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Pennsylvania Republican attends gay son's wedding days after voting against marriage equality

Pennsylvania Republican attends gay son's wedding days after voting against marriage equality

Wow! Short throws Gaetz under the bus......bwahahaha

Desi Lydic Foxsplains: The January 6th Hearings The Daily Show

Hypothetical DOJ question about Pres Biden

Hey Hey We're The Monkees

Beto O'Rourke STUNS at campaign event, convinces Republican voter to vote Democrat.

The best show is German sci-fi thriller Dark, but The OA isn't far behind

Washington state hospitals lost nearly $1B in first quarter, survey finds

It's called altruism, Gaetz. ALTRUISM!

"We seem to be sleepwalking to disaster. If we don't wake up in time, we could lose our democracy."

Remeber the Central Park 5? Convicted of rape and spent...

White House to launch effort to develop next generation of Covid vaccines

Biden poised for big wins in Congress

Trump's New Jan. 6 Nightmare: See Murdoch's Fox News Empire Turn Over 'Horrible' Trump Evidence

Another Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Christian Nationalism Is Neither New Nor Pretty

Interstate Travel Post-Roe Isn't as Secure as You May Think

Traitor trump does not need the most votes in 2024 to take power.

Russia struggling to repair thousands of destroyed combat vehicles, British intelligence says

Trump Turns on His Besties Over at 'Dumb Fux & Friends'

Sleep wear

Republicans propose raising commercial pilots' mandatory retirement age

Tempers flare as preacher, activists clash at library board meeting on LGTBQ+ books

I live in Indiana and on the local news they interviewed a Right to Life person.

Estonia's prime minister has a message for the West: 'Don't worry about Putin's feelings'

Steve Bannon calling for 4000 troops to deconstruct the govement!!

Armed Trump Supporters - Luckovich

As heat wave begins, Seattle Fire among agencies urging caution on water

Anyone checks line by line their cell phone charges?

Marjorie Trailer Greene for Christian Nationalism

Matthew Diemer: Candidate for U.S. House of Representative for Ohio's 7th District.

Mike Campbell: The backstory on "Boys of Summer"

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Scientists measure how quickly crucial Antarctica glacier is melting

GOP Sen. Hawley Running From 'His' Jan. 6 Mob Is About Far More Than His Humiliation - The Beat

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Team Pence and Marc Short talking to a grand jury....

I should've been told that old age comes with

In the video of Gerald L.K. Smith, a founder of Christian Nationalism,

We need to crack down harder on people who use guns in crimes

Question on gun control

Arizona fake-electors subpoenas show breadth of DOJ Jan. 6 probe

Marc Short subpoenaed & testifies to grand jury; J6 committee may soon subpoena Ginni Thomas

Check in with your insult that is harsh and nasty but non-misogynist.

This is nice...

Pat Metheny Group - Last Train Home

Steve Bannon Calls for '4,000 Shock Troops'

when you accidentally wash your KKK robe with your red MAGA hat

Russia has reportedly begun selling "discount" cars

Hollywood has lost another great actor. Paul Sorvino died at the age of 83.

About time that crazy religous nut Doug Mastriano

A Court Without Precedent

Stevie Wonder with Dizzy Gillespie - Do I Do

Pressure Building On AG Garland To Charge Trump - The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

Fabric 20 - John Digweed (2005) Full Mix Album 📡📽️📺💾🔭 of my ice cream treats is no more.....🤬 🤬 🤬

Rosemary Woods tearfully explains how she erased Secret Service texts.

new finds on ACORN

Todd Rundgren with Vicki Sue Robinson & The Brecker Bros. - Hello It's Me

Earth Blues

'Troll Conservatism' On Full Display At Right-Wing Conference - All In - MSNBC

Rachel used the term "grok" again.

Knowing Trump, if he loses to DeSantis he will tell his loyal followers to stay home

Marvin Gaye with The Temptations - Try It Baby

Beto O'Rourke STUNS at campaign event, convinces Republican voter to vote Democrat

'I know he didn't lose': What Trump supporters say about the Jan. 6 hearings (CNN)

Just finished season 1 of Handmaid's Tale

TikToker notices uncanny resemblance between Ginni Thomas and Benny Hill in drag

Short: "If the mob had gotten closer to the VP...there would have been a massacre in the Capital"

A new CA gun law should force the SCOTUS to confront the enormity of its worst decision

Luria On Top Pence Aides Testifying Before DOJ Grand Jury - All In - MSNBC

Inside Scoop: London's best ice cream

Speaking of The Monkees

Soul-Healing Times When Pets Looked At Their Owners With So Much Love In Their Eyes

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

This morning I discovered my new happy place, better to say calming place.

