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Beijing - Photo looks like a scene from Orwell

emptywheel - Matty Taibbi's Dick Pics

If Mfume runs for the US Senate in 2024 assuming Cardin decides not to seek re-election?

Former Adviser Says Republicans Are Ready To Kick Trump To The Curb - Ring of FIre

PM Update: Falling temperatures overnight. Dry and cooler for Sunday.

James Woods to sue Dems for "ruining his career"

Baby Elephant Tries To Figure It Out How To Eat Grass On The Top Of Cement Pipe - ElephantNews

Democrats Suddenly Have a Big Bench

Elon's Twitter is encouraging Domestic Terrorism

Preferable otc allergy med? THANKS, y'all

Danial Barden on drums.

Ever been absent-minded like this? (Twitter video)

How many MAGAs sincerely believe the Big Lie?

Elon Mush is trying very hard to win the affections of Trump voters.

Herschel Walker Denies Hiding from Voters

This Herschel Walker video made me cry from laughter!!! (watch until end) - Luke Beasley

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out) - The Bends (1995)

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats have a chance to win.

Georgia Senate runoff smashes early voting records -- and attracts new voters

Nadine Brzezinski - Is Russian Propaganda collapsing?

Putin's Disaster: The Russian Military Is Bleeding to Death in Ukraine

Elon Musk Has Begun Begging People To Tweet As Twitter's Decline Continues

How do you run for office in a constitutional form of goverment

I'm suuuure that's the only one. Public: Christian Nationalist. In private: Really, really racist

Just a tiny little problem Monster Hunter World

Don't Tell Putin: Ukraine Captured Russia's Elite T-90M Tank

GA-SEN: AAPI members of the US House rally for Warnock in Atlanta

Sean Quinn's downfall is fairies' revenge say locals in Cavan

Elon Musk's SpaceX allegedly sidelined 62-year-old engineer fearing he might die or retire

Iran reviewing mandatory headscarf law amid ongoing protests

Trump's WORLD CRUMBLES as former Top Lawyers TESTIFY before Criminal Grand Jury AGAIN - Meidas Touch

The Jim Crow roots of why Georgia law is requiring Raphael Warnock to stand for election twice

Senate Democrats to reportedly push banking reforms for cannabis industry

It's that time of year again...

Support Warnock to To Overcome Manchin's Resistance to Clean Energy

Russian Troops Just Got Caught Looting Homes in Ukraine

Going full Nazi is bad for business.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the secret in Trump's statement....

Velshi: Democracy Is On The Line In This Upcoming SCOTUS Case - Velshi - MSNBC

Nick Fuentes Food Fight in LA

EXPOSED: NEW Democratic Leader VS. MAGA Republican Leader - Meidas Touch

Tonight on SNL: Host Keke Palmer; SZA performs. I don't know who

Defeated Election Deniers Seek To Lead Michigan GOP

Jorma, Happy, Larry & Teresa - "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning"

Monty Python's Argument Sketch performed with two vintage speech synthesizers

The genius of MTG

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats have a chance of winning.

so where do you think the gop will go from here?

62 Things Trump Did That You Forgot About To Preserve Your Sanity

Herschel Walker Challenges Joy Reid to Debate, Biden Calls Out Antisemitism, and more!- Luke Beasley

Trump Enemy Of Democracy And The Constitution


In New Memoir, Truth Crusader Maria Ressa Takes Aim At Social Media - Velshi - MSNBC

Europe's conservative leaders meet at a summit in Warsaw - World News - TVP World

Legal recap: Nov. started w/Lindsey Graham losing in the Sup Ct & ended w/Oath Keepers convictions

El Salvador sends 10,000 police, army to seal off town

White nationalist Nick Fuentes Food Fight At IN-N-OUT - TMZ (VIDEO)

Rapper sparks self-defense 'bonfire' amid Mexico's record-high levels of gender violence

VA-SD07: Virginia Beach, early voting underway for tossup special election and potential flip.

