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So I bought a Hamilton Beach steamer, and only after the fact did I begin to

Time to break that Wordle streak! Don't be a scab!

Man charged with threatening doctor over transgender care

remove paul gosar from congress

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High

Republicans Say Goodbye To One Of Their WORST - TYT Investigates

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

BREAKING: MORE Stolen Classified Documents UNCOVERED in Trump Storage Unit - Meidas Touch

Scoop: White House holds sensitive meeting on approach to new Israeli government

Sean Hannity utterly HUMILIATES himself ON AIR trying to protect Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Another Brick in the Blue Wall

*Legal discussion of today's Supreme Court argument coming up**

if you say alexia thank my driver amazon will give him $5 extra at no cost to you

The Real Reason Iran Says It's Canceling the Morality Police

David Letterman Previews Volodymyr Zelensky Interview From Underground Bunker

Schumer Praises Warnock's 'Inspiring' Campaign After Election Win - MSNBC Reports

Mike Luckovich-You got competition. TFG keeps delivering for Democrats

With Roger Stone back on Twitter, a thread from Jennifer Cohn on him and his associates

Traitor Mike Flynn LOSES APPEAL and ORDERED To Testify in Fulton County Grand Jury - Meidas Touch

Trump on Georgia loss - I have looked and can't find it. Does anyone have

"A Country That Our Children Will Be Proud Of" song by V. Zelenskyy and associates

Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch

The Republican sponsor of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill has been indicted on charges of federal fra

The Republican sponsor of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill has been indicted on charges of federal fra

Juul reaches settlements covering thousands of lawsuits

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Russia's Human Rights Council was warned not to make Putin mad with questions about the war in Ukrai

'Disturbing': Experts troubled by Canada's euthanasia laws

Peanut butter...

Max has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Court seems unwilling to embrace broad version of "independent state legislature"

'A Largely Symbolic Move': Jan. 6 Committee Plans Criminal Referrals - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Insurers force change on police departments long resistant to it

The Onion or just Conservatives? Test your Knowledge.

I won a free Cell phone today!

Rainbow flag:

Far-Right Coup Plot With Similarities To January 6th Foiled In Germany - Deadline - MSNBC

Schumer is on Chris Hayes

San Francisco bars police from using killer robots, reversing recent vote

Far-Right Lawyer Drops Neo-Nazi Lawsuit, Celebrates Fascist Thanksgiving

Proud Boys Jan 6 Trial Updates - Raw News And Politics

Mike Luckovich-Herding cats

Trump Humiliated by Herschel Walker Loss! - Luke Beasley

Metallica warns its fans about a crypto scam after a fan lost more than $25,000 in bitcoin on a fake

How much chance is there of Manchin switching parties

Trump Apologists Have Found Scapegoat For Midterms Fail: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

US supreme court hears case that could radically reshape elections

Peru's President Tried to Dissolve Congress. By Day's End, He Was Arrested.

Gosh! Trump's own lawyers are finding more documents at Trump's dump!

Latest update on stolen documents story of today. NEW, gift link to NYT added.

Puppy Turned 1 Sunday

King County Metro removes 126 buses from service due to manufacturing issue

"A Country That Our Children Will Be Proud Of" - V. Zelenskyy et al.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about dancing, history, and changing society....

Inside The Airline Pilots Uprising - More Perfect Union

P.O.W.W.O.W locations for Dec. 10

Seth Meyers - Herschel Walker Admits He Doesn't Know What Pronouns Are - Monologue 12/6/22

This just in. I mean, just on!😁Zeng Yun plays Gliere's 'Horn Concerto'

Workers Expose Elon Musk's Dark Secret, Federal Investigation Ensues

I cannot recall a time when there were not at least 2 or 3 Republicans who I just

What is the future of Boeing's Everett Factory?

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Hayes

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

U.S. intel chief says Russia is using up ammunition in Ukraine faster than it can replace it

Schumer On The Senate Majority: '50 Was Great. 51 Is Even Better' (MSNBC)

Hawaii remembrance draws handful of Pearl Harbor survivors

Should the people of this country that have

The Daily Show: Hunter Biden's Laptop - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy

Look who wants to snuggle.

