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Jackie & Roy - Lady Madonna

Deputy in California slayings killed self with service gun

It's telling how far down the shit hole America's gone.......

Roberta Flack - Mr. Magic

The Onion or just Conservatives? Test your Knowledge. IV

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that Democrats will win to remain in the majority.


Musk brings back Twitter Blue with new features to prevent impersonation - Ars Technica

Why do you quit the Catholic Church in 1976 at 17?

"War is coming to the Republican Party. War will be over .."Donald Trump"

Herschel Walker "absolutely shocked" by election result

Outdoor cats are an invasive species and a threat to themselves, scientists say

Big time auction for floating wind mills off the CA coast

Why Sinema has screwed herself - my fearless prediction

Biden approval rating ticks up after midterms: CNN

sonora ca

'We're Living in Virus Hell.' Adults, Parents, Kids

sonora ca . tuolumne county. flood warning.

Blowback Over Griner's Release Exposes Depth of America's Divisions

University of Missouri's Turning Point President Meg Miller is an extreme racist white supremacist

Virginia Republican Proposes Total Abortion Ban for State to Consider in January

Mastodon of the night:

Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker, and Etta James (Winterland) - 7/86

Possible Alliance Between Moderate Republicans And Democrats On House Speaker

MAGA Insurrectionist BLAMES Trump RHETORIC and LIES in Emotional Letter to Federal Court - Meidas Touch

Clarence Thomas Should Resign for Being 'Corrupt as Hell': Congressman

Steve Bannon Frustrated With Donald Trump: 'Just Not Good Enough Right Now'

'An Award For The Ukrainian People': Zelenskyy Named Time Magazine's Person Of The Year- MSNBC Report

How the New York Times helped Republicans win the House

After break-ins, business owner meets with Seattle council members about crime concerns

Virginia Republican Proposes Total Abortion Ban for State to Consider in January

GOP Congressman Squirms When Grilled over Trump's Recent Actions! - Luke Beasley

Jungle Blues - Wynton Marsalis

Canadians can rock 2 you know :)

Have you ever heard of Shinyribs? This is some GREAT music.

Tweet of the Day

Velshi: Whelan Begged Trump To Get Him Out Of Russia. Trump Stayed Silent - Velshi - MSNBC

My prediction about Kyrsten Sinema, if she keeps a seat in the Senate after 2024.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump not being in contempt....

Funkadelics - Not Just Knee Deep

You can really hear the blues influence on John Fahey.

Health officials recommend indoor masking as respiratory illnesses surge

The Match Tiger and Rory VS Justin and Jason.

Fmr. CIA Director Brennan: "There Are Some Countries That I Wouldn't Travel To" - Velshi - MSNBC

Luttig: SCOTUS Appears To Have No Appetite For Independent Legislature Theory

Emptywheel reviews (and dismantles) Taibbi's "Twitter Files 3" re Trump's ban. Unrolled thread here:


AM radio may not be in your next car

Eugene Robinson: Trading Brittney Griner for an arms dealer was a good deal

Inspector General Says Trump Did Nothing Wrong By Ordering IRS Audits Of His Enemies - Ring of Fire

Enjoying a Brooklyn cocktail tonight.

Antoine Griezmann

Stagg Bowl opponents determined (NCAA Div. III Championship)

Log Cabin Republicans' outrage over Kanye/MAGA seems to have broken...

"They're just trafficking in hate." Regular Fox News guest, and Barstool Sports star Francis Ellis

It's racism

The Ghost of Paul Revere. Holy schmoly

Had my Covid Bivalent shot on Friday.

Infamous Stringdusters - He's Gone

In a Future Filled With Electric Cars, AM Radio May Be Left Behind

The best Democratic candidate for the 2024 US Senate Race in TX is US Representative Colin Allred.

NEW: Senator Krysten Sinema's DESPICABLE Betrayal Explained - Meidas Touch

Are Republican or Democratic States Run Better? - Luke Beasley

Jefferson Airplane - Have You Seen the Saucers

Hugh Laurie - St. James Infirmary

The address was on Rimpau just off Wiltshire. He answered the bell wearing a stingy brim, gold

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) Becomes Highest-Ranking Asian American In Democratic House Leadership - MSNBC

Kavanaugh seen hanging out at Repub party with Matt Gaetz, Sebastian Gorka, Sean Spicer, Erik Prince

Is the 2024 CA US Senate November General Election Race going to be a D v D or D v R?

I'm bummed for my friend George. He's an 85 yo Brit. He was there in 66 and figured this was the

You've got Mail...

USC QB Caleb Williams outraces field, wins Heisman Trophy

Elon Musks BIG mistake!

Former AG Eric Holder discusses the "independent state legislature" theory,

How AI found the words to kill cancer cells

Discussing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's Party Switch & Trump's Campaign - Symone - MSNBC

I love Kamala Harris.

Leon Redbone - Shine on Harvest Moon

FBI Increases Spending To Combat MAGA Terrorists - Ring of Fire

Widespread Panic - Slipping into Darkness

when I am wrong I will admit it ..

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? Week of 12/05/2022

The Church - Under The Milky Way

First date since getting stood up

When you're a history nerd... everything reads like actual historical events. World Cup 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen has STUNNING RESPONSE to Trump Organization FELONY Conviction - Meidas Touch

Slippin' Into Darkness

Donald Trump Loses 'Swagger,' Botches Campaign Takeoff: Analyst

Death Valley Nights - Blue Oyster Cult

"Call Me Miss Cleo" - Official Trailer HBO Max

East Grand Forks man tried to shoot squirrel, charged after bullets hit neighbor's home

A man is more important than a woman. That strikes me as the bedrock

The gas station of tomorrow at the New York World's Fair, 1964.

There have been 50,000 alleged war crimes in Ukraine. We worked to solve one

Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

'Cuba Is Depopulating': Largest Exodus Yet Threatens Country's Future

Cat brings her kittens up onto her human's bed:

Tiny, tiny bunny makes friends with a Golden Retriever:

Dad is definitely confused:

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats are favored to win.

Grateful Dead -11-24-72 - NFA - GDTRFB

'Noel nouvelet' (This French Christmas Carol Gives Me The Goosebumps)

'Christmas Night Medley' by John Williams and The Boston Pops

SNL with Steve Martin and Martin Short up now:

What Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's defection means for Democrats and Arizona politics - PBS NewsHour

Is Sinema going to be a Log Cabiner?

Part 4: City of Mirrors and Cowbells - An Open Letter in a Time of Crisis to Paul Krekorian

John Fugelsang tweet:

I'll never say "knocked-up" again

Sundae🍨Morning Weekend Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Positive Mood Livestream

Self own of the day:

How the New York Times helped Republicans win the House

And in the latest example of MAGA getting triggered

N.J. domestic workers' bill of rights moves ahead in the Senate despite GOP pushback

Opera Dog Sings with the 3 Tenors. The 4th Tenor?

The big Republican Latino realignment didn't happen in 2022.

La.: Davante Lewis ousts incumbent from PSC, becomes first openly LGBTQ state elected official

SNL: Blocking It Out for Christmas Cold Open

WORDLE 540 (12/11) ***SPOILER***

Tina Turner just lost another son :(

'Suite Concertino' by Wolfe-Ferrari, Karen Geoghegan on bassoon

Twitter to relaunch Twitter Blue at higher price for Apple users

Amid protests, Peru's new leader swears in cabinet

(Opinion) The Supreme Court Is Turning Into a Court of First Resort

Republican State Senators make MOST VILE Argument About Married Women - Meidas Touch

What the world can learn from Brazil's shifting stance on science

Chile's Lascar volcano erupts for first time in 30 years

George Jones - Just A Girl I Used To Know

Biodiversity: 'Magical marine species' pushed toward extinction

Sunday Funnies 12/11/22


Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl's incurable cancer


My favorite tweet of the day! I bet you'll like it, too....

