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When Americans recall their roots, they open up to immigration

N.H. Supreme Court strikes down GOP-backed voter registration law

Bill Cosby's not free on a technicality. He's free because his prosecutors cheated

De Santos to the Trump Shit list!

Improved roads, bike lanes, sidewalks in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood

don jr at rally saying trump got 80 "mon villian" votes

#$#&#! Fourth of July

Harris, in optimistic speech, says America 'getting back to work'

Elsa downgraded to tropical storm; Florida in path early next week

Sun setting.

They're just not into you, Marjorie

For the long holiday weekend...

Tweet of the night:

Showdown! Serafina fox vs Xerxes cat

Coronavirus continues to rise in LA County; 644 new infections reported

Good news Tweet:

Mama duck seems to be teasing her ducklings:

In push to end gerrymandering, an unlikely state steps into the spotlight

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Mass shooting suspect likely targeted Borderline bar on 'college night' because of disdain for

Critical race theory's opponents are sure it's bad. Whatever it is.

Documentary re: Black Music Festival. This looks really good!

Confederate flag displayed in Elk Grove school district vehicle; 2 employees on leave

Bill Barr Just Ruined Trump's Claims Of Election Fraud

How many Kraft singles died on the ground to make this video?

"The People vs. Agent Orange" Deadly Chemical: Film Premier, PBS Independent Lens: Shocking

White men--even Republican ones--are starting to sour on Trump

Tyson recalls 8.5 mln pounds of frozen chicken over contamination fears

"Prosecutors call this an admission..."

Oh lord: MTG wants to be on Jan. 6 Commission

The Daily Show: Everything Is Stupid - The Dangers of Fireworks

This is the best take down of the anti-vax movement I have seen so far

Is this toad a bug zapper or a hand vaccuum?

Eric Feigl-Ding: Springfield MO hospitals are filling to capacity.

To the white rimmed glasses gal behind Trump (digging for gold)

Trump Org/Weisselberg Indictment Suggests 2 Other "Trump Employees" Also Up for Possible Indictment


40 years ago today . . .

There is a plane flying above Trump and his rally that says LOSER-PALOOZA.

*The Monuments Men, ch. 568 (ABC) NOW and 10:15

Arizona's Shady's Recount Hit With Reported Accusations Of Sexual Harassment

Rained hard on the far west side of Phx.

Joe and his ice cream!

Trump unveils a new election conspiracy

The early rock songs about saving the earth. Please add to the venue.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

SONIA DADA- 'LOVER, you dont treat me no good no more.'

What's happened so far in West Virginia's historic opioid trial

Cats know when things aren't kosher.....

1944 Brogan Doodlebug 10hp

Don Jr is also making admissions and implicating daddy

On BBC now, a re-broadcast from June, 'The Rescue List'

The battle for Mount Rushmore: 'It should be turned into something like the Holocaust Museum'

Allen's Cell

The Senate and Supreme Court are Broken. Stop Trying to Save Them and Fix Them Instead.

Weird and wonderful' fans mourn Jim Morrison in Paris, 50 years on

Elsa has slowed down between Haiti and Jamaica - now moving at 17mph

The Doors - The End

Yellowstone's most famous geyser could shut down, with huge ramifications

Tweet from last week (Jeff Tiedrich):

Big cats, bears, ferrets get COVID-19 vaccine at Oakland Zoo

Recordings Reveal Trump, Allies Attempting To Pressure Arizona Election Officials - Ali Velshi MSNBC

GOP Voters Believed This Crap: AL is in the cone

Tweet of the Day

Chris Rea - Fool If You Think Is Over

Union, ex-Mylan plant leaders reach severance deal

The Hollies - Carrie Anne

Former delegate Evans faces one new charge in indictment related to 1/6 insurrection

Brett Meiselas of MeidasTouch: Rally goers kept looking up at the LoserPalooza plane

Man arrested for attempting to ram Washington Monument

The Youngbloods 🎼 Darkness, Darkness

Josh Mandel's Ohio Senate Campaign Staffers Reportedly Quit Because He's Dating His Toxic Campaign

The LoserPalooza plane made the local news in Florida

Mass Distraction (Mike Malloy)

Genesis - Supper's Ready

I think this OP posted earlier deserves more eyes,

How Did Antivaxxers Start? (David Pakman)

Republican Congressman Calls Trump A 'Loser President' And Says Supporters Must Accept Defeat

Software supplier is latest victim of ransomware attack

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, Top State Lawmakers Met with National Anti-Vax Leader in 2019

