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Texas Paul Reveals the TRUTH about Brittney Griner's Release from Russian Prison - Meidas Touch

Kamala Harris Surprises Young Artist by Putting His Painting on the Second Family's Holiday Card

Rep. Ritchie Torres (NY) absolutely THRILLED to preside over passage of Respect for Marriage Act 😭

Texas state court throws out lawsuit against doctor who violated abortion law

Texas state court throws out lawsuit against doctor who violated abortion law

Meme from Mastodon:

Special Counsel Jack Smith files CONTEMPT Motion against Trump in Stolen Document Case - Meidas Touch

A 4-year-old's body was discovered in 1957. Police just identified the 'Boy in the Box'.

How The Right Developed Its Victim Complex

Challenge accepted 😂

Time to forget about Florida and Ohio for now?

PM Update: A couple showers tonight ahead of a sunny Friday

Tweet of the Day

Legal Bomb Hits Trump: Special Counsel Eyes Contempt In Mar-A-Lago Stolen Docs Case - The Beat MSNBC

Prosecutor at Giuliani's ethics hearing: Rudy "weaponized his law license to undermine Constitution"

Guatemalan Court Approves Sending Detained Renowned Journalist to Trial

Democrats will lose 1-2 US Senate seats in 2024 and gain 1-2 US Senate seat in 2026

Roger Stone is back on Twitter

January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump (CNN)

I really enjoyed this discussion. Eric Hovind & Paulogia - The Full Conversation

Trump Among Five Targets as Jan. 6 Panel Weighs Criminal Referrals

White supremacist ideology flooding online gaming

Best Way To Find a Place To Rent?

How Joe Manchin self-sabotaged his fossil fuel gambit

Outside review of documents seized at Mar a Lago officially ends

Gym Jordan gets defensive after being cornered over pro-Kanye tweet

Woman accused of sabotaging electrical grid to stop drag show says "extremist leftists" did it

What was your most unusual job?

A GOP Senator Is Stalling a Bill to Let Pregnant Workers Take Bathroom Breaks

DOJ subpoenas Michigan Secretary of State's office as it continues probe into Jan. 6

Panel: Good Gets Better For Biden, Bad Gets Worse For Trump - NBC News

Elizabeth Warren - Good update and info on student debt issue

Does know the approx time of BG's arrival in San Antonio?

Multiple people injured in Iowa plant explosion - ABC News

Paul Whelan's Brother Speaks Out About Brittney Griner Release - NBC News

FRA makes nearly $2.3 billion available in federal passenger rail grants

Peru's Oligarchy Overthrows President Castillo - OpEd

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told Elon Musk it is 'not for sale' after the Twitter owner accused th

Flu Cases Soaring As U.S. Hospitals Struggle With Tripledemic - NBC News

Elite Russian tank unit defending Moscow falls back on reservists amid 'heavy casualties'

Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer takes stand in his own criminal trial

Lithuania's prime minister discusses the war in Ukraine and the West's response - PBS NewsHour

White Supremacists Shooting Up Electricity Facilities? - Raw News And Politics

Meta is scheming to replace Twitter

First recorded moose sighting ever in Mount Rainier National Park

Ex-Twitter Employees Speak Out About 'Inhumane' Layoffs as Legal Woes Mount

Ukrainians brace for a brutal winter amid Russian attacks on energy grid - PBS NewsHour

The Supreme Court Needs Real Oversight

DOJ needs to stop pussyfooting around with Trump.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Suspected white supremacist shared substation database online - NewsNation

Tearful Celine Dion Shares Career-Stopping Diagnosis

Oh boy.

Which political party will win the 2024 US Senate Elections in AZ,MT,OH,PA,WV,and WI.

Kari Lake Calls Biden "Disgusting" for Not Traveling to the Border! - Luke Beasley

Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle

Chris Hayes: Germany, Peru Seem To Take Attempted Coups More Seriously Than We Do - All In - MSNBC

Mittens Romney on Trump's 2024 bid: 'Absolutely not'

From 2004: Blacklisted Russian Tied to Iraq Deals

Panthers DE Henry Anderson says he had a minor stroke in October

Biden unveils $36B for one of America's largest and most troubled pension funds

Republican CRIES begging colleagues to OPPOSE same-sex marriage bill - Brian Tyler Cohen

Liddy was the best singer in the kids' choir. She looked like one of the angels in the picture of

Gaetz is ready to wait "weeks or months" before selecting a Speaker.

