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Amigo The Devil - cocaine and abel

I made the sacrifice and tuned in to Fox News to see what they were reporting on the

Imagine if you will ... (meme on mastodon)

Anyone from S Fl remember the Lincon Theatre?

Trump and his fellow traitors have a problem that is not being talked about too much.

Uh Oh, Donald - The Lincoln Project

NBC News: Twitter users have reached a breaking point with Elon Musk

Are we in Peak Microchip?

Right Wing Hillsdale College is a sponsor of CBS Evening News

Look who met Musk in Qatar.

Tesla stock closes lower than $150 for first time in more than 2 years. Analysts factor in Twitter.

The War Room at the Willard Hotel. The silence is really loud.

TCM December Christmas movie schedule (better late than never)

Musk should stay on as CEO of Twitter

that face.

Title 42 to remain in place for now as Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily freezes order...

The door is just open a crack

Jesse Watters: Musk can't poll Twitter because it skews urban, atheist, overeducated female

The Beatles - Christmastime Is Here Again

Status Quo - It's Christmas Time

Queen - Thank God It's Christmas

Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos/New Barbarians - Run, Run Rudolph (live and studio)

Secret Service Seized 269 Knives on January 6

I believe I am right that the House Ethics Committee is the only committee required to have equal

Lilac Breasted Roller

The New Barbarians (Ronnie Wood, lead vocal) - Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller (Live at MSG)

AC/DC - Mistress For Christmas

Cheech and Chong - Santa Claus and His Old Lady

If a former President committed murder, would he be arrested?

The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas

James Cameron's old comments prompt Native American boycott of new 'Avatar' sequel

The Voices - Santa Claus Boogie

There has to be a movie made of the 2020 election

Rare footage of the original Mouseketeers performing live at a special Christmas party

What are Matt Dolan's chances in winning the 2024 OH US Senate Election?

My friend's friend took a photo of her holding her cat.... 2014. Taken on iPhone - probably 6 or 7.

A lot of well-known Twitter users are setting up shop on Post.News...

I Believe In Father Christmas

Blondie - We Three Kings

So, this is Motherfucker's response to the criminal referral

U2 - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (Official Music Video)

Skid Row - Jingle Bells

Sparks - Christmas Without a Prayer

U2 - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (Official Music Video)

Sparks - Little Drummer Boy

Congress Finds that Donald Trump Tried to Overthrow the Government

Alex Jones seeks $1.3 million salary in Infowars bankruptcy

AZ-AG: Mohave County judge considering dismissal of AG candidate Abe Hamadeh suit.

Huge fire engulfs Russian oil refinery in latest suspected sabotage attack

50 Camouflaged Cats That Win At Hide And Seek

Funky Funky Christmas - Electric Jungle

0:35 / 11:25 Jan. 6 Bomb: 'Blueprint' For Trump Trial Revealed In Report - Melber Breakdown MSNBC

I hated Tesla Auto before it was cool

Brian Wilson - The Man With All the Toys

J6 committee refers Donald Trump to the DOJ for criminal prosecution for the insurrection -Kirschner

The Ventures - Jingle Bell Rock

Taking another try at NA

The Four Seasons - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Boebert says she won't support McCarthy without mechanism to remove Speaker

Interesting hearing Jen Psaki describing what Biden's team was doing just before Jan 6

The Four Seasons - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

One item that has barely been addressed (J6)

This morning, post referenced a song, "There's a guy Works down At The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis.

Democratic candidates to challenge George Santos(R-NY-3) in 2024!

A double O.M.Z.- 1 what a Lyft driver said & 2 who should we cast as Drumpf in remake of Sunset Blvd

My vote for 'Meme of the Day'

Republican who allegedly lied about his background responds to NY Times by blaming 'the left'

Thinking back on the hearings...

Anti-LGBTQ preacher can't find a new location for church after eviction: 'No one will lease to us'

Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, more - Silent Night

Terry Hall: lead singer of the Specials dies aged 63

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert Turn on Each Other: 'Threw Me Under the Bus for a Cheap So

Cop Who Gave Feces Sandwich To Homeless Man in 2016, fired from new cop job after public objects

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Flagstones! Meet the Flagstones!

Judge the Far-Right by Their Hideous Heroes

Elon Musk's Twitter CEO resignation poll gets a cheeky response from MySpace Tom

'Magic mushrooms' would be decriminalized in California under new bill

Ryksopp - What Else Is There ?

