

Are the rats starting to flee the "Trumptanic?" Tom Brady I haven't talked to Trump in years.

Seahawks ink star WR DK Metcalf to lucrative 3-year extension