Brown University becomes first Ivy League to impose campus-wide ban on caste discrimination

Adam Schiff: Jan. 6 Criminal Referral Consideration Not Confined To Just Trump - All In - MSNBC

Amazon,, and 70,000 Other Sites Are Sending Your Data to Elon's Twitter, New Research Says

drudge story headline: Biden on a roll, critics furious

Is something big being planned?

Florida legislator, who sponsored 'Don't Say Gay' law, resigns amid federal fraud charges

The Onion or just Conservatives? Test your Knowledge. II

Trump has stated he wants to end the 2nd amendment.

RWNJs have more conspiracy nonsense in Twitter Files 2. Rex Huppke has the best comment.

All you ever gotta do is be a good man one time to one woman

Putin - Pig of the Year (Luckovich Cartoon)

Trump Investigations - Dec 8, 2022 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Who will play Jack Smith in the upcoming movie?

Paul Newman, 'Cool Hand Luke' and Huntington, West Virginia

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

Seth Meyers - Trump Organization Found Guilty of Criminal Tax Fraud - Monologue 12/7/2022

Dog's amazing trick:

Imagine you are a Republican political campaign operative/consultant and you have

Ya no watt?

Trump EXPOSED with unreported $19.8 Million Loan to North Korean Linked Company - Meidas Touch

man paid cash for a ($50K) Rolls Royce

Back by popular demand.....

Kimmel: Trump Could Face Insurrection Criminal Referral, GOPers Vote Nay on Gay & Brittney Griner

'Really Hard Choice': Biden Admin Faced Tough Choices In Griner Release Exchange - Alex Wagner MSNBC

Hungary blocks EU aid for Ukraine - World News - TVP World

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 11, 2022 - Julien's Auction Film Items

TCM Schedule for Monday December 12, 2022 - Directors' Final Films

"The Mole" 2022 - 10 episodes on Netflix. *NO SPOILERS*

VA-SD07: Door knocking organized this weekend for Aaron Rouse

VA-SD07: Door knocking organized this weekend for Aaron Rouse

They revolt and steal - Russian recruits - Break the Fake - TVP World

NYT Workers Walk Off Job In 'Shot Across The Bow' Of What Could Come - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

In case you missed the Best Campaign Ad of the Year

Texas Paul OBLITERATES Republican for FAKE TEARS on House Floor - Meidas Touch

Meet the next Sergeant Major of the Army

'African Suite for Strings', London Symphony Orchestra (Has a holiday motif, I feel!)

Virginia's top court reinstates prosecutor removed by judge

What is a good part of America to get started

The Daily Show: Trevor Thanks The Fans & Black Women Who Shaped His Life

Dilermando Reis's 'Waltz: If She Asks'

The Daily Show: Farewell to Trevor From The Correspondents

Meghan Meehan-Draper is the new Executive Director of DGA...

How hard is it to do the right thing?

Backfired: Putin's Prison Recruits Spiral Out of Russia's Control

wake up 4:30am to say pledge to your 5 & 3 yr olds, then say lord's prayer & pray more? i was LMAO!

'Clarinet Concerto' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dresden State Orchestra, Sabine Meyer on clarinet

Prediction: Christofascists will start attacking infrastructure...

Embers of Autumn

McDonald's-like mug with a hand grenade inside - a treat for the Russians - Military Mind -TVP World

Friday Morning Relaxing Bossa Nova and Jazz Cafe Music Livestream

This afternoon I spent 52 minutes and 17 seconds on the phone

Good Mood Happy Winter Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for December

Foreign Policy Expert: Russia Offered Viktor Bout For Brittney Griner--Or Nothing - The ReidOut MSNBC

Thank you Maria Teresa Kumar for reminding us that trump negotiated with the Taliban to release 5000

About the Speaker of the House

Trump actively turned down Viktor Bout-for-Paul Whelan prisoner swap, John Bolton says

🌸 The Cherry Orchard: Blossoming (2008) Japanese movie [English subs] [HD]

Hear Putin's Rare Admission About Russian Strikes Against Ukrainian Infrastructure

'I know who I am': Brittney Griner's radical existence

Remember Jerry Blackwell, the prosecutor in the Derek Chauvin case?