House Sets Vote for IMMINENT RELEASE of Trump Tax Returns to Public - Meidas Touch

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

Kari Lake has a Sugar Daddy.....

Donald Trump's NFT Collection Crashes Over 50% After 12-Hour Selloff Frenzy

Do you buy your furry family member a gift for Christmas? If so what did you buy him/her?

Today's google doodle honours Judith Leyster, renowned painter of the Dutch

Hope Hicks told Jan. 6 committee that Trump dismissed her concerns about false election claims: 'Th

Cage the Mastodon: An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment

TCM Remebers... the stars who passed in 2022...

Kari Lake vows to 'burn it to the ground' as a judge considers her election lawsuit

Protesters swarm NYC library hosting Drag Story Hour for kids

Jail Trump: Congress Tells DOJ To Charge Trump In First Referral Ever - The Beat - MSNBC

Anti-LGBTQ preacher can't find a new location for church after eviction: 'No one will lease to us'

Republican Haters Block The CROWN Act Again

'We've Done Everything Within Our Power' Says Rep Raskin On Jan. 6 Criminal Referral - MSNBC Reports

What's the ideal side for split pea soup? nt

Another way that Florida filters money "to the right" people.

Another Russian Oligarch, Dmitry Zelenov, Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

If Civil War Reenactments Were Honest - Key & Peele

When does Congress recess?

Kevin McCarthy issues a warning...

How to get your daughter an iPhone:

Musk Says Twitter Will Restrict Voting on Policy to Blue Members

'They Prepared For A Protest. They Got A Coup.': Trump Stoking Mob Surprised Authorities - MSNBC

So a timeline for the DOJ?

Eggs are in short supply and prices soar...

'You have to compartmentalize': Bay Area Tesla drivers cringe at Elon Musk

The Cars - Double Life

Why Petulant Oligarchs Rule Our World - NYT - P. Krugman

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the committee, the symbolic, and civics....

I personally believe tRump will drop dead just to vex me.

The House under GOP control will be an epic clown show. Dems should just obstruct everything

Watch: Jan. 6 Committee Presents Key Video Evidence Compilation - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's move with McCarthy....

AOC with SNAP Tweet of the day (@GOP)

Reserving judgement on the J 6 committee referals

Christmas song for soldiers

Part Of Ocheyedan River In NW Iowa Pumped Dry For At Least The 4th Time Since 2015

Judge blocks Pardons Board discussion of reducing Nevada death sentences to life in prison

Judge blocks Pardons Board discussion of reducing Nevada death sentences to life in prison

Demand For Huge Pumps Soars In Florida; Equipment Costs Alone Will Be Staggering

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

In A Strangely Familiar Headline, US To Be Nailed By Polar Deep Freeze As Jet Stream Founders

Top host issues perfect response on Trump-DeSantis feud - Brian Tyler Cohen

Legal action launched against Michelle Mone-linked PPE Medpro

Kari Lake granted a hearing in election case

Gotcher nose!

Schiff: If DOJ Doesn't Act On Referrals, 'The Country Will Want To Know Why' - MSNBC

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

The Year TikTok Made the Multiverse Real (And Murdered the Newsfeed in the Process)


Herschel Walker Absolutely Embarrassed By Election Loss - Ring of Fire

Obstruction, Witness Tampering Prominent In Jan. 6 Report, But Not In Referrals - MSNBC

Shouldn't Trump be sued for defamation and libel by Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss?

Beautiful big cats in the snow:

The Red Headed Stranger

CBS News obtains exclusive audio of Michael Flynn's Jan. 6 testimony

Tuesday Morning Positive Jazz and Bossa Nova Music to Chill Out Livestream

The Red Headed Stranger

Adam Sandler - Hanukkah Song - (SNL)

AZ-GOV: Arizona judge dismisses most of Kari Lake's lawsuit challenging election results

Chicago high school students walk out of class over gun violence

Little bunnies nail it:

Drew Harwell the banned tech journalist from WP offers some tips for mastodon

Brainwashed MAGA Cutlists EXPOSE themselves in STUNNING interview - Meidas Touch

Emu zoomies:

Prediction: Trump will flee the country rather than spend a day in prison...

Jack Hold-My-Beer Smith

*Miss Kubelik is brushing her teeth.

