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Sammy Davis, Jr. with Johnny Mendoza - West Side Story Medley

NASA's Voyager 1 from the '70s is glitching. Engineers are consulting 45-year-old manuals to trouble

Why did you stay in Ukraine?

Don't touch my piggy!

The First Black Female District Attorney of Fulton County Is Going After Trump And His Allies - MSNBC

Aww--workers at the shelter are giving Stevie the "walk of honor" as he goes to his forever home:


Jack Nicholson, Roger Daltrey & Ann-Margret - Go To The Mirror (From "Tommy")

Baby elephants being too darned adorable:

Mandy Patinkin - And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) [From "Evita"]

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Dog wants *two* turns!

Duncan Sheik - She Runs Away

It sucks when you depend on a fascist country to survive & another reason to break our ties

Trump tells crowd that Rudy Giuliani is in hospital with heart problem 'because of what they put him

Amber alert for the dotard?

*Coming up @ 9:11 p.m, MPT ch 22,

Bonnie Raitt - Nick Of Time

Trump Calls On Wis. GOP To Nullify Elector Votes, Make Him Victor After Ballot Box Ruling

I am sorry that the people of Japan have lost such a leader in this way... /

Rational, logical and critical thinking are no longer words you can describe today's Republican

*Coming up @ 9:11 p.m, MPT ch 22,

Film production relocates to NC, citing abortion ban in Arkansas

George Takei: "How can I put this best."

AP runs fact check on fake Abe tweet about Clinton

National COVID-⁠19 Preparedness Plan

Does anybody have a link to the video of Ron Johnson talking about Biden getting money from ....

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department investigating probable monkeypox case in Pierce County

Introverted dog meet up

Build it and they will come!

Evening in southern MD

On this date 60 years ago Bob Dylan records Blowing In The Wind.

WTF? IF Penny is advertising Black Friday in July sale?

AOC Just Sent MTG Into A Twitter Meltdown

The Daily Show Throwback - Look At These Assholes: Trump Family Edition

What is the "more" that the enraged abortion activists are asking BIDEN to do?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Orville, interpretation, and Topa....

Robin and Koko

Body transfer illusion: The illusion of owning a part/or entire body other than one's own

25 Facts About the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

Yosemite wildfire threatens grove of iconic sequoia trees

How Many of the Protesters at the WH Today, Voted for Biden and Other Dems in 2020?

Trump Could Get Hit With Wire Fraud Charges Over Bogus Fundraising Scheme - Ring of Fire

Another Joanna McClinton Speech:

Tears For Fears - Shout

Sunday Digit: 8/10 - Not too hot with brightening skies by afternoon.

Kiss-Detroit Rock City

Fotheringay / Sandy Denny - The Sea

SNAP Tweet of the Day - what Musk will do now

Johnny Depp Verdict Thrown Into Chaos As Wrong Juror Seated In Virginia Trial

Hogan Doubles Reward For Information About A Deadly Clash In Downtown Baltimore That Killed A Man.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

In The End - Linkin Park

'They are preparing for war': An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are takin

To the "Justices" who overturned Roe ...

Low - Half Light

Harry Litman: Pat Cipollone witnessed Trump's worst J6 moments. Here is Why His Testimony Matters...

France's Roe v. Wade was the trial of a 16-year-old girl

Die Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex (official video + live in Locarno, Switzerland, 7/20/2022)

What Happened to Mike Flynn? (The Atlantic)

Tweet of the Day

What is Mark Meadows drinking tonight??


Trump's new BFFs

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Wingnuts forgot their lesson from Vietnam, are in remedial mode now with Roe

Oy! Keep up ...

Hugh Laurie's Hilarious Story of Working With A Lion - The Graham Norton Show

Breaking Down Biden's Executive Order On Abortion Rights - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Since I know there are scientists on this site - a question; Is there any kind of electrostatic...

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 1/2023 is 57.

MSNBC's Glenn Kirschner w/ Stephanie Miller: "Let me go on Record, Donald Trump Will Be Prosecuted!"

Without abortion, advocates worry that abuse victims will be trapped

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Internet enamored by a 14-year-old's captivating 'I Voted' sticker in county contest

I really hope that liberals, progressives, Democrats have come to truly understand the Courts and

Doctor Looks To Provide Abortions At Off-Shore Site After Roe Reversal

Bob Dylan singing "Blowing In the Wind" ...1963

The problem with white people

US Senate seats up in 2022 that are out of reach for Democrats.