WORDLE 538 (12/09) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Rep. Swalwell On Trump Docs Case Stonewalling: He's A 'Legal Terrorist' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Clarence Thomas Violated Law 'In Plain View,' Laurence Tribe Says - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Republican Radicals vs The Democrats war will never end...

The Republican Radicals vs The Democrats war will never end...

Warnock Campaign Manager: 'I Was Confident Because We Put In The Work' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Barstool Personality TRASHES Fox News In Leaked Hot Mic Audio

Rep. Cicilline: Supreme Court Must Be Held Accountable To Rules Of Conduct - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Existing Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries can now apply to sell recreational pot

Former Top Federal Prosecutor on New MAGA Supreme Court attempt to LEGALIZE Discrimination - Meidas Touch

Heartbreaking Audition! Young Ukranian Refugee Gets The Golden Buzzer!

Seth Meyers - Republicans Wonder if Georgia Is the Final Nail in Trump's Political Coffin: A Closer Look

DOJ Asks Judge To Hold Trump Team In Contempt - The 11th Hour - MSNBC (2 videos)

Latina Equal Pay Day - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

As China starts dismantling 'zero-COVID' controls, fears of virus grow - ABC News (Australia)

Idiocracy averted?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/8/22

Ukraine War: Battles for control of Bakhmut rage on - Sky News

Moscow just went BOOM!

Polysmiths designs "beautifully sustainable" London house featuring cork-lined living spaces

NUL. (HIZUMI/D'espairsRay) Cube @ Tokyo JP, Studio (2021) Interview CC FOR ENG.

Energy department official accused of stealing luggage from Las Vegas airport

Looking Glass Lodge in East Sussex features glass facades that reflect the surrounding woodland

Winter is Hurting Russia's Invasion: Can They Survive? - TLDR News EU

Michael Flynn appears before Atlanta grand jury probe into Trump's election subversion

Noora Louhimo Duo - Turbo Lover

'Dozens' of Iranians executed for anti-regime protests - Times Radio

U.S. FDA authorizes bivalent COVID shots for kids as young as 6 months old

Brittney Griner back home in US after Russian prisoner swap

Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent

JFC. Sinema LEAVING Dem party to become independent per CNN

Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent

First Gen Zer elected to Congress details his trouble getting an apartment in DC

Monster Hunter Rise & Sunbreak Coming to XBOX & PLAYSTATION...But Still No Crossplay

Sinema can literally go to hell.

Fuck you Sinema

Sinema said she plans to keep her committee assignments, which implies she plans to caucus with

Donald Byrd was born on this date.

Dan Hicks, under rated and under appreciated when alive, was born on this date.

I'm happy to report that Carys has forgiven me for taking her to the vet

Letterman interviews President Zelensky

David Corn: The Media Still Doesn't Know How to Cover Trump's Extremism

RE:Senator Sinema

Regina - Baby Love

Now the DNC can PRIMARY Kyrsten Sinema...

What happened to the rest of my posts...

Strike wave: European health and care workers have had enough

AP: UC's academic workers strike brings stress to undergraduates

Taxing super-profits to beat inflation, defend rights

Here we go again

Breakfast Friday 8 December , 2022

Over yonder...

Is Sinema still going to caucus with the Democrats?

I feel so bad for Arizona Dems

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Asks Simplest, Most Damning Question

Republicans completely ignored it when Trump released 5,000 Taliban terrorists into Afghanistan--but

Wanting to clear something up

Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! and Fuck You Democrats.

Run, Ruben, run.

House Republicans brace for doomsday scenario if McCarthy falls short of 218 votes for speaker

Reminder: Never Trust The Greens.

Maybe the first shoe?

Kyrsten Sinema is the fucking worst. N//T

2022 Year in Review: Best Cartoonist

2022 Year in Review: Best Cover Artist

2022 in Review: The Dave Stewart Award for Best Colorist

2022 in Review: Best Letterer

Anyone want to contact the traitor Sinema? Here are some options.

