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The latest evidence that Trump is absolutely, bugshit insane

Tina, Tina, Tina.....

Deal reached to clarify 1887 law at center of Jan. 6 attempt to overturn election

LIVE 8PM ET: Sen Sanders - The Progressive Movement - Where Do We Go From Here

Make Thomas Jefferson's Recipe for Ice Cream.

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Something from my youth. Janis - Ball and Chain.

Sergey Lavrov says the 'geography' of Ukraine has changed as the White House warns Moscow plans to

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about privacy and your cell phone....

DOJ Says Trump Running For Office Won't Stop Investigations - Ring of Fire

Is 'wokeness' responsible for US and European heat waves? Absolutely.

Senators Reach Agreement On Bills To Stop Candidates From Stealing Elections - MSNBC Reports

Cops On Power Trip Get HIT With Lawsuit - Rebel HQ

More than a billion people are living under emergency climate declarations

Love Pete.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." nt

Pressure on Senate GOP after same-sex marriage passes House

Russia Scraps World's Largest Nuclear Submarine: Report

The unexpected star of NASA's Webb images -- the alt text descriptions

Colombia's army chief retires amid corruption scandals and escalation of violence

USSS missing Text, Mike Pence and 1/6

If you received Covid test kits several months ago, check the expiration date

Democrats push for 1st semi-automatic gun ban in 20 years

New poll finds 53% of GOP voters would back Trump in 2024 and 72% of Democrats would back Biden

Colombia's prosecution links former Medellin mayor to mafia real estate

Eric Trump forgot not to be a douchenozzle at his mom's funeral.

Inslee says state is not looking at bringing back masks

CNN asked all 50 GOP senators if they will support the same-sex marriage bill. Here's where they sta

Shinedown - Second Chance

Glenn Kirschner On Missing Secret Service Texts - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

An African antelope known as an addax was born this month at the Brookfield Zoo.

Navarro aide Garrett Ziegler exposes himself as nasty racist.

Puget Sound Home Prices Skyrocketed In 2022: New Data

Indigenous leaders given key roles in Colombia's peace process

Three major lane closures happening on I-5 in Seattle this weekend

Port Truckers - Misclassification - Unionization - XPO Logistics - Louis DeJoy - USPS


Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!!

Father holding the hand of his 13-year-old son in Kharkiv. Killed in the latest Russian attack.

After Roe's Repeal, CVS Told Pharmacists to Withhold Certain Prescriptions

Texas Paul Reacts to Dr. Oz's Humiliating Excuse for Not Raising Money - Meidas Touch

The Real Problem Is ...

Trump Seeks Money and Revenge in Hosting the New Saudi Golf League

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Why can't Dems and at least 10 GOP Senators do for Voting Rights just what they did for Obergefell?

High Temperature up to 44C Affects 900 Million People in China

Far from the frontline, Ukraine civilians face Russian strikes

Why have I not heard before of Rep Mondaire Jones (D/NY)?

2022 US Senate Elections in the states that the Democrats are more likely going to win.

Malcolm Nance w/ Thom Hartmann: Straight Up Racism is Driving the Current Republican/Trump Backlash

It's really the other way around, AG Garland.

Chester Bennington's Widow Remembers Last Kiss with Linkin Park Frontman '5 Years' After His Death

Jamie Raskin HUMILIATES Republican at hearing, gets OVATION - Brian Tyler Cohen

Bolsonaro Committed Crimes in Speech to Ambassadors, Say Experts

On climate, Democrats and Republicans don't inhabit the same reality

Of Course Trump Is Still Trying To Overturn The Election--He's Faced No Consequence - All In - MSNBC

Amazon Lost 18 Trees per Second Last Year

Sunset, southern MD 7/20

The press tries to grade Republicans on a curve -- but the GOP still hates marriage equality

Black Districts Gutted as Suburban Flight Reshapes Congress Maps

Seth Meyers - Trump's Plan to Avoid Criminal Charges by Running for President Again: A Closer Look

Police Are Being Removed From Schools for Sexual Assault

Arizona Republicans censure Rusty Bowers days before Trump rally here

Magda Goebbels. She waited in Hitler's bunker until the time was right to kill her 6 children with..

tick , tock. at the tone , the time will be , beep . dun . dun. dun.

Steve Bannon loves to run his mouth; tomorrow is his big day as he gets to testify. Will he? Kirschner

As professionals flee antiabortion policies, red states face a brain drain

A whistle defeats Bannon.

North Dakota's lawyers say July 28 abortion ban should stick

US Central states, Texas break power use records again in heat wave

Who wants some CUTE?

GOP Candidate: Hypothetical 14-Year-Old Incest Victim Is 'Perfect Example' For Abortion Ban

Unforgiving heat brings highest temps of the year to South Central US

10-YO Rape Victim's Doctor SUES Indiana AG For Defamation After His Media Tour

Hi folks. I'm back home after 2 weeks on the road

This is an outrage': Gov. Inslee responds to possible voter intimidation in King County

Seeking viewpoints

Pesticide made us sterile, banana workers say

How John Fetterman Is Out-Memeing New Jersey's Dr. Oz - All In - MSNBC

What do you call someone with

Minimum Wage ruling by Court

Wait...wut??!?? Kevin McCarthy Edition

Appropriate shit labels for ReTHUGs

Sunset, southern MD 7/20

Relaxing and surfing for good songs... Any time I find a Townes Van Zant cover

Reform the Electoral Count Act - Jimmy Carter and James Baker WSJ oped

Sooo. .the extremes want to overturn Obergefell and Loving? Since the

WATCH: Jan. 6 probe is most important in DOJ history, Garland says - PBS NewsHour

BREAKING -- IG knew @SecretService texts from Jan 6 had been wiped in February ... but didn't tell Cong

Jan. 6 cmte plans to humiliate MAGA lawmakers who cowered during Capitol attack

More Airlines Are Losing Luggage. AirTags and Tile Trackers Can Help.

