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The West Wing Marathon still on, HLN (ch 204 on HBO/DirecTV)

Newt Gingrich is now doing commericials on twitter........

The latest MAGA/QANON crackpot lawsuit that will "restore Donald Trump as President"

Audrey Hepburn in Paris

Tired and Sore in the Kitchen: a saga. (CW: F-bombs- lots of them!)

The Stupid Ruin Everything

Jan. 6 Committee Deals With The Person Who Lit The Match: Donald Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy with Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly

New Details Of Gaetz's Bid For Pardon Amid Trafficking Probe Revealed By Jan. 6 Committee Transcript

Wind Storm impacts Washington Tuesday night

So I went to a lovely lunch today - one of the other guests (an American) said he thought

Putin's Disgruntled Troops Intensify Battle Between Key Allies

Former Trump aide said he couldn't imagine Trump marching to the Capitol on January 6 because he'd

Russia temporarily bans exports of oil to U.S., other Western nations

Heavy rain, king tides flood Seattle neighborhoods

So, What Has Happened with Lauren Boebert's Defunct Restaurant?

Defenestration Update...

Steve Hackett Foxtrot Live

Patches is comfy. Tiger had his supper. We relaxin'

Trump didn't know his daily schedule was public until.....December of 2020.

'I Said I Was Jew-ish'': Rep.-Elect Santos Admits To Lying About His Background - Morning Joe - MSNBC

"The people have spoken"

West Wing

Ringleader in plot to kidnap Michigan governor sentenced to 16 years in prison

6 months after end of Roe, Illinois abortion providers treat a 'historic' number of out-of-state

David Jolly: George Santos Is An Absolute Fraud - Deadline - MSNBC

Arizona Republican Kari Lake, an election denier, loses first at the ballot box & then in court

Bombshell: Incoming Republican's Stunning Confession (MSNBC)

'Completely melted down': Buttigieg reacts to Southwest Airlines chaos (CNN)

What interesting, new (at least to you) accounts are you discovering on Mastodon?

Greg Abbott pushes back on criticism after busing migrants to VP's home on freezing Christmas Eve

Lauren Boebert HUMILIATES herself with dumbest demand possible - Brian Tyler Cohen

Glenn Kirschner: There's Way More Than Enough Evidence! DOJ Weighing Criminal Charges Against Trump.

Lindsey Graham wanted to use credit card company technology to throw out absentee ballots in Georgia

GOP commentator calls out Santos for lying about his resume (CNN)

Joe Biden to spend New Year's holiday with family in U.S. Virgin Islands

MAGA hits NEW LOW with SHAMEFUL Inhumane STUNT - Meidas Touch

Kari Lake appeals judge's dismissal of Arizona election challenge

Supreme Court Rules Trump-Era Covid Policy Title 42 Will Remain In Effect - The ReidOut - MSNBC

2024 US Senate Election Rating

Hutchinson testimony not necessarily hearsay in court...

"..14 Wisc Assembly Republicans signed on to a letter asking Mike Pence to not certify the results

Bushman Extream Christmas Pranks

Biden signs bill to study salt lakes in drought-hit US West

Historic high tide in Olympia

Toto - Africa - Live at Montreux 1991

Fallen tree causes house fire in Silver Spring.

Use it or lose it.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what happens if nothing happens....

Star Baby - The Guess Who (Live on The Midnight Special - December 14, 1973)

Veteran CALLS OUT Gun Fanatic's Lunacy

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (Live) 2004

When you have nothing in common with your relatives over the holidays....

Freda Payne - Band Of Gold

MAGA Congressman-Elect George Santos ADMITS TO LIES and REFUSES TO RESIGN in SHOCKING Interview

I have a nice pot of chili on the stove and a glass of

Kari Lake Completely Detaches from Reality During This Bizarre Interview! - Luke Beasley

sitting here with cat in lap,glass of wine listening to "Bananas"

George and Kids!!!

An indictment and a jury trial but no conviction?

Kari Lake Loses AGAIN - Raw News And Politics

"I woke up in St Louis with a dozen messages unread" Buffalo Nichols, "Sorry it was you"

Middle Age Riot tweet: Did Elon Musk buy Southwest Airlines without anyone knowing it?

The first person I can remember that was famous just for being famous!

Bacon (cooking) Mug.