Love it or Leave It

Chris Christie's niece booted off plane after accusing Latino family of being 'drug mules'

Pele moved to palliative care as his chemo is suspended

Just got my FIRST 24-hour ban on FB hahahaha!

Drought in Peru Andes proves fatal for alpacas, potato crops as govt declares emergency

Into Temptation - Crowded House

Kazakhstan-Russia forced alliance - World Today - TVP World

VA-SD07: Virginia Beach, early voting underway for tossup special election and potential flip.

Today, one of former president Trump's messages on the struggling right-wing social media platform

Inside out burgers

New Order - True Faith

GA-SEN: Georgia voter says he will vote for his first Democrat

The Kanye West subreddit has turned into a de facto Holocaust memorial

Solar Powered Cars Are Here -- But Can They Go Mainstream?

Torn and Frayed

How much do you need to earn annually to afford a house in Los Angeles?

Yep. He's Still Perfect. And He's Got a Name!

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened this Week? Week of 11/28/2022

How different the world would look now if Neanderthals had won

Question about dealing with flat-earthers and lunar landing deniers

Not too many people posting in here tonight.

Interesting comments by David Brooks on the railroad settlement

Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes is Tucker Carlson's target demo in human form.


Trump Demands 'TERMINATION' OF Constitution in DISGUSTING Statement - Meidas Touch

A friend (former DU member) has an idea for a book for seniors. Whaddya think?

An exceptional collection of stucco masks is preserved in the archaeological zone of Tonin, Chiapas

The Doctor vs. The Attorney General: The Fight For Patient Privacy And Abortion Rights In Indiana- Velshi

I just wish we here at DU and the media would stop posting/ talking about filthy rich billionaires

How This $4.8 Billion Walkway Is Redefining Atlanta

European investors are pouring trillions into promises of green growth. Where does the money end up?

Beethoven was one hell of a pianist.

I'm cracking up here over a memory that just popped into my head.

Musk says conventional news will become irrelevant as Twitter's signal-to-noise ratio improves

Did I over pay for this stuff?

Mass EXODUS of Republicans from DERANGED MAGA CULT Continues: Part 11 - Meidas Touch

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!! (Spoiler)

A million birds die after colliding with buildings in the United States every day.

Anyway, *next* week's SNL - Martin SHORT & Steve MARTIN. So there's that.

Sunday Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Relaxing Weekend Livestream

Glenn Buhr's 'Winter Poems, I. Tranquillo'

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'The Council of Nicea'

Glenn Kirschner & Barbara McQuade: Jack Smith Has a Stronger Hand. Likelihood Trump Sees Justice?

☦ Orthodox Christian Church: St. Nicholas of Myra, the Wonderworker/Commemorated December 6

How long

Japanese Movie "ShodouGirlsーBlueBlueSky" (English Subtitled)

Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution in Truth Social post

A Sundae🍨Bach's 'Orchestral Suite No 1'

Musk said tonight that he isn't suicidal and if he commits suicide, "it's not real"

GA-SEN: Herschel Walker is a very flawed candidate. Could he still win?

The Real Story Behind The Proposed Changes In The Democratic Primary Calendar - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

GA-SEN: Ahead of Tuesday runoff, nearly one third of Cobb has voted

A now-retired Army LTC who took me under his wing

Wonder what's the next move of twitter sellers...

SNL: Herschel Walker Cold Open

TCM tonight: (Sunday)

GA-SEN: Early voting ends for Senate runoff (Glynn County)

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Afternoon (( SPOILERS))

Anyone flown lately?

WORDLE 533 (12/4) ***SPOILER THREAD***

SNL: Weekend Update

Do Hobby Lobby execs watch television?

Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller: Donald Trump Gave a Permission Slip for People to Act Crazy!

