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January 6er-Baked Alaska: "i can't believe i'm going to jail for an nft salesman,"

Home flipping profits drop at the fastest pace in over a decade

I found a word's meaning, that I never realized it meant that at all.

Donovan - Sunshine Superman

Joe Walsh - Bones

Here I Come To Save the Day!

Does anyone wear face shields against covid?

How To Get Twitter Verified On Mastodon, $8 Elon Musk Tax Not Required

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

Dan Fogelberg - The River

Mr. Musk to the tune of the grinch

Should Special Counsel subpoena Kevin McCarthy?

Sadly, I can't attend...

Neil DeGras Tyson elegantly explains what happened with this fusion thing...

Doing your holiday shopping?

Neil DeGras Tyson elegantly explains what happened with this fusion thing...

Rep. Adam Kinzinger Delivers Final Speech As Congressman - Deadline - MSNBC

Aaron Rupar's Twitter account has been suspended

Trump to meet with Orthodox Jewish group on heels of Fuentes, Ye dinner

Politico: Why the 'Twitter Files' Are Falling Flat

AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie (Live at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland - April 1978)

Stevie Wonder - Lookin' For Another Pure Love

Senate sends Biden military bill that would lift Covid vaccine mandate for troops and authorize more Ukraine funding

MAGA reaction to Trump's announcement:

'We are appalled': U.S. officials condemn U.N. human rights official accused of making antisemitic p

Besides Aaron Rupar, at least 4 other journalists have been suspended by Twitter

Trump Should Focus Less On Action Cards And More On Criminal Charges Says Katyal - Deadline - MSNBC

So who is going to be the first to hack the Trump God's digital trading cards and give them away

telestar .

Multiple Reporters Covering Elon Musk Have Been Suspended From Twitter

Tweet of the Day

Did Bannon say make it stop today

As "The Holidays" approach, most of us anticipate gatherings with family and friends,

Just now watching All In

So, Elon just sold 3.6 billion of his stock. Who else thinks he'll spend it on the Trump cards?

Alexandra Pelosi: My Mom Believes 'In Her Soul' That Public Service Is A Noble Calling - Deadline MSNBC

How much does Gallego win in a 3 way General Election Race against MAGA Republican and Sinema?

A thought about Trump's cards, and maybe he's smarter than what we thought?

If Jimmy Carter made digital cards, I'd think on buying one AMERICAN TREASURES SERIES

Conservatives Humiliated By Trump's 'Major Announcement' - Rebel HQ

If you wanted a database of credit cards to hack whose are owners not likely to realize it.

1 lbs Rescue Chihuahua Proves Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Politico: Pete's campaign in waiting

Twitter suspends journalists who have been covering Elon Musk and the company

Turk Mauro - Turkquoise

Next Jan. 6 committee hearing is Monday: Panel to vote on criminal recommendations

Trevor Noah / MSNBC collab

The Mysterious Problem With Sam Bankman-Fried's Political Donations

Keith Olbermann's Twitter account has been suspended

Here's @keitholbermann 's last tweet before he was suspended from Twitter.

Tim Ryan's farewell speech

Bonus Tweet ofthe Day

Elon Musk frantically selling Tesla stock

VA-SD07: Tim Kaine posts a video for Democrat Aaron Rouse

In a 4 way 2024 AZ US Senate Race between Gallego-D,MAGA-R,Sinema-I,Green or Libertarian.

I'm glad that Danny Mac got fired. I'm really sad to see him leave. There's no winner -

WI-SD08: Democrat Jodi Habush Sinykin introduces herself.

At least 2 of the suspended journalists had reported that no crime report was filed after

Who has a thinner skin? TFG or Musk

Twitter suspends journalists who have been covering Elon Musk and the company

So, most of the time I am fairly civil in my posts but, this evening. I am on my third snifter of

Who is the ideal Democratic nominee for the 2024 TX US Senate Race?

Russia is destroying Ukraine's economy, raising costs for U.S. and allies

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Mary Trump: Fucking coward Elon Musk shouldn't be allowed to run a lemonade stand let alone Twitter

Sleepless in Seattle much more interesting than 'cards.'

TNF sucks-adverts on Amazon Prime?

Damn Yankees -- Yankees To Sign Carlos Rodon

The Republican Party Of Texas' Open Embrace Of Authoritarianism

Oh My Cthulhu...Trump's already sold 29,000 NFTs, according to CNET

Keith Olbermann suspended from Twitter today.

Aaron Rupar's response, on Substack, to being permanently suspended from Twitter

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Captain Kori saga....

The Beginning of the End for BLOTUS?

Meghan Markle's real sin that the British public can't forgive-and Americans can't understand

'Major Announcement Man': Trump Hawks Trading Cards Of Himself As Superhero - All In - MSNBC

Florida's book battle intensifies as conservatives push for more removals

They say God watches over the slow and dumb. Enter Lauren Boebert.

