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Looks like the New but old CEO of Disney

Stevie Nicks tweeted a heartfelt, heartbreaking letter for Christine McVie, with a photo

Milestone Memories: Susanne Christian - Paths of Glory

Michigan GOP continues to crash and burn

The kids got this.

Wild and scary weather night here

FIFA pays tribute to veteran World Cup sportscasters and photographers

FIFA pays tribute to veteran World Cup sportscasters and photographers

FIFA Florida


GOP already going after J6 committee before McCarthy wins the chairmanship.

'From Now On'.. a new instrumental from Band-Maid..

Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly (you know why)

Hyundai's Xcient positioned for instant US fuel cell truck leadership -35 trucks coming in '23

Cocaine Bear - Official Trailer

Special Counsel Jack Smith GETS TESTIMONY from Former Top Trump Aide Stephen Miller - Meidas Touch

Is the brain a quantum computer? A remarkable pair of studies suggests so

No one wanted this puppy. Then someone gave him a chance at life.

Buttigieg: We're Reaffirming Marriage Equality Because SCOTUS Is Threatening To Take Away - Deadline

US Virgin Islands reach $105M settlement with Epstein estate

For all of us Democrats. Christine McVie's "Don't Stop" epitomized the optimism of 1992,

The Washington Post will end its Sunday magazine, eliminate positions

AG Garland Addresses Oath Keepers Verdict - MSNBC Reports

things will get a little dicy for sonora ca tonight /tommrow /fri.

Trump CAUGHT OFF GUARD Amid Merrick Garland STRATEGY SHIFT - Meidas Touch

Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun

Rachel coming up on Chris Hayes n/t

6 Days Until The Georgia Runoff! How You Can Help! And More Info

Twitter Hacked: More Than 5.4 MILLION Users' Data Released, Including A-Listers' Private Emails &

Radio stations....

Trump defender Kevin McCarthy tells January 6th Committee that evidence 'does not belong to you'

The Most Brilliant Comebacks Ever Screenshotted, As Shared On The 'Clever Comebacks' Twitter Page

18 US Code 2384, Did the trump gang do this?

'What Happens This Season Is Largely Up To Us' Says WH Coronavirus Response Coordinator - Deadline

For the title of "Most Fucked Over Politician in American History" I wish to nominate . . . . .

More Than 200 Republicans Voted Against Paid Sick Days for Railroad Workers

Jan. 6 Bomb Stuns Trump: MAGA Allies Convicted As Top Aide Goes Under Oath - The Beat - MSNBC

How do I delete the titter app off my ipad?

Kroger, Albertsons execs make case for mega-merger before Senate subcommittee

Al Roker 'Rushed' Back to Hospital Within 24 Hours of His Thanksgiving Release

And now for something completely different...

Indiana AG Insists on Punishing Doctor Who Gave Abortion to 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Political courage...

Bill Clinton tests positive for COVID

Zelenskiy praises German parliament for declaring Ukraine famine a genocide

Never mind, Musk says -- accusation against Apple was a 'misunderstanding'

Fusion power is 'approaching' reality thanks to a magnetic field breakthrough

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Stevens Pass, Summit at Snoqualmie expected to open Friday

Work on I-5 overpass in Everett postponed this weekend due to weather

A Quick refresher on the trump seditious conspiracy gang

Called out sick for tomorrow. Got a pounding headache. But mostly, it's just overwork.

About Motherfucker's tax returns. We lose the gavel very soon. Then what?

Apple's Tim Cook and Elon Musk apparently reached some sort of agreement today

"There is no team like the best team which is our team right here..."

U.S. gas prices plunge toward $3 a gallon as demand drops worldwide

Excessive Overtime Is Killing UPS Workers - More Perfect Union

Anniversaries suck

Trump's Dinner 'Disaster': Ye, Anti-Semite Meeting Engulfs GOP - The Beat - MSNBC

My husband and I are working on rapprochement with Trumpers in the family

Why you should NEVER believe Elon Musk! (part Deux)

Lauren Boebert Gets CALLED OUT Over Her Anti-LGBTQ Hate! - Luke Beasley

Jim Carrey tweeted yesterday that he's leaving Twitter

Revitalizing America's News Deserts

Rachel Maddow: Oath Keepers Convictions Make It Harder To Whitewash Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

Thursday Morning🌞Happy Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Coffee Time Livestream

207 Republicans vote against Paid Sick Leave For Rail Workers

Mary Trump: The disrespect being shown to Donald by Georgia Republicans is beyond the pale. Let the

10 Most Liberal States in 2023.

Another DUer with a GoFundMe (Sweet Audry's Emergency Surgery)

Hot Wheels FTW !! (TicTok clip on Twitter)

Honda To Begin U.S. Production of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in 2024

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: St. John 10: 10-15 (The thief/devil comes only to steal, kill, destroy.)

January 6 committee to discuss potential criminal referrals at Friday meeting

My Interview with Trump Supporter Got Heated! - Luke Beasley

I earn 14 sick days a year

Election Loser Blake Masters Recruited To Figure Out Why GOP Lost Big (MSNBC)

I've stopped watching cable news

NY Assembly prepared to vote against seating Brooklyn Republican over residency question

Election Loser Blake Masters Recruited To Figure Out Why GOP Lost Big - All In - MSNBC

Hear the promises Stewart Rhodes made to his lawyers before Oath Keepers trial - CNN

The Daily Show: Herschel Walker's Wild Plan To Build Trump's Wall & Twitter's New Covid Policy

Cute little cow:

1 injured by small blast at Ukrainian embassy in Madrid - NewsNation

Cute kitten makes cute sounds:

Jordan Klepper traces origin of belief that JFK Jr is alive

Amazon deforestation in Brazil remains near 15-year high

Will Oath Keepers convictions ultimately take down Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Mike Flynn and others?

Masking student in public schools slows the spread of Covid

Will Oath Keepers convictions ultimately take down Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Mike Flynn and others?

Photographer uses a gyroscopic camera to capture a video of the earth's rotation.

Happy thought.

Perez: Jeffries has 'commanded respect' from Democratic Party - NewsNation

Three friends in Cobb County Georgia have not received their ballots yet

U.S. Gas Prices Plunge Toward $3 a Gallon

MI-GOV: Whitmer becomes first Democrat in over 100 years to carry big four west Michigan counties.

Jordan Klepper traces the origin of the belief that JFK Jr is alive

The view from NASA's Artemis mission yesterday:

5th Circuit rejects Biden DOJ bid to reinstate student debt relief plan

Rep. Porter Predicts Dems 'Still Being Able To Deliver' Despite Closely-Divided House - Morning Joe

U.S. Urges Rejection of Undersea Cable Connection to Cuba

lions reunite with the man who helped raise them:

"Herschel hasn't shown he wouldn't be "Trump's puppet.""

Has Trump Already Lost 2024?

You must be this big to go on this ride:

Cannabis is not the pain killer some hoped it would be.....

FTX billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried funneled dark money to Republicans

60 years on, the world remains united in its opposition to the US blockade of Cuba

McConnell SLAMS Trump on LIVE TV - Meidas Touch

Thursday's digit - 3/10: Winter chill comes on cue under skies of blue. David, CWG

Corgi puppies in the snow:

Kimmel: Trump's Tax Returns Finally Handed Over, Mara-a-Lago Beefs Up Security & Stoners Get a Pot

Calling all Musk supporters !! They're looking for human volunteers now...

Assembly prepared to vote against seating Brooklyn Republican over residency question

**CONTENT WARNING** This post includes Ernest Tubbs yodeling

Fla. sheriff: Students no longer fear getting 'a-- cheeks' 'torn off', need new discipline policy

Cuban rum masters' tradition declared UNESCO cultural heritage

Musk had an infomercial show-and-tell for Neuralink this evening. Some real background

Attorney General Garland Delvers Brief Remarks on Oath Keepers Verdict and Jackson Water Crisis - DOJ

Former Trump Lawyer Shares Vile Thoughts About Club Q Shooting! - Luke Beasley

There has not been a mass shooting in the last 4 days....

The Daily Show: Trump Runs the Military & The Role of Militias - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy

Enjoyed the Benghazi hearings? You're gonna love the GOP era of 'angertainment'

Pres. Macron thanks WWII vets for helping to save France (Tweet).

Looked and didn't see anything on how J6 committee has been withholding

From Absolute Deception to Total Denial

Dem Whip-Designate Katherine Clark: We're A Party That Believes In Governance And Responsibility

Why America's Railroads Refuse to Give Their Workers Paid Leave


'Dead Flowers' by Townes Van Zandt:

Joy Reid: Creeping White Nationalism Has Infected The GOP - The ReidOut - MSNBC

How The Media Screwed Up The Midterms And Trump's Nazi Dinner

George Takei on Mastodon:

Buttigieg: Dire Economic Stakes Have Biden Admin Eager For Rail Labor Resolution - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Really, Whoopi - FALLON instead of KIMMEL? - not even for ABC Disney $?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats will win by a Solid to Tossup margin.

PalmerTrolls - You Can Be Anything Comedy Special

Lawrence O'Donnell: Capitol Rioter's Sentencing Memo Perfectly Describes Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

She talking about MTG?

John Aravosis: Like I said, Musk lies a lot.

Stanford is investigating its president over allegations of research misconduct

Tweet of the Day


Molly Jong-Fast: The GOP Is Surely Going to Let Donald Trump Slide Over White Supremacist Dinner

How Federal Employees Prevented Trump Era From Being 'Much Worse' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Beto O'Rourke has returned a $1 million check from FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried after the Crypto

Several International Christmas Carols

WORDLE 530 (12/01) ***SPOILER THREAD***

"Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time" Documentary (2020) - Full 2 1/2 Hour Epix Documentary on YouTube

Anyone watch homecoming on prime?

Congratulations RandySF - 40000 posts

Conservative Activists Find Way To Buy Access To Supreme Court Justices - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Nicode, Richter

Howard Stern interview with Bruce Springsteen on HBO...

10-year-old boy charged as adult for shooting and killing mother over virtual reality headset

Heard Herschel Walker's agenda? WEREWOLVES

Sen Baldwin: Dobbs Decision 'Without Question' Behind Effort To Codify Marriage Equality - The Last Word

Making sense of Ukrainian war memes: From watermelons to Saint Javelin

Mastodon - so much better than twitter. Less idiots, no ads.

Is anyone watching the Netflix series Wednesday

Maricopa Official goes OFF SCRIPT and utterly HUMILIATES Kari Lake in front of crowd - Meidas Touch

Was that Herschel Walker on the sofa?

Philip Glass, Gilad Hekselman

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why it's important to understand US capabilities....

'The Glow Of Love' (Dedicated to the one in my past. There's no distance in the spirit.)

Coordinated Scheme To Influence SCOTUS Shows Susceptibility Of Justices To Activists - Alex Wagner

China Protests Turn Violent as Manufacturing Falls to 7 Month Low & Economic Downturn - Joe Blogs

*HRC on Amanpour tomorrow (later.)

Bidens join National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C. - PBS NewsHour

House Passes Bill To Avert Rail Strike - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

FTX & Sam Bankman-Fried -- DealBook Summit Interview

New Generation Of Democratic Leadership - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Tesla to recall 435,000 China-made Model 3, Model Y cars in China

New Zealand And Finland's Prime Minister Call Out Reporter's Question - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Nervous Kevin McCarthy FUMBLES Most Basic Questions at White House Presser - Meidas Touch

White Winter Morning Coffee With Positive Mood Jazz Music For A Sunny Winter Day

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/30/22

Nova program, Cat Tales - the history of cat domestication

Nova program on the history of cat domestication

City of Louisville pays settlement to woman groped in gas station by on-duty police officer

Breakfast Thursday 1 December 2022

Stephen Colbert: Guest Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Will Russian conscripts turn on Putin? - Times Radio

Has anyone experienced poor performance with Samsung

Europe's farmers fear drought will stretch through winter - Al Jazeera

Clarence Gilyard Jr Dies: 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' 'Matlock' & 'Die Hard' Actor Was 66

People shocked at the image of three migrants discovered on crossing ocean on ship's rudder

QAnon Influencer Sues Newspaper, Gets Exposed as Alleged Child Predator

Latest Battlefield Update: What's Ukraine's Next Move? - TLDR News EU

Artists use synesthesia to expand their creative limits - PBS NewsHour

Philadelphia police uncover name of "The Boy in the Box"

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac dead at 79.

Lasagna soup I'm gonna try and make this.

Family says dog protected daughter at Billings' Central Park

Lebron James challenges reporters on racial bias

Was on my way home yesterday saw two grown men kicking this young kids ass.

"Hey mom, I fed the dog!"

Hiroshi Miyamura, Medal of Honor Winner in Korean War, Dies at 97

Mesa settles with Daniel Shaver's widow for $8 million after police killed him in 2016

On this day, December 1, 1933, Lou Rawls was born.

On this day, December 1, 1938, Sandy Nelson was born.

On Monday, December 1, 1958, a fire broke out at Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, Illinois.

On this day, December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama

Special election to fill the late Tony DeLuca's seat set for 2/7

Thursday TOONs - In An Alternate Universe

conservatives parents say they were duped into voting for the DeSantis Educ purge in full swing

Michigan to begin testing wastewater for polio

'Owning the libs by losing elections': MJ mocks Arizona GOP for fumbling House seat over fraud

China eases some virus controls, searches pedestrians

Herschel Walker Told a Georgia Campaign Audience That He Lives in Texas, Because Of Course

Proposal 2 passed in Michigan. Now what?

IS says leader Abu al-Hassan al-Qurayshi killed in battle

Report: No altitude advice before Dallas air show crash


Oklahoma citizen-led initiative would codify abortion access

I want all the Trump lawyers involved in Jan 6th to pay a heavy price for their crimes.

(Colorado) Worker pleads guilty in election equipment tampering case

Judge to arraign ex-DA charged in Arbery killing's aftermath

Starbucks Amazon-go joined forces to exploit workers together at their hybrid store.

Oh, man, just woke up to the news, gutted ... Christine McVie Tribute Thread!!!

Evangelical influencers pan Trump as driven by 'grievances and self-importance'

Artists use synesthesia to expand their creative limits

ICE accidentally released the identities of 6,252 immigrants who sought protection in the U.S.

Elmer Rhodes might very well die in prison or he is going to be very old when he gets out.

Naturopath who sold fake vaccine cards gets nearly 3 years

What would Harry Reid do right now? Threaten to cancel Christmas to save the country

The Dock Of The Bay

FDA clears 1st fecal transplant treatment for gut infection

Amazon CEO says company won't take down antisemitic film

3 of the 4 "top" tweets I just saw searching for Musk's name: RWNJs ranting against the EU

'Put Up or Shut Up,' Says Sanders as Progressives Move to Add 7 Sick Days to Railway Deal

New rule at Herschel Walker events: journalists can't get within 20 feet of Walker afterwards.

Parasite gives wolves what it takes to be pack leaders

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for February 2023

The Webcomics Weekly #214: What Even Is True Villainy? (11/30/2022 Edition)

A peaceful moment for you today

Art of the Week: Week of 11/30/22

The Rundown: December 1, 2022

Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa: How Social Media Uses Free Speech To Stifle Free Speech

Why the government lets nursing facilities get away with poor staffing

Why the government lets nursing facilities get away with poor staffing

You raised $235.00 on November 30, 2022 Democratic Underground for Rev Senator Warnock (GA runoff)

US Jobless Claims Rise, or Maybe They Retreat

Florida Gators QB arrested on child pornography charges, suspended by UF

***Comments Thread for the Fall Seasonal Photo Contest***

****Fall Seasonal Photo Contest Full****

PSA: When considering Twitter alternatives, be Warned about Hive Social

Know anything about APK's?

Bette has a birthday today.

Two can play this game:

The disturbing links between climate change and modern-day slavery

January 6 committee to discuss potential criminal referrals at Friday meeting

GA-SEN: Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage

Man who punched Asian woman more than 100 times sentenced to 17.5 years

GOP failed to flip any statehouse chambers, Democrats flipped four.

The name Roger Stone was raised multiple times during the Elmer Rhodes trial.

Key inflation measure that the Fed follows rose 0.2% in October, less than expected

The White House looks lovely

"The Donald Trump Mysteries"

Mrs. Betty Bowers: "Vote Warnock"

Memo to Georgia Republicans ready to "hold their nose" and vote for Walker:

Nobel Peace Prize winner says social media has "come in and used free speech to stifle free speech."

De Santis' anti-health programs are going to cause hardship for young families.

Should Special Counsel request Trump's tax forms from the Ways and Means Committee?


Politico: Minnesota Dems ding Michigan as race for early-state presidential primary heats up

Speaking non-english

Detroit Free Press, Bridge seek court hearing to open Lee Chatfield records to public

"There is no room in the Republican Party for white supremacy"

5 Days Until The Georgia Runoff! How You Can Help! And More Info

Vancouver: Second Broadway Subway TBM prepares for launch

A nation of attention junkies: Trump and Elon are the perfect symbols of America's predicament

Fears of Chinese Aggression Grow in Taiwan

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly".

fleetwood mac - over my head (studio-1975) the radio/45 rpm version which is different

An interesting take on whether or not to ditch Twitter:

DeSantis' office relied on GOP sheriffs, others in inquiry of Andrew Warren

Gut punch': CNN cuts staffers amid Warner Bros. Discovery rebuild

Middle Age Riot tweet:

The wonderful health benefits of RAW CANNABIS

This meme made me laugh out loud

Florida pulls $2 bln from BlackRock in largest anti-ESG divestment

See McCarthy's stark warning to GOP if he isn't voted House Speaker (CNN)

These Scientists Are Looking for "Glacier Blood"

The Brandenburg Gate Ballerina (inspiring little slice of WWII history)

Little bunny, big lettuce:

When you grow up with a bunny:

FIFA opens new investigation of anti-gay chants from Mexico fans

Disco Santa

Betty White died on New Years Eve, so I gotta make my donation to our local pet

Rose Bowl agreement clears way for College Football Playoff's 12-team expansion in 2024 and 2025

A question about Musk and Twitter in particular and business debt in general

this is the first music synth, not the first computer to make music.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (December 1, 2022)

Mar-a-Lago Clearinghouse: Key Documents in the Special Counsel Investigation

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- December 1, 2022

January 6 committee member says entirety of panel's work will be released in coming weeks

SNAP tweet of the day ( Ye and his slimeballs entourage )

In Bakhmut, Garbage men are still working with artillery falling 200m away

Brevard County FLA Sheriff & School Board Chair - corporal punishment "like the old days"

The Bottom-Up Election-Denial Strategy

Oath Keepers Founder Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy for Plotting to Violently Overthrow U.S. Gov't

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's new campaign policy....

What does this World Cup mean to the US Women's Team?

The Democrats may not be able to release Trumps tax returns, however they can do this.

David Dayen on Rail Contract, Respect for Marriage Act, Debt Ceiling & What a GOP Congress Means

Rie aka Suzuku

Hal 'n Stephanie: TOO FUNNY! Trump Scared of Smith. Palin Loses Again, & Walker vs Reid

Hear why GOP official in Georgia says he couldn't vote for Herschel Walker - CNN

In Idaho "no arrests yet" I hope there is no pressure to arrest someone just

Primetime Fox silent on Oath Keepers sedition convictions

Jeff Tiedrich FTW

In Moore v. Harper, Republicans are trying to advance a fringe legal theory

DeSantis' office relied on GOP sheriffs, others in inquiry of [state attorney] Andrew Warren

DeSantis' office relied on GOP sheriffs, others in inquiry of [state attorney] Andrew Warren

Tucker Carlson's Newest Conspiracy Theory Involves The NHL Brainwashing Sports Fans

Master of the Sky: Owl vs Wolf 🔸 Super Powered Owls 🔸 BBC Earth

Morning, southern MD

Elon Musk Is Convinced He's the Future. We Need to Look Beyond Him

The Republican Presidential Primary debates will be one of the great comedy/freak shows in history.

BREAKING: #2 ranked Belgium knocked out...Morocco and Croatia advance

Tabby cuddle


Ukraine's railway workers: True Heros!

The Game Is Up: Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories

Pink Floyd - "Delicate Sound of Thunder" New 4k Edition

Rights Advocates to NYC Mayor Adams: You Can't Arrest Your Way Out of Housing & Mental Health Crisis

Why is "My Favorite Things" considered a Christmas song?

Rep. Matt Gaetz's Associate Joel Greenberg Gets 11-Year Prison Sentence

Well... it looks like Ye and the Infowars wing of the GOP are going full Hitler.

WordHurdle 4, 5, 6 & Phrazle Morning (( SPOILERS))

Here's something weird I've noticed about food prices

Ukraine says Russia pulls back forces from river towns opposite Kherson

Keith's podcast about Trump being the new Hitler

Trump lawyer pins blame on ex-CFO as criminal tax fraud trial nears end

A wee bit of dis and dat

Sexist reporter mic-dropped by New Zealand PM at presser between two young female Prime Ministers

Gaetz friend gets 11 years for sex crime, other counts

Kanye West Praises Adolf Hitler

If you have time listen to Keith Olbermann's most recent

Defending Democracy While Waiting for the Cavalry to Arrive

Chris Cillizza has been let go from CNN

Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage

Herd of Baby Goats Sprint to Moms for Feeding Time

The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths

U.S. consumer spending powers ahead in October; inflation cooling

Gaylord Perry, Hall of Fame Pitcher With a Doctoring Touch, Dies at 84


Adorable Pittie Just Wants To Be Noticed

Just appalling that Warnock is only 2 points ahead of Walker in polls

World Cup 2022: Stephanie Frappart to become first female referee of tournament in Germany vs Costa

Inside the CNN newsroom cuts

"The Ghoulish Hubris of Letting People Die and Calling That Bravery

Obama urges Georgia Democrats to push turnout for Warnock

Has the 11th Circuit fired that Cannon yet?

tRUMP Knew

Watch This Mama Leopard Reunite With Her Baby And Carry Him Off In Her Mouth

Musk's Neuralink Hopes to Implant Computer in Human Brain in Six Months

Matt Gaetz pal Joel Greenberg sentenced to 11 years in prison

Vladimir Putin Desperately Recruits Soccer Players To 'Fight As Paratroopers' After Russian Army

So isn't it odd that now that the elections are over

A Takedown of Elon Musk tonight

Former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. needs a babysitting app to choose better playmates.

Japanese Selflessness At World Cup Goes Global - Rebel HQ

Bernie Sanders LIVE Senate Floor...

Crikey lawyers call on Lachlan Murdoch to provide evidence he repudiated Fox News falsehoods

Sen. Joe Manchin signals he will oppose adding paid sick leave to the rail labor agreement...

They deleted that tweet

Russian pundit casually threatens viewer who accuses him of 'lying': 'We will find you'

While everyone watches Twitter, Apple helped China fight dissidents


One more Christine McVie tribute ... most people don't know she wrote this one ...

Kirkland Officers To Begin Wearing Body Cameras

Adult Transgender Bans Are Here: OK Bill Would Ban Medical Transition Under 21 Years Old

State recommends larger buffer around orcas to support their recovery

Don't elect lunatics to positions of public responsibility

It Sounds Crazy, But Walking Backwards Is Really, Really Good For You

They were the hillbilly twins Ray and Roy. It was study hall in the auditorium.

The time has come for Donald Trump to disavow Kanye West...

LIVE 2:30 Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds Briefing

Senate reaches deal to vote on legislation to avert rail shutdown

This MAGA PAC Raised Nearly $2 Million Off the Trucker Protests. Where Did All the Money Go?

African-Germans During the Holocaust


Economist Austan Goolsbee named next Chicago Fed president

Corporate profits hit record high in third quarter amid 40-year-high inflation

Medical bills remain inaccessible for many visually impaired Americans

D.C. Council Wants To Make Metrobus Fares Free In The District

A Tobacco Plant Has Been Engineered to Produce Cocaine in Its Leaves

Alex Jones is afraid of brain control stuff. How is he then with Fascist Musk's Neuralink project?

Pregnant and desperate in post-Roe America

Supreme Court takes Biden student debt relief case, holds program for now

The GOP finally ditches Kanye and deletes their tweet. Failed to listen to this Kanye visionary.

Some tweets don't age well.....

Oh, how Musk's tone has changed...

Judge OKs federal intervention in [Jackson, MS] struggling water system

Judge OKs federal intervention in [Jackson, MS] struggling water system

An Out Gay Lawmaker Defied FIFA and Wore a Rainbow Armband to the World Cup

Pretty windy, southern MD

Cartoons 12/1/2022

The Second Bi-Annual Anti-Awards

Lynnwood council delays budget vote amid questions on worker wages

Raphael Warnock, Herschel Walker in runoff dead heat, new poll says

Workers At This Starbucks-Amazon Hybrid Store Are Unionizing - More Perfect Union

Second flu death since 2020 reported in Snohomish County

White House halls decked simply, with tradition

Sweet December Winter Soft Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Coffee and Relaxing

King Tut's century-long legacy for archeology

My latest light mystery (cozy adjacent), released this week

Waxing Gibbous, 54% visible

NYPD already gets hundreds of annual abuse complaints for forcing people to hospitals

Senate rejects proposal to give rail workers seven days of paid sick leave

Heading toward sandbar

Biden says climate law has 'glitches' after Macron criticism

Your Mother

Kari Lake Just Keeps Getting Worse! - Luke Beasley

cats on their way to work... on the subway:

Suggestion for a holiday company gift, please

Texas lawmakers have a $27 billion surplus, but a spending cap complicates their goal of lowering

Just a note to say, Happy Holidays to everyone

Twitter just suspended a Media Matters staffer for "spam" and "manipulation" & then unsuspended him

Biden's first state dinner menu nods to France, and his own tastes.

Sen. King Slams Republicans Threatening To Delay Military Bill Over Covid Vaccine Mandate - MSNBC

No Strike

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: The Eschaton/Revelation 13:16-17

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the railroads....

Rampant inflation (greed) 1 item 2 stores a mile apart

D.C. should brace for a cold December with chances of snow.

In places like Hudson, Wisconsin, right-wing voters see an America under attack

Prosecutor: Donald Trump knew about exec's tax fraud scheme

Senate approves bill enforcing railroad labor agreement ahead of strike deadline, sends to Biden PUB

The press and some Democratic Party allies panned the president's remarks before the midterms.

Obama does ad for Senator Warnock

Judge orders Cochise county to certify election TODAY

SCOTUS leaves 8th circuit's injunction in place, sets oral arguments for February 2023 for

Trump Org. defense lawyer scolded for using struck testimony

Is your greed worth hurting the US economy?

Rep. Jim Clyburn survives leadership challenge

House panel says lax screening helped facilitate PPP fraud

The [rail] industry estimates that 7 sick days a year would cost them $321 million

Hear President Biden Today on sick leave

Cool - Making an infinity table

McCarthy Warns Jan. 6 Committee Republicans Will Investigate Its Work

It's inappropriate for anyone other than

Putin's invasion will crumble if NATO continues support - General Sir Richard Shirreff - Times Radio

Michigan is poised to replace Iowa as an early nominating state for Democrats in 2024

Sunset, southern MD 12/1

Alex Jones has about as much chance of suffering from "brain control" as he does

Senate rejects proposal to give rail workers seven days of paid sick leave

Herschel Walker FUMBLES Softball Interview

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 1, 2022

Wondering if I'm hallucinating. Kanye and Musk are tweeting about Jesus.

White Christmas in Michigan? For some it's a sure bet, for others it'll be iffy

Rolling Stone: Musk's Beloved Twitter Polls Are Bot-Driven Bullsh!t, Ex-Employees Say

#MonsterHunterWorld #Iceborne The Tale of Velkana

Liberal Redneck - Kanye, Nazis, Etc

The Senate voted 80-15 to force a contract on rail workers. Here are the 15

(Jewish Group) Kanye West: 'I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis'

Hello Florida, Is this true?

Try Not to Laugh When You Hear Herschel Walker's Most Recent Rant! - Luke Beasley

Texas A&M fined for Competition Area Policy violation

ACLU-MN settles class action for protesters injured by police during George Floyd protests:

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-16: Showdown At The Golden Corral Edition

Redistricting experts weigh in on results of first general election under new maps

Christmas lights and camera movement.

Redistricting experts weigh in on results of first general election under new maps

Patron: The dark times

Drove by the railyard in Barstow today

Federal judge orders former top lawyers in Trump's White House to testify in criminal grand jury

fleetwood mac - hold me (studio - 1982) cause I'm giving my girl Chrissie love all day today

Christmas drinks should be served hot: Coca-Cola Christmas truck in flames in Romania

Kanye West dares Elon Musk to ban him by handing Twitter account over to Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones

Apparently Kanye takes constructive criticism well....

Almost 8" in Tahoe so's dumping pretty fast

Russia's Lavrov says US & NATO are participants in Ukraine war - Al Jazeera

Ye's deal to buy conservative social media app Parler is called off

Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage (scary stuff)

Copying Beethoven/cut HD (Beethoven 9th symphony, the best, most inspiring 13m)

Sanders Statement on Passage of Legislation Averting Nationwide Rail Strike

Did I just hear that a Judge ordered Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin to

Trump's Tax Returns Can Be Made Public

*** Breaking*** Eleventh Court Of Appeals Halts Special Master

During todays press conference the President

Appeals court halts special master review of documents seized at Mar-aLago in major defeat for Trump

MAGA Lawyers DISQUALIFIED as 'ARGUABLY UNETHICAL' in Fulton County Criminal Probe - Meidas Touch

Michigan poised to replace Iowa as early Democratic presidential state

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 2 December 2022

Gosh! My residence is in Nebraska, but if I cross over the state line and voted?

Cochise County Certifies the Election!!!

Appeals court strikes down special master in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents case

Amazon senior management was forced to read NLRB's 30p order to stop union-busting to every employee

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Always try to get a photo of flowers you send to people.

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Subpostmaster federation deliberately kept public in dark over computer problems

Folks: something to gear up for, and not get irate over...

San Francisco Police Pave the Way For Robots To Apply Deadly Force In Extreme Situations

Alabama case over mistaken pregnancy highlights risks in a post-Roe world

MAGA Indiana Attorney General FILES to Revoke License of Doctor Who Provided Care to 10 Year Old

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Mike Luckovich-Elon -Self inflicted injuries

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Coming soon.......

Fmr. Gaetz Confidant Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison - Deadline - MSNBC

BuRec Now Projects Possible Worst-Case For Glen Canyon; End Of Generation As Early As July 2023

This Thanksgiving, I met someone who fled TO Nazi Germany.....

Christmas 2021 in Mauripol


The Republic Jewish Coalition has to draw the line SOMEWHERE...