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Attorney General Bob Ferguson announces convictions in decades-old cold cases

House Jan. 6 committee announces next hearing; expected to focus on the Capitol mob

Johnny Horton - North To Alaska

Beautiful cheetah running:

Raskin says Cipollone gave "valuable" testimony to Jan. 6 committee


988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Launch

John & Johnny - Lush Life

With a noxious family leave proposal, GOP pretends it's still pro-women despite antiabortion laws

O'Rourke hits Abbott over request for Texans to cut energy use amid heat wave

Steve Bannon's ruse rejected by Trump appointed judge; Trump still using the big lie to sow division

Santana with Michelle Branch - The Game of Love

Make sure you didn't miss the updated hearing time tomorrow.

Sunset, southern MD

Doris Day - Hooray For Hollywood

Greek PM slams map showing major Greek islands as Turkish

Displaced Syrians blame Russia as cross-border aid is cut off - Al Jazeera

Santana ft. Rob Thomas - Smooth

US rejects 'Serbian world' advocated by Serbian minister

Your periodic I watched it so you don't have to Fox alert; Tucker is very agitated.

988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Launch

Minutemen - Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs

Bob Dylan - I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

I am a broken record. I know. But I can't stop playing. I am stuck in the groove.

'Astounding!": Biden releases first image from Webb Space Telescope (CNN)

Something exploded last night near Kherson Ukraine

Glenn Grothmann is a "christian" bigot...

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Laurence Tribe calls Chuck Todd a wimp.

Starship Booster Explodes Unexpectedly During SpaceX Ground Test

To any not sure if ROE should be codified, please understand this:

I am more convinced than ever.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Jefferson, Monticello, and Fox....

Jimmy Smith - Walk On The Wild Side

Uber promised South Africans better lives but knew drivers risked debt and danger

The State Constitution of Florida--Yes, Florida--Protects the Right to Abortion

Mary Trump is suggesting sending ketchup packets to Mar-a-Lago

If Republicans ran their businesses the way they run government...

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The detail in this artwork is very interesting. So is the animation.

BREAKING: Department of Justice SMACKS DOWN Steve Bannon's bogus executive privilege argument

Fmr. Obama Official Patrick Gaspard Defends Biden's 2024 Prospects - NBC News

Judge Denies Steve Bannon's Request To Delay Contempt Of Congress Trial - MSNBC Reports

The 10 tactics of fascism - Jason Stanley (Big Think)

Jan. 6 Hearing To Focus On Connection Between Trump And Extremists - Deadline - MSNBC

"Mickey Mouse's dog was gay?!"

I'm worried about how fast grocery deliveries are lately.

Waxing Gibbous, 89% visible

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

Ohio state Rep. Click introduce bill that could ban IVF by recognizing 'personhood' from conception

Jail Time? Trump's Sidekick Steve Bannon Surrenders To Panel Amid Growing Coup Evidence

Politicians Should Not Be Making Pregnancy Decisions Says Cecile Richards - Deadline - MSNBC

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? She is laying out tomorrow hearing

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Laurence Tribe and Jill Wine-Banks: What To Expect From Jan. 6 Hearing #7 - Zerlina. - MSNBC

Omicron BA.2.75: A new variant is on the way.

Flying under the radar during the hearings

Tiny Tim with Brave Combo - Stairway To Heaven

MAGA Surrender: Trump, Bannon Ditch 'Privilege' They Never Had As Testimony Could Unlock Coup Plot

Washington State Ferries operating on alternate schedules 'until further notice'

First image from the new space telescope!

*Alex Butterfield coming up, on Lawrence show.

Inflation and high housing costs spur more baby boomers to find roommates - PBS NewsHour

Hutchinson Testimony Jolts Justice Dept. to Discuss Trump's Conduct More Openly

On PBS Political Monday they said the obvious: even if Biden chooses not to run again

Hospital Systems Reverse Reproductive Health Restrictions

When will a possible Grassley connection to the insurrection be revealed? Asking

A Red Palace for the Red Queen at Palenque, Mexico

A Red Palace for the Red Queen at Palenque, Mexico

Federal judge blocks Arizona's 'personhood' abortion law

What Happens If The GOP Tries To Dump Trump In 2024? - All In - MSNBC

Carpenters - Iced Tea

Federal Prosecutor says Cipollone Testimony BRUTAL for Trump

I think there is an apt medical analogy to allowing those who voted to overturn the election on

Kate Bush - The Fog

Steve Bannon's Legal Strategy Eviscerated Ahead Of Contempt Trial - All In - MSNBC

Boz Scaggs - Miss Riddle

Iran is preparing to provide Russia with hundreds of drone aircraft, including armed drones

Stuart Stevens: 'I get Dems don't want to hear this from me'

Tracy Chapman - Stand By Me (live on Letterman, 2015)

Comic-Con Mask Mandate, COVID Tests and Vaccinations Explained

WOW: Pennsylvania Democrat goes MEGAVIRAL with speech of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Kansas Will Be First State To Vote On Abortion Rights After Roe Reversal - All In - MSNBC

Someone tweeted me this today from twitter about Andrea Mitchell saying Biden is too old ...

I posted a thought exercise on my facebook feed

January 6 Hearing Will Focus On Far-Right Militia Group In Capitol Attack - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Ron De Santis should be called Pandemic Ron.