Rupert Murdoch attends granddaughter Charlotte Freud's wedding (Pictures)

Why ex-Pence aide's grand jury testimony is a big deal (CNN)

Anyone seen a list / article showing Biden's tax plan compared to drumpf?

Pro-Israel Lobby Pours Millions Into Democratic Primary In Michigan - All In - MSNBC

Texas GOP Seeks to Enshrine Cryptocurrency in the State's Constitution

Sticking it to Gaetz

The Daily Show - Jan 6 Hearing Finale: Trump's Tantrum Outtakes & Hawley's Humiliating Run

****12:00 midnite, CH. 32 WHUT Norman Lear

Panera Broccoli and Cheddar Soup.

Always a good time for some 'Rhenish', Chaminade's 'Flute Concertino'

Uvalde school board pushes Greg Abbott for special legislative session to increase legal age

Kinetics Over Extended Periods of Solvated Electrons in the Remediation of PFAS and Halocarbons.

Arizona fake-electors subpoenas show breadth of DOJ Jan. 6 probe

GOP Congressman attends gay sons wedding

Estonia's prime minister has a message for the West: 'Don't worry about Putin's feelings'

A Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Minnesota. Real quotes

Dvorak's String Quartet 'American' (a different rendition than on radio now)

Malcom McDowell on his friend David Warner

Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study finds

Brutal Hippo Attack Caught on Video

Something made me look up 2000 mules and I can't believe

Officer Arrests Crime Victim For Being Emotional

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

JD Vance Suggests People in 'Violent' Marriages Shouldn't Get Divorced

Why Does Anyone Care If Clarence Thomas Is Nice? He's Still Taking Away Your Basic Rights

Any chance the 1/6 Committee or DOJ will subpoena Pence

Glenn Kirshner & Stephanie Miller: Trump's Criminal Intent is Clear, Merrick Garland's Intent is Not

Deep Purple - No No No (German TV show Beat-Club, 1971)

For Thousands of Georgians, Freely Traveling Across State Lines for an Abortion Is Not an Option

Journalist Warns Trump Going Unpunished Sends This Message To Future Presidents - The ReidOut - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Stone inscription in southern India reveals evidence of region's oldest synagogue

(Jewish Group) Tbilisi's Jewish community is dwindling. Could an interfaith Peace Cathedral help

(Jewish Group) 'Koshersoul' author and chef Michael Twitty coming to JCCSF

(Jewish Group) 'Open Shabbat' welcomes the Sabbath with San Francisco's unhoused

A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned

NY Times: US Officials Grow More Concerned about potential action by China on Taiwan

Seth Meyers - Trump Loses it After Jan. 6 Hearing Reveals Embarrassing Speech Outtakes: A Closer Look

'We're just waiting for him to die': Former GOP lawmaker admits party has no plan to derail Trump

Fierce baby elephant : "I gonna get you!"

Iowa media help Hinson, Miller-Meeks hide the ball on birth control access

Otters having a lunch meeting:

Republicans: "Democrats call everyone they don't like a Nazi." -- Also Republicans:

Doctor Says 'All Hands On Deck Coordinated Response' Needed To Halt Monkeypox Crisis - The ReidOut

All the best Trump speech outtakes you DIDN'T see during the Jan 6 hearings. (Parody)

'Accountability At The Highest Level': Latest Jan. 6 News Is Bad For Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Outside my front door! 3 years ago

Strzok: 'Triple Russian Threat' At 'Unhinged' Trump WH Meeting - The Last Word - MSNBC

Oakland to pay $1.5 million to fired police chief Anne Kirkpatrick

Rep. Allred: Don't Elect Officials Who Don't Believe In Democracy - The Last Word - MSNBC

Uvalde school district suspends Robb Elementary School principal

Trump Edits To Jan. 7 Speech Suggest Soft Spot For Capitol Attackers - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Are You and Your Loved Ones Still Masking Up?

gym jordan tweet: "the left has normalized violence"

Breakfast Tuesday 26 July 2022

Christian Nationalism's Racist Past Precludes Revival Except Among GOP's Trumpiest - Rachel Maddow

Alex Jones' 'medical issues' may prevent him from attending 'parts of' Sandy Hook trial in Texas

Alex Jones' 'medical issues' may prevent him from attending 'parts of' Sandy Hook trial in Texas

Ukraine Seeks More 'Game Changer' U.S. Weapons Systems For Counteroffensive Against Russia - TRMS

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: St. Dymphna of Ireland

GOP congressman attends gay son's wedding 3 days after opposing protections for same-sex marriage

Deftones - B-Sides & Rarities (Full Album)

Where's Patron?