When coyotes attacked, a dog killed 8 of them, saving a flock of sheep

Sinema interview, she really takes a shit on us, ffs, bothersiderism on full blast

So, we're right back where we started.

GOATWATCH: Here's how you can livestream Sweden's Christmas goat


If you're wondering where Krysten Sinema is ...

Thanks for the $$ Florida. Citrus Canker Settlement.

What Has Changed With The Senate?

I think Sinema goes either way

My take on Sinema:

Joe's Too Old (Luckovich Cartoon)

Surprise! Documents Reveal Big Oil's "Transition" Plans Are Even More Greenwashing Bullshit

Right Wing Conservative Translator

I think Sinema just made it harder for Arizona Dems to get rid of her

I started the Sinema countdown 30 seconds after Warnock won and the "Sinema is irrrelevant now" talk

You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt

sinema "Look At MEEEE! I'm "special!"

Wholesale prices rose 0.3% in November, more than expected, despite hopes that inflation is cooling

MAGA Republicans are obsessed with harassing drag shows -- here's why

AK Northernmost Town @ 40F 12/5/22, 36F Over Avg.; Highest Ever During Nov-Mar In 100-Yr Record

Independants remind me of the bible verse...Revelations 3:16

First, they came for the lawyers...

I wonder if some people are just so offended by beauty and happiness and love that they

Special Counsel Jack Smith sends MORE SUBPOENAS in Trump Crime Investigation - Meidas Touch

Who would win a 3 way race for the AZ US Senate seat in 2024?

"I want to share something I learned about Joe Biden yesterday."

Even FEMA's Updated Flood Maps Can't Keep Up W. Extreme Flood Behavior In Destabilized Climate

Can we buy a republican senator ?

Sweeping Defense Bill Will Shield Judges' Families' Information -- Including Ginni Thomas' Activism

Be prepared for Trump to do something really crazy, he is a cornered narcissist.

Who is really surprised by Kyrsten Sinema?

Sinema just wrote her political obituary.

Didn't think anyone could out crazy the MAGAts....see the QAnon Queen

Russian Soldier Realized He Won't Return Home From Ukraine - Insights from Ukraine and Russia

My analysis of the Kyrsten Sinema situation, and how DU rules will treat her going forward

Excellent Nicolas Cage movie I'd never heard of.

Morning Joe slams GOP 'idiots' for criticizing Griner release

Sinema thinks this will make her powerful, and it probably will

Momma Dog Has A Reunion With Her 13 Puppies On Their First Birthday

No, Elon and Jack are not "competitors." They're collaborating.

Who in the hell loads a moving van full of White House documents and takes them home.

Kelvin-Helmholtz: Rare wave clouds amaze sky-watchers in Wyoming

Rebel Music

"Your Christmas or Mine?" on Amazon Prime

People Getting Sick with Mystery Illnesses, Testing Negative for Covid, RSV, Flu. Here's Why.

Chuck Schumer to Sinema: Here's the bill for all the $ Ds spent getting you elected to the Senate

China's Xi at Saudi palace to meet royals on Mideast trip

Could Manchin be considering following Sinema?

Has the DC Circuit ruled on the Slobfather's assumption of immunity

Friday TOONs - The Naughty List

Rather than the Senate split 51-49

I just finished my radiation therapy.

Sinema for President in 2024

Let's get some perspective on Sinema.

Another thought about Sinema

I wish President Biden would give more spotlight to V.P. Kamala Harris.

Has Cinema announced who she is going to caucus with? Thanks in advance


Lego Search and Seizure edition from Jimmy Kimmel show

SCTV: Perry Como - Still Alive

Google search volume for Trump, Swift & World Cup---

How about a little wake me up Friday music to kick off the weekend

The Sinema Gambit: IMO Sinema put herself over the barrel.

Pennsylvania gets $6.6 million downpayment for expanding internet access

Kremlin critic Yashin jailed for 8 years for 'fake news' on Russia war

Is Elmer Rhodes in prison right now as he is waiting to be sentenced?

has anyone watched "The English" on Prime?

Oil spill in rural Kansas creek shuts down Keystone pipeline

Check out the Virtual Silent Auction (fundraiser for Tarrant County Democratic Party)

"Sinema" rhymes with "enema". Coincidence? nt

Political party/affiliation switching - is it ever anything but self-serving?

could someone else run as an Independent in Arizona?

