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Rio police raid on favela kills at least 18, sparks anger

Hearing is on All major networks

Evening in southern MD 7/21

'We will reconvene in September.'

Who's doing the OFFICIAL J6 thread tonight? nt

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Fox News Host Suggests Joe Biden's COVID Is 'Karma'

Cheney wearing BLUE

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

DU *PLEASE* not tons of one line threads tonight. Please use the thread that has been started.

After Roe's Repeal, CVS Told Pharmacists to Withhold Certain Prescriptions

Elaine Luria: "Duty and Country First"

IndyStar: Reproductive autonomy required if legislators want to save Hoosier babies

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens testifies on abuse allegations behind closed doors

Air Force Open to Sending A-10s to Ukraine for Fight Against Russia

Life without parole for TFG

Compare and contrast how President Biden and TFG dealt with having COVID

City of Des Moines announces pilot project for ferry to Seattle

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 8, thread TWO (8:00 pm EDT) ****

Is it finally happening?

America's Self-Obsession Is Killing Its Democracy

He didn't "fail to act, he Chose not to act" - Kinzinger

Seattle councilmember Mosqueda, housing providers unveil 17 affordable housing projects

WA state hospitals remain over capacity, and it's not just the fault of COVID-19

How to win post-Roe legal battles for abortion: "People should feel like they have a voice"

OAN officially dropped by Verizon, its last major carrier

An interesting analysis of what the DOJ needs to bring a successful case against Trump.

trump has an out right there in the presidential oath - "to the best of my ability"

Marking 80 years since the murder of Warsaw's Jews

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!


House Republicans tweet with a very Biblical typo..... Or is it?

Best Self Own ever

Billionaire's Son Drops $12 Million, Scrambles Race to Face Ron Johnson

Pence's Secret Service feared for their own life as well, and called their families to say good-bye.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Secret Service retains private outside counsel.

Fuck you josh Hawley

Trump '100% Committed Crimes': Evidence Moves From Speech 'Incitement' To Wider MAGA Conspiracy

Senator Josh Hawley the Coward.

They're in recess.

Tape of Hawley running for his


One theme of these witnesses which bothers me.

Matt Birk doubles down on sexism & adds some racism claims Peggy Flannigan tried to "savage" him

Why can't we hear from Mike Pence?

So, we are watching this hearing and thinking "of course - we knew this - he belongs in prison"

"I believe so."

Relative story to trump

Has anyone copyrighted "187 minutes" for their future movie project?

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 8, thread THREE (8:00 pm EDT) ****

"Secret service was going to have to resort to lethal violence or worse"

Fox News should be banned from future press conferences. They are not a legitimate news

Most disturbing tonight so far

The Supreme Court just let a Trump judge seize control of ICE, at least for now

What? Trump didn't want a photo-op!

When TFG Talked To Rudy.....

Mike Pence's failure to step up and testify is now more troubling.

First Press Question to "High Tailing" Hawley.

A camera question -- could a damaged SD damage the camera?

What? I missed this before. There were pipe bombs (two) found in the Capitol?

checking in on Fox News (and Trump) 😳

Wow! "Go to the mattresses"?

What do you suppose the SS deleted?

Bannon Trial, Day 4: Steve Bannon gets his chance to tell his side of the story - and stays quiet

Did everyone else just lose audio on the J6 hearing?


Jake Byrd at the Flat Earth Conference

"failed to not do" as opposed to "chose to not do"

Rick Wilson with the tweet of the evening to win the internet

"Capitol Police are on our side" sounds different in this context, no? n/t


Malcolm Nance: "We Are on the Last Leg of the American Experiment" - Amanpour and Company

I just hafta say: 'Kinsinger'...

Take "205" from Trump!

as much as i like seeing hawley running like the coward he is

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 8, thread FOUR (8:00 pm EDT) ****

WATCH: Josh Hawley Caught on Camera Running for Safety from Rioters He Saluted Earlier in New Jan. 6

Will Mayor Harrell revive Seattle's 'aPodment' fight?

Is Japanese Katakana Derived from Korean Kwukyel?

I am going to have J-6 Hearing withdraws!

phrase of the day-

Just Give Trump A Chance

The GOBers can talk all they want, but they didn't stop a thug from all the crimes he committed!

The Hawley Haul - to cowardly run away from violence you helped to inflame.

That Moment When You Realize That Doing A Lapdance For The Oaf-Keepers May Not Be Enough To

Pottinger is a tool.

House GOP Conference attacks Sarah Matthews while she is testifying

Ok, have had a doubler, a two token pipeful.

The Lincoln Project has been setting Hawley's run to music. Lots of music.

Its like watching the saga of parents trying to get their toddler to eat dinner & go to sleep

Was that a tape of Chump

The republicans hope the Democrats take care of the dictator trump, so they will pretend

"Yesterday is a hard word for me" -- you know who

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Wisconsin, and personality....

DeSantis uses federal COVID-19 relief funds to send nearly 60,000 Florida families a $450-per-child

WATCH: Rep. Thompson gives opening statement, calls for 'stiff consequences' for those behind Jan. 6


WATCH: Rep. Luria said Trump 'refused to act' on Jan. 6 to stay in power - Jan. 6 hearings

WATCH: Rep. Cheney says Trump 'refused to defend our nation and our constitution' - Jan. 6 hearings

Fried and Crist Clash in Heated Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

WATCH: Pottinger and Matthews answer opening questions - Jan. 6 hearings - PBS NewsHour

I feel sorry for these young Republican women who think Trump did great things

Rep. Luria: Trump Went To Dining Room To Watch Fox News As Capitol Was Under Attack (MSNBC)

WATCH: Rep. Kinzinger says Trump 'chose not to act' during insurrection - Jan. 6 hearings

WATCH: Rep. Luria says there's 'no official record' of what Trump did as Capitol was attacked

WATCH: Trump knew within 15 minutes of leaving rally that Capitol was under attack, Rep. Luria says

WATCH: Sarah Matthews says Trump could have made a statement condemning Jan. 6 'almost instantly'

WATCH: Anonymous WH witness says agents made calls to 'say goodbye to family members' on Jan. 6

WATCH: Trump added 'fuel to the fire' as attack on Capitol continued, Luria says - PBS NewsHour

Fox News reaction to tonight's hearing?