Chernobyl - The Lost Tapes (trailer within article) new HBO Documentary

Good Friends - Joni Mitchell and Michael McDonald

The Case For Gun Control: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Rewind

Tweet of the Weekend


Waxing Gibbous

O'Donnell exposes the undemocratic nature of the founders allowing the GOP to steal future elections

Security failures surround Abe assassination - NewsNation Prime

Justice Dept says it has evidence OathKeepers had bomb making instructions and a death list

Beaver and Krause

Chris Evans Defends Anthony Mackie as Captain America After Racist Pushback

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win.

Watch The Moment This Mama Sloth Is Reunited With Her Baby

Brazil's Bolsonaro rallies evangelicals at March for Jesus

Jan. 6 committee member speaks out after Cipollone testifies - CNN

Meet the Battlefield Bishop Taking on Mexico's Most Bloodthirsty Cartels

This Week at Justice - July 8, 2022 - The Justice Department

Japan in mourning after assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Help ! Red state rural protest tomorrow

Cross post

"Violence does not spring from a vacuum. It's born out of other men's violence.

US House seats that are key in keeping Democrats in the majority.

The woman who accused Emmitt Till of whistling at her is still alive..Till family want her arrested

After Years of Searching, Physicists Observe Electrons Flow Into Fluid-Like Whirlpools

WTF! - AR-15-toting Black AZ Republican attacks 'KKK Democrats' in Klan hoods in new advert

Just got turned on to this band

NPR interviewed 6 immigrants..they pretty much all indicated USA is a mess now. 2 mention Roe

Jan. 6 Panel Questions Cipollone on Pardons and Trump's Election Claims

State Senator Tiara Mack tells us she won't apologize for her recent twerking video

Sunday Funnies 7/10/22 Plus Doonesbury

Canada exempts Russian gas turbine from sanctions amid Europe energy crisis


Florida woman hid 93-year-old mom's body in freezer to collect disability, police say

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dolby Dolby Doo Edition

Just home from my shift as a bartender

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will be likely to win.

Insomnia. Watched an old ep of "Land of the Giants" tonight.

Al Franken: Dahlia Lithwick on The Horrible SCOTUS Term (July 10, 2022)

Buckle up Beltway

The Tories are tearing themselves apart in the leadership race to replace BoJo & I am here for that

Breakfast Sunday 10 July 2022

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Teach The Holocaust 'From The Perspective Of The Nazis'

At least 14 dead in a mass shooting at a bar in Soweto, South Africa

Leonard Pitts Jr.: What is wrong with American men?


Between the 2022 US Senate Races in GA,OH,and WI.

The Reagan/Thatcher era is coming to an end everywhere

Discovery+ documentary on Trump ready to watch.

For years they all gathered together in the woods pretending to be Rambo.

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, July 10, 2022

On this day, July 10, 1941, Ian Whitcomb was born.

Millions of Americans were once simply pro-choice. Now they are much more than that.

If anti-abortion ideologues truly cared about the lives of babies...

Read the threatening letter the Texas GOP sent to a law firm that planned to reimburse travel costs.

It's Sunday. Time to learn something about Ukraine from Prof. Phillips Peyson OBrien.

On this day, July 10, 1972, the Democratic convention opened in Miami Beach.

Morton's Steakhouse should rethink its billboards:

What do you think the committee should do when it comes to Bannon.

Over 300 Virginia state employees quit after Gov. Youngkin changes telework policy

Amtrak to offer third daily departure from Norfolk, Virginia

Amtrak to offer third daily departure from Norfolk, Virginia

The Russkies are eyeing up Alaska!

Ukraine: 15 dead in rocket attack on apartment building

Album released on this date in 1964


Committee Source: Pat Cipollone's testimony provided direct evidence of Donald Trump's

I'm watching a documentary called The Janes about

The post-legal Supreme Court

You raised $370.00 on July 9, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Sarah Palin's fashion look?

I would argue that the senate filibuster

House 12-Step Formula

Pregnant Woman Cited for HOV Violation Says Her Unborn Baby Should Count as Second Person

Why it is preferable to prosecute Trump at the State level rather than the Federal level?

The War King

Chinese man shocked to learn he has ovaries

Chilling audio from closed-door meeting 40 days before 2016 election between Trump & Religious cult

Limb from 300 year old red oak made into some tables.

This is interesting

Mike Lindell commercials are running heavy on Discovery channels this morning

One day Jeff Clark was going to be Trump's AG and help him overthrow our democracy. Oh well.....