Seth Abramson wonders if Musk gave questionable journalists Taibbi and Weiss access to users' DMs

Tensions simmer as conservative moms, Florida educators differ on school books

Wow! Just read the story about Celine Dion.

Seth Abramson calls out Musk for flat-out lying in claiming shadowbanning targeted only the right

Biden just can't get a break. He must be a decent. This shit only happens to decent men.

Huge fire engulfs Russian shopping mall Mega Khimki near Moscow

Iranian Regime Eying Venezuela As Sanctuary For Leaders

The J6 committee did an outstanding job. It's historic.

"I'm going to be the same person I've always been. That's who I am."

I'm an Arizona Dem who has known Sinema for decades.

Malcolm Nance NAILS Elon Musk: "This guy is a stupid Bond villain."

Sinema was hoping for and thought that Mark Kelley would lose

AZ Dems: "Sinema's party registration means nothing if she continues to not listen to constituents"

A way to fix the Sinema issue?

Elton John announces he will no longer use Twitter

Here is an alternative and better idea for a prisoner exchange

Watch This Misogynist Get Humiliated In Public

Trump Demands DOJ Return All His Documents

VA-SD07: Mark Warner and Bobby Scott to campaign for Aaron Rouse.

VA-SD07: Mark Warner and Bobby Scott to campaign for Aaron Rouse.

Sinema has voted with Biden & Dems 90% of the time.

On this day, December 9, 1996, Patty Donahue of The Waitresses died.

Juul Agrees to Pay $1.2 Billion in Youth-Vaping Settlement

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an update on Moore County....

The VEGAS LOOP: Just As Stupid As You Think

if germany can arrest their perps of their attempted coup the next day,,

Corrupt Judge CANNON Officially REMOVED from Mar-A-Lago Case - Meidas Touch

End of Zero Tolerance Too Late to Save China from Major Economy Downturn as GDP Falls - Joe Blogs

North Carolina power grid attack stokes fear in rural LGBTQ community

Listened to CBS morning show and then MSNBC at 9.00. DEMS AGAIN IN DISARRAY!!!!

The Problem with Making Rape Survivors Prove It

We don't use self-checkouts. Period. Ever. When standing in a long line at an

On this day, December 9, 1902, Margaret Hamilton was born.

Had the misfortune

GAY MAN'S Aunt Caught FIGHTING for FREEDOM - Fix News

50 Of The Happiest Animal Memes

hmmm, maybe it wasn't aliens after all.

Janet Yellen's Signature on U.S. Currency Marks First Time Bills Autographed by Two Women

Three New Yorkers Ordered Cocaine From the Same Delivery Service. All Died From Fentanyl.

Thus may have been addressed but I haven't seen it

Quebec Shuns Bitcoin Mining in Bid to Conserve Power

Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards: A Clumsy Lion Cub, Winky Owl and Sassy Penguin Are Winners

Strong genes being expressed:

WSJ News Exclusive Senate Drops Bid to Let Spy Agencies Hire Former Marijuana Users

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (studio version + live in 2004)

WSJ News Exclusive: Green Hydrogen Gets a Boost in the U.S. With $4 Billion Plant

The Right to Post

Search warrants issued, FBI applies to retrieve cell phone records in search of power grid attack su

L.A. authorities will let girl care for unicorn if she meets 5 conditions -- and if she finds one

With nasty weather

It was a near thing, but no sanctions on a BBC weather presenter.

Inseparable friends:

Some Xmas markt photos cross posted in Photography

It's not 51-49, it's 49-48-3.

Is Ukraine's Orthodox Church sympathetic to Moscow? - Times Radio

Stop Manchin's Dirty Deal - ROUND 2 -- It's baaaaack -- this time, in the Senate

Cats appreciate cubbies. It's like a hug 🤗 & safe harbor:

Why did Russia want a notorious arms dealer released from US prison? - DW News

Peru's oligarchy overthrows President Pedro Castillo

Report from Democrats led by Sen Gary Peters details Covid failings at start of pandemic

World Cup Croatia vs Brazil SPOILER

BREAKING NEWS: Ghost of Martin Van Buren apparates, demands to be re-instated as President

WOW! Linda G 2023 Predictions

Amusing tribute to The Avengers' Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), done as a music video

2024 Arizona Senate race

Putin makes rare public comment about who's to blame for attacks - CNN

A note on Apple's encryption plans. A BIG EFF-ING DEAL

I'm glad that Griner is back.

