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My Chihuahua stole the mayonnaise: evidence, an update.

Russia Celebrates Turning Elon Musk Into a Useful Idiot

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about George Santos and blame....

American fascism never goes away

"Your #2 Car Dealer"

A fantastic return on investment for Democracy

I think I'm on to something questioning George Santos' citizenship

Unfortunately, insurance won't cover this damage to the car, because it's an act of Dog.

28 Dec: Nice. 200 Recruits Ran Away From The Front - Reporting from Ukraine

The BEST 2022 Takedowns Of Marjorie Greene - TYT Investigates

As pathetic as Andrew Tate looked earlier, his own responses just made him look worse

Sneaky cuteness attack:

Fox TURNS on MAGA Fraud Congressman in BRUTAL LIVE Interview TAKE DOWN - Meidas Touch

Tulsi Gabbard Interviews George Santos, Goes Terribly Wrong for Him! - Luke Beasley

George Santos' Massive Campaign Loans May Not Be Legal

Hikers help deer with ice/snow frozen to its head:

'Disruption we've never seen': What's causing the Southwest Airlines meltdown?

Does Mfume have any plans to run for the US Senate or is he going to remain in the US House?

Nevada Republicans appoint failed GOP politician with no judicial experience to judgeship

New Jan. 6 Transcripts Reveal Trump Considered 'Blanket Pardons' - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump Uses Tax Code to Write off Payment to Adult Film "Star"

Legal Experts Are Confident That Trump Is Definitely Getting Indicted - Ring of Fire

Raskin may not be a candidate for the 2024 MD US Senate Election if Cardin retires.

Jan. 6 transcripts: Guilfoyle demands $60k, White House chief burns docs, white nationalist pleads 5

Twitter down?

"Spam risk Egypt."

New Jan. 6 Bomb Rocks Trump White House: Burning Docs In Fireplace - The Beat - MSNBC

How to ensure Ukraine's victory against Russia - Maj Gen Chip Chapman - Times Radio

Cleanup efforts underway after king tides lead to flood damage in Edmonds

The many crimes of Mark Meadows make him the prime candidate for prosecutors to flip against Trump

Full List of Russians Who Fell to Their Deaths This Year

Don't be too surprised if a back-dated self-pardon suddenly shows up.

George Santos' Massive Campaign Loans May Not Be Legal

Kanye West Is Missing, According To Former Business Manager

[5th Circuit] halts federal takeover of Mississippi jail

Outage, electrical issues forces water conservation order in Snoqualmie

We who have cats are very familiar with this situation:

What black cats are for:

I propose a statue of

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about bias and narratives....

What new transcripts on Jan. 6 may reveal about Trump's mindset (CNN)

Top Legal EXPERTS Break Down the CASE Against Trump - Legal AF x Talking Feds Podcast - Meidas Touch

How to draw a reindeer:

Clown tries to troll Greta Thunberg. Gets owned.

Rocky ride: Tesla stock on pace for worst year ever

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends George Santos after Disastrous Fox News Interview! - Luke Beasley

The mission to return jaguars to the US: 'We aren't right without them'

Train derailed under I-5 overpass in Mount Vernon

Louisiana convenience store worker fired! for dumping water on homeless woman in freezing weather

Florida man beat roommate's raccoon with hammer, threatens to kill neighbor with sewing needle

Officer fired after dragging woman on ground to jail entrance

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

I did not know this! (BTW, TIL means "Today I Learned):

Federal and county prosecutors probing Rep.-elect George Santos

Ted Cruz Called Out For Hypocrisy After Mocking Joe Biden's Tropical Vacation

Why do humans keep saying that we are destroying the Earth?

Trump Explodes, Insists Ivanka Still Loves Him! - Luke Beasley

DeSantis administration launches investigation into holiday drag show

Flood emergency declared in La Conner

Deadliest Roads - Jamaica edition- I love dis

Derek and the Dominos - Layla

Derek Carr no longer a Raider

Why America had the Best Year Ever in 2022

This is very cool:

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light

Luther Ingram - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right

Yes - Roundabout (live at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 induction ceremony)

Nassau County district attorney opens investigation into Rep.-elect George Santos

"2022 Russian businessmen mystery deaths" can you believe it warrents it's own Wiki page?