Science in Drag: Science is no drag when communicated by kings and queens

How Dark Money Handed Conservatives A SCOTUS Majority

Sensational Alex Harvey Band. You bet your ass.

Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing (Official Music Video)

Leaked Kremlin poll shows 55% of Russians want to see negotiations with Ukraine to end the war

Ron Klain On Warnock's Win And Biden's 'Historic' Midterm Performance - All In - MSNBC

MORE stolen classified documents found at Trump's Florida property - Glenn Kirschner

Hear what Haberman says Trump's orbit is concerned about - CNN

Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

Never a dull evening at Mar-a-Lago...

Newt Gingrich on ... : "I'm leaving Georgia because it is now a Democrat state. "

A rogue barrier threatens wildlife on Arizona border (National Geographic)

The Cristian Republicans celebrate the birth of Christ

Meet the 18-year-old who just became the youngest Black mayor in the country

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Today's a full moon, and Walker hasn't been seen. Do ya think?

Laura Ingraham "P***ed Off" over Herschel Walker's Election Loss! - Luke Beasley

Intercepted phone call reveals dwindling conditions for Russian force (CNN)

What are Tester's(D-MT) chances of getting re-elected in 2024 if the Republican nominee is

"Alexa, thank my driver"

The Knights play 'Roumanian Christmas Carols'

WOW...what a balladeer! "The Tale of Jenny and Screech"

Listen to the happy sounds of the Chana Herd while they enjoy the mud

Peru's President impeached and arrested after he attempts to dissolve Congress

My Back Pages - Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn,Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton & George Harrison

Kimmel: Trump Hoards Classified Documents, Herschel Loses in Georgia & Will Ferrell Sells His Junk

for whatever reason, I'm watching the original version of Red Dawn.

Newt on prospects of a disastrous 2024 cycle (Guaranteed Biden Re-Election)

Great update from Rob Reiner on SCOTUS arguments today...

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

FOX: Herschel Walker just wrote Trump's political obituary It is time to step away from politics

Four Dead in Ohio - Neil Young

Corelli Christmas

Gravitas- Xi arrives in Saudi Arabia: Does the visit mark a failure of American oil diplomacy?- WION

'Trump's political obituary': Brutal Fox News editorial buries former president after Walker defeat

Autumn color from atop the Allegheny Front

We lost our beloved Bear boy last week

This guy is absolutely blowing me away!

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham pumping the qualifications of GOP puppet Herschel Walker on Fox News wh

Anyone working the LAST Full Moon of the year?

Thursday's digit: 6/10 - Clouds come and go, showers are a no, temperatures so so. David, CWG

What sayings did your parents have? My mom used to always

Trump organization found guilty of tax fraud: What it means - ABC News

The moon and Mars

If you're a Democrat facing a tough race in 2024, please let me shave your head 🤣

Hannity Calls on Republicans to Embrace Mail-In Voting: 'They Need to Accept the Rules as They Are'

The Hoarder in Chief

Jan. 6 panel eyeing Dec. 21 to release final report, chairman says


Why Republicans thought Herschel Walker was a "sure-bet" to win the Senate seat in GA?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 8, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Ava Gardner

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 9, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: RKO Musical Sleepers

The Supreme Court's Most Conservative Justices Got Humiliated on Wednesday

Tweet of the 2022 Election

The new NDAA bill is 4,408 pages long.

Judge Luttig: Independent State Legislature Theory is Nonsense

Virginia police blame 'human error' in hiring of man who later killed 3 in California

Fox has HUGE MELTDOWN after major Democratic win

Face masks may return amid holiday 'tripledemic' of covid, flu and RSV (WAPO)

As Covid Cases Rise in a Weary Los Angeles, So Does Apathy (NY Times)

video shows the moment they found out Warnock had won

Joy Reid: Georgia And America Averted That Disaster Last Night And Instead Made History - The ReidOut

PSE substations in PacNW being attacked

Something sounds very shady with the newly-discovered "classified" documents?

Thursday Morning 🌄 Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Relaxing Livestream

The Daily Show: Warnock Beats Walker In Georgia Runoff & China Ends Strict Zero-Covid Policy

Thursday Relaxing Winter ❄ Coffee Jazz and December Bossa Nova Music for a Good Mood Livestream

Has Anyone Asked Any Repug In The Senate Or House.....