Raskin: Trump Is Constitutionally Disqualified From Holding Office For Insurrection Participation- MSNBC

"We the people" expect the Department of Justice to enforce the law as required by the separation of

VA-04: Speaker Pelosi tweets out for Jennifer McClellan.

Reporter Shocked At How Stupid Republican Lawmakers Are - Ring of Fire

☦️ Orthodox Christianity Proverbs 6:12-16

Jan. 6 Committee Directs DOJ To Further Evidence Beyond Their Reach And Names Names - MSNBC

Marjorie Greene And Lauren Boebert Get Personal In Very Public Spat

Republican Begs Charlie Kirk Fans To Stop Jerking Off

State Level Investigations Of Trump Notably Absent Given Jan. 6 Evidence - MSNBC

British Airways: Flights leaving US grounded over technical issue

U.S. lawmakers to include ban on TikTok on government devices

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 21: Christmas Marathon

Trump-Loving Pundit Who Organized 'Stop the Steal' Claims He Can Time Travel

Jan. 6 committee recommends ethics inquiry against US Rep. Scott Perry

Support for Legislation to Permanently End the Slaughter of Horses.

Bardella On Jan. 6 Committee: This Was The Most Nonpartisan Investigation In U.S. History - MSNBC

Stock Trading Ban in Congress Dead? - More Perfect Union

Jimmy Fallon, Roger and Pete, and The Roots: Won't Get Fooled Again

Pentagon Officials Feared Trump Would Try To Use Troops In His Jan. 6 Coup Attempt

Pentagon Officials Feared Trump Would Try To Use Troops In His Jan. 6 Coup Attempt

Ari Melber: DOJ Has Prosecuted Weaker Jan. 6 Cases Than The Trump Referrals - MSNBC

Check stolen, washed for thousands of dollars from West Nashville

Cannabis Reform Dead In Congress After Objections From Republicans

Cannabis Reform Dead In Congress After Objections From Republicans

Ivanka Not 'Forthcoming' in Jan. 6 Testimony: House Select Committee

Lauren Boebert Makes Horrible Mistake, Humiliates Herself! - Luke Beasley

Rest In Power Terry Hall

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jan. 6 Hearings Among Most Important In Congressional History - The Last Word

Elon Musk Breaks Silence After Twitter Users Vote for His Resignation

Musk can't limit his silly polls to Twitter Blue subscribers without showing how few there are.

Judge strikes down California gun law modeled on Texas abortion measure

Trump Posts Odd Video of Himself Outlining "Free Speech" Policy Proposals! - Luke Beasley

Laurence Tribe: We'll See 'A Series Of Indictments' Against Trump By Spring - The Last Word - MSNBC

R. Kelly manager gets a year in prison for theater threat

The war on 'Happy Holidays' isn't about Christmas

Musk: The US has definitely been harmed by having Elizabeth Warren as a senator lol

The Jack Benny Program - Christmas Shopping (1960) - The notoriously cheap JB goes Xmas shopping...

Jan. 6 Committee Says Donald Trump Associates Tried To Bribe Witnesses

Sister of Chicago cop arrested on charges stemming from Jan. 6 US Capitol attack

Watch Tucker Carlson's Bonkers Response When Asked About Trump vs DeSantis 2024! - Luke Beasley

Cozy Christmas🎄Coffee Shop Ambience Piano Jazz Music for Relaxing, Studying, Working

Is it possible that Garland has been waiting until the Jan 6 investigation was wrapped up?

Trump Referred For Criminal Prosecution - Raw News And Politics

Queen - Thank God It's Christmas

January 6 Committee Approves Criminal Referrals Against Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Politico: DOJ cares about the evidence, not the criminal referrals

What's Next For The Jan. 6th Investigation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Isaiah 59:18-19

Key takeaways after Trump referred to DOJ for four potential criminal charges in explosive Jan 6 mtg

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christian - Feast of the Nativity Hymns

The Last Thing: Silence Is Complicity - The 11th Hour - MSNBC


Boston Globe: After criminal referral, what's next for Donald Trump?

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church - Some Verses from the Nativity Hymns

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church-'Eternal God' sung by St. Symeon Orthodox Church Choir

The Nation: DOJ Lawyers Are Cowards if They Don't Indict Trump

WORDLE 549 (12/20) ***SPOILER THREAD***

This is something the Russians did not expect - Military Mind - TVP World

So great that the Jan 6 committee finally wrapped things up

Anti-LGBTQ hate thrives online, spurs fears of more violence

The Problem with Nuclear Fusion - Real Engineering

Chinese State Media Promotes Some Naughty Things... - China Uncensored

The chances of Trump winning next election falls below 10% according to betting odds!