Rep. Cheney just became the leading nominee for Republican President in 2024

WATCH: Despite pleas, Trump refused to instruct the Capitol mob to disperse, Rep. Kinzinger says

Pushing a Big Lie: Ex-Trump AG Barr, others launch Republican-backed election law group

Liz Cheney would make a great prosecutor.

See You In September

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 21, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Deep Sea Cinema

WATCH: Trump tweet gave 'a green light' to Capitol rioters, witness says - PBS NewsHour

Was it John Dean shaking Cheney's hand as she was leaving?

Until September, night all!

Were there any other Republican members of Congress at the hearing

Though I loathe him, I could watch Drumpf bloopers all night

If Liz Cheney wasn't such a right winger,

It's a good thing McCarthy withdrew from the Committee

WATCH: Committee plans to recommend changes to laws, policies to 'guard against another Jan. 6'

FAUX NEWS !!!! major loser tonight. showing their regular, stupid lineup

Sad, harsh reality - all three of them probably will not return in 2023

WATCH: Jan. 6 attack 'emboldened our enemies,' former White House security adviser says

Alex Wagner, right?

Immediate reaction in the hearing room to the Run Hawley Run video

Local lawmakers condemn Doug Mastriano for paying controversial Gab website for advertising campaign

WATCH: Trump refused to read a prepared statement that told mob to leave Capitol, witness says

Commentary newz: All praise for Cheney and Republicans

Firearms enhancements

With all the shit that's coming down before 2024, chiefly Moore V Harper and SCOTUS

Planet Waves

I have to give it to Pottinger

What more evidence is needed???

The WH Dining Room and the time Trump spent in it.

He was not in the situation room, but a dining room is telling

Josh Hawley mugs.. Get 'em before they're all gone.

Wanted to hear more about why Pence was targeted. Was the mob sent to help change Pences mind? Was

WATCH: Jan. 6 committee will reconvene in September for more public hearings - PBS NewsHour

Lev Parnas makes a point!

Sorry Liz, Thatcher did not believe in freedom.

WATCH: Jan. 6 committee shows video of Sen. Hawley fleeing Jan. 6 rioters - PBS NewsHour

I did not know that Witness For The Prosecution was written by Agatha Christie

No one should be surprised at Trump's planning between Nov and Jan 6. OF COURSE


Another angle of Josh Hawley running from protesters

A Pa. Capitol rioter who said she wanted to shoot Pelosi just won an election. Now, she's headed to

Unhinged Cop Reprimanded After Insane Incident! - LackLuster

I would not be surprised if Pres. Biden awards The Medal of Freedom

Rochester police investigator suspended after handcuffing Black EMT at hospital, department says

Fox News - screengrab at 11:13 PM Eastern. Sharp object. January 6. .....aaand Hunter

Apropos of nothing relevant . . .

BREAKING: Donald Trump Unhinged Speech Outtakes Exposed by Jan 6 Committee - Meidas Touch

Congressman Lee Zeldin attacked during New York state stump speech

July 21, 2022 - Trump is now a Renegade - Styx

Fuck it! We'll Do it live! We'll do it live!

1/6 Committee Shows Trump Going Off Script In Taped Message To Rioters

WATCH: Trump's plan to falsely claim victory in 2020 election was 'premeditated,' Rep. Cheney says

Melania The Dutiful

Pickering Nuclear plant needs to be 'un-retired' if Ontario hopes to meet zero carbon goals

Shaggy - Oh Carolina

WATCH: Trump intended to use Jan. 6 riot to stay in power, Rep. Luria says - PBS NewsHour

Missouri AG Schmitt sues St. Louis over plan to help women get abortions out of state

Indicted MAGA elections clerk faces arrest for violating her bond terms -- again

a role for cheney

Ornato, Engel and the SS Driver have retained private counsel

CNN - it took any hour for Trump to record a 3 minute message on January 7th

From the Wonkette live feed of the hearing: "Let's highlight the fact . . ."

By The Next Hearing, Liz Cheney Will Be A Lame Duck Congressional Representative

That raw footage...

Officer Michael Fanone heckled by protesters of the Jan 6 hearing waiting outside the Capitol

The January 6th Committee made its case; we, the people, now expect justice

Russian fighter jet shot down midair near Kherson, Ukrainian

This is kind of fun!

Ukraine's Big German Howitzers Roll Into Action Against Russian Forces

Josh Hawley running away to a variety of soundtracks

Where was Rudy?

WATCH: In outtake of speech after Jan. 6 attack, Trump didn't want to say 'election is over'

I do not like Stephanie Ruhle. She is being very negative all the time.

Who drew the short straw tonight to beg Chumpie not to announce he's going to run

NO wonder I can't find badminton birds.....they are fighting for democracy.....

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 22, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Part One

I can see why FOX did not want to broadcast the Hearing.

Michael Daugherty, Cesar Franck

Liz Cheney's Closing Remarks of the January 6th Hearing July 21 2022

Josh Hawley is never going to live it down.