In the words of Charlatan NRA Heston

That about covers it

Remember when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers?

Tweet of the Night:

One possible reason for the Garland memo...

Charles Barkley Has Something For Bigots To Hear

Parallel but at the same time divergent

Rising monkeypox cases alarm LGBTQ activists

The Daily Show: House Votes To Codify Same-Sex Marriage & Sesame Place Under Fire For Racism

Sheldon Whitehouse Would Make a Great President

Mrs. Betty Bowers on Lara Trump's recent funeral appearance

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Climate - The White House

Turpin Siblings File Lawsuit Against Riverside County and Foster Agency Over Abuse

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about accelerating and a better use of your time....

Jan 6th commitee still looking for lost data

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Climate - The White House

So I guess Joseph Cuffari (DHS inspector general)

Meidas Touch - Wizard of Lies Ad

Americans Who Can't Afford Homes Are Moving to Europe Instead

All The Possible January 6th Crimes

I finally had to unsubscribe from the DCCC mailing list.

Seth Meyers - First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Meets Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska- Monologue 7/19/22

Indiana Mall Gunman Appears to Have Posted Plans on 4chan

Retro stewed fruit recipe, comeback

Bed time for this old man

Harry Chapin - Taxi

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you

Johannsson's 'Divine Objects', 1&2

This little doggie, is just a bit confused lol

Police Are Being Removed From Schools for Sexual Assault

Bobby Gentry - Ode to Billy Joe

Glenn Kirschner - Update: Steve Bannon Trial. He Did Not to Follow the Rules, Now He is Paying.

Don Lemon on CNN is the best! Do yourself a favor and watch!

Grassley leads in Iowa Poll by 8 points, lowest margin in decades

Fox trying to convince people heatwaves are good!

3 from Salzedo, Kondonassis on harp

On the road to find out Cat Stevens

Elinor Remick Warren's 'The Crystal Lake'

Donald Trump should break up with Ivanka?


Hypothetical ONLY . . . . this thought has been in my head for good while.

Reinecke's 'Ballade' for flute and piano

Tweet of the Late Night:

FOX may not carry the hearing tomorrow night?

What are your hopes from tomorrow's hearings?

Legal Consequences Will Follow Jan. 6 Hearings If 'DOJ Rises To Occasion' Expert Says - The ReidOut

Philip Glass - 'Orbit', India Gailey on cello

My God - Jethro Tull

July 20, 1969 -- in history--One giant leap for mankind as Armstrong walks on moon

"Choose Adoption" sign at the March for Life

The Supreme Court's Extreme Power Grab

So here's the scenario.

This has aged well, dammit.

Highland Park Mayor On Assault Weapons: We'll Only Be Safe With 'Federal Initiative' - The ReidOut

Mind Blown Tweet:

Lawrence O'Donnell: James Murray Is The Problem At The Secret Service - The Last Word - MSNBC

2022 US Senate Elections in all of the states that the Democrats are going to be winning.

Trumps Island...

Not that there's anything wrong with an AA degree.. but interesting about Mark Meadows

New poll finds Kansas abortion amendment vote could be close (KMBC)

Stacey Abrams: Gov. Kemp Says Women Can Choose Pregnancy Or Jail - The Last Word - MSNBC

A pseudo-Christian political cult is endangering our religious liberty

Ukraine war: CIA chief says no intelligence that Putin is in bad health By Gordon Corera and George

screw the fans pricing for new bruce springsteen tour, its the latest gouge by many filthy rich and

Ukraine war: CIA chief says no intelligence that Putin is in bad health

Former religious right leader: I saw our phrases in Alito's abortion opinion

Biden: Military say a Pelosi Taiwan trip 'not a good idea'

EU announces gas rationing plan and a few hours later Russia turns the taps back on

Uzbekistan lifts state of emergency in Karakalpakstan after protest deaths

LATimes: A Desert Oasis for Abortion Patients / Imperial Valley clinic sees surge from Arizona

Rep. Jones Rips Republicans For Dismissing Marriage Equality As Settled Law - All In - MSNBC

A local weekly beach newspaper is celebrating its 52nd Anniversary next month.

World's oldest male giant panda in captivity dies in Hong Kong zoo

LATimes: A Desert Oasis for Abortion Patients / Imperial Valley clinic sees surge from Arizona

What if there was an Adoption Draft, essentially forcing ANYONE to become a parent at any time

'We Have To Get This Right': Garland Projects Discipline On Trump Election Rejection Probe- MSNBC Prime

Sen. Blumenthal: To Help Ukraine, U.S. Needs To Designate Russia A 'State Sponsor Of Terrorism'

Women Made To Suffer As Ill-Informed Abortion Bans Tie Doctors' Hands - MSNBC Prime

Just wonderin' ...


Jan. 6 committee's subpoena to Phil WALDRON called his bluff, seeking 27 categories of docs

Trains could be modified to hoover up carbon dioxide as they cross the country

What would you say is Donald's biggest business failure of all?

Remembering Woody Williams of WVa.: US Marine, Last WWII Medal of Honor Recipient, Iwo Jima.