Looks like another oligarch Musk debacle in the works - semi truck "stupid cab design"

Eight-lane highway expansion could harm Black neighborhood, statewide environment, advocates say

Anyone with material on Twitter they want to keep, better download it soon.

Whar Klobuchar read in 2022

Siskel & Ebert Classics - Worst of 1990

Musk is claiming the suspended journalists were all removed for "doxxing"

Tom Hanks was on Pelosi attack suspect hit list, court hears

I will be making a HUGE Announcement tomorrow

Add another Twitter suspension...

Chilling effect: Oligarch Musk suspending more journalists...

Bribery Case Cracks Open European Parliament -- and Finds Hidden Cash

If this has been posted before, I apologize.

Wow. So Apartheid Elon did it. He killed a major social media platform

Twitter bans NY Times, Washington Post, CNN reporters critical of Elon Musk

It would be nice if these media pollsters telling us how well de Santis polls, would follow up, why

Bar Complaint Filed Against Lake, Finchem Attorney - Raw News And Politics

Another Billionaire-Owned Coffee Shop Chain Is Unionizing - More Perfect Union

"It was not immediately clear why their (twitter) accounts were suspended."

drumpf is guilty of stolen valor

Just in time for Christmas.

Tesla semi truck poor design?

Senate funds federal government through Dec. 23, averting a shutdown this weekend as negotiators wo

Elon Musk goes MASK OFF Hasanabi reacts

Even Freer Speech - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Twitter is now blocking ALL links to Mastodon in tweets - blocking adding to bios/profiles too

Most of the 'Sister Wives' have left Kody Brown. he only has one wife now.

An autumn scene

lol the rate of new account creation (Mastodon) doubled in the last hour.

Josh Hawley is the kind of person who . . .

Earl & Eldad, David thank you for this social media platform. For always, you did good

New Footage Of Pelosi Attack Debunks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theoriesv (MSNBC)

New Footage Of Pelosi Attack Debunks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories - All In - MSNBC

Mrs Betty with today's SNAP tweet of the day - Dapper Don the Con

Tucker Carlson Guest Confusingly Criticizes the Respect for Marriage Act! - Luke Beasley

Kimmel: Donald Trump's Pathetic, Embarrassing Announcement & Santa's Lap or Booster Shot?

Kansas City Plaza Christmas lights.

Comcast has the worst customer service in the history of the world

Tuba Skinny - Shine On Harvest Moon

Dogs of Mastodon #dogsofmstdn #DogsAmIRight

in the 70s nixon enemy list was pretty much badge of honor...elon list same?

MIRT, -Shouting here- you are a damn fine bunch of people. For the record

Nancy Pelosi tore up his speech because it was the courteous thing to do.

Some Mastodon memes right now

LOVE seeing Lawrence with Alexandra Pelosi, and

Strikes! - Jonathan Pie

1200 Journalists' Mastodon accounts - includes name, twitterID, outlet, etc...

IMPORTANT. Get people to The Onion, Babylon Bee, and The Borowitz Report FAST!!!!

It doesn't matter how many people laugh at Trump's trading cards. They are just vehicles

Britney Spears had her birthday on Dec. 2

Sweet Delila Celler Dwellers

According to Glenn Kirschner, some ARE above the law...

UK writer re: Meghan Markle: This is why, for a Black woman, being called a "bully" is triggering

Musk is now calling location data "assassination coordinates" - and btw Twitter will demand yours

Pelosi Attacker Planned To Target Newsom, Hunter Biden, Others - Raw News And Politics

Facing backlash for suspending journalists, Musk is POLLING on UNsuspending them UPDATE

'He ultimately was a child': Pelosi, Schumer describe dealing with Trump in exclusive interview- CNN

New Donovan

Brett Kavanaugh exposed with MAGA Christmas Party - Meidas Touch

Prices of used Teslas are dropping at almost 3x the rate of other used cars.

Somebody has created this, is it legit ?

Ok, I watched the entire Megan & Harry special on Netflix - I am not a royalist.

Donald Trump Supporters Annoyed With NFT Announcement: It's a 'Turn Off'

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 16, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Anton Walbrook

1965, Hendrix on 1st Black variety show in U.S., SHOTGUN!!!

Found a good post on Mastodon,

Twitter Abruptly Suspends Journalists Who Cover Elon Musk - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

i love bath time in Monster Hunter World

'You can't ban that': Silicon Valley lawmaker reacts to Musk suspending accounts on Twitter - CNN

OMG: Trump HUMILIATES himself with most embarrassing announcement imaginable - Brian Tyler Cohen

"I can't believe I'm going to jail for an nft salesman"

Can we get Covid shots in Florida? I can't get the Health Department to call me

Trump appointee Judge Kacsmaryk strikes again, staying the Biden Admin memo terminating Trump policy

Texas Creates Chilling Registry of 16,000 People Who Changed Genders on Their Driver's Licenses

Have you decorated your Venus fly trap for Christmas yet?