Federal prosecutors are investigating Rep.-elect George Santos' finances

Honeymoon Suite - Burning in Love

I have to return a computer. How do I scrub it?

Rep. Raskin On Cancer Diagnosis: 'Totally My Plan To Make It Through This Thing' - All In - MSNBC

Hapax - Elegy

Braised my first meal in my Dutch oven. Chicken curry with fennel,

MSNBC has such terrible closed captioning...

George Santos deleted his gofundme scam but twitterverse is keeping screenshots

HIstorian Heather Cox Richardson: December 28, 1890 - Still time to avert Wounded Knee massacre

A defibrillator will not start a stopped heart

Zimmerman, Democrat Who Ran Against George Santos, Calls For More Investigations Into His Finances

This just on...Bach's 'Chaconne from Partita in D minor', Itamar Zorman violinist

Lord, take me- Woman sells farts-in-a-jar- makes over 200K

I am so furious I can't see straight.

Will Children's Books Become Catalogs of the Extinct?

Joaquin Castro Scorches Greg Abbott over Migrant Stunt! - Luke Beasley

Truth-challenged Rep.-elect George Santos attempted to explain his mysterious wealth Wednesday

NY-03: New York Attorney General opens investigation.

Tulsi Gabbard deserved the Republican Party

Rep. Raskin: Oversight Dems Will Debunk GOP Disinfo, Act As 'America's Truth Squad' - All In - MSNBC

I'm in bed thinking about.

I've been out and about

Southwest Air Gets BURNED By Its Own Greed (Video)

The Kennedy Center Honors just left me wanting to hear U2's own music

The craving for Pepperidge farm cake is gone.

Rep. Raskin: The Case Against Trump Over Jan. 6 Is 'Open And Shut' - All In - MSNBC

In August 2022, the DCCC published its 87 page oppo research book on George Santos.

Right Wing Supreme Court Makes HYPOCRITICAL Shadow Docket Ruling - Meidas Touch

Mass. Doctor Accused of Punching Officer at Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Appears in DC Court

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Vacates the 1954 AEC Decision in the Matter of Oppenheimer.

I seem to recall a lot of "Let's Go Brandon" f*ckery coming from Southwest Air pilots

Kennedy Center Honors!

Rare ice formations caused by winter storm draw hundreds of visitors to this Ontario town

I feel this one all the way.

McCarthy Has No Vision, Just Wants To Sit In Speaker's Office Says Matthew Dowd - The ReidOut MSNBC

I think antisemitism will backfire

Jane Antonia Cornish - 'Sky', Vicky Chow on piano

The magnificent Ms Madeline KAHN - I'm Tired

Anybody seeing Right-wingers in social media discussing an event to occur this January 6th?

Special Counsel Jack Smith's NEXT MOVES REVEALED by Former Top Federal Prosecutor - Meidas Touch

Buffalo Remains Under Travel Ban With Military Police Enforcement - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Elon Musk tells Tesla employees don't be 'bothered by stock market craziness' (CNBC)

I am so furious I can't see straight. (cross-post: Lounge)

Biden Doesn't Trust His Secret Service Detail

Georgia official believed Trump was threatening him with violence during call demanding he 'find'

Santos once claimed to be half Black.

Federal Prosecutors Investigating George Santos

Found the spoon! - bottom of the popcorn!

Santos Says He's Jew-ISH Not Jewish - Raw News And Politics

FBI warns against bogus search ads impersonating real businesses.

Cellist Inbal Segev plays 'Exhale'

Twitter suffers major outage, leaving users unable to log on

Thursday Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Positive Day and Good Mood Livestream

Bonus Tweet of the Day

John Wilson plays 'Upon Further Reflection: II. Sunset Soliloquy' on piano

Bittersweet Icing

Hilarious edit to Andrew Tate's Wikipedia page

Germany in Crisis as $500 Billion Energy Costs & Falling GDP Push Economy into Recession - Joe Blogs

Rightwing Republicans More Dangerous Than Any Drag Queen, Democrat Says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about speculation about Libya and the AP....

Bolivia: Anger rises as opposition leader Camacho arrested

Bolivia: Anger rises as opposition leader Camacho arrested

Mazza Gallerie shopping center permanently closes.

Mazza Gallerie shopping center permanently closes.