How bad will the 2023 Global Recession Be? GDP to Fall as Energy & Food Prices Damage Global Economy

MAGA Republicans CANNIBALIZING MAGA Republicans - Meidas Touch

No, You Do Not Have a Constitutional Right to Post Hunter Biden's Dick Pic on Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Trump's LONG HISTORY with Nick Fuentes EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ugly Sweater Edition

Walker, Warnock make final appeals to voters ahead of Georgia runoff - PBS NewsHour

After exposed recently from someone close to tfg that he asked them to have the IRS audit Dems,

What I miss around this time of year

Ukraine says $1 trillion needed to rebuild country - Al Jazeera

Tweet of the Day

Hand Cart Bird Feeder

Al Franken: Rob Delaney - On the Loss of His 2-Year-Old, Henry (December 4, 2022)

Turkey says Kurdish armed groups in Syria 'legitimate targets' - Al Jazeera

Breakfast Sunday 4 December 2022

On this day, December 4, 1872, Mary Celeste was discovered adrift and deserted in the Atlantic.

(NZ) Man poses as attractive blonde woman, convinces police officer to hand over patrol car

Feminists are protesting against the wave of anti-feminism that's swept South Korea

Video from 13 years ago: "Who said it? Kanye or Hitler?"

On December 4, 1956, the Million Dollar Quartet got together at Sun for the first and last time.

On December 4, 1981, the Go-Go's filmed the music video for "We Got the Beat" at Palos Verdes HS.

Immune T cell defence is coping with COVID-19 variants of concern - for now

Iran prosecutor general signals 'morality police' suspended - Al Jazeera

On Tuesday night

Documented Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells Across the United States

Jimmy Brown, the Newsboy

☦️ Ukraine making us sick inside. Continuously. We're in the pre-Nativity season.

Bird Window - We dedicate this episode to peace

Trump calls for suspension of constitution. I call for the termination of Trumps freedom.

On this day, December 4, 1951, Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd was born.

I need advice about this goat pull toy

OPEC+ Latest: Group Agrees to Keep Oil Production Unchanged

Firefighters battle blaze in vacant DC barn; smoke visible for miles

Indiana Judge Finds Attorney General Violated State Law, Caused 'Irreparable Harm' to Doctor ...

I smell desperation in the air...

The shadow race is on to succeed Feinstein

OPEC+ agrees to stick to its existing policy of reducing oil production ahead of Russia sanctions

'Intentional Vandalism' Leaves 40,000 Without Power in N.C.

BTRTN Assesses the MLB Hall of Fame Contemporary Baseball Era Ballot

BTRTN Assesses the MLB Hall of Fame Contemporary Baseball Era Ballot

USA Today editorial on the wonders of Kemp in Georgia

Doonesbury - Updated For All Your CT Needs. Lawsuit-Free!

Another helpful, modest proposal...

Did anyone see "Bullet Train"?

Meet Christmas Goddess Perchta, a Belly-Slitting, Half-Woman Demon

Plan B for Herschel...

Lyft and Uber are letting Christian drivers 'missionize' riders 'against their will': complaint

Is everyone ready for the holidays?

A peaceful moment for you today

You raised $20.00 on December 3, 2022 Democratic Underground for Rev Senator Warnock (GA runoff)

The rain is great!

Make this make sense

latest photos of wild squirrel monkeys........but.......

Vandalism suspected in outage that left thousands without power in Moore County

Oath Keepers and others claim their allegiance is to the Constitution, not the government.

Tiny Kitten Wanders Up to Woman in Mexico

Prof Phillips Peyson OBrien's Sunday update on Ukraine (substack link)

Iran Shutting Down Morality Police,Official Says, After Months of Protests

Here's Dylan Hollis's best Peanut Butter Bread.

Thanks Joe, We love you man..

Please explain "Never Trumper" and "Only Trumper".

I am looking forward to the J6 committees criminal referrals.

Just another article about how fucked up Florida is

Just another article about how fucked up Florida is

Rep David Joyce (R-Ohio) on ABC This Week.

