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Photo taken by rabbi's wife in 1931 symbolising Jewish defiance of the Nazis comes home

You raised $275.00 on December 17, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Camilla's friend dreams of seeing Meghan Markle stripped naked and pelted with feces

So...Who is stupider ...Elon Musk or Wiley E. Coyote? Your pick?

Musk launches poll asking if he should step down from Twitter

Please don't feed the troll (Musk) by taking his stinking polls.

John Dean makes prediction about DOJ filing charges against Trump - CNN

Rep. Adam Schiff: J6 report will show, "sufficient evidence to criminally charge Trump." - Kirschner

Vandals target Eastpointe pregnancy clinic, board member's home

Jethro Tull - Ring Out, Solstice Bells

Patriots at Raiders: what an ending!

(Jewish Group) AG Merrick Garland at the National Menorah lighting ceremony

Proud Boys Trial Is Set to Open, Focusing on Role in Jan. 6 Violence

Jim Acosta on Musk's real-time-location-sharing concern: "Does he think the US Air Force is coming?"

AG Merrick Garland at the National Menorah lighting ceremony

Dedicated Trump aide moves TFG's 300-pound portrait to MaLago because GSA wouldn't.

DPRK Official News has moved to Mastodon.

A sense of belated relief with the criminal referrals.

Mastodon of the Evening:

Why your cat is obsessed with destroying your Christmas tree -- and how to make them stop

Jawdropper (for me), Martha RADDATZ semi-challenged ABBUTT and semi-defended BIDEN!

Kanikapila Sunday on Hawaii Public Radio

What Should You Do When the Bear Is Cinnamon?

Democracy for America on track to shut down

A little Christmas cheer for all.

"They Must Be Held Accountable"...

Gavlebocken is still on the Birdsite.

The Brothers Young, from outside Roanoke, Virginia, perform "Angels We Have Heard On High."

"You killed a million people in Iraq" - dedicated to all the chickenhawks.

Wyton Marsalis - Dead Man's Blues

Did anyone see tonight's 60 Minutes about evacuating sick kids from Ukraine to safety?

They Are All Domestic Terrorists

Restaurant order preferences in Africa

Tesla investor Leonidas Raisini says Saudi royals & Emir of Qatar told Musk to find new Twitter CEO

Elon Musk's Twitter bans links to other social media sites, including Facebook and emerging rivals

January 6 committee considering how to handle uncooperative GOP lawmakers, Schiff says

In 1992, around 29,000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean. This is where ...

*All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece NOW, rerun of season 2, MPT.

Will we ever know? It has been more than 18 years.

New Musk Poll, go vote. "Should I Step Down As Head Of Twitter?


Dead - 11/24/72 NFA/GDTHFB/NFA

More alternate facts from the GQP coming Dec 22nd

December 18, 1892, St. Petersburg: anniversary of the first performance of "The Nutcracker" ballet.

Adding 1 + 1, re: Musk and Twitter

Anyone else think we are in an artificial reality?

Biden, House GOP to Start 2023 With Scant Ties, Tension

ABC host corners Greg Abbott: Biden has never said the border is open but you and Trump have

Eggs & Bananas! The Most Popular Rotti Lady in Bangkok - Thai Street Food

TFG goes off and calls for his federal investigators to be "dealt with"

Musk says he'll backpedal on ("adjust") the Twitter ban on links to other social media platforms

WSDOT to adjust I-5 Express Lane schedule in Seattle due to weather, construction

Vatican defrocks Frank Pavone, anti-abortion activist and priest, over social media posts

GOP 'shadow committee' is 'privately plotting' to issue its own Jan 6th report


'Packing 537 Days Into One Report': What To Expect From Jan 6 Committee Final Report - MSNBC Reports

Shadow loves to frolic in the snow. And to plunge her muzzle into it.

Trump aide forced to personally transport 'enormous' 300-pound painting of him to Mar-a-Lago after

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges: B-Side

Everett police collect 241 guns in gift card event

Republican National Committee Spending Report LEAKS and EXPOSES massive grift - Meidas Touch


Trump is grabbing America by the p#$$*

Condon - McParland - At the Jazz Band Ball

Elon's mom comes to his defense about his new policy

BREAKING: Elon Musk Stepping Down, Lex Fridman New Twitter CEO?