Southwest Airlines' Christmas Meltdown Shows How Corporations Deliberately Pit Consumers Against Low

Zero Pacific saury caught at Japan's largest fishing port for first time on record

Rep. Colin Allred: Trump Presidency 'Was A Stress Test For Our System' - The Last Word - MSNBC

If a tree falls in the woods

As found on Mastodon:

The "My Pillow" Guy Meme

Sisters In Law Co-Hosts On DOJ's 'Strategic' Jan. 6 Investigation - The Last Word - MSNBC

Advice to a caller who lost his friend of 35 years because of Trump politics.

Newly Released Deposition Testimony EXPOSES Trump Links to COUP Plot at Willard Hotel - Meidas Touch

The "Chapstick Incident"

Will the Republicans swear in Santos if he's in jail?

Bolton spills the beans?

Southwest Airlines Broken By 'Perfect Storm' Of Internal And External Problems - MSNBC (2 videos)

Christian Nationalism Conspicuously Absent From January 6 Report - Alicia Menendez - MSNBC

Paganini's 'Sonata Concertata for Viola and Guitar'

Congressman-elect George Santos faces federal investigation - CBS New York

Is this for real ??? Pres. Trump commemorative coin

Breakfast Thursday 29December 2022

Deposition Testimony EXPOSES Trump's DEEP CONSPIRACY Links - Meidas Touch

"If you have a real sociopath against a phony sociopath, the real sociopath has the advantage."

Mozart's 'String Quartet No. 6' played by Amadeus Quartet

When Elon Musk whines about Twitter having shadowbanned or...

News Wrap: Zelenskyy tells Ukrainians their resistance to Russia inspires the world - PBS NewsHour


WORDLE 558 (12/29) ***SPOILER THREAD***

A look at Biden's first two years in office as administration faces new challenges in 2023 - PBS NewsHour

Where does the Asian population live in the USA?

Ousted Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Calls Arrest 'Political Revenge' Amid Countrywide Protests

Settlements In Guatemala, Raising Questions About Past Settlements

▶️ European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

Dion - The Wanderer - 1961

Little Richard - Long Tall Sally

Photos: European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

Fats Domino - Ain't That A Shame

Chicago Transit Authority - I'm a Man (Spencer Davis Group Cover)

Thom Bell, a Force Behind the Philadelphia Soul Sound, Dies at 79

Donations Near $400K For Burger King Employee


y am I getting emails subject matter "your prostate" 🤔

Politico slammed for branding Meghan Markle a 'narcissist' alongside Trump, Elon Musk

I think I'm in big trouble with the kitcats

The Musical World of Ernesto Cavour, Bolivia's Charango Maestro

Who here doesn't think there is not a link between all the Russian Oligarchs falling out of windows

Pat Cipollone and Cassidy Hutchinson are witnesses a prosecutor dreams about.

Solidarity with Bolivia - Stand with Democracy and Social Progress

Now facing 2 State investigations, 2 Federal investigations, Meadows will sing like a canary.

1,600 bats fell to the ground during Houston's cold snap. Here's how they were saved

Argentine rights group confirms identity of 132nd child disappeared during country's dictatorship

Glenn Kirschner verified something I believed was taking place with the investigations.

Russia launches massive missile barrage across Ukraine

Success!! Carys is in the carrier

On this day, December 29, 1876, the LS and MS Railway bridge over the Ashtabula River collapsed.

So it begins. This should be fun to watch.

The friggin' traitor wants everyone to believe he "didn't do anything wrong"...

Seeking Relief from Oppression, Peruvians Resist Castillo Removal and Wait

On this day, December 29, 2000, Bryan Ferry was traveling on board British Airways Flight 2069.

Trump is one of the most unlikable people imaginable. Why do millions love him?

Kari Lake's "forever coup" is what the future looks like -- until we start to see real consequences

Biden is the first US President to visit St Croix since Truman in 1948

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/28/2022

Creators' Year in Review, Part 2: What Creators Really Impressed You in 2022?

Art of the Year: 2022

In Memoriam: Kevin Conroy

Russia/Lavrov Outlines Three Conditions for Peace ... Land, no war crime charges, & no reparations

Free DIY - convert slides to digital images - no app, software needed

Sherlock Holmes will finally escape copyright this weekend / Metropolis, To The Lighthouse and ...

New York Times: The Year in Pictures 2022 (with no-paywall link)

US Jobless Claims Rise Slightly But Remain Near Historic Lows

Carys was a perfect angel for the vet tech.