WATCH: Four-Year-Old Child Fires Gun at Police Outside Utah McDonald's

tiedrich summation on hearing

Internets win again.

Climate crisis A 17-minute flight? The super-rich who have 'absolute disregard for the planet

Any brave souls look at his, the apricothellbeast site?

Quotes from Jul 21

To whom much is given, much is required

TCM tonight:

Wouldn't It Be Funny If The Person Helping The J6 Committee Produce These Proceedings....

Lee Zeldin Attacked at Campaign Event

Karl Frisch, Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller - Mainstream Media is Scared! Dems Need to Get Tough!

Brazil's Lula Rips Bolsonaro's Election Fraud Warnings

Note: It Was Pence's SS Detail That Called Their Families On J6....

Geeze, TFG is in quite a snit over on his misfits Twitter thingy.

Anyone else concerned about the near total disappearance of the ocean's plankton?

The apocalyptic vision behind Putin's 'golden billion' argument

Far-Right Channel One America News Officially Dropped by Last Major TV Carrier

"The cargo won't flow until AB5 goes."

Missouri Dems..... Do this!

Trump instigated the J6 insurgency

We no longer have to wonder if Chumpie will have SS detail if he goes to prison

Seth Meyers - Jan. 6 Committee Reveals Trump's Actions Behind the Scenes During Coup: A Closer Look

someone please do the josh hawlin to the tun of Benny Hill on you tube please

Tweet of the Late Night:

All The Best People

Jan. 6 hearings: Day 8 key moments

Dan Rather a little while ago

Congress members should class action sue trump!

Sincere thanks

The Daily Show: Biden Catches COVID & Boris Johnson Gives A "Terminator" Farewell Speech

Liz be running in 2024

Attorney Generals of US & Mexico Agree to Work Together on Caro Quintero's Extradition

Jalisco Woman Is Burned Alive, Killed After Documenting Death Threats Against Her For Months

EPIC! Bernie slams Semiconductor companies seeking welfare for 'a problem you created.'

Liz Cheney destroys Donald Trump: He violated his oath. He cannot be president again.

As fuel shortages wreak havoc in Cuba, Havana's young people turn to electric scooters

1st jaguars born in the wild in Argentine province after 70 years

Anyone else boycotting Walgreens?

Secret Service Text Deletion Scandal Deepens; Criminal Investigation Opened - MSNBC

Who Is Tony Ornato, And How Is He Tied To 1/6? - The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

To indict Trump he had to directly be involved in the violence...

Trump has no excuse.

Rameau's 'Les Indes Galante'

Agents protecting Pence feared 'for their own lives,' official says

Listen to audio of Secret Service trying to get Pence to safety on January 6 - CNN

'Not just dereliction, but depravity': Takeaways from January 6 hearing (CNN)

Louie Gohmert 'Grieves' for Imprisoned Insurrectionists on Night of Jan. 6 Hearing

DC Police Sergeant Corroborates Claim Of 'Heated' Exchange In Trump Motorcade On Jan. 6 - MSNBC

tiedrich tweet to merrick garland

I had to miss the hearing

Jan 6 Committee goes badass Tweet (Colbert Video):

New Jan. 6 Video Shows Congressional Leaders Salvaging Democracy After Trump Mob Leaves - MSNBC

Maddow: Only Way To Counter The Right-Wing Bubble Is Keep Telling The Truth - MSNBC

☦️ Four from Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's In The Loop

Jan. 6 Hearing Shows Trump Playing Active Role Despite Outwardly Passive Appearance - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Jesses Watters Uses Antisemitic Trope To Attack Bernie Sanders

pros surfing 50 ft waves at Jaws on Maui. standups, wind surfers, great shots

Former Oath Keepers Spokesman Gives Insight To The Minds Of The Rioters - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

In other news, there's hope that Amy Coney Barrett isn't a Thomas/Alito Clone

What witness was Trump tampering with ????

Jan. 6th Hearing Details Trump's 'Dereliction Of Duty' -The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Why The Jan. 6 Josh Hawley Video Is About More Than A Senator Running Away - MSNBC

The testimony about VP's SS detail making "goodbye" calls home

TV's Frank on Josh Hawley

Could drumpf have been using his SS detail as the conduit to the loud boys and oaf creepers?

'A Dark, Dark Man' Review: Murder and Corruption in Kazakhstan

Watch: Full Jan. 6 Committee Hearing - Day 8 - MSNBC

Stephen's LIVE Monologue (and Opening) After The Jan. 6th Committee Hearing - Run, Hawley, Run!

Breakfast Friday 22July 2022

Caramelized-Scallion Sauce Will Never Go Viral (But It Should) + Caramelized-Scallion Noodles

Any SS agent that deleted texts without a copy for a backup,

Stephen Colbert: "Remarkably Compelling" - Guest Chris Hayes On The Eighth Televised Jan 6th Hearing

From the Jan 6th committiee

Red haired folks..don't walk up on people

Police chief bragged about shooting Black man 119 times, according to recording

Josh Hawley has book coming out next year: Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs

Does Don Jr look like Mommy? He sure doesn't look like

TFG has to continue saying the election was stolen,

If its exposed additional steps to erase texts are discovered,


Update on the Antonovsky Bridge near Kherson Ukraine

New Sri Lankan president sworn in, police clear protest site

Chipotle closes Maine store that sought to unionize

I think I missed something in the J6 hearings

Jonathan Swan

The Jan. 7th video. We got to see Trumps childlike anger.

U.S. charges ex-Coinbase manager in first crypto insider trading case

Anyone else a little disappointed in J6??

Gavin Newsom is running full-page ads in Texas newspapers Friday trolling Republican Gov. Greg Abbot

I think it's fair to say Rudy will be indicted.