Who Owns the Earth's Lungs?

George Jones - Beneath Still Waters

Bullet Train with Brad Pitt

Ukraine launches missile attack on Russian-occupied Melitopol

SNL: Weekend Update

☦ Orthodox Nativity🎄Compline Hymn 'For God Is With Us' Appalachian Style

cher: "mom is gone"

Breakfast Sun 11December 2022

From the archives: The moon & a fiery sunset

Glenn Kirschner: What's Next for the Multiple Trump Investigations? J6 CMTE, Jack Smith & Trump Org.

Fuego volcano (Guatemala): phase of intense activity last night, new lava flow and violent explosion

Big Mama Thornton was born on this date.

Neal Katyal: Trump's Own Attorneys Know He's in Trouble! Impossible for Smith to Look the Other Way

Positive Morning Bossa Nova 🎶 and Jazz 🎶 Music for Relax, Study, Work

McCoy Tyner was born on this date.

Brenda Lee was born on this date.

Navy Vet SHREDS Top Republican's DISGUSTING Attack on the US Military - Meidas Touch

Guatemalan court convicts ex-president of fraud, conspiracy

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The First Leon Edition

Just how vulnerable is the US power grid? CNN- Just one thing 13:21 minutes. .

Peru's ex-president faced bigotry for impoverished past

Guardian -- Notes on chocolate: a sweet response to the most bitter of times

Is there a methodology for doing a recall of Kyrsten Sinema?

World Faces LNG Shortage in 2023 as Europe Bans Russian Gas & China Relaxes Covid Rules - Joe Blogs

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats are likely to win.

Can We Tame the He-Man Woman-Haters Club of World Politics?

Demining Ukraine

Roll, Jordan, Roll....Crossroads and the Fairfield Four

Over 1,400 killed, hundreds kidnapped in Haiti this year - UN

Told By Ron DeSantis 'Nobody Wants To Hear From You,' Now He's Headed To Congress

Women are getting angrier, according to a BBC analysis of 10 years of data from the Gallup World Pol

Some of the most far out there, Stupid Shit, that I have ever read -

Al Franken - Alexander Vindman on Ukraine - (December 11, 2022)

Soulful Sunday, enjoy and please share your favorites :)

AI image generation tech can now create life-wrecking deepfakes with ease

Here is the most popular Christmas movie in every state

the conservative scotus are placing themselves at the top of the tree of governance

Officials urge Vermonters to challenge errors in FCC's new broadband map

Top trending Google searches in 2022, by state

Amid rising energy costs, Italian cooks go old-school to save gas

Bar Complaint Filed Against Alan Dershowitz over Kari Lake Voting Machine Lawsuit ...

A rainy day here thinking of soup

After 25 years of wrongful imprisonment, 2 Georgia men set free after newly uncovered evidence exone

Funny stories about my father The Beatles and Alice Cooper

Heavy rain, wind, snow blows through California into Sierra

Please stop saying that the CCP is loosening their Zero Covid policy. They aren't.

The empty top secret folders found in Trumps desk.

The fact of the matter is that Trump should never have been elected President, not then and not now

They finally found a damning Hunter Biden email

Musk's new target, in his thuggish RWNJ abuse of Twitter, is Fauci

A peaceful moment for you today

Annie Lennox: Wowza!! I just saw this incredible interpretation of SWEET DREAMS... Gentlemen...

Gasoline in Marble Falls at the Valero - $2.20/gal cash. $2.29/credit.

The Committee's job would be incomplete if they did not send "criminal referrals" to the DOJ..

After 25 years of wrongful imprisonment, 2 Georgia men set free after newly uncovered evidence exone

I watched Jumanji The Next Level

New pics of Smoke and Cinder. Not sure what happened between pic 1 and 2. Put down any drinks.

A trash heap 62 meters high shows the scale of India's climate challenge

Independent State Legislatures?

Lockerbie bombing suspect in US custody

Vaush Wants You Prepared for the Monstrous Things GOP Voters May Get Tricked into Doing

Some days dawn grey and cold and match the December in one's soul

One side is full of anti-American hatred and the other side isn't

***FALL Seasonal Photo Contest: Final Round***

Fall Final Thread posted in GD

My lonely boycott hasn't hurt In-N-Out Burger, but our small decisions do add up

A huge crisis here this morning,the electric can opener wasn't working

Officials: Lockerbie bomb suspect is in US custody

Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl's incurable cancer

You know how you can state an opinion with some certainty with just basic observation?

Is Dominion's $1.6bn defamation lawsuit a death blow for Murdoch and Fox News?

Marge: "By the way, you can pick up a butt plug or a dildo at Target and CVS nowadays."

Sweet-corn production imperiled (getting too hot in the Midwest)

Swear words in different languages have one thing in common


Fox News future in question as Rupert Murdoch heads to court in Dominion $1.6 billion lawsuit

The Book of Genesis, Sistine Chapel, etc. updated by Ron and Casey DeSantis.

Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl's incurable cancer

Cow Thinks She's A Dog And Follows His Human Best Friend Everywhere

This is hauntingly beautiful...

Went to a $50,000 wedding last night.

DEC 11 All Creatures Great and Small 🐂 Season 2 Reruns 🐎

Ford, SK On bringing 5,000 jobs to Kentucky with massive electric vehicle battery park

600,000 Gallons Of Tar Sands Oil Spills In Rural KS: "We Got To Have The Oil", Shrugs One Local

Indoctrination (talking jesus stuffed toy is being promoted over at Faux):

Kristen Sinema makes her announcement

Romney: It's All The Democrats' Fault That There's No Carbon Tax

the moment Patti Labelle is rushed off stage due to bomb threat

"The Rocks Don't Lie" - Despite High Prices, Pandemic Recovery, US Shale Oil Output Still Lagging

The story of VELKANA part three : Monster Hunter World

An Indian Billionaire's Dirty, Pointless Coal Plant Illustrates How Money And Politics Fuck A Planet

AOC on the Pentagon budget.

CBS Sunday Morning - Catching up with the Smothers Brothers (12/11/2022)

Assuming Sinema thought there was going to be a red wave,

Patti LaBelle rushed off stage during Milwaukee concert due to bomb threat

Two of the coolest ladies. Love this photo,

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy vs Lemon

The Prince, the Plot and a Long-Lost Reich

Fruit cake

This botanist from Chicago knows how to talk to Republicans.

NPR: Starbucks Union Organizing Gave Labor A Jolt Of Energy In 2022

NASA Live Feed of Artemis I -- Coverage of Re-entry/Splashdown

Christmas Rules

Trump's bid to win back the White House appears, so far at least, to be blowing up on the launchpad.

Attacks on Pacific NW Power Stations, N. Carolina Assault Raise Fears for US Electric Grid

How Brittney Griner's Plight Exposes the Hypocrisy of America's Carceral State

Thousands of Teens Are Being Pushed Into Military's Junior R.O.T.C.

This vile creature essentially runs the House GOP. This is who they are.

I'll Take You There

Has Trumps remaining lawyers finally smartened up?

Robert Reich FTW

Helicopter raid kills Islamic State officials in Syria, US says

Amy Klobuchar on Musk's attack on Fauci

Thank You Biden!

So, it appears that Motherfucker

How the Declassification Process Works WSJ

Opera Dog Sings with Andrea Bocelli, Nessun Dorma 🐕

Hospitalizations signal rising COVID-19 risk for US seniors

Duty To Warn on Musk Twitter's "lowest end advertising"

Florida Republicans Quietly Working To Reverse DeSantis' Attack On Disney

How Pro Wrestling Explains American Politics

How safe are electrical power grids in the U.S.?

A beautiful new Feral has started showing up. It's VERY shy but I finally got a picture.

Pic found on Twitter re: those Tiki Torches...funny! (no link to twitter, just the pic)

5 A.M. wake-up call - What a way to start a day

I LITERALLY Just Tried To Answer Your Question - TYT Investigates

Orion about to enter the earth's atmosphere.

This is for those of us who need some warm positive feelings

Coverage of Orion's Entry Back to Earth and Splashdown in the Pacific Ocean to Complete the Artemis

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about rules in Minnesota for cops....

The twin brother of Paul Whelan said Trump was 'not interested' in cases of wrongfully detained

C-SPAN covering nasa tv orion splashdown

Mexico's Tourism Train Construction Is Revealing Amazing Mayan Artifacts Right Before Destroying The

MSNBC's Ali Velshi's guest on inflation: Capitalists will be capitalists. Here's my take.

NBA Star Paul Silas Died Sunday Morning

I tried Donato's cheese pickle ranch pizza

NYC gallery unveils new $225K Hunter Biden painting

NYT - Elon Musk Left a South Africa That Was Rife With Misinformation and White Privilege

'Free Speech Absolutist' Elon Musk Reportedly Threatens To Sue Twitter Workers Who Leak To Press

Take a moment to be in awe of nature.

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 11, 2022?

Trump is willing to 'burn the country down' if the DOJ doesn't back off: former attorney

TCM later:

Offshore wind farms change marine ecosystems, study shows

Putin's Ukraine Disaster: Russian Forces Were Hit By Their Own Artillery

Why Golf Might Not Survive the 21st Century

Artemis Orion space capsule landing in the ocean off Baja California. Three chutes

Turkey is prepped and dry brining in the fridge.

Constellation Brands Goes Green With Delivery Of First Monarch Electric Tractors

❤ Meet Opera Stars, Cash & Andy. Come All Ye Faithful, Cash, Andrea Bocelli Sing Xmas Classic

It looks like Freya has taken up some form of feline yoga

NASA's Artemis I returns from the moon with hopes to get astronauts back there soon

Kanye West named 2022 Antisemite of the Year

Gov. Hobbs: tear down this wall

Here's the teams heading to Omaha for the Final Four of the NCAA volleyball tournament

Allies show up to support Renton taproom's monthly Drag Queen Story Hour

Rep. Swalwell Calls Out Sinema's 'Tone Deaf' Departure From The Democratic Party - MSNBC

'It's not a principle change': Lawmakers dissect Sinema switch

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well Pt.1 (studio)

Trump administration was 'not prepared' for or 'not interested in' wrongful detentions


Gym Jordan's Own Words Used Against Him as Ted Lieu Accuses Him of Lying

20/20 - Cheri

Round Tuits have been on backorder for awhile.

Kyrsten Sinema makes announcement to right-wing donors

Germany to weigh stricter gun laws after suspected coup plot

Inspector General Says Trump Did Nothing Wrong By Ordering IRS Audits Of His Enemies

Please put a biblically correct version of an angel on your tree this year


Cake4Kids. org - a volunteer group that bakes birthday cakes for underprivileged kids

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says MAGA Would've Won on Jan. 6 if She Organized It

Cartoons 12/11/2022

Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf

Boeing knew of 'elevated' miscarriage rate in '80s, but followup fizzled

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Casa Forte

UK: After 80 Years, There Is No Excuse To Not Know about the Holocaust. *Memorial Day, 12.17.42

Schiff says Jan. 6 committee's probe "far out ahead" of Justice Department

Question about collecting a pension or taking a lump sum

IL GOP fails to take hint. Their shrinking support in state is a mystery to them.

Democrat Ro Khanna 'open' to hearings on Hunter Biden and Twitter

Cloudy day, southern MD 12/11

Abrupt global ocean circulation collapse. Time to start prepping?

It was the eve of the 1990 FIFA World Cup final

I love Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On." So does Rick Beato.

Pioneering Black feminist Dorothy Pitman Hughes dies at 84

Boomer Esiason is a total asshole, not to mention stupid -

Florida insurance company execs saw big payouts in years without hurricanes

Musk: Trump was unfairly treated because of Michelle Obama

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 December 2022

First results from the new desktop studio. I have a way to go but first

What are the big Supreme Court cases that will be decided in June?

replacement for cable TV

Waiting for Trump's perp walk is like -----

Don't let the evil right demonize being woke

52 or 50 states


WTO says Trump's metals tariffs broke rules as U.S. rejects findings

Looking back, were we conditioned to accept the rise of the ROBOTS?

Yes, a single vote does count - Massachusetts House flipped to Democrat

Steve Miller Band - Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around

Some Hunter Biden allies making plans to go after his accusers

Attack On North Carolina Power Stations Are Not Isolated Incidents - MSNBC (2 videos)

Elon Musk's basic misunderstandings of free speech are a problem for all of us

Anyone see "The Vanishing"?

In view of the MAGA criticism of the release of Ms Griner, an allegory:

An 82 yr old women was arrested in Alabama for not paying her trash bill. Yet a 77 yr old man walks

Court of Appeals DECISION Smacking Down Trump Becomes FINAL - Meidas Touch

Supreme Court seems poised to side with Colorado web designer in 303 Creative case

Are you SURE that's all ?? lol

McCarthy Pledges Subpoenas for 51 Intel Agents

Arizona governor builds border wall of shipping crates in final days of office

Pink - Irrelevent

Trump's Legal Problems In New York Are About To Get Much Worse - Ring of Fire

Hunter Biden Could Sue Fox News, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani: Report

NEWS & COMMENTARY December 11, 2022

Sandy Hook Families Push For Change, Decade After Shooting - Ayman - MSNBC

Is it safe to use your traditional style icicle Christmas string lights

Right-Wing Host Humiliated by His Own Lies! - Luke Beasley

On Mirror Bayou

the secret history of the vocoder . (vocal encoder )

Only one question about the Mastodon social site.

See Bernie Sanders' reaction to Sinema leaving Democratic party - CNN

massive storm hits california.

Been reading about the late, great Bella Abzug.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen PREDICTS When Trump will be INDICTED - Meidas Touch

Musk's cultists aren't so much mighty as they are mouthy.

John Dillinger has robbed banks, often shooting at people. But what he stood for remains unclear.

Full Panel: Sinema's Party Switch Upends 2024 Election Map - Meet the Press - NBC News

See the moment Orion spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean - CNN

It sure looks like Kev wants to create a new House office

3 bald eagles die, 10 sick after eating euthanized animals

Police accused in Degree scam

Dimon says Democrats should act on debt ceiling before House GOP takeover

Full size images. One 20 mp and one 50 mp. Large files!

Evening, southern MD 12/11

(Jewish Group) There Are Lots of Jews in Hollywood. Let a Rabbi Explain Why

LGBT Democrat fires back at Republican who cried to block same-sex marriage bill - Brian Tyler Cohen

There Are Lots of Jews in Hollywood. Let a Rabbi Explain Why

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hannity almost getting it....

'Political Speech' in the Classroom: Pride Flags & 'Safe Space' Stickers?

Eloon tweet which aged poorly...

In defamation lawsuit against Beto O'Rourke, lawyers debate whether Kelcy Warren is a public figure

In defamation lawsuit against Beto O'Rourke, lawyers debate whether Kelcy Warren is a public figure

Florida Sen. Rick Scott says defeated Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will 'cont

Arizona Governor created housing at the boarder

Aisha Wahab becomes 1st Muslim, Afghan American elected to CA State Senate

Who wins the Democratic nomination in the 2024 AZ US Senate Election between Gallego and Stanton?

VA-SD07: Democrats from every corner of the Commonwealth knock doors for Aaron Rouse

Author says he noticed something 'bizarre' about Russian people during recent trip - CNN

Aisha Wahab becomes 1st Muslim, Afghan American elected to CA State Senate

Financial Times: US scientists boost clean power hopes with fusion energy breakthrough

As I enter my waning days at Twitter

VA-SD07: Democrats from every corner of the Commonwealth knock doors for Aaron Rouse

MAGA Supreme Court attempt to LEGALIZE Discrimination Caught on SHOCKING Audio - Meidas Touch

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 11, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the Day

Rach#2 just played on my radio, so a gift for y'all:

When I fell in love

Tori Avey's Spinach Keftedes

Anyone watching the retrieval of Artemis I capsule on NASA-TV ?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Laments Butt Plug Availability

It's "four colly birds," not "four calling birds." - Discuss

Biggest oil spill in Kansas history

MT-SEN: Jon Tester Seems Likely to Run Again

Parents who say their kids won't eat or shower because they're addicted to Fortnite slam Epic Games

US Senate seats that the Democrats will have to win in 2024 in order to remain in the majority.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Rousing Speech About Butt Plugs

'We want total war': Young Republican group cheers on the next insurrection

White Nationalists, Other Republicans Brace for 'Total War' (SPLC Hatewatch)

House Democrats Ramp Up Investigation Into Jared Kushner's Deals As Clock Runs Out - Ring of Fire

You Are My Flower

Aggressive Cop Gets Sued After Arrest - LackLuster

With Tesla battery packs and largest hydrogen tank in Japan, Panasonic tests a factory of the future

stackable foxes

Gay Democrat FIRES BACK at Republican who cried to block same-sex marriage bill - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Bye Felicia': Democrat mocks Sinema's announcement (CNN)

Snow in Boston area!!!!! :D

I'm pretty sure this is a squash but how do I cook it? Hope you all can help!

Are DUers migrating away from Twitter?

What's the difference between the partying insurrection plotters and arrested German plotters?

MTG 'splains how she and Bannon would have organized the J6 attack...

Think on these things - this language we speak

White House Official Details Brittney Griner's First Moments of Freedom

Karen Bass takes oath of office to become first female mayor of Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Update: Chief Inspector Murphy is spiffy after his latest haircut

PM Update: Sunny and seasonable for Monday

Private equity firm screws over non-profit hospital

Even For Chuck Todd, Arguing Against A Criminal Referral Of Trump Is A New Low

Kevin McCarthy would only be a SPINO (speaker in name only)

Rescue Blind Cat Clings Onto His Human Siblings

The basket brothers

MTG: Bannon and I Would Have 'Been Armed' and 'Won' the Insurrection

Dog Found Wandering Around Airport Didn't Trust Humans

Fox hosts HUMILIATE themselves protecting Trump on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Woman falls in love with a special needs lizard

Dorothy Pitman Hughes, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, dies at 84

Jerry Lewis and the Announcer's Test.

Jewish Texans see surge in antisemitism as a precursor to fascism

Pillar Coral, Dugongs, Abalone Among Marine Species On The Brink In "Storm Of Human Overconsumption"

(Jewish Group) Jewish Texans see surge in antisemitism as a precursor to fascism

'We want total war': Young Republican group cheers on the next insurrection

Jewish Texans see surge in antisemitism as a precursor to fascism

Anyone watching The White Lotus finale?

My apoligies.

My husband is tired of hearing me talk about politics

A Murmuration of Modigliani

Mountain Mist Frog, Once Found Across Much Of Australia's Wet Tropics, Officially Declared Extinct

Two Tiny Puppies Raised by Cat Colony Cried for Help Until Someone Heard Them