I lost my best friend this morning. (I had to put Blacky down due to his health).

Walker's Campaign - "utter contempt that white conservatives have for Black people."

Kyrsten Sinema Has Brought the Entire State of Arizona Together (in Thinking She Sucks)

Revealed: group shaping US nutrition receives millions from big food industry

you think wiring your house for internet is hard , try this .

Remembering Herschel Walker - The Lincoln Project

The Trump cult is unusally quiet during all these Trump proclamations?

I fully expected Sinema to do this. Not surprised at all.

How to Use FOOD To Boost Your Immune System * Fight off Infectious Diseases 🍒

WOW! - What are the odds??

Is there anything you care less about than "Harry & Meghan"?

Question re twitter

Anyone else getting the message "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" on DU?

Alcohol Is No Longer The Most Abused Drug by American Children

Elon Musk Worried He Won't Have Enough Twitter Employees Left To Fire On Christmas Eve

A little something for all you Beatles tribute fans ou there.

Sinema's gambit

Camouflage--spot the dog:

If the Reverend lost Kyrsten Sinema would have become MAGA.

Great minds think alike: Twins beat school's cheating claim, win $1.5M

Bronners, y'all:

Club shooter's 2021 bomb case dropped, family uncooperative

Cherokee basket/mat weaving and other craft workshops at Tennessee State Museum

Still flushing with the lid up? Check this out

House Republicans brace for doomsday scenario - CNN

New Peru president appears with military to cement power

Major animal poaching ring busted by CA Fish and Wildlife

North Texas Republican files bill to ban social media for Texans under 18

RUDE PUNDIT: In 2022, Republicans Tried to Fuck Everyone But Ended Up Fucking Themselves


Nation Shocked to Learn That Kyrsten Sinema Had Been a Democrat

Any DUer familiar with the Galleries Lafayette in Paris?

To quote the great Cole Porter

If I see one more post

Feile, a tune about hope even in the darkest of times. From the west of Ireland, wishing you a warm

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be the Nail in the Coffin for Trump

Musk gives Sinema an attagirl pat on the head from Twitter.

If Sinema doesn't vote for Schumer for leader in January....

MAGA Republicans are obsessed with harassing drag shows -- here's why

Solve this -

Couple Saves 200 Animals And Travels The World To Save More

Stephen Curry sends message to Joe Biden amid Brittney Griner exchange

On this day, December 9, 1965, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was shown for the first time.


Family Gives Up On Raven So He Bonds With Man Instead

Nancy Pelosi had a clear agenda for America

Rescue Cow Didn't Have Any Friends Until He Met a Dalmatian

US Navy quashes Nancy Pelosi arrest rumor

The orange malignancy shames Jewish-Americans.

Maine Loves Its Train. Can Other States Follow in Its Tracks?

Sinema gambled on a resurgent right wing, and she lost.

Canada's TC Energy has shut the Keystone pipeline after one of the largest onshore spills saw 14,000

New solo album by Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs w. Jack White) is 70's music fun!

my alma mater, the school of the art institute, just rescinded ye's honorary doctorate.

On this day, December 9, 1957, Donny Osmond was born.

David Corn: The Media Still Don't Know How to Cover Trump's Extremism

Janitor laid off at Twitter said one of Musk's team members told him he'd be replaced by robots

A win-win trade

Sanders and colleagues urging President Biden to guarantee rail workers the seven paid sick days

Ex-cop who kneeled on George Floyd's back gets 3.5-year term

Holiday tradition adorns a busier Charlottesville Amtrak station

How Does This Cop Keep His Job? (Another) Angry WV Officer

Congress Is Introducing a Bill to Stop Wall Street Investors From Buying Single-Family Homes. Here's

Finally clear sky! southern MD.

Grinnell attempts 111 3-point shots in 124-67 win over Emmaus Bible College.

King County Metro removes buses, suspends routes for 4th day due to steering system issue

Tearful anti-LGBTQ Republican gets called out by her gay nephew: 'Aunt Vicky that's just not right'

Renton brewpub says it will hold monthly Drag Queen Story Hour despite harassment

36 new historical markers reveal little-known Pennsylvania history

Gas Prices Down In WA As Christmas Nears

MultiCare expanding territory with new emergency room project, slated to open in '24

Hanging around sandbar

Project Censored's Top 10 Stories Show Just One Pattern Dominating All Others This Year --

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 (( SPOILERS))

Florida GOP donor, DeSantis ally under 'active investigation' weeks before death, authorities say

Russia Providing Unprecedented Military Support to Iran

all the attention given Sinema is exactly what she wants. Her decision actually is a nothing burger

Joe Manchin is better than Kyrsten Sinema

Russia Wanted Spy Held in Germany for Paul Whelan

Jessica Valenti: Stop Debating Abortion

Officers Have A Lot To Gain From Unconstitutional Traffic Stops, But Not A Lot To Lose

DU4 development madness continues

Institute of Justice says 'doughnut' ordinance has holes

It's time to bring to the fore front the effects of current abortion laws..Republicans will suppress

Woman's dog got sick. Then came the surprise.

Did Protesters Force China to Back Down on Zero Covid? - China Uncensored

On this day, December 9, 1968, the computer mouse, hypertext, and bit-mapped GUI were introduced.

It appears the second installment of the Twitter Files was released last night

Voter Suppression in Georgia (cartoon)

By design, Sinema just took a greasy racist dump on Sen. Warnock

Who Are Sinema's Advisors?...

It looks like Kyrsten Sinema has us by the short hairs

EVIDENCE that being kicked in the nuts is more painful than giving birth:

brendan bensen - richest man (studio-2020) a power-pop ode to his daughter, killer tune

Kids paint mural of donuts and muffins at bakery, government freaks out - non /Elon Musk version.

What We Know--and Don't Know--About Recent Power Grid Attacks

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Afternoon (( SPOILERS))

Year in Search 2022 (Google)

The real reason Sinema left the Democratic party

Elon Musk has no plan for content moderation on Twitter

Judge dismisses Flint water crisis charges against former Michigan governor

I sent a letter today with more than 70 of my colleagues

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 9, 2022

Cartoons 12/9/2022

Sauk-Suiattle Tribe alleges state unfairly charges online sales tax

Since I posted a bummer song yesterday, I'ma make up to you for Friday :)

JFK complained that Time "Man of the Year" cover at end of 1961 made him look unfairly disheveled an

Security Firms Aiding Ukraine During War Could Be Considered Participants in Conflict

YWCA acquires 91-unit apartment building in Capitol Hill

Al Gore Slams Vanguard After Defection From Climate Group

Opening dates for most Seattle-area light rail extensions pushed back again

Critics Call It Theocratic and Authoritarian. Young Conservatives Call It an Exciting New Legal Theo

Reddit LGBTQ+ People Share What It Was Like To Be Queer In The 50s, 60s And 70s

(LGBT) Reddit LGBTQ+ People Share What It Was Like To Be Queer In The 50s, 60s And 70s

Trump Bashes Jewish Leaders for Not Being 'Loyal' After His Dinner With Holocaust Deniers

Ivanka Trump CUTS DEAL in NY AG Investigation and DUMPS her dad

The Gay Nephew Of Lawmaker Who Cried Voting Against Marriage Equality Said His Aunt Is Not Victim

Qatar's response to a worker's death at the World Cup is worse than you could imagine

OMFG, Twitter terrorist @libsoftiktok got highest level of account protection!

SC Cop Sued For Smashing Peaceful Woman's Face

More Americans Are Being 'Wrongfully Detained' and Held Abroad

Breaking: Kyrsten Sinema pulls disgusting stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

LGBTQ history museum in St Petersburg is shut down

How Kevin McCarthy Could Lose The Election For Speaker Of The House

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Griner, Whelan, and Bout....

Will Sinema running as an Independent in 2024 help or hurt the Democrat?

(Jewish Group) I Was Taught Not To Tell Anyone I Was Jewish. Here's What Happened When I Finally Did

Need gift recommendation... reads on contemporary Anti-Federalism

I might finally have my own kitty!

(Jewish Group) At least five Jews arrested by Iran during protests against Islamic Republic

(Jewish Group) How to be the wrong kind of Jew

A Twitter data tracker inhabits tens of thousands of websites

Is this dog just trolling its human?

Student spit on 70-year-old bus attendant. His response was child abuse, VA cops say

Trump's own lawyers do not trust him? He should hire Rudy for the job.

Trading Brittney Griner for the "Merchant of Death" was worth it

Dems sent a "Bill" to a party changer in 1995.

Congressman Ritchie Torres: 'Holocaust deniers are the scum of the Earth'

(Jewish Group) Congressman Ritchie Torres: 'Holocaust deniers are the scum of the Earth'

The Dark Truth About Viktor Bout

Nation Shocked to Learn That Kyrsten Sinema Had Been a Democrat

Schumer says Sinema can keep committee assignments after leaving Democratic Party

Griner swap wasn't all US hoped for, but what it could get

Cockatoo Remembers Previous Life and Owner Finds it Hilarious

Special Counsel Jack Smith CORNERS Trump with CONTEMPT Filing - Meidas Touch

(Jewish Group) 8 DIY Projects Perfect for Hanukkah

Bill Would Close Tax Loopholes for Oil Companies After Record Earnings

Judge declines DOJ request to hold Trump team in contempt over classified documents: Sources

Goodbye to the Once and Former Shitty Crustpunk Bar - EmptyWheel

(Jewish Group) Raphael Warnock, buoyed by Jewish vote, defeats Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate run

(Jewish Group) Jewish Americans confront antisemitism with resolve, worry

Niger parliamentary group backs petition to criminalize same-sex relationships

Tom Cotton invited Kyrsten Sinema to join the MAGA GOP

Infrared imagery.

'Schoolhouse Rock!' Co-Creator George Newall Dies

Jack be nimble, jack be quick

Top progressive firm drops Sinema as a client

Passing this on from a reputable concerned person -- a family in Michigan in dire need.

Integrity in Politics: Thoughts of a Native Arizonan on Sinema

The North Carolina Supreme Court's map worked. The Court produced a fair map

Worried About 2024

New DefenseBill contains sweeping provision that protects SCOTUS families from scrutiny.

Kanye Says Hitler Love "Helps My Campaign" & Porn Is "Like Gas Chambers"

On river near sunset

Sunset, southern MD 12/9

VA-04: Del. Lamont Bagby running for McEachin's Congressional seat.

Michael Flynn testifies in Georgia election probe

For all the MAGA frauds who used Paul Whelan to try and score political points on Britney Griner.

Krysten Sinema, Thom Tillis craft immigration, border security

Y'all want to send that MAGA relative the perfect gift?

Egypt pound unofficially 30-1 vs US dollar, expected at 38 Edit: Finance Ministry says false rumor

The Daily Show: Fox News Baffled By Low Early Voting in Georgia is Hilarious

Rioter who assaulted cops at Capitol gets 5 years in prison

PA-HD32: Allegheny Dems To Pick Candidate To Replace DeLuca

PA-HD32: Allegheny Dems To Pick Candidate To Replace DeLuca

Who Does Fox News Blame For Putting Forth The Worst Senate Candidate In History?

PM Update: A bit chilly tonight as we ease into a cool weekend

Is anyone here familiar with the rules for cataloguing classified documents?

Side issue.. Your kid gets kidnapped by terrorists, doesn't matter what country. You ain't allowed

Bastard Son of Odin - LIVE - Battle Beast

Sleep & Why You Need It, a testimonial from unlikely source Burt Wolf of Travels & Traditions

Snyder walks away from Flint poisoning due to faulty indictment process

Jack Benny and Mel Blanc..

Yes, we know.

Deal of the Century - Hal Spark's MegaWorldWide

from a Trump supporter for why Trump didn't bring Whelan home: "Trump wasn't President in 2018."

Just for giggles, google "military orders s. claus back to active duty".

Litman: 'Inconceivable That 1/6 Cmte. Would Make Criminal Referral And It Not Be Trump' - Deadline

We're clear of covid and influenza

Tonight, I was sitting outside behind some Russian tourists at a resort area cafe.