'Our marriages matter': Jim Obergefell on House vote protecting same-sex marriage - ABC News

Christopher Rufo is the conservative asshole pushing CRT

Biden Highlights Wind Farm Projects As Public Clamors For Climate Policies - MSNBC Prime

Biden Highlights Wind Farm Projects As Public Clamors For Climate Policies - MSNBC Prime

Man with whistle destroys Steve Bannon circus sideshow, and it's awesome.

Ukraine's first lady delivers dramatic address to Congress - ABC News

Eve Of Primetime Jan. 6th Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Force is weak with this one

Government unveils first Reserve Bank review since the 1990s - ABC News (Australia)

Report Debunks Trump's Election Lies: 'Lost, Not Stolen' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

China moves to gain more leverage over Australia iron ore exports - ABC News (Australia)

Bannon's sentence when found guilty should be the maximum,

Trump vs Biden - Guest Host Dana Carvey Previews the 2024 Presidential Debate - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maya chocolate vessel found in cave

Jan. 6 panel has outtakes of Trump's message day after riot - CNN

Hey, DU community!

Scientists Think They've Found a Huge Goddess-Worshiping Lost City In Iraq

Rio Tinto to pay nearly $1b in tax avoidance settlement with ATO - ABC News (Australia)

Mario Draghi to Resign as Italy's Prime Minister - Al Jazeera

The Ancient Fish That Got Cold Feet and Returned to Water

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/20/22

Underwater archaeologists discover ancient Greek shipwreck in sunken city

Kamala Harris Delivered Evidence To Capture Caro

Senator Grassley now needs to be forced by the Jan 6th committee under oath to answer questions,

Italy's Draghi resigns, spelling trouble for nation, Europe

At least 105 killed in tribal violence in Sudan's Blue Nile State - Al Jazeera

Breakfast Thursday 21 July 2022

Mexico judge blocks extradition of 'Narco of Narcos' Rafael Caro Quintero

Law student whose body was found in motel water tank was suffocated, Mexican authorities say

Intergovernmental working group meets to address violence against Indigenous women

Jury: Tesla just 1% to blame for teen driver's fiery crash

The Sacred in Ancestral Cultures of Mesoamerica A path of reconciliation towards peace in the three

Pelosi to Blinken: Label Russia as terrorist state, or else Congress will

Rebecca Balding, 'Soap' and 'Charmed' actor, dies at 73 of ovarian cancer

What has President Biden done? A handy list

A US flyer tracked his lost luggage back to London. American said go pick it up from the airport.

D.C.-area forecast: Heat advisory today and even hotter this weekend

Bannon Accused of Poisoning His Own Trial

Carvana Got Its Dealer License Back in Illinois Only to Lose It Again

1 soldier dead, 9 injured after lightning strike at Army base in Georgia

Nord Stream 1: Russia restarts gas supplies to Europe through biggest pipeline - BBC News

Venus Williams will play DC's Citi Open tennis tournament.

NY Times: A Recession Alarm is ringing on Wall Street.

Well, given what we now know, if Trump wants to run the SS will likely plan his escape.

NASA sets tentative launch date for Artemis I moon mission - CBS News

Boom! Yesterday Garland did what I was waiting for.

Sticky bun bread pudding with egg custard a question

Does anyone else worry

Climate Protesters Smash Windows at Rupert Murdoch's UK Headquarters

'Lets Go Brandon' Mistakenly Stamped On Hundreds Of Official Tax Letters In Stanislaus County

Hearings Tonight at: 8pm Eastern Time , 7pm Central Time, 6pm, Mountain Time, 5pm Pacific Time.

FIRED: Lexington police chief out of a job after racist, expletive-laced recording is leaked

Hear what ex-intel chief thinks about Putin's rare trip - CNN

Does Joe have cancer?

AP-NORC poll: Majority want Congress to keep abortion legal

Tonight is gonna be explosive

Yes! We are going to see outtakes from tfg's 1/7 video to the insurrectionists tonight

Thursday TOONs - Leave The Dog Out Of This

People need to stop saying Garland has had 18 months to investigate. It's not true.

Apple's Stock Gloom Spreads as More Analysts Trim Price Targets

Black Tern

Wall Street bet big against women's health company after Roe v. Wade ruling

China urges banks to extend loans to real estate companies after homeowners halt payments - DW News

Germany to become the world's largest market for cannabis products - DW News

Healthy Pregnant Women Beg Docs in Anti-Abortion States: Don't Let Me Die

One thing that tonight's J6 Hearing should do is to be sure to capture the names of all the

Wordle 397 (***SPOILER THREAD***)

Shocked, Shocked! Brazilian Police Have Done Nearly Nothing In Past 6 Yrs To Protect Forests

BLS Report: May job openings rates down in 11 states, up in 3; quits rates down in 7, up in 2

Put It Where You Want It

Welcome To The Pyrocene - Europe Enters A New Age Of Fire

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Who's grooming who?

A Matisse inspired painting I just did of our cat

Mignolaversity: October 2022 Solicitations

Art of the Week: Week of 07/20/22

A painting I did of our cat Lizzie...

The Rundown: July 21, 2022

That'll teach him a lesson...

BREAKING: Rob Portman to support codification of Marriage Equality

The House took the first step yesterday. Will the Senate screw up a sure thing?

Four four years all we heard on CNN was

Key gas pipeline from Russia to Europe restarts after break

The Republican Advance in the South -- and Other Party Registration Trends

ECB raises rates more than expected to fight off runaway inflation

Is this Trump's way of being sincere?