The DHS Inspector General was appointed by Trump.

Friday TOONs - Did You Ever Notice That...


Pence needs to testify

The political fallout from the hearings, investigations, abortion ruling, are going to take a toll.

A radical plan for Trump's second term

Well over at Fix Noise.....on prime time last night the country had two 's POS

Heard on Morning JoeScum this AM

Does anyone remember the rumors that allegedly came from the SS or WH staff when

On this day, July 22, 1941, George Clinton of Parliament and Funkadelic was born.

David Corn: The Jan. 6 Committee Confirmed the Worst Truth About Trump. Now What Will We Do With It

Anyone heard the new warnings about COVID? Note from friend who works at FEMA

"doctor" oz video

Two people during the hearings last night

BIG laughs in the room as the committee shows Sen. Josh Hawley running in the halls of the Senate to

Officer Fanone on Josh Hawley

Capon Truckin': A tribute to Josh Hawley

The origin of Superheroes: Captain Britain

Mark Meadows looks in deep thought and worried...

Alan Grant, "Judge Dredd" and "Batman" Writer, Dead at 73

The Rundown: July 22, 2022

"This is all heresy."

A lesson too late for the learning:

Obama is guilty .... "Obamagate"

I hated Dick Cheney. I thought he was awful.

Alex Wagner Was Spot On Last Night

any commentary from Josh Hawley today?

"laughingstock" "video will surely follow him the rest of his life" KANSAS CITY STAR EDITORIAL BOARD

MVP Kamala Harris will be in Richmond on Saturday to discuss protecting repro rights

Hawley, From now on,

The World According to Trump

Did Rudy call Trump from the Willard Hotel?

Was it within the discretion of the office of VP for Pence to take charge on Jan 6?

Trump tried to decapitate the leadership of the DOJ, and we know why. Trump DID decapitate the DOD

GOP self-realization

I am frankly disappointed in those who thought Pottinger's remarks last night were laudable.

You raised $200.00 on July 21, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

109 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Hawley has been selling the fist bump image on mugs and tshirts..I bet that stops

I am happy that Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews chose to testify before the Committee...

Until we get the "snakes" out of the Senate and the House our democracy is still in mortal danger.

You raised $10.00 on July 21, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Tim Ryan US Senate OHIO

Sweet Gryff

Did I hear that Claire McCaskill has volunteered Josh Hawley

Looking for an answer re: IG of DHS

Released on his own recognizance?

Buttigieg Schools GOP Lawmaker In The Most Buttigieg Way Ever

How fox covered the j6 sound. Hannity monologue condemning proceedings

If Trump had won in 2020, they'd still be working for him.

I still have one important question. What was Trump waiting for?

Will the DOJ subpoena Pence and Meadows.

Republicans lawmakers are running scared after they saw the isolated camera on Josh Hawley.

Youngkin's pick for Historic Resources Board under fire for defending the Confederacy

Last night the J6 committee played some audio of the terrorists, one declares

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times...

Virginia AG joins 16 Republicans in asking Google not to limit anti-abortion center results

When they say, "Trump did so many good things ..." they are telling you who they really are.

We are a nation tiptoeing around men's anger

Mike Pence is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Deadly raid in Rio favela sparks police violence complaints

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Sorry to be impolite, but I wonder if you

Former Senator John Danforth (R-MO) is part of a group of respected former politicians.

Guy Clark talks about Townes Van Zandt

One other thing about Hawley - He is wearing a mask

I am fed-up with the MSM saying Trump didn't do anything. Totally misplaced.

Someone more talented than myself needs to make a "Scooby Doo Door" montage for Josh Hawley.

Cute headline in today's Washington Post....

The bad news: my Chihuahua stole the mayonnaise.

At this point, "settled law" is the GQP dog-whistle Flavor of the Month

Don Henley has a birthday today.

Bulls & Darwin 3, Stupid Humans 0

That Video of Josh Hawley Running Illustrates the Conflict Facing the GQP

Press Room BURSTS Into Laughter Over Tough Guy Josh Hawley Fleeing The Senate

My Senator Hawley

"Pets of Learning."

On this day, July 22, 1893, Katharine Lee Bates wrote "America the Beautiful."

We should still be worried about november, but here's a small ray of hope

24 hours of a coup: Jan. 6 hearings end with damming minute-by-minute account of Trump's crusade

So, after watching these January 6 hearings


Why is Andrea Mitchell on a morning show on MSNBC?

Every Single TX Republican Voted AGAINST Protecting Access To Contraceptives

Soundtracks to Josh Hawley's running in the Capitol

Exclusive: Hyundai subsidiary has used child labor at Alabama factory

Al Di Meola has a birthday today.

No, Matthew Pottinger, the 1960 election WAS NOT stolen from Nixon by the Democrats.

A three hour tour!

Fistpump McRunpants

The J6 committee has done a remarkable job. Key missing pieces for me -

Nike is coming out with new track shoes. Air Hawleys.....

Neighbors upset about man doing yard work in the nude

Officer Michael Fanone heckled by protesters of the Jan 6 hearing waiting outside the Capitol

I can't get this out of my mind about Jan 6. (How close we came)

How much giggling and joking do you ...

After reading so many comments here reg. yesterday's hearings. I asked myself. "I wonder how long

Funk No. 1

Kyiv and Moscow agree deal to resume Ukraine grain exports from Black Sea ports, UN chief says

He's in a dark place. 🎻

John Fetterman has launched a petition seeking to induct Dr. Oz into the NJ State Hall of Fame.

It's so hot, roads are buckling, they're putting foil on a bridge and roofs are melting around the..