A Declaration of Independence IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776

Web Traffic At Trump Loving News Sites Has TANKED - Ring of Fire

Gov. DeWine Signs $74 Billion State Budget, Blocks Expungement of COVID Violation Records for Ohio

Tony Carey - A Fine, Fine Day

"Somewhere, a defense lawyer is beating his head into a brick wall, over and over"

I remind TFAKEG, WJC, HRC, Bush, Obama, Biden have all shown their taxes as candidates and then

Supreme Court Turns Blind Eye To History In Upholding AZ Voter Suppression Laws - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Sunday Digit: 7/10 - Highs below 90 on July 4th? I'll take it!

Fight over Householder expulsion tests limits of Rep. Bill Seitz's clout at the Ohio Statehouse

Capitol, symbol of democracy, off-limits on Independence Day

Dennis Kucinich's Bullet-Ridden, Blood-Dripping Cleveland Script Sign Mailer Is Certainly a Choice

3 hours of constant loud fireworks

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Proverbs 13:20

20 States Have Already Reached 70% Vaccination Rate

Ohio Ballots Will List Party Affiliations for Top Judicial Candidates

Lawmakers renew call for stronger addiction treatment oversight as two Pa. providers charged

Tweet of the early morning:

Can PG&E Stop Causing So Many Fires In California? - CNBC

Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 3 July 1776, "Had a Declaration..."

WATCH: 'Loser-Palooza' Plane Flies Over Trump Florida Rally

Piotr Anderszewski, Pianist, Plays Two Pieces

Rzewski plays live. "If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

freeway shooting in Los Angeles leaves 35 year old father dead

3 dead as Elsa speeds through Caribbean, aims for Cuba

Donald Trump holds rally amidst building disaster - 9 News Australia

☦ Orthodox Christianity: An excerpt from a homily on Ancient Faith Ministries

Wealth, class and remote work reshape California's new boomtowns - chasing out the repubs

Watching The King's Speech, on Sundance;

Judge dismisses group's effort to remove Black Virginia state senator, Louise Lucas

Judge dismisses group's effort to remove Black Virginia state senator, Louise Lucas

Cyprus appeals for help as huge wildfire rips through forest

Cyprus appeals for help as huge wildfire rips through forest

Wolf vetoes bill banning Pennsylvania primary schools, colleges from requiring COVID vaccines

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'Parable of the Barren Fig Tree' Commentary

The panic over critical race theory is an attempt to whitewash U.S. history

The Columns at Crowley Lake

Climate change could cost condo boards billions. They aren't ready for it.

Critically endangered antelope saiga makes comeback

What old movies have you been watching ?

I smoke so much weed I've been banned from watching the Olympics.

Fourth of July weekend dЯumpt rallie..

Al Franken: Thomas Jefferson explains inconsistencies in the Declaration of Independence. (July 4)

Maybe I should have posted this here...

I'll never be as cool as this cat.

Right wing protest near Independence Hall on the eve of July 4th in Philadelphia

Is there a random drug testing policy for members of Congress and the President and VP?

James Earl Jones reads Douglass's "What to the slave is the 4th of July?"

Ohio police chief out after leaving 'Ku Klux Klan' note on Black officer's coat

Today is the big day, Neighborhood Wars...let the Pigs play. War Pigs.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Apathy Quiz Edition

Delta variant will cause Covid surges in less-vaccinated US regions, Fauci says

Some worry Pennsylvania's plan to merge 6 state universities will kill troubled schools

There is no lie that he won't tell!

A Special Independence Day message from Captain America

Breakfast Sunday 4 July 2021, Independence Day

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, July 4, 2021

Which Republican Senators are in Russia today, this July 4th?

Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter mark 75 years of 'full partnership'

If you want a beast of a dog , then do not decide on golden retrievers

Good News Network: 140 years ago today, the Tuskegee Institute opened in Alabama...

A peaceful moment for you today

Contempt for the conman, Compassion for the conned.

Adorable dog eating watermelon

Happy 4th July to all my friends across the pond!

On this day, July 4, three of the first five presidents died. Jefferson and Adams in 1826, and

No Soul To Sell...

An important message from the CDC

Sleepy Dog Hugging and Leaning Against His Mom's Shoulder as She Kisses Him

100 years ago today

T o all the Republikkans and other Trump supporters, a Public Service Message

Japan's leader pushes rescue after deadly mudslide hits town

Stupidest hack I've ever seen.