Why Were Demonstrators With Nazi Flags At Pro-Trump Gathering? - The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

My Uncle (deceased) was awarded 3 Silver Stars in WW2. Question.

Top Pence Aides Testify To January 6 Grand Jury - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

TFG is a fascist, just look at his claims, and what he stands for,

Furious Texas Paul Slams the Most Fascist Republican Rallies Yet - Meidas Touch

Ask Yourselves, Republicans

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/25/22

A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned.

Matt Gaetz slammed Mike Pence at event. See ex-aide's response - CNN

Tillandsia stricta flowering

Stephen Colbert: Autocrats Are On The March "From Moscow to Mar-A-Lago" - Guest Rep. Jamie Raskin

Another home insurance company leaving Florida

Bringing Texans together to find common ground and finally move our state forward - Beto For Texas

Fetterman Tweet:

Switzerland neutrality?

I am beyond happy and this is the best moment of the week. Ok, it's only Tuesday, but.....

Long night of storms here. Nearly continuous lightning-

I am very surprised that Biden's tearing the Slobfather a new one yesterday

After ruling, W.Va. lawmakers advance criminal abortion ban

German strike forces Lufthansa to cancel hundreds of flights

Explosive wildfire near Yosemite grows, forcing thousands of evacuations: "It's absolutely terrifyin

I'm Proud To Say I'm A Liberal

Russian targets destroyed by HIMARS rocket-launching trucks in Ukraine - DW News

Why Russia CANNOT accept a peace-treaty with a stable, western-oriented Ukraine:

Arizona prisons violate First Amendment by banning The Nation magazine issues, ACLU claims

Record number of overstocked retail items going to liquidators

Brand new ad OUT TODAY from @MomsAGAbbott will break your heart and fill you with #RoeRage

Tuesday TOONs - Past The Point


Europe agrees compromise gas curbs as Russia squeezes supply

On this day, July 26, 1940, Dobie Gray was born.

Honest Government Ad US Supreme Court

Manchin has Covis/Covid

Sanctity Of Life?

Is there ever a point where Republican projection attempts are so ridiculous that it

The Rundown: July 26, 2022

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 7/20/22

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 7/17-7/23/2022

Different Masks For Different Days


CNN: The inside story of how John Roberts failed to save abortion rights

General Motors' Income Tumbles 40% on China Loss, Parts Shortages

Russia to opt out of International Space Station after 2024

At least two Republican lawmakers in Arizona have received subpoenas in fake electors scheme.

Interstate 70, St Peters, MO, both sides blocked due to flooding.

Democratic small dollar donations balloon while Rep small dollar donations crater

Matt Gaetz: 'Likely He'll Be In Prison' By 2024

Ukrainian Soldier Amputees Arrive In Minnesota For Free Prosthetics

Is this Trump's flight?

$840 billion a yr on military defense-But We Can't Afford more than $2.3 billion for climate crisis?

"The fundamental flaw in MAGA" - WaPo opinion piece by Leonard Steinhorn. Long but interesting...

GOP warms to far-right gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania Doug Mastriano

Bob Rafelson, a New Hollywood renegade, dies at 89

Digital pics in picture

Czech police seized a high-powered Ferrari. Now it's in their fleet.

Merrick Garland on NBC Nightly News tonight

If we did not have the J6 Committee, where would we be right now in the investigation?

It's pretty bad around here. 80 miles north or south of us got no rain, my town believes 10" fell

Jeopardy will continue to split hosting duties

Press "bothsideism" has failed Biden, and America

You raised $160.00 on July 25, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

You raised $50.00 on July 25, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

The Choco Taco is gone for good.

You raised $20.22 on July 25, 2022 the Democratic Underground is out for BLOOD Gov NE

The only thing that will heal this nation is "justice".