Jan. 6 Committee Postpones Prime-Time Hearing Planned for Thursday

Will the J6 cmttee name the names of elected GOPers?

This Republican Ad Makes NO SENSE

Stephen Miller, What is his deal? He was always

To prevent further disgrace to our country, all Republican Senate and House leaders should step down

Bannon Would Lie And Attack Jan. 6 Committee If Giving Public Hearing Expert Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

"Fox News is now saying that gas prices are falling too fast"

Vivaldi's 'Flute Concerto No. 5'

Trump tweet to be the center of the next House Jan 6th hearing: report

TV ad just on for what I didn't catch a mom and dad were bathing their baby in the kitchen sink

Reproductive freedom in Missouri via initiative petition?

Mary Trump: The Jan 6 Evidence on Trump is Piling Up and Mary's take on Trump's New Documentary

New Covid lockdowns in China will likely create more upheaval in Chinese stocks - CNBC Television

This is an 'unforced error' by Steve Bannon, says former federal prosecutor - CNBC Television

The Afghan refugee commanding Ukrainian troops - BBC News

Spanish archeologists may have found the oldest human fossil in Europe last Friday

Glenn Kirschner: Bannon is in Talks w/ J6 CMTE for Potential Testimony & To Keep Himself Out of Jail

NASA astronomers make noises in space audible to the human ear - CNBC Television

Mysterious 'lord of the universe' deity from ancient Palmyra finally identified

TFG's 2024 Flirtations Squeeze GOP Midterm Strategy

A year after anti-LGBTQ terrorist attack, Tbilisi Pride looks ahead

Shootings at six California 7/11s on 7/11..same gunman suspected

Is Bannon's pardon a proper topic in his examination?

8,200-year-old burials in Russia contain pendants crafted from human bone

Uvalde Families Demand Answers Seven Weeks After Shooting - The Last Word - MSNBC

Russia proposes extending 'gay propaganda' law to all adults

Any horror stories from a McDonald's?

Children who witnessed Uvalde school shooting speak out

Abbott's extremism is too dangerous for Texas. - Beto For Texas

Religious organization accused of pressing conservative views on some SCOTUS justices - CBS News

Bannon and Flynn are both former military officers

3 people gored at running of the bulls in Spain - CBS News

Yosemite fire update

Just before the sun set and some time afterwards.

This on now: Grieg's 'Holberg Suite'

Alexander Butterfield Was 'Worried To Death' Testifying Against Nixon - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden heads to Middle East for first official visit - CBS News


The oldest, brightest black holes in the universe were born from violent gas attacks, new study sugg

NYC - releases video on what to do if there is a nuclear attack

White House says Iran will send drones to Russia - ABC News

"Women: Republicans just aren't that into you."

'Cape Breton Concerto, I-II-III'

Next Jan. 6 Hearing To Focus On Extremist Groups - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Uber Files put Macron's neoliberalism in the spotlight

Emmett Till Song

Renato Mariotti unrolled Twitter thread on DoJ leadership rarely discussing Trump culpability

Caught in an Avalanche in Kyrgyzstan (Everyone Survived) ViralHog

LilBit tuna casserole on a budget

Chrysta Bilton on sperm banks: 'This industry is completely unregulated' - ABC News

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Orthodoxy and Asceticism', St. Macarius 'Desert Wisdom'

Trump's Final Months In Office: One-On-One With Alex Holder, Parts 1 & 2 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(On now) John Field's 'Piano Concerto No 3'

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Bubliki Are Ukraine's Lighter, Sweeter Version of Bagels.

The Race To Save The Sequoias At Yosemite - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Former AG Woodhouse censured by Wyoming Supreme Court

Archaeologists Unearthed Third Greatest Fire Temple Existing in Ancient Iran's Sassanid Era

Bubliki Are Ukraine's Lighter, Sweeter Version of Bagels.

The Race To Save The Sequoias At Yosemite - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(On now) Mozart's 'Horn Concerto'

Some positive vibes, please, for Madoc's sister, Smoke

Was inna funk earlier, so then popped an Ultram. Yes!! No mo' funnkkkk...

Neo-Windrush: Woman who gave birth in Jamaica stranded after baby refused entry to UK

Women's Health Care Providers Find Innovative Ways To Help Evade Red State Abortion Bans - TRMS

Have always loved this one: Philip Glass - 'Metamorphosis 2', Jenny Lin on piano

'Great British Bake Off' host Matt Lucas discovers his family member lived with Anne Frank's family.

New Reporting On Weapons Among January 6th Mob Amplifies Severity Of Attack - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC


Video Recordings Of Proud Boys Meetings Likely To Help Prosecutors - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Deep Space Telescope Offers Glimpse Of Galaxies Billions Of Years Back In Time - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

George Conway says there is drama over at TrashSocial. nt

British-made Ecovado offers low-impact alternative to "unsustainable" avocados

Some J6 questions I'm wondering about.

US may create new body to record human rights abuses in Yemen

US may create new body to record human rights abuses in Yemen

Amazon having disco balls on sale for the black Friday black Monday specials.