Tonight's snuggle buddies

First two responses to Elon's poll... lol

Dave Bromberg - Cocaine Blues

Americans Want More Affordable Housing -- Just Not Nearby

After voters narrowly rejected regulations amendment, top Republicans want to try again

David Bromberg - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

Grandpa & Grandsons Getting A Christmas Tree

Neal Katyal: The House Changes in Jan, GOP Wants to Hide the Truth on Trump! DOJ Needs to Act Now

Bromberg - Statesboro Blues

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas wanting to remove teens from social media....

Trump had to be told a pool of reporters would no longer follow him around because he wasn't

Downtown Seattle Association report shows increase in downtown visitors in November

Lindsey Stirling - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Trump is accused of using copyrighted images in his NFT collection

(Monday) AZ courts will hear motions to dismiss election contests brought by Kari Lake & Abe Hamadeh

The Jan. 6 panel is set to release its final report. Here's what we know so far - PBS NewsHour

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Christmas All Over Again

Vatican dismisses Trump-supporting, anti-abortion leader from priesthood

Republican SHOCKED By Racism During City Council Meeting

Does the new California climate plan really have no role for nuclear?

Mastodon Meme Of The Day

Right-Winger Explains Her Vile View About the Respect for Marriage Act! - Luke Beasley

Def Leppard - Love Bites

Washington Post story on the incident behind Musk's claims about a stalker. It's complicated.

Look familiar, Donald? Trump is accused of using copyrighted images in his NFT collection

How Musk may reinvent the internet without even trying - The Hill opinion

Tom Jones - Delilah on The Ed Sullivan Show

Do we have a link to donate to Yemen?

VA-04: Virginia sets special election to replace McEachin for February

(One for the road) Ike & Tina Turner Revue - Proud Mary on The Ed Sullivan Show

its SUNDAY!! Monster Hunter Yui is out for a wild and fun hunt ...

Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends on DU

Innamorato, Fawcett Latest to Enter Allegheny County (PA) Executive Race

Good Liars Create 'Honest Trump Cards' Focusing On 2020 Election Loss - MSNBC Reports

VA-04: Rep. Bobby Scott Urges 4th District Residents to Vote for Jennifer McClellan for Congress

VA-04: Sen. Tim Kaine Endorses State Senator Jennifer McClellan for the Democratic Nomination

Kitten realizes it has 4 paws:

VA-SD07: Aaron Rouse Releases First Ad of Crucial Special Election for SD7 in Virginia Beach

Tis the season of holiday leftovers.

Habibti Ensemble - Nirkod (Live at Zappa Jerusalem, 2016)

AZ: What's next for Abe Hamadeh's attorney general election challenge? Judge sets schedule

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Apparently, Musk was ordered by Saudis to step down and CEO of Twitter

Biden team planning a dramatically expanded digital strategy for 2024

Musk is now polling, via Twitter Safety account, on banning links to other social media platforms

The Spill . . .

Has anyone watched Pelosi's documentary by her daughter yet?

Don't Pick Up the Phone- on Netflix - must watch

Ana Navarro FTW regarding Trump NFT

A tweet from France


I keep getting scammers on my IG account

Someone offered me $200,000 in NFTs for my paintings

VA-04: Va. Democrats line up for McClellan as Morrissey mounts outsider challenge

Must Watch - The Salisbury Poisonings

VA-HD24: Special election set for western Virginia House of Delegates seat

Leftover Baroque from Sundae🍨 (I ran out of steam. 🚂 😄)

Virginia Democrats vow to defeat Youngkin's 15-week abortion ban proposal

'I'm Not Ready': A Mother Denied an Abortion in Texas Faces an Uncertain Future

A Russian tank unit deliberately attacked another Russian position in Ukraine, report says...

Keisha Lance Bottoms says end of Title 42 is an issue that "affects us all" - Face the Nation

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 20: Christmas Marathon

On Hanukkah, the 9th candle reflects how anyone can fight antisemitism by sharing truth

Antisemitism casts darkness amid Hanukkah lights

(Jewish Group) Eight candles and a helper: Hanukkah

In one city, non-Jews encouraged to display menorahs this Hanukkah. Here's why.

SNL: Christmas Miracle

Ukraine Jews mark 'Festival of Lights' amid blackouts

Life is desperate in Kherson as war in Ukraine passes its 300th day - Face the Nation

Musk and Turkey's dictator tonight.