When I was incapacitated in the hospital last Nov.-Dec., finally at home, I read notes regarding my

NC Governor Slams 'Independent Legislature Theory' As 'Donald Trump Formula' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

You'll Never Believe Who Fox 'News' Is Trying To Blame The RED SQUIRT On. Who's Their Scapegoat?

Seth Meyers - GOP Turn on Trump -- and Each Other -- After Walker's Loss in Georgia: A Closer Look

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)

A Timeline of Elon's Twitter Mistakes.

Tonight's beautiful moon is called Cold Moon or Little Spirit Moon

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jury Finds Trump's Businesses Guilty. Seventeen Times - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme. Original version plus a modern cover/mashup by MADIS

DU slow to load often this past 2 days

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Named TIME's Person Of The Year - The Last Word - MSNBC

For info, Total carloads for the week ending December 3 were 241,307 carloads, down

American EVs reduced gasoline consumption by just 0.54% in 2021

Caroline Randall Williams: Herschel Walker's Candidacy 'An Indignity' For Black Voters To Watch

Two renditions of the 'Huron Carol'

Nope Nope Nope (Earthquake bed)

Russian troops "Training" on Belarusian border, Ukraine wants cluster bombs, Putin threatens Nukes

Herschel Walker's son says Trump called his father for months demanding that he run,

Trump's Jewish Allies Beg Him to Condemn Kanye

Heather Cox Richardson (Kushner Qatar $1Billion bailout under investigation)

Kari Lake further HUMILIATES herself by hiring Trump's DISASTROUS Rent-A-Lawyer - Meidas Touch

Ultra-rightwing @FDRLST giving Mark Elias credit for one of the three reasons we won Georgia

Past Election Day, Senator Warnock Brings Unique Qualities To The Senate - Alex Wagner (2 videos)

Old Christmas Music/Suite for Orchestta

Modi's party set for landslide election win in India's Gujarat state

Holder Rips Legal Scheme To Hijack Elections As SCOTUS Considers - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Live coverage of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh state election results here. (INDIA)

Requisite For DeSantis' War On 'Woke': Not Being Awake - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Goo Goo Muck, The Cramps

'This Is A Chapter In The Book': Manhattan DA Bragg Puts Trump Org Conviction In Context - Alex Wagner

Qatari officials forced trans woman to remove breast tissue after arresting her

Trump posts DERANGED statement after GUILTY verdict and ATTACKS his own executive - Meidas Touch

January 6 Committee Eyes Final Report Release Date - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) ACCIDENTLY ADMITS FRAUD in interview: co-mingling of funds

Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) ACCIDENTLY ADMITS FRAUD in interview: co-mingling of funds

GOP Plays Blame Game After Georgia Senate Loss - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

South Korea truckers strike shows no signs of abating as negotiations reach stalemate - CNA

Jennifer Lawrence Draws Criticism For First Female Action Movie Lead Remarks - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Fed Up Texas Paul EXPOSES THREAT of SICKO MAGA Influencer Charlie Kirk - Meidas Touch

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/7/22

DC & Warner Bros. Reportedly Cancel 'Wonder Woman 3' as Gal Gadot Teases "Next Chapter" of Character

Insomnia sucks. Seems most nights I go to bed, take a half hour or so to fall asleep. Then

Inflation: free markets or freeriding?

Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller: Trump & His GOP are Un-American. Will Smith Hold Don Accountable?

The killer robot drones are coming

New York Times journalists in mass strike for first time in 40 years

Thank you Stacey Abrams, Chuck Schumer, Gary Peters

Breakfast Thursday 8 December 2022

Two Holiday Songs from Jody Watley and a Holiday Jazz Instrumental

On December 6, 1989, the Ecole Polytechnique massacre occurred in Montreal.

I started finding myself feeling sorry for him

On this day, December 8, 1950, Dan Hartman was born.

A day.... that will live in ignorance (RW Twitter yesterday)

Cod Stew With Fennel, Olives and Orange Essence

WORDLE 537 (12/08) ***SPOILER THREAD***

On this day, December 8, 1915, Ernest Lehman was born. He wrote a few screenplays.

13 stranded strangers went on a road trip. Here's what happened

On this day, December 8, 1963, Pan Am flight 214 crashed after being struck by lightning.