Cat Clinging To Side Of Christmas Tree Admits That Was Extent Of Plan

If it can be proven these Trump Cards are

Largest-ever analysis finds genetic links to smoking and drinking.

Seth Meyers: Trump's Pathetic "Major Announcement" Is a Major Dud; GOP Coup Texts Leaked: A Closer Look

Former Twitter Employee Sentenced to 42 Months in Federal Prison

Jack Dorsey Takes Blame for Twitter Failures, Will Give $1 Million to Signal

I absolutely will not be intimidated by Paxton's registry

Will the January 6th committee final report presentation be televised?

Lawrence: Trump's 'Major Announcement' Reveals He Is 'Tortured' & 'Desperate' - The Last Word - MSNBC

journalists on mastadon

Pure bread dog

Borrono's 'Saltarello' played by Paul O'Dette

The Year Men Flopped

Friday Good Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music to Relax Livestream

When someone says "Happy Holidays"...

Musk just got into a Twitter Space w/journalists, ended up leaving suddenly

Dave Brubeck - Take Five

anchor rants that he couldn't find a white doll for his "cute little 6 yr old white girl"

The 80-year-old book that explains Elon Musk and tech's new right-wing tilt

Rachel Maddow is on Post!

Newly surfaced video shows clash between Indian and Chinese troops

Krupa, Ellington, Armstrong and a whole bunch of All Stars -

Huge blast hits Russian oil refinery in latest suspicious explosion

Oscar Peterson & Count Basie - Jumpin' At The Woodside

Dr. Fauci: We Have Got To Do Better Than 13% Utilization Of Latest Booster - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Grateful Dead - 11-24-72: NFA/GDTRFB/NFA, Dallas,TX

WI GOP attributes violence against Lgbt to breakdown of family, lack of respect 4 cops, open borders

So What - Miles Davis

Can pictures be posted here?

Sister Of Uvalde Massacre Victim: 'Can't We All Agree This Can't Happen Again?' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing (Mono)

The Smothers Brothers I Talk To The Trees / Dance, Boatman, Dance - The Judy Garland Show

Steve Wright

Pelosi's Daughter Turns A Lifetime Of Filming Her Mother Into New Documentary - The Last Word - MSNBC

After today's announcement by TTIFG, if we can't see how far down the rabbit hole we are when

Jim Acosta is on Mastodon

Georgia's Voter Suppression EXPOSED

Joe Scarborough fesses up to being a Progressive as he excoriates the Right Wing fringe.

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Saying from St. Isaac the Syrian

We made sanctuary cities necessary. Good inflation news. Medicare Advantage Scandals persist.

Bernie Sanders praises Biden's economy as he scolded the media for failed working-class coverage.

*7 Days in May NOW

Fed Chair Powell's statement proves our fatally flawed economics.

Trump has always been peddling-superhero-trading-cards ridiculous

reverse image searches show TFG NFT images badly photoshopped from small online businesses

Jeremy Siegel: we need to get out of this yoy look at inflation ... 11 months of outdated data

I have a question

'Wiped out': War in Ukraine has decimated a once feared Russian brigade

Commanders to pay for fans' Metro fares after SNF game vs. Giants!

Peaceful Christmas Guitar Music Ambience and Carols by a Christian Instrumentalist

Far-right troll and Capitol rioter 'Baked Alaska' tweets that he can't believe he's 'going to jail f

If not McCarthy, whom?

K.I.N.D. Scholarship Student: 'I Will Be Someone In The Future' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Meanwhile, at Maralago, there was a silent auction, and a Paula Deen sighting

Oh my. A new art genre. Parody TFG trading cards.

Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Hawking Weird Imaginary Trading Cards - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Notorious Antisemitic Group Moves to Florida With a Target on DeSantis

Lula's inauguration to be attended by 17 heads of state

this guy said could develop a body like his without steroids or supplements

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's 'Four Characteristic Waltzes'

Suspect in Colorado Quadruple Killing Found in Mexico

January 6th Committee Wraps Up Investigation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

LGBTQ representation in film dropped in 2021 with all major studios receiving bad grades in GLAAD's

Several Journalists Have Twitter Accounts Suspended - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Oh God Let's Rank 15 of The Worst of These Horrible Donald Trump Trading Cards

The Last Thing: Mr. Kinzinger's Stark Warning - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Peru: Toxic discharges threaten the health of millions and right to safe drinking water, says UN exp

Annual holiday grinz repeat

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, Rescue Dog Rescue! and 2 Openings - 12/15/22

How Candombl, the African religion brought by slaves in the 19th century has shaped Brazilian cultu

WORDLE 545 (12/16) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Authorities target Bolsonaro supporters in large-scale search, seizures in Brazil

I just had the sickest and most delightful idea

Photos: Judge to rule on Castillo's detention amid Peru protests

Colombia to hike minimum monthly wage by 16%

I have Question for any boomers here .