The Zygote That Is The Carbon Removal Industry Announces Pious Pledge In Trade Association Launch

US Jobless Claims Hit Eight-Month High as Labor Market Cools

You raised $5.00 on July 20, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stephanie DuBois

You raised $5.00 on July 20, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Climate Migration Well Under Way In Myanmar As Repeated Drought, Record Heat Hit Core Farm Region

The purpose of the select committee is to avoid losing a civil war.

Let's review what the Secret Service didn't do...

I Was Wrong About Al Franken by Michelle Goldberg

Freckles, the rare lobster saved from Manassas restaurant, dies at museum

Fox News Ramps Up Online Climate Lies, Hires Hacks From Moonie Times, Kochtastic Daily Caller

Even if marriage equality and abortion rights are codified into law,

Is $15,000 per year a 'living wage'? This rich boomer thinks so (minor league pay)

"Lucky Ducky"

Wish congress had shown such urgency before Roe v Wade was overturned...

"A constitutional joke": Jamie Raskin destroys Republicans' 2nd Amendment fantasy

GQP Congress Abandons Straight-Up Climate Lies; New Approach - Ignore, Delay And Whine About Costs

The Secret Service needs a thorough cleaning.

"I protect your right to participate in public school board meetings, including your right to ..."

One question I have about the Secret Service deletion debacle

All 3 boys pounced me out of a very sound sleep, at 4 this morning. My revenge?

Fing winged marauders.

There is no non-criminal reason for the SS to delete their texts

110 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

George Takei-Way to Go Texas Moms against Greg Abbott

Merrick Garland needs a Luther the Anger Translator

Today at Noon (Eastern)...Kari Lake v. Katie Hobbs

Cool picture here, Let the redneck road wars begin..

'I'm frustrated' Oak Ridge residents say mail delivery is a mess

Malcolm Nance is hanging out on Stephanie Miller's show right now

Happy Birthday to Congressman James Clyburn

Trump's 1/6 enablers "quaking in their boots & doing everything shy of crying out for their moms"

Marc Elias: This is how Republicans are planning to steal elections in the future.

Beloved monarch butterflies now listed as endangered

Adam Kinzinger drops a preview of tonight's hearing (Twitter Video)

Family stunned as dog runs away and wins rosette at dog show before returning home

Roger Stone's Oath Keeper driver/bodyguard cutting a cooperation deal with the DOJ

Matt Walsh: The Only Purpose of Sex Is Reproduction

42% of all the energy used in the US is used by Southern States??

Pesticide made us sterile, banana workers say

Jan. 6 Committee Prepares To Highlight Trump's 'Dereliction Of Duty' In Primetime - Morning Joe

Pesticide made us sterile, banana workers say

Trump turned the watchdogs into lap dogs.

Robert Reich: Why the January 6 Hearings Aren't Just About January 6

Republicans keep gerrymandered maps - after they were struck down by court

Lawrence: James Murray Is The Problem At The Secret Service

Extreme weather impacting DART, MTA

Republicans keep gerrymandered maps - after they were struck down by court

Last night's sunset taken with my cell phone

Symptoms of Depression That No-one Talk About

Meltdown: London's hottest day ever brought on madness that far exceeded the temperature

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

Oh great now we're littering on Mars.....

Photos from a recent bike ride

Glenn Greenwood, grifter y'all.

Who are the richest people in Pa.? Here's a look at the Keystone State's 17 billionaires

'Night Moves' (Bob Seger), featuring Cam Blokland, SingitLive

The Justices In The Room

White House Press Secretary: President Biden has Covid, very mild symptoms.

Holy Shit - President Biden tests positive for Covid

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 21, 2022

President Biden tests positive for Covid-19

Neighbor showed me a flyer she found on her driveway in plastic bag weighted with pebbles.

What happened is scientists discovered chlorofluorocarbons were bad for the ozone countries believed

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the memo, Garland, and Trump....

America Is Occupied By a Dangerous Second Amendment Scam

Apparently I'm not past the over reacting stage of being a kitten mom

Jan. 6 committee plans to "humiliate" dismissive Republicans who "cowered" during attack: report

Wizard of Lies. Highly amusing video from Meidas Touch.

With Biden having COVID things you won't see

Steve Bannon's contempt of Congress trial

Paper Straws Are Not Enough. Only "System Change" Can Halt Climate Crisis, Says George Monbiot

Ed Yong: America Is Exceptional at Killing Americans Early

It's that time of year again - my garden is overflowing with cherry tomatoes.

"It's Already Happening": Ugandan Activist Vanessa Nakate on Deadly Climate Crisis in Africa

The time has come today...

What did V.P. Pence know and when did he know it?

Amazon to buy primary care provider One Medical for $3.9B

Pa. Republicans once again challenging state's mail-in voting law in court

I'm a cat. No one can stop me..

House Dems move to protect contraception from Supreme Court

House Dems move to protect contraception from Supreme Court

Bank fined $225 million after blocking Iowans access to jobless benefits during pandemic

Moscow says US must respect Russian law in Griner case

so the deleted SS texts are from 24 agents

Dave Chappelle show cancelled over transgender jokes controversy

Beyond parody....

Nord Stream: Key Russian pipeline resumes pumping gas to Europe

Knott's Berry Farm to implement new chaperone policy following fights at theme park

Inside the powerful anti-abortion campaign to convince you that everything is just fine

Home Prices Too High Where You Are? That's in the News, but Maybe Not.

A Government Official Helped Them Register. Now They've Been Charged With Voter Fraud.

Eddie Vedder cancels Pearl Jam concert due to throat damage from extreme weather

Virginia Department of Health is now publishing variant data that includes BA.5 Omicron

U.S. Open confirms Novak Djokovic can't play unless he's vaccinated against Covid

Tonight's Episode: "Only Coup Plotters in the West Wing." (*Not series finale.)