On December 29, 1970, President Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act into law.

And the stall game works yet again for trump...

Newly released records show top DeSantis adviser used private email and alias to coordinate migrant

People we've lost in 2022

What Caused the Chaos at Southwest

In the DU Home and Family Topic section

George Santos Lied About His High School Too

Trump and MAGA Misfits Turn on 'Trump's Bitch' Sean Hannity

The Far-Right's Romance With Cruelty

A Day In A Life

George Santos Suggests He Won't Run for Re-Election

Conservation Groups Force Forest Service to Drop Huge Clearcutting and Road Bulldozing Project in Bo

What the devil? Woman mistakes real Tasmanian marsupial for dog toy in Hobart home

Russian Oligarch's Cousin Funneled Cash to Santos

Who was your first celebrity crush?

How Japanese pronounce 10 car companies

DIY slide copier!

Joining the billionaire fatigue, Hollywood is sticking it to the rich

Why TFG supporters vote for TFG

Poco - And Settlin' Down (old Poco for your pleasure)

There was a very heartbreaking moment at the vet's, this morning

Southwest put investors ahead of its customers and employees

Tweet of the Day

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 29, 2022

How many times did Meadows burn docs in a White House fireplace?

Long long thread but so worth it!

USPS Driver Survives Head-On Collision With Semi Truck

South Korea stages drills simulating downing of North drones

John Durham's failed investigation comes with a hefty price tag

Getting Ready For 2023

Iran Protests Pass 100 Days as Demonstrators Facing Crackdown Request International Solidarity

I haven't seen an

My Refrigerator is So Dramatic

post-truthist & congressman-elect George Santos...

On this day, December 29, 1890, the U.S. Army massacred at least 146 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee.

Perhaps Tea Party/MAGA sycophant Meadows was

it's now painfully obvious that santos is pathological liar...

Anyone watch "Murderville"?

Are Peace Talks Possible? Prof. Gilbert Achcar on Whether Russia & Ukraine Can Negotiate End to War

Question: How long do you give a movie before you bail?

A wee bit of dis and dat

TCM tonight:

Monroeville PA Avis manager traded rental cars for drugs and cash, police say

Ocean Cleanup Project - More than 2,000,000 kg have been removed all-time.

Time for Joe Biden to Embrace His Inner Dark Brandon

White House to Jim Jordan, James Comer: Sorry, but you have to restart your oversight requests

Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto

Where, oh where did my sweetheart go??

The difference between Southwest Air & Covid -

Fred Prehn (A- Wi) Leaves DNR Post, 20 Months After His Term Ends

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 29, 2022)

SC Jack Smith's song for TDFG....I'll be watching you.

George Santos said 9/11 'claimed my mother's life.' She died in 2016.

Harvesting the fresh water moisture above our oceans & Great Lakes

Raffi Cavoukian: from children's troubadour to climate campaigner

Cats - Sorting out their priorities

Jan. 6 committee withdraws Trump subpoena

Who was the musician/songwriter interviewed on Morning Joe today...

Chris Cuomo on Trump's strategy backfiring on him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about infrastructure troubles....

rescue beaver makes christmas dam in house .

AZ-AG: Democrat Kris Mayes wins by 280 votes after recount.

Former Minneapolis Police Officer finally charged with assaulting Jaleel Stallings

DeSantis' culture war isn't just divisive, it's also expensive

Republicans plan more attacks on ESG

DeSantis' culture war isn't just divisive, it's also expensive

Photos: Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)

'When was it too late?' Some U.S. Jews wonder about their place in America.

Billy Tipton was born on this date.

Pres. Biden celebrates "all-time record" after nearly 11.5 million Americans sign up for insurance

Damn the optics. How I wish Joe Biden would pardon Hunter on first day of new Congress

Duke's Mayo Bowl embraces the weird with its mayonnaise dump

Matt "Guitar" Murphy was born on this date.

Stray Cat Sneaks Into Woman's Home To Give Birth To Kittens In Safety

94% Collapse In China Steel Industry Profits As Housing Crisis Hits Chinese Economy - China Update

Rick Danko, of The Band, was born on this date.

Rescue Horse Becomes Mother Role for Baby Donkeys

Wow, Apple and Amazon both look like bargains right now!

Scientists find key reason for ongoing loss of smell in long-COVID

Arizona recount shows Democrat Kris Mayes beat Republican Abe Hamadeh

Auld Lang Syne: We're Here Because We're Here - a video by John Green

WSJ News Exclusive: A Ski-In, Ski-Out Property With Views of the Rockies Asks $22 Million

US Census Bureau redefines meaning of 'urban' America

How to clean everyday, non-precious, non-antique pocket change?

Recover Your Account Later by Setting Up a Microsoft Recovery Code Now

Ever feel sorry for yourself? Others have it better than you?

The myth of Republican "messaging"

Russia is doing the sensible thing: Let's not waste rifles and body-armor on cannon-fodder.

The 'fiendishly difficult' threat from China to the West - Times Radio

We Only Have This Moment

Putin's Army in 'Very Big Trouble' Heading Into 2023: Retired U.S. Major

US Census Bureau redefines meaning of 'urban' America

50 Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

12 Month German Carbon Intensity, 501 g CO2/kWh; An Estimate of the Associated Death Toll.

West African artists Imarhan have my attention today

US Dept. of Labor Orders Wells Fargo to Pay More Than $22M for Retaliation

Pele, Brazil's mighty king of 'beautiful game,' has died

Defrauding & lying ain't new for the Repukes. DeSATAN's hijacking migrants bit from Silence/Lambs

Southwest plans to return to 'normal operations,' Friday, the company says

Russia Says It Shot Down Drone Near Engels Air Base

Arguably the greatest football player ever, Brazil icon Pele has passed away. The news was confirmed

I have a DREAM--how to run a hospital

Josh Shapiro's successor for attorney general is no stranger to the big stage

White House to Jim Jordan, James Comer: Sorry, but you have to restart your oversight requests

Bakhmut on the Brink as Wagner Group Suffers Heavy Losses Across Region--ISW

I'm so proud of my local public library.

NY 99th Assembly ends up with a squeaker 8 vote win for the Democrat

Trump Was Shocked To Learn His Presidential Schedule Was Public - Ring of Fire

Read what Donald Trump Jr.'s told the Jan. 6 committee

The inhumanely trafficked immigrants shipped by Abbott/DeSantis should be fast-tracked into

George Santos says he had a brain tumor!

Donald Trump paid $0 in taxes in 2020. He's not alone: 60% of households paid no federal income tax

Legend Pele has died

Upstate NY's minimum wage to hit $14.20 by year's end. Why lawmakers want more.

Emperor penguins and reindeer threatened WWF report

"And so I'm offering this simple phrase. To kids from one to ninety-two."

Trump's Tax Shenanigans Show Need for Real Reforms

Pele' has died

The boys are keeping me warm. Madoc is snoozing through my sneezes.

St. Louis starts 'Guaranteed Income' program - Morning in America - NewsNation

Release of Select Committee Materials (transcripts) update 7

Russia's Gazprom saw its exports sink to the lowest level this century as flows to Europe dwindled

George Santoa said he was in tweet against Black anthem

House investigation faults FDA, Biogen for Alzheimer's drug approval

Sneak peek: Resorts World Hudson Valley casino set to open Dec. 28 at Newburgh Mall

Capitol Lake facilities reopen Wednesday as weather conditions improve

Buffalo now prepares for flooding as temperatures soar

Republicans control the House in five days. All we'll hear for two years is, Hunter Biden.

Few Editorial Cartoons

You Are Smarter Than Elon Musk

I can't take the ASPCA advertisements any more.

'When was it too late?' Some U.S. Jews wonder about their place in America.

Belarus protests to Ukraine after downing stray air defence missile

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (January 2 -- January 6)

When the Republicans "take over" the House next week, they'll be like the dog who finally

The World is in mourning - the greatest of all time is dead

Carys is out of surgery. A totally ROUTINE surgery!

I thought the debt ceiling was going to be raised before the next Congress? Why wasn't it done?

U.S. weekly jobless claims tick higher as the job market remains tight

"Things Are About To Get Uglier" - Everyone In China Will Suffer Next Week- China's Dollar Crisis

Barron's: Tesla CEO Elon Musk Could Have Had His First Margin Call for Twitter Loan

Whistleblower Rebekah Jones wins dismissal- at a price.

I just got scammed by Jay Sekulow and his American Center for Law and Justice

Huge flip opportunity!!

horn made from hose .