Jesse Powell - 'You'/'Something In The Past'

US Capitol Arrest Update: Doug Jensen Sentenced - Raw News and Politics

"You sh*t yourself and never go to the frontline" - Break the Fake - TVP World

I think his name is Steve 🤔

A declaration likely to blow Putin's socks off - Break the Fake - TVP World

Is Republican domination in rural Wisconsin enough to hold off once-red suburbs becoming significant

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels-Devil in a Blue Dress

Man arrested after video shows him defacing Menorah in Beverly Hills

Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally

Elvis Presley -- Santa Claus Is Back In Town

6.3 earthquake in Humboldt, CA

Blizzard for a huge part of the U.S. Get your dogs inside!

Fuck you Mike Pence

Club Q owner read to Congress the hate mail they got after the shooting

6.4-magnitude earthquake hits northern California

Breakfast Tuesday 20 December 2022

Carys seems to have settled on a night time snuggle buddy

Cannabis Reform Dead In Congress After Objections From Republicans

Mike Pence Doesn't Want The DOJ To Ruin Trump's Christmas

It's like the army around here , I didn't know we do not buy yellow cheese in slices.

Grapefruit-size fireball from mysterious Oort Cloud could rewrite the history of the solar system

Things we as Democrats can take comfort in and be proud of

Ukrainian lawmakers pass LGBTQ-inclusive media regulation bill

The 14th Amendment: 'There need not be a criminal conviction or even criminal charges'

When it comes to indictments, the news media, talking heads, are missing the big picture.

Scottsdale will not open water supply to Rio Verde Foothills past Jan. 1

Mike Barnicle - a potential trial of a career criminal

Will anyone(s) be held responsible for the deaths on & around & related to the insurrection?

On this day, December 20, 1946, "It's a Wonderful Life" was released.

Google Chrome Blocking link to J6 Committee Report: Or is it just me?

Joe Kennedy III named as US economic envoy to Northern Ireland

On this day, December 20, 1957, "Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank" was aired.

InSight lander says good-bye (Twitter)

In Bold Step, Oil Companies Consider Reusing Fracking Brine Instead Of Pumping TX Aquifer Dry

On this day, December 20, 2009, Arnold Stang died.

As the Bidens mark Hanukkah, the White House gets its own menorah for the first time

100s In Ohio Filing Against Bankrupt Home Solar Firm, W. Subtle Clue As To Nature Of Owner

SLAPPs - Made In America, Now Used Globally To Muzzle Communities, Journalists, Activists

'He lies': GOP lawmaker who mentored McCarthy shreds his character

"I don't know that it's criminal to take bad advice from your attorneys."

On this day, December 20, 1947, Steven Wright of the Easybeats was born.

Congressional Big Oil Probe: Abounding Greenwash; ExxonMobil Too Toxic Even For Shell

What to Do to Avoid Getting Scammed if an Airbnb Host Asks You to Cancel a Booking

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Pin-tailed Whydah Courtship Display

Can you imagine what the trump gang would be doing right now

Texas Man arrested for vandalizing, carving Nazi symbols into menorah in Beverly Hills, police say

New York Makes Animal Sales In Pet Stores Illegal

2022 Year in Review: Best Single Issue

2021 Wishlists Revisited

2022 Year in Review: Best Digital First Series

2022 Year in Review: Best Webcomic

AfterShock Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Isn't this an ironic coincidence?

Chinese Economy & Healthcare System Face Deep Crisis This Winter - China 2023 Outlook - China Update

The Slobfather says the Criminal Referrals make him stronger😀😀

Judge orders 2-day trial in Kari Lake's lawsuit, but dismisses some claims

I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She

Zelensky: Iran and Russia are a 'terrorist international alliance' - Times Radio

I have lost all respect for the "Royal Family" and their cowardice

N.Y. bishop robbed during livestreamed service is arrested on fraud and extortion charges

Latimes reporters on mastodon

Pfft. NOT the Onion! Elon Musk plans to restrict Twitter polls after users vote for him to step down

Wells Fargo agrees to $3.7 billion settlement with CFPB over consumer abuses

Low IQ right-wing dogfight

Chairman Bennie Thompson appreciation thread

DeSantis is Methadone for MAGA heads addicted to Trump

95 South

Jan. 6 assault reflected a deep American division: Whose democracy is it?