Two Maine Republicans

On this day, December 8, 1940, the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0.

On this day, December 8, 1941, Roosevelt addressed Congress and asked it to declare war on Japan.

So Eastman has found away too change the way we vote?

Bed hogs, feline version

Time Magazine Explain's Their Choice for Person of The Year. video:

This Geothermal-Baked Icelandic Bread Is a Marvel You Can Make at Home

'It changed aviation': final Boeing 747 rolls out of production line - Guardian News

Legal/judicial question: What would it take to change sentencing-guidelines for white collar crimes?

"Ok but my wife said to tell you to set your expectations to 'LO'"

How Russia's nuclear threats could make Xi turn on Putin - William Courtney - Times Radio

The J6 Committee: I would like to see criminal referrals for all of these traitors.

They found someone dumber than Jessica Simpson

Nosy neighbors meet:

A quote from Adam Schiff that is a great assessment of Trump:

***FALL Seasonal Photo Contest: Preliminary Thread #1***

***FALL Seasonal Photo Contest: Preliminary Thread #2***

***FALL Seasonal Photo Contest: Preliminary Thread #3***

Question about Twitter: What do you think how long it will take...

***Fall Prelims have been posted in GD***

Dyson's Air Purifying Headphones Will Cost $949

I'm a loser starting over with a minimum wage job in my 50s

COVID Science Is Moving Backwards

WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian custody in a high-profile prisoner swap

Brittany Griner is free!

Brittney Griner has been freed

Britney Griner Had Been Released

Brittney Griner released by Russia in 1-for-1 prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout, U.S. offici

Perhaps the "most-asked question" in the world:

No snowflakes are the same. These stunning close-up photos are proof.

Rapid Sea Ice Melt A Big Part Of Why Arctic Ocean Is Now 50% More Acidic Than In 1996

Poll - +/- 60% Of Louisiana Voters Want Climate Action (From The Republicans They Keep Electing)

Adrienne Nims

Defense bill includes years-long proposal to combat sexual assault in military

Nicola Sturgeon Warned That Scotland's Climate Goals "In Danger Of Being Meaningless"

Carys is home from her very first vet visit.

Report - Poor Performance, Leaks/Failures & Huge Dividends "Embedded" In Private UK Water Suppliers

NYT reporting Griner freed in prisoner swap ...

Jim Morrison was born on this date.

The bastard just laughed and walked away! After searching the entirety of my local Costco yesterday

New UK Coal Mine Approval "Like Opening A Betamax Factory"; Hypocrisy Bat Signal Set On "High"

Proposed new law--make FL school board races partisan,

did they wait to swap for Griner after GA election? makes sense given GOP habit of making

You raised $110.00 on December 7, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Biden remarks on Griner's release

First, welcome home, Brittney Griner. Make no mistake about what Russia is doing with this swap.

I'm so proud of my President and his people. Silent thread.

A Lot Of Threads Here Trying To Diminish The Release Of Brittany

Gregg Allman was born on this date.

Brittney Griner Freed As Part Of Russian Prisoner Swap (MSNBC)

Five Electricity Substations Attacked in Pacific Northwest in November: Report

Birdie the golden retriever apologizes

R.I.P. John

john lennon killed on this day, 42 yrs ago.

Continuing US Jobless Claims Rise to Highest Since February

Whelan family statement on Griner's release

Will Supreme Court aid the far right in enshrining minority rule? Constitution hangs by a thread

Ahhhh--now I get the pushback on Brittney Griner.

Glad she's out. BUT -- Biden should announce, Russia, Iran, North Korea, China....

It's time to make our move!

Lawmakers have just added a provision to the Nat Def Auth Act protecting Supreme Court spouses ...

Republican Turnout Wasn't the Problem - Because, Instead "Republicans Cast Ballots for Democrats."

The Supreme Court's Most Conservative Justices Got Humiliated on Wednesday

We Can Work It Out. Give Peace a Chance. Imagine. All You Need Is Love.

1/6 Committee Plans to Release Final Report On Dec. 21

White House Christmas five years ago this month:

Texas Republicans Are Imploding (Again)

Political prisoner Brittney Griner released from Russia in exchange for Russian criminal Viktor Bout

Gas at the station down the road from my house

Wage Inequality and the Rise in Labor Force Exit: The Case of US Prime-Age Men

This should be an interesting day. Madoc broke into the cat treats. The catnip infused cat treats

Turnout by Republicans Was Great. It's Just That Many of Them Didn't Vote for Republicans.

