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Olive and Mabel - Alternative Olympics

Texas House Democrats spar with congressional Republicans over their protest of the voting bill

Biden says he has deal to lower Internet prices, but the details will matter

Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe

Las Vegas to Require Masks Indoors Including on Casino Floors

90-Pound Beagle Loses 70% Of His Body Weight

Nearly half of Republicans are potential criminals

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, July 30, 2021

Ah hello Minnesota ........

Bette Davis: 20 Greatest Performances Ranked!

I think our pandemic situation boils down to this: without a vaccine mandate, this winter's spike

Watch Convicted Trump Ally Fact-Checked On 12th MAGA Indictment (MSNBC)

I'm feeling very nervous

Donald Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle Has Been Reaching Out to Alex Rodriguez

Ilhan Omar's New Guaranteed Income Bill Would Send $1,200 Monthly To Most Americans

Maskhole GOP MOC having maskless protest throughout Capitol

Just Spitballing here: Suggestions on Persuading Anti-Vaxxers to Embrace the Vaccine

Fox News is filled with "not a doctors" - mediamatters4america

Never have I seen poor air quality like I have today in the Twin Cities

Fact check: Arizona audit hasn't found 275,000 fraudulent votes

Remove Ron: We Warned You Donny

TFG: The Jan. 6 Cops Who Spoke to Congress are 'pussies'

Cleveland Indians' Terry Francona stepping down for rest of season due to health issues

Navy charges sailor with setting fire that destroyed warship

Did you know that Senator Marco Rubio once played J. S. Bach's

Why Republicans Are So Determined to Distort the Truth About the Capitol Attack

Rep. Schiff on CNN: We Must Learn Who Had Advance Notice Before Jan 6

Capitol Riot: Judge orders indicted Virginia cop BACK to jail after firearm shopping spree - WUSA9

Nikola founder Milton freed on $100M bail after fraud arrest

Republican MELTDOWN, Throws Anti-Mask Tantrum on House Floor

Gaetz, Green and Gohmert turned away from jail to visit Jan. 6 defendants

If I came in Second at the (winter) Olympics. 😆👍

Greenland ice melting on Tuesday could cover Florida in 2 inches of water

Judge orders Arkansas to resume pandemic unemployment benefits

2022 US Senate Elections from states Democrats are likely to end up winning.

If Infrastructure Is Defeated, America Faces A Grim Future- Thom Hartmann, R.D. Wolff

My Al-Anon sponsee has died from COVID.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Sneaky Pete - outrageously phenomenal

NYC mayoral race favorite Eric Adams privately seeks partnerships with business leaders

Is bond normally granted when one is accused of first degree murder?

Beto O'Rourke: Joe Hernandez of Little Joe Y La Familia joined us for the Moral March for Democracy

The last female I encountered who looked, talked and acted like Boebert was at a

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Trump: Jan. 6 Cops Who Spoke to Congress Are 'Pussies'

Missing Ballots, No-Show Poll Workers: Lawmakers Get An Earful At Election Reform Hearing

Beto O'Rourke: Failure Is Not An Option On Voting Rights Legislation - MSNBC

Biden Announces New Covid Vaccine Incentives, Mandates For Federal Workers

Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby- Eddie Money

Texas Democratic U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee arrested in D.C. voting rights protest

Texas Democratic U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee arrested in D.C. voting rights protest

'Jarring': Anti-Mask Mob Threatens State Public Health Official (MSNBC)

Arkansas governor declares public health emergency, announces special session on mask law

'Jarring': Anti-Mask Mob Threatens State Public Health Official - All In - MSNBC

That'll teach 'em!

Pelosi rebuffs Schumer's push to get Biden to cancel student debt

Dodgers about to get huge haul from the Nationals:

Congressman wins gold in "Telling World He Doesn't Understand Stuff"

Cats watching gymnastics. 🤣🤣🤣

This Tucker Carlson burn is going to leave a mark.

Here's why Washington state didn't receive a tsunami warning after massive earthquake near Alaska

Russia rocket mishap briefly nudges International Space Station out of position

Army Ranger Charged With MURDER Of Security Guard - Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

China interest in Afghanistan could be 'positive', says Blinken

Texas GOP voter suppression bill is horrible and would hurt Texas voters


Video explains why they need human nannies for baby pandas. Great reason!