Haberman says Trump has been diminished but isn't dead politically - CNN

Nature-informed cylindrical Art Sauna opens at Finnish museum

Laurence Tribe: Expect indictments of Trump by March 2023.

Where did the rightwing USSC come from? The answer is right here

Laurence Tribe: Expect indictments of Trump by March 2023

Chicago City Council approves Transit TIF district to fund CTA Red Line extension

carol of the bells documentary.

Alan Parsons has a birthday today.

If your cat does that while you're watching, imagine what he...

muppets version of carols of the bells

Another thing the Repukes are to blame for-

Sydney's Powerhouse Ultimo museum set to be housed in "sandstone escarpment"

Check out my cat's InstaGram page

Jan 6 summary: includes nothing about pipe bombs?

The media's constant meme that the congressional committee's criminal referrals...

(Formerly) homeless kitty at vet.

could Moore vs. Harper ruling block Georgia Trump prosecution?

Congress unveils $1.7 trillion deal to fund government, avert shutdown

MSNBC Roundtable interview Rep. Adam Schiff after January 6th committee hearing

Russian Soldier Realized His Command Doesn't Care About Him - Insights from Ukraine and Russia

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what comes after the Committee....

O Holy Cow - A Christmas Parody (Parody Project)

When NAZIs Collide

Big oil is behind conspiracy to deceive public, first climate racketeering lawsuit says

EPA enacts tougher pollution rule for trucks, vans and buses

America's Trumpiest court doesn't care if your right to a fair trial was violated

Did not ex-VP Pence commit dereliction of duty and violate his Oath?

Former Nazi camp secretary found guilty of complicity in 10,500 murders

European Union Announces Natural gas Price Cap alongside Price Cap on Russian Oil - Joe Blogs

People went to prison for Watergate. People who worked in the White House, Justice department,

"The entire nation knows who is responsible for that day.

Amazon Escapes Fines in EU Antitrust Settlement

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 20, 2022

4,000 Beagles rescued from medical testing & breeding facility

NPR: In the Southeast, power company money flows to news sites that attack their critics

Pope Francis is a union guy!:

China's crematoriums 'packed' as Covid cases soar - FRANCE 24

Lionel Messi's World Cup Pic Becomes Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever

In Historic First, House Committee Urges DOJ to Criminally Charge Trump for Jan. 6 Insurrection

Which is worse? MSNBC with over-coverage or FOX with no coverage?

Is is possible the 3 Wise Men were overheard saying

Walter and Max Fight the War on Christmas

"Trump Knew He Lost"

Kitty is FIV positive so he cannot live in my home

Chump cries out Double Jeopardy

While advising Trump on judges, Conway sold her business to a firm with ties to judicial activist

A textbook case of race, class, and gender

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 20, 2022)

Before the GOP/Right decided that drag was evil

"No One Is Above The Law": Calls Grow for Trump to Be Charged to Avoid Another Coup Attempt

"That's Capricorn, is it?" (Monty Python)

Oh hell, I am owned by MAGATs now

Pandemic Grifters Are Here to Stay

Segovia to inspire a peaceful day.

Does anyone think that DeSantis would pardon Trump if he wins?

Trump Special Prosecutor Has a History of Indicting Presidents

Emptywheel: The Thinness of the January 6 committee's Obstruction referral

Jeffries to appoint DelBene to chair Democrats' House campaign operation

2nd Circuit Dismisses Challenge to Connecticut's Trans-Inclusive Sports Rules

telstar , the satelite !

Trump gets caught scamming his OWN supporters - Brian Tyler Cohen

We'll see how this turns out... Updated

News Sites Took Nearly $1 Million From Consultant Pushing Power Companies' Agenda: Report

Squirrel Rescued as Baby Became Best Friend for This Guy

Lawyer who argued Madison Cawthorn not an insurrectionist, now suing for big legal bill

Pres. Biden's knock knock joke (tweet)

Hilarious!! team work during Argentina celebrations

Lonely Stray Kitten Walks Up To a Pet Puppy Asking For Help And To Make Friends

No accountability for J6, secret document thefts, would end our Republic.

"Sprung". Hilarious show on Freevee

What Clucker Carlson said about yesterday's Jan 6th Hearing

In the meantime, Tesla is down another 5%

Liz Cheney insulted Democratic colleague during argument over Jan. 6 report: sources

Without Googling...

Jack Smith Has a History of Indicting Presidents

madison square gardens is banning lawyers who work for firms suing them

Don't Pick Up The Phone.

The MAGA radical right is a little too quiet.

Rescue is going to find kitty a home without other kitties

Greg Olear: Know Your Bad Guys

Cops Cast Doubt on Musk's Claim That 'Crazy Stalker' Followed His Son

Any word from HJ Heinz........

Where to Find the Coolest Urban Wineries in the U.S.

Jeff Tiedrich: holy fucking shit, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are fighting over which

Jeff Tiedrich: Elon Musk refusing to accept the results of any poll he doesn't win is all the proof

Slow days in clinic are nice, but...

U.S. poised to become net exporter of crude oil in 2023

How much is enough or too much?

Tom Nichols: Christmas in Wartime. Remember Ukraine this year.

Federal court stikes down LA County Metro's prohibition against so-called non-commercial advertising

Executive summary of the January 6 Select Committee report

Amy Grant To Host Niece's Same-Sex Wedding, Believes Jesus Wants Us To 'Love God and Love Each Other

FIVE Cops Charged After Bodycam Released - The Civil Rights Lawyer

Post, the Musical!

"...Propose a federal law that would fill in the gaps if SCOTUS overturns NYT v. Sullivan ..."

Jan. 6 committee reveals Trump seems to have ordered White House photographer to stop taking picture

The man behind Trump World's myth of rigged voting machines

Just found out my friend in Humboldt is OK after the earthquake, with little damage.

Afghanistan: Taliban closes universities to women

How this tree has survived 5000 years - MinuteEarth

Democratic-led House committee to decide whether to publicly release Trump tax returns

"My kid's teacher made toys for her class based on their drawings. Pay teachers more"

USPS to Add 45,000 EVs to its Fleet By 2028

The 'anti-Meloni': Meet Elly Schlein, Italy's breakout left-wing star

How The US Military Spends $800B Per Year On War Machines True Cost Business Insider

Bodycam Video Shows Suspect Firing at Officer Before Being Fatally Shot - PoliceActivity

Winter - Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

You Guys Are So Smart! Can I Get Help With An Insurance Gap, Please?

Frank Pavone DEFROCKED by the Vatican

Jacquelyn Starer, Ashland doctor, arrested and charged in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Jacquelyn Starer, Ashland, Mass. doctor, arrested and charged in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Betty Boop - I Want You For Christmas

Where's the scumbag? Pretty inconsiderate of him to keep us waiting

Trump tax return data could be released by congressional committee

VA-HD35: Special Election heats up in Fairfax County: What you need to know

Records Reveal Medical Response Further Delayed Care for Uvalde Victims (Pro Publica)


Watergate prosecutor: Trump will be indicted -- and not just by the feds

PA-HD34 & PA-HD35: Salisbury, Gergely Tabbed By Allegheny Dems

Why the Jan. 6 committee did not recommend seditious conspiracy for Trump (CNN)

Morning on, over, around sandbar and creek

German court convicts 97-year-old ex-secretary at Nazi camp

Mincemeat Muffins, an easy-to-make holiday treat

"Spinning Wheel" cover .... 2022 Hanukkah Sessions ... Grohl, Kirstin, Apatow

Tesla-factory in Germany under investigation for violating hazardous chemical regulations.

Yesterday's Wordle

My mom's Medicare Advantage journey

Iwen Chu's History-Making Win in Brooklyn's New 17th State Senate District

Germany hands over 20 looted Benin Bronzes to Nigeria

Trump previews defense against possible insurrection charges: 'I was 100% right!'

Twitter is hit with dozens of legal complaints by ex-employees

Russia hit by third huge explosion in five days after gas pipeline goes up in flames

Jan. 6 committee asked Trump allies for proof of stolen election -- and they all pleaded the Fifth

NASA Mars lander InSight falls silent after 4 years

marjorie 3 names and teh GOP civil war/sabotaging heh country

Please Richie Neal please - to the tune of Please Release Me

Coal, Money, and Texas Politics

Nearly 200 flights canceled at Sea-Tac Airport as snow falls across western Washington

Don Mclean: Dreidel

President Biden invited the gay nephew of the Republican Congresswoman who cried over marriage equal

Anyone see the Bearskin Hoodie commercials? Those are so over the top masculine it's creepy.

Western Louisiana Becomes GOP Home Court for Suits Against Biden

What are you doing to get ready for the Blizzard? Santa will really need Rudolph if this hits.

VA-04: In Virginia, Democrats Sprint to Select Nominee for Special House Election

Is NASA considering cancelling contracts with SpaceX?

Saw a Santa cartoon the other day.

More lowland snow Tuesday before temperatures plummet later this week

Ohio teacher told principal using students' preferred pronouns violated her religion.

The J6 Committee's reports has not even been released and, yet, the "But---but---" period has

Taliban bans women from attending universities

Ron Johnson ESCAPED Investigation Over Fake Elector Scheme

McCarthy Backs Up Threat to GOP Senators

Madison Cawthorn Sued By His Own Lawyers For Refusing To Pay His Bills - Ring of Fire

This Kari Lake Video Will Make You Cringe So Hard It Hurts! - Luke Beasley

I'm a little disappointed. Where are the coke fueled, bleary eyed, rambling videos from Donald Jr.?

JFK Files: Newly released documents link Chicago mob bosses to Cuban militiamen

Saw that Greene and Boebert have started exchanging insults.

Benin Bronzes: Germany returns looted artefacts to Nigeria

U.S.-Cuba Relations: The Old, the New and What Should Come Next

Tim Ryan: "This Is The PEOPLE'S House" - TYT Investigates

"Conservative Republicans" is a quaint and outdated label

Cuban foreign minister affirms that undersea cable from U.S. would be beneficial for both countries

Moderate Republicans?

More Americans Watched Argentina-France Than Any World Cup Match Ever

Musk is apparently planning to use a HarrisX overnight poll to justify staying on as Twitter head

Documents being wheeled into Ways and Means hearing room...


Brains over beauty? "Miss America 2023" is a nuclear engineering student.

Fox personalities dismiss January 6 committee's criminal referrals for Trump (Media Matters)

Ahem . . . . :coughcough:

Tweet of the Day

Polar air and a powerful winter storm put millions under winter alerts this holiday week

I need to register

Editorial: Health district retirees were owed earlier notice

Joe Biden out maneuvers China, making MAGA look even dumber than ever

Strangely silent that Motherfucker

Trump NFTs Tanking as Hype Dies, Floor Price Down 70%

Cartoons 12/20/2022

For 7th straight year, Democrats aim for assault weapon ban

Social Security payments for my wife and I will increase $250

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 20, 2022

I basically slept through the night last night

Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools (official music video)

Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools (official music video)

29 Palms - Robert Plant

This bird is extinct, the government says. Not everyone is so sure.

Terry Hall, singer with ska icons The Specials, dies at 63

Let's go Brand dumb

Wartime Ukraine erasing Russian past from public spaces

Mike Pence does his doormat imitation

Will Trump be indicted by DOJ? (POLL)

Funding Bill Includes Money for January 6 Prosecutions

On Material Considerations, Toyota's Chief Questions the "Electrify Everything" Dream.

Louisiana Governor Calls Abortion Ban 'Relatively Smooth' After Several Women Almost Died

McCarthy Backs Up Threat to GOP Senators

If I Can Dream.

If moving one's bowels required either honesty or decency---

I would be happy if only one person was allowed to see Trump's taxes.

Just finished talking with a co-worker who's SO is a high-end realtor and property owner...

Nobody Wants to Rent to Homophobic, Violence-Promoting Texas Church

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about that list in Texas....

Kitty is back from the vet. Groggy, but content.

Judge strips Alex Jones of bankruptcy protections after he tried to dodge $1.5B Sandy Hook judgment

Trump NFTs Tanking as Hype Dies, Floor Price Down 70%

Random thought about Christmas Day store hours

Shit I learned from my great grandfathers...

Harmful Instruments, False Solutions, and Private Interests Take Over Global Biodiversity Summit

Billie Eilish (w/ Dave Grohl) - My Hero (KIA Forum Los Angeles CA 12/15/2022)

Snoop Dogg Just Trolled Elon Musk With Poll Asking If He Should Run Twitter

The Satisfaction of Mathematically Efficient Christmas Cookies

Breaking news: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to visit the Capitol Wednesday

State Board Orders New Election in Dobson, Certifies Runoff in Nash and Edgecombe Counties

NASA Mars lander InSight falls silent after 4 years

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 December 2022

New Malaysia state law bans 'women acting like men'

🚨 SCOOP: ZELENSKYY COMING TO CAPITOL HILL TOMORROW... It's the Ukrainian leader's first visit...

I've gained a lot of respect for Amy Grant

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried signs extradition papers, will return to US for charges

Opera Dog 'Cash' Sings Silent Night, Xmas Song with the 3 Tenors

BREAKING: Jan. 6 cooperating with DOJ special counsel

First Time Smoking Weed Captured in Slow Motion First Takes Cut

City of Buffalo files first of its kind lawsuit against gun industry

Why Russia's key ally could turn on Putin General Breedlove - Times Radio

You know that Mars lander, "Insight" that just suddenly "went silent" after 4 years on the

Here is why Trump waited so long to make a statement telling people to ..."Go Home"

TX cop gets12 yrs in Atatiana Jefferson shooting

Sunset, southern MD 12/20

Trump Might Mentally Deteriorate Before 2024 Even Happens - The Ring of Fire

Jeffries taps DelBene to lead House Democrats' campaign arm

In the Spirit of Christmas, can we say some nice things about MTG?

A person cautions a friend to not go to

Fight! Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert Throw Down!

Justin Timberlake kissing Mila Kunis at the end of Friends With Benefits.

Mike Pence begs DOJ not to Prosecute Trump in most COWARDLY Interview - Meidas Touch

I'm sad.


I spent the afternoon squeeging the snow off my solar panels.

Black Man Run Over By Cop After He Called 911 For Gunshot Wound

Trump Erupts over January 6 Committee's Criminal Referrals! - Luke Beasley

VA-04: Long Lines to Vote in the Democratic "Firehouse Primary".

'Lack of acceptance took a toll.' KY senator says son, who pushed for trans rights, died

Eugene Robinson: There Ought To Be A Statue Of Thompson & Cheney In Washington - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out at 'Never Kevin' Caucus

Republicans Pull Their Most PATHETIC Stunt Ever - TYT Investigates

Fight! Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert Throw Down! - Rebel HQ

any late December birthdays? I finally figured out why I hate mine

Rep. Abigail Spanberger Urges FDA, DEA to Address Prescription Adderall Shortage

Zelensky Expected to Visit Capitol Tomorrow

They dead wrong for this

Tesla stock is in free fall

Is there a work of art or a performance that you can not get enough of?

Rudy Giuliani hit with BRUTAL NEWS by DC Bar in Disbarment Case - Meidas Touch

Has anyone asked Trump what he would like named after him, or possibly a monument or

Are You Allowed To Follow Police? - LackLuster

Cheshire Cat Lookalike Can't Stop Smiling After She Was Rescued

Bonus Tweet of the Day

how to make your videos longer .

How Colombia Will Tax the Wealthy

January 6th Committee SLAMS Donald Trump With Major Criminal Referral - Rebel HQ

Trump Is A Shriveled, Diminished Figure On The Political Scene Says Remnick - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Lake Says She'll 'Take Anybody' As Lawyers Drop Out Of Beleaguered Election Suit

US asks court to end asylum limits, with a short delay

Neoliberal Fascism, Cruel Violence, and the Politics of Disposability

This Cat Is Obsessed With Her Lizard Brother

As you may know, I'm not exactly "smart". Hence, this question.

Ari is making mincemeat out of Bannon's former lawyer

Newly discovered footage of January 6 auditions...

Face Recognition Tech Gets Girl Scout Mom Booted From Rockettes Show -- Due to Where She Works

Kansas Begins Providing Telemedicine Abortions After the Voters Made Themselves Heard

Trump makes NEW Deranged Post Showing COMPLETE DESPERATION - Meidas Touch

Exclusive: Trump's former White House ethics lawyer told Cassidy Hutchinson to give misleading testi

pics from this morning's northern california earthquake

Word is Zelenskyy will be in DC tomorrow, The worry now is security

Facing A Tsunami Of Lawsuits, 3M Will Stop Manufacturing PFAs At The End Of 2025

Rainbow-Bearded Thornbill Hummingbird

If you could go back in time, whom would you hug?

I propose a new word

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Face Recognition Tech Gets Girl Scout Mom Booted From Rockettes Show

George Washington had a SCOTUS nomination rejected in 1795