4 min ago Bannon's congressional subpoena: Just like a parking ticket, argues DOJ

Steve Bannon requests judge ask jurors if they saw damning footage of him at Jan. 6 Committee hearin

Serious question: Are condoms next on the contraceptive hit list?

Tweet of the Day

2 min ago Steve Bannon's closing argument begins

GOP Senate nominee Ted Budd sided with payday lenders as he took their PAC donations

Political Pundits are biased in favor of the Republicans in US Senate races in OH,PA, and WI.

Republican members of Congress who assisted the coup will be part of the majority

My favorite part of the presentation last night

Foster Mom Works Up A Sweat Giving Hound Puppies A Bath

Pic Of The Moment: Josh Hawley Updates Campaign Merchandise Logo

Josh Hawley track star limerick thread

"Trump didn't call off the mob, because it was doing precisely what he wanted"

Russia and Ukraine sign UN-backed deal to resume grain exports via the Black Sea

"Hawling Ass"

I think "dereliction of duty" was meant for the consumption of Republicans and Trump supporters..

Bannon closing arguments ripe with metaphors

Melania Trump was 'unaware' of the January 6 riot because she was busy photographing a rug

Holy shit, Trump and Pence are holding separate rallies today.

Man legally buys gun and then kills his family and himself with it.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Day 8 of the hearings....

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 22, 2022

3 min ago Trial resumes for DOJ rebuttal

The problem with Liz Cheney being the face of the Hearings

Bannon requests judge ask jurors if they saw damning footage of him at Jan. 6 Committee hearing

Jan. 6 hearing dominates top TV networks -- except one

The all time greatest western song

This week's major U.S. economic reports (July 25 - July 29)

Offshore wind farm proposed for Gulf of Mexico near Galveston could power 2.3 million homes

Pence's Secret Service Team Feared for Their Lives as Trump Egged On Mob to Target VP on Jan. 6

Is it just me, or are there strong similarities between hawlinass and traitor tom

Homemade lox

Questions that Need Answering

Biden #Covid update (yet again, not like TFG): symptoms have improved, his pulse, blood ox normal

US House passes measure protecting same-sex marriage; no West Virginia delegates back legislation

Indicted Colorado clerk Tina Peters faces another arrest warrant for violating bond

Middle Age Riot tweet about Louie Gohmert:

"OAN officially dropped by Verizon, its last major carrier."

Last night on CNN John Dean said that Dereliction of Duty holds only for military


People Who Believe Conspiracy Theories Just Want To Be Unique, Say Psychologists

Monster Hunter World: Odogaron capture

Johnson's squalid departure

Jury begins deliberations in Steve Bannon contempt trial

Jury deliberations begin

Editorial: A question for Trump supporters. After eight Jan. 6 hearings, haven't you seen enough?

Editorial: A question for Trump supporters. After eight Jan. 6 hearings, haven't you seen enough?

"I Don't Want to Say the Election Is Over": Video Outtakes Show Trump Refused to Admit Loss

Is Bannon the only one who refused the Congressional subpoena?

Smallish J6 committee thing - the photographer

Women working out.

Amazon Joins The Medicare Privatization Spree

Video shows Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine

I feel like Liz Cheney Prosecuted People vs Trump case Exceedingly well.

2022 US Senate Election Rating for states the Democrats are favored to win.

Oz graphic design team just low key clocking hours for Fetterman now

187 Minutes: Jan. 6 Hearing Examines Trump's Refusal to Urge Mob to Stop Violent Attack on Capitol

When is enough , enough?

Funny Times Dogs Ruined Perfect Shots

Jared Kushner was showering during the bloody coup. Melania was having a photo shoot with a rug...

Retired U.S. Military Leaders Speak Out Against Trump's 'Dereliction Of Duty'

Biden improving but taking additional medication to treat Covid, White House doctor says

UK under international pressure over deletion of abortion commitments

GOP's Josh Hawley suffered a 'complete and utter political emasculation' during Jan. 6 hearing

A Pastry Recipe

Justice Jackson dissents in first vote as Supreme Court won't reinstate Biden immigration policies

Arthur is quite the character

Josh Hawley 'HawlinAss' (to Benny Hill music)

LOL, I was just checking the weather forecast for today...

DOJ's contact information:

Michael Beschloss wants to ask Hawley a question:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 22, 2022)

I missed the part of the hearing about Kushner taking a shower.

Just 8 Out of 50 Republican Senators Say They Are Watching Explosive Jan. 6 Hearings

South Carolina bill outlaws websites that tell how to get an abortion

Question about forever stamps

Many Of TFG's Endorsements For 2022 Support His 'Big Lie' That The 2020 Election Was Stolen.....

Officer fatally shot 15-foot snake that was strangling man, police say

Jonathan Swan - Inside Trump '25: A radical plan for Trump's second term (Axios)

Missouri Democrats are planning a 'Hawlin' Hawley' 5K race after the GOP senator was shown running f

Ex-Trump Justice official Clark faces legal disciplinary charges

How many jurors are needed for Bannon to be convicted?

Europe is overheating. This climate-friendly AC could help.

Absolutely Too Much Andrea Mitchell On MSNBC This Morning.....

hmmmmm. so i bumped into an old bf on signal.

TFG's inner circle is secretly making plans to fire thousands government employees if he wins in '24

Unbelievably hot blues, Roy Rogers, slide guitar, not cowboy Roy.

America Is Running Out of 'COVID Virgins'

Brave Sir Hawley ran away

Bannon lawyers hit with four sustained objections in 'truly remarkable' closing statements: reporter

I hate phones. Period. I have an old flip-phone for emergencies..