Carole King - You've Got a Friend (Official Audio)

Army: Soldier reported MIA during Korean War accounted for

Army: Soldier reported MIA during Korean War accounted for

When will KS elect a Democrat to the US Senate? 1932 was the last time a Democrat won.

Japan set to extend coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo, casting shadow over Olympics

US urges UN Council to press Myanmar to return to democracy

Biblical plague of mosquitoes......

Willie Nelson, denouncing election law changes, to play at 'March for Democracy' rally

Earmarks are back-House Democrats pass earmark-packed $600B spending bundle

One in five flight attendants endured a 'physical incident' as union demands action

Raise your hand if you warned your DU brethren that the CDC mask guidance in May was

Sellout': Anti-vax conservatives come for DeSantis

Carl Levin, Michigan's longest serving U.S. senator, dies at 87

"Matt Gaetz complaining about being locked out of jail is just too funny for words...."

Just remembered an "American" living in luxury in Bolivia, rancher Ron Larson.

Donald Trump's Gullible Supporters

Anyone a Fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Delta Variant Spreads as Easily as Chickenpox

What Animals See in the Stars, and What They Stand to Lose

He Killed Himself After the Jan. 6 Riot. Did He Die in the Line of Duty?

New Coronavirus Variant from Colombia Found In Florida

As much pleasure as it would give me to see matt's predatory, sick, twisted ass in prison,

(Jewish Group) ADL Applauds Appointment of Deborah Lipstadt as U.S. Antisemitism Envoy

Don Lemon Is Finally Realizing What's About To Happen With The Covid Pandemic

Rep. Raskin On GOP's Jan. 6 Coverup: 'I Just Can't Take The Lying Anymore' - All In - MSNBC

Lindell pulling all MyPillow ads indefinitely and immediately from Fox News

A Republican lawmaker is moving to block University of Wisconsin virus testing, vaccination rules

*Anita Bryant's granddaughter is marrying a woman.

B.1.621 variant: Another coronavirus variant has reached Florida. Here's what you need to know.

F*** Premier Kenney

Now, Voyager- Bette Davis Iconic Scene; What Are Your Favs?

A baguette and six bottles of wine.

The good old days

Things get interesting after 70

Connie Schultz: On Jan. 6, I feared for my country, my colleagues, my husband....

Why is mental illness an appropriate excuse for a mass shooter... but not an athlete...

Carl Levin, Former US senator from Michigan who served in Congress for 36 years, has died at 87

Nixon or Trump...Who is more corrupt? Who is more evil?

'I am furious with myself': Unvaccinated Covid patient describes the exhausting illness

Texas' Voter Suppression Bill Is The 'Most Draconian' In U.S. History - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump the Paratrooper

The Anti-Vaccination Movement Is Killing People Says Dr. Lipi Roy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

The US seems to work on reaction. Not the best plan for a pandemic.

You couldn't wear a FUCKING MASK. You couldn't get FUCKING VACCINATED.

Space city: Musk's employees converge on Brownsville

Tonight's lullaby is actually a lullaby

Ranking last in the U.S. for vaccinations, Alabama faces its second-largest COVID wave - CBS News

Israel to offer 3rd Pfizer COVID booster shot to older citizens (over 60)

what does the death cult believe they'll get in the afterlife for owning the libs?

Philippine leader recalls decision to void US security pact

2022 US Senate Elections from states the Democrats will end up winning in.

20 migrants found inside train near Hebbronville

I know 5 people that caught Covid in the last month.

In case anyone wonders why at age 69, I still bust my ass for 11 months out of the year

The only reason they desecrated our Capitol?

We'll Soon Find Out If Mo Brooks Warned Others About Jan. 6 Says Rep. Plaskett (MSNBC)

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Mull Monastery In Scotland/All Celtic Saints

Ex-NRA head Wayne LaPierre and wife secretly turned an elephant they shot in Botswana into decor

As White Evangelical Vaccine Refusal Reminds Us, Sometimes Religion is the Problem

Every time I hear Star Spangled Banner at a medal ceremony I imagine . . . .

Trump called the Police.."Pussies"...That is what he will always be known as..

White House 'Concerned About Vaccine Disinformation' Says Chief Of Staff - Deadline - MSNBC

Mike Lindell Pulls All MyPillow Ads From Fox News After They Refuse to Run Ad About His Election Cla

Written up for a political statement that made employees uncomfortable...