Yellowstone Gateway Towns Hammered By Flooding; DOI Climate Guidance For Parks Dumped By Trump

Oxford University Press + Harvard is creating a dictionary of African American English UPDATE

Oak Fire At 17,421 Acres As of 7/26 At 16% Containment; Biggest California Fire So Far In 2022

Northeast Heatwave Begins To Fade; PNW Heatwave Gathering Force; 110F Peaks Expected

Why is this guy still on the road?

US opens 3 probes of safety problems in Stellantis vehicles

My monthly rent just went up $200 and I'm still "lucky".

Red states are building a nation within a nation

Erskine Hawkins was born on this date.

Record rainfall causes widespread flash-flooding near St. Louis, including on I-70

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!

More than a year and a half ago....

tfw- a man stares deeply into your eyes, and you realize

oppsies . i made a mistook. i put a earlier post that should have been in weather watchers

Tom Nelson drops out of WI Senate Race -endorses Barnes

So, the DOJ Has an Active Grand Jury Empaneled Regarding January 6

JD Vance is trying a trump & cruz type hustle to get donors to pay him back

'Parks are wild by nature': Yosemite visitors undeterred by raging forest fires

JD Vance is trying a trump & cruz type hustle to get donors to pay him back

I know I shouldn't laugh! 🤣🤣

Exactly what happened to us

Watch the Official Trailer for Biopic on Emmett Till and His Mother

The Three Stooges who led the fake electors coup plot. Watch for indictments of these idiots.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 26, 2022

'You Have Cancer': Jared Kushner Reveals in New Memoir He Was Treated For Thyroid Cancer While Servi

Sources: Roberts fought to the end to save Roe v. Wade

Burma Executes Four Activists as Resistance to Military Government Grows Since 2021 Coup

Bunny has zero respect for gravity

Some things to make your day complete --- 135 Facts

Couple Rescues Deer Stuck In Middle Of Frozen Lake

Life begins when...

U.S. consumer confidence slips further in July

Flash Flood in Globe, Arizona

Dispatch from UberFrau Greene regarding "Christian Nationalists"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Trump already lost a governorship in Maryland....

Having fun with statues

Political Ad Shows Doctor Asking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott If He'll Allow An Abortion

Political Ad Shows Doctor Asking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott If He'll Allow An Abortion

BTRTN, the Midterms: Democrats' Chances of Holding the Senate Improve

BTRTN, the Midterms: Democrats' Chances of Holding the Senate Improve

The Who - Is It In My Head? (Quad fix)

Pic Of The Moment: The Insanity Of The Modern Republican Party

Republican went to son's same-sex wedding days after voting against equal marriage rights

105 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Why are the justices of the Supreme Court exempted from ethics rules?

The coup plotter in chief is in DC today

Some Places Are Still Enforcing Masking Rules

ok music fans- player/singer duos. go

The Gun Industry Created a New Consumer. Now It's Killing Us. The Atlantic

'Full of injustice': Burden of court fines vary by race, county in WA

New stadium for new MLS team St. Louis City SC is lit.

'Full of injustice': Burden of court fines vary by race, county in WA

Pierre weather radio to go off-line as tower gets replaced

Russian historian on Putin's self-appointed mission and long-term geopolitical goals.

Tony Dow has passed

More leaked audio: Bannon bragged that he used porn to help smear Hunter Biden

Mike Luckovich-Is Biden Surrounded by armed TFG supporters

HOW IT's DONE: The Proud Boys and the Base are now illegal in New Zealand

"Hands down best fundraising email I've ever received from a campaign"

I no longer fear hell - Microsoft support

Inflation? Lists of inventories go up, available supplies go up, no more room - prices remain high

Anyone have and use those air fryers??

KGB Photo Deepens Mystery of Texas Couple Who Stole Dead Babies' Identities

It is SO much cooler, today, the boys are back out on the enclosed porch

Draft Opinion Leak Killed Roberts' Efforts To Convince Conservative Justices To Save Roe

What could be Florida Gov. DeSantis' undoing on the national stage? HBCUs.

Thomas Zimmer: What fuels the conservative radicalization against democracy.