Scruffy-Looking Cat Turns Into A Blue-Eyed Beauty

Hawley tweets raised fist mug image after Jan. 6 mockery

Police: Gunman Kills 3 at Iowa State Park; Shooter Also Dead

Here are the House Republicans who backed legislation protecting contraception access


Stray Kitten Chooses His Human In A Park, Wouldn't Let Him Go

Bo Jackson helped pay for funerals of 19 children and 2 teachers killed in school massacre at Uvalde

California's Newsom Runs Ads in Texas, Escalating Red-State Jabs

Maggie Haberman: J6 Committee was mean to Jared

I'm calling BS on the "assassination attempt" against Lee Zeldin.

Two decades of Alzheimer's research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives

Golden Earring - Mission Impossible (live on the beach, 1986 + studio version)

The job market is beginning to show cracks

Is Ryan(OH) going to perform better or worse than the 2022 Democratic US Senate nominees in

U.S. launches probe of Houston illegal dumping over alleged discrimination

Axios: Trump Plotting Massive Purge Of Federal Workers

Looking for quote from Jul 21 J6 Hearing - Did I imagine this?

A suggestion for future photo contests

Tacoma Link will close for construction project. How will it impact your commute?

"Another, I didn't know her"!

Maddow Blog Why the Joint Chiefs chair talked to Pence, not Trump, on Jan. 6

I visited the Yellowstone Zone of Death

A radical plan for Trump's second term

Hamilton returning to Seattle; lottery for $10 tickets starts Friday

More smokin' blues. Bonnie Raitt & Roy Rogers

Lynnwood man arrested after allegedly calling in threats to shoot Black, Hispanic people

Thurston County adds 615 COVID cases last week as transmission risk remains 'high'

Election-denying Colorado clerk turned herself in to police

The plan hinged on Pence being an exceptionally spineless toady

Bannon jury has been deliberating for 2 hrs 15 minutes

Riders Jump From Windows to Escape Burning Boston Subway Train

How to fold a fitted sheet.:

The Secret Service and guns in the crowd

Seattle Chamber halts fight against city's big business tax

Waning Crescent, 30% visible

Small turtles bought online linked to salmonella outbreak affecting children

Chinese banking-system in slow-motion collapse as customers lose confidence after scandal.

Bright-eyed osprey kids, 2018

America's Self-Obsession Is Killing Its Democracy

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Restoration Movement news for Thursday, July 21, 2022


Why the Dust Bowl was hotter than this heat wave, despite global warming

3 min ago Here's a look inside the federal courtroom before the jury began deliberating in the Steve

If Josh Hawley had been a passenger on Titanic:

CHS - cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome - MIT Technology Review

trump's radical plans for a second term

What Pregnancy and Childbirth Do to the Bodies of Young Girls

Healthy Minds Program (phone app)

Anonymous Review Site Ordered to ID Reviewers

2022 US Senate Elections in the states the Democrats will win.

First on CNN: Secret Service identified potential missing text messages on phones of 10 individuals

Listen to Liz - The Republican Accountability Project

Charles Pierce: The Secret of the Jan. 6 Hearings Is that None of It Changes What the GOP Is Now

How will McCaskill do in a rematch against Hawley?

Video shows Josh Hawley running from rioters on Jan. 6 (CNN)

Polk County Florida primary

Proposal: A video game where the player is Josh Hawley running

Jury in Steve Bannon trial sends note to judge

Political scientists have identified three requirements of healthy parties in democracies:

MSNBC reporting a verdict has been reached in Bannon trial!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

Tammy Baldwin, who is gay, confronted Marco Rubio about calling same-sex marriage vote a 'stupid was

These 6 Texas lawsuits could radically impact LGBTQ rights

Secret Service identified potential missing text messages on phones of 10 individuals

Teleworking today with Pure Prairie League in my headphones

These 6 Texas lawsuits could radically impact LGBTQ rights

Oklahoma Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson posts homophobic, antisemitic remarks on social media

Oh, the suspense, the suspense! nt

(Jewish Group) OK Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson posts homophobic, antisemitic remarks on social

Oklahoma Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson posts homophobic, antisemitic remarks on social media

FCC chair tries to find out how carriers use phone geolocation data

Remember Gilligan's Island: updated ...

Oklahoma's sole tribal-owned TV station celebrates 10 years

Cartoons 7/22/2022

North Las Vegas man arrested, accused of driving 106 in 35 mph zone

Bannon found guilty


Arlington youth pastor charged with child rape

Bannon guilty on both counts.

She lived alone in a fairytale house on an island for 8 yrs!

Entire Police Department in NC town Resigns

That Bannon verdict came in so quickly...

Lincoln understood why mobs could not be tolerated


PUD fast-charging EV stations in Everett ready for drivers

Bannon goes medieval!

We can't say we're clueless as to Republicans' agenda

Bobby Fuller Four on Steve Bannon

Garland must be methodical, careful; and prompt

Please please please give that dirty bastard

The world is a bit brighter today. First, Hawley. Then,

Amazon begins rollout of 'thousands' of Rivian electric delivery vans

Friendly reminder from the Gipper

Will Bannon be sentenced today or do we have to wait before

Hey Navarro,

Hawlin' ass

Marc Elias: Reforms to the Electoral Count Act Miss the Mark

I've received multiple calls ref ovarian cancer lawsuit

The Jan. 6 Committee's Closing Argument Was About Trump's Morality

DIY Collective Embeds Abortion Pill Onto Business Cards, Distributes Them At Hacker Conference


RAYGUN claims to be The Greatest Store In The Universe.

DC 's high temps the next four days:

What's the difference between a Republican and a Ukrainian?

Trumpism has made me less of a liberal

Why won't Republicans investigate white supremacists in uniform? We know why

Polio case reported in New York, the first US case since 2013. Investigators are looking into where

Missouri dems are planning a "hawlin Hawley" 5k

Mississippi school board removes policy barring people with guns on school campuses

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin attacked on stage at New York campaign event, witnesses say

Cipollone's awkward silences here speak volumes

Tesla's $100 billion rally costs short sellers at least $1 billion

Melissa L. Bradley Reminds Black & Brown Entrepreneurs: 'You Are Not The Minority, You Are The New M

Do any DU attorneys care to comment on what Bannon's attorney is saying

Cartoon: Run, Josh, run By Clay Jones -July 22, 2022 10:46 AM

"This will never not be hilarious to me, from David Brooks:"

OK I don't do this often but I'm pretty proud of this one (Josh Hawley)

White House touts 1 million affordable broadband program sign-ups

Time's Up: Biden DOJ Must Decide On Indicting Trump Soon, Says Top Watergate Prosecutor

Columbus & Franklin County Health Dept are back to asking people to mask

Fact check: Republican outrage over petroleum reserve sales is overblown, experts say

Who Counts Our Elections?

Wicker: Abortion laws belong to states. Also Wicker: co-authors Federal abortion ban bill


City of Columbus Ohio & surrounding Franklin County HD, mask up again.

Yoda speaks

Farmer's Market Macro

After Roe, Republicans Sharpen Attacks on Gay and Transgender Rights

Trump lackey Jeffrey Clark hit with ethics charge by DC Bar Association

When trump is finally convicted all his pardons must be nullified surely?

Clarence Thomas Isn't The Only One Ready To Reduce Women To Baby Incubators

Pat Benatar Will No Longer Perform One Of Her Most Popular Songs - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Socialist President Xiomara Castro Is Trying to Revive Democracy in Honduras

We can starve

White House announces $270M military package for Ukraine

There Goes Josh Hawley.

Bannon Found Guilty By Jury On Both Contempt Of Congress Counts (MSNBC)

People, this is no time for frivolity. Get serious.

Former two-sport superstar Bo Jackson paid Uvalde, Texas, funeral costs

This is why Mark Meadows wasn't looking up from his phone.

Be careful out there

Hawley Supporters - Never to early to support Josh

U.S. accuses ex-president of Paraguay of graft and obstruction

if the DOJ indicts Trump how does it work in practice ?

A lil bird told me that Eastman and Navarro

Three people charged over the murder of journalist and indigenous expert in Amazon

Pancho and Lefty

is it too early for schadenfreude?

Protesters demand end to Puerto Rico's contract with LUMA Energy

CDC check calendar. Millions of students back to campus without Covid booster

Cleveland-Cliffs' future is in electric vehicles, CEO says

Calculating Hawley's 40 time using science.

El Chapo's Sons Fight Rafael Caro Quintero's Men in Sonora, Mexico

What are the odds that Bannon flees the country....

LOL Kitteh on How To Fold A Fitted Sheet...

Looks like Hawley isn't the only one that's cutting and running....

Tapper just described Hawley running as "scurrying like a cockroach".

So, is bannon in jail or what?

A Wee Bit of Dis N Dat

Dead Flowers

Newsom signs California gun bill modeled after Texas abortion law

A caller brought this up on Thom Hartmann's show

Keep your eye on Gavin Newsom

Little evidence that chemical imbalance causes depression, UCL scientists find

Author S.E. Hinton was #BornOnThisDay, July 22, 1950 Wrote "The Outsiders" at age 16.

Actor & singer Bobby Sherman was #BornOnThisDay, July 22, 1943. Known as a teen idol ...

Actor & singer Bobby Sherman was #BornOnThisDay, July 22, 1943. Known as a teen idol ...

Meet Margaret Hamilton

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Republican takeaway from the hearings....

Elie Mystal: Could GOP States Really Stop Pregnant People From Traveling to Get Abortions?

"I figured all these other guys are cheating."

When they delouse Bannon

Malcolm Nance & Mary Trump: They Want To Kill Americans

Liz Cheney implicates GOP senators in a cover-up of a 'congressional coup'

Genocide case against Myanmar over Rohingya atrocities cleared to proceed

Special board meeting to consider firing Uvalde schools police chief Pete Arredondo is canceled

Hawlin Ass

Arlington youth pastor charged with child rape

Federal Judge Nixes Texas Dems' Push for Expanded Mail-In Voting

I feel bad for reporters assigned to ....

60 ft waves at Waimea Bay for the season's biggest contest....esp at 3:50 point

You're a Trump Supporter

(Jewish Group) How Russia's war is undoing 30 years of Jewish community building in Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Republican Jews call on Mastriano, GOP candidate for PA governor, to stop using Gab

(Jewish Group) Holocaust memorials in Buchenwald and Berlin vandalized in same week

Who will star in the next Installment of the J6 Insurrection Investigation?

(Jewish Group) Ernest Hemingway was a great writer. He was also an antisemite

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 21, 2022

(Jewish Group) Under pressure, Jewish federation network announces opposition to abortion ruling

Virginia court rejects appeal that autism caused man to solicit 10-year-old girl WTOP News

62 current and former elected prosecutors urge VA Supreme Court to protect prosecutorial discretion

School resource officer 'likely' shot principal during scuffle with Kansas student

Sun Sentinel Endorsement: For Democrats, Charlie Crist for governor

Have you ever seen a wild hamster doing a photoshoot? 😊

So who is the guy on with Nichole now?