Mass Shootings On The Rise 10 Years After Sandy Hook - American Voices - MSNBC

GOP's 4 must-win counties for 2024

(Jewish Group) Jews in Ukraine lit a giant menorah on Sunday night

Velshi: Gun Safety Progress On A State-Level Is Still Progress - Velshi - MSNBC

Ukraine lights up a giant menorah at the country's main square in Kiev to celebrate hanukkah

This is so embarrassing for Kari Lake! - Luke Beasley

Some of the biggest Pinocchios of 2022 - The Fact Checker - The Washington Post


Which country eats the most ramen? -- RAMEN FACTS

Which COUNTRY drinks the most Green Tea?

Wordle - Not A Spoiler

El Paso declaring an emergency at the border - ABC News

Andrew Weissman: J6 CMTE Readies Criminal Referrals but Going After Donald Trump Comes with Risks.

Wired: No one on Twitter is safe from Elon Musk

Keith Olbermann: Monday's Countdown Preview 12/19/22

EVERYTHING you wanted to know about HALO HALO....

Six people are shot dead in Canada mass shooting including gunman who opened fire in a Toronto condo

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - (Web Exclusive) - Trash

Protect your social media

Giant aquarium bursts in Germany killing 1,500 tropical fish - ABC News (Australia)

Vulfpeck + Chris Thile

New: Wholly holly sunrise #2

How COVID caused a plague of rats in France - Focus on Europe - DW News

So Lindell is trying to out do Trumps' trading cards?

Germany opens new LNG terminal in record time to replace Russian gas - DW News

A Clear Statement on the Club Q Massacre

Where is Caroline Ellison as Sam Bankman-Fried is in Tiny Cell in Rat Infested Prison? - Joe Blogs

Republicans have 'offered no meaningful solutions' to border problems: Sen. Padilla - ABC News

Monday Morning Great Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a New Winter Week Livestream

Trump-Backed Election Loser Kari Lake Hints At Violence At Conservative Gathering

Why Putin is avoiding the press - Times Radio

Jury Selection for the Proud Boys trial begins today

Breakfast Monday 19 January 2022

Wordle 548 12/19 ***Spoiler Thread***

Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing

Vaughan shooting: Five killed by gunman in Canada apartment block

Canada's polar-bear capital Churchill warms too fast for bears

Cop15: historic deal struck to halt biodiversity loss by 2030

Chili today and cornbread or with grilled cheese on sourdough bread.

Shadow inside, warm and dry after her romp in the snow.

Musk's Twitter poll says he should step down from social network's helm

Shakira - Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt cover)

Shadow inside, warm and dry after her romp in the snow.

Watch These Comedians Hilariously Destroy MTG - The Breakdown

The weather forecast just keeps getting more and more horrible

In honor of my father - The Everly Brothers - Oh My Papa

Monday TOONs - Among The Twelve Days

On this day, December 19, 1914, 1949 Boston mayoral candidate Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. was born.

Today will be a historic day, Trump will be officially labeled as a Traitor.

Washington state court blocks Albertsons special dividend

On this day, December 19, 1914, 1949 Boston mayoral candidate Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. was born.

Attempted Murder

'New normal' of China's military pushing across Taiwan Strait could spin out of control - CNA

International Maritime Organization Talks End w/o Any Solid Commitment To Emissions Cuts

The Real Slobfather Trading Cards - DU Christmas present edition

Biodiversity Summit Blahblah Voluntary Efforts Blah 30% Goal For Habitat Blahblahblah

Twitter stiffs software vendor with $8 million left on contract, lawsuit says

On December 18, 2000, Kirsty MacColl was run over and killed by a powerboat.

Pope Francis orders return to Greece of Parthenon sculptures held in Vatican

Trump ATTACKS the FBI and DOJ

Tar Sands Spill From Keystone Pipeline In Kansas Will Likely Take Years To Clean Up

On this day, December 19, 1968, The Dean Martin Christmas Show was aired.

Tunisian president urged to resign after election debacle

B22A, 2,000 Sq. Mile Iceberg Shielding Thwaites Glacier For 20 Years, Moving & Apparently Shattering

Ex-Mafia boss 'Cadillac Frank' Salemme dies in prison at 89

Ex-Mafia boss 'Cadillac Frank' Salemme dies in prison at 89

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Resume May Be Largely Fiction.

