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Plans To Open New UK Coal Mine 5 Miles From Lake District Park Drive Backlash, Backtracking

US scientists reportedly make fusion energy breakthrough

I truly and genuinely hate to post this

Ok, i'm getting sick of ranch dressing.......i'm Kinda leaning a tad sweeter......any suggestions??

The Last 30 Days of German Electricity Production, Carbon Intensity and "Percent Talk" Sources.

A baby whose anti-vax parents rejected heart surgery had the life-saving surgery anyway after a cour

The old AZ-9cd vs the new AZ-4cd.

Biden needs to appoint Sine a as an ambassador or cabinet post.

Video captures panic inside North Fort Myers High School after active shooter alert (hoax)

Dead Sea Losing 4 Vertical Feet Per Year; At About 1/3 Of Its Surface Area Compared To 50 Years Ago

Explosive Heartland Institute Report!! 97% Consensus On Global Warming Among Scientists Only 96%!!

This story on 60 minutes about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc...

Butt Plug Barbie Wants Armed Insurrection?

Don't miss this holiday special from Amy Schumer!

Paul Wheelan deal in the making?

Santa's Elevator Express

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Good news, finished Chanukah wrapping!

*MPT NOW, Masterpiece, All Creatures 'special,'

The 2024 Democratic US Senate candidates that can help Democrats remain in the majority.

The Real Reason Kyrsten Sinema Switched Parties

In Major Test Of Texas Law, Abortion Doctor Prevails In 'Bounty Hunter' Case

Kari Lake Just Embarrassed Herself in Unbelievable Way! - Luke Beasley

Bonsoir Catin - Reuben's Train, Alberta - Festival Nuits Cajun & Zydeco

Elon Musk Faces Backlash for 'Prosecute/Fauci' Tweet: 'No Class'

January 6 committee debates criminal referrals for Trump, Meadows, Eastman, Clark and Giuliani

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump starting his own party....

Interesting youtube channel from a Canadian medic in Ukraine

Christmas Watercolor

Why didn't I answer this dispatch??

These restrictive abortion bans in these states are unacceptable.

The staff at The New York Times

Mary Trump: GOP Isn't Denouncing Trump Because 'They Created This Monster' - Velshi - MSNBC

If Family Ties were playing on TV right now, What would Alex P Keaton think of Donald J. Trump?

Patti LaBelle: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

"Butt plugs" is the phrase for today. Modify a DU thread title to include "Butt plugs".

Kevin McCarthy Gets Pressed on Possibility of Losing His Speakership Bid! - Luke Beasley

Congrats go out to the Eagles and their fans ...

Hot Damn! It's The Soggy Bottom Boys! O Brother, Where Art Thou? TUNE

Meanwhile In Canada - 50 Memes That Perfectly Reflect The Country

Bernie Sanders Says Sinema 'Helped Sabotage' Some Of The Most Important Legislation

Hard to believe Brock Purdy was the last player drafted ...

The 1st Black woman VP of the USA swearing in the first Black woman Mayor of Los Angeles

Trump had chance to exchange Paul Whelan for Viktor Bout, fmr Russia specialist Fiona Hill says.

John Prine and Iris Dement "In Spite of Ourselves

Tammy Wynette-Stand By Your Man

MAGA commentary on Paul Whelan:

Democrats Did Much Better in Rural Areas

Court of Appeals hears ORAL ARGUMENT on Trump ASSERTION of January 6 Civil Immunity - Meidas Touch

Monday Morning Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music to Start the Week Livestream

This was a 7 shot vertical panoramic (cropped later) with a 14mm lens

Tammy Wynette - Divorce D-I-V-O-R-C-E (Live)

Smooth Relaxing Morning Christmas Jazz With a Cup of Coffee

U.S. to announce fusion energy 'breakthrough' Scientists hit a key milestone in the quest to

9:45 pm Days of Wine and Roses (1962) tcm now

Steve Kornacki is now breaking down the playoff probability for NFL teams...

Liberal entrepreneur Nick Hanauer just canceled the order for what would have been his 4th Tesla.

Latino Voters Stuck with Democrats

If Merrick Garland Had the Courage of His Convictions...

Tammy Baldwin is wrong. Well not really, but kinda.

I always thought this was pretty cool.

Paul Silas, 3-time NBA champion, longtime coach, dies at 79

Michael Cohen: Trump' Core Supporters Are "Maggots That Just Refuse To Step Away" - Velshi - MSNBC

Musk doubles down on this morning's attack on Fauci and LGBTQ in reply to Scott Kelly

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 13: Philip Marlowe

US scientists boost clean power hopes with fusion energy breakthrough

In Electing Senators Warnock and Ossoff, Georgia voters have said "NO!" to racism

Remember "Miss Cleo?"

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell

Ukraine 'destroys Wagner HQ in Luhansk'

A few smooth songs to end the weekend on

Kevin McCarthy labeled a 'punk' after he lets Matt Gaetz humiliate him following caucus meeting

Armageddon Update w/ Christopher Titus

Another MAGA Republican INDICTED in Florida by DOJ for MAJOR CRIMES - Meidas Touch

If you haven't seen this yet, you must!!

Walking the dog in the snow ---- look closely...

Cat: amazing goal keeper

It's not how many Butt Plugs MTG will receive for Xmas, but who she will forward them as presents.

Republicans and the media wanted to hold Biden and the Democrats accountable for inflation

Dogs playing chase!

Bitch, I Love You

For the rockers of DU

Reindeer and Northern Lights!

Congress Has A Long To-do List In The Lame-Duck Session - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Several Indigenous Women's Remains Are Missing. Canadian Police Refuse To Search For Them.

Seth Avett - Operator (Croce cover)

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Elon Musk is hellbent on taking out his unwillingness/inability to reconcile

Well, I put on some Christmas music...

CNN: Special Counsel Smith speeds ahead on criminal probes surrounding Trump

EL Michel's Affair - Shimy Shimmy Ya

Calls For A Special Tribunal To Prosecute Russia Gains Steam - Velshi - MSNBC

Watch: Orion Capsule Makes Splashdown After Trip To The Moon - MSNBC Reports (2 videos)

Feeding four black birds ...

Please don't perpetuate Musk's mockery of the practice sharing your pronouns.

Recursion #2

Italy shooting: Three women shot dead in Rome cafe

Is Trump Finally Feeling The Political Blowback For His Controversies? - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

black man tries to relax in lobby of Colorado springs hotel

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: Lithuanian Church Prays For The Ukraine War To End

The unnerving resonance of Diego Rivera's "Vaccination"

☦️ Orthodox Church: 'Byzantine Christmas Hymns In English'

Yale Researchers Reveal Secrets of Duck Sex: It's All Screwed Up

Twitter has become such a clusterf@ck w Elon going bonkers.

Republican crybaby lawmaker HUMILIATED by her own Nephew in MEGA-VIRAL video

North Carolina Officials Investigate Power Grid Attacks - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Heteronormative Meaning: What Does Heteronormative Mean? Plus, 8 Examples to Know

☦️ Orthodox Christmas 🎑 Men's Chorus, St. John the Baptist, CT Sing Traditional Carpathian Carols

Fanny Synnve Ganz was 6 yrs 11 months when she was murdered. I bear witness

Tonight I saw a Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle at the Chase center in SF

Betje van Delft.was 10 months old when she was murdered. I bear witness

Lampropepla rothschildi, the false eyed jewel beetle

Mary Trump: He Needs His Fix. Everything Donald Trump Does is Transactional. He Has No Core Beliefs.

Breakfast Monday 12 December 2022

Peru protests: Andahuaylas airport forced to close in deadly unrest

Mass EXODUS of Republicans FLEEING MAGA Extremism EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Origin of My Country Tis of Thee

Honest question: Is it now fair to call the NYT a right-wing rag?

Holder rips legal scheme to hijack elections as SCOTUS considers Independent Legislature Theory

MSNBC: New Documentary 'Loan Wolves' Investigates Student Debt Crisis


Bob Barker is 99 today. Happy Birthday Bob.

Luhansk Wagner group base is destroyed by Ukraine - Times Radio

Dorothy Pitman Hughes, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, dies at 84

December 12, 2000, a date that will live in infamy

On this day, December 12, 2000, General Motors pulled the plug on Oldsmobile.

What do Cee Lo Green, Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have in common?

On this day, December 12, 1985, Arrow Air Flight 1285 crashed after takeoff at Gander, Newfoundland.

ugh. awake at 4:30, thinkin

Meet the Swede who went undercover for a whole year with the alt-right in the US and UK

President Biden is coming to Arlington on Monday

On December 11, 1725, George Mason was born. He conceived the Bill of Rights.

On December 10, 1941, Tommy Rettig was born.

It's wintertime, which means Scotland's beautifully named salt trucks are out and about

Rogue Cop Gave Out DUIs Like Candy--and Sent Lives Into Chaos

Little Lord Elon takes the stage at Chapelle's show, doesn't get warm welcome he expects

2022 was a bad year for MAGA Republicans: Here are the GOP's 5 biggest faceplants

Paul Silas has passed away.

President Ford toasts English muffins before photographers in White House private kitchen

This 'Sneaky' DeSantis Power Grab Might Be His Cruelest Yet

Majidreza Rahnavard: Iran carries out second execution over protests

COVID Trend That Spelled Big Trouble in 2020 Is Back

Afghanistan-Pakistan border shelling kills civilians

Peru president paves way for early elections after two killed in latest protests

Peru president paves way for early elections after two killed in latest protests

Updated: Prosecutor: Oath Keepers saw Jan. 6 as 'first battle' in war

Elon Musk Gets Viciously Booed by Stadium Crowd at Dave Chappelle Show

Royal Ransomware Threat Takes Aim at U.S. Healthcare System

Thousands of Teens Are Being Pushed Into Military's Junior R.O.T.C.

Iran execution: Man publicly hanged from crane amid protests

Musk, latest: The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters

How the World's Best Restaurant's Alumni Have Taken Over Copenhagen

Frank Sinatra was born on this date.

Dionne Warwick was born on this date.

2022 Year in Review: Best Publisher

2022 Year in Review: Best Small Press Publisher

Saturday Morning Panels: The Best of 2022

Reaction to MTG: "We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war...."

George 'Johnny' Johnson, last 'Dambuster' of World War II, dies at 101

Dicky Betts has a birthday today.

"Be there. Will be wild!"

Arizona governor builds border wall of shipping crates in final days of office

Ukraine war: Body of Zambian student (Wagner recruit) Lemekhani Nyirenda returned by Russia

Explain it to me like I am 5.

Iowa man accused of stalking victim with Apple AirTags

Zelensky thanks Biden for 'unprecedented' support in latest call

We May Be Frogs, But We're Not IDIOTS! - by Tom Tomorrow

Four Maine Maritime Academy students killed in single-vehicle crash in Castine

Monday TOONs - Performative Performance

Horn Of Africa Nations Cracking; Aid Nowhere Near Enough, Change In Drought Nowhere In Sight

Reminder: Paradox of Intolerance

With such high grocery prices, finding a deal is an event worth celebrating!

Yeah, Nah - The Only Climate "Concern" Re. Inland Miami Gentification Is Where Money Grows Best

Younger Evangelicals More Concerned About Global Warming Than Their Parents. That's Nice.

Chinese Economy & Reopening - Chinese Hospitals Already Overwhelmed - Tech War: China Update

How a Trump-allied group fighting 'anti-white bigotry' beats Biden in court

WAPO: "majority of Arizonans don't want to vote for Trump or Trump-affiliated candidates."

CNN: Marjorie Taylor Greene's new 'endorsement of violence' could land her in front of a grand jury

Philosemitism - a possible danger in itself.

Private Equity should be outlawed

GOP sues over special elections in Pennsylvania House majority battle

Confederate monument set to be removed from Virginia capital - WTOP News

Numbers on panel examining Va. Beach mass shooting dwindle - WTOP News

Removal process for Richmond's Confederate A.P. Hill statue begins


storm totals for this last weekends storm

Brittney Griner - Viktor Bout exchange.

Eloon Mollusk

Just My Imagination

What is it with the right fascination with the term pronoun(s)?

Comedy is back on Twitter!

1 dead, 3 injured in Downtown Pittsburgh high-rise apartment fire

Twitter Blue relaunches with higher price for iOS users...

Bernie Sanders on Sinema: She's a corporate Democrat who sabotaged enormously important legislation

Heavy losses reported among Russian mercenaries in east Ukraine

I do not know how long this post will last. It is intended not to advocate violence, but to

U.S.A. Wins World Cup

Question about the health forum and COVID

Anyone try making ginger beer or pickled ginger?

Since pronouns are this season's snarl word. Let's play a game: Where are the hurtful pronouns at?

Financial and political incentives for imprisonment.

Elon getting visciously booed. Chappelle tries to make it

Judge Cannon has dismissed Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago lawsuit on instructions from the appeals court.

NASA chief: SpaceX leader says Elon Musk's Twitter drama is 'nothing to worry about'

Solihull: Three children die in icy lake tragedy (West Midlands, Great Britain)

Elmo is taking down tweets with video that show him getting booed

Biden trying to get 10 Republican votes for the Child Tax Credit extension - link

2nd part of Elon getting booed for 5 min straight..they give up on whatever skit was planned

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 12, 2022

Richmond's statue of A.P. Hill is being removed as I type this

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity

J.D. Vance Is Coming for Your Porn -- Watch Out

"We Are Fighting for Freedom": 2022 Nobel Laureates from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus in Their Own Words

Snow in UK: cars, bus, and one bicyclist (going uphill)

▶️ Bernie: It's time Congress prioritized the needs of our people.

"Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power": New Film on Radical Voting Activism in 1960s Alabama

Rep. Greene, that's an avocado

Dangerous Alarming comments by the Greene Nutjob.

I LOVED the way Gizmodo called Musk "an entitled right-wing prick" in the article on him being booed

Zelenskyy is stuck selling democracy to American leaders who no longer want it

49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw intercepted a Tom Brady pass on Sunday ...

Ruling in Proud Boys trial-seditious conspiracy and other charges will be heard by jury

How One Cop Cost His Town $7,000,000 And Got ARRESTED

Eloon - 'Fauci funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people'

I brought my new barn kitty home Saturday

Delusional Musk: Technically, it was 90% cheers & 10% boos

What if Donald Trump doesn't go quietly?

The greatest Presidents of my lifetime

Neuralink shows what happens when you bring "move fast and break things" to animal research

Some of dis and some of dat

Snowball fight in 1897:

Baby sloth:

Today's google doodle honours Dr. Maria Telkes, Hungarian-American

Elon Musk Is Ruining Trump's Presidential Campaign

The Hoarse Whisperer: Oh, just another $25 billion in Tesla shareholder value up in flames.

Democrat Bass takes charge as LA mayor amid homeless crisis

Remembering a Giant of the American Left: Staughton Lynd


The olfactory gland is working boys and I came home reeking of pizza.

a tweeter thinks twitter is real life.

Uncertainty, Social Media, and the Radicalization of the US

Nuclear fusion breakthrough (not breakeven though)

Elon Musk would like to sell you a used conspiracy theory

The United States reaches a nuclear fusion breakthrough.

Kelley Blue Book: Tesla's approval rating sinks into negative territory, survey finds

Judge Tosses Trump's Lawsuit Over Mar-a-Lago Documents

U.S. opioid crackdown hampers some patients' access to psychiatric drugs

It's Not Cool to Overreact: How Normalcy Bias Will Define Our Future

Normaly this would go to the Soccer section...

Musk vows publicly to fight shadowbanning at Twitter... while secretly shadowbanning famous critic

VA-04: Youngkin announces special election to fill late Rep. McEachin's seat

The billionaire class?

Judd Legum: How to ban 3600 books from school libraries

VA Gov. Youngkin Sets Special Election Date for VA04; Here's Why It Matters

Vallero gas is $2.10, Shamrock is at 2.15 (2.05 with cash), HEB is at $2.35.

Trump who? GOP senators rave over a potential Tim Scott presidential run.

Elon Musk uses QAnon tactic in criticizing former Twitter safety chief

Is America Blind to Trump's Genocide?

I was afraid Andrea Mitchell was going to say "butt plug" when she started talking about MTG

Progressive Lawmakers Demand Fraud Probe Into Medicare Privatization Scheme

Amazing J&B Scotch commercial in Spanish.

FOX: Jan. 6 Committee hearings declared 'most important TV of the year' by the New York Times

TikTok Med Student DESTROYS Conservative In This Powerful Debate - Rebel HQ

Putin cancels annual press conference as unease grows over Ukraine war

Why has no one called for that Taylor seditionist to resign

Donald Trump 'on a fast track to prosecution' as Florida judge ends Mar-a-Lago special master

Norweigan Forest Cat in the forest

Supreme Court agrees to hear another challenge to Biden's student loan forgiveness program

Two dedicated to Bill Evans

Blood, Sex & Royalty - Netflix

republicans: fauci is a mass murderer based on funding, lab, and conspiracy theory without evidence.

A question that has been nagging me . . .

Judge formally dismisses Trump's case for a Mar-a-Lago special master

Judge formally dismisses Trump's case for a Mar-a-Lago special master

Isn't it strange that the same people who urge us to "look forward, not backward" when

GA Sec of State data shows that Gen Z voters outpaced 25-34 year old voters in absentee/early voting

Mostly cloudy southern MD 12/12

Gaggle in the cove

Two dates with the Mrs.

Russia's Wagner mercenaries targeted in hotel attack: Governor

I thought it would be cool to throw the ball into the crowd after winning the game! Now I'm

Kherson Territorial Defense on first battles near the city and how underground resistance worked

Will Musk's behavior since buying Twitter have an impact on sales of Teslas?

D.C.-area forecast: Chilly week ahead with some iciness possible Thursday

The GOP has created a safe space for musing about violent rebellion

Jesus Christ already. Enough!

About Democrats and Sinema

Keystone Has Leaked More Oil Than Any Other Pipeline in US Since 2010

CVS, Walgreens to pay combined $10.7 billion settlement for alleged opioid prescription lapses


'Learn how sarcasm works': Marjorie Taylor Greene quickly backpedals on 'armed' insurrection

A Thoughtful Take On Russian Propaganda

the origin story of Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Husky Dances For Dinner Every Day. And His Owner Is Obsessed

'Mini Hyena' Looks Back To Thank Her Rescuer Before Running To The Wild

Maybe Elon Musk needs to ask Herschel Walker

Looking for high profile accounts to follow on Mastadon

Woman flees police in U-Haul after significant theft of clothing and beauty products

The Republican controlled House will definetly impeach Joe Biden

Gato and I had a great exchange on the topic of studio lighting

Looking for suggestions please

The Moon Landing Was Faked, and Wind Farms Are Bad

Who was the greatest President in your lifetime?

I suspect that some of the"conservative" commentators now criticizing the exchange of

Whatever happened to Ali Alexander, the Stop the Steal J6 organizer?

Lula's Win Certified by Court, Ending Challenges to Vote

With majority at stake, Pa. House Republicans sue to block Democratic-scheduled special elections

my baking marathon continues: today will be another chocolate pound cake

Dave Chappelle when the crowd started booing Elon

Teehee! ;)

Slovak Foreign Minister: Slovakia remains ready to send MiG jets to Ukraine

Interesting - Fossil-free steel making

California has 39 million people and two senators. Wyoming has a few dozen people and two senators.

The big problem with mandatory JROTC.

Florida COVID data critic Rebekah Jones reaches agreement on felony charge

Joe Bastardi - Coldest, snowiest Christmas since 2000

'Treason out loud': Critics rip Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'fantasizing about killing her colleagues

We are up against the willfully stupid. "Ohio measles outbreak reaches more than 70 cases."

Watch This Emaciated Street Dog Transform With A Little Love

"What's She Gonna Do, Sue Her Daughter?"...

Trump probe subpoena for Georgia secretary of state from DOJ

Russia Loses 24 Tanks in a Day As 100,000 Death Toll Nears: Ukraine

Wasn't there a list of romance scammers out there?

Prominent desantis donor had key to sheriffs HQ even though he didnt work there

'Unique' Alberta fireball helps astronomers shine new light on origin of solar system

Got an invitation in the mail today for my 50th HS reunion being held in April. Question-

Stray Kitten Sneaks Into a Family's Home And Their Cat Takes Him Into His Custody


Marjorie Taylor Greene Says The Quiet Part Out Loud - The Lincoln Project

It's Time We Talk About The Texas Democratic Party

Elon Musk viciously BOOED live on stage at Dave Chappelle show - Brian Tyler Cohen

Second senior Russian-appointed Kherson official injured in his car

We have to deal with immigration issues.

The Lincoln Project-How exactly does one "win" an attempted insurrection, @RepMTG ?

The Lincoln Project-How exactly does one "win" an attempted insurrection, @RepMTG ?

Georgia's future hangs on the outcome of the war in Ukraine People and Power

Peaches says Good Morning... 😁😁

Michigan Supreme Court puts final nail in legal coffin for DePerno's Antrim County lawsuit

Michigan Supreme Court puts final nail in legal coffin for DePerno's Antrim County lawsuit

Fire engulfs another Moscow mall, 2nd such fire in 4 days

Special Counsel Subpoenas Brad Raffensperger

Canada prepares to expand assisted death amid debate

Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights to pursue state constitutional amendment

Marjorie Greene Unveils Staggering Jan. 6 Confession On Stage - The Damage Report

GOP County Parties Censure Ernst, Call For Miller-Meeks Primary Over Gay Marriage Vote

A Plot To Overturn An American Election

Jamie Raskin slams Marjorie Taylor Greene's remarks about 'winning' armed insurrection

"For What It's Worth---"

I can't link YouTube shorts directly like a longer video, but Gizmo is in a mood today. 🤣

NEW More Meadows texts: A Plot To Overturn An American Election (Talking Points Memo)

Our woke Rep. Ted Lieu with SNAP tweet to oligarch Musk...

Free speech....

High court won't hear Title IX case involving Michigan State

50 Cute And Funny Cats In Shops Looking Like They Own The Place

Judge rejects Montana vaccine choice law in health care settings

Trump Has Been Hibernating at Home for Almost a Month

UPDATED - MEADOWS TEXTS: A Plot To Overturn An American Election-TPM Has Obtained Explosive Evidence

[Texas Attorney General] Ken Paxton has filed *another* lawsuit against a Biden policy

annie lennox sez- yowza.

Kawānanakoa, 'last Hawaiian princess' dies at 96

Jamie Raskin coming up on Deadline WH

Masking could fight the 'tripledemic', experts say. Will anyone listen? (Guardian)

Mark Ruffalo: 🚨The Senate votes THIS WEEK on Sanders' Yemen War Powers resolution

Scott Jennings on Marjorie Taylor Greene's boast she'd have "won" January 6

Shelter Cat Hugs The Volunteer Tightly And Won't Let Go

Musk now claims he didn't get to say much last night b/c "a major fight broke out in the audience"

Ultraprocessed foods contribute to disease and early death. Why do we keep eating them?

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting for a Star to Fall

Why the rethugs hate Brittney Griner

An addition to some of the other threads in Photo.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 12, 2022

Rick Wilson disses Elon Musk

Take a break and listen to some blue velvet...

Trump could have had Paul Whelan released

The Outfield - Your Love

So it all seems to be rapidly coming to at least a soft conclusion. How do you see it?

Rudy Giuliani frustrated over Kari Lake's 'solid' case: 'Man, we can't lose this one, right?'

Wonkette: Everybody Hates Elon Musk

Wilson's concussion latest setback in Broncos' awful year

"DIGITAL SOLDIERS" QAnon Extremists Exploit U.S. Military, Threaten Democracy

How Democracy Nearly Died in Wisconsin

Florida man upset over free pizza offer points gun at patrons, deputies say

I never see Elon's tweets unless someone else reposts them.

Cartoons 12/12/2022

Investigation: Seattle cop used police database to stalk ex-girlfriend

Lehto's Law: Carvana Appears to Be Going Under (If true, do not engage in any transactions)

Editorial: Dire nursing shortage needs range of efforts, stat!

Arlington food bank's mobile market 'makes it more accessible'

Local nonprofit supports crime victims, loved ones

ChildHope programs build skills for homeless families

Greg Stanton is a stronger general election candidate for the 2024 AZ US Senate Election.

Trump ally Kari Lake sues Arizona election officials over governor's race loss (CNN)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Libya, the US, and Pan Am....

Greene again downplays Capitol riot and says it would have been armed if she led it

Sunset, southern MD 12/12

MTG on where she buys her sex toys

Musk booed at David Chappelle's show

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 December 2022

California city councilmembers block first Asian American woman mayor

Richmond removes its last city-owned Confederate monument

Womb with a view: EctoLife baby farm eliminates pregnancy and labor

Live and Decoys, you bet!

'Window is closing': Chances for long-awaited retirement legislation are fading fast

Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Failed To 'Answer Basic Questions' At His Misconduct Hearing

Mike Luckovich-Compare and contrast


Well done Ari

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Michigan State's appeal in Title IX swimming case.

TCM Schedule Saturday, December 17, 2022 - King of Kings, Fiddler On the Roof, 1943 Batman serial

The "check" is in the mail...

Musk's ugly attack on Fauci shows how right-wing info warfare works

Hateful Man Gets Put In His Place By City Councilor - TYT Investigates

Tweet of the Day

There Are Lots of Jews in Hollywood. Let a Rabbi Explain Why

Hundreds of Members of Extremist Group Oath Keepers Worked for U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Bahamas, prosecutor says

According to CNBC, Elon Musk is no longer the richest person in the world