WaPo: CDC Document Warns Delta Variant Spreads Like Chickenpox (MSNBC)

Tribe: 'We Are Witnessing The Unraveling Of The Cover-Up' Of January 6th - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Jarring': Anti-Mask Mob Threatens State Public Health Official

Old pupper so excited to meet new puppy:

Some Health Care Workers Choosing Not To Get Covid Vaccine - NBC News

Parrot's hopping antics will crack you up:

Cats trying to catch gymnasts on TV:

Rest In Peace Senator Levin.

Republican Congressman Doubles Down On Claim That Insurrections Were Basically 'Tourists' - RoF

Face Mask With Swastikas Sold at Florida Shell Gas Station

Friday: Gov Newsom & 6 Govs to join Pres Biden & VP Harris at WH meeting on Western Wildfires

Mo Brooks wore body armor because of BLM and Antifa he now says

Prince...with Tom Petty....'My guitar gently weeps'

What do pro-science, pro-vaccine advocates

I just had to...

T.I. Says People Are 'Bullying' DaBaby After Homophobic Comments: 'That's Not Equality'

Internal CDC Doc Reportedly Warns Delta Variant May Be More Severe - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tribe: 'We Are Witnessing The Unraveling Of The Cover-Up' Of January 6th

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 1, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Bette Davis

TCM Schedule for Monday August 2, 2021 - Summer Under the Stars: Richard Burton

Ignorance Kills...

'The war has changed': Internal CDC document warns delta infections likely more severe

Wm. Grant Still, Samuel Barber

Thank a Bored Panda user for a new term for an overly entitled parent: a Karent.

Trump Loyalists Want Cheney And Kinzinger Out Of GOP Caucus - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

This Laurence Tribe Twitter re: Steve Bannon Podcast on Jan. 5, 2021. "All hell is going to break


Danny Meyer: If you want to be unvaccinated, 'you can dine somewhere else'

So Matt and Marge were denied access and they were very, very PUT OUT. Guess they forgot

Masked Proud Boys Show Up at a School Board Meeting to Protest Critical Race Theory

man, BMX racing is brutal. Lots of spills. /nt

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County backtracks on six-month residency requirement

'Wiggly' fossils found in Canada may be oldest known sign of animal life

Tucker Should Pay For All The Unvaccinated Viewers That Died

How Southern California became the epicenter for right-wing activism against vaccine mandates

Earthly rocks point way to water hidden on Mars

Remember more by taking breaks

Literacy rates are falling, and Democrats could lose big

Dancing with the light: A new way to make crystals bend by shining light

Democrats craft revised voting rights bill, seeking to keep hopes alive in the Senate

More than half of aspiring Colorado elementary teachers fail licensure exam on first try


Weird, noodle-shaped amphibians known as caecilians found in South Florida canal

Lollapalooza Begins in Chicago, and It Is Packed

Astronomers discover how to feed a black hole

How A Vaccine Mandate Helped Defeat Small Pox At The Start Of The 20th Century - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Hugely Popular Paid Leave Program Makes Up Most of Heidi Ganahl's Favorite 'Whopping' Public

Simon's Cat: PURRFECT STORM (Pupsitting: Part 3)

psychopath cop takes on 10 year old girl

So Much For "Needle Nazis"-Who's Going Door To Door Now?

One of Einstein's predictions on black holes has finally been confirmed

Police Reform is Working in Colorado

BBC - The Vaccine Tourists Heading to the US to Get Their Jabs

Amache national historic site bill passes U.S. House, heads to Senate

GOP: 'a time will come when patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands'

Citing Safety, French Institutions Temporarily Halt Prion Research

Eerie Bioluminescence That Creates 'Milky Sea' Revealed in New Satellite Study

Brian Ferry, Roxy Music, Nik Kershaw

Two more hospital systems in Colorado will require workers to get vaccinated against coronavirus

Frank Film: From fable to fact - the world's largest eagle was once thought a mythical creature

Adams County adopts new oil and gas regulations that critics say will effectively ban drilling

Billionaire Phil Anschutz and his wife are suing Colorado for a tax refund. How much they want is a

FL Doctor On Those Doubting Covid Surge: 'This Is Happening' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Colorado web designer who didn't want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples loses

This original version still the best. Jimmy Somerville...

Doug Lamborn Spreads COVID Conspiracies, Refuses to Recommend Vaccine

Internal CDC Doc. Outlines Increased Danger Of Delta Variant: WaPo - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