White women did their white women shit in GA.

New dilemma for the Republicans concerning undocumented immigrants.

The U.S. Needs Some Sensible Gun Laws

Chuck Schumer Moves To Isolate MAGA Republicans

Yosemite Sam Bolton takes aim at his former boss

Pentagon splits $9 billion cloud contract among 4 companies

Rescuer pulls fishing line from seal's mouth

Atlantic magazine: Breakthroughs of 2022

Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say

Imagine - John Lennon

DOJ subpoenas state election officials, including Allegheny County, for Trump documents

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is subject of House ethics investigation

Fifty dollars is fifty dollars!

How the most significant corruption case against a Mexican official fell apart thanks to Trump's DOJ

And Michigan GOPers wonder why they got the boot?

Good morning.

Final goodnight: Trevor Noah bids farewell to The Daily Show

More changes to GA elections law????

Today marks the 42d anniversary of John Lennon's death

MAGA Repugs will never fully embrace mail in voting.

Florida Republican who sponsored 'Don't Say Gay' indicted on Covid relief fraud charges

Celine Dion reveals she has stiff-person syndrome Updated as initial link was deleted.

Owl Is So Grateful To Be Rescued By Kind Man

Brace yourselves, Republican voters ...

i noticed a very refreshing change when i go shopping .

This needs to be settled once and for all. (Yea right)

Wilson Contreras now a Cardinal. Wow.

Trump now poised for WORSE news after guilty verdict - Brian Tyler Cohen

Pelosi Statement on the Release of Brittney Griner

Question about Viktor Bout

Biden meets with WW II veterans at the White House

For people coming down on Paul Whelan's supporters for saying the adminstration failed him

My cat Skates has been really bad this season.

Las Vegas street set to be renamed after Liberace

Operator of Henderson, Nevada, ice cream plant acquired by Ferrero Group

House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage, sending it to Biden's desk

Need a chuckle?

How is this not witness tampering?

Already CNN is complaining that Paul Whelan wasn't released

Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas gets suspended jail term for fatal crash

Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas gets suspended jail term for fatal crash

Mohsen Shekari: Iran carries out first execution over protests

Junior Brown shreds his git box

"Would you like to be a senator?" (Trump meme):

Middle Age Riot tweet about Brittney Griner:

When the vet stood up from his wheelchair, I got weepy

Ambrosia - Life Beyond LA (live)

woodland ca gas station sells gas at a loss to give back to poor

Suitland High School is on lockdown after a shooting outside.

A wee bit of dis and dat

1 person dead after shooting inside Metro Center Metro station, Red Line train service suspended

Making a good

What did TFG do to secure the release of Paul Whelan?

Here's the moment the #RespectForMarriageAct passed the house -- thanks to bipartisan support. (And 0

Kellyanne Conway, "I am the one Trumper with no subpoenas, indictments and investigations."

Daniel Snyder gave evasive, 'misleading' testimony, House committee says

Celine Dion cancels shows due to 'rare neurological disorder'

Contrast to the profaneness of Trump admins soul-numbing corruption

Northern Plains tribes bring back their wild 'relatives'

Cowboy football star criticizes swap for Griner then apologizes

congresswoman cries about marriage equality bill

2nd Circuit allows New York to keep enforcing new gun law

NEW: After 11 weeks of strike action,

Revealing He Too Had Manning Leaks, Ellsberg Dares DOJ to Prosecute Him Like Assange

I'll be making a very important and perhaps controversial post at exactly 5:00 PM.

Net Neutrality is on the line. Confirm Gigi Sohn to the FCC!!

Pretty early southern MD sky

Karine Jean-Pierre is on CNN.

Whelan family comment regarding Brittney release:

Morning on the sandbar

Not The Onion: Russian vision of multipolar world includes EU as equal partner -- Lavrov

I come to a particular opinion about TFG

Judge unseals docs in gay bar shooting suspect's past case

Guy Hears Scratching Coming From Inside The Bathroom Wall

I'd like to say thank you to our furry K-9's for protecting us from being murdered.