Not an actual Gahan Wilson work, but rather an homage ...

If we've learned nothing this weekend let's remember to stay hydrated 💧

FDA change ushers in cheaper, easier-to-get hearing aids

Boat trip from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. They have amazing bridges!

Dow Shines as Higher Rates Squeeze Nasdaq's Tech Stocks

2 Days Until The Georgia Runoff! How You Can Help! And More Info

The red thaw begins.

What is the rightwing response to Trump calling for

The Texas Group Waging a National Crusade Against Climate Action

Little monkey pulls himself up by Mom's tail:

Please join us in congratulating your 45th class of Kennedy Center Honorees. 🤩🌈✨

Jim Hall was born on this date.

Finnish leader says the brutal truth is Ukraine shows Europe isn't 'strong enough' without the US

At a jiu-jitsu match, dog was escorted out for protecting it's owner:

Chris Hillman has a birthday today.

The one and only thing Republicans may have learned from the mid-terms:

Wassily Kandinsky was born on this date.

I know that Hunter Biden did nothing wrong

about that comment I posted last Thursday.

Sunday Funnies 12/4/22 Poor Snoppy Edition

Maybe a Christmas ornament for the cook in your life?

Football vs Backgammon:

Kharkiv. A cemetery of Russian missiles that hit the city since February 24:

Baby flamingos learning to stand on one leg:

15 bucks for 5.1 gallons of gas.

Sheriffs reporting power stations in Moore County, NC were shot-up

Watch: Rhodes family describe escaping the living hell they were in.

Clever little bird matches colors:

Elon Musk vs. Bond villains.

I caught Madoc trying to steal some freshly baked blueberry muffins

'Saturday Night Live' Cold Open Stings Herschel Walker With His Own Words As He Faces Georgia Senate

The true story behind "Smoke On The Water"

GOP Rep Mike Turner of Ohio is on Face the Nation. What do we know about him?

Gimme kiss!

Nothing beats a good massage:

White House rebukes Trump's suggestion to suspend Constitution over 2020 election

Good news out of Iran

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 4, 2022)

Dog has an emotional support pumpkin:

A drag friendly drag show in Lakeland, Florida was surrounded by nazis calling for the death of...

Concern for the Jan.6 Committee.

Not even bright enough to type a question into Google:

The party of Pizzagate, QAnon, and Donald Trump wonders why their laptop story didn't take off

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity

Come early for good seats...

State news: Iran executed 4 people it says spied for Israel

I saw this a few times but not sure if it ever made it here:

Now you know how cats think

Proposal makes Golden Retriever get the zoomies:

So appalling, it's brilliant.

Standing on 5th avenue and shooting the Constitution, Trump just made Jack Smith's job easier.

Why Republicans Outperform Democrats in Messaging Offline with Jon Favreau (We can do this)

Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood (nice morning tune)

'Our mission is crucial': meet the warrior librarians of Ukraine

Ex Gov George Pataki just said on CNN, that they have seen NO evidence of US humanitarian

So, CNN is paralleling Teddy Rex with Motherfucker

Cold southern MD dawn

If a fictional Japanese board game master had lectured the Clintons, Obama or Schiff at graduation

State law loosening requirements for teachers comes under fire

every time you see a racist/nazi/white supremacist tweet

Cold Sunday gathering around the creek

I wanted to take a minute to talk with you

How legit is The Express? "Putin critically ill with 'Parkinson's and cancer' leaving him bloated."

Is Kanye West color blind? 🤔

since trump want to get rid of teh constitution does that mean we can start seizing guns

Puppy Was Afraid of City Noises and Now He Can't Stop Traveling

Reddit users turn Kanye West's (Reddit) page into a Holocaust-awareness forum

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 4, 2022?

Arizona Daily Star - Very Cool Photo Essay On Shrinking Lake Powell, Emerging Side Canyons

Hilarious notebooks 😆 no link so I'm not marketing them

The deranged Supreme Court case that threatens US democracy, explained

Benghazi? Anytime you hear a Repuke bring it up, just ask them "So what country IS Benghazi in?"