China Sends Delegation Of Troops And Tanks To Russia: Here's Why

They thought, "Just give it time and it will all go away".

disney/ hulu won't run dem ads

Disney co-owned Hulu bans ads on Climate, Abortion, & Guns undercutting Democrats' 2022 themes

NFL Plus streaming has live games for $4.99 per month -- but not on your TV

Dealing with inflation, really

Howard Dean makes case for congress to reform prescription drug policies (link)

Matt Gaetz's Secret

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 26, 2022)

Judge upholds Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green's eligibility

This sucks. They cancelled Sam Bee

Disney-owned Hulu not running Democrats' ads on abortion, guns, climate change

Disney co-owned Hulu bans ads on Climate, Abortion, & Guns undercutting Democrats' 2022 themes

JD Vance doubles down on stupid

J.D. Vance Slammed After Suggesting Women Should Stay In Violent Marriages - Morning Joe - MSNBC

GOP civil war on Ukraine builds between MAGA, Reagan Republicans

Mendacious Conservative Justices Try To Blame Liberal Clerks For THEIR OWN Abortion Ruling Leak.

Will Wisconsin's Republicans Make Voting Meaningless, or Just Difficult?

RIP Tony Dow.

Russia warns of retaliation if its citizens are denied access to Schengen area

EU gas plan shows Russia 'won't split us,' says German energy minister - FRANCE 24

Now the Beav is the only one left :(

Audio of Rep. Glenn Thompson's (R-PA) speech at his gay son's wedding

House Jan. 6 committee in discussions with Mike Pompeo for testimony, sources say

Netflix: Nigerian Prince - Available until Aug 13th

Russian Troops Deserting Posts As Kyiv Makes Use of U.S. Weapons: Pentagon

Orban Denounced for 'Nazi' Speech After Tirade on Migration

Missouri AG leads GOP Senate primary field as Greitens drops: poll

New clip from Sandman - coming to Netflix next week!

Heat wave begins with record-breaking temperatures

NC- White police force quits, refuses to work for a black woman

Yoko Shimada Dies: 'Shōgun' Actress Was 69

If it wasn't an "attempted coup", then what was it?

The Stephanie Miller Show on Free Speech T.V.

Senate moves forward on bill to boost semiconductor industry in effort to thwart China's rise

In a first, coin bearing zodiac found off Israel's coast

Red states are building a nation within a nation

Safety standards in 1965

You ever take your significant others for ice cream no not your wife BOOG the lab and dunk pup

Tyson Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Covid Liability Ruling (1)

Advertising versus climate change and human rights versus well-being

A high-profile pastor was robbed during a live-streamed service in NYC

Get familiar with White Christian Nationalism and the Pseudo-Christian cult that is

Women raped, groped after Indiana jailer sold male inmates access to their housing

Charles Pierce - A Word of Advice to Chief Justice Roberts: Retire

With church-state separation eroding, will private secular schools become a thing?

Protesters line sidewalk in peaceful protest near potential future home of Planned Parenthood

What to do with your hands during awkward moments...

I've learned you truly learn the value of

Capitol rioter who 'hit cops with fire extinguisher' bused to DC by Turning Point USA

Cartoons 7/26/2022

Editorial: If a tree falls in a forest, can it build a school?

A repulsive new breed of Trumpist candidates poses a fresh threat

Will get into the upper 90s. Firefighters are bracing for swift water rescues, stroke and more.

It's a sign...

State OKs lower Highway 99 speed limits in south Everett

The Lincoln Project--#TickTockMattGaetz

The Lincoln Project--#TickTockMattGaetz

Drink up! Happy hour on the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry is back

WaPo: Biden poised for big wins in Congress

(Alan Byerly) Man admits to Jan. 6 attacks on police, AP photographer

Mike Luckovich-Difference between the Earth and an Egg

Labrador Retriever fights of mountain lion to protect family home

Man's 63-month prison term matches longest for Capitol riot

Officer Rose Valentino of the Cincy PD likes the N word in uniform &on duty & wearing a body cam

Marjorie Taylor Greene Asks Why Kids Are Getting Monkeypox if It's an STD

Clinics where abortion is legal are at a breaking point. They need help.

Amazon won't pursue warehouse plans in Seattle's Rainier Valley

"Free of charge"

Is Mark Meadows willing to go to jail for Donald Trump?

Covid origin studies say evidence points to Wuhan market

wow - this website purports to list all the lawyers who helped trump try to steal the election

102-year-old WWII veteran from segregated mail unit honored

Insurrectionist Sentenced: Man's 63-month prison term matches longest for Capitol riot

Rock and Roll icon Mick Jagger turns 79

New Trump lawyer Emails: "We would just be sending in 'fake' electoral votes to Pence..."