A Sign that should have been at the Looosuh Palooza

Trump seemed to acknowledge the existence of tax schemes the Trump Org is being prosecuted for,

This week the Farm Bureau released its annual July 4th report, finding the cost of a cookout is down

Simone Biles Shows GOAT Status In Rope-Climbing Bet With NFL Player Boyfriend

A judge told a Capitol riot suspect to get rid of his guns. The feds say he bought 34 more.

Richmond Post Dispatch: If you love the Declaration of Independence, you have to thank Black people

2 killed when train hits tractor-trailer east of Livingston

"Why can't they just forget about it and move on?"

What to know about Rise of the Moors, an armed group that says it's not subject to U.S. law

Happy 23rd Birthday Malia Obama

It's my 19th anniversary on DU today


Michigan Sheriff Coordinated with Trump Advisers in Attempt to Seize Voting Machines

Even their dogs know how to Karen.

Demolition crews move in at condo tower amid storm fears

Doonesbury - Upgrading The Cover

The Border-Industrial Complex (Robert Reich)

Weekend TOONs 2 - Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday to Malia Obama!

I do believe the car is to drag the boat out of the water

Eric Trump's interesting defense after Trump CFO's indictment (CNN)

Paul Simon's "American Tune," performed by the Starland Vocal Band,

Working hard to put out that gulf fire

"What nut would blindly follow a liar?" . . . Please come CAPTION ex-PresiDented Trump!!!

Sister says speaking with GOP lawmaker brother is no longer healthy (CNN)

Sunrise Movement just stole Pete Buttigieg & Pres Biden's Climate Corps.

Tyson recalls 8.5 million pounds of chicken products due to possible listeria contamination

Celebrating the Fourth of July

2022 US Senate Elections from the states the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Sound familiar?

Are there any circumstances under which an ex-president loses secret service protection?

How I deal with dogs and fireworks

Great recent quote by Bill Clinton about today's Republicans

Two cats. One common enemy.

Surfside building collapse: Engineers prepare for demolition; search for 121 suspended

Steve Stills & Manasas - Jesus Gave Love Away for Free

I had a really strange dream last night that seemed significant...

Loudoun County Teacher's Case Over Comments On Trans Students Might End Up In Virginia Supreme Court

Johnny Mnemonic predicted the World of 'Internet 2021'

I think where we find ourselves now has two main components (re the cult/the big lie)

Brazil's Bonsonaro says he will hand over power if he loses, as long as there is no fraud

Is there going to be a drip, drip, drip of indictments...?

Must see on the 4th

What to do with the 1/6/21 un American rioters? Strip all of them of their US citizenship.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

What's on TV tonight ? Well, APT is running Frontline's "American Insurrection".

Dawning, w osprey, and later, a surprise!


GTTR hacked day of its July 4 launch.

Good Day DU (July 4, 2021)


Philippine military plane crashes, 45 dead, 49 rescued

Opinions - I've prosecuted Trump. Documents matter more than Weisselberg now.

FYI. Fuck lee greenwood. Hate that mf song

Lujan Grisham says she wants NM to have the best cannabis in the region

Hey Baby, it's the Fourth of July 🇺🇸😁

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

I concur!

Cat Prefers Dad To Mom -- So Mom Starts Wearing Fake Beards

Cuba evacuates 70,000 as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches

Pope Francis to Undergo Colon Surgery

Jimi Hendrix -Star Spangled Banner

Way to go Mr Scorpio. 19 years and counting.

Text: Does anyone know why millions of people aren't dying from smallpox and polio?

Last night, TOG basically acknowledged that the indictments had merit. He's going to play

Thomas Clay Jr. has an epic rant on facebook.

White supremacy protest in Philadelphia on the eve of July 4th

4th of July and PTSD.

Was Tucker's NSA fear about leaked convos with Alex Jones? This video suggests they've coordinated.

On my patio!

"The Conjuring 4: Critical Race Theory" from The New Yorker, by Nina Sharma

Loser Palooza

The Weisselberg Indictment Is Not A "Fringe Benefits" Case (must read)

A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle living in fresh or brackish water.

fuck the fireworks

442 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 4 deaths

Doodletown Fifers

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 4, 2021?

Allen West may run for Governor (of the Texas Republic)

Teri Kanefield: Weisselberg Indictment. Some of the [bogus] defenses being put forward in the media

Lincoln Project: Independence Day

Dumb question- what was so special about TFG coming down an escalator?

Texas woman crashes Fourth of July parade on tractor

6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

Surfside Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw

Mask Panic Attack!!!!.....

More Info about the Washington monument loon

White Nationalist Group Tries to March Through Philadelphia, Promptly Gets Chased Out of Town

Ali Alexander just blew up Trump world.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, the best hiding place.....

Happy Fourth of July Everyone...

Bravo Biden - barriers around the White House have been removed

TFG Blasts Radical Left for Trying to 'Cancel' July 4 Holiday

Trump's deadly polarization of America

Biden White House serves up burgers, nostalgia for July Fourth

Rep. McCaul: Biden is 'going to own' Afghanistan fallout

Hey M$Greedia - Tropical Storm Elsa is not the big deal

The geriatric Senate confronts a youth movement

Turn right at the fork in the road...

Out of the mouth of veteran sarcasm, to trumpublican

I can't live on $709 a month: Americans on social security push for its expansion

Did Asshole even mention the condo collapse and its victims last night?

Mercenaries in Texas

Where did the suspect who was told NOT TO BUY GUNS, Get the idea to buy them anyway?

Scientists Caution That Lifting of Covid Rules Is Like Building 'Covid Factories'

Shadow has a new Jolly Ball to chase after! It is her third -- the others she rendered inoperable.

Intense Heat Wave Raises Questions About Future of U.S. Energy System

LUNA SEA - The Anniversary 2017 05/29/2017 live [1080p 60fps]

July will be all Me-Me-Me McCAIN's, daily testimonials & her trophy acceptance speeches

Oso slide memorial gets boost with $500,000 state grant

Will the USAGDA go after the Trump Org and Trump now

Cartoons Independence Day 2021

Snohomish County businesses welcome state's reopening

Have Fun..and there will be a test. Latitude Festival..July 22nd thru July 25th, 2021

FLOW: GO!! (Naruto)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports Sightings of Jewish Space Lasers Across U.S.

Just finished mowing my jungle of a back yard.


Bill Cosby 'wants to get back on stage' after prison release

Between Juneteenth and July 4th

Unvaccinated people don't only risk their own health: Their bodies become 'variant factories'

2004: Jon Stewart Takes Down Tucker Carlson and Shuts Down Crossfire

Tim Wise: Whose Independence Day?

2011: Watch Obama dig into Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Admitted to Corrupting Minor

The many faces of vaccine denialism...

Request from a longtimer ---

DT Jr. Concedes Felony Count In Indictment Against Daddy's Company Is True

Department Store Wax Mannequins melting during a heatwave in 1929.

US lobster fisheries anxious over upcoming whale protections

James Clyburn says he's 'absolutely' open to voter ID requirement

Amazon's Latest Attempt to Be Hip is a Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service

POLICE DEPARTMENT I will like to indicate my gratitude well know to you, {snip}

And Hobby Lobby goes full fascist.

On July 3, 1971, Jim Morrison died.

Hobby Lobby being Christofascists again

Raleigh Chopper ad from 1971

Allen West running for Governor of Texas

On July 2, 1969, Brian Jones died.

Us? Really?

President Biden is coming to the Chicago area--to MY town--on Wednesday!

The very minimum our justice system should do is prevent Donald Trump from ever holding office again

President Biden is coming to the Chicago area--to MY town--on Wednesday!

My father used to pay me $1 for every "A" I got on my report card.

"One if By Land, Two if By Sea:" What We Know of the Oath Keepers' January 6 Quick Reaction Force

"Kansas groups halt voter registration drives to avoid being jailed under new law"

My day was just brightened!

Raju Celebrates 7 Years of Freedom with Wildlife SOS

Here's an early fireworks show. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Happy 4th of July. Here is a picture of Captain America punching Hitler in the face.

Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song

CNN-Fox news host sounds a lot like Alex Jones

Learned the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor

New Democratic ad premieres in Pittsburgh market, highlights 4th of July

Happy Birthday to Fourth of July Baby, Malia Obama!

"That makes me smart"...

Official Danish celebration of the USA: The Top Karen Awards

Doggy Can't Contain Her Excitement Over Trip to the River

This is what conservatives told Martin Luther King. This is what conservatives are.

Did Trump get anything right?

Nurse shortage is crippling hospitals, centers that provide care in Western Pennsylvania

We (homo sapiens) appear to be failing a major evolutionary test.

"While Americans Celebrated 'Independence Day,' Black Musicians Fled The US To Find Freedom- Abroad"

USW, Allegheny Technologies Inc. reach tentative agreement

Tell me you've never served in the military without telling me you've never served in the military.

In post-Trump America, political affiliation is directly tied to life expectancy

Stelter: Fox News host is sounding a lot like Alex Jones (CNN)

Tensions Flare as White Supremacists March in Front of Philly City Hall

DeSantis' chief of staff reportedly inquired about postponement of Trump's Sarasota rally

I keep looking outside hoping for rain tonight.

Trump's legal strategy.

First Responders Warn Revelers To Stay Safe This 4th Of July

Recent South Korean Presidential Campaign Polling results

'Patriot Front' white supremacist group riches through Philadelphia last p.m. (video)

Huge Explosion Near Oil Rig in Caspian Sea

Trump could be called to testify before House Jan. 6 panel, Clyburn says

Another lie by TFG

Allen West running for governor of Texas

'I can't live on $709 a month': Americans on social security push for its expansion

A string of top accounts on the new pro-Trump app GETTR were hacked and defaced on its July 4 launch

They Were Not Tourists: The Radicals At The Heart Of The Capitol Riot

Watch the Milky Way from St. Mary, Glacier National Park:

Pro golfer shot and killed on Georgia country club golf course

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 4, 2021

6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

2022 US Senate Elections from states Democrats win by landslide to narrow margin.

now hear this . dear hobby lobby, if you step one i ota into my town , i will not shop.

COVID warning was his final wish

There's a pattern here, but I just can't put my finger on it.

The 4th the MAGA Way

How many credit cards do you have?

Remember When America Was United - Before Newt Gingrich I Mean

Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter mark 75 years of 'full partnership'

Either We Tax Carbon Or We Perish

Trump support - it cost 1 farmer a bucket of money.

Trump's rabble rousing over Ashley Babbit's death was sickening.

Rather than answer Trump's question: "Who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt?", let's answer this one:

Another Miami condo complex evacuated last night

Another evacuation

Making of a MAGA martyr

Kitteh rides in style

Seventy-two+ hours since my spinal surgery (C7/T1) .. I guess things still work.

Mud volcano causes explosion on Caspian Sea


STAR WARS: VISIONS "First Look" Trailer (9/2021) Disney +

Beautifulness at my sister's house

Shots fired into state senator's home

W.Va. governor says only a 'catastrophe' will push unvaccinated Americans to get shot

Happy Independence Day everyone

After fireworks unintentionally set off on beach, Ocean City cancels displays

An old pot arrest destroyed a Virginia veteran's life. That should never happen again.

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Wesley Acquisition Draws Near, Student Says DSU Won't Honor Thousands of Dollars in Scholarship

Heads up for President Biden's Independence Day Remarks - 8.00pmDST

Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th

National anthem breaks out in Walmart.

Whatchu lookin at?

Perez: 'I was proud to support Secretary Clinton in 2016'

Dedicated to all the DUers

Vaccine hesitant are in 'death lottery,' W.Va. governor says

Drive Through Dining and the Environment?

FiveThirtyEight: How The Pandemic Changed The Sex Work Industry

I'm not really a David Bowie Fan, but something about "Rebel, Rebel"

Flying car makes successful test run between airports in Slovakia

Millions in UK face disenfranchisement under voter ID plans

Senator Will Smith says Maryland's halt on evictions should extend beyond August 15

Tropical Storm Elsa moves through Caribbean, sets sights on US coastline this week

The Demolition will take place between 10.00pm and 3.00am

Defense In Capital Gazette Trial Portrays Gunman As Obsessive Loner, Using Sister's Testimony

Pillow Humper Promises 'Cyber Symposium' on Election Fraud Will 'Change History,' Reinstate TFG

At least 95 heat deaths in Oregon alone, governor says

Afghanistan is a bottomless pit of destruction.. period.

Fewer than half of states have reached the White House's July 4th vaccine goal as the Delta variant

A dry California creek bed looked like a wildfire risk. Then the beavers went to work.

Fully open: Tickets to all Seattle Sounders home matches now on sale

Fire crews battling 750-acre Batterman Road Fire in East Wenatchee

Kremlin-sponsored TV is feeling bad for Trump...

In 2024, Democrats will have a net loss of 3 US Senate Seats(WV-Manchin, OH-Brown, and MT-Tester)

So I have a question for Hobby Lobby ...

Henry Winkler insists he isn't 'wishing for devastation' after controversial tweet linking

A bit of holiday cheer.

TV Series "Good Girls" on NetFlix