Trump Has Floated Giving MAGA Extremists -- Including Lou Dobbs -- Cabinet Gigs if He Wins in 2024

OPM says federal employees 'agency-hopping' to telework-friendly offices

Man Who Shot Alexandria Police Officer Gets Life in Prison for Arson

Taurean Blacque, actor on 'Hill Street Blues,' dead at 82

Russia's central bank slashes rate, saying inflation slows

Taps have run dry in Monterrey, Mexico, where there is water for factories but not for residents

Jesse Blevin (Earth Angel, Goodnight, My Love - and more) - cut down by racists ...

BREAKING: Steve Bannon GUILTY of Contempt of Congress on BOTH Counts

Have you filled out your absentee ballot?

Accused brother dies in custody after sister awakened from coma and identifies him as her attacker

I scored at the bread store today.

Puppy With Five Legs


My Ted Talk

Thompson/Cheney: "The conviction Bannon is a victory for rule of law & an important affirmation..."

Exclusive! Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller's Key Takeaways from the Latest J6 Hearing.

I've had to look up definitions 3 times this week

Argentina: Foreign tourists can exchange up to US$5,000 at new, bargain exchange rate

Argentina: Foreign tourists can exchange up to US$5,000 at new, bargain exchange rate

Man accused of posing as Federal law enforcement official signals guilty plea

Conservative Christian pastor arrested and charged with child rape

I want to see an episode of "Undercover Boss" with...

Bannon was running his mouth outside the courthouse again today


Is The Dr. Phil Show just "Boomer rage-bait?"

Bakersfield to Madera...

D'espairsRay- Trickster

Fresh off his guilty verdict, Bannon is back on his podcast talking about destroying the government

Another reminder of what marriage is all about.

Parrot Loves To 'Surf' On His Dad's Car Window

Newsom signs California gun bill modeled after Texas abortion law

Break news! Sort of?

Josh Hawley - Chariots of Fire

Mark Hamill: "How does this man not already have an EMMY?"

Former DC Police Officer Destroys Josh Hawley - Meidas Touch

The Myth of the Good Trump Official

Defining TFG's 187-minute J6 vegetative state as "dereliction of duty" wrongly sanitizes what

Beto has been busy

BEEP - BEEP! (Hawley meme)

Jo Jo Gunne - Run Run Run (for that Hawley jackass)

Secret Service identified potential text messages on phones of 10 indivisuals.

commentator A.B. Stoddard on MSNBC.... can I just say I don't like the painting behind her

chicken noodle soup w veggies and yougurt for din.

Pennsylvania man marks calendar 143 times, once for each time he rapes 7-year-old girl, police say

Remember when people assumed we couldn't get a fair jury for the Derek Chauvin trial?

The Pioneers by David McCullough

Hyundai subsidiary has used child labor at Alabama factory

A Woman Died After Reportedly Falling out the Rear of a Patrol Car Now her family is left wanting...

No Qualified Immunity - After Pretextual Traffic Stop (LackLuster)

I would totally issue another subpoena to Bannon.

Josh Hawley runs out on stage in Tampa tonight and says he has a message for liberals about J6:

Greg Olear: Stop Digital Voter Suppression

U.S. Mulls Sending Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Donald Trump reacts to Biden getting COVID---

Texas Staffing Agencies Sue To Keep Forcing Workers Into Captive Audience Meetings

N Korea warns of security instability over US-S Korea drills

Jan. 6 Committee Puts Building Blocks In Place On Trump's Criminal Exposure - Deadline - MSNBC

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

"Conservative conferences are beyond parody"

'Don't Say Gay' in action: No sex ed in Miami public schools for students in grades 6-12

Kentucky judge extends block of state's abortion ban

Ruling may mean less time for 2 who violated Floyd's rights

Election-denying Colorado clerk Tina Peters surrenders to authorities

Top British Broadcaster Reacts in Shock to January 6 Primetime Hearing - Meidas Touch

Not The Onion. From Murdoch's NY Post Editorials

Woman in $400K homeless man GoFundMe scam gets 1 year in federal case

Mary Trump burn LOL

GOP AGs ask Google not to limit anti-abortion center results

GOP AGs ask Google not to limit anti-abortion center results

Newsom Signs Gun Bill Modeled on Texas Abortion Law

NYT: A Hidden New Threat to U.S. Elections

Marines halt new amphibious vehicle use at sea after mishaps

Here is a valid point or question?

Question about registered letter

We should trust every woman to make her own decisions about her own body, health care, and future

Bye bye butterflies

OMG just saw an ad on TV for the "American Freedom Tour"

FEMA report: Flood insurance hikes will drive 1M from market

Wind turbine that got struck by lightning

US Senate Elections in the states the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to tilt margin.

(La Prensa) Nicaragua newspaper says staff have fled the country

Fascism rots a person from the inside out

Psychedelic mushroom decriminalization makes Colorado ballot

Decades after foster care, she learned she was owed benefits. Where did the money go?

How Feds Tracked Down the Trump Fanatic Accused of Bombarding Parkland Dad With Depraved Threats

I wandered onto tfg's social media and was hit once again with something that

This Week at Justice - July 22, 2022 - The Justice Department

Jan. 6 hearing dominates top TV networks -- except one

Zelenskyy says there's no point in negotiating with Russia until it gets 'smashed in the face' and a

Liz Truss storms ahead of Rishi Sunak in Tory leadership candidate race, poll suggests

Best picture of Hawley that I've seen yet

MO Dems present Hawlin Hawley 5k!

COVID-19 'is going to be with us forever,' White House says

Interior Department moves toward final steps to remove 'Sq___' from federal lands

Don't know how, but if I could ---

The U.S. Is Not Doing Enough To Combat Climate Change - The Katie Phang Show - MSNBC

U.S. discussing America-made fighter jets for Ukraine