Uvalde commissioners launch review of sheriff's office, which lacked active shooter policy

At last, a necessary narrative change about the 2022 midterm. It is starting to trend Democratic.

Abortion views by state suggest possibility of Democratic gains in some red and purple states

Trump: interest in Jamal Khashoggi murder has 'totally died down'

Harris makes abortion rights a front-and-center issue in Indiana

Cheney blasts Sen. Tom Cotton for criticizing Jan. 6 hearings

Aimo_Koivunen, first documented soldier meth overdose:

Judge reprimands Alex Jones for speaking to the media after he called the Sandy Hook trial

Wisconsin Senator Had Cataract Surgery the Day Before Fatal Crash: Report

Trump's turmoil: He craves credit for January 6 -- but can't admit it

Obamacare back in court as Texans challenge coverage for STDs and HIV care

US coal power is disappearing - and a Supreme Court ruling won't save it

MSM at it again

Judge reprimands Alex Jones for speaking to the media after he called the Sandy Hook trial

"Awaiting tRump Remarks"

U.S. spots first monkeypox case in a pregnant woman as cases climb

US judge OKs online publication of New Mexico voter records

How a group of sovereign citizens used a phony credit-repair business to amass a real-estate empire

Will Republicans Shut Out the Press in 2024?

(Updated) Suffolk County DA Adds New Positions to Prosecute White Supremacist Cases

(Updated) Suffolk County, Mass. DA Adds New Positions to Prosecute White Supremacist Cases

Stephen Colbert Gives Sen. Josh Hawley A Scathing New Nickname

Mothers Against Greg Abbott Video "Whose Choice"

Wisconsin disabled voters file federal lawsuit over ballots

Poland's Former Foreign Minister: "If Putin Conquers Ukraine, He'll Come For Us Next." - Morning Joe

Texas Brings Obamacare Challenge Which Could Stop Preventative Services Requirement

Rob A Bank...

Chuck Grassley alleges effort to downplay negative information about Hunter Biden

Trevor Reed: White House 'Not Doing Enough' To Free Brittney Griner - NBC News

Tennessee Brando REACTS to Lauren Boebert's HUMILIATING Attempt to Own the Libs

Repuklican amnesia

An article about Ginni Thomas

Judge grants gun ownership group restraining order against Superior

Obamacare back in court as Texans challenge coverage for STDs and HIV care

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Official Video)

DeWine re-ups anti-abortion lobbyist, COVID skeptic on Ohio Medical Board

Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason

MSNBC is covering Trump's return to Washington today

Virginity testing persists in rural Mongolia despite UN condemnation - PBS NewsHour

No Bail for Repeat Offender; Bail for first offender; for striking Cops at NYC rally

Orphaned Lamb And Piglet Become Instant Friends

Fascist GOP vs. Top Retired General UPDATE on Ukraine

Saying monkeypox is tearing through communities of queer men isn't stigmatising - being afraid to sa

It's Esperanto Day, Celebrating the Language Hitler Despised

Why do police make up law.

Andrew Weissmann suggests questions Lester might ask of Garland

Celebrating the other Mick today. Mick Taylor, IMHO the best guitarist the stones ever had

We Might Be Treating Schizophrenia All Wrong

We Might Be Treating Schizophrenia All Wrong

Tiverton, RI restaurant receives backlash for Anne Frank social media post

(Jewish Group) USC student suffered anti-Zionist harassment. Department of Education is hearing case

(Jewish Group) Report: 1 of 118 anti-Jewish hate crimes in NYC resulted in significant prison term

Four well-researched ads for use in Congressional campaigning

Lufthansa cancellations impact 134,000 passengers

Someone have a good black bean burger from canned beans recipe they swear by?

Spokesman of group hosting Trump in DC: TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION

I'm looking for a trusty black bean burger recipe that is tried and true

Great profile of Deidre DeJear from Chuck Offenburger online:

Alabama city says releasing this bloody secret video may cause riots

First Climate Change Then J6 - Now This

Incoming medical students walk out at U of M's white coat ceremony as the keynote speaker is...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about military recruitment problems....

Fox News took Mike Pence's speech live this AM. They are not taking Trump's speech live.

Graham: "I'm trying to move to a strong America and he's [trump] the vehicle to get us there."

