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Texts Expose Giuliani Legal Team's Divisive Election 'Circus' And Requests For Cash

Self-Parking cars Tesla v Audi v Ford v BMW - test and comparison - are they any good?

Judge Robert Hinkle may give Andrew Warren justice against DeSantis firing him.

European Wind Turbines at a Standstill Amid an Ongoing "Wind Drought"

If you lack taste and imagination - use money. Other people's if possible. Right, Ivanka?

Great thread on each of the TFG stooges being investigated by Jack Smith

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Russian security teams are scrambling to hunt down Ukrainian spies as locals in captured towns

Bipartisan bill to prevent future coup schemes still has a chance

Epstein Victim Levels SHOCKING Allegations Against Trump Lawyer

CLOSINGS AND DELAYS: Montgomery County, Maryland, schools will open two hours late Thursday.

'Pyramid scheme' promoted by Trump and Celebrity Apprentice links him to federal lawsuit: plaintiffs

Maybe candidate quality wasn't McConnell's only problem

Update: David DePape ordered to stand trial in violent assault of Paul Pelosi

Over 100 Twitter employees cut off from Slack after they fail to respond to Musk's Saturday email

200,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives in the last half of 2021 and into early 2022

Russian TV sees war with NATO as inevitable: Poland is preparing"

GOP lawmakers who texted Mark Meadows

Mississippi woman 43 (veterinarian) kills two cops - update...not suicide, killed by return fire

Residents of Floriduh beware.

What a tornado did with a 2 x 4 in New Orleans today.

World Shocked That Man Running Business Based On Imaginary Money Might Be Fraud

Why Mark Meadows' reported Jan. 6 texts are so important

Tfg approval hits new low: 31% voters (The Hill)

France gets past underdog Morocco, advances to World Cup final vs. Argentina

The White House is lit green tonight in honor of the Sandy Hook shooting victims

MAGA pastor admits conservative policies suck

Kitten contortions:

50 Times Cats Hilariously Crashed Nativity Scenes

iphone question.

Miami cop fired for punching homeless man who stole chicken at Publix.

Up, up, and ooover!

USFWS Extends Endangered Species Protection To Whitebark Pine, Keystone Western Species

Hyper cat demands attention and play from dog:

Chicago authorities will stop "red tagging" cold-weather ice fishing tents setup for homeless

Special counsel Smith has subpoenaed officials in all 7 states targeted by Trump allies

MPs pass bill mandating internet giants pay for news. Meta threatens to block content

Trump Org. was secretly held in contempt for hindering probe

Another hyper cat takes on a Christmas tree:

What Donald Trump's "announcement" Thursday might be ... (UPDATED)

Boehner gets emotional in Pelosi tribute: 'My girls told me, tell the Speaker how much we admire her

don't view the comments on the marriage bill signing on whithouse YT and Newtown videos on msnbc

Texas Republicans Aim to Censor Abortion Pill Websites

Amblin Entertainment Developing Feature Based On 'Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra'

Ukraine Air Defenses Shoot Down Russian Drones, but Kyiv Sustains Damage

Kanye West Called Rosa Parks a 'Plant'. At This Point, Why Are We Still Listening to Him?

Arctic rapidly turning warmer, wetter and riskier: report

Senate Passes Bill Banning TikTok From Government Devices

Lauren Boebert's Rallying Cry To Conservatives Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Musk bans Twitter account tracking his jet, threatens to sue creator

Glen Canyon Dam Managers Prepare For The (Previously) Unthinkable: Shutting Down The Generators

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Spielberg's Amblin to Develop Film Based on Rachel Maddow Podcast About Great Sedition Trial of 1944

Spielberg's Amblin to Develop Film Based on Rachel Maddow Podcast About Great Sedition Trial of 1944

Republican megadonor Thiel urges GOP to challenge China

Reichsbrger coup: Conspirators planned armed units for 'arresting and executing' people DW News

you won't believe the comments on the twitter Newtown victim videos

BREAKING: Trump Organization Held in CRIMINAL CONTEMPT in Secret Trial - Meidas Touch

Politico: Come on down? House GOP weighs the right price to topple a speaker

Which of the three would you rather have?

House OKs stopgap funding fix with broader deal still under wraps

Lula Announces that Privatizations Will Come to an End in Brazil

Text Evidence Bomb Hits MAGA World: Coup Plots Unearthed By Jan. 6 Panel - The Beat - MSNBC

I just learned that my paternal great great grandmother went from being a noblewoman in

GOP Confronts Divisions Posing Long-Term Threats

The Winery Dogs - Captain Love

'Republicans Are Emasculated': Rand Paul Furious Over Bipartisan Spending Deal

'We want to get dirty': Young Republicans Club founder doubles down on call for 'war' with American

Mark Meadows texts with 34 Republican members of Congress trying to overturn election results - GK

Mark Meadows texts with 34 Republican members of Congress trying to overturn election results

Optical Illusion: The left and right side of this lattice have the same number of black dots

I was targeted by FOX and FOUGHT BACK

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US, Ukraine, and Patriots....

Just an amazing rescue

Florida man loses temper when wife asks him to help make dinner

The Clash - London Calling

Sacha Baron Cohen Slams Social Media Companies: 'Your Product Is Defective' NBC News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy vs McConnell....

'Pure Madness': Chris Hayes On DeSantis Demonizing Public Health To Defeat Trump - All In - MSNBC

Fuck Jerome Powell

Sleeping cat provoked into big stretch:

Elizabeth Warren: 'Good Policy Is Good Politics' - All In - MSNBC

Ewwwww - not for weak stomachs, but it's a good warning.

How about Former TX US Representive Filemon Vela run for the US Senate in 2024?

DEBUNKING MUSK - TED Talk 2022 Part 1

Recursion #5 (Ice Storm)

Kimmel: "Superhero" Trump Teases MAJOR Announcement, Musk's Twitter Not Paying Rent & 2022 Clip of

Very liquid cat:

LOL! The *teeth* on this cat!

As House January 6 committee winds down, it is abandoning efforts to subpoena phone records

On Now: Strauss - 'Oboe Concerto', John Anderson on oboe

Musk sells $3.5B worth of Tesla stock as investors voice concern over Twitter involvement

Seth Meyers - GOP Spins Conspiracy Theories About Arrest of FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried: A Closer Look

My cats head bump for attention, too, but never this hard:

Recession & New World Order for 2023 According to Blackrock's 2023 Global Outlook - Joe Blogs

Absolute nope:

The panel to hear Bannon's appeal: KARMA!

Should the Senate

Paranoid Musk claims he was stalked

Oh, nothing can go wrong with this!!! @KenPaxtonTX Is a hateful bigot!

Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton - Something (Live)

Thursday Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Coffee Drinking Livestream

Kari Lake Interviews the MyPillow Guy, It's A Disaster! - Luke Beasley

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Christmas show is on !!!!

Silencing the symphony of one of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet

Your kid is probably safer at a drag brunch than at church

*Alexandra Pelosi on Amanpour.

Fox News Gets Awkward When Host Floats Strange Conspiracy About Sam Bankman-Fried! - Luke Beasley

Anyone here using Post?

Trump PLUMMETS in New Poll - Meidas Touch

Thursday's digit: 1/10 - Early on it's icy, making walking dicey. Then rain rules the day

DUer Bayard has lost yet another precious member of her family...

Brazil to resume diplomatic relations with Venezuela under Lula

Trump Posts Bizarre Video of Himself, Says He's Making "Major Announcement" Tomorrow! - Luke Beasley

On Mastodon tonight:

Club Q Survivors On Their Capitol Hill Testimony Denouncing Anti-LGBTQ Violence - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Environmentalists sue Interior Department in push to save critically endangered porpoise

'The Cherry Tree Carol'/'The Holly and the Ivy' by Adagio Trio

About four-in-ten U.S. adults believe humanity is 'living in the end times' (Pew)

9/11 Report Details How President Bush Allowed Thousands To Be Murdered In Terrorist Attack - RoF

Pulse Nightclub Survivor SMACKS DOWN Ron DeSantis in POWERFUL speech - Meidas Touch

House Republicans Hold The Saddest Christmas Party Ever - Ring of Fire

US sues Arizona over shipping containers on Mexico border

Push to repeal California anti-oil law inches closer to goal

I watched Amsterdam on HBO a few days ago.

Club Q Shooting Survivor 'Disgusted' Over U.S. 'Inaction Of Gun Reform' - MSNBC Reports

Kremlin: Patriot Missiles Arriving in Ukraine Will Be a Prime Target for Russian Airstrikes

Does anyone give enough of a shit to watch the Harry and Meghan film on Netflix.

All Gestures, All Shock Opera: DeSantis Launches His Newest Battle - Morning Joe - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) 'Sunday Night Football' to feature first-ever Hanukkah menorah lighting

(Jewish Group) 4 Hanukkah recipes from across Asia that meld local cultures with Diaspora traditions

4 Hanukkah recipes from across Asia that meld local cultures with Diaspora traditions

(Jewish Group)Survey shows Democrats much likelier than Republicans to see antisemitism as a problem

Survey shows Democrats much likelier than Republicans to see antisemitism as a problem

Texas school board that banned Anne Frank book invited Messianic 'rabbi' charged with sexual assault

Even Republicans Think Trump Is Half Assing His Latest Presidential Run - Ring of Fire

Mark Meadows Is The Epicenter Of The Architecture Of This Coup Says Asha Rangappa - The ReidOut MSNBC

Elaine Chao Refuses To Condemn Trump For His Racist Attacks Against Her - Ring of Fire

Sandy Hook Survivor 10 Years Later: 'We Have So Much Further To Go' - MSNBC Reports

Stupor Hero

WORDLE 544 (12/15) ***SPOILER THREAD***

10 Years After Sandy Hook, Here's How the Fight for Gun Safety Has Changed - NowThis News

Transwoman to Ken Paxton

How Winter Might Be Ukraine's Ally - William Spaniel

Elon Musk Sells $3.58B Worth Of Tesla Stock, Purpose Unknown

Title IX was intended to close the gender gap in college athletics But schools are rigging the no's.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Texts Show 'Lying Clown' Giuliani Was Ginni Thomas's 'hero' - The Last Word MSNBC

'It's not fair': 'Genius' MAGA pastor wants voting rights repealed because Democrats win elections

angry cop David McLaughlin tackles man filming from his porch, City of Vallejo pays victim $300,000

Pulse Survivor On Anti-LGBTQ Hate: 'We Must Treat One Another Better' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Catching up with the Smothers Brothers

Iowa mother pleads guilty to Jan. 6 charges minutes before trial with son

Stunning necklace found at burial site of powerful Anglo-Saxon woman, perhaps early Christian leader

Doc Says DeSantis Attacks On Covid Vaccines Endangers Public Health - The Last Word - MSNBC

Physicist: Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Proves Clean Energy Future Is Possible - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Daily Show: Voter Fraud, Italian Satellites and...Marla Maples? Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy

Tennesseans don't know how draconian the new Tennessee abortion law is

Musk is trying to sic his Twitter followers on a driver he says stalked his son.

Boehner Speaks At Event Honoring Pelosi; Gesture Contrasts With Current Divided Politics - Alex Wagner

McCarthy Struggles To Muster Supporter; Trump Weakness Stirs Potential Challengers - Alex Wagner

Stephen Miller's law group says it's fighting 'racism against White people'

Murphy Senses Shift For Anti-Gun Violence Movement As Voters Lose Patience With Inaction - Alex Wagner

Ukraine destroys Russian ammunition depot in Kharkiv region - Times Radio

Democrat and Republican state reps both declare leadership of Pennsylvania House - Dan Abrams Live

Rep. Gallego Still Considering Challenging Sinema For Senate In 2024 - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Are Sam Bankman-Fried's parents now in legal jeopardy? - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

I Built a Wildlife Pond - here's what happened

Migrant surge overwhelming El Paso as COVID-era policy set to end - Rush Hour - NewsNation

Feds Allege Etsy Shop Used As Front For Smuggling Sanctioned Weapons Parts To Russia - Alex Wagner

Richter, Schiffmacher, Brandl, Nichelmann

"Trouble is the town square is now overrun with heavily armed apocalyptic wingnuts..."

Nation Marks 10 Years Since Sandy Hook - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Thursday 15 December 2022

All Metro Service will also be extended until 2 a.m. on New Year's Day,

Covid Is Overwhelming Chinese Hospitals - China Uncensored

Twitter Shakes Up Safety & Legal Teams - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

National Guard member deployed for Operation Lone Star stabbed while off duty in Mexico

Malcolm Nance & Stephanie Miller: Trump's Cronies Need to Lawyer Up... Bannon, Greene, Meadows & More...

The Finnish experience with fighting Kremlin's aggression - Eastern Express - TVP World

Hellscape, courtesy of Russia

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/14/22

Farms3Table 12/17/22

I am so proud of Nancy Pelosi that..

Children targeted by Russia's indoctrination machine - Break the Fake - TVP World

Swedish Candle Snuffer

Giving Mom her own sound effects:

Unexplained leak from docked Soyuz spacecraft cancels Russian ISS spacewalk

Still funny if anything about this jackass can be

For the first time ever, no British fans were arrested at the World Cup

Thursday TOONs - MeMe Is The New Meme

Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady

Peru's new government declares police state amid protests

Ohio man charged in Arizona for threatening elections official

Food for thought: Artificial Sweetener Aspartame shows multigenerational anxiety in mice

Florida ranks 48th in teacher pay.

Boston Univ. School of Public Health: Reconsidering our School's Engagement with Twitter

White House to Restart Free Covid Home Test Program

The Super Hero Cartoon Character will be making an announcement today

At least 3 dead and multiple injured as tornadoes wreak havoc across Louisiana and the Southeast

I just finished audiobook of THE DIVIDER by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.

Henry Cavill won't be returning as 'Superman'

QAnon, adrift after Trump's defeat, finds new life in Elon Musk's Twitter

Nurses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are on strike

What would Fido say about you? This community poem takes pets' point of view

Any clue as to the time of the former guy's MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT today??

Trump Regroups After Rocky First Month of 2024 Bid

Workers Are Courageously Standing up to Corporate Greed

Huh. Coal Company Drains Springs, Cancels Grazing Leases; MT Ranchers Call On Evil Federal Govt.

Politico: DeSantis builds his conservative resume as Trump flounders

Multiversity's 2022 Holiday Wishlist for the

2022 Year in Review: Best Translated Comic, Non-Manga

▶️ Bernie: Workers Are Courageously Standing up to Corporate Greed

2022 Year in Review: Best Licensed Comic

Jan. 6 committee teases new evidence ahead of final hearing

Overrun with pandemic-era guinea pigs, NYC shelters press for pet shop ban

So here's a story, and then a thought, submitted for your consideration...

Texas drag show protestors drowned out by supporters

Inq: Doug Mastriano pleaded for money while running for governor. He didn't even spend the last $1M.

Brunson v. Adams: why is this frivolous shit on the Supreme Court docket?

Trump Hoarded Most Of The $147 Million In Small-Donor Money He Raised For Himself

Ronna McDaniel's RNC Race Devolves Into a Rat's Nest of Accusations

QAnon, adrift after Trump's defeat, finds new life in Elon Musk's Twitter

'Russia is going to be defeated in Ukraine' - Ben Wallace full interview - Times Radio

What Have Strikes Achieved?

Who or what thing would you like to paint the tRump official portrait

Firearm deaths of children in the US

Here is one reason no Republican candidate for president can repeat what Trump did.

Is Musk actually helping our cause?

Interesting party (Jr. & Kimmy).

Desantis wants Floridians to get covid

Tweet "i cant fucking believe i was in the middle of a mass shooting. ive felt safe at this parade f

Why Army scientists were called in to investigate the death of a Red Panda at the National Zoo

Memo to already-overburdened judges everywhere: "friv-o-lous"-----

Sheep Rescued From Mountain Looks So Different Now

Is anyone else on Post?

Russian Soldier Dreams Of Having A Thermal Imager While He Doesn't Even Have Winter Boots And Food

Just in! Trump has been named "Classy & Tasteful Communicator of 2022" by LUME! nt

Harry Truman accepts Christmas turkey, White House, December 13, 1948: #AP

Is the Biden administration investigating the extent to which RW evangelical groups in Central

On December 14, 1954, "Liberace Christmas" was aired.

Snowy Morning

On this date, December 14, 1907: the first large marine oil spill?

On December 14, 1964, the USSC issued an important ruling on the Commerce Clause

Elon Musk's Twitter Flame-Throwing Has New Magnitude

US House to remove bust of judge who wrote Dred Scott decision defending slavery

If you tried to overthrow the government* you should not be alllowed to be part of that government.

Was there an assassination attempt on the President of Guyana.

Fearless Protestor Forces Cops To BACK DOWN - Audit the Audit

On this day, December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was enacted.

Newsom: California is overwhelmed by immigrant crisis

In A Sentimental Mood

Speculating On What The Cyberwar In Ukraine Means, and Whether We're Ready

David Corn: Newly Revealed Texts Show Mark Meadows Is a Liar

I love my brother, and not just because he once saved my life. He just keeps life interesting

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's major announcement....

Gov. Kelly (D-KS) beat the odds to win reelection. Has she become a national model for Democrats?

Five down in Apt. 307: Mass fentanyl deaths test a Colorado prosecutor

Texas documented 'Dreamers' at risk of deportation if Senate doesn't pass bill

Shouldn't be too long now...

Record low water levels on Mississippi River in 2022 show how climate change is altering large river

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 15, 2022

I see Powell is at it again!

Louie Gohmert, low IQ seditionist

Anyone have recommendations re: how to send text messages...

Special counsel probe takes turn with BOMBSHELL new evidence - Brian Tyler Cohen

As added punishment, the domestic terrorists who are found guilty of attempting to overthrow the

Geomorphology for kids

Audit: Tennessee DCS failed to fully investigate sex abuse reports

US Factory Production Declines for First Time Since June

Progressive Post: discover the new issue

Retail sales down 0.6%, but up 1.3% the previous month. Unemployment claims down 20,000

DC Bar Association disciplinary committee issues "preliminary" conclusion that Rudy violate rule

US Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop to Lowest Since September

You raised $110.00 on December 14, 2022 DU for Ukraine

Attorney disciplinary committee says Giuliani violated ethics rules with 2020 election fraud claims

My boy (cat) Jean Luc is headed to the ER, could use some thoughts and prayers

U.S. retail sales post biggest drop in 11 months; labor market tight

On December 15, 1952, the Dec. of Independence and the Constitution were unveiled at the Archives.

Trump's "major announcement" is....the release of Trump digital trading cards


UN Peacekeeper Irish soldier Pte Sen Rooney killed in Lebanon attack

UN Peacekeeper Irish soldier Pte Sen Rooney killed in Lebanon attack

Trump finally makes his 'major announcement' - and it has nothing to do with his campaign

On this day, December 15, 1919, Max Yasgur was born.

On this day, December 15, 1943, Fats Waller died.

Enjoying a frosty seasonal mug of Kari Lake fan tears after Trump's "major" announcement

Research shows that there is a large exodus from conservative,Evangelical Christianity over politics

Journalist Matt Binder tweeted more images of Trump's digital trading cards

For The Eleventy-Billionth Time: There Is No Liberal Media Bias

Man gets his first cat. But insists he's more like a dog.

Well, it finally happened. Didn't think it ever would, but...

What Was Trump's 'Major Announcement'? His Own Digital Trading Cards...Yes, Really

Um-m-m----------this "Trump trading cards" thing is a JOKE, right? I mean---- no one in

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 15, 2022)

Iran expelled from UN women's rights body over crackdown

The more I read about FTX, the more it sounds like "What if Enron, but perpetrated by Jacob Wohl?"

Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down controversial school choice measure

Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down controversial school choice measure

If Trump wanted to sell some NFT cards he should do a line showing him

Homemade Shortbread Recipe (video)

Oil Billionaire testifies against so-called ESG in a Texas Senate Committee Hearing.

One of DU's beloved needs some help. SalmonChantedEvening has come across ....(Donations disabled)

Calling all Wordsmiths!

TCM tonight:

Trump's Trading Cards Are Creating an Existential Crisis For Me

Camel enjoys his first snow:

Dance scene in the 1951 movie The River, set in India

RAINy day in southern MD 12/15

I said it a long time ago. One day it will be hard to find a Trump voter.

3 militia members who plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sentenced to years in prison

I don't think people are grieving Trump due credit...

The 'Hall of President's' At Disney.....

Who else is crying and can't breathe right now?

The "Iowa out, South Carolina in" decision. What do YOU think about it?

Free Covid tests. Order starting today

Poland's top cop injured by exploding present, says ministry

Think of all the people who are going to prison because of the Orange Dufus.

Where's that individual who was hacking

Schumer Predicts Dems Will Hold Senate Majority In 2024 - Morning Joe

Trading cards $99?

I Think I Found Kyrsten Sinema's Side Hustle

MAGA Federal Judge PROHIBITS Access to Contraception in New DERANGED Order

Trump's digital trading cards -- I don't get it

I thought the official border wall was ugly, but Arizona has managed to create an even uglier one!

'Shameful': Critics Denounce US Warship Named 'Fallujah,' Site of Civilian Massacres in Iraq

Keith Olbermann's next podcast episode will be so fun to listen to!

Dangerous flash-freeze highly possible as Arctic front passes through Michigan next week

Florida Man made his "We Need a Superhero" announcement ...

January 6 Committee Final Public Meeting will be Monday, 12/19 at 1PM ET

A DeSantis Sleeper Agent must have infiltrated Mar-A-Lago!

US House votes to remove bust of judge who wrote Dred Scott decision defending slavery

Will TFG's trading cards be the straw that breaks the camel's back with respect to MAGA nutcases?

CWRU First Amendment Clinic Obtains Dismissal of Tort Claims Against Student Newspaper--

Hello, I am following the Nurses Strike. Is there a UK person here

Keystone pipeline rupture spilled diluted bitumen, complicating cleanup

Trump is finished, politically and legally. Watching the ending will be glorious.

( Overheard in the sub-basement at Mar-A-Lago----according to the rumor I'm starting. )

I am following the UK Nurses Strike. Is there a DUer here

The Orange Blowfish major announcement is that he is placing his image on a

Even Freepers and r/conservative are embarrassed by Trump's trading card scam

Why is tRump and his cronies getting away with obvious treason/sedition?

50 Funny Dogs Who Think They're Cats

There Will Be Five Golden Tickets Mixed In With These Trading Cards - And If You....

U.S. Senate must work quickly to pass stopgap funding bill, Schumer says

Archie Leach, an 18 year old vaudeville actor

Advocates Push For Automated Criminal-Record Expungement in Mississippi

College student who tracks Elon Musk's jet says he's not concerned about possibly being sued by the

No more snow days for Seattle Public Schools as they turn to remote learning

Suspect shot, killed in SWAT standoff near WSU campus after threatening to kill roommates

Trump launches hilarious NFT collection

Maybe we need a new Forum... Stupid things RETHUGS do...

Is there any type of investigation that can be done to

Republicans want to blame Club Q shooting and other hate crimes, baselessly, on police defunding

I wouldn't normally send traffic to the site known as FR, but...

No kidding folks, someday those trading cards might actually be worth something

Home-grown supply operation outfits Ukraine's women soldiers

Elon Musk posts license plate, calls on 120 million followers to track down man after banning

Elon On The Shelf (Luckovich Cartoon)

Women's Rights Activist on Protests Sweeping Iran, the Intensifying Gov't Crackdown & Executions

Trump traitor cards 😀

Trading Card Predictions

New Study Links COVID-19 Vaccination Status to Increased Risk of Car Crashes

Twitter announces changes to Terms of Service

Mind Laundry

Boing boing llama:

Canadian journalist reacts to Trump's announcement video.

My guess: Putin cancelled the press-conference because he DOESN'T KNOW the answers.

That is quite the legal defense Trump put forward today.

Day 21, no one suspects a thing.

The false claim about who committed 2 right-wing attacks

Here's how they think about the freak [Trumpy] in Canada. (The rest of the world, too!)...

How Amazon put Ukraine's 'government in a box' -- and saved its economy from Russia

Now if Sofia Vergara sold trading cards of herself

VICE: Elon Musk Had His Most Absurd, Disturbing 24 Hours at Twitter Yet

Ron DeSantis Needs To Let The Anti-Vax Movement Go

Members of organized retail theft group arrested in Lynnwood following emphasis patrols

Just go ahead and jumpl

Hurry - They'll soon be gone - SUPERDOOPER TRUMP CARD

3 WVa reporters who condemned interview of ex-coal CEO fired

3 WVa reporters who condemned interview of ex-coal CEO fired

Spooked By Fireworks In Texas, TV Journalist's Beloved Dog Found 7 Years Later... In Florida

Inslee proposes billions for housing, would need voter OK

More Snowfall Possible Next Week Around Seattle: Forecast

Most Presidents publish books. That is all....

Ron DeSantis's vaccine "investigation" is all about beating Trump

You can order 4 more free COVID tests at

Washington man charged with leaving more than 400 threatening voicemails for members of Congress

A wee bit of dis and dat

HEALTH: White House brings back free at-home COVID test orders as part of "winter preparedness plan

Fauci extols effectiveness of vaccines in response to research requested by DeSantis

Freeper reactions to TFG's superhero cards...

Superhero Trump?

Health officials in Pa. face scrutiny over weak oversight of medical marijuana doctors

Why Has Qatar Jailed a World Cup Whistleblower? The Brother of Abdullah Ibhais Speaks Out

Kitten awakens to treat:

The Grift Continues ... How can you run out of something that is digital? Act fast before the Trump Superhero Cards will sell out.

Ron Filipkowski nails it (Trump NFTs, and the friends he lost when he told them Trump is a con-man)

The best thing about Trump's "Major announcement"...

As Workers Battle Cancer, The Government Admits Its Limit for a Deadly Chemical Is Too High

I just got home from driving around in the snow...

Rudy Giuliani Under Threat of Disbarment After D.C. Bar Committee Finds His Failed 2020 Election Sui

Weird Robin

We had some good news this week (Al's eyes)

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS from our President 😎

The Hartmann Report: Why Doesn't America Have $10 Broadband?

Homeless Vet BEATEN in Colorado Over License Plate - The Civil Rights Lawyer

Can you imagine the Colbert and Kimmel late shows tonight?

House approves funding extension to avert gov't shutdown, buys time for spending deal

December 15th, 2022 Word of the Day: "Bathetic"

Is there some place where we can monitor sales of the Trump Cards?

Mix 1: Oldschool Tech-House / Minimal - Phase 1 2007-2009

Cartoons 12/15/2022

Everett council OKs budget, considers tax increase next year

These Two Baby Goats Are Best Friends

'Tripledemic' strains resources at Snohomish County hospitals

Missing woman's family: 'If she had white privilege, we would have answers'

Turning Point USA turns its attention to elementary-schoolers

Incredible Paper Airplane Throw

Purdue Northwest chancellor apologizes for 'offensive' remark after impersonating speakers of Asian

Trump Superhero Cards is all just a psyops. He's playing chess, we are all playing checkers.

Same free media, publicity strategy as 2016 n/t

Sheriff Troyer acquitted, says governor, AG were 'coming after me'

Biden mocks Trump's 'major announcement' of digital trading cards

A hundred bucks a CARD? When I first saw the scam, I thought...

A hundred bucks a CARD? When I first saw the scam, I thought...

Russia warns of 'consequences' if US missiles go to Ukraine

Hal reacts to Trump's NFT trading cards

Musk's Twitter tweaks foreshadow EU showdown over new rules

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Mafia-Themed Nickname For The GOP Backfires

The ironic thing about Trump's "big announcement" is...

A little game we play in my neighborhood.

Does Melania now understand the idiom "a house of cards"? (nt)

NFT - Notorious Felonious Trump

Quote of the Day

Herbert Deutsch, transformative figure in electronic music, dies at 90

Robert Toth, L.A. Times reporter targeted by KGB, dies at 93

Video Footage of Attack on Paul Pelosi Shown at San Francisco Hearing

The Donnie Dipshit Stuporhero NFTs are the funniest shit I have seen

Four horses fell in a frozen pond. Neighbors raced to save them.

An Alternate Reality: How Russia's State TV Spins the Ukraine War

On December 14, 1799, George Washington died.

The Trump video is even worse than the announcement.....

Ok I'm convinced....

More free COVID tests, link

National Archives releases 13,173 more JFK assassination files

Since trump is trying to sell his digital cards

Tesla stock price largely based on 'hype' and 'pixie dust,' venture capitalist says

Talk me out of getting another dog

Russia is destroying Ukraine's economy, raising costs for U.S. and allies

What's your favorite non-NFT Joe Biden nongrifting picture?

Drove through Fort Myers Beach today

McCarthy's Ongoing Speaker Battle Paralyzes the House

What to do? My computer is buggy

In kidnap plot against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, 3 men sentenced and plead for court's mercy

Notice that Trump says that this is his FIRST digital nft trading card collection.

NLRB Protects Workers from Employer Coercion During Investigation of Unfair Labor Practice Complaint

Strong winds against ice loading shears off top half of Montana tower

OMG! Now he's peddling secret MAGA decoder rings

National Archives has released more JFK assassination documents today. LINK

MacKenzie Scott Launches Website to Detail Her Philanthropic Efforts

Arctic blast: DC area set for major cold wave just in time for Christmas

House approves referendum to 'decolonize' Puerto Rico

Trading Cards?

Philly Tribune: Philly schools will require masking for 2 weeks following winter break

Writer Flying Home From Emmys Puts 'Racist' Delta on Blast

Before you rush out to buy a passel of Trump cards....

Someone should offer an NFT of trump in handcuffs being escorted

trump new superhero trading card

The Big Announcement by Motherfucker is either

The Village People will likely get quite a boost in their brand with today's "big announcement".

He can bounce off the walls faster than any other!

Not enough people are getting killed crossing the street, so California has passed a new law

trump's major "Superman" announcement is a DUD.

Harvard Names a New President, an Insider and Historic First

Texas and the 2022 election (Rant)

So Kinzinger tries to blame Dems for the mess that is the ReTHUG pRty

HSBC sets precedent by withdrawing support for oil and gas

First holiday season for victims of shootings this year.

Depot In My Little Town

California Trains Cops, Prison Guards With Anti-Muslim Video

Tis the season- Florida man style

Hey, Arizonans, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do & good places to eat?

Free COVID tests:

Judge Who Didn't Disclose Conflict Won't Be Reversed on Appeal

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about congressional comments on the 6th....

A Northern Wisconsin Village

From Buzz Iceclear to Clearopathra, snowplow naming gains traction around the country

I think we all needed that laugh today!

Too funny. They aren't NFT's

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 December 2022

Today, DU is a bit tedious to read.

James Patterson to complete unfinished Michael Crichton book

Kurt Eichenwald: Trump's Trading Card Grift is Worse than You Think

House approves referendum to 'decolonize' Puerto Rico

Yesterday's Wordl -

4 more free COVID tests. USPS link.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 15, 2022

just call them porkyman trading cards

Ron DeSantis makes DERANGED DEMAND to Impanel GRAND JURY to Investigate COVID Vaccines - MeidasTouch

Lessons from Germany to help solve the U.S. medical debt crisis

Former officer Aaron Dean found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson

An Alternate Reality: How Russia's State TV Spins the Ukraine War

"Old Cat Ladies" - Locked Up For Feeding Cats (LackLuster)

PM Update: Rain ends tonight, then it's breezy and chilly Friday.

Pilot ejects in jet crash near Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base.

Welp.... That landing didn't go as planned.

Q for Legal eagles here

In the Holiday mood!

Pretty clear a rich Republican donor could buy Trump out and prevent a 2024 run

M$Greedia isn't giving the Slobfather a nanosecond of free ads

I was surprised this morning...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-17: 2022 Year In Review Edition

Steve Bannon Interviews Marjorie Taylor Greene... It Doesn't Go Well! - Luke Beasley

All hail DeSantis!

Politico: McCarthy's ongoing speaker battle paralyzes House

Rare Earth - (I Know ) I'm Losing You (11-minute album version + Ed Sullivan appearance, 1970)

You donate to my campaign via a political committee that supports DeSantis

Donald Trump's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is the MOST HUMILIATING and CRINGY thing EVER - Meidas Touch

'This is our jurisdiction': Alberta moves to block federal charges under firearms ban

Oh, THOSE 'different ideas'

Is TFG's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT just a modern-day money laundering scheme?

Delete Your Phone Number and Location Data From Twitter Before They Sell It

GOP Humiliation: See DeSantis Shred His Own Vaccine Record On TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining on Its Online Services Without Permission

Mediaite hosted its picks for "most influential media players" - & O'REILLY crawled from under rock

Charleston Man Dies After Shooting Himself in the Groin While Attempting U-Turn--Police

Engineering firm reaches settlement in Flint water case

MUCC - 塗り潰すなら臙脂

There are times when the words Thank You seem insufficient.

How ex-Presidents spend their time

Russians turn to George Orwell's 1984 to make sense of Putin - Times Radio

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Instrumental Summit Vol.15 Ladies Night / Live Digest

Trump is selling digital trading cards. Remember what MAGATS said when Obama wore a tan suit?

Kari Lake files new EXTRA FRIVOLOUS Lawsuit DEMANDING to be Governor - Meidas Touch

Twitter is reminding me of Topix that was eventually shutdown. Topix became a cesspool ...

Mr. Bojangles

Donald the Grifter

Mark Meadows: NC voter fraud; contempt of Congress; treasonous text messages. Is he above the law?

I mean, it's not like he hasn't had other major announcements...

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Has anyone thought of putting them in a Cards Against Humanity game yet?

Legal troubles continue for NC's Madison Cawthorn as his own lawyers sue him

Kyrsten Sinema Files to Seek Re-Election

Trading cards? F**king TRADING CARDS!!!???

This is light-years beyond Clint Eastwood and The Chair . . . .

Harry and Meghan. Reason to pay attention

Denmark's new government drops public holiday to boost defence budget

Musk's Twitter has suspended the official Mastodon account, @joinmastodon

Wynton Marsalis, Taj Mahal, Eric Clapton - Corrine, Corrina

Bizzare candy!

Reporter Stumbles Onto Kyrsten Sinema's 'Side Hustle' , she is seller of used clothes on facebook

She Went Undercover to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. They Told Her Abortion Is Reversible.

Michael Cohen RUTHLESSLY MOCKS Donald Trump's SHAMELESS New Grift - Meidas Touch

TikToker fact-checks news anchor at American Girl store, makes 'sickening' discovery

Trump Trading Card Grift's Worse than You Think: Shell companies, rubbing elbows with international