Family brings home a cat. Now she says the sweetest word to mom.

I don't know if I ever asked this here. Serious question.

GA voting changes being considered

Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After Oil Leaks Into Kansas Creek

Scratching little squirrels in just the right spot:

Pennsylvania panel updates anti-discrimination regulations

Orangutan hijacks man's jacket & tries it on:

What would happen to SCOTUS election law precedents if Moore v. Harper adopted?

Our biggest problem isn't Trump or Biden: The media is disconnected from reality

Surprising move from the referee:

To the Viktor go the spoils....

Ex-Border Patrol agent convicted of killing 4 women in Texas

Ex-Border Patrol agent convicted of killing 4 women in Texas

2nd tweet--Cat's OMG! eyes:

My Mom. Would be 103. 12/31/1919.

Just got some phone poll to have Ron DeDantis run for President in 2024.

Kitty brings special gift:

Manchin's Dirty Deal Returns

Few Editorial Cartoons

What is/are your most annoying song/songs of all time???I can't remember the name but

LOL! dog park for introvert dogs:

Is Today The Last Day TFG Can Appeal The Seized Documents Case To The Supreme Court?

Biden releasing nearly $36 billion to aid pensions of union workers

Schenck testifies before Congress about action to influence conservative S.Ct. Justices

Precious good morning from a Golden Retriever:

I think my holiday kicked off on its own

Incompetence helped set stage for Whitey Bulger's prison murder, watchdog report says

House Financial Services Chair Waters doesn't plan to subpoena Sam Bankman-Fried to testify at

NYT Editorial: "I'm an N.Y.C. Paramedic. I've Never Witnessed a Mental Health Crisis Like This One."

Alex Jones says he can pay less than 1% of Sandy Hook verdicts

Homemade Ground Beef Chili Recipe (video)

"Y'all, this federal judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina was my criminal law prof ..."

TODAY . IS . A . GOOD . DAY . . . . . . PERIOD

Hear why Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Herschel Walker lost in Georgia (CNN)

Not ONE utterance from my Trumpy neighbor about Biden, the dems, or anything...

Will Bunch: Flunking social studies is how America got the Big Lie and QAnon. Don't make it worse.

The Moon with Mars. . .

Want to know more about Viktor Bout? Watch Nicholas Cage in "Lord of War"

Trump THREATENS America After Trump Organization Felony Conviction - Meidas Touch

Korean firms plan $4 billion-plus battery plant in Georgia

US citizen Anne Sacoolas handed suspended sentence for causing death of British teenager Harry Dunn

Irish supergroup The Corrs on their enchanting success story (60 Minutes Australia)

Liberal Destroys Fox News On Fox News - Rebel HQ

Keystone pipeline spills in North Central Kansas.

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Morning (( SPOILERS))

The media is at it again.

Amid coup, countercoup claims - what really went down in Peru and why?

'Desperate To Lurch Toward A Rightwing Audience'

Viktor Bout was eligible for parole in 2029

Motive Revealed in Murdaugh's Alleged Murder of Wife and Son

Trump ❤️ Tax Fraud video on reddit post

Shots fired at South Carolina electrical station

David Whelan said on Andrea Mitchell that it was the right thing to agree to this deal

New York AG asks judge to reject Trump lawsuit seeking emergency protections

Scottish blood?

Who is the Russian arms dealer known as the 'Merchant of Death' that the U.S. exchanged for Brittney

Another power substation in NC was disabled Nov 11

Ruing Senate Loss, Georgia G.O.P. Asks if Runoff Rule Changes Backfired

Trump-appointed judge: There is 'a colorable claim of incitement' against the former president

House passes massive $858 billion defense bill that would scrap military Covid vaccine mandate ...

Golden Brown - the Stranglers

Right wing snowflake literally cries on House floor

Rep. Adam Schiff said 'facts support' indicting Trump and that the January 6 panel will make its

Thoughts about Venmo?