I am SO fucking sick and tired of these stories not providing the truth in their headlines

Bill to boost semiconductor industry passes key Senate test

Early Oil and Gas Production in California

Name a celebrity who appeared on "My Name is Earl"?

Voted early today

Thirty two years ago today...then Senator Joe Biden co-sponsored a bill...

Rear view of Bald eagle

32 years ago today, the signing of the ADA...

Lester Holt what a stupid fucking question

Wandering herd

Daily Distraction 26/07/2022

I've read reports that Psycopath is Campaigning in DC today...

Daily Distraction 16/07/2022 Posted in Photography

Bring Brittney Griner Home

Abortion in Film: THR Critics Recommend 12 Movies to Revisit

'A gift to prosecutors': New emails show how Trump aides coordinated 'desperate' fake electors schem

The U.S. Has No Plan to Prevent the Next Pandemic

MAGA rioter likely to deploy 'idiot defense' at upcoming trial: reporter

honest government ad / the supreme court (something you can show your friends)

We might be able to tell on August 16th if Trump is toast as per ever running again.*

North Carolina Republicans Propose Bill Authorizing 'Deadly Force' Against Abortion Providers - RoF

Louisiana judge denies request that would allow abortion ban

About the Democratic Party's backing of MAGAt primary candidates. . .

The reason Mike Pence has been silent about Jan. 6 thus far: "So Help Me God."

Why is he doing this?

It's so much fun to watch young people appreciate the music we kinda took for granted growing up.

Big Majority Say Trump Acted Unethically or Illegally

It has finally happened. I sold my first screenplay

Garland is going to indict a lot of people, dozens of people are now being investigated.

For thousands of Georgians, freely traveling for an abortion is not an option.

Barack Obama's Summer Playlist/Reading List:

Cranbrook Academy of Art Mourns Passing of Ronni Solbert

I have never heard any discussion about who

Pressure on Biden to Remove Cuba From Terror List

Chief Inspector Murphy walks a suspect to the interview room

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Democrats will easily retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022.

Garland Vows Everyone Responsible For Jan. 6 Will Be Held Accountable

Funding gap: More money needed for I-69 completion

"There are two sets of justice!" Trump preps a Civil War and/or extrajudicial killings.

I was able to walk into a pharmacy in 19fucking72

Will Republicans Shut Out the Press in 2024?

Democrats Want to Sideline Secret Service Watchdog

Tony Dow Alive: Wife And Management Team Announced Death In Error

P!nk's "Irrelevant" is the Protest Anthem We Need Today

Schiff on McCarthy's fundraising: sobering news

I walked into a donut shop the other day

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 26, 2022

RIBA reveals UK's three best affordable housing schemes

Word Hurdle.CO 378 5/6 #wordhurdle (((((( SPOILER )))))

Neo-Nazi Marine Plotted Mass Murder, Rape Campaigns with Group

RI anti-Jewish craphole bar seems to have a douche for an owner too

Fun with buckyballs

AZURE RATHALOS: ARENA FIGHT, JUST another dragon dropping!


'The View' Picks ex trump aide Alyssa Farah Griffin as Meghan McCain's Replacement

A man with a knife was shot by police. Then an LAPD helicopter made things worse

The Six Most Common Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Mega-drought, glacier melt, and deforestation plague Latin America and the Caribbean

Mega-drought, glacier melt, and deforestation plague Latin America and the Caribbean

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Former Peruvian Presidential Secretary turns himself in

CNN's Interview With MAGA Woman Will Leave You Speechless (CNN)

102-year-old WWII veteran from segregated mail unit honored

Petrobras output down in second quarter Bolsonaro confident his friend Putin will supply him with di

102-year-old WWII veteran from segregated mail unit honored

Update: Tony Dow in hospice care, his wife and son say

ok, another duo question- mother/son duo? or same band.

102-year-old WWII veteran from segregated mail unit honored

Hundreds of human rights leaders killed in Colombia in 5 years - UN report

Georgia judge upholds decision to keep Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on ballot

Exclusive: Neo-Nazi Marine Plotted Mass Murder, Rape Campaigns with Group, Feds Say

live stream link to lester holt interview?