This Rescue Cow Acts Like A 1-Ton Baby

Montgomery Co. Fire investigating possible arson at Catholic church

Zelensky Internal Fight, Manafort and McConnell

No wonder everybody wants Finland to join Nato.

Who is Rishi Sunak, the Indian-origin leader campaigning to become UK's PM?

The Dangerous Rise of the Gullible American Cynic

Is the tv show Ghosts only available on a streaming channel now??

Rep Kinzinger: "What was the President doing...during the Insurrection"

Why dogs love little children

Tell Joe Biden to withdraw this nomination:

On July 9, 1962, Andy Warhol unveiled a wall of 32 Campbell Soup can paintings at an LA gallery.

French women push to cement abortion rights after US ruling

Liberals Should Welcome Ron DeSantis' Rise- by a conservative

Amazon Deforestation Highest Since At Least 2016; Jan-Jun Area Destroyed Five Times That Of NYC

New poll: curtailing abortion rights in red states opposed by many or most Republicans

Australian Gen. Mick Ryan on Russian strategy.

Seems to me .. the hell hounds on the right are coming after men's reproductive rights also

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Hunter Biden & Jared Kushner:

"Mouse using the Metro Center escalator as a treadmill"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, inflation, and Lucky Charms....

No wonder Kavanaugh likes Morton's Steak House.

West TX Farmers Facing Drought Conditions At Or Exceeding Records Set In 2011

Governor Primary

AG Primary

And now a word from NBC Meet the Press.......💩 show

Crickets from the Republican conspirators in Congress?

My compost pile is taller than I am

Can we get all Election days (including midterms, in all the states) declared a national holiday?

How the fuck did overturn of Roe become Biden's fault?

proud boys oath keepers other white power groups

Non Sequitur - Alligoricalsaurus

Doonesbury - Which One?

"Pete Buttigieg utterly destroys Fox News host for whining about Kavanaugh protests":

John Turturro: My grandmother's botched abortion transformed three generations

Love the arrangement in this Corrs song "Closer".

Mei Goreng - Indonesian Stir-Fry Noodles

Fleetwood Mac - Need Your Love So Bad

Woman brings home a shelter cat. And discovers her odd reaction to guests.

Crypto plunge is cautionary tale for public pension funds

1975 - Women of Iceland go on strike -

Ray Charles - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'

Call of duty in Severodonetsk: one day of combat

So Little Stevie's ready to sing now, eh...?

As we were a few ages ago - Orangutan teaching others how to use a tool

Succinct, and to the point!

DAAAAYUM, You gotta see this.

Saddest thing - Donkeys mourning death of their friend

"Pre-Roe v Wade, Debbie Reynolds was forced to remain pregnant with dead fetus-It almost killed her"

Soon the historic Saratoga Race Track opens up. It is sad what they have done to the track I loved.

The most powerful office in America can't be a "Get out of jail free card."

Other countries know how to stop this.

Every day is adorable photo day!

Biden looks hot in Giro bicycle helmet and his signature sunglasses.

Why are moms so mean?

Steve Bannon says he's willing to testify before January 6 committee after Trump waives claims of ex

Luis Echeverria, Mexico leader blamed for massacres, dies

Supreme Court declines to hear 2 different attempts to stop longtime Ann Arbor synagogue protesters

Family sues WCS over Critical Race Theory law violation

15 killed and 24 trapped after Russian missile hits apartment building, Ukraine says

Kinzinger says Cipollone didn't contradict 'what anybody said' in testimony

I love a good hoagie roll it's the worter not water.

Ukrainian soldiers train in UK as war with Russia rages on

Charlotte Rampling & Sir Tom Courtenay in "45 Years"

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (July 10, 2022)

Tennessee hot dog restaurant offering free milkshakes with proof of vasectomy

Majority Say Supreme Court Erred In Overturning Roe

Tucker Carlson's greatest fear

Elon's Twitter takeover saga could have just been a cover for him to sell $8.5 billion in Tesla stoc

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 10, 2022?

Prosecute Trump? Merrick Garland is investigating aggressively but prosecuting cautiously

Researchers in China claim they developed 'mind-reading' AI that can measure loyalty to the Chinese

Deeply disappointed in Obi-Wan Kenobi, but it really wasn't anyone's fault (slight spoiler)

Trending on Twitter: "Christian in America"

DEAR REPUBLICANS: 'You can't tell ME when life begins..."