Sunrise, while feeding the horses

People Are Fed Up With Rapid Tests

Link to order more Gov covid tests?

TCM January 2023 At a Glance - TCM Premieres

That's it, I will never buy another fucking thing from Home ThePot

Up in the night with frantic itching AGAIN in my hands and fingers...WTH?

Tested Positive Yesterday With A Rapid Home Test - What Do I Do Now?....

How many votes for Speaker will George Santos get. Hero level liar should do well.

TikTok is now banned on mobile devices issued by US House of Representatives

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 29, 2022

Pele, Brazil's mighty king of 'beautiful game,' has died at 82

Pele, Brazil's mighty king of 'beautiful game,' has died at 82

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what is and isn't history....

TCM January 2023 At a Glance - Showcases and Spotlights

Trump-supporting billionaire Home Depot founder says 'nobody works anymore' because of 'socialism'

Finally took a ride, and look what I saw,

'Sailing' down river, southern MD (50 degrees here now.)

For LGBTQ spaces, being safe takes on new urgency

and a few 'swimming' south, on the river:

Secret Service leaked private Biden transition information to Trumps

Guys They Caught Another Vote Frauder And BOY Are You Not Going To Believe This One!

Senator wants U.S. to pause implementation of new electric vehicle tax credits

Sound Transit makes Link and ST Express buses fare-free all day on New Year's Eve

I understand the need for paywalls on online articles, but...

Projection from George Santos

First Quarter, 38% visible

Hitting back at Trump, Biden gears up for more clashes with GOP

More year end cartoons

Everett Public Libraries reducing its operating hours in 2023

Musk tells Tesla workers not to be 'bothered by stock market craziness'

RIP Vivienne Westwood

Yes, let's say hello to George Soros

New year expected to bring more changes to state voting laws

The price of gas is soaring again...

From Yahoo News on my phone. J6 Committee has dropped its subpoena against t***p.

Sunset, southern MD 12/29

TFG fired White House usher to piss off President and Dr. Biden on Inauguration Day

The GOP wants to defund the police

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 December 2022

Jamie Raskin issues serious announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Jamie Raskin issues serious announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Billionaire Backed Conservative Dating App Dying After Less Than 3 Months - Ring of Fire

Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and style icon, dies at 81

Could Jamie Raskin be our first Jewish President?

Injured hiker found stranded in freezing temperatures in Maryland rescued by helicopter.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Don't Forget Me / Live in Las Vegas 2022

RIP Ian Tyson

Vivian Westwood just passed away...

Why the lies? Trump and Santos are/were sure that they could and would ..."Get Away With It"

Baja Fish Tacos Recipe (video)

Today I had to go into town today but stopped for gas because I thought I might run out.

Testing Shoes That Make You Walk 250% Faster - WIRED

Anti-feminist social media personality Andrew Tate 'arrested' in Romania on human trafficking charge

12 Days Until The Virginia Special Elections! How You Can Help! And More Info

Publix Heiress Paid Kimberly Guilfoyle $60,000 for Speech

10 incredible archaeological finds from 2022

What exactly does the 2023 Majority Republican House think...

Speaker Santos

Ex-prosecutor says he noticed something 'interesting' in Donald Trump Jr.'s Jan. 6 testimony - CNN

Greta must be laughing her ass off

The tweet to Greta got a-hole Tate arrested!

Democrat Wins Arizona Attorney General Race After Recount

Long Island residents call for Santos to resign

Russian draft evaders seeking asylum in Germany fear being sent back - DW News

This Woman's Love For Her Parrot Is Everything Humanity Needs

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is on The Beat

MAGA Fraud Congressman gets DEVASTATING News from Federal and State Prosecutors

Giant Dog's Emotional Support Animal Is A Cat

Just had a guy walk in asking me to sign a religious exemption for vaccines.

Biden signs $1.7 trillion government spending bill into law

Santos said his Mother died on 9-11!

Andrew Tate Arrested In Romania For Human Trafficking Following Greta Thunberg Roast

The Supreme Court is manipulating its own calendar to lock GOP policies in place

A little while ago I colored my hair slivery grey. It's cooler. 🤭

Found on Facebook, written by a Southwest pilot:

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

*Dolly Parton organization sends free book in the mail every month to kids under 5*