Colombia's Renewed Peace Talks with ELN Rebels Provide Historic Opportunity

Smart Buoys Off the Coast of Chile Help Save, Track Whales

WATCH: Passenger's Suitcase Explodes in Brazil Airport

Wait...wut? These trading cards are an actual THING?

How much will Gallego win the 2024 AZ US Senate Race by against Sinema and the Republican not Ducey?

Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia back Peru's President Castillo, condemn 'anti-democratic harass

Five pressing questions for the future of lithium mining in Bolivia

Honduras, UN to sign pact establishing anti-corruption commission

Forest Equity: What Indigenous People Want from Carbon Credits

Jinnyoops live-Hinoaruku

poll regarding Trump's call to terminate Constitution

Breakfast 16 Friday 2022 coffee first

Opinion: What I learned about antisemitism with a gun pointed to my head

Given the puffed up superhero look the

45 Years after the National Guard of El Salvador Killed Efran Arvalo, His Family Bids Him Farewell

Homo Sapiens May Not Have Been the First Species to Use Fire

Key Facts about Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)

Colorful ancient mural -- believed to be destroyed by looters -- rediscovered in Peru

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Runnin' Down a Dream

My Wife's Friend Is Gone

Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io Fires Up in Infrared Image From NASA's Juno

If you're listening babe, this one is for you

Heavy metals found in dark chocolate including Hershey's and Trader Joe's

James Webb Space Telescope spots faint galaxy 'PEARLS' in stunning new view

Astronomers discover strange twin planets might be water worlds

Is this true?

The trading cards aren't that weird to me because

Harvard names new president, first Black woman to hold top job

A cat named Mimi went missing in 2012. She just turned up at a shelter.

Thinking of my father too, for you dad

JJ Cale - Call Me the Breeze - Live, Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

And in honor of Friday

TFG wants his IBP to buy his NFT scam cards with a failed currency system?

Stay tuned, history will be made this coming Monday.

Oregon's LGBTQ community worries that a new law will keep them from obtaining guns

Count Basie - Basie Boogie, Live

In case anyone missed it, free Covid tests in the mail are now available again due to spike

At Biodiversity Summit, The Word "Ocean" Appears Twice In 5,000-Word Working Document

House passes bill allowing Puerto Rico to vote on statehood, independence

I love Claire McKaskill

Microplastics In Seawater Cause Multiple Fatal Abnormalities In Sea Urchin Larvae

Trump is definitely delusional!

MAGA Congressman faces SHOWDOWN with Jack Smith before FEDERAL GRAND JURY

'Sleazy' Trump ridiculed by Morning Joe panel for latest cash grab

Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to obtain machine guns for resale

Oregon Study Shows That Salt Marsh Recovery Can Take Far Longer Than Thought - Centuries vs. Decades

In their delusional propaganda bubble, Trump voters believe someone can replace Trump.

Interest Rate Rises Accelerating Global Recession Despite Falling Oil & Commodity Prices - Joe Blogs

Fox Hosts Rage After Biden Signs Gay Marriage Law - The Beat - MSNBC

US religious conspiracist linked to Queensland police killers Gareth and Stacey Train

US religious conspiracist linked to Queensland police killers Gareth and Stacey Train

Friday TOONs - "Major Announcement!" Bwa-hahahahahaha!

Rep. Mark Green, TN's modern-day Benedict Arnold

Twitter is blocking links to Mastodon in DMs as well.

PR Giant Edelman, Neck-Deep In Big Oil Money, Talks About Building Trust Through Actions, Not Words

Something the whole nation owes Skinner, EarlG, and Elad, a HUGE thanks for ...

Ronny Jackson Receives Brutal Fact-Check Over Lie About Katie Porter

U.S. labor board region sides with USC athletes seeking 'employee' designation

Berlin's giant AquaDom aquarium containing 1,500 fish explodes

OMG! I'm dying over here. LOL

Twitter threatened with EU sanctions over journalists' ban

The timing of the Jan 6 Committee report (coming out Wednesday) shows it's NOT political

Twitter pulls its Spaces group audio feature after Musk run-in with banned journalists

Womp Womp: 200th Motor Rifle Brigade, Among Russia's Best Units, Effectively Destroyed In Ukraine

This is one image I'd really like to see in tRUMP's NFT

Wreaths Across America Set For Saturday

every media site should quit twitter as should every advertiser

Shapiro Reaches Settlement With JUUL

Red Dawn (1984)

GOP seeks May vote for Pa. House vacancies in Allegheny County as power struggle continues

White Christmas coming?

White Christmas in Munich? cross posted in Photography.

Jeff Tiedrich tweeted his Post and (free) Substack info last night

Now the kitchen is a comfortable zone for Carys

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: President Biden Digital Trading Card

BTRTN: Musk, Trump, and Putin... What Happens When an Individual Destroys a Brand

BTRTN: Musk, Trump, and Putin... What Happens When an Individual Destroys a Brand

First Video Ever of the Black-naped Pheasant-Pigeon

Would appreciate good energy to get homeless kitty trapped.

Chef Jose Andres trolling Musk over Donie O'Sullivan being suspended from Twitter

Funk No. 1

Pictures at a different angle...

Rare Singing, Emerald-Green and Iridescent-Blue Hummingbird Unexpectedly Rediscovered in Colombia

Oregon city drops fight to keep Google water use private

This is frightening -Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns

Singing Violet Sabrewing

I never heard of Mastodon. Lol.

State Sens. McClellan, Morrissey seek to fill McEachin's seat in Congress (VA)

Editorial: Don't give any money to con artist Trump

Louisiana officers charged in Black motorist's deadly arrest

Fun fact regarding Eloon's ban of Ryan Mac

Republicans did everything they could do to stop the January 6th investigation.

Has Musk gone Howard Hughes. I don't recall him acting this way in the past.

UK nurses strike: NHS worker says profession is at 'crisis point'

i'm w victor-

Techie and artistic I'm not but I truly hope somene releases trump NFT's showing him

Beethoven was born on this date.

Trumps' NFT's have already sold out!?

Noel Coward was born on this date.

L.A. confirms end of COVID eviction rules, while other tenant protections remain in limbo

Biden official told members of Congress that Ukraine has ability to retake Crimea

Robben Ford has a birthday today.

He's Not Selling Cards!

Chinese Economy "In Trouble" Explosion Of Violence: India-China Property & Financial Sectors

The spectacular Araripe Manakin was only discovered in 1996.

Photo: Male Araripe Manakin

I wonder what the shipping and handling charges were on the cards?

Plus ca change ...

Pittie Falls Asleep On His Foster Mom's Hand After Being Rescued (Happy Hankie Alert)

'Wiped out': War in Ukraine has decimated a once feared Russian brigade

on the bright side

A first look at the trains that will replace Amtrak's 50-year-old rail cars

Elon Musk, Management Guru?

For Beethoven's birthday: Ode To Joy. Flash mob in Sabadell, Spain, May 19, 2012.

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 1,438 times, and it may finally be too much.

Was Musk responsible for Tesla's success?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the last committee hearing and what to expect...


Inside Mar-a-Lago, Where Thousands Partied Near Secret Files

Politico: UK MPs accused of using foreign trips for sex tourism

from frank shaeffer on his substack.

Terrible accident on I-64 near Williamsburg, VA

Journalists reveal teh location of Musks head

Update on my gato Jean Luc

US religious conspiracist linked to Queensland police killers Gareth and Stacey Train

Middle Age Riot tweet: At $99 each, Donald Trump's digital trading cards aren't worth the paper

Elon Musk Banned Flight Data on Twitter, and the Guy Behind Helicopters of DC Has Thoughts

Fla. pastor, son scammed $8 million in covid aid to buy Disney home, feds say

Americans bought at least 150m guns in decade since Sandy Hook shooting

Are we witnessing Trump's displacement

2,200-year-old coin hoard gives hard proof of Book of Maccabees, say archaeologists

How Egypt's last Jews will mark Hanukkah, and make sure their culture doesn't "disappear" with them

Do you remember the year you bought your first computer and used the internet?

Tesla stock still falling. From 174.90 three days ago to 151.50 right now.

Trump/Musk/MTG threads...trashed all as advised...nothing to read but my own thread!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 16, 2022

Did TFG finally jump the shark with his digital trading card fiasco?

One of Them Trading Cards

On December 16, 1777, Virginia became the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.

Royal Sunangel "Elfin-forest King"

On this day, December 16, 1945, Tony Hicks of The Hollies was born.

Mike Luckovich-The Special Counsel subpoenaed my naughty list

Any ideas on recoloring a faded photo?

Leaving no wiggle room, Ky. Supreme Court trips up GOP march to destroy public schools

Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to discuss tfg while she's eating, lol (video tweet)

Massacre in Peru: Death Toll Tops 17 as Protests Mount After Ouster & Jailing of President Castillo

Trump just seems to be deflating right before our eyes.

Josh Shapiro's successor for attorney general is no stranger to the big stage

'Akikiki: Bird on the Brink of Extinction

Mark Meadows A Cooperating Witness?

On December 10, 2019, Gershon Kingsley died.

House Democrats introduce bill to bar Trump from office

Is Musk tripping on drugs? He uses pot, MDMA (ecstasy), mushrooms...and Ambien.

On this day, December 16, 1977, Saturday Night Fever was released.

Moderate Republicans weigh hardball tactics to counter anti-McCarthy crew

QAnon follower who led mob sentenced in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

How are people doing?

"free speech" under manchild musk

BTRTN: Musk, Trump, and Putin... What Happens When an Individual Destroys a Brand

Biden, Like Trump Before Him, Derails Effort to End U.S. Support for Saudi War in Yemen

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 16, 2022)

Leader Schumer on Pelosi:

This morning began with bright sunshine and puffy white clouds scudding eastward

How many of you have eaten cannibal sandwiches?

Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany - Edge Of Innocence (Resident Advisor's 2022 Album of the Year)

Police chief fired grenade launcher given as gift by Ukraine, Polish media reports

Dear Santa,🎅🏻

House Democrats introduce legislation to bar Trump from office under 14th Amendment

@elonmusk's location

US judge blocks Biden bid to end 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Trump's digital cards sell out within a day

Oregon governor commutes all 17 of state's death sentences

Jamie Raskin Goes NUCLEAR On GOP B.S. - TYT Investigates

Boogie Woogie Stomp - Live, Michael Alf Trio - 3 Dutch Masters Rock ♥

austin skyline and tree

Louisiana officers charged in Black motorist's deadly arrest (Ronald Greene murder)

Important question.

Internet Sleuth Pours Cold Water on Musk's Jet-Tracking Twitter Bans (Daily Beast)

A newspaper vanished from the internet. Did someone pay to kill it? WAPO

Ocellated Turkey - Yucatan Peninsula

Tesla's Third Largest Shareholder Calls For the Ouster of Elon Musk as CEO

Brianna Wu: Can't handle this much free speech.

Started watching "Marcel the Shell with Shoes on".

Homeless kitty trapping a no go...yet.

Chicago mayoral election: New poll shows Lightfoot trailing Garcia, Vallas

Stephanie Miller's Show 1st Half Hour on Friday


Water and tech: Oregon city drops fight to keep Google water use private

Jeff Tiedrich: your reminder that Joe Biden doesn't sell imaginary trading cards because Joe Biden

American Bird Conservancy: We're at COP15 with partners to advocate for birds and nature.

Huge aquarium bursts in Berlin, releasing floods of water and tropical fish

If you pop a bag of excellent microwave popcorn, how much do you usually eat right away?

Idaho woman who is miscarrying & being denied abortion is videoing herself getting sicker & sicker

Dream a Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald with Louis Armstrong

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Riviera Paradise

Judge unseals new details of contacts among Rep. Perry, Trump-connected attorneys

Republican elected to Georgia House facing drug and burglary charges: 'We actually filmed him'

Trump is too stupid to know he destroyed his reputation most people by selling trading cards.

"Since Virginia's 2023 abortion debate is already well underway, probably a good idea for folks ..."

VA-SD07: MSNBC discuss the special election. (VIDEO)

rail bus is a transformer.

Fun fact: Mastodon is the POTUS's SS name in Carl Hiassen's book SQUEEZE ME.

Nigerian child chess prodigy granted U.S. asylum

VA-SD07: Virginia NOW come out swinging for Aaron Rouse

Fran Lebowitz on Life without the Internet: 'If I'm Cancelled, Don't Tell Me!'

This editorial caught my eye re personal freedom

Is there any record anywhere of exactly who bought Trump's NFTs? Surely the

Merry Christmas! to all the Good Little Girls and Boys working in Alabama Car Plant

Jamie Raskin Shuts Down Ron DeSantis in brilliant takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Newsrooms are scrambling to counter Elon Musk's bans

Why Is US Media Becoming More Right-Wing?

Jan. 6 Rioter Who Chased Officer Eugene Goodman Sentenced To Five Years In Prison - MSNBC Reports

Trump Fans Hoping To Win Dinner At Mar-A-Lago Will Have To Cover Their Own Travel Expenses

World Cup 2022: Fifa to reconsider format of 2026 World Cup after 'best ever' tournament

The most important fact about the fusion breakthrough story. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS!!!!!

WTF? NBC has temporarily suspended their own reporter, Ben Collins, for being too critical of Musk

Researchers say time is an illusion. So why are we all obsessed with it?

Obviously, the poor folks who are so outraged by President Biden's signing into law

Buttigieg welcomes GOP investigations

For many MAGA, the vanity trading cards is a bridge too far.

Hoatzin, a bird related to dinosaurs

Wonder if Ron DeSantis will want to investigate this? Probably not. Too busy investigating

The apricothellbeast trading cards are at this location

What does the fusion energy breakthrough mean for the future of cars?

With new Democratic leadership next year, what long-inert legislation will now pass?

Warning of Winter Virus Surge, White House Revives * FREE HOME COVID TEST* Program

Brittney Griner posted a *thank you* message on Instagram today

Judge Granted Access to GOP Lawmaker's Emails

Peter Thiel: GOP will be in "Groundhog Day" without drastic changes

Newly-Elected GOP Lawmaker Arrested for Stealing Drugs

Well, St Louis fans are just as susceptible to getting buttered up as any one

The Mary Trump show , comments about Trumps trading cards, Dianne Feinstein, and questions...

Christmas at The White House with Willow Biden:

MAGA rioter 'can't believe' he's going to jail for Trump after watching trading card stunt

Elon Musk and friend

Skagit County town without mail delivery for over a year

The Old Man is very proud. 😆

Mysterious company behind Trump's trading cards has same address as his West Palm Beach golf club

Just a little something for dinner. Could have won 100 competitions, should have taken all day

Road work, concerts bring traffic delays to Puget Sound this weekend

White House Makes Major Investments In Rural America - Morning Joe - MSNBC

An in between place, at an in between time

'Elon Musk Should Be Aware Of That': EU Commission Threatens Sanctions Over Suspended Journalists

Board Modifies Standard Governing Off-Duty Workplace Access for Employees of Contractors

NBC News Suspends Reporter Ben Collins for Criticizing Elon Musk

FBI: Minnesota man was making arsenal, revered mass shooters

Post.News list of political accounts

Twitter just suspended journalist Linette Lopez, who reported on Tesla for Business Insider

'This Is Off The Rails': Twitter Suspends Journalists Who Reported On Musk

GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson's false "pedophilia" attack on Katie Porter blows up in his face

The Storm (A poem for Ukraine) by Sarah Ruden

Trump Lashes Out At New Polls Showing DeSantis In The Lead - Morning Joe - MSNBC

'Chrisley Knows Best' stars ordered to report to Florida prisons in January following bank fraud,

Someone should create parody Trump cards.

NC Supreme Court strikes down state Senate map, voter ID law.

Be nice to Elon Musk.

"Poster boy of the insurrection" is sentenced to 5 years in prison

Sasse's exit from Senate prompts GOP unease over replacement

Have you ever been really really filthy? I'm talking "after a day in a steel mill" or "after a hot

Administration Officials Believe Ukraine Has Military Capability To Retake Crimea - MSNBC Reports

Why [Redacted]'s bubblegum cards all sold: They were bought with craptocurrency...

Elon Musk's Twitter journalist purge has begun

sigh,....I just love this game.

Pa. Republicans fight to prolong House majority and pass far-reaching constitutional amendments

The main thing I dislike about being poor is not being able to travel.

Musk just reinstated Mike Lindell's Twitter account UPDATE: Pamela Geller's, too. Gateway Pundit.

Nature isn't always pretty.

Jan. 6 panel to vote on urging DOJ to prosecute Trump for at least three criminal charges

Tucker Carlson Interviews Kari Lake, Goes Horribly Wrong! - Luke Beasley

Musk's suspension of journalists could embolden authoritarians, free speech experts warn

Texas GOP Senators Perform Political Theater While Shilling For Oil And Gas

The end of Twitter - Down the rabbit (rat) hole. Into the abyss!

Washington Post publisher runs for cover after dropping bombshell on employees

Family - Between Blue and Me

D'espairsray - Trickster (Official Video)

Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War

Uriah Heap - Gypsy

Christmas at the White House with Willow Biden

A warning from Mad Musk, American Oligarch...

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

Ron DeSantis Paved the Way for Trump's NFT Money Grab

To scare a deer ...

Damnation of Adam Blessing - Morning Dew

Undecidedd -- Musk Theme Song

ELP - Lucky Man

In first speech since dinner with West and Fuentes, Trump calls himself 'the best ally' for Jewish

Jeff Beck - Morning Dew

Eichenwald: Trump's Trading Card Grift is Worse than You Think

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Louisiana, the AP, and movement....

I guess this is the scene where Toto pulls back the curtain.

Federal investigators have accessed emails of Rep. Scott Perry, John Eastman and other Trump allies

Am I missing something here?

Voter ID, partisan gerrymandering struck down in NC rulings just before court flips to GOP

Voter ID, partisan gerrymandering struck down in NC rulings just before court flips to GOP

Tesla's Third Largest Shareholder Calls For the Ouster of Elon Musk as CEO

Good thing the lying piece of shit cannot run for president

its quite surreal that will have no house speaker in this nation next year

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful (Merry Xmas!)

Ukrainian armed forces: Russian air force planes seen in Belarusian skies during missile attacks

Gov. Youngkin bans TikTok on (Virginia) state devices

AG Garland instructs prosecutors to end sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine

Family - Good News, Bad News

Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens - Streets of Bakersfield

Bari Weiss, who did some Twitter Files for Musk, is breaking with him over suspending journalists

Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music

Who needs Trump trading cards when you can play Top Trumps!


Bessie Smith - At the Christmas Ball

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

After recount, Democrat remains winner of battleground South Texas Senate seat

Jan. 6 panel to vote on urging DOJ to prosecute Trump on at least three criminal charges

Roger Waters - Comfortably Numb (with special appearance by David Gilmour) - Live at 02, London

Realistic optimism. A safe harbor for the climate, Peter Fiekowsky

So, I bought 200 "forever" stamps from an ad on FB for $48.00 ($. 24 each stamp).

I have a couple of questions about prosecution resources.