Texas ag commissioner seeking to put armed guards in school cafeterias - KVUE

Alamo Drafthouse accused of union-busting as workers push for more pay - KVUE

Woman picketing the White House, Washington DC, 1917 with women's suffrage banner

Woman picketing the White House, Washington DC 1917, with women's suffrage banner

GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Floats A Jaw-Dropping Air Pollution Theory

Cannot argue with this. Hate BOTH of these grifting bull shitters, BOTH OF 'EM!

New record for energy demand in Texas amid summer heatwave - KVUE

US tourist injured falling into Mount Vesuvius crater after taking selfie

Breakfast Tuesday 12 July 2022

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne to meet with January 6 investigators

Brothers, ages 10 and 14, surrender in deadly beating of man with traffic cone in Philadelphia

In New Mexico, critics want answers after a police standoff ends in fire, death of teen

McConnell gets GOP backup in his move to snarl bipartisan U.S.-China bill

Former Catholic College CFO sentenced in Lander fraud case

Dem CA Rep Katie Porter tests positive for COVID. 4 positive tests in less than 24 hrs. Sens Schumer

Ukrainian rocket strike targets Russian ammunition depot

The Summer 2022 issue of the Progressive Post - free download

Good morning ☀️ from FSM and it's noodly appendage.

West Virginia man (John Thomas Gordon) charged with felony in US Capitol riot

White Man Makes Over 100 Racist Threats and Gets Only 4 Months in Prison on Hate Crime Charge

If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, America will have lost its mind


Detroit cash bail reforms to strike at racial inequality

Detroit cash bail reforms to strike at racial inequality

Half of G.O.P. Voters Ready to Leave Trump Behind, Poll Finds

I have actually met a J6 insurrectionist

Sri Lankan president in standoff with airport staff while attempting to flee

by 2024 "conservatives" will be asking

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Rachel Maddow Shreds The Proud Boys For Taping Their Sedition Planning

The euro and the US dollar are at parity for the first time in 20 years

Rising interest rates are crushing the US housing market: Morning Brief

Today, If the committee proves a tie between the Whitehouse and people already charged with

Demonstrator across the street from Morton's Steakhouse Monday afternoon:

Tuesday TOONs - Bannon Expected To Plead The Filth

Wyoming's uranium recovery policy (two opinion pieces)

88.5% of Iowa utility customers power came from renewables in 2021

"Chain dogs", the German Army and the 1945 Battle of Berlin

Prof. Phillips Peyson OBrien on the big boom near Kherson the other night.

A ringing defense of President Biden, with qualifications

The only question, after the J6 Committee establishes by incontrovertible evidence that

People love to say we have the greatest justice system in the world. Explain this:

On this day, July 12, 1973, the National Personnel Records Center caught on fire.

This Recession May Be Mild. The Second One Will Be Worse.

Court temporarily blocks Arizona law granting 'personhood' to fetuses

Barbie announces new Dr Jane Goodall doll

Oath Keepers chief Stewart Rhodes' son explains why he left 'daddy Trump' -- and the 'far-right' cult

Convection From Yosemite Fire Enough That Tree Branches Fall From The Sky Onto Firefighting Planes

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 7/6/22

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 7/3-7/9/2022

The Rundown: July 12, 2022

Don't Play Bannon's Game (The Bulwark)

Is there a Democrat leaning TV show

The glaring flaw in the much-planned J6 insurrection is that "Plan B" consisted entirely of

Why we always seem to be willing to "deal" with the wrong side?

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python... Galaxy Song (Music Video)

John Pavlovitz: The Left is Bickering Into the Abyss

Way Down

With Roe gone, where do we go from here?

Why Progressive Prosecutors Won't Save Us in a Post-Roe World

Is today the hearing?

🚨Speaking of Outer Limits🚨

Judith Arcana Helped Facilitate Abortions Pre-Roe--Here's What She Learned

So, odds we see some of Patsy Baloney's taped interview today?

Filthy Fox is crying about NPR again.

Paxlovid Resistance: Is It Just a Matter of Time Now?

In Remembrance of The Delusional

You raised $68.00 on July 11, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

A peaceful moment for you today

You raised $125.00 on July 11, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke

GRL - Arctic Had Been Thought To Be Warming 2-3X Faster Than Rest Of Planet; Now It Looks Like 4X

A Jan. 6 defendant is expected to testify before the House panel today

Pat Cipollone Corroborated 'Virtually Everything'

Is there a hearing today? And did Thursday's hearings ger moved?

Kids at a Little League baseball in North Carolina, had to run for cover from gunfire

A Legacy Of Angry Men Online

"Please don't take the bait & start fighting over who is going to be our 2024 nominee. This is an

Quick question: Got the fourth Covid shot. Is it free like the others?

This, my friends, is what keeps me on edge

If you can sue women for ending unwanted pregnancy - You should be able to sue a man for causing it

Have you or a loved one been arrested for storming the Capitol?

Japanese say final goodbye to assassinated former leader Abe

Does anyone know how to contact Roku customer support?

The betting is on for the Westminster Derby - and they're off!

"bad for Biden"

Story on CBS this morning about Sheryl Crow's documentary

Story on CBS this morning about Sheryl Crow's documentary

Intermittent fasting may reduce risk of severe COVID-19

We don't need no education: Now Arizona says teachers don't require college degrees

FYI The Science Channel is covering the James Webb Telescope news conference at 10:30am EDT

Cat Keeps Hissing At New Little Sister

U.S. says airstrike kills ISIS leader in Syria

Seriously question: Are the J6 hearings getting through to the country?