January 6 Committee Calls Bluff of Key Witness

NY Times: Deep in a Covid wave, Europe counts cases and carries on

I'm a dog. I *also* do what I want. (2nd tweet):

Pitsou Kedem's minimalist K House in Tel Aviv is a "search for silence"

Daily Kos asks: Why do you think Democrats have had so much trouble winning elections?

This is nuts. Gun mfg Sig Sauer is starting sale of it's civilian version of the new military rifle

orangutan just amusing himself:

Little baby bunnies being cute:

75 Minutes

Texas GOP's pro-gun law backfires -- and ends up footing taxpayers with $500 million bill: study

Is deliberative democracy a hopeless ideal?

Random Thought: Should the J6C Subpoena Dan Qualye?

Schumer and Company File Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

Steve Bannon will not present a defense to the jury

Glen Kirschner-Steve Bannon will not testify or call witnesses in his defense

Dick Pic Helps Detectives Crack a $30M Celebrity Diamond Heist

Any Time Now- Bannon

"Even today, too many think of Trump more as Sarah Palin in 2012 rather than Viktor Orbn in 2022."

I hope there are plenty of whistle blowers outside bannon court

If a MAGAt brings up President Biden having Covid, tell them this

Chipmunk's morning stretch:

I do find it interesting how far DU and DUers are ahead of the curve when it comes to events

Malcolm Nance - The King of Doom and Gloom

We are so lucky to have Andrea Mitchell to tell us the real truth about things. She is a treasure.

Does Trump still have his own Secret Service detail?

Ex-cop Lane gets 2 1/2 years on Floyd killing federal charge

Maybe the Secret Service agents used burner phones?

DakhaBrakha. Excited to see these guys live tonight!

Ten Years After - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (live - Isle Of Wight)

Tesla reports 2nd quarter profit above expectations.

Election deniers going door-to-door demanding answers about Trump votes: 'No boundaries to ethics or

The "that doesn't count as an abortion" argument should scare the **** out of folks

Question. Wouldn't those deleted text messages

Don't trample each other in your rush to run away from Mango Mussolini now.

Psaki: Biden Contracting Covid Part Of Job's 'Risk Assessment' - MSNBC Reports

Waning Crescent, 40% visible (through window)

'He Was Watching TV The Whole Time': Kinzinger Shares Video Previewing Primetime Hearing- Morning Joe

Bannon lacks the courage to say to the jurors all the stuff he says on the courthouse steps.

Maddow Blog McCarthy can't shake questions following misstep on Jan. 6 probe

195 GOP Reps Vote Against Right To Contraceptives

So Malcolm Nance is appearing locally tonight

Sen. Patty Murray seeks 6th term at new inflection point for women

STUDY: Half Expect US Civil War "In Next Few Years"

Kinzinger shares preview of final January 6 hearing. Hear what Trump was doing for 187 minutes

House of the Dragon - Official Trailer - HBO Max - Streams Aug 21, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Majority thinks Trump to blame for Jan. 6, but don't think he will be charged: poll

Cherry plums.

EU plan to curb gas use faces opposition from countries

Statement from President Biden on having COVID

Homemade Wonton Soup Recipe (video)

Proposal in Animal adoption - Ring on kitty's collar

POGO asks Garland to disclose any OLC memos that prevent DoJ from charging Trump

Trying to remember a word

The House just voted to keep birth control legal in America and 96% of republicans voted no. 96%!

American "exceptionalism"

Republicans fret as Walker stumbles in Georgia: 'He needs help'

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 21, 2022)

Josh Hawley comes out against landmark Obergefell ruling as Senate considers marriage equality bill

"If only Covid had been something Biden really wanted. Then Joe Manchin would have never let him

World's oldest male giant panda dies at age 35

Arthritis Patients Are Being Denied Methotrexate Post-Dobbs. Are People With Cancer Next?

The rightwing supreme court has another target: Native American rights

Here's what comes next in Steve Bannon's trial

Kern River advocates accuse utility of "lawless" water diversions on behalf of a long closed fish ha

Capitol rioter fires lawyer and asks to represent himself in typo-ridden filing

Body of man who fell into sinkhole under pool found by rescue teams

Record 2.8 Million AR-15 And AK-Style Rifles Entered U.S. Circulation In 2020, Gun Group Says

Beloved monarch butterflies now listed as endangered

What It Was (Jan 6) - The Lincoln Project

House Passes Bill to Codify Contraception Rights After Dobbs

The first courtroom artist's sketch of Steve Bannon appearing in court today.

I am carefully adjusting my tinfoil hat . . . . .

Michelle Obama's new book: The Light We Carry

So we just wont ever know what is in the Mueller Report, I guess.

Who benefits from privatizing public schools? Byron Donalds does!

'You're Still the One' (Shania Twain), featuring Nikki Heuskes, SingitLive

Black man beaten, left bloodied after alleged stop sign violation in Tennessee

David Bowie - Blue Jean (official video + live, 1987, Glass Spider tour)

Sesame Place Racism 😱 Woman Exposes How Rosita Costume Works After Black Children Hug Rosita Snub

Here is my proposal, don't try to ban assault rifles

On this day, July 21, 2003, the Kinzua Viaduct was destroyed by a tornado.

Senate GOP in a bind over same-sex marriage

Is It Me Or Are The Cable News Channels Making Too Much Of A Big Deal About Biden's Covid?.....