Rick Beato - The Death of Key Changes: How Popular Music Got Boring

Susan Tedeschi shreds! on "Just Won't Burn" 11/29/22 Boston, MA

sharon van etten - mistakes (studio - 2022) her latest album is brilliant

Gold Medal Ceremony - The Lincoln Project

A Republican congresswoman broke down in tears begging her colleagues to vote against a same-sex mar

Beaches become mass graves as bird flu decimates Pelicans in Peru

EU deforestation bill threatens Latin America and African countries

Why didn't Trump get these guys released?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 8, 2022

Elmo tweets out a pic of Pepe

Dina Boluarte becomes Peru's first female president

Federer on The Daily Show - excellent

An acquaintance of mine is a T----p appointed federal judge

A shipwreck from the 1800s turns up on a Florida beach

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Is Ousted & Arrested in Latest Episode of Peru's "Enduring Crisis"

How the Fantastic Four took Double Dutch to new heights

Trump Org trial uncovers details about how bonus scams worked...

Argentina seals tax info exchange deal with the United States

Argentina seals tax info exchange deal with the United States

"Russia Is Losing the War": Russian Dissident Boris Kagarlitsky on Ukraine & What Comes After Putin

Dina Boluarte becomes Peru's first female president

50 years ago today

Jalan Crossland has been kicking around for years, and I am a big fan

GOP Rep who attended his gay son's wedding voted against the marriage protection bill a 2nd time

Overnight lane closures, I-5 detour set between Everett, Marysville

'Kitty Hall' adoption event returns to Seattle after hiatus

🎄A Holiday tradition - several pictures

Trump Remarks Blasting Brittney Griner as 'Loaded Up With Drugs' Resurface

Criminal Referrals to Come Same Day as January 6 Report

The original from 2014 still brings a smile and sets toes tapping:

Yale Prof Timothy Snyder, last lecture, The Making of Modern Ukraine

Stevie Nicks has some words for Lizzo:

Missouri School District Sued After Banning Book For Mentioning Gender Identity

Jeff Tiedrich on Griner release

Sen. Warner - There Are "security issues" Around "Musk's absolute dependence on the [CCP]"

Northern Plains tribes bring back their wild 'relatives'

Rainshowers - Pagliaro

Elon Musk Worried He Won't Have Enough Twitter Employees Left To Fire On Christmas Eve

What number do you get?

Bill to Protect Same-Sex Marriage Rights Clears Congress

Trump is giving up on the special master case. Not appealing the 11th circuit decision.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 December 2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about good news in San Francisco....

All the Motherfuckers can talk about is the former Marine, Whelan, being left behind

This is a perfect illustration of my ideal outcome of a Trump v DeSantis showdown:

Justice Department asks judge to hold Trump team in contempt over Mar-a-Lago case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the big shift in Ukraine and Russia....

US hits prominent Turkish executive with Iran oil sanctions

Better deal for the Griner swap?

Imagine there's no religious gun nuts, its easy if you try

Brittany's release: Karine Jean-Pierre said: "It was one or none. The choice of who was Russia's."

Justice Dept. asks judge to hold Trump team in contempt over Mar-a-Lago case.

Trump's Acting DNI Grenell speaks up for maligned German 2nd Reich fans and coup plotters

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy's first agenda item....

Fox & Friends Gets Tense During Clash over Hunter Biden Story! - Luke Beasley

Democrats Warn Against Third Party Efforts

Happy that we got a Same/Inter-racial Marriage Act into law.

DeSantis Would Beat Trump in One-on-One Matchup

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #23: The Best Of Holy Shit #1 Edition

"Trump's political obituary": Brutal Fox News editorial buries former president after Walker defeat.

Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel...

WI-SD08: Dem Habush Sinykin joins four Republicans in 8th SD race

WI-SD08: Dem Habush Sinykin joins four Republicans in 8th SD race

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 8, 2022

So hours or days for the DU pool on how long before Bout stops breathing?

Congress with a large majority of men are good with at least 2 years of women dying.

Noelia Corzo becomes San Mateo County's (CA) first Latina Supervisor.

US regulators sue to block Microsoft's $69B Activision acquisition

Afternoon on creek

Republicans Are Out Of Touch With Urban And Suburban America

First on CNN: January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump

Above road heading toward river

Help! Any idea how to clean the burned outside bottom of an enamel Dutch oven?

New Report Examines Shift to Medicare Advantage by Large Employers that Offer Retiree Health Benefit

Before sunset, southern MD 12/8

▶️ Why Airline Pilots Are Leading An Uprising At The 4 Largest U.S. Airlines

Ginni Thomas

Cats: "Real nice car you have here. Real shame if something happened to it."