NY Times: One Small Step for Democracy in a 'Live Free or Die' Town

The boys are keeping me on my toes, today


Lehto's Law: FTC Brings Right-to-Repair to Weber Barbecue Grills

Silver Alert issued for missing at-risk Thurston County man

Sleep Paralysis

Washington has seen a 42.2% increase in gas prices since last year

A country founded to escape religious tyranny is on the precipice of being destroyed ....

Hatred is not a mental Illness. -David Hogg

Starving Puppy Willing To Share Slice Of Bread

Pete Buttigieg HUMILIATES Fox News Host with EPIC Response on Live TV

Spain swelters as temperatures reach 110 degrees in second heatwave

Why did Trump release Bannon from executive privilege? Something smells . . .

Raskin says Cipollone gave "valuable" testimony to Jan. 6 committee

Good trouble in the Kherson region

The New American Nuclear Family

Vintage Ginni Thomas, back when she was just a dim Lamp

President Biden calls Paul Whelan's sister after mounting pressure from family

Bill Richardson to Travel to Moscow

Brilliant move by preganat woman in carpool lane

121 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Fighting crime - The Masked Gato and MiniGato

Cartoons 7/10/2022

Die Toten Hosen - Kamikaze (official music video + live in Leipzig, July 9, 2022)

Abbott says it has reopened Michigan baby formula plant

Democratic PA state rep. Joanna McClinton - Midterm message in less than 2 minutes ☺️

Pa.'s Fetterman will pan Dr. Oz with Jersey Shore sky banner saying 'Welcome Home to N.J.!'

Biden to Seek Price Cap on Russian Oil

Texas Republicans aim to further restrict abortions--here's how they might do it

We must vote in EVERY election, every year, every office.

Trying to figure out or identify a Native American

Abe's killing haunts Japan with questions on handmade guns

BREAKING NEWS: The Oath Keepers are reportedly upset that Donald Trump isn't paying their legal fee

Anxiety grows for Ukraine's grain farmers as harvest begins

Dotard, speaking in Alaska, dismisses climate change

Daddy provides unintended entertainment for little girl when gender reveal device malfunctions:

Democrats Hopeful for Spending Deal with Manchin

Jeff Tiedrich on SCOTUS ethics

Feeding street dogs in Thailand:

Greitens fans shrug off scandals threatening GOP Senate seat

Why You Should Quit Smoking (Ukraine)

U.S. scientists enroll nearly 40,000 patients in high-stakes, $1.2 billion study of long Covid

Andrew Yang: My third party would be 'a natural home' for Elon Musk

Tweet of the Day

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 July 2022

Obi-Wan Kenobi--Quick Q

Chicken Ministry of Silly Walks:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Are out-of-state abortions in trouble? How Idaho laws may apply to procedures elsewhere

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats are gonna win.

Doggie rollcall:

Central Florida resort being charged with discrimination against transgender woman

LTE: I was willing to pray with a teacher to boost my grade. It was scary

UK Guardian: Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals

The Uber Files: Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals

LTE: Graham had no businesses making calls to GA on behalf of "the sore loser,"


Legislature approves constitutional amendment proposals on abortion, voter ID

Gov. Whitmer seeks to protect Michiganders seeking prescriptions in Canada

Overly ambitious pelican imagines he can eat a capybara:

A drugstore employee in WI refused to sell condoms

Video From 1988 Proves Ted Cruz Was Always A Creepy Weirdo

Christo-fascists making moves on FL school boards

Curious young Arctic fox checking out a nature photographer:

Just finish watching Unprecedented--SPOILERS

Texas Paul DEBUNKS new Deranged Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theory

It Is Foolish To 'Blame' President Biden For A Court Decision

Tories awaken to the cost of being led by an entertainer. The GOP still hasn't.

Uber leveraged violent attacks against its drivers to pressure politicians

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Live)

Tweet of the Afternoon:

MY human!

Andrew Wortman Tweets FTW: Happy Sunday!

RASKIN: "Makes the Watergate break-in look like the work of Cub Scouts"

Lizard & puppy:

Madonna - Borderline

Is there a site akin to Google News where I can see all the stuff...

John Fetterman flies a banner over NJ to welcome Oz home after campaigning in PA

Twitter's odds of getting specific performance and making Musk close the deal

Shanghai identifies new COVID Omicron subvariant

Unprecedented- the documentary about Trump last days

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote

AOC takes the fight to the right:

I think I found the Meme of the Day

***Last Call for Entries! TWO MORE.***

Trump THREATENS to Take Over 'Democrat Cities' in UNHINGED Speech - MeidasTouch

"Outgunned" - Artillery & The War in Ukraine - Developments, Lessons, & Logistics

Angel Olsen - Free

'Dance of the Cuckoos' on sousaphone accompanies KKK marchers . . .