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham ORDERED to Testify Before Georgia Grand Jury in Trump Election Probe

With numbers like this why can't we have nice things . . .

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 7

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the what fire in California can teach us....

Has anyone seen the French alien series, "Visitors?" HBOMax.

Better Call Saul, season 6, ep. 8

119 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Has anyone seen the French alien series, "Visitors?" HBOMax.

White House Privately Signaling It's Moving Forward With Anti-Abortion Court Pick

🌎 LIVE: James Webb Space Telescope - First Full-Color Images and Data

🌎 LIVE: James Webb Space Telescope - First Full-Color Images and Data

The Doobie Brothers - Clear As The Driven Snow (live)

FOX and the Murdochs continue to keep Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson on the payroll...

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

News engagement plummets as Americans tune out

Texas wind power is failing amid a scorching US heat wave

Oct 2012, then VP Biden & the hollow eyed granny starver VP debate- over 90min run time

I thought another Jan.6 hearing was scheduled for this morning.

Beto O'Rourke to launch 49-day campaign tour of Texas

So where did all this right-wing religious nuttery come from?

Another General Killed as Russian Leak Admits 'Big Shot Fucking Command' Was Obliterated

Why is vasectomy still legal?

The death threats Rep Adam Kinzinger has gotten are a dark prelude to the upcoming Jan. 6 hearing

NY Times: Bookstores are booming and becoming more diverse!

Man suspected of hate crime for allegedly threatening to kill U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Did You ever notice being infantry you're special matter of fact being combat arms it's special MOS.

I hope today's hearing will answer this question,

Patron on being Ukrainian.

Pic Of The Moment: Herschel Walker On Why Preventing Air Pollution Is Pointless

For all Colorado Springs area residents: Tattered Cover Bookstore is now open

JAN 6 INSURRECTION HEARINGS LIVE - DAY 7 - 12pm ET/ 9am PT - Meidas Touch

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 7 - 12:30 PM ET/9:30 AM PT - PBS NewsHour

07/12/22 Select Committee Hearing - July 12 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT - January 6th Committee

When you lie on your resume and get the job:

Jill Biden apologizes after comparing diversity of Latinos to breakfast tacos

Tattered Cover Bookstore has opened their newest location here in Colorado

Koala insists on being held:

Baby wombat playing and cuddling (2nd tweet):

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- July 12, 2022

Covid saga: Negative finally!

ISIS leader killed by U.S. in air strike

Cat flower:

Piglets cuddle with cat (2nd tweet):

Democratic nominee Cheri Beasley beats second-quarter fundraising record in North Carolina Senate bi

Owl enjoying being petted:

Attention Stinky Man, it's time to plead guilty you idiot.

Top ISIS Leader Killed In Air Strike Early Tuesday, U.S. Says - Morning Joe - MSNBC

As a democracy loving American I want to know why on Jan. 6

Mother hummingbird feeding her tiny, tiny chicks:

I've unfortunately joined the herd

J/6 Committee has encrypted messages between Trump allies and members of extremist groups

As U.S. Funnels Money to Ukraine, Independent Media Faces Pressure to Parrot Official Narrative

Exclusive: U.S. Weighs Resumption of Offensive Arms Sales to Saudis - Sources

Judge voids NY's Covid isolation, quarantine regulations

What worries me is that the GOP will be shocked, shocked, that Trump was involved in sedition...

Pumped for Today's Hearing!

Conservative Outlet Could End Up Wiped Out From Defamation Lawsuits

Human feeding baby hummingbirds

🚨🤖☎️🚨 (702) 843-1406 is a Medicare Robocall

Dodger Stadium workers authorize strike ahead of MLB All-Star Game

How Sri Lanka Protests Led to a "Reawakening of the Citizen" & Pushed Out President & Prime Minister

Three Words that Have Changed the World for Most People. Can You Guess them? Ok Look now!!

Herschel Walker: Quote, "If man came from apes, why are there still apes"?

Man suspected of hate crime for allegedly threatening to kill U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal

US VP to speak at Pacific Islands Forum to unveil major plans for the region - ABC News (Australia)

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 7

Border Patrol officer's union has endorsed Kari Lake's opponent:

Out like Flynn coming up at 1.00pm

Rhea Seehorn finally gets her Emmy nomination

Another perspective on Pete's excellent takedown on Fox "News" - the aftermath

It's painful to watch Andrea Mitchell

Nearly $2tn of damage inflicted on other countries by US emissions

The Lake Mead stuff is freaking me out

Ex-Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute found not guilty of murder charges

Grilled cheese and tomato soup I share make extra for furry crew ,dog slobbering in their sleep

Like to see the newest photo of my pride & joy?

"The monkeys have overtaken the cabana" (Twitter video)

National French Fry Day 2022: How to get free fries at McDonald's, Wendy's and more

can we all please learn to resist the bait? please?

Understanding The Webb Telescope Images

NASA's new telescope shows star death, dancing galaxies

Often when they think I'm listening intently, I'm actually imagining what it would be like to

Removing the constitutional ban on marriage equality is a multi-year process

US says drone strike kills ISIS leader in Syria

Bacon cooking hack: Fry it between two sheets of parchment paper on your panini or sandwich press!

Herschel Walker is a bona fide idiot just like tfg

First, Ukraine Liberated Snake Island. Now, It's Shipping Grain From Nearby Ports.

Jill Biden's "breakfast taco" may have been an inside joke

Russian party proposes replacing Putin's title of 'president' with an old Russian word for ruler

I am a proud American; even as a poll says, proudness is slipping fast.

Every MAGA follower must watch the Republican Congressman's complete excoriation of Donald Trump.

Oklahoma's fossil fuel industry killed two workers, forced an entire community to evacuate

Report: UK soldiers killed dozens of Afghan detainees

U.S. court says FCC cannot compel broadcasters to verify sponsors identities

The January 6 Committee has encrypted messages

Steve Bannon Has a Very Bad Day in Court

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 7, thread ONE (1:00 pm EDT) ****

Who are the Proud Boys? Extremist group at the center of prime-time Jan. 6 committee hearings

What are your snacks for the hearings?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ted Lieu ask Senate for clarity: Did Gorsuch, Kavanaugh lie about Roe?

This Is Putin's Precious Key to Invading More Countries

Omicron BA.5 is Overtaking The US: Immune Boosting Strategies

Biden Wins Dismissal of Sean Spicer Suit Over US Naval Board Firing

Bridges to Hawley: I want to recognize that your line of questioning is transphobic

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 12, 2022)

Multiple as yet unconfirmed reports suggest Rep. Lauren Boebert's gun-themed restaurant has closed.

Olympic Gold Medalist Mo Farah says he was trafficked to the U.K. and forced into child labor

US emissions inflict almost $2T in damage to other countries: study

Much of America is having a difficult time coming to grips with reality.

As Tacoma preps to clear 2 homeless camps, residents said they weren't given proper notice

Patsy Baloney, meet ...

Two members of white nationalist group face charges for defacing Olympia mural in 2021

Consider the Lobster. . .

Biden health officials discussing expanding COVID booster eligiblity

love it!

One year ago, Texas Democrats broke quorum to fight GOP voter suppression

"Not an impressionable child."

One year ago today, Texas democrats broke quorum to fight GOP Voter suppression

The White House swings at McConnell for threatening to hold up bipartisan bill challenging China

Trump Slams Elon Musk for Backing Out of Twitter Deal

Second glacier avalanche in a week shows dangers of a warming climate

Nasa space telescope delivers spectacular pictures

I support Joe Biden & Democrats!!!

And while you're at it, Consider the Octopus too. . .

OMG, I live in Alton Illinois

At a minimum, Democrats will at least have a net gain of 2 US Senate seats in 2022.

I think we need to be more careful, involving RW'ers.

Wondering if there's ketchup on a wall today somewhere near TFG.

Disturbing image from Webb Deep Space Telescope

Is there no MERCY for BIDEN? Yesterday heckled, today harangued by the president of Mexico

Uvalde video offers clearest view of police response -- but will it be released?

Just Wondering about Sidney Powell's idea to seize all of the voting machines...

Why the fuck isn't Michael 'Fuckface Traitor' Flynn in Leavenworth?

Terp/Turtle action this morning, in Md.

Cartoons 7/12/2022

Sydney Powell is certainly an arrogant, obnoxious person.

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 7, thread TWO****

Berg: Confrontation with campaign worker was racial, not political

WH Lawyer Cipolloni sprints to find this meeting going on 18 December with Chump

Bracing for light rail, Lynnwood City Council grapples with growth

Lauren Boebert's crazy new book.

Why Brett Kavanaugh will always be welcome at Morton's in DC

Some of these right-wing commentators need to be in jail

GOP candidate Tim Michels says he'd ban emergency contraceptives if elected Wisconsin governor

Panama president reduces petrol prices following protests

Russia Steps Up Attacks on Civilian Areas, Even With Advance Paused

Joy Reid tweet on the "red wedding" references

Who is this anonymous witness speaking, whose voice is disguised???

California enacts sweeping gun control laws, setting up a legal showdown

Biden to discuss immigration, trade with Mexico's president

Eric Swalwell slaps Mehmet Oz on Twitter

George Clooney PSA re: dumbfuckery

2 minors surrender in connection with beating death of 73-year-old man

I just heard from Smoke's mom

How America has a Shariat court of its own with the US Supreme Court: Opinion

Rob Reiner: The question is no longer whether or not Donald Trump should be indicted for leading an

Cipollone destroying Trump in J6 C hearing.

Pentagon: US kills IS group leader in Syria in drone strike

Conservative Outlet Could End Up Wiped Out From Defamation Lawsuits

Cipollone appears relieved to finally tell it all

"Cops don't have standing, if they are laying on the ground" !!!

Biden nominates 5 new judges, but not Republican abortion opponent

This J6 series is more binge worthy than "Breaking Bad"

Another US appeals court upholds right to record police

Jan 6 Hearings. What will we hear about the Flynn-Stones?

We may as well pack up our Justice system and the SCOTUS if Trump is not imprisoned and

Look at these two, scared, little boys....

Watching faux noise with their take so far on the committee......what the hell happened to

They MUST discuss Gin and Clarence Thomas!

Is Ukraine's strategy of blowing up ammo dumps working?

The "day of the rope" reference was about a Turner Diaries massacre BY white supremacists

'The Bear' Nearly Breaks Sydney. In Real Life, Every Business Does.

I think there are quite a few folks who will vote Democratic just to continue these hearings and

Inflation data 'already out of date:' White House downplays CPI expectations

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 7, thread THREE****

Larry Sabato: They are brilliantly deconstructing Trump's lies and treason.

So, the right wing noise machine called for a 'red wedding' on 1/6

wouldnt it be nice to see the headline- dem base refuses to buy into propaganda- ?

Fill in the blanks: The best _________ I ever had was ___________.

Russian General Dead as 'Big Shot F*cking Command' Taken Out

An effective AWB by Exec Order?

NASA unveils first images from James Webb Space Telescope

Lara Trump Claims That Brett Kavanaugh Having His Dinner Interrupted Was Domestic Terrorism

Heat warning issued for Calgary as forecast calls for temperatures up to 30 C

Mo Farah says he was trafficked to the U.K. and forced into child labor

Stephen Ayres who will


July's full moon is special. Not only is it a supermoon

Jacki Schechner: It's increasingly obvious there is plenty of evidence to indict them all.

Sketched yesterday in my local bookstore. So many lovely corners offer a multitude of vignettes.

Undercover in Guyana: Exposing Chinese Business in South America

I walked in late to the J6 hearing. Obviously someone's voice is garbled to

TFG must be shitting bricks.

Elon Musk says Trump should 'hang up his hat and sail into the sunset'

The Jan 5 rally was really scary. Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Flynn should be in Jai

Getting ready to weave a baby blanket

Roe V. Wade Ruling: She Found Out Her Baby Wouldn't Survive, But Was Denied An Abortion

Mob Action

Stunning spread of BA.5 shows why this California COVID wave is so different

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 7, thread FOUR****

Texts from 1/6 Committee-Quite Telling -Katrina Pierson: it wasn't the rhetoric Parscale: yes it was

If nothing else, these hearings reveal just how toxic social media is


Deep Progressive Techno #5 ⚗️🧪💊🔬🧬

So.. who is the young man sitting behind Representative Murphy?

My god these texts between Brad Parscale and Katrina Pierson

Narcissists align with the opposition

Anyone else's cable/internet screwed up?

Who gave Stewart Rhodes (oath keepers) the money for the weapons and tatical gear he ....

'Take the blinders off.' (Mr. Ayres)

Hillary Clinton as the queen of Hearts

🚨 And the 21st round of Judicial Nominees is out!

I'm just sad right now.

Our hearing next week! Update Thursday July 21 - Prime Time

I didn't think I would need a drink watching today's hearing. I was wrong.


On inconveniencing poor beerboy.

43 years ago, an anti-disco baseball promo unleashed a mass riot steeped in homophobia and racism

Marriage equality once again proposed in Navajo Nation

Stunning spread of BA.5 shows why this California COVID wave is so different

Next week, Mr. Cipollone!

Slovenia set to be the first former communist country with marriage equality

California blocks gun sales to those at risk of breaking law

Jason Van Tatenhove's testimony was riveting

LGBTQ senior housing vandalized with hateful messages: "The fa***ts will die by fire"

WHOA!!! Trump tried to personally call a witness

Florida school axes anti-LGBTQ bullying prevention measure because of Don't Say Gay law

TFG tried to call a witness re. the J6 committee.

Lordy, I hope there are voicemails.

Dang! Stephanie Murphy just gave a righteous speech.

Looks like TFG is up to more witness tampering.

Mob of conservative mothers demand library burn Pride display books

Liz Cheney just dropped another bomb of witness intimidation.

Mob of conservative mothers demand library burn Pride display books

Senate Democratic candidates post massive second-quarter hauls

"The fa***ts will die by fire": LGBTQ senior housing vandalized with hateful messages

They are all going to be indicted, including Trump.


so the orange fuck is now being obvious about his hamhanded attempts at

Los Angeles Set To Reach The CDC's "High" Covid Community Level In Next 48 Hours, Says Top Health Of

Who else would like to see a cage match between Rep. Cheney and the Slobfather?

We need MORE hearings! One more hearing is not enough to wrap this up!

Side by side pic shows how BIG Arthur is getting.

Wow Cheney says Trump tried to call a witness and the committee has supplied that information to...

One of the heroes of these hearings is the media guy they hired....

I bet the ketchup is flying

Ukraine to consider legalising same-sex marriage amid war (BBC)

ABC's Jonathan Karl just said there's been NO public response from Trump to today's hearing.

so cipollone believes pence should get the presidential award...

I'm afraid I'm pessimistic about the DOJ bringing charges against Trump, because....

The Constitution Isn't Working

"I'm really sorry," Ayres told Harry Dunn, hugging him. (pic)

Stone and Flynn are the connection that proves seditious conspiracy.

Gas is down 40 cents where I live.

My little feel good episode today

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's new rule on emergency treatment....

Thanks to ABC for broadcasting the hearings

Stefanik's tweet during J6 hearing.

BAM! Now *THIS* is exactly how to handle an ASSHOLE repuklican moron.Totally and utterly destroyed..