What happens when politicians radicalize their own voters?

The Sky Is Crying

Trump makes most DANGEROUS demand of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Is anyone else here experiencing a vague but nagging impression of incoherence?

Electric Power Utility Substation Sabotage Megathread

Beatles in History

Off topic but librarians have always been my heroes.

Anybody here raise chickens?

Jeff Tiedrich FTW

Tom Nichols was right

Trump's call to suspend Constitution not a 2024 deal-breaker, House Republican says

Trump Owed Hidden Debt While In Office

'Scam!': TFG whines at Manhattan prosecutor over 'fringe benefits' case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the X-37 and space....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 December 2022

This is New York in 2022. Imagine a Jewish family trying to take their kids to a Nets game ...

Tweet: "I have just seen photos of five Ukrainian people being hanged by the Russians in the Russia-

Capitol Rioter's Lawyer Panics In Court As Client Won't Shut Up About Conspiracies - Ring of Fire

From chicken wings to used cars, inflation begins to ease its grip

Patron: Safe in the arms of the Major General!

See ex-CIA official's reaction to a possible trip Putin may take - CNN

Eurythmics fans: ICYMI the RnR Hall of Fame tribute and performance (20m video)

Feminists are protesting against the wave of anti-feminism that's swept South Korea

What's your favourite BBQ sauce/marinade ?

Russians Are Scared Of What Could Happen In 2023 - Insights from Ukraine and Russia

Reporter says some Republicans aren't happy with Herschel Walker's strategy - CNN

Hear Tapper's question for politicians who won't condemn Kanye West's Hitler remarks - CNN

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats have a chance to win.

Are Boebert and MTG still teammates or just common participants?

What I'm seeing when I search Twitter without filters is getting worse and worse.

Best Story Today-'My son is my hero': Oakdale teen lifts truck enough to free trapped father beneath

Iran shutting dow Morality Police...sending them to

The werewolf is a vampire by Herschel Walker.

Fox News Parts Ways with Lara Trump

New GOP lawmaker responds after Trump called to terminate Constitution - CNN

Aaron Judge to Mets for $350 million

Did I read here last week that Fox lost some sort of credibility rating for it's "news"?

Cartoons 12/4/2022

Everett library, fire department will have social workers on call

'Our heritage is a gift': 500-year-old log is carved into Tulalip welcome

Chris Christie's niece bit and kicked deputies trying to escort her off a Spirit Airlines flight

Three steps on how to tell truth from baloney

'Set for the next four years': Monroe schools levy officially passes

Othello's cool beans

Flu season. Yikes!

Trump's call to suspend Constitution not a 2024 deal-breaker, leading House Republican says

IT IS SNOWING ...... Oregon

Saw This Guy Last Night

Loss of pharmacy access for military a crisis

Senator Marsha Blackburn is an idiot

Barack Obama's Werewolf Jokes Appear to Have Hurt Herschel Walker's Feelings

Does the 1st Amendment protect a right to discriminate?

From chicken wings to used cars, inflation begins to ease its grip

Russia building massive army base in occupied Mariupol, show satellite images

Rabbi Steve Leder on free speech and anti-Semitism - CBS Sunday Morning

here's an example of the very least of what i'm shooting for every time in wildlife photography...

Remember when Alex Jones' lawyer accidentally gave the other side his cellphone records

Op-Ed, LA Times on Fentanyl poisoning. This is not "Reefer Madness" of the old days...

TFG's Border wall in Texas is about to fall over.

Op-Ed, LA Times on Fentanyl poisoning. This is not "Reefer Madness" of the old days...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 4, 2022

Best Hunter Biden email is the 1 where Tucker Carlson asks Hunter to help get his kid into college

Virus Prevention: NOVA Health Districts Urge Vigilance in Advance of Holiday Gatherings; Influenza

(Jewish Group) NYC Mayor Eric Adams, in interview, seeks 'pipeline' to mend Black-Jewish relations

Why the Virginia SD7 Special Election on January 10, 2023 Matters a LOT - Democrats REALLY Need It!

NC is failing disabled adults like Samantha R. The legislature must help.

Florida Man tries stealing from local Walmart filled with police

(Jewish Group) Iran has plotted to kill Jews overseas, including philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy

Why the Virginia SD7 Special Election on January 10, 2023 Matters a LOT - Democrats REALLY Need It!

You folks are THE BEST!!!

gotta love his spirit

Gov. Chris Christie slams Trump as a post-2020 election untethered self that's killing GOP right now

Celtic Women - You Raise Me Up

3 Chinese astronauts return to Earth after 6-month mission

Unhappy the GOP took the House? Thank gasoline companies for artificially inflating prices

What is it with TFG supporters/MAGA nut cases and boat parades

Trump Owed Hidden Debt While In Office

Can someone please explain...

Investigations Surrounding Former President Trump Take Dramatic Turns - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Just got my 3rd booster

? of Additional Cat Being Adopted

(Jewish Group) 4 must-see documentaries to help you understand the process of shiva

Burrow or Mahomes?

(Jewish Group) Biden calls on political leaders to denounce antisemitism, not platform it

(Jewish Group) The man who saved more Jews than Schindler

Trump's SPECIAL MASTER Strategy BACKFIRED BIG TIME! - Meidas Touch

He's a victim, the most persecuted person ever to hold the presidency.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats have a chance to win.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about running the country like a business....

Biden hosting Kennedy Center Honorees coming up shortly.

Omaha women kept finding trash piled on her car so she set up camera

Trump Is Privately Raging About Kanye West For Trying To 'F Him' - Ring of Fire

5-year-old shot by 8-year-old in Houston - ABC News

Someone looks very comfortable

Ron DeSantis Is Still Punishing School Officials Who Tried To Protect Children - Ring of Fire

Donald Trump advocates "terminating the Constitution" and restoring him to the presidency.

Tax fraud case against Trump Organization to head to jury Monday - ABC News

AOL News (not gonna post the link, but its source is the Ass. Press)

I just learned that there is a Linux-based workload manager which goes by the name of SLURM.

Not sure if this is of interest here, but I want to share my Spotify top 101 songs

Telling Americans to 'Eat Better' Doesn't Work. We Must Make Healthier Food

Chinese security firm advertises ethnicity recognition technology while facing UK ban

Republican Trump foes ask GOP leadership if they still support the Constitution amid his aim to 'ter

GA-SEN: Operatives in both parties call Georgia Senate runoff Warnock's to lose

ACLU Lawsuit Claims Grandmother's Home Was 'Illegally' Raided by SWAT Team Searching for Stolen iPho

man who killed himself at Disneyland last night was elementary school principal

The Builders and the Butchers, "West Virginia"

More archive work

Strangely Energetic Don Jr. Rants About "Crackheads"! - Luke Beasley

United Auto Workers Appear to Rebuke Leaders in First Vote by Members

United Auto Workers Appear to Rebuke Leaders in First Vote by Members

Sad news to report.

Leading Economist Believes U.S. Will Avoid Recession

All the bowl games (with sponsors):

Two- Year- Old Girl Survives Coyote Attack in Los Angeles Daylight

Another woman claims Walker choked her in 2005.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats have decent chance to win.

Award-winning Bay Area musician killed after car gets stuck on train track

Boebert (R-Dumb) pledges to help Putin FanFiction Author Tara Reade in another GOP 'investigation'

Jug Handle Project Decision Notice Signed

If any other politician in America were to call for the termination of our Constitution...

Misprioritizing Vermin

How a new Christian right is changing US politics - BBC News

Covid hospitalizations rising post-Thanksgiving after an autumn lull

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about differences between Democratic & Republican concerns: