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Russia Providing 'Unprecedented' Support To Iran, Biden Administration Says - MSNBC Reports

Kyrsten Sinema's Democratic exodus is her latest attention-seeking stunt. It won't save her

Waning Gibbous, 98% visible, with MARS!

George Benson - Carnival Joys

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (studio version + live at Knebworth, 1979)

Trump makes most DERANGED and DELUSIONAL Posts as his World COLLAPSES - Meidas Touch

Jackson 5ive - Little Bitty Pretty One

Beware of dog:

I'm betting Jack Smith is thinking (relative to Trump)...

Good boi brings a stick:

Fox Hosts Whine About Being "Pissed Off" After Embarrassing Year For Republicans - Ring of Fire

MAGA in Siberia?

14 mystery books to savor during the long nights of winter

For all the MAGA frauds who used Paul Whelan to try and score political points on Britney Griner:

Former Fox News 'Liberal Sherpa' Arrested on Charges She Kidnapped and Financially Exploited Mother

Maybee update. She just turned a year old. A Scorpio like me.

This Saturday, Dec 10, Steve Martin and Martin Short are hosting Saturday Night Live......

NASA Administrator: Artemis 1 Spacecraft Zooming Back To Earth At 25,000 Mph - MSNBC Reports

Kari Lake Just Hit A New Low! - Luke Beasley

It's my 1,000th post -- and it's only taken me 17 years to get here!

This Week at Justice - December 9, 2022 - The Justice Department

Derek Lyons, who suddenly left his job as Staff Sec on 12/18, was in charge of classified documents.

Tom T. Hall - Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine

my favorite Christmas gift for my political friends

Elon Musk says 'controversial decisions' at Twitter were often made without Jack Dorsey's approval

Thin Skin Cop Gets A Lawsuit - LackLuster

Baby elephant kisses!

Tucker is propping up Eloon-that should tell you ALL you need to know.

Now that Sinema left the Democratic Party, Are the Democrats going to coalesce behind Gallego or

Trump Contempt Judge Rebuked By DOJ Vet As Feds Ramp Up Mar-A-Lago Pressure - The Beat - MSNBC

Five Brave Ukrainian MiG Pilots Blunted the Russian Attack On Kyiv On Day One Of The War. Not All Of

Herbie Mann - The Butterfly In A Stone Garden

Horrible Donald Trump detail revealed in Brittney Griner decision

Ron DeSantis' gruesome campaign plan: I'm the genius who defeated COVID -- and let thousands die

Cat is far more dramatic than most when his human pretends to shoot him:

Bring me my fainting couch--twice!

AOC mocks Sinema's announcement to leave the Democratic Party: 'She lays out no goals for Arizona'

Dizzy Gillespie - Me 'N Them

Russia wants ballistic missiles from Iran and is offering 'unprecedented' military support

Griner Welcomed Home After Landing In The U.S. - Deadline - MSNBC

Republicans hit blue wall in WA: Meet your new state Legislature

Apple exec who was fired after being caught on video joking about fondling 'big-breasted women' says

Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground

Herbie Mann - Battle Hymn of the Republic

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Sinema leaving the Democratic party and the future....

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage

AZ-AG: Republican Abe Hamadeh files another election lawsuit

Tweet of the evening comes courtesy of Al Capone

Miles Davis - So What

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

CBS Mornings: Trevor Noah hosts final episode of "The Daily Show"

CBS Mornings: 4-min segment on Trevor Noah's last show

Cop Threatens Victim - Sheriff Orders Investigation (The Civil Rights Lawyer)

The Onion or just Conservatives? Test your Knowledge. III

Black Sabbath - Hard Road

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Evangelical minister who sought to influence Supreme Court comes under withering criticism

Sigh. I guess it was bound to happen

'Never Kevin' Republicans Threaten To Tank McCarthy's Bid For Speaker (MSNBC)

Trump faces array of new legal challenges and Republican criticisms - Washington Week PBS

Friday Talking Points -- ($-AZ)

SUCKS SO BAD! Was looking forward to Bullet Train. Horrible efing flick! That is all!

John McLaughlin - Don't Let the Dragon Eat Your Mother, Brother (Buddy Miles' best drumming ever.)

The Daily Show: What Did Trevor Learn from The Daily Show?

3 yr old drummer -- damn!

Just saw a sneak preview of Triangles of Sadness.

Federal judge declines to hold Trump in contempt of court

Kyrsten Sinema and the Politics of Narcissism

New from Merle Hazard - "A male country singer is in love with a female PhD physicist"

Why Protests in Russia, China, and Iran Will Be Hard to Stop - William Spaniel

Gen Z Congressman-elect Maxwell Frost was denied an apartment over "really bad" credit.

Federal judge REFUSES to hold Trump and his team in contempt. Here's why the judge was right

Putin says more prisoner exchanges are 'possible' - ABC News

Moderate Republicans May Ally With Dems To Choose Speaker

Oil spill in rural Kansas creek shuts down Keystone pipeline system - ABC News

Haberman says 'the ball is in DOJ's court' after judge declined to hold Trump in contempt (CNN)

Federal data: Kansas oil spill biggest in Keystone history

Maxine Waters: 'I Am Worried' About A Republican-Controlled Congress - All In - MSNBC

It Was a Lovely Constitution. A Shame We Had to Terminate It. (Ferret)

Friday Night Gin Buzz. Ask me anything.

Federal judge REFUSES to hold Trump and his team in contempt. Here's why the judge was right

Uncertainty in the Senate as Sinema leaves the Democratic Party - Washington Week PBS

Alex Jones Files For Bankruptcy - Raw News And Politics

Golden Earring - Vanilla Queen (live at Winterland, 4/25/1975)

This was a desperate, Hail Mary political move by Sen. Krysten Sinema

I believe that we all house our personal Muse somewhere deep within us.

Federal Judge MAKES RULING on Trump CONTEMPT Motion - Meidas Touch

Not so fast Sinema - Arizona requirements to run as an Independent for U.S. Senate

IEA Revises "Renewable Energy" Forecast Upward; Says It Will Surpass Coal "by 2027."

Where do your pups sleep at night?

Seth Meyers - WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released from Russian Prison - Monologue 12/8/22

Jack calling out Eloon's lying ?

Is anyone else getting notice from Kroger Pharmacy that they won't fill rx starting January?

'Duct Tape and Band-Aids': Inside Herschel Walker's Campaign Collapse

Brian Mast Tried to Create a Fake Scandal Involving Shelia Jackson Lee

Haberman says 'the ball is in DOJ's court' after judge declined to hold Trump in contempt - CNN

Soccer Journalist Dies at World Cup After Collapsing at Argentina Game

Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter

This just in: Chief Inspector Murphy is the goodest boi

Failed Candidate for Governor Kari Lake Demands She Be Declared Winner

Trump Slams Biden For Whelan's Imprisonment, But Never Mentioned Him During His Term - The ReidOut

Waning Gibbous, 98% visible

I know its silly

Polk County traffic stop leads to arrest of brother of accused Capitol rioter, deputies say

Is it time to abolish the Electoral College? - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Here's the 10 things I love about this weird state, NJ.

How does Ali Velshi do it?

I was this many years old...

My daughter just counted the nutcrackers displayed in our house (poll)

'You've Got A Voice And You Gotta Be Heard': Drag Queens Traverse Middle America In 'WE'RE HERE'

'We have always been at war with East Asia'

Primary season doesn't start for another year. Sinema changed parties now.

Mar-a-Lego search and seizure edition (Hilarious)

How about some UK rock to cap off Friday?

Examining Out-of-Place Stone Figures from the Forgotten City of Oxkintok

The Real Reason Kyrsten Sinema Switched Parties

The North Carolina Supreme Court's map worked. The Court produced a fair map

Earliest known evidence of Maya calendar in Guatemala

Coworkers of cop who killed 3 in California removed items from his home prior to official search

The Real Reason Kyrsten Sinema Left The Democratic Party - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Russia wants 'hundreds' of ballistic missiles from Iran

WORLD CUP REPORTER DEAD AT 49 ... Days After Detainment Over LGBTQ+ Shirt

MAGA Throws HUMILIATING Pity Party Over ELECTION LOSSES - Meidas Touch

Early Clovis points found in Michigan

San Antonio's feces sandwich cop illustrates broken accountability system


Please tell me I am wrong: if Kyrsten Sinema runs as an independant

"Yep, that's a Kari Lake lawsuit alright."

Amb. McFaul: Freeing Americans Detained In Russia Shouldn't Be Politicized - Velshi - The Last Word

Rep. Stanton: Griner's Release Is 'A Great Day For All Americans' - Ali Velshi - The Last Word MSNBC

Gay Nephew Of GOP Representative: 'Gay Marriage Is No Reason To Cry' - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

On the plus side, Sinema is no longer a DINO -- she's now a NEIN.

Saturday Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for a Good Weekend Livestream

Snow Falling Tree Lights City Ambience Christmas Jazz Party Background

Irish Music Selections (Kelly's O'Carolan's Suite in Baroque Style not available on YouTube)

For those of us who've battled anxiety... new study says look at Aspartame.

Sinema says the extremes control both parties. She's right.

Radical Right Supreme Court Makes SICKENING Comments During Oral Argument in Important Case

BREAKING: U.S. Journalist Grant Wahl Dies Covering World Cup In Qatar - Ali Velshi - The Last Word

Just heard, @ 1:30 A.M.,

"All my life I've tried to use music to bring people together. Yet it saddens me to see how misinfor

Respect The Base: Sinema's Move Ignore Popularity Of Her Former Party's Policies - Alex Wagner MSNBC

How Russia Is Gaming A Prisoner Exchange For American Paul Whelan - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Denis Leary's and William Shatner's Xmas memories...

Oops wrong category. Deleted.

FACT! Our economic system preys on the poor and working class. Great news is bad! WHY?

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a traitor to the working class, leaves Democratic Party. What now?

A Houston politician & a salesman illustrate why crime cannot be the problem locally or nationally.

An oil company employee takes exception to my attack on oil company execs. We agreed in the end.

Griner's Return Shines Light On Other Detainees - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'I'm still shockingly disappointed at how awful Sinema continues to be'

Some Serving Suggestions ...

DOJ's Contempt Request Rejected In Trump Docs Case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

"Loan Wolves" Documentary Investigates Student Debt - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

🎄Maureen Abood's Recipes for Baklava and Date Maamoul🎄

San Jose Man Allegedly Shot An Unarmed Black Airbnb Guest Who Was Walking To The Grocery Store

Kevin De Leon gets into a Fight During Christmas Tree Lighting

Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Official Audio)

Salomon, Neruda

Russian Shipping Disaster as 50% of Ships are Lost To EU Ban & Russia Looks to Use Ancient Vessels

Schumann's 'Cello Concerto', Yo-Yo Ma

Kyrsten Sinema and the Politics of Narcissism

Rep. Katie Porter probing possible bribery scheme involving Trump administration officials


WORDLE 539 (12/10) ***SPOILER***

Germany looks to Colombia in shift away from Russian energy - DW News

laughing like a dying horse

Brazilian football fan, covered in mirrors:

'A Perfect Coach': Indigenous Actor Josu Maychi Taught Mayan Language To 'Wakanda Forever' Cast

Russian opposition politician sentenced to 8+ years jail for spreading "fake information" - DW News

Lawsuit against doctor who defied Texas abortion law tossed

Pinellas husband and wife who smoked in Capitol during riot sentenced to jail

Kari Lake files lawsuit riddled with falsehoods seeking to overturn Arizona election

Breakfast Saturday 8 December 2022

Ex-soldier with Jan. 6 ties tries to explain guns, classified info in Tampa trial

Kyrsten Sinema has an 18% favorable rating in Arizona right now. Democrats: 5% fav, 82% unfav

The Daily Show - The Daily Show Christmas Movie: A Vote for Love

The most electable Democratic candidate in the 2024 AZ US Senate General Election is Greg Stanton.

In Rutland, a sense of increased crime is met with vigilantism

Is MTG hated enough in the House that

We are in a state of war.

A high entropy alloy with exceptional fracture toughness at extreme cryogenic temperatures, 20K.

Guitar Slim was born on this date.

In my opinion, The future of the Rule of Law in America will be decided in 2023.

Trump TOO SCARED to APPEAL Court of Appeals RULING Slamming CORRUPT Judge Cannon - Meidas Touch

Southern Rock Saturday

Philippine protesters decry alleged injustices under Marcos

Quote for the year, especially for Republicans in Congress and Fox Noise pundits:

Can Plasma Instability In Fact Be the Savior for Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Thrusters?

Zing: Kyrsten Sinema is "the human version of an eviction notice written in glitter gel pen"

Energy official accused of stealing luggage at Reid airport

Gulf state allegedly targeted officials to influence economic and political decisions - DW News

Angry GOBers drill Conservative Evangelist Minister over a SCOTUS appointment to the bench!

Sweden joining NATO would crush Russian power - Caspian Report

Tweet: You know what has not killed a single child or teen in any year in history? Drag performances

Journalists track down identity of woman who posed with Trump - CNN

Yet another Florida 'voter fraud' case touted by DeSantis falls apart in court

CBS Football Correspondent Grant Wahl died in Qatar

You're Playing Us Too Close

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Runoff Erection Edition

Who are the Republicans going to nominate in the battleground 2024 US Senate Races?

Is it my turn?

It appears the DOJ has hit a brickwall in regards to retreiving more missing documents?

A peaceful moment for you today

Sinema's gambit has a historical analogy: Joe Lieberman

The REAL Big Lie is: "No one is above the law."

Denisovan (DNA) introgression has shaped the immune system of present-day Papuans.

Florida Man: the interview ...

Raphael Warnock: Wins Georgia's Senate runoff, altering the power dynamic... Kyrsten Sinema:

A pair of gems from the Maestro himself, Stevie Wonder!

Mid afternoon in Germany, Solar Energy Producing 5.07% capacity; Wind, 4.87% capacity. CO2...

The most maddening thing about the investigations is the contradictions.

Seal thin and weakened from entanglement

Bud Powell with Curtis Fuller - Idaho

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk - Rhythm-A-Ning

Kyrsten Sinema's 'An Independent Voice for Arizona' video

Remember When Trump Sent A Russian Spy Home For Nothing?

Did Sinema make her decision to drop her Democratic affiliation before the last election?

Not a photograph

University of California workers continue strike amid threat of arrests

Transgender Americans Feel Under Siege as Political Vitriol Rises

A brief message for "Christian" Nationalists:

David Schapira, a former Dem primary opponent/friend of Krysten Sinema, spills the tea:

Baked a batch of gingerbread cake to take to a brunch today

Did the Republicans forget about Rudy G in drag? TFG nuzzling "her" breast?

Why in the hell did we need cryptocurrency? The collapse of FTX and SBF explained, sort of

The U.S. military can no longer require Covid vaccines

Because of Wisconsin's abortion ban, one mother gave up trying for another child

The 'Twitter Files' Is What It Claims to Expose

Does anyone else remember BartCop?

Revolution Is Brewing in China - China Uncensored

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans at a crossroads with Trump....

Maxwell Frost, first Gen Z'er elected to Congress, is denied an apartment in Washington

The Mary Wallopers have a story to tell

Apple AirTags are a stalker's dream device, lawsuit says

Dark money groups pump nearly $90 million into Supreme Court case

Working off a country's debts to the past.

To live longer, pick up the pace just three minutes a day

Because of Wisconsin's abortion ban, one mother gave up trying for another child

Big Boys - SNL

A little girl wrote to Los Angeles Dept of Animal Control asking if she could have a pet unicorn

Who do you hate that everyone else seems to love?

L.A. Councilman Kevin de Leon in physical fight with activist during holiday toy giveaway

I listened to Rev. Schenk's testimony. I believe him.

Deaf Cat Loves Riding Around London With Her Dad

Morocco v Portugal *Potential Spoilers*

Blind Kitty Comforts Her Shelter Sister and They Bond

Young bobcat surprises B.C. woman with house visit

Did Eric Parker, aka the Bundy sniper ever get arrested?

As home prices decline, Southern Californians who bought at the peak are nervous

Substitutions question

6 tweets from Jeff Tiedrich:

Amazon's 'thank my driver' program that tipped $5 maxed out after 1 day 😁🎄

well, file this a.m. under-

General Electric releases information on spinoffs of Healthcare and Energy businesses

This donkey has seen "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (sound on):

What's the Precedent for Switching Parties in the Middle of a Senate Term?

The Rise of Far-Right Female Influencers - Decade of Hate (Vice)

Dancing on the keyboard:

Recently I went to the doc

Twitter is doing SO GREAT financially: Musk is selling their refrigerators and office-chairs.

An oldie, but one of my all-time favorites: cat discovering her ears--

My capiz shell turtle pin:

Magpie: "You're paranoid. I'm not stalking you!"

Macomb Township man pleads no contest in hawk killing

Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band - London Calling (live - The Clash cover)

Kamala Harris summed it up perfectly.

Cat discovers he's a crime fighting vigilante:

Cat loves to slide:

Pine Knob was nation's top grossing amphitheater in 2022; LCA ranked No. 10 among arenas

NEWS & COMMENTARY December 9, 2022

Ukraine war: US says Iran now Russia's 'top military backer'

Cat creates magic carpet special effects:

2022 Goodreads Choice Awards Winners

Do you live in an 'ingredient household'?

Army Navy Game 2022

The secret document investigation. Correct me if I am wrong.

TN suspends ex-senator's law license over guilty plea

English Mountain residents near 2 weeks without water

Maxwell Alejandro Frost Tweet to the MAGAs

World Cup Spoiler

We Found the Guys Behind the Hunter Biden Porn That Elon Musk Won't Shut Up About

Remember when Donny Dipshit was going to turn over Americans citizens to Putin for questioning?

Why, oh why did I vote for Kyrsten Sinema in the first place?

Dark money groups pump nearly $90 million into Supreme Court case

Waning gibbous heading to set over river @ 8:? a.m.

Dawning, southern MD 12/10

Hilary & Chelsea Clinton in a car singing "I Will Survive"

Partly cloudy over river

A Tin A Day spreads kindness through self-care packages

House Hearing on politics in the Supreme Court Dec 8 2022

White House Plumbers Official Teaser HBO

More Than 25% Of 150,000 Red-LIsted Species Worldwide Are In Danger Of Extinction

Peter Billingsley, Ralphie in A Christmas Story, Pens Note to Younger Self

"Denial-Lite - 25% Less Bullshit!" Environmental Astroturf Groups Will Seek To Dominate House GQP

House approves most expensive Corps of Engineers project ever for Texas

"Unusually High Confidence" Of Severe Storms 12/13-15 In TX, AR, LA - Stuck Jet Stream In Action

Brittney Griner doesn't owen any apologies for what she's said about this country

Trump gets tongue-lashing by David, Paul Whelan's brother, for his Brittney Griner release reaction.

Biden notches political, policy and diplomacy wins to cap year

Touching song came on this morning - wish to share...

Black Rock "Milquetoast" Climate Actions Just Enough To Piss Off GQP While Doing Nothing In Reality

Trump hoarded, stole so much shit, documents, I bet he doesn't know where it all is.

Medicare patient rights?

Why you should NEVER believe Elon Musk!

Still badass. Love this lady.

Trump Mar-a-Lago suit ends after former president declines to appeal ruling

Former Rep. Barney Frank just arrived to applause at the enrollment ceremony for the RMA

Look who just jumped up on my chair!!

The War on Christmas 2022

A Republican Supermajority In Florida Is Ready To Shred Abortion Rights

A Republican Supermajority In Florida Is Ready To Shred Abortion Rights

If anyone is wondering why I have begun to post more often

The Lincoln Project-It was excruciatingly painful while it lasted.

The Lincoln Project-It was excruciatingly painful while it lasted.

The Lincoln Project-It was excruciatingly painful while it lasted.

Dogs Avoided This Pup At The Dog Park Until... 😍

What's the difference, practically speaking, between...

People post camera pics on social media

After Brittney Griner's detention and release, nearly half of WNBA players are still opting to play

2:00 PM The Long, Long Trailer (1954)

PhilipIttner's Update from Ukrain on HalSparks Radio Program MegaWorldWide

So relieved the antcpated "red wave" never occurred.

New court ruling has opened the door for the DOJ to get another search warrant for Trump's

Vladimir Putin To Undergo 'Emergency Colon Surgery' After Rumors Russian Leader Fell Down Stairs & '

Way overdue.

So Much Joy - Sofiane Boufal of Morocco celebrating with his mom

2024 AZ US Senate Elections are much better Democratic candidates than Republican candidates.

A 3D-printed meat company is building the world's largest facility in the US

McDonald's, Walmart, And Taco Bell Found To Be Sourcing Meat With Harmful Antibiotics

What a sad state we're in, where some of the worst leaders of the world are

House advances giant Texas storm surge project in water bill

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats are likely to win.

How Elon Musk Got Rich: The $230 Billion Myth The Class Room ft. Second Thought

3 Independent US Senators up for re-election in 2024 likely to be replaced by a Democrat.

There is no controversy about the Griner exchange

Ukrainian, Russian Nobel Peace winners slam Putin's 'insane' war

Cartoons 12/10/2022

On Tulalip Reservation, gas prices fall below $3

Fines Put Many Above the Law and Stomp on the Poorest (fine for MURDER)

Ongoing Outage of World's Foremost CO2 Monitoring Site is a "Serious Blow" to Climate Science.

Journalist who covers Ukraine does these "instead of a thousand words"

Told By Ron DeSantis 'Nobody Wants To Hear From You,' Now He's Headed To Congress

England vs France - Live on TFI - at 20:30 hours CET - SPOILERS

Russia grinds on in eastern Ukraine; Bakhmut 'destroyed'

Hey, Media? "You might as well face it, you're addicted to Trump" The video is out!

Fred Hutchinson expert weighs in on Celine Dion's 'stiff person syndrome' diagnosis

Hey, MSM? You might as well face it, you're addicted to Trump!

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Hilarious New Ad Pushes for Mike Lindell to Be RNC Chair! - Luke Beasley

Gasoline Prices Are Falling This Holiday Season And Republicans Are Silent

80% Of Conservative Outrage Is Just ...

I thought you'd like to see the front page of today's NY Post...

Don't Know Why I Thought Of This Today

official Mastodon apps updated

(Jewish Group) Report shows more hate crimes against Los Angeles Jews

(Jewish Group) Meet the artist behind the new Hanukkah postage stamp

Tiniest Pittie Puppy Heals A Stray Dog's Heart

Reminiscing about pets gone by...Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns

Suggestions please. Now that I have a Dutch oven, I need to learn how to use it.

Sanders will give 2024 'a hard look' if Biden doesn't run: adviser

Army-Navy game, 3pm eastern US. #GoNavy.

A Year-End Surprise: A Tax Bill on Top of Your Mutual-Fund Losses

Never took mine off.

Regular gasoline is $2.99/gallon at the corner station. nt

Are people talking about this?

Few Editorial Cartoons

Your Wallet Is Being Drained by Subscriptions. Wall Street Thanks You.

Musk is such a piece of shit

Happy 70th Birthday To Susan Dey

Time for a ridiculously outrageous poll on Pootin's fate: What will/has happened to him.

Social Distancing

Women at work - WWII - photos and commentary

Evolution of Tornado Footage

Hilarious- Just in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Soccer Journalist Dies at World Cup After Collapsing at Argentina Game

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Sixth Year - Vanity Fair

Breaking: Final update on Trump's special master scheme - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Maybe we can dig up a Democrat?"

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 10, 2022

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans assessing Biden....

The problem for republicans going forward is they have nothing positive to run on.

Women in prison...

Russia grinds on in eastern Ukraine; Bakhmut 'destroyed'

Leo Perisić, Ivan's son, running over to console Neymar Jr in tears.

"Ticket to Ride" - The Beatles (Live at Shea Stadium, 1965)

Bird discovers golf balls bounce

Question on home safes.

The best thing on Twitter this evening😀😀

2 nf recs- derry girls and black earth rising.

Onecaliberal boosted Mastodon story:

George Takei Mastodon meme:

Soil in midwestern US is eroding 10 to 1,000 times faster than it forms, study finds

How Rick Caruso spent $104M and still lost the LA mayor's race

Help Meidas Touch:

AZ Police Taser Woman 14 Times - Rebel HQ

There are 72 famous New Yorkers on this cover:

Deceptively simple, the best thing about Yellowstone is...

Aretha on piano and vocals, recorded at Mussel Shoals' Fame Studio

MAGA Insurrectionist BLAMES Trump RHETORIC and LIES in Emotional Letter to Federal Court - Meidas

PM Update: Gray and gloomy with showers Sunday

U.S. sanctions officials close to El Salvador's Bukele for alleged corruption

This is how to shut up a maggot complaining about Brittney Griner's release.

Fighting a bad cold/flu/RSV or something. but I know it ain't Covid. Thanks for the free tests, Joe

Toon from Mastodon:

Addicted To Trump - Parody Project

MotherJones: We Found the Guys Behind the Hunter Biden Porn That Elon Musk Won't Shut Up About

2 Capitol rioters who threw smoke bombs at police, smoked cigarettes inside and wrote 'Murder the Me

Hear who Russia demanded be released in exchange for Paul Whelan

Transcript of the latest Trump campaign speech

Missouri man sentenced in Capitol riot case said Trump, others to blame for his actions

FBI: Images, phone records, license plate readers link RI man to Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Director of Mississippi's ONLY abortion clinic gestures to the anti-choice mob.

Keeping up with AI? Huge implications for learning, schools, research etc

Reich on Sinema (Mastodon):

How 8 girls in Arizona protective care ended up back with a polygamous cult over 1,000 miles away

A little online music station

I started taking Citalopram yesterday. Generic Celexa. I had problems with depression

Chris Hayes On The Battle Over Republican Speaker

U.S. Supreme Court to consider prohibition on encouraging illegal immigration

Edwin Starr - War

Climate change is rapidly killing one of the most common tree in Minnesota

The Temptations - Stop The War Now

Young women trending liberal/Democrat.

Veterinarian Gets Special Birthday Surprise

Nobel Peace Prize: Russian laureate 'told to turn down award'

Curtis Mayfield - Back Against The Wall

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead

Density Measurements of Uranium Containing Molten Chloride Salts Using Neutron Imaging.

Johnny Bristol - Strangers In The Dark Corners

Florida Teacher Fired for Stopping Muslim Students Praying

Why did a federal judge reject the prosecutor's request to hold Trump team in contempt? An explainer

My opinion: "Saddest part of Georgia's senate election is that 48.6% voted for an incompetent fool."

Parliament - The Goose

Attacks on grid infrastructure in 4 states raise alarm

Who is Paul Whelan, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy?

neal brennan- blocks.

Biden's Potential First Veto

Isaac Hayes - The Mistletoe And Me