I recall reading quite some time ago that one of the differences between the parties was that

Paul McCartney - Birthday (Ringo Starr birthday surprise at Radio City Music Hall 2010)

People should be 'really careful' on TikTok, CIA director says - PBS NewsHour

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 16, 2022

Candidates backed by FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried pledge to donate campaign cash

Monday 19th at Democratic Underground - Twas six days before Christmas

Why The Biggest Laser in the World is Making Big News About Fusion (Scott Manley)

Destruction of Endangered Macaw Habitat Must Be Stopped, Say Brazilian Communities ...

Inside Mar-a-Lago, Where Thousands Partied Near Secret Files

Progressives CRUSH The GOP Over Puerto Rico Stance - TYT Investigates

I just got back from taking Dolly for a walk and she is bleeding from her rectum.

House Committee Takes Step Toward Potential Release of Trump's Tax Data

Garland instructs prosecutors to end sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine

Wow..impressive one person trampoline show

Poll: Most People Want to Know Elon Musk's Location so They Can Avoid Him

Brief encounter with a hawk

Some thoughts about Tik Tok

Jamie Raskin SHUTS DOWN Ron DeSantis in brilliant takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

relax tiktok isn't going anywhere

Trending: #MuskRat

Repub lost by three votes..challenging daughters "shameful" vbm dem vote

So he's dead, and I can tell the story...

I'm hearing the cards have sold out (rant)

Child workers found throughout Hyundai-Kia supply chain in Alabama

Co-Founder Of Multi-Billion-Dollar Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme "OneCoin" Pleads Guilty

MAGA rioter 'can't believe' he's going to jail for Trump after watching trading card stunt

FREE tfg trading card FREE

Donald Trump Might Finally See Some Consequences From His Involvement in the Jan. 6 Insurrection

Deforestation in Brazilian Cerrado Grows 25% and Exceeds 10,000 km2

I wonder what that archtype Republican, conservative and intellectual

Father of July 4 shooting suspect charged with 7 felonies

Trump's Right Wing Supporters ABANDON Him after HUMILIATING NFT launch - Meidas Touch

Does anyone know how to price used camera equipment for re-sale?

Texas GOP lawmaker hires Christian nationalist who called for drag show attendees to be executed

What will be the reactions from the Trump base when the Committee recommends criminal referrals?

My favorite trading card.

Heckler Tries to Skip Out on the Bill - Steve Hofstetter

Company That Makes Trump Digital Trading Cards Run Out Of UPS Store In Utah Strip Mall

I love this guy! - Car Thieves vs the Final GlitterBomb 5.0

Jan. 6 Capitol riot "poster boy" Doug Jensen sentenced to 5 years in prison - CBS News

Why fascists hate trans people

Construction of the Aquadom Tank

Highland Park suspected shooter's father is charged with felony reckless conduct

How do you know when an aquarium is about to burst?

Cat Will Hang on Guy's Hand Before He Give Her a Snack

Governor Race Breaks Spending Records

What was the first political event (not protest) that you attended involving The Democratic Party...

Trump omits dinner with white nationalist in speech to Jews

Judge warned in 2021 of gay bar attacker's shootout plans

BREAKING: Trump CRIMINAL REFERRAL will be Voted on by January 6 Committee - Meidas Touch

Willow Biden says Merry Christmas! .

Jane Fonda Said Her Cancer Is in Remission: 'Best Birthday Present Ever'

Couple Saves 'Gargoyle' Dog After 8 Years On The Streets

Zelensky Calls for War Tribunal for Russia's 'Crime of Aggression'

Any advertiser left on Twitter

About time!

U.S. Senate passes record $858 billion defense act, sending bill to Biden

Louisiana troopers accused of killing Black man and obstructing investigations - PBS NewsHour

Gulls around harvested fields

How Progressives Have Failed To Heed President Johnson's Warning - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Cartoons 12/16/2022

Here's looking at me!!!

What a really nice story . . . .

January 6 Panel Will Urge Criminal Charges for Trump

Stillaguamish Tribe opens retail cannabis shop

Hundreds of tourists stranded in Machu Picchu amid Peru protests

Russian tactics are latest example of worrying global trend, says fmr. UK foreign secretary - CNN

Two Grams Of Pure 'Tude...

EU approves new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine war

A Look At How The Ex-President Left America's National Security Secrets Exposed - Deadline - MSNBC

Heading toward sun set @ 4:47, southern MD

J6 will make criminal referrals regarding Motherfucker, Meadows, Roody, others

Lengthy prison terms for 3 who aided Whitmer kidnap plotter

I'm trying to scam Trump for infinite money. Would my idea be legal?

Am I wrong in distinctly recalling that

Jan. 6 committee to vote Monday on riot criminal referrals

Manuel Gottsching has died

Friday, January 6, 2023

so what do you think of this vocalist's singing voice? critiques welcome...

Dobbs decision is "devastating" U.S. maternal health, Biden administration says

Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man

Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes.

grades are in - further advice for college students.

Twitter is a mess, so former employees are creating Spill as an alternative