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Raskin Will Be Top Democrat on Oversight Committee

A word of thanks for Cassidy Hutchinson

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Afternoon (( SPOILERS))

Republican Congressman-Elect George Santos EXPOSED with even MORE SHOCKING LIES about his Life

Say what you will, but Ari has been a heavyweight lately.

Pete Hegseth: "Ukraine is Biden's proxy war on Trump."

Trader Joe's Workers Take Us Inside Their Fight For A Union Contract - More Perfect Union

Snowy Wisconsin Cabin

Dangerously cold at kickoff for Armed Forces Bowl. Fans allowed to bring blankets

Can They Bury The Final Report Any More Than This?

Joe Lieberman to Kyrsten Sinema: Come on In, the Water's Warm

Poll: Sinema Would Get Crushed As an Independent in 2024

Tesla shares slid nearly 9% on demand concerns, Elon Musk's Twitter distraction

16-foot albino python caught after wandering Texas neighborhood for months, photos show

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas

Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump-paid Lawyer told her "Don't Worry, Maggie's (Haberman) Friendly To Us"

Suspect in SF skateboard attack on Jewish man charged with hate crime

Let's talk about being armed and black.... Beau of the Fifth

The Roads with Beau: The roads to Ukraine with Philip Ittner....

MA electric rate tripled!?!

Hochul nominates Judge Hector LaSalle to lead New York's top court, rankling progressives

If you could only convict three people from 1/6, and one is TFG...

Newsweek - Kari Lake Wraps Up Trial With No Clear Evidence to Overturn Election

In August 2022, the DCCC published its 87 page oppo research book on George Santos.

Missing twin baby Kason Thomass found safe, suspect in custody: Police

Happy holidays on Park Avenue, NYC

What's the difference between a Republican and a Ukrainian?

Trevor Bauer's Suspension Reduced To 194 Games; Bauer Reinstated, Effective Immediately

So how cold is it at your house .

NEWLY RELEASED Cassidy Hutchinson Jan 6 Committee materials linked here:

Trevor Bauer reinstated by MLB's independent arbitrator

Making A Lionel Christmas Village 2022

American Democracy is "on the brink." Is public education the solution, or part of the problem?

Remember when Dumpty Donnie slept with a hooker?

Skunks inspect bicycle, cyclist (oldie)

Another first for Trump.

Mailman saves the life of a woman on his postal route.

Has green hydrogen sprung a leak?

Semiconductor maker Micron announces 10% staff reduction, suspends bonuses

George Santos Staffer Impersonated Top McCarthy Aide

The Immaculate Reception: Raiders game film.

Mastodon meme:

'Major Trustee, Please Prioritize': How NYU's E.R. Favors the Rich

Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert Snub Zelenskyy, Stay Seated During Standing Ovation! - Luke Beasley

Sunset series . . .

Cassidy Hutchinson's Jan. 6 committee testimony (with redactions)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about another statue being removed....

Trump Investigations - Dec 22, 2022 Updates - Raw New And Politics

'Clowns And Thugs': Jan 6th Evidence Broken Down By New Yorker's Remnick (MSNBC)

Zelensky trip shows US doesn't want peace - Russia

Sean Hannity's damning deposition in the Fox News defamation lawsuit, explained

Wow - another Cassidy Hutchinson article.


George Santos breaks silence amid mounting allegations he misrepresented his rsum

Bizarre anti trans Russian propaganda to divert attention from the Ukraine war.

NY attorney general to review issues raised about Santos

Just in case I'm not able to get on here tomorrow due to the weather...

Judge Michael Lettig sp. coming up on MSNBC

Bee Gees - Lonely Days (1970) [High Quality Stereo Sound, Subtitled]

TikTok Cops to Running "Covert Surveillance Campaign" on Western Journalists

Trump White House Attorney Stephan Passantino tampers with witness Cassidy Hutchinson - Kirschner

Coldplay - Christmas Lights

Ukrainian forces used Russian soldiers' 'panicked' cell phone calls to pinpoint their locations and

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Donald Trump's lawyers face legal peril over their 'astonishing knack for getting into trouble'

Christmas Will Really Be Christmas - Black Pumas

Helene Fischer - Hallelujah

Susanna Hoffs: ... What a joy and an honor it has been to sing and play Hazy Shade of Winter

My neighbors' Christmas decorations:

MTG Divorce is Final

J6 Committee reveals Paul Gosar was texting with 'Stop the Steal' group while locked down in Capitol

Tesla 'one of the most unreliable brands in America'.

Helene Fischer - Stille Nacht

Make Way For The Holidays - Le Bon

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell Clash over Federal Funding Bill! - Luke Beasley : "Banning someone for posting a link to an NYT article"?

Titus Andronicus - "Drummer Boy"

Following Trump tax revelations, U.S. House passes bill to boost oversight

Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert blow through Capitol security and refuse screenings before Speech

Alex Wagner going over Cassidy Hutchinson's transcripts. Wow!

Bellevue Ice Rink now open downtown

MAGA Republicans like MTG, Donald Trump Jr. slam Ukraine President Zelenskyy as 'welfare queen."

Josh Groban - O Holy Night

Chris Cornell (featuring Eleven) - Ave Maria

WDFW officer, Pend Oreille firefighters, WSP Trooper save moose who had fallen through the ice

The Linda Lindas - Groovy Xmas

Friday ice storm could bring chaos to South Sound. Utilities are gearing up to respond

Michael Cohen: Pressure Campaign On Hutchinson 'Right Out Of Trump's Playbook' - Velshi - All In MSNBC

Kitsap emergency weather shelters have been open for 23 nights in two months

Transcripts reveal link between Trump, Nevada fake electors

Republicans Lose the Plot on the Ukraine-Russia War - WSJ Editorial

Fauci's warning to America: 'We're living in a progressively anti-science era and that's a very dang

Vaughan Williams, Sviridov, Chanticleer sings Sametz' 'Noel Canon'

EXTREME WEATHER DAY IN DC Friday: Arctic front comes thru after sunrise, temps fall all day.

Barking Dogs - Jingle Bells

Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

Josh Groban - Noel (Full Deluxe Christmas Album) [Virtual HD Yule Log]

Just in: The January 6 Committee's final report has been filed in the House and will be made public

POS Raiders' fan:

Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony transcript reveals that Maggie Haberman is worse than we all thought.

My mom the MAGA!

Steve Scalise Emerges as Alternative to McCarthy

Sting - I Saw Three Ships

This is a song that makes me wish I could smoke

Archaeologists Discover Huge Lost Civilization in Guatemala

Jan. 6 committee releases final report

Biden: Looking back at 2022, I feel more confident about America than ever

Another Marriage In Trouble

Christina Hall reveals she has 'mercury and lead poisoning,' likely from 'the bad flips'

A gift to ourselves: help others survive

January 6 Committee Releases Final Report

Deposition Transcripts of January 6 TRAITORS Finally Released and OMG! - Meidas Touch

Direct link to the final report:

Kari Lake's 2-day election trial wraps up; judge to decide

All NB lanes of 465 on the east side of Indy are closed due to jackknifed semi.

Ron DeSantis Appoints Ousted Anti-Abortion Judge to More Powerful Court

Any Of You Willing To Admit That You Watch Kids' Christmas Shows?

Gary Lewis & The Playboys - She's Just My Style

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Lady Willpower on The Ed Sullivan Show

The Mushroom Tabernacle Choir - The 12 Drugs Of Christmas

Discovery of 2-million-year-old DNA in Greenland reveals new details about ancient life-PBS NewsHour

Nancy Pelosi shared some pics of her and President Zelenskyy on Instagram

Three Dog Night - Black & White

Judge Luttig: Jan. 6 Criminal Referrals 'Immensely Consequential' For Trump - Velshi - All In - MSNBC

I explained to an obnoxious Right Wing caller how Oprah & other billionaires built their wealth on u

The Rude Pundit: Zelensky Challenges Us to Live Up to Our American Hype

Who wins the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election?(Alsobrooks,Raskin,Sarbanes,Trone)

Bob Dylan - I Threw It All Away Live On The Johnny Cash TV Show

Hot Stuff!

BREAKING: January 6th Committee Releases 845 Page Final Report - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Ohio State intends to appeal to the Supreme Court to block Richard Strauss survivor lawsuits

The Department of Justice has finally taken on True the Vote, the right-wing group

Kitty insists on many kisses.

DeSantis reappoints Broward School Board member who led effort to fire superintendent

Buffalo is supposed to get another 2-3 feet of snow in the next two days

Read the Final Report of the January 6th Select Committee

Please, cuddle the cat!

ethics experts claim (Sinema) is right up to the line - or slightly over it - with her staff demands

Biden Christmas Address

The German Painting Everyone Thinks Is American

Dowd: You're Not Going To Support Democracy In One Country If You Don't Support It In Your Own

Hi Ren


TCM Schedule for Sunday December 25, 2022 - Christmas Marathon

Dropkick Murphys - "The Season's Upon Us" (Video)

We can dream...

TCM Schedule for Monday December 26, 2022 - Directors' Final Films

Cold, Alone & Wondering - Clujit

Dropkick Murphys - "The Season's Upon Us" (Video)

Adnan Syed (subject of the podcast Serial) has a job with meaning at Georgetown Univ

Second Dayton twin found in Indianapolis!

Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn On Shocking Revelations In Jan. 6 Transcripts - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Willard Hotel mentioned twice

Parcels - Live Vol. 1

Trying to learn how to paint fur

If Cassidy Hutchinson is like Alexander Butterfield, then who is John Dean?


I'm not normally a huge fan of people buying pets for their kids for Christmas

Winter Storm Has Thrown NFL Betting, Fantasy Football Into Chaos

Waitresses - I Know What Boys Want

Busboys - There Goes the Neighborhood

Selling her vote...

Almost all San Juan Island residents without power

Living Color - Cult of Personality

'Hillary Clinton was right all along' about Donald Trump: MSNBC's Mika

This SHOCKING Sean Hannity Deposition Could Cost Fox News MILLIONS

The Report is here....

Hearing great things on Lawrence about

Congress Votes to Expand U.S. Power to Prosecute International War Crimes

Trump Lawyer EXPOSED Obstructing Testimony of Star January 6 Witness - Meidas Touch

Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes.

Ex-Trump ethics lawyer advised Hutchinson to mislead committee. Now he "could be prosecuted": report

The Founding of the United States

Don't miss the significance of President Zelenskyy's visit to the US like most Republicans did.

NYC calls on state to crack down on drunk driving

Russia says U.S. Patriot missiles in Ukraine won't stand in its way

White House: Russia's Wagner received arms from North Korea

Lawrence O'Donnell: Cassidy Hutchinson Did Not Want A Lawyer From Trump World - The Last Word MSNBC

The Monkees - Riu Chiu (Official HD Music Video)

Barbara McQuade: Text Of Jan. 6 Final Report 'Reads Like A Story' - The Last Word - MSNBC

This Kari Lake Interview is Truly Delusional! - Luke Beasley

The "Mauna Loa" CO2 observatory about to become the Maunakea observatory.

The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff

Cassidy Hutchinson Googled "Watergate" to help decide whether to cooperate with January 6 committee

NYT's Haberman Revealed As "Friendly" to Trump Administration in Jan 6th Report

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire

Mike Luckovich-How the Grinch (WellsFargo) scammed customers

Friday Morning Relaxing Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Holiday Vibes Livestream

If you could create any toy . . .

Merry Christmas

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York

To Defy Trump World, Transcript Shows Cassidy Hutchinson Draw Courage From History - Alex Wagner

Hutchinson Description Of Trump Team Pressure Opens Another Avenue For Criminal Inquiry - Alex Wagner

Who At The IRS Dropped The Ball On Donald Trump's Taxes? - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Montgomery students lament antisemitism surging in their schools

☦️ Orthodox Christian Prayer In The Face Of Inclement Weather (OCA)

Adam Schiff: Don't Forget That Many Republicans in Congress Enabled Trump's Big Lie

Montgomery students lament antisemitism surging in their schools

Awkward: McCarthy, Jordan Could End Up Under Investigation Even As They Take House Control - Alex Wagner

People Spot Dog In Nativity Scene Manger -- Then Realize She's Not Alone

Here's the thing you fucking stupid turtle,

As Covid Deaths Climb, Even Seniors Skip the Latest Booster

Closed-door talks fail to settle fight over Pennsylvania House control

Republicans Vote Against Child Victims Bill - Raw News And Politics

Liz Cheney goes OFF SCRIPT during live interview and blasts 'crazy' MAGA Republicans to applause

Anyone know why all the Pittsburgh pro sports teams...

Capitol Police Officer's Message To Trump: 'Accountability Is Coming' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Smooth December Coffee Time Winter Jazz for a Warm Mood

Jan 6 Final Report Details Organization Behind Trump's 'Fake Elector' Scheme - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Who else has preordered their copy of the Jan. 6 report?

What's Next For Congress After Releasing Final Jan. 6 Report - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Northern Pygmy Owl - British Columbia, Canada

Migrants without asylum claim documents not allowed to shelter at El Paso Convention Center

Let me make this pellucidly clear - Christmas edition😀

WORDLE 552 (12/23) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Dying for your high: The untold exploitation and misery in America's weed industry

The Cars - Bye Bye Love

Boston - Feelin' Satisfied

Bryan Adams - Reggae Christmas

It's so nice to look at DU in the morning and not have to wonder,

On this day, December 23, 1956, "The Alcoa Hour" episode "The Stingiest Man in Town" was shown.

Good morning from Seaman, Ohio. It is - 5 with a wind chill of -30.

On this day, December 23, 1960, "The Twilight Zone" episode "The Night of the Meek" was shown.

On this day, December 23, 1949, Adrian Belew was born.

Sports reporter reporting on the weather:

The fake electors in some States signed their names stating they were the true electors. DUH!

A Ukrainian Steals $25,000 In Bitcoin From Russian Dark Web Drug Market And Gives It To A Kyiv ...

Winter Storm report for Flint.

N. Korea fires ballistic missiles after US-S. Korea drills

What year does MD US Senator Ben Cardin retire? Who is likely to succeed him?

In the meantime ...

On this day, December 23, 1986, Voyager is first aircraft to fly non-stop around world w/o refueling

George Santos breaks silence amid mounting allegations he misrepresented his rsum

Next week's major U.S. economic reports (December 26 -- December 30)

Philadelphia soul pioneer Thom Bell dies aged 79

Getting Through TSA Will Be Easier and Quicker in 2023--Here's Why

West Point moves to vanquish Confederate symbols from campus

Trump lawyers target Adult Survivors Act in attempt to invalidate rape lawsuit

Barred Owl Triplets - Tarrant County, Texas

Will participants of the Jan 6th attack be allowed to change their names?

It's just about .5 degrees Cruz here in the Texas Hill Country ...

If you can , please consider opening your windows for 15 mins to get fresh air in

A Secret Report About a CEO's Sexual Misconduct Was Just Made Public by Congress (Zia Chishti)

Two dead, several wounded after shooting central Paris

Florida's effort to charge 20 people with voter fraud has hit some roadblocks

SHOCKING testimony from Fox Hosts REVEALED at Dominion DEFAMATION Court Hearing - Meidas Touch

Biden's Surprise Challenger

Who would be the definitive voice for the January 6 Report audiobook?

Just Scooter is braving the weather, this morning

I know the year isn't over yet! But let's look back and see what has happened?

Great Horned Owl - Pennsylvania

Arizona lawyers: Kari Lake election loss lawsuit lacks merit

Feral boy accounted for & fed!

It Is Getting Nasty Out

The 2022 Golden Issue Awards Nominees for Comics

2022 Year in Review: Best Original Graphic Novel

2022 Year in Review: Best Limited Series

Woke up to a temperature of 465 R outside.

My little feral kitten Rudy

A ravaged Quebec coast fights climate change by retreating

Stock futures edge higher ahead of PCE inflation data

Jan. 6 participant arrested after hourslong standoff with the FBI

US Personal-Consumption Inflation Cools; Spending Misses Forecasts

China's youth is giving up

Zelenskyy visit exposes a GOP rift -- between actual fascists and everyone else

Thom Bell: Philadelphia soul pioneer dies at 79

What a profound dereliction of duty.

How's the weather where you are?

Breakfast Friday 23 December 2022

Uh, OK; Plan To "Solve" Drought: Desalinate Seawater In Mexico, Then Pipe It 200 Miles To Arizona

A River Of Trash - 20K Tons/Year - Flows From Guatemala City To Fill The Beaches Of Honduras

The J6 committee backed up their criminal referrals with overwhelming evidence.

Facebook parent Meta to settle Cambridge Analytica scandal case for $725 mln

Notorious French serial killer freed from Nepal prison

Surprise!! Keystone Owner Says KS Spill Contained; State Finds Benzene, Toluene Downstream Of Dams

Jan. 6 committee releases testimony of Ryan Kelley, two fake Michigan electors

Ice, wind close I-84 in the Columbia Gorge, make many other Oregon roads dangerous

A Lovely Day

In Moving Press Conference Moment, Ukrainian Journalist Thanks Biden For Keeping His Family Alive

The most punchable face in history

Conservative shreds right-wingers: 'Putin has embarrassed you in every conceivable way' Raw Story

Friday TOONs - There's A New Great Communicator In Town

Putin has another tRump stupid moment, breaks his own law

Florida man, 18, accidentally shoots woman twerking at possible house party, police say

You raised $25.00 on December 21, 2022 DU for Ukraine

Man caught on video beating shark with hammer on Florida beach, police say

The Breakdown of Justice

Photos: Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) juvenile

Beavis and Butthead of the Capital Highlights of J6 report by Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix

Afroman says he's running for president in 2024 "We gonna get legal weed everywhere"

Ancient 'Jesus midwife' tomb to be excavated by archaeologists Associated Press

Wait and See

"Match". Phenomenal performance by Sir Patrick Stewart!

Take a moment to think of the Afgan allies that helped us in our

Ex-officer gets jail time for assault on handcuffed woman

Transcripts reveal link between Trump, Nevada fake electors

Russian politician files legal challenge over Putin's reference to Ukraine "war"

What would be suitable punishment for Trump and his fellow thugs?

Pro tip for snow removal

How long after you pay a membership fee will the ads disappear?

CRAZIEST ENDING OF THE YEAR?! Patriots vs. Raiders

My BEST Photograph EVER...

Playing hide and seek:

Ukrainian girl sells her long hair to buy a tactical helmet for a soldier

Winter weather TV reporting BINGO CARD

Power outages in NW and Central Texas ... UPDATE as of 10:30am - 83,000 homes affected!

Photos: Ural Owl (Strix uralensis)

Let's pretend that it's story time, and I'll tell a tale to you...

NYTimes: Inside the Jan. 6 Committee

Fairly dividing the political spoils of a MAGA collapse

Stuart McLean (Vinyl Cafe) "Morley's Christmas Concert"

Killing of artist brothers shatters Mexico City's veneer of safety

From JustSecurity: Major Highlights of the January 6 Report

This is a good time to check the batteries in your home's thermostat.

Help a Progressive Get Into Local Office

EVERY photo SHOULD tell a story...

In case you missed it ICYMI (Law)

Question re: waiting time for funds from bonds.

Robert Reich discusses Aftershock, The Next Economy, and America's Future. Its relevance remains.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 23, 2022)

Why is it all MAGA nutjobs look so wimpy and weak..

Criminal defense attorney explains why you should avoid self-checkout lanes: 'Theft by mistake'

Dec 1944, Belgium Jack Damn is a radioman crawling around in snow

what camera and lens combo is your favorite to use...

The roads are sheets of ice here in the Two-Five-Three.

Jan. 6 committee delivers whopping final report: Coup was planned months in advance

28 Republicans Vote Against Bill To Protect Child Sex Abuse Survivors

A real nightmare before Christmas as 500+ homes will have water cut off.

Will All the fake electors fall on their swords for Trump, Eastman, Rudy, etc?

Hot Sauce!

A little humor....

I have a question.....can we the citizens file a lawsuit

Something Really Cool Happens When You Use Banana Peel as an Ingredient

Bronner's closes Friday, Saturday for severe winter weather in Michigan

Canadian polar bears near 'bear capital' dying at fast rate

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 23, 2022

McConnell calls out 'diminished' Trump, vows not to bow to his candidates in 2024

Rippling Effects of the Great Irish Famine

Joe Morgan was my all time favorite ballplayer.

"The Central Cause of January 6th Was One Man": House Panel Urges Trump Be Banned from Public Office

Free advice for Mark Meadows:

Factbox: Over a million without power on U.S. East Coast and Texas due to winter storms

The Final Campaign Inside Donald Trump's sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretend run...

Roger Stone Took the Fifth When Asked How Old He Was

"This Is a Racial Backlash": Stanford Prof. Hakeem Jefferson on Role of White Supremacy on Jan. 6

I am tired of SOME prosecutors coming on the news saying the DOJ may have a hard time proving

Ahh, One of the perks of retirement - Screw going to work, going back to bed

How unsubscribe from next door? Have hit unsubscribe

rewhat does non contractualmean? update .

"The Quest to Defuse Guyana's Carbon Bomb": Meet the Environmental Lawyer Taking on ExxonMobil

Taking the 5th. (discussion)?

I don't know how to post music here but

Kari Lake's bombshell goes pffft

Leftover mushy pea toast for breakfast! I'll say no more!

"Mr. Black Man, I'm Asking You a Question" - Another Military Vet Harassed (The Civil Rights Lawyer)

Is this really true?

Tough and funny language in this segment of "Really American" Chip Franklin

interesting new year traditions in food

To Liberals: Merry Christmas & To MAGA: Happy Holidays - Fix News

Alrighty, who downloaded the 1/6 Report last night? Who ordered the print version from Amazon?

WAPO: Jan6 text mid- attack: WH aid Robert Gabriel about POTUS loving it

Watch: GOP congressman mocked on the House floor for 'yelling and screaming' during speech

Per CNN, on YouTube, re Putin:

Southern MD noon, 23+W.

Consumer Spending Cooled in November as Closely Watched Inflation Gauge Slowed

Happy Festivus everybody!!!

"Where Mr. Santos currently live remains unclear."

The Top Ways To Die (Throughout History) - MinuteEarth

Mike Myers Has A History With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - Colbert clip

Plastic Jesus, Sung by Paul Newman in 'Cool Hand Luke'; Thomas Csorba

"Election liars" vs. "election deniers"

The Hard Way Out: Russian Mobilized Soldier's Escape Plan Told In The Interception - Insights from

Japan adopts plan to maximise use of nuclear energy

fog horns .

I Fully Expect Some Tr**p Insider/Cronie/Toadie To Turn On Tr**p And Give The DOJ....

How to Dress for Cold Weather, Explained by an Arctic Researcher

SHOPPING WHILE BLACK: Dean Dr. Lindia Willies-Jacobo profiled at Road Runner Sports in San Diego.

It is much more corruption and worse than anyone could imagine.

Lauren Boebert says the Omnibus Bill will "sexualize" her sons

white nationalists

anyone want to go swimming

Clarence Carter, BackDoor Santa, 1968

TCM tonight:

50 Genius People Who Found A Way To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Naughty Cats And Dogs

Monsanto and the Merchants of Poison

Alameda's ex-CEO tells judge she hid billions in loans to FTX execs

Helpful info for the dozens of aiders and abettors whose testimony could convict Trump:

If you are taking a Christmas break, state something you absolutely positively not do with the time.

FYI - It's going to get cold quick! Check your power strips. Do you have a space heater plugged in

Hey Nancy & DCCC & DSCC - please STOP fundraising texts every single day. Enough is enough.

Despite Musk's claims, there's no proof the FBI told Twitter to suppress Hunter Biden story (CNN)

More lies from Republican Congressman Elect George Santos

Rufus-tailed & White-necked Jacobin hummingbirds - Boca Depata, Costa Rica

THE YOUNGBLOODS Lets get together 1967 Chet Powerss song

Twitter Deletes Thoroughly Disgusting Don Jr. Tweet Mocking Zelenskyy

Add icicles to the cold weather warnings

House passes $1.7 trillion government spending bill as funding deadline looms

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Official Video)

AZ-AG: Judge throws out Republican lawsuit.

It's like a whole other world out there early afternoon and it's only going to get colder.

Rachel Bitecofer FTW

The War on Refrigerator Day

OR Senator Jeff Merkley proposes to end hedge fund monopolization of housing

AZ-SOS: Republican Finchem files appeal.

Peru lawmakers propose bill to strip Indigenous people of protections

Peru lawmakers propose bill to strip Indigenous people of protections

On this day, December 23, 1946, Ariel Bender, guitarist for Mott the Hoople, was born.

Kayleigh McEnany tried to 'actively avoid' Trump after the election because he wanted her to talk

From The Onion:

Senate GOP rebukes Trump with Electoral Count Act

What if the "insurrection" happened in Texas to a homeowner with armed security forces?

Putin Suffers Latest Blow In Ukraine After Puppet Governor Is ASSASSINATED In Fiery Car Bomb

Birth of the future or dystopian hellscape?

According to a Tesla shareholder, Musk is driving stock down on purpose since Saudi

Loans to his kids and huge business losses: Tax experts raise red flags after review of Trump tax

Mike Lindell questions DeSantis 2022 election win: 'I don't believe it'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been vacationing in Costa Rica during one of the most consequential

Spending bill leaves out most of the climate change funding Biden sought

Galway Girl - Sharon Shannon, Mundy & Galway City, Ireland

Mike Luckovich-Santa-Please make sure that the Ukrainians have everything they need

Robert Reigh: It's surreal to watch financial news talk about regular people having job security

Blaming the Ukraine Invasion on ... the Gays?

Trump solves the cold weather problem:

On this day, December 23, 1985, two Judas Priest fans shot themselves after hearing "Stained Class."

RW logic: How "Biden's support of Ukraine is a proxy war against Trump" makes sense.

Russia accused of demolishing Mariupol theatre 'to hide war crimes'

How cold is it?

Angry librarian tells off conservative Christians protesting library in righteous speech

Touchscreens, conveyor belts: McDonald's opens first largely automated location

Internal memo reveals how Kyrsten Sinema instructed staffers to handle grocery runs and make sure sh

Mr. Fluffy Pants says, "Help!"

Tweet of the Day

10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats! (Cole and Marmalade)

I-90 reopens between I-405 and SR 18 after icy conditions caused crashes

Raccoon & baby bear catching snowflakes:

Anyone think there's some Republican anti-Semitism at work in their response to Zelenskyy's visit?

If your house has a gas furnace and it's REAL cold inside, here's what to do

KS lawmaker behind "In God We Trust" bill found guilty of COVID Relief Fraud

Jackson Galaxy - The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

VA-SD07: In one state Senate race, signs of a national struggle over abortion

The F.D.A. Now Says It Plainly: Morning-After Pills Are Not Abortion Pills

Have you ever considered how much strife, stress, violence and heartache could be eliminated---

You came to my aid in a HUGH way, DU. Help me pay it forward.

Trump's Rallies Are OFF THE RAILS - TYT Investigates

Ari is going through the document

VA-SD07: In one state Senate race, signs of a national struggle over abortion

50-car pileup on Ohio Turnpike leaves 1 dead, multiple injured

GEORGE and my daughter. *P.S. Daughter and her guy visiting next weekend!

Twas the night before Christmas

I was out clearing snow and the footing was good enough to go for a walk. I just stay on top of

From the "wow, who knew?" files

A Statue of Henrietta Lacks Will Replace That of Robert E. Lee in Her Home Town, Roanoke VA.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 23, 2022

True colors

White Ibis - Encased in Symmetry

I'm sorry about posting this, but what do you do if your dog doesn't want to go out in the frigid

My Christmas viewing recommendation: South Park's "Mister Hankey, The Christmas Poo"

Did Passantino lie to ethics officials in 2019?

Did Passantino lie to ethics officials in 2019?

Large Portion of New York Thruway Closed to All Vehicles

Sorry I signed up for Informed Delivery, rant losing it

Twisted Sister - "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"

Did George Santos lie about everything?

Sunset, southern MD 12/23

Bird prefer to poop on red cars

Lessons learned shoveling snow in a blizzard...

J6 was not ONLY about the 2020 election

Ari now explaining how tfg tried to use a constitutional amendment (12th) to steal 2020

I worry about all the wildlife when the temperatures are as cold as they are .....

Did you all see this today?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Biden's new policy is working....

Tightwad Hill - where baseball games could be viewed for free....

OMG Tommy did it again!!

Here comes Santa Claus!

More Voodou for you

Ukrainian soldiers' Christmas tree

FIFA's access all areas accreditation really is good

Santa and his reindeer are flying Emirates this year.... (video)

Couple Rescues Terrified Dog And Cries As She Learns To Love

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the missing Republican committee....

It's been 20 damn years since Rush released Vapor Trails

Are There Legitimate Religious Objections to Insurance Coverage for Drugs That Prevent HIV Infection

Democratic House votes on the Omnibus Spending Bill.

Cartoons 12/23/2022

All you smart people- is Saul Bellow's The Dangling Man

Regence reaches deal on new contract with The Everett Clinic

Trump's tax returns confirm what all ruckus was about

Russia's Putin may be counting on American fatigue with the war in Ukraine. It may be his only hope.

My Grandpa has a Narnia Library:

Brittney Griner makes major move for imprisoned Marine

People addicted to opioids rarely get life-saving medications. That may change.

Jan. 6 report: Trump 'lit that fire' of Capitol insurrection

MSNBC - 1/6 Committee releases new batch of transcripts.

Zelensky's visit highlights that freedom is winning in Ukraine -- for now

Vintage holiday dishes

It's a Festivus miracle of nature!

NASA: Yes, it's freezing cold. No, that doesn't mean climate change is a hoax.

J6 Committee released even MORE interview transcripts tonight:

I direct this question mainly to female DUers since they probably have more experience

Abortion ban changes split Wisconsin GOP under veto threat

10-Ft Buffer Zones Around Abortion Clinics 'Likely Violate' Free Speech Rights, Federal Court Rules

A Song that does not get old. It gets better

Biden Signs Defense Authorization Act, but Voices Concerns

Who has the link with Speaker Pelosi offering chocolates

Congress Approves New Election Rules

Planet Uterus - Life (deep ambient techno) dropped 22 Dec 2022

"Is being a girl in Afghanistan a crime?


On Air Blunder 😂

Microsoft claims FTC's lawsuit against Activision Blizzard buyout is unconstitutional

Jason Brassard Spent His Lifetime Collecting the Rarest Video Games. Until the Heist.

Big props to our small town Rescue Squad Santa

Exclusive: Elon Musk orders removal of Twitter suicide prevention feature, sources say