Since Abbot thinks shipping border crossers to upstate

Two NY Republicans Urge House Ethics Panel To Investigate George Santos - All In - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 28: Movie Neighbors

My new favorite detective:

Tulsi surprisingly gives a 180

Arizona Is in a Race to the Bottom of Its Water Wells, With Saudi Arabia's Help

Kari Lake ATTACKS Arizona Judge Peter Thompson after She LOSES with DISGUSTING LIES - Meidas Touch

Here is Secretary Buttigieg speaking about the bussing of migrants in October.....

Is there really ---i mean, really---actually---in real life---anything more necessary before we---

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 29, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Ava Gardner

'Eastman Knew:' Jan. 6 Final Report Spells Out The Trump Lawyer's Culpability - All In - MSNBC

Kari Lake Ordered to Pay Legal Fees to Katie Hobbs

Russia's abductions of Ukrainian children are a genocidal crime

Asheville faces water outages, boil-water advisory amid cold

Trump White House EXPOSED BURNING DOCUMENTS in BOMBSHELL Deposition Testimony - Meidas Touch

Former Kansas City theatre director found dead just days after being accused of sexual assault

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 30, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: TBA!

Biden Touts His Bipartisan Successes! - Luke Beasley

Bellissima! Mendelssohn's 'Symphony No 4: Italian', Vivaldi's 'Concerto Per Signora Chiara'

Chaya Raichick (Libsoftiktok stochastic terrorist) spotted in Jan 6th footage after Tucker interview

WH Aide Testified That Trump Wanted Blanket Pardon For Everyone Involved In Jan. 6 - The ReidOut MSNBC

Mnuchin Briefly Discussed 25th Amendment to Remove Trump, Jan. 6 Transcript Shows

the elderly store owner, famed for shooting a robber 4 months ago, died today

more transcripts from house select committee on tuesday 12/27/22 --

Buffalo woman saves life of mentally-disabled, age 64, man caught in blizzard/ items frozen to him

Trump: "I've done nothing wrong."

Happy Holidays!

Good read explaining why Abbott is a jerk and gives better solutions.

Republican Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about his credentials - PBS NewsHour

Taiwan extends mandatory military service to one year - BBC News

As we all think past the wintry blasts of late it's never too late

Southwest Airlines problems

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Sunny skies help us take another step warmer, with less of a morning chill

Tiny Lamb Imprints On Alpha Dog

Jan. 6 Transcripts Shed New Light on How Trump Considered Blanket Pardons

From May: Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence

Baby Cow Adopts A Tiny Orphaned Piglet

Stray Feral Cat Comes For Help And Turns Into An Affectionate Mini Lion

Serbia puts troops on high alert over rising tensions with Kosovo - BBC News

Staff gives South Dakota governor flamethrower for Christmas

Black Cat Found With One Ear. Now She Teaches Another Stray to Go on Walkies

Luka makes history

Mott the Hoople - All The Young Dudes

Australian government approves extradition of former US fighter pilot Daniel Duggan

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Beatitudes'

Martynov's 'The Beatitudes' played by Kronos Quartet

If you say "I'm not a fraud", but you lied to your constituents to get elected?

Antisemitism isn't just 'Jew-hatred' - it's anti-Jewish racism

(Jewish Group) Whoopi Goldberg faces backlash after repeating false Holocaust comments

The More George Santos Speaks, 'The More Questions Are Raised,' Reporter Says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Gay People Aren't Shooting Up...........

Southwest Airlines internal memo.

Migrant Advocate: TX Gov. Abbott Busing Migrants With 'Most Racist, Xenophobic Intentions' - Last Word

How to put kids to sleep....Danny Trejo style.

Fox News' "War On Christmas" Bit Has Gotten Out Of Control - Rebel HQ

Mercury enters retrograde motion starting TOMORROW, December 28, 2022, and lasting into the new year

Ukrainians Will Remain Defiant Despite Power Cuts And Winter Cold, Kyiv Reporter Says - The Last Word

Wednesday Morning Winter Bossa Nova and Jazz Music for New Year Vibes Livestream

David Bowie 1972 Starman, 5 Years, and Ziggy... live

Trumps makes NEW DERANGED Posts ATTACKING Republicans and America - Meidas Touch

Toot of the Day (a dunk on Musk)

GOP Governors With Presidential Ambitions Court Trump's Base With Cruelty To Migrants - MSNBC

Trump's phrase, "I did nothing wrong" seems to me like Nixon's phrase, "I am not a crook"

Petronio Franceschini's 'Sonata with Two Trumpets'

Flooding in Pierce County

Borodin's 'Cello Sonata, I, II, III'

"As cases explode, China's low COVID death toll convinces no one"

Please read the linked op-ed. Thanks

Baby Seal Live Birth - Ocean Conservation Namibia

Surprising Subplots Emerge In New Batch Of January 6 Committee Transcripts - Alicia Menendez - MSNBC

How Many Republicans Died Because the GOP Turned Against Vaccines?

Texas: maintenance man was checking frozen pipes on apt balconies. Tenant shot him through window

Questionable Math Builds Anticipation For Release Of Trump Taxes Friday - Alicia Menendez - MSNBC

woman screams and stomps her feet over luggage

Breakfast Wednesday 28 December 2022

SOMETIMES you need a break from HUNTING Monsters ...Destiny2

(Jewish Group) Jewish community protests 76ers stadium in Chinatown

(Jewish Group) Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes After Uproar Over Latest Holocaust Comments

Democrats, Feeling New Strength, Plan to Go on Offense on Voting Rights

Google fixes leading definition of "Jew" after search engine results showed offensive slur

The craziest Waffle House fight in Austin TX, straight up WWE match

The revival of a forgotten American fruit (BBC) {old article, but interesting}

Putin Has Nine Rings Made for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

In Ukraine's Kharkiv region, engineers begin reconnecting energy grid in freezing conditions

Giant python reunited with owner after months roaming Austin (BBC)

WORDLE 557 (12/28) ***SPOILER THREAD***

King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight

Diana Ross - Upside Down

Walter Egan w/ Stevie Nicks - Magnet And Steel

Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul w/Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There (Live 2017)

why worry about the RW not getting vacinated

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus) Close-ups

Former Tucson-area Border Patrol agent sentenced to 12 years in prison

Burial Cave Dedicated to Midwife of Jesus Reveals Treasures

Things that make you go Awww

Tulsi Gabbard tears into George Santos during Fox interview: 'Do you have no shame?'

Former Pope Benedict's condition worsening, Vatican says as Francis calls for prayers

On this day, December 28, 2011, Kim Jong Il's funeral was held in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Has anyone interviewed Santos's ex- wife.

On this day, December 28, 1987, Ronald Gene Simmons's killing spree came to an end.

On this day, December 28, 1879, the Tay Bridge disaster occurred.

JFC! They called 911 for help -- and police used a new junk science to decide if they were liars

The so called genius considered blanket pardons, idiot. The White House counsel said no.

December 28: momentous day for Big Star. Alex Chilton was born (1950); Chris Bell was buried (1978).

On this day, December 28, 1938, Sugar Chile Robinson was born.

Fifty years ago today, December 28, 1972, the draft ended.

Cybersecurity firm links Piers Morgan Twitter hack to leak of 400m records

China Covid: US considers restrictions on Chinese arrivals

Architect of plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer to face sentence

...Trump has supplanted Nixon as the saddest figure... by Jonah Goldberg

In Mexico, legal struggle to free women jailed for abortion

Video Shows Cop Speeding in NYPD Van -- And May Have Been Watching a Soccer Game Before Fatal Crash

Vermont state trooper suspended during investigation of barracks theft

North Korea's Kim lays out key goals to boost military power

The Weekly Pull: We Only Find Them When They're Dead, Miracleman: The Silver Age, Tales From Earth-6

Creators' Year in Review, Part 1: What Were Some of Your Favorite Comics of 2022?

In Memoriam: Tim Sale

In Memoriam: Kazuki Takahashi

Luka Doncic posts first 60 point, 21 rebound, 10 assist game in NBA history

MTG is 'glad George (Santos) is being honest.'

The most bizarre thing

Download your FREE 2023 UFW Calendar

Recursion #9 - Sauron

Peru: end the military-parliamentary dictatorship

New US Lawsuit Targets 'Forever Chemicals' in Plastic Food Containers; Cleaning, Home, Personal Care

Brasilia's entire police force to deploy for Lula inauguration ceremony amid fears of violence

You Don't Know Me

George Santos is the Republican Party's future: A shameless con man

Wednesday TOONs - Resolutions We'd Like To See

My wife is going out three nights a week with her driving instructor. I wouldn't mind except she

Jens Stoltenberg gives the clearest and most impassioned justification for defending Ukraine

Andrew Intrater, money manager to Russian Oligarch, gave $56,100 to committees tied to Santos

What is it about these so called patriots, that when they are

I'm so mad at Apple records for the Beatles Revolver box set

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix reminder

More than enough dinner

Musk just told a critic of his lack of impulse control, "And you have tiny testicles!"

Biden arrives in US Virgin Islands to relax between holidays

The pressure on people like Eastman and Meadows is going to be incredible, it already is.

The surest way to insure that we accomplish NOTHING is to require that we not even

Winter Run Chinook Survival Rate In Sacramento River System Lowest On Record - 12% Of Avg

Russian ex-army chief dies suddenly 1 day after Putin snubs visit to his tank factory

Does any other country have a physical wall? n/t

Oil & Gas Industry Still Running The Same Playbook Dating Back 80 Years - And Lying, Of Course

Response to Stossel's Inconvenient Facts about EVs

Met Office - Provisional Data Show 2022 Will Be Hottest Year In UK On Record

Back In Your Arms Again - The Mavericks

Does anyone here know when Jack Smith is returning? A news conference by him would be helpful.

ARE Chinese Women really left over...

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI ill

Chinese Economy Suffers Another Bad Month; World Reacts To China Opening; Taiwan - China Update

Quote from Isaac Asimov

Greta Thunberg FTW

Leonard Leo is quietly remaking state high courts in his conservative image

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 28, 2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hutchinson, theories, and fireplaces....

9 Transportation Projects In The D.C. Region Set To Open In 2023

Supreme Court Keeps Title 42, Causing Rise in Deadly Human Trafficking & Blocking Asylum Seekers

Move Water By Pipeline From The Atchafalaya River West To Arizona

News & Commentary December 23, 2022

Omnibus legislative package includes $21.2 billion for public transit and $16.6 billion for passenge

Trump only realised his schedule was public weeks before leaving office, Jan 6 committee told

Theodore's & LIU Author Series: Congressman Adam Schiff

Skinny Foster Pittie Gets Better By Doing Whatever Her Brother Does


Krugman compares Tesla to bitcoin & says he wouldn't trust Musk to feed his cat

France's defense minister goes to Ukraine to boost support

My sister lost her job today ...

Shy Donkey Didn't Make a Sound Until All of a Sudden Started to Sing

Should the Trump trial be televised, a la OJ ?

Video claiming to show Buffalo Walmart looting during blizzard is over two years old

Greta's all grown up

Will the latest high-profile liar in the Bloated Tick party step down? (Stupid Santos)

'Don't come for Pete Buttigieg unless he sends for you'

"Abject Failure" in Buffalo: Blizzard Death Toll Rises as Activists Slam City's Failed Response

It is being reported that indeed Trump did want 10,000 NG troops to enter the Capitol.

Hutchinson: Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed QAnon with Trump, Meadows

Kansas police raid hospital room of terminally ill patient

Russian leader predicts war in the EU - Times Radio

Lying Republican George Santos demolished BY FOX HOST to his face ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

He probably expected the insurrectionists to carry him on a gilted litter

Dregs of 2022 - reposts of recent DU memes

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 28, 2022)

"Tired of the Apologies": Workers, Flyers Say Southwest Airlines Meltdown Was Decades in the Making

A song for The Donald

Tucker Carlson's rage at Zelensky caps a year of getting things wrong

Jamaican mother in Florida kills her three year old daughter - good effin grief!

2nd Whitmer kidnap ringleader gets nearly 20 years

Well, screw you and your silly ass human games

2023 Predictions Thread

Ringleader of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot sentenced to 19 1/2 years in prison

2nd Whitmer kidnap plot leader gets nearly 20 years in prison

free link to WaPo Opinion piece on TFG & 14th Amendment --FOR THE COMMENTS

Conspire to kidnap a democratic governor, 20 years in prison.

US Military 'Downplayed' No. of Soldiers Exposed to 'Forever Chemicals' Toxic PFAS - Health Impacts

Trump wanted a procession of National Guard troops...

U.S. District Judge John H. McBryde of Fort Worth, appointed by Bush in 1990, dies at 91

I had a stress test yesterday.

2-year-old watching a game with Dad learns how to express his enthusiasm:

Deputy Shoots Suspect Armed With a Knife in Riverside County, California - PoliceActivity

Ring-neck parrot fascinated by man's eyelashes & moustache:

Here is the list of the 34 MOC in the Jan 6 text w/Meadows

Virginia Republicans prepare total abortion ban.

Tulsi did a good job dismantling that asshole, but she's gotta be thinking twice

I'm not touching you. I'm touching you:

Jealous parakeet disposes of rubber duckie:

I can do this all day:

Car Battery Tip

While standing nude in front of a mirror this morning I wondered "How long is it going to take for

Shout out

Duct tape is not the best solution for every problem!

Marjorie Taylor Greene smears Biden family to call for bombing raids against Mexico

Got a spare quarter of a billion dollars lying around? Here's an apartment for you.

Golden Earring - Liquid Soul (live in Rotterdam 11/16/2019 + studio version)

European Roller (Coracias garrulus)

Ukraine announces arrest of oligarch in upscale French ski resort after accusing him of financial

National Guard checks homes in Buffalo for storm victims

Abyssinian Roller (Coracias abyssinicus)

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert's gun-themed eatery will be replaced by a Mexican restaurant

SNAP tweet of the day - ( Gary Delaney on Russian oligarchs )

December 28, 1958: Baltimore Colts beat New York Giants 23-17 in overtime to win NFL championship

Russia attacks maternity hospital in Kherson, Ukraine - Times Radio

Russian ruble slides to level not seen since April as Moscow concedes sanctions are squeezing the

Variety: Bill Cosby Plans to Tour in 2023

Milder conditions expected Wednesday after strongest windstorm of the season in Western Washington

Palm Beach man, 41, impregnated a 13-year-old, cops say. He blames the rape on voodoo

Former General Who Manufactured Russian Tanks Dies 'Suddenly'

China Wants Hypersonic Bullets - China Uncensored

TCM tonight:

Why are right wing politicians and their media trying to..

NY-03: Democrat Zimmerman challenges Santos to resign and face him again in special election

10 convicted in attack on ex-Red Sox slugger David Ortiz in Dominican Republic

10 convicted in attack on ex-Red Sox slugger David Ortiz in Dominican Republic

Jan. 6 response would have been 'vastly different' if rioters were Black, House sergeant at arms tol

Suspect in Paul Pelosi attack pleads not guilty to state charges

National Guard

Major the dog bit SS agent on 2nd floor of WH -- where agent wasn't supposed to be

Sincere ignorant, admittedly, question about black and white film and still photos 1939 to 1945

Police: Christmas Day robbery suspect runs, slips on ice

In their propaganda, Russia reveals their TRUE fear: Russia ripping itself apart in a civil war.

Supreme Court asked to bar punishment for acquitted conduct

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reminds Southwest Airlines CEO that thousands of stranded tr

Poll: Are you leaving or joining Twitter ?

How the Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Left Many Youth Behind

Another Activision Blizzard studio files to unionize ahead of Microsoft deal

Hooters is rebranding, claims millennials "aren't that into boobs"

State AG sues Albertsons, Kroger and Rite Aid over opioid epidemic

Sound Transit names new chief financial officer

Twitter rival Mastodon rejects funding to protect non-profit status (Financial Times)

1st recipient of gender-reassignment surgery, Lili Elbe was #BornOnThisDay, Dec. 28, 1882.

Actress & singer Nichelle Nichols was #BornOnThisDay, Dec. 28, 1932.

Today would have been Stan Lee's 100th birthday

Cartoons: A look back over the last year

First payments from $500M opioid distributor suit due this week

Annual census of wild birds a go for New Year's Eve

Flooding forces closure of Ebey Waterfront Park and Trail

Arizona judge rules out sanctions against Kari Lake but orders $33,000 in fees

Tweet of the Day

Mike Luckovich-Kevin McCarthy-No Comment

Florida investigating 'Drag Queen Christmas' show. It was billed as 'adult content.'

Florida investigating 'Drag Queen Christmas' show. It was billed as 'adult content.'

UN calls on Taliban to drop restrictions on women

Hear ex-Trump admin. official's reaction to claim Meadows burned documents - CNN

Netanyahu government: West Bank settlements top priority

North Korea's Kim lays out key goals to boost military power

Afternoon swim on the river

Secrets of a Successful Organizer: January Training Series

Warming in southern MD

Voter fraud investigation takes a serious turn for Mark Meadows

U.S. will require airline passengers traveling from China to test negative for Covid

Social Security denies disability benefits based on list with jobs from 1977

Half of Chinese Passengers on Flights to Italy Had Covid

Texas' Trifling Gov. Was Wrong to do that to Kamala and Those Immigrants

TikTok banned on all House-issued mobile devices

I have a power bank/portable charger

Big Oil Launches Counterattack to California Law Against Neighborhood Drilling

Three friends met for coffee one late January morning and the conversation soon

Reminder - the Kennedy Center Honors are on CBS tonight, 8 PM ET

SNAP Tweet of the week !! ( Lira Loudmouth to oligarch Musk )

Cassidy Hutchinson saw Mark Meadows burning documents in his fireplace 'once or twice a week'


What's worse about this George Santos NY-03 fiasco?

Anyone use Meetup? Question

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 28, 2022

High-ranking Florida Scientologist burned herself alive then shot herself dead: report

The Far-Right's Romance With Cruelty

Everybody has a favorite gift that they give at Christmas, or other celebrations.

lol. message for mark meadows; does this ring a distant bell for anyone else?

The Transcripts about the Slobfather's blanket pardons on Wallace now

Half of Chinese Passengers on Flights to Italy Had Covid

Southwest Airlines flight cancellations continue to snowball

I am really gonna miss the "happy" men on CNN's New Years Eve party......

firestarter ...

Japan started the biggest military build-up since WW2

A 72-year-old congressman goes back to school, pursuing a degree in AI

Preening Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator)

Response Would Have Been Different If Rioters Were Black

Cochlear implants?

'Do You Have No Shame?': Santos Questioned On Record In Fox News Interview

Speaking of tape!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 December 2022

District Attorney Opens Probe Into George Santos

Engineer....How Computers Really Work

The Leader Told You So: US Rep-Elect George Santos is a Fraud - and Wanted Criminal

America's greatest presdents: Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Obama

Restricted abortion access linked to increased suicide risk in young women

Rep. Jamie Raskin announces he has been "diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

New York prosecutor looking into Rep.-elect George Santos, citing 'fabrications and inconsistencies'

Waxing Crescent, 37% visible explained. Putin is #1

Need prayers: Update

Former pope, age 95, is.very sick

District Attorney Opens Probe Into George Santos

The shiba inu behind the famous 'doge' meme is sick with cancer, its owner says

Sunset, southern MD 12/28

Lying Cops Update - One Fired - Three Sued (LackLuster)

Fox News Guest Reveals Herself, Stuns With Bigoted Outburst On-Air - The Damage Report

They Called 911 for Help. Police and Prosecutors Used a New Junk Science to Decide They Were Liars.

Today got away from me!! The kitcats are keeping me warm.

I am obsessed with this guy

Travel nurses took high-paying jobs during Covid. But then their pay was slashed, sometimes in half.

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler

Breaking Now: House Panel to Publicly Release Trump Taxes On Friday: Deadline White House.

Suspected Russian Agent in Germany Had Access to Western Intelligence About Ukraine War

Greg Abbott Fake Christian - Don Winslow Films

Deaths, flooding as storm hit Oregon and Washington state

Did you ever hear Helen Keller speak?

Send everything you have that is good and positive to Jamie Raskin

Look at this weather all springy and cute

George santos lied about more stuff..that he was forced to leave private school

Airport Cop Threatens To ARREST Stranded Travelers For Trespassing - TYT Sports

Did the Slobfather pardon himself in advance?

Another data drop from the J6 Committee...

Pittie Stands By The Door And Whines Until He Can Go See His Baby Chicks

Give no Trumpian IMMUNITY! MEADOWS does not deserve immunity. There is enough evidence

Fairfax County's top prosecutor pushes back on Youngkin's 15-week abortion ban proposal

United, American capping fares amid Southwest Airlines issues

Donald Trump's popularity with Republican voters is sinking Polls reveal a fall in support for him

Netanyahu government to make West Bank settlements a top priority

Misinformation Monitor: Best and Worst of 2022

Has anyone ever gotten Covid while wearing a KN95 mask?

I wonder how many other Russian washing machines there are like Santos among the GOP?

Energy giant ExxonMobil sues EU to block energy windfall tax

southwest airlines announces a name change

An Old Diabetes Drug May Protect You Against Long COVID

Republicans Have Found Their New Hero - TYT Investigates

Right-Wing Extremists Will Hate This New Government Spending

Everyone Relax: Hooters Is Not Shutting Down Because Of Millennial Disinterest In Boobs

These Chihuahua's Love Going On Motorcycle Rides With Dad

If you use LastPass for a password manager, stop.

Rep. Jamie Raskin Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Democrats propose WA state constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights

December 28, 1958 - Colts win NFL title in "Greatest Game Ever Played"

Santos is just another run of the mill, ordinary, mainstream Republican. It's in their genes.