Goodbye Mr Blue - a beautiful song about losing a pet (and a love), kinda wrecks me but it's so good

Rick Wilson owns Trump

CHRISTMAS is coming #6

CHRISTMAS is coming #7

CHRISTMAS is coming #8

CHRISTMAS is coming #9

CHRISTMAS is coming #10

Who doesn't engage in some "fish tales" embellishment?

Cartoons 12/8/2022

Republicans ditching Trump after legal and election failures - Times Radio

Latest Twitter lawsuit says company targeted women for layoffs

NAACP and lawmakers are suing the Slobfather and noun/verb/9/11 over Jan6

Tonight NatGeo channel Afghanistan

90 Biden judicial nominees confirmed so far.

Republicans upset that Biden got the Black woman out of Russia first.

San Antonio's feces sandwich cop illustrates broken accountability system

Celine Dion says she has stiff person syndrome, cancels and reschedules 2023 tour dates

Add this to a long list of things they going to impeach Biden over?

Police Keep Violating the U.S. Constitution With Illegal Traffic Stops

Barstool Personality TRASHES Fox News In Leaked Hot Mic Audio - TYT Sports

David Jolly, on MSNBC, just called it a forgone conclusion that the new House . . . . .

Kremlin: Russia plans to 'liberate' parts of Ukraine that Moscow annexed

"A Theory With Big Consequences" (Vanity Fair)

'Tis the Season...if you know, you know 🤣🤣

The GOP's Hour-By-Hour Georgia MELTDOWN - TYT Investigates

Ethics Commission To Affirm Mississippi Legislature Not A 'Public Body'

The Recruit - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams Dec 16th 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Biden Should Be Impeached for Bringing Brittney Griner Home

When is President Biden signing the Respect for Marriage Act? Thx in advance

Mike Shirkey telling a story about sticking his hand in a toilet isn't the weirdest thing he said...

MTG Picks Fight With Members Of Her Own Party

U.S. House passes Respect for Marriage Act - bill heads to President Biden's desk

Turnout by Republicans Was Great. It's Just That Many of Them Didn't Vote for Republicans.

'24 is coming!

Has Walker been seen today now that the full moon has passed?

You can debate how awful a governor that DeSatan is...but he's a terrible lawyer!

L.A. County hits high COVID-19 community level as possible mask mandate looms

DOJ Asks Judge To Hold Trump Team In Contempt (MSNBC)

Eric Trump: "I wake up at 4:30 in the morning every single morning. I say the Pledge of Allegiance'

Reports of gunfire near Duke Energy facility in South Carolina

Top Bernie Sanders adviser believes Sanders will give 2024 "a hard look" if Biden doesn't run

Indicted sponsor of Florida's 'don't say gay' bill resigns from Legislature

Are my eyes deceiving me? It appears BG no longer has locs

Man Used to Hate Dogs. Now This Fluff Rules His Life

DOJ seeks contempt for Trump in documents case.

Note to ESPN radio

To be kind

Conservative Pundit Brutally Slams Trump For Destroying Republican Party - Ring of Fire

'Merchant of Death' Viktor Bout Sentenced to 25 Years; Trial Ignored His Ties to U.S. & Dick Cheney

CNN: January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump

New 9/11 Documents Reveal What An Idiot George W. Bush Really Is - Ring of Fire

Maria of the Trash

Worst. Christmas. Party. Ever. [Twitter video]

Video Appears To Show Brittney Griner Boarding Plane To U.S. - MSNBC Reports

'We almost Died of A Heart Attack', Say Musicians who Inspired Dance in Brazil's Victory

This is so embarrassing for Sean Hannity! - Luke Beasley

Rescue Pup Scratches His But With Literally ANYTHING

that ex cop who made his sons sleep on wet cold garage floor for 16hrs on cold night , gets 25 years

With Griner's release, questions remain over fate of Americans still held in Russia - PBS NewsHour

Criminal Referrals Mulled for Four Besides Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith has sent grand jury subpoenas to secretary of state's offices in MI & AZ!

Court Lets Ivanka Trump Escape Financial Monitoring Order - Ring of Fire