I wanted to share a tip

Buzz Aldrin's moon jacket to be auctioned off

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - live at the Umbria Jazz Festival,1985

If limiting LGBTQ talks in schools is meant to 'protect' straight kids, it's backfiring

Michigan Lawmaker Is a Democratic Money Machine

How does Biden's case of Covid-19 compare to Trump's?

Proceedings in Steve Bannon's trial have resumed

'Loudmouth' Capitol riot defendant had a rough day at his Jan. 6 jury trial

First the Oohs and Aahs, then the Running and Screaming

Patrick Michaels, outspoken climate change contrarian, dies at 72

Hottest weather of the summer coming next week as heat wave approaches

A student from China told the University of Utah her boyfriend was threatening her. She was found de

What Does It Mean to Be Conservative Now?

Jan 6 Hearing To Show MAGA Loving Congressmen Cowering

Calls grow for Iran morality police to change course

Once upon a time, after the lockdown from COVID,

January 6 Committee Calls Bluff of Key Witness

Europe's heatwave reaches Poland, Greece as it moves eastwards, brings wildfires

Extremist militia group with alleged terror ties awarded MoDOT recognition signs

Hypocrisy is now the norm in right-wing circles.

Nazi DeSantis taking credit for Biden's and the Democrat's great work

Activision Blizzard workers walk out, protesting loss of abortion rights

Three men have been charged with stealing up to 35,000 laptops belonging to Fairfax Co. Pub. Schools

The irony. While many of them would love to see our president incapacitated

Video shows California police officer shoot man as he runs away

I Posted This Info As A Response But Thought It Could Stand Alone As A Post - About Contraception...

Truth in advertising:

This made me chuckle

It was the cost for me to drive from DC to NJ & back than it was to take @Amtrak , alone ...

Black man beaten, left bloodied after alleged stop sign violation in Tennessee

America's Midsummer Malaise

This is all because of a traffic violation.

Will Bennie Thompson chair the hearing this evening?

Russia's Iran Drone Deal Shows Military Weakness

From 2008, Alan Shore VS SCOTUS. This clip has aged like fine wine.

How a 23-Year-Old Phenom Named Kingfish Became the Future of the Blues

DHS inspector general tells Secret Service to stop investigating potentially missing texts


Two things Republicans will do if Democrats don't.

An update from me (President Biden):

Fox News Loses Trusted News Source Rating From Journalism Watchdog

POTUS: "It's going to be okay."

Canaps or Horderves while listening/watching to J6 tonight?

A Mystery to me What is it??

Dems Quietly Try to Jam Pelosi on Stock Trading Ban

Anyone know what this is?

Fetterman inching back onto campaign trail, 2 months after stroke

Working Class & Hispanic Voters Are Losing Interest in the Party of Abortion, Gun Control & Jan 6th

Fox News 'fails to adhere to basic journalistic standards', says

Report shows Washington still adding jobs even as possible recession looms

This must be the greatest typo ever...

Cartoons 7/21/2022

Sultan man charged with hate crime for robberies of Asian-owned spas

Ukraine's bombing of the Antonivsky Bridge near Kherson and why it matters.


Salty Sea Days returns as downtown Everett block party this weekend

WH press secretary on Biden's covid status. 2:26 PM EST Dry cough, tiredness, runny nose, Paxlovid.

PURPLE HAZE: Strange Pink Glow in Sky Turns Out to Be Caused by Weed Farm

Sticker Shock for Springteen Fans. Something called "Dynamic Pricing"...Hard to Believe..

Jamie Raskin calls out those who believe the 2nd amendment legalizes insurrection

Now Arthur is just messing with me

Remember when the film, Contagion, was just a thriller that we could shrug off after the theater?

Wisconsin Assembly speaker says Trump called him to overturn 2020 results -- 20 months after election

Defense attorney explains why Steve Bannon didn't testify

Prosecution rests after a day and a half in Bannon contempt trial

"Tonight, tonight" The great Mello Kings, 1956

Why Trump Wins More Loyalty Than Biden

My pal's math textbook was banned in FL

Scared Barn Owl Stuck in Glue Trap Is Finally Free

Jury will be dismissed for the day, leaving instructions, closing arguments and deliberations for Fr

Fuck the press! My "effing" God

Puppy Rescued From Bottom Of A Ravine Loves The Water Now

240p: Some big storms flaring up fast southeast of DC! Severe storm warning in eastern Charles ...

Minnesotans Can't Trust Kim Crockett

Trump Wanted to Take Back January 7 Speech

The White House Press Corps is a embarrassing joke.

M$Greedia and their hacks are a genuine

Putin discusses oil market with Saudi crown prince, who hosted Biden last week

If indeed 96% of Republicans just voted against birth control, they just lost November's election

The mistake in the Build Back Better Bill

New York health officials report polio case, the first one in U.S. in nearly a decade. (AP)

Mediterranean Cauliflower Platter

Ohio girls are raped into motherhood. After rape at OSU, she was nearly one

DHS has launched criminal probe into destruction of Jan. 6 Secret Service text messages, sources say

HIMAR's hard at work?

In latest term, SCOTUS reversed almost 200 years of US law & tradition upholding tribal sovereignty

DHS has launched criminal probe into destruction of Jan. 6 Secret Service text messages, sources say

Pregnant people in Indiana are about to lose state privacy protections

Debunking the Wisconsin Supreme Court's Drop Box Opinion

Democrats will pick up 4 seats in the US Senate in 2022. PA,WI,OH, and NC.

Senate Democrats introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana

What was Mark Meadows doing on Capitol Hill?