Stephen Ayres, the January 6 defendant apologizes to Capitol Police officers. nice move

Sen Masto (D-NV) introduces bill to prohibit states from limiting travel for abortions

The Right to Travel in a Post-Roe World

LOTS OF NEW damning info was brought out today against Traitor Trump.

The misplaced outrage over Hunter Biden and U.S. oil reserves bought by China

Shorten the war. Send 60 HIMARS to Ukraine.

Okay, I just fell in love with Neil Katyal on Deadline White House

Every single GOP who voted not to certify needs to be held accountable

Trump Tried to Contact Jan. 6 Witness, Liz Cheney Reveals

How can comey sleep at night after this?

tv talking heads say "chain" -- it's a WEB of seditious conspiracy

John Bolton: "... as one who've planned coups d'etat. [you have to be smart] ..."

Buffalo Police Open Fire On Suspect Who Allegedly Shot at Officers During High-Speed Chase

Libs of TikTok is now targeting a Jewish summer camp

(Jewish Group) Libs of TikTok is now targeting a Jewish summer camp

Important thread on the war in Ukraine by expert Rob Lee.

And he is STILL being allowed to spread the lie!

(Jewish Group) Biden administration accuses Russia of antisemitism and exploiting Jewish suffering


(Jewish Group) A Holocaust survivor celebrates her 100th birthday at a Queens synagogue

Exclusive: Watch Uvalde school shooting video obtained by Statesman showing response

We are still in trouble.

(Jewish Group) Andrew Garfield, Julia Garner and Adrien Brody make list of Jewish Emmy nominees

FOX News Will Not Be Happy. Crude down 8%, RBOB (Gasoline) down 6.25%

I wonder if the second hearing this week was put off because of the trump witness tampering?

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 12, 2022

Neal Katyal: "motley crew of Star Wars bar scene people"

LEAKED AUDIO: Trump planned to falsely claim victory, according to Bannon

WTF was CNN thinking having Bolton on to talk about coups?

We need to send Liz Cheney to Ukraine.

is there any rebroadcast since we missed the last 2 hours!

Why are we worried about monkeypox?

Mayer Hawthorne - I Wish It Would Rain

Today in Shadow Docket Hell, the Supreme Court is considering whether a Trump judge could

And .... ACTION (Luckovich)

New York Times won't correct its errant essay on ectopic pregnancy

I missed Cipollone's testimony.

Remy Shand - Take A Message

Maybe this will finally bring down the militias.. the greatest threat to our country

It must never be forgotten those congressional republicans who continue to backup trump

Suggestions for Netflix

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh expected to be indicted on murder charges (wife, son)

Bannon Spoke To Trump Twice The Day Before Capitol Riot: 'All Hell Is Going To Break Loose' - MSNBC

Faith Evans - Love Like This

The Ayres guy should be in prison !!

I kept waiting for someone to come . . .

Mike Luckovich-Director TFG

Jan. 6 Committee Plays Testimony On Combative White House Meeting Over Election Fraud Claims - MSNBC

Videos Show MAGA Influencers Promoting Jan. 6 Protests As 'Red Wedding' - MSNBC

Twitter sues Elon Musk, setting stage for epic legal battle

Dalvin DeGrate - I Can't Help It

Ivanka Trump's ex-chief of staff tells Jan. 6 Cmte. that Trump tried to calm her father down before

"Why We Did It:" Fmr. RNC Spokesman on GOP's Descent into Trumpism Amanpour and Company

I wonder who is that witness Trump tried to contact?

Justice Department Announces Reproductive Rights Task Force

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 July 2022

For the past several years I've heard and read a phrase that for the life of me I can't figure out!

So, it appears as if Elmer Stewart Rhodes was just itching to become Mango Mussolini's Himmler.

A lo of hardline Trumpers reside in rural and small town areas that only get FOX

I just heard on Deadline White House that Ayres embraced Capitol police officers and apologized

Culture Club - Stormkeeper

I have a hard time understanding rethugs who aren't certifiably delusional and still support trump

AhHa...I heard two commentators use my favorite word within minutes of each other: LINK(S)

Cipollone: Seizing Voting Machines Is A 'Terrible Idea For The Country' - MSNBC

My take on the last two witnesses in today's hearing?

WATCH: Former Oath Keeper spokesperson fears for next election cycle if Trump runs for office

Alexander Butterfield Was 'Worried To Death' Testifying Against Nixon

Tried to watch

The word seccession came up a few times in the J6 hearings.

One of the J6 Committee members said

Based on public opinion polling, Democrats lose GA and NV but gain PA,OH,and WI.

The Survival Guide To: Getting A Younger Sibling

Jan. 6 Cmte: Group Chat 'Friends Of Stone' Links Trump Allies And Far-Right Extremist Groups - MSNBC

WATCH: Rep. Cheney says Trump 'cannot escape responsibility' for events leading up to Jan. 6

Cat Brought a Stray Kitten Home And Now They Are Inseparable

If the witnesses were asked under oath if they knew who the J5 bomber placer was,

WATCH: Rep. Thompson says Trump 'seized on the anger' he stoked among supporters after 2020 election

What the news about "Witness Tampering" today proves: Trump Really Thinks He is .."Above The Law"

Briefly caught John Bolton on CNN warning that the Jan 6th Committee could OverReach.