Colombia peace tribunal charges 19 soldiers for 300 murders

Harris County GOP Actively Disenfranchising Democrats And The Disabled

COVID-19: endemic doesn't mean harmless

Thompson, Maloney call for Secret Service watchdog to be removed from probe of erased texts

Notorious Drug Lord Who Featured In Narcos: Mexico Set Up New Cartel While On The Run

Australia's first purpose-built Pride Centre unveiled in St Kilda, Melbourne

Supreme Court officially clears the way for state abortion bans

Top Dems Want Secret Service I.G. Removed from Erased Text Probe

Liz Cheney SHUTS DOWN Fox host on his OWN show - Brian Tyler Cohen

You look better this way:

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

What word best describes today's Republicans?

Motherhood requires infinite patience--lioness & cub:

Rare and bizarre tentacle-trailing sea creature caught on video, expedition scientist's 'mind is blo

Dizzy kitty:

skilled fisherpup:

Snarf! Thanks.

Europe risks protracted gas crisis after Russian makes deeper cuts to natural gas flows

Wild hamster doing a photo shoot:

Garland: 'justice without fear or favor' will guide decision on charging Trump

Don't touch the butt:

My new "toy"

This is what it means to be a 'White Christian nationalist' (CNN)

Justice Department doesn't need a House referral to charge Trump -- and might not want one anyway

Kairos and Materion commission molten salt purification plant

Teva Reaches Tentative $4.25 Billion Settlement Over Opioids

Arizona Republicans poised to nominate anti-abortion candidate for governor

Just heard Fed's expected to raise rates again tomorrow. n/t

Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley sees Chinese intercepts of aircraft and ships in Pacific region surging

Trump's Defense Secretary re: Trump's Dereliction Of Duty - "There Was No Order"

Five Dog Night!

New Reporting Suggests DOJ Probe Into 1/6 Is Making Major Strides (MSNBC)

Gen Z is putting aside more income for retirement than other generations, survey says

Crocs for dogs--srsly?

When you encounter MAGA idiots who pass along Sean Hannity's crap

Puppy has a dream:

Here, let me help:

NEW: China tried to build a network of informants inside the Federal Reserve system, at one point

Justice Dept. investigating Trump's actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe

Trying to get the family together for a picture:

Haunted by the ghosts of settled law

Okay, I have a question about Sirius in a rental car

Protective Monk Seal Attacks Swimmer Who Got Too Close

DKos - Democrats poised for pitch-perfect series of legislative wins heading into the fall....

Jim Harbaugh: "We got a big house, we'll raise that baby."

Lufthansa to Cut Most Flights in Frankfurt, Munich Amid Strike

Merrick Garland Smacks Down reporter asking if it's too dangerous to Prosecute Trump - Meidas Touch

Rut Roh!!! Agent Orange isn't going to like this

The Supreme Court Is Making America Ungovernable (The Atlantic)

Stunning New Emails Show Trump Team Calling Their Own Electoral Vote Scheme 'Fake'


Which scandalous Tory do you prefer to replace the scandalous BoJo: Truss or Sunak

A little Randy Rainbow just to keep your sanity until J6 in September

Dog puts his heart and soul into digging that hole:

Beware of a group called "association of mature american citizens, AMAC". They are a trump

Just cleaned my refrigerator

I've been re-districted :-(

Jaime Foxx - Rich dude plays poor slave, gets acting lesson

EU Finally Strikes Deal To Slash Gas Demand As Russia Starts Squeezing Taps Closed

Russian-Operated S-300 SAM System Fired At Israeli Jets Over Syria Says Top Official

Online Atheist Town Hall tonight via Zoom (free) *starts soon*

Seattle Audubon Society dropping 'Audubon' from name

Sheep is willing to play along:

Over 100 people diagnosed with monkeypox in Washington

Dogs & little kids--compilation:

DOJ has key phone records since April, including Meadows

Just watched some of FDR's state of the union in 1941 where he laid out the 4 freedoms

In a republican diversion Grassley brings up Hunter Biden

Amazing work by the badass banner & flyer team today!

In case there's still any doubt DOJ is investigating Donald Trump

British Vogue

Maca duets - what's your favorite?

Biden Slams GOP For Opposing Assault Weapon Ban At NOBLE Conference - Morning Joe - MSNBC

After massive bus fire, Connecticut pulls electric fleet from service

Biden drops another 20 million barrels of oil from reserve and brags on declining gas prices

Prisons chief deflects blame for failures, angering senators

'Night of terror': Female inmates raped when male detainees bribed guard, lawsuit says

What's Patron up to?

That Which was Formerly "Leakless" is Now "Leaking"