Judge sides with Louisiana clinics in fight over ban, keeping abortion access alive for now

Audit critical of Oklahoma's use of education relief funds

Get them boots on. It's shit kickin' time

Pete Buttigieg DEMOLISHES rightwing host on his OWN SHOW - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Deadbeat party fails to pay for recounts

Appeals Court Approves Federal Agents Lying

'I'm Calling About Your Auto Warranty'

(Jewish Group) The very Jewish history of Comic-Con

New York resident tests positive for polio, first reported U.S. case in nearly a decade

Portraits of Holocaust survivors show their strength, not their sorrow

(Jewish Group) Portraits of Holocaust survivors show their strength, not their sorrow

Using previously unknown photographs, a new Holocaust documentary demands to be seen

(Jewish Group) Using previously unknown photographs, a new Holocaust documentary demands to be seen

There's a large blob of sea-level surface heat south of the Aleutians

(Jewish Group) Russia orders Jewish Agency to cease work and remove staff from country

(Jewish Group) Buchenwald: Vandals chop down trees dedicated to Holocaust victims

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

'Trump is above the law,' SE Cupp says in response to AG's remark (CNN)

(Jewish Group) David Baddiel fears 'Holocaust fatigue' as interest in the Nazi genocide wanes

'Jesus Fucking Christ': Missing Body-Cam Footage Fuels Questions About Cop Shooting 13 yo

Ship that sank during 'incredible storm' in 1842 discovered in Lake Michigan

'I told President Biden that he reminded me of my husband'

(Jewish Group) 'I told President Biden that he reminded me of my husband'

I don't believe the right wing media

@POTUS: Folks, I'm doing great.

Manhattan DA backed off indicting Trump because he was 'focused on the risk that we could lose': ex-

A Composition

YouTube will start removing misinformation related to abortion

David Hogg Tells Truth, Gets Kicked Out Of Gun Control Meeting

Trump Wanted to Take Back Jan. 7 Speech Admitting Biden Would Be President

Oz The Wizard Of Lies.......

195 House Republicans vote against bill to guarantee contraception remains legal

Faux noise will NOT be carrying tonight's show. (Jan 6 committee)

They look so innocent ....

Misleading GOP ads blame Senate Democrats for Iowa ski area project funded by Republicans

Top Trump lawyers briefed in detail on alternate elector plot on Dec. 13, 2020

Pennsylvania County Could Become First to Divest From Wells Fargo Over Abortion

Interview With John Lira - Candidate for Texas Congressional District 23

Hey, Remember How The World Actually Fixed The Ozone Hole? And Acid Rain? ​

With great cuteness comes no responsibility.

Under what normal rules Slobfather - lock him up!

I did a messed up thing and looking for advice or something

'I'm Calling About Your Auto Warranty': FCC Says No More, Orders Spam Block

Grass Jelly Is a Delightful Summer Treat

GOP Support Among Seniors, a Key Trump Base, Drops Dramatically: Poll

2022 US Senate Election Ratings for all of the states the Democrats are favored to win.

Received a disturbing ransomware email

Manu Raju: Rubio told me that a vote on a bill to codify gay marriage was a "stupid waste of time."

Kylie Jenner using her private plane for 3 minute flights.


Black Artists under Nazi Persecution

(Jewish Group) Refugees in Search of Safe Haven (video)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 July 2022

First US polio case in a decade in unvaccinated NY man

Fires of Hate: How the Nazis Targeted Books and Free Thinking

187 Minutes

Lawsuit Claims Trump's Lawyer Called AG 'That Black B*tch'

The GOP's small-dollar fundraising sputters (Email)

How the crazies became the GOP mainstream. (The Bulwark)

Earth Wind & Fire - Runnin'

A Trump fan got widespread sympathy after his garage was burned ....

Any good law firms out there that are willing to sue fox propaganda

J.J. Watt offers to help fan pay for her grandfather's funeral

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 3 factions of republicans, Trump, Pence, and AZ....

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell

Tiedrich Tweet

Grumpy Old Man

NY Times: Ukraine destroys 6 ammo dumps plus other targets in the south in the last 24 hrs.

GOP Effort Mostly Fails to Knock Off Extreme Candidates

Tears For Fears with Oleta Adams - Bad Man's Song

So Big Mouth Bluster Bannon Won't Testify

MN Rethug Warns Abortion Leads to Women Having Careers, & Pro-choice Women Always Play the Rape Card

What's for Dinner, July 21, 2022

In the summer of 1973 we watched the Watergate hearings in my Social Studies class.

Johnny Williams - Music Cues from "Lost In Space"

Melania Trump Tells Fox News Why She Didn't Condemn Jan. 6: She Had No Idea It Was Happening

Back in the lead for Stupidest Member of Congress.....Louie Gohmert!

'You're a Black man in America': Judge asked to resign over warning to stay away from cops.

Joe Biden Says He Has Cancer During Speech, Sends White House Scrambling to Explain

Melania Trump says she 'was unaware of' Jan. 6 violence as it happened

Judge allows subpoenas against Georgia Republicans in Trump fake elector probe

Michael Jackson with Patti Austin - It's The Falling In Love

The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right - (unknown)

Another guilty verdict,the government's track record at jury trial in Jan. 6 cases remains flawless.

Supreme Court says Biden cannot reinstate policy limiting ICE arrests, for now

one america news network loses it slast major carrier

The People Who Count Our Elections--or Can Grind the Process to a Halt

There 4 (so far) Dems opposing the assault weapons ban: Henry Cuellar, Jared Golden, Kurt Schrader,

For the first time in over two years today I felt happy

Secret Service has hired private counsel

Creepy Bushman Prank

News of the Moment: Bannon defense calls no witnesses; closing arguments set for Friday

#SCOTUS refuses to allow the Biden admin to carry out its immigration enforcement priorities

Secret Service seeking private counsel to defend themselves against possible criminal charges.