WATCH: In taped testimony, former officials say they told Trump he lost the election fairly

I like Eric Herschmann (former senior advisor for the orange fucker)

So... are we moving any closer to charging TFG w/ violating 18 U. S. Code 2383?

I'm not overly optimistic about the witness tampering charge holding up.


WATCH: Trump aides describe 'unhinged' White House meeting in lead-up to Jan. 6 - PBS NewsHour

Jamie Raskin's closing statement was the Bomb!

From Politico, regarding Morton's statement: "... press releases are a medium rarely well done."


WATCH: Rep. Raskin says 'three rings of interwoven attack' operated toward Jan. 6 attack

Plumbers Rescue Dog From a Drain Pipe

National Lampoon Feat. John Belushi - Lonely At The Bottom

Bloated Alcoholic making demands

I may still have my deck somewhere.

WATCH: Former Twitter employee says Trump used platform to speak directly with extremist groups

These republicans must not be forgotten to be removed from Congress.

Trump Is Losing Every Single Sh*t Over Jan 6th Hearing Today

The witnesses are in very serious danger

WATCH: Rep. Murphy highlights Trump's ad-libs in speech ahead of Jan. 6 Capitol riot - PBS NewsHour

All Cipollone is a good at being a coffee boy?

Hubble v James Webb: 'The Cosmic Cliffs', Carina Nebula, 7,200 light-years [hi-res images]

Who is the future witness Trump tried to call?


Fuck them all.

The news headlines about the J6 hearing are about the plot to seize the voting machine

It just came to me who the mystery witness that was called by trump is



VIDEO: Hallway footage in Uvalde school shooting obtained by KVUE

Fuck Brad Parscale he knowingly used and helped Russia to steal the 2016 election in order ...

I wonder if tfg has been regurgitating rage on 'Truth' Social, today

WATCH: Far-right extremist groups coordinated with Trump associates ahead of Jan. 6, committee shows

What were the biggest revelations for you in today's hearing?

So the corrupt Rajapaksa brothers have fled the country

Cream - Dance the Night Away

Where Is the National Outrage Over Uvalde?

the Carina Nebula looks like a Christmas Card.

WATCH: Rep. Raskin calls on American public to defend democracy in wake of Jan. 6 insurrection

What Mr. Weissman just said on Ari's show confirms some suspicions about the DOJ.

Lyle Lovett - Baltimore

Local tagger went on a spree

WATCH: Rep. Cheney gives closing statement, says Trump tried to call a committee witness

Trump's call to march on the Capitol was planned in advance, committee shows

The Jan. 6 Committee names Republican members of Congress who were plotting with Trump on Dec. 21:

Texas outlets publish disturbing Uvalde surveillance video ahead of public release

House expected to pass bill to restore abortion rights

I'm getting a "forbidden" blank white page just about evertime I click to a new page

New York's Chief Judge Resigns, Breaking Up High Court's Right-Leaning Majority

Trump 'watched for several hours as the White House lawyers destroyed' his baseless claims:

What did Faux News do today... I monitored some...

We still need to know...

Half of Republicans Don't Want Trump to Run in 2024. Here's Who They'd Rather Elect, According to Ne

Just another 12th of July in Ulster.....

A tabloid that I saw today carried the headline, "trump's insane Capitol Hill coup".

Is it the Overstock dot com guy who TFG is leaning on?

INSANE PHOTOS! Take a look at these photos of the rain in DC

Mexico agrees to provide $1.5 billion to help U.S. manage migrants on southern border

D.J.T. has secured a Place in History. That's one

Jayapal Threat: Man Held On $500K Bail, Hate Crime Charges Likely

If the DOJ is going to take action against trump

Newt Gingrich's 2012 presidential campaign committee is millions in debt.

I want a Popcorn pin like Jill. nt

Jamie Raskin: "American carnage is Donald Trump's true legacy."

TUESDAY AFTER JAN 6 HEARING: Tara and Rick The Breakdown, TLP.

No more shopping at Overstock

Bradley Cooper dating Huma Abedin -- and Anna Wintour played matchmaker: sources

Highlights From Jan. 6 Hearing On Efforts Of Extremist Groups - MSNBC

I'm getting "Forbidden" instead of DU.

Former trump atty, just on CNN, said he was surprised that the govt had no DIRECT evidence

**Southern MD evening

Was the Powell testimony in front of the J6 committee?

It's official...

They're all deplorables to me.

Less than half of Seattle's JumpStart tax revenue will go toward housing

Macomb Prosecutor Lucido sexually harassed employees, used office for campaign, probe finds

Dan Rather: "How is all of this only coming out now?" It's THE question . . . "

AG is thinking.. of whether to appeal the abortion decision

She had an abortion at 31 weeks. Why did California turn her away?

Couple quick questions

Little League baseball coach removed after rough encounter with opposing players after loss

I'm still wondering about this

Andrew Yang now pushing Matthew McConaughey as US president

Deer pronking videos:

Blast from the past: Mos Eisely Cantina scene in Star Wars (1977)

Capitol riots: 'Wild' Trump tweet incited attack, says inquiry

Starting on Saturday, July 16, an emergency hotline

U.S. appeals court revives Roundup weedkiller cancer lawsuit

Anyone else keep getting Forbidden and a black screen on DU?