Insane beach volleyball

Arizona Law Bans People From Recording Police Within Eight Feet

Iran enriches to 20% with new centrifuges at fortified site

As a member of the United Methodist Church.. I do not mess with anyones Catholic theological beliefs

If you don't have Discovery + to watch the Trump documentary, here's what you can do:

Beau of the 5th column finally comes out and says "vote Democratic"

Tweet of the Afternoon #2:

Tweet of the Afternoon #3:

Piglets Squeeze Into Great Dane's Crate To Lie On Top Of Him


Trump will be 78 in 2024 but nobody talks about whether he's too old.

I'm going to have a wonderful day in spite of everything!

Interesting comment on anxiety/depression meds from a mental health podcast host.

Are there any songs that instantly put you in a better mood after hearing them?

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 10, 2022

Trump was still head of the military on 1-6.

Desparate QAnon Ron says that Mark Zuckerberg stole the 2020 election in WI

Wonder if I could market my handshake?

Comforting fact, maybe...

Tweet of the Afternoon #4:

Dear Rethuglicans:

Our dystopian country is really taking it out of the young people.

Mastriano is coming. But Josh is gonna fight for us - let's watch his back and GOTV

In Uvalde, he lost 11 students and was badly wounded. Now he looks for a path forward

Excessive heat has made it into Houston with an air temperature of 104 and a heat index of 114

It's been 105F avg here for the last few weeks and I have some questions ...

Former governor to travel to Moscow for talks on freeing Brittney Griner: Source

Family found living with cache of weapons inside Nevada children's museum

Get ready for more supply chain problems.

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting for a Star to Fall

I think I have a new hero.

Former Gov. Bill Richardson to travel to Moscow for talks on freeing Brittney Griner:

On the news this evening they're saying next week will see the final two hearings

Rage Against the Machine had their first concert in 11 years. Their message did not disappoint.

A new one that I never heard of, "Matthew Cooke"

DoorDash delivery for Kavanaugh

Clouds Crossing

Native American boarding school survivors tell of abuses

The Top Three Political Burns brought to you by PoliticalVoices

NOT THE ONION: Family Found Living With Weapons In Nevada Children's Museum

Twitter just hired a big-name law firm to sue Elon Musk for dropping out of $44 billion takeover bid

***Poll #3 for the July Photo Contest: "I have my eye(s) on you."***

***Poll #2 for the July Photo Contest: "I have my eye(s) on you."***

***Poll #1 for the July Photo Contest: "I have my eye(s) on you."***

The Three Polls are up in GD!

Republicans Are Attacking Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor for Saying Slavery Was Terrible

Before everyone gets twisted out of shape about Paul Whalen vs Brittney Briner Read the following:

Republicans in disarray!!!?11!! Nebraska convention goes off the rails

'Extinct' parrots make a flying comeback in Brazil

60 years. SIXTY YEARS. S.I.X.T.Y

Before the election in November, the House should pass legislation forbidding anyone convicted

free clinic :)

Any updates? Wildfire near Yosemite National Park inching dangerously close to grove of

Fermi's Paradox and Eukaryogenesis Hypothesis

What Biking From Mexico to Argentina Has Taught Me About Borders -- & Myself

Luke McGregor...Economics, Australian, Stand Up, Sitcom gotta check this out

Pregnant Texas woman pulled over for driving in HOV lane, says unborn child is 2nd passenger ...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the most important election of your life....

Sarasota Herald Tribune is running an oped saying Proud Boys are just a caring group of fathers

Tory farce: Mordaunt produces a Day Today lookalike campaign video, and has to edit out people

As abortion ban is reinstated, doctors describe 'chilling effect' on women's care

Anyone have suggestions for being harassed by a drone?

In AZ, educators will no longer need a college degree to begin teaching in state public schools

Witness Tampering? Ms. Hutchinson was under intense pressure from Trump World"

Attempts to violate Church-State Separation and merge politics with faith are hurting churches, too

Eddie Vedder - All Along The Watchtower (live, 2008, with Brendan Canty on drums)

Millennials are the largest workforce and the least wealthy -- why?


I would totally wear this t-shirt!

1-6 hearing Tuesday - New time 1 pm EDT


The mesmerizing fluid-like motion in a flock of sheep being herded by working dogs


The English Language can be difficult to learn...

I started saving artwork and text in Word and now can't find it.

Los Lobos - Hearts Of Stone (nice guitar song)