Great New Song- Mutineers Island

Great New Song-Mutineers Island

Grizzly Bear with Michael McDonald - While You Wait For The Others

Will Bannon Go To Jail? Trump Vet 'Turns Red' As DOJ Rests Jan. 6 Case On Hiding Evidence - The Beat

Update on 10-year-old girl in abortion case.

New Fox news poll confirms majority disagree with overturn of Roe

Data Finds Republicans are Obsessed with Searching for Transgender Porn

Turned off Google Assistant because it throws pop-up "help" twice a minute

Republican-Run Prison Rebuked By Biden DOJ For Abuse, Violence And Scalding, Inhumane Conditions

Fetterman once again owns Oz:

CNN is unwatchable.

Justice Jackson dissents in first vote as Supreme Court won't reinstate Biden immigration policies

I was pleased to learn that this evening's coverage of the hearing on MSNBC

New Findings Detail Trump Plan to Use Census for Partisan Gain

Jan 6 Hearing tonight Bingo Card.

FOX may as well be PRAVDA.

Russia about to run out of steam in Ukraine - MI6 chief

OAN is being dropped by Verizon at the end of the month

Today's experience with Beto

Glenn Kirschner: Tonight We Will Find Out What Trump Was Doing on J6. Previewing Tonight's Hearing

What time do the hearings start? Thanks.

Democrats' Dilemma on Manchin

The difference between trump and Jim Jones Is ...

I still wear a mask, do you?

OK, please don't laugh at me

GOP politician had man arrested so he could continue affair with man's wife

BREAKING: Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is still dead...

I feel like I was lied to

Rep. Lofgren: 'The Mob Attack On The Capitol Was Intended By The President' - Deadline - MSNBC

Ya just never know.

We were right

Food crisis: Ukraine grain export deal reached with Russia, says Turkey

So, if I am guilty of anything I can just get my lawyer to give me bad advice and get the case

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra announced on Thursday

CO asshole pleads guilty to forgery after voting with missing wife's ballot

Our niece took this shot. She just got the cat lamp for her birthday

In theater waiting for "Nope" to start

Battle Hymn of the Republic - Modified for Relevance

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra announced on Thursday

Negotiation in a Nutshell: Joe Manchin - Mark Fiore Political Cartoons

I want to say a few words about Elaine Luria

"Marcel the shell with shoes on" cutest movie ever


The defenition of a mensch

I am grateful every day that Joe Biden is our President.

Barry Berke is on Ari now

Malcolm Nance Live in Studio! We Will See Those Texts! Merrick Garland Has Spoken & More J6 News

Word HURDLE Afternoon 368 (((( SPOILER ))))

JAN 6 INSURRECTION HEARINGS LIVE - DAY 8 - Thursday, July 21st at 7pm ET/4pm PT - Meidas Touch

Just got my primary ballot

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 8 - Preview starts 7PM ET, 4PM PT - PBS NewsHour

07/21/22 Select Committee Hearing - LIVE Thursday July 21 at 8PM ET - January 6th Committee

Georgia judge declines to quash subpoenas for fake Trump electors

The greatest ad of all"People Talk"...Just talk about it over and over to others.

Has Draghi's Fall Broken Western Unity on Ukraine?

Arrest warrant issued after Tina Peters violates bond, again

CNN panel person just said some of the witnesses tonight will be in disguise

nice meme re Lindsey's troubles

DeSantis uses federal COVID-19 relief funds to bribe voters

Re: Bannon-some questions

Justice Kagan warns U.S. Supreme Court must maintain public confidence

Older women are key midterm voters, AARP poll finds.

Jan. 6 Panel to Sum Up Its Case Against Trump: Dereliction of Duty

Pat Benatar Says She Won't Be Singing 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' on Tour Amid Mass Gun Violence

OAN host shared detailed plans about fake electors with Trump campaign officials and attorneys

Yeah, ... they need lawyers

Who's ready?

"This water is perfectly fine! I'll prove it by drinking some...."

Talarico Fights Back - The Lincoln Project

With his trial racing towards a verdict, Steve Bannon is floundering inside and outside of the court

Democrat vaginas...

Biden bashing on NPR

Dunk Fried Dough Into This Silky Thai Pandan Custard

What so-called "Pro-Lifers" don't get ...

Things to do in Indy area?

Has anyone heard even so much as a whispered rumor about the pipe bomber????

Former US Coinbase employee and two others charged with insider trading

Remember that FL cop caught on video choking a female cop?

JD Vance's Senate campaign is missing in action in Ohio


****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 8, thread ONE (8:00 pm EDT) ****

Watergate prosecutor reveals why the Secret Service would have wanted to delete text messages

'I'm not an idiot!' Rep Andy Biggs blows up on Biden appointee at House hearing

Go to jail... do not pass not collect contributions go directly to

TFG's island

Judgmental dog hates every broom

China solar installations more than double in first half 2022

FBI: No sign of Jimmy Hoffa under New Jersey bridge (Pulaski Skyway)

Teen firing toy gun fatally shot in the Bronx, NYC correction officer taken into custody

There will be more hearings in September.

I want to thank Democrats in Congress and especially the Jan 6 committee for a job well done.

15 Week Abortion Ban Appeal: Court of Appeals denies Motion to Vacate Automatic Stay