The best site for analytically assessing the baseball Hall of Fame ballot

The best site for analytically assessing the baseball Hall of Fame ballot

So I'm worried about the Covid wave in China and we don't have the House to arrange for

The best site for analytically assessing the baseball Hall of Fame ballot

Monday, December 19, 2022: Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Decade Three Of The 21st Century & At Least 149 GOP Members Of Congress Deny Climate Science

Elon Musk and Jared Kushner seen together at World Cup final in Qatar

2022 Year in Review: Best Single Issue

ECB lobbies for banks, instead of supervising them

2022 Year in Review: Best One-Shot

Mignolaversity: March 2023 Solicitations

2022 Year in Review: Best Anthology

2022 Year in Review: Best Reprinted Edition

Multiversity's 2022 Wishlist for Star Wars Comics

The culture warrior --by Tom Tomorrow

The Hill: Five things to know ahead of the Jan. 6 committee's crucial week

Why Fanone thinks GOP lawmakers that defied subpoenas should be arrested - CNN

Union Pacific railroad puts its shipping limits on hold

The problem with capitalism...

Here's to you, Donnie, today will be a great day!!

Bringing the "company union by the bosses" concept to a whole new level

Photo: ''Turbo Swallow''

What could we do with all that money?

Rwanda migrant plan is lawful, High Court rules

UK's Rwanda migrant plan is lawful, High Court rules

Exclusive: Probe of Musk's Neuralink to scrutinize long-criticized U.S animal welfare regulator

What The Jan. 6 Committee Means For Biden's Legacy - American Voices - MSNBC

A psychological bombshell for Trump supporters?

Overlapping Virus Outbreaks Threaten 'Tripledemic' Crisis

Pete Souza FTW

Iowa Democratic Party chair steps down after caucus move

How Trump jettisoned restraints at Mar-a-Lago and prompted legal peril

Jan. 6 Committee Finalizes Criminal Referral Plan For Trump - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Global Coal Consumption On Track To Hit An All-Time High

Neal Katyal makes an interesting point about Republicans derailing the DOJ investigation.

Better Days Ahead

Edith Piaf was born on this date.

Greenland's glaciers might be melting 100 times as fast as previously thought

Rep. Gerry Connolly: "Donald Trump Has To Face His Reckoning." - Ayman - MSNBC

Carys is such a conundrum.

Elon Musk's censorship spree exposes the fundamental flaw in the right's definition of "free speech"

Dachshund's Family Builds Him A People-Watching Ramp

Professor Longhair (Henry Roeland Byrd) was born on this date.

Chinese Economy Faces Tightening US Tech War Pressure - China Update

Politico: "'He's Got a Huge Problem'"

Politico: McDaniel faces furious campaign from right in race for RNC chair

Phil Ochs was born on this date.

GOP Disaster As Just 5% Of Americans Want Biden Investigation

Dutch leader apologizes for Netherlands' role in slave trade

Just wondering this morning if the Special prosecutor could/ would

All the Holes in This Congressman-Elect's Resume

Snoop!!! 😆

What happens when delusions of grandeur come face to face with indictments?

The Last Thing On My Mind

'THE central issue': How the fall of Roe v. Wade shook the 2022 election

A black bear, removed from a national park in Tennessee, finds her way home

Woman brings home an 'old' shelter dog. Then discovers his real age.

Jim Jordan who refused to answer a subpoena will now be issuing subpoenas.

Michigan is a climate haven in a warming world. Will everyone move here?

Central Park entrance renamed to honor 5 teens falsely convicted of rape in 1989

San Diego homeless man borrows construction equipment to help motorist.

Will J6 committee make criminal referrals of lawmakers: McCarthy, Jordan, Perry, Biggs & Brooks? -GK

Do sex toys belong in 'comprehensive sex education' for high school students?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's pardon possibilities....

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 19, 2022

After the Announcement, the GOP will turn on Trump. (Almost All of the GOP)

When does the J 6 committee meet today?

iPad query re lost tabs. Basically my collection of tabs cleared itself...

As Title 42 Nears End, El Paso Declares Emergency over Influx of Asylum Seekers

KFC's comment on the Birdsite about Argentina's victory in the World Cup:

Fortnite maker Epic Games to pay $520M to settle FTC cases

Shelby's swan song: A spending spat within his party

Russian linked to Wagner badly hurt in assassination attempt

Bankman-Frieed, accused of misuse of customer funds, arrested and extradited within a week. An

Twitter announces, then quickly retracts ban on promoting other social media

Let's not forget what Barr said about 'unprecedented' actions...

Judge Orders Philly DA to Disclose All Evidence in Mumia Abu-Jamal Case. Could It Lead to New Trial?

Los Lobos , 2019 CD Lleg Navidad

Kremlin rejects suggestions Putin will push Belarus to join Ukraine conflict

My favorite Xmas meme

Krazy Lake is at it again!

Imagine Joe Biden consoling LeBron after a heartbreaking loss

We've solved our killer asteroid problem.

2022 Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition.

Morocco's Occupation of Western Sahara Is at Center of Growing European Parliament Bribery Scandal

If World Cup soccer announcers used MAGA methods to incite the crowd.

Councils fell trees to make room for Australia Post's new electric vehicles

Another Russian Oligarch, Dmitry Zelenov, Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

Surging Detroit Lions are the talk of the NFL: 'Nobody wants to play 'em'

Some of dis and some of dat

LIVE NOW: LAKE v HOBBS: Hearing on Motion to Dismiss

Livestream of House January 6 Committee Hearing (1 PM Eastern)

BBC: Vatican defrocks pro-Trump priest activist for anti-abortion posts

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos?

DEMOCRATS turned a PROFIT for American Taxpayers using SPR and varied oil prices

Who should run Twitter?

My cat has been stalking a mouse all morning.

I must have done something REALLY bad recently for this karma. Why didn't they just send a bill?

This is how I visualize the disgraced, twice impeached former guy will react to today's hearing

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 19, 2022)


Kari Lake's lawyer is also claiming that Lake lost because of Govt suppression of Hunter Biden....

Biden marks 50th anniversary of death of wife, daughter

Germany puts orders for Puma tanks on hold - DW News

An Argentine flag lying on the ground?

NY: Accused NYC subway shooter Frank James faces upgraded terrorism charges

Holiday card from the Bidens and their 4-footed WH companions

New Georgia House Republican arrested on drug and theft charges

Abbas thanks Qatar for using World Cup to push Palestinian cause

I love the Clintons, but I might never forgive them for popularizing the constant thumbs up

Here's some YouTube links to live streams of today's Jan 6 Committee Meeting 1PM ET

Prosecutors say Ethan Crumbley's parents knew about his mental health issues

U.S. Scores $4 Billion Windfall on Oil-Reserve Sales

German Shepherd was Almost Euthanized. But has been Given her Life Back

Asian Liberals VS Asian Conservatives...WHO WON?

Asian Liberals VS Asian Conservatives...WHO WON?

I believe a slinky and a hug from a man saved me.

I don't think I can hack Andrea Mitchell,

New Order: Blue Monday 88

Pre 1/6 meeting coverage now on MSNBC and CNN. I'm already

New Rep Carl Tepper Files Bill To Ban Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Is today Sixthmas?

Chris LICHT: "slams 'stunning' left-wing 'vitriol' aimed at him"

Live: January 6 Committee sends Trump criminal referrals to DOJ - Brian Tyler Cohen

Drone captures sea of fans celebrating in Buenos Aires after Argentina's World Cup win

TCM tonight:

🧵 5th Circuit strikes down the federal government's contractor vaccine mandate, 2-1

Barry Goldwater

Just and idea can the DoJ hire 'Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to investigate members of Congress, ..

Joe: If Musk Does Leave Twitter, It's In His Best Interest

Vatican defrocks pro-Trump priest activist for anti-abortion posts

Southern MD morning/afternoon 12/19

Deputies And City Cops Try To ARREST EACH OTHER After Heated Exchange - Audit the Audit

Vaughan condo shooting: Gunman who shot dead five in Canada was 73

Morning on the creek

thread with a few a streaming links forJ6 hearing

Fortnite' Maker Epic Games To Pay $275M Fine For Collecting Kids' Personal Info

Not recommended gift idea.

The NFL Rivalry That WAS BANNED Documentary

Next battle for Kyiv will be 'brutal' - Tymofiy Mylovanov - Times Radio

January 6th Committee Final Public Meeting: Evidence Review, Criminal Referrals, Final Report Vote

Nick Fuentes Trades Parents' Basement for Pricey Livestreaming Den

The World Is Watching.

*******J6 Final Not a Hearing Thread. Make it RAIN!*****

Is it not absolutely AMAZING that the same people---including federal judges--- who insist

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 10, thread ONE (1:00 pm EST) ****

Will J6 committee make criminal referrals of lawmakers: McCarthy, Jordan, Perry, Biggs & Brooks? - K

Twitter users tell Elon Musk to GTFO in poll results

***Members entered the chamber.

CNN investigation reveals Iranian government is accessing activists' social media accounts

New name for the Cannon Caucus Room where the J6 hearings go down :)

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

Good news! HoneyBells are coming soon!

'It's a nightmare:' Iguana causes power outage in Florida town for third time this year

I was really hoping for good local weather for Festivus.

"Utter moral failure" - LC

Buster Poindexter --Zat You, Santa Claus?

SEE IT: USS Constellation ship returns to Inner Harbor after successful restoration

Kansans voted to keep their judges. But the state's high court will once again be in spotlight.

Kansans voted to keep their judges. But the state's high court will once again be in spotlight.

Trump encourages supporters to dismiss news about his taxes

Love that Motherfucker is being called ex-President

'Betrayal': House Republicans furious at GOP senator for spending deal with Democrats

Sweden's top court blocks Turkish journalist's extradition

Russia's Wagner Group officers hide in cover and watch with drones as 'expendable' troops are sent t

The Cost of Amazon's Plastic Denial on the World's Oceans

It's Not Just Dobbs: The Other SCOTUS Decision Of Concern

A Central Park entrance named for the exonerated 'Central Park Five' is unveiled

Why Chaos merchants like Musk, Trump, Bannon want to 'flood the zone with sh*t' - it works.

Amber Heard settles defamation case against Johnny Depp

Maine Lawmakers Move To Block Stricter Rules Protecting Endangered Whales

Senator Warren Presses Tesla Board Over Musk's Twitter Actions

The Cramm on Climate - parts 1 & 2

Arctic Blast This Week Brings the Coldest Christmas in Nearly 40 Years for Millions

'Unfit for any office': Cheney lambasts Trump at final Jan. 6 panel meeting (CNN)

Elon Musk Builds an Anti-Left Media Ecosystem

Musk was spotted with a sanctioned, pro-Putin Russian TV presenter at the World Cup final in Qatar

Jamie Raskin ...... dropping the hammer right now.

Port's parking lot in Mukilteo may not open until spring

AGAMI HERON - Hummingbird Heron

What an Indictment!

"We believe that the evidence described by my colleagues today..."

The four criminal referrals of pResident Donald J. Trump to the DOJ:

The DOJ is under NO OBLIGATION to act on the referrals, but damn...this is HISTORY.

Nine - zero - this is historic - we think he committed crimes - lots of them

Trump, Eastman and others are now referred to the DOJ for CRIMES vs. U.S.A.

Twice impeached, now referred for CRIMINAL indictment. So much winning!

Dark Brandon strikes again in response to trollish FOX

The charge that would be easiest to prove in a court of law is....

"Trump, Eastman and others"

Gd glitchy audio is driving me fkg nuts

Four Referrals for Motherfucker. Who else got referrals? Particularly what GOP Reps?

Oops! Kari Lake Flips Off Conservative Production Crew - Rebel HQ

The key for me was the intro statement that TFG should not be

To the House Select Comm. investigating Jan 6 insurrection: THANK YOU, you too are heroic.

Donald Trump: Malignant Narcissist, Criminal Grifter, Seditionist

5 hours into jab 5, nothing so far. My local safeway accepts walk-ins. I was in and

Jan. 6 committee sends DOJ historic criminal referral of Trump over Capitol riot

Any word from

Sick of Michael Cohen

Jan. 6 Panel Refers McCarthy, Three Other Republicans for Ethics Violations

Jan. 6 Committee Refers Former President Trump for Criminal Prosecution.

On this day, December 19, 1969, The Beatles' released their last Christmas record.

I Would Like To Know What Is Going Through Tr**p's Mind Now.....

Oh Elon... are you going for one major misstep per day?

Perhaps Kari Lake and some others will not STFU and go to Mar-a-largo for mourning. nt

Lamor Whitehead: Blinged-Up Brooklyn Bishop Who Was Robbed Mid-Sermon Is Now Behind Bars

Comparison of fake vs real elector certificate from Nevada

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 24: 'Twas the night before Christmas

Good to see Ben Collins on the air at MSNBC.

Apparently Ben Collins has now been un-suspended by NBC.

Sam Bankman-Fried Said to Agree to Extradition After Chaotic Hearing

Trolling New Yorkers about the Fake War on Christmas - Walter Masterson

Here's Andy Kaufman, from the December 6, 1979, Johnny Cash Christmas TV special.

I might have just found some Xmas love .... I just got this email

Trump being looked at for plagiarizing his NFT art...

Did they do it?

Jan. 6 Committee Unveils Four Criminal Referrals For Trump (MSNBC)

HERE YOU GO: Introductory Material to the Final Report of the Select Committee

Trump: "Nobody Will Care About My Legacy If I Lose" - TYT Investigates

Let the word go forth from this time and place forevermore ...

When will we know who else got criminal referrals besides TFG and Eastman? n/t

What's happening in Whoville?

New models predict at least 1 million deaths in China amid covid surge

David Corn: January 6 Report Presents a Devastating Case Against Trump

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 19, 2022

Cartoons 12-19-2022

Betty Bowers covering The War on Xmas from the front lines

The J6 Committee's exceptional achievement cannot be overestimated.

Jeff Tiedrich: congratulations to Donald Trump and his co-conspirators, the most recent graduates of

Trump's attack of Constitution fits with 'law and order'

Trump's Refusal To Stop Jan. 6 Riot Was 'Clear Dereliction Of Duty,' Says Rep Cheney - MSNBC

How Jan. 6th Committee's Revelations of Interference in Their Investigation Can Enable Special Couns

Who are the others being recommended for criminal referral beside Trump and Eastman?

Pretenders - 2000 Miles

WATCH: Jan. 6 committee's criminal referrals against Trump, others - Jan. 6 final meeting - PBS NewsHour

It Was an Attempted Auto-Coup: The Cline Center's Coup d'tat Project Categorizes Jan. 6, 2021

My dog started kissing me.

An 'Imperial Supreme Court' Asserts Its Power, Alarming Scholars

'They Just Threw the Book at Donald Trump': Ari Melber Says J-6 Committee "A Felon, An Insurrectist"

Mar a Lago Ketchup Spill

Trump has set all time presidential records!

How Biden's FCC nominee became a major campaign target

WATCH: Rep. Murphy gives opening statement - Jan. 6 final meeting - PBS NewsHour

Jessica Valenti: Abortion, Every Day (Daily round-up of abortion issues)

Just heard Pence say "partisan taint" shown on MSNBC when he appeared on Faux

Trump's next grift will only take payments in cigarette cartons

IN REVIEW: Actions of The House Select Committee on Jan 6

WATCH: Rep. Aguilar details Trump's 'pressure campaign' on Pence - Jan. 6 final meeting - PBS NewsHour

Republicans Are Coughing Up Billions to Save Florida's Home Insurance Market

From twitter, "Introductory Material" from J6

So, Trump is mum about what has happened today?

WATCH: Rep. Luria on Trump's 'dereliction of duty' during insurrection - Jan. 6 final meeting - PBS

WATCH: Jan. 6 committee votes in favor of criminal referrals for Trump, others - PBS NewsHour

WATCH: Jan. 6 committee members Raskin and Schiff speak after criminal referrals for Donald Trump

Kari Lake calls for imprisoning Maricopa County election officials

An elderly woman in prison is losing her memory. Why won't California release her?

154 pages, and this is just the introductory material

Biodiversity agreement to protect planet reached at UN conference in Montreal

Little Joey Farr - Rock 'n' Roll Santa

Dora Bryan - All I Want For Christmas Is a Beatle (1964 relic)

WTOP HD 2 switches format, from Federal News Network, to La Power.

Anyone notice how *big* the hands are in those NFTs?

And it came to pass that when The Nine came down off the mountain of Evidence, they found

I keep the thermostat low these days . . .

Hasil Adkins - Santa Claus Boogie

Jerry Lee Lewis - White Christmas

Republicans STILL Don't Understand Why The Public Hates Them

You ever get a text from someone who is obviously very high...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah (beats Tom Jones' version, IMO)

Photo: Orangutan- Borneo

FRUM: Justice Is Coming for Donald Trump

About blaming the J6 referrals on "partisan" witch hunting and a failure of intel."

Tiny Feral Kittens Learn To Accept Love

They're right - that *is* Italian AF.


Incoming Republican congressman George Santos under scrutiny for resume discrepancies

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Resume May Be Largely Fiction.

Bulldog vs human food race:

Never mind if you can get a conviction. DOJ must go for it now or bury our democracy.

Raskin Gives Trump DEVASTATING News - TYT Investigates

The Rolling Stones (with Mick Taylor) - Winter

The Dave Clark Five - Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday

The Dave Clark Five - Try Too Hard

Criminal Referrals aren't just for loser! They are for Trumpdy Dumpdy toooo!

Slade - Merry Christmas, Everybody

Canon has a full frame global shutter sensor!

Roy Wood and Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

2022 Year in Review: Best One-Shot

Lets discuss Ethics Comm. referrals

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas

Shame on the voters in WY who voted against Liz Cheney.

Putin's mission to Minsk raises fears he will drag Belarus into Ukraine war

Michael Johnson - This Night Won't Last Forever

Winter driving tip:

The new longest possible train journey in the world: Lisbon to Singapore.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Looking ahead: In the unlikely event that a Democrat ignores a Gym Jordan subpoena

I think Trump is flight risk if indicted, who will take

Jake Tapper's daughter, 15, pens op-ed about 'almost dying' after misdiagnosis

J6 Committee: Did anyone testify under oath that Trump was innocent?

Remember Trump Steaks? Trump Mushrooms!

January 6 Committee slams Trump with worst news possible - Brian Tyler Cohen

Watch: Full Jan. 6 Committee Final Public Meeting (MSNBC) Runtime: 1:09

Jan 6th Committee: Executive Summary Report (154 pages)

Half the Australian population lives in the Red Area.

It's CON MAN (Luckovich cartoon)

Bernie Sanders: 'It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism'

The J6 Report (a summary 156 pages)

🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

N628TS (Eloon's G650)

Today Would Be a Great Day ...

So what's next? With the committee expiring, will everything now go opaque?

Sunset, southern MD 12/19

Nearly Every Country Signs On to a Sweeping Deal to Protect Nature

Pence is doing his whinny bitch act!

Dog Is A Little Grinch. But Sister Knows How To Fix Her

Six neighbors die including suspect in Toronto condo building shooting

In the midst of a biodiversity crisis,

Happy update on trapped (formerly) homeless kitty.

The first Christmas tree that I remember was maybe two feet tall and it was placed on top of our

Do you think TFG will be indicted?

Title 42 to remain in place for now as Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily freezes order

Trump administration was in charge on J6. The real question is

Who Is Rep. Elect George Santos? His Resume May Be Largely Fiction.

Loved or hated, Fauci's parting advice: Stick to the science

A Missing Foster Child Was Finally Found. Grave Questions About the Child Welfare System Remain.



So no consequences for the congress critters who

I discovered

If Liz Cheney shoots someone on 5th Avenue

Elon Musk ran Twitter like Trump ran the country

The fake electors scheme is the one that blows me away

Judge strips Alex Jones of bankruptcy protections for $1.5 billion Sandy Hook debt

No doubt being groomed??

"For everything he has done for us..."

Former Gen. Flynn is beyond despicable. That is all. nt

Re: Trump's NFT Cards? Just call them PORKYMAN trading cards.

PM Update: Cold tonight, and less windy on a chilly Tuesday

Ohio rape victim abortion case: AG says his comments were misconstrued...

Tweet of the Day

Donald Trump has an aide who follows him on the golf course to show him positive articles

Do you think it's a coincidence

Chief Justice Roberts temporarily freezes end of Title 42 immigration policy (CNN)

Wisdom, the World's Oldest Known Wild Bird, Returns to Midway Atoll

MAGA Republican Congressman-Elect EXPOSED Lying About ENTIRE LIFE - MeidasTouch

Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride (Live, Fillmore East, 1970)

Breaking: Harvey Weinstein verdict reached.

Reporter SHOCKED At How Stupid Republican Lawmakers Are

10 Lessons of Conservative Cowardice - Book on sale

Regarding the January 6 Committee's recommendation to charge Trump...

One way that Liberty University saves its students money is that they

Jan. 6 committee recommends criminal charges against Trump for Capitol attack - PBS NewsHour

NYC:A Step Into the 2023 City Council Elections

Is this for real?

Keep scratching right there, Mom!

What are mastodon posts called?

A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook?

VA-SD07: Republican nominee appeared at "Big Lie" rally.

Democrats call for probe into GOP congressman-elect's biography

Outrage at the insult to his dog's dignity:

1/6 select committee chair Bennie Thompson: I'm convinced the Justice Depart will charge Trump

Georgia Republicans, suddenly losing runoffs, float changing the rules

Elon Musk Named Most Exhausting Person of 2022

Congress just passed $858B military budget -- but GOP is blocking $12B to fight child poverty

new republican rep elect for NYC is a big fat liar. lied about employment, education EVERYTHING

Will The J6 Committe Report Include Recommendations On How To......

So 57% of twitterers say Eloon should step down

*Weinstein guilty of rape on one of ? charges.

Mastodon boost by Lindysalsagal:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I hope the J6 Committee, their Staff, all their Families, and Good Friends will Sleep Deeply....

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape, sexual assault in Los Angeles trial

Musk is now looking for excuses to ignore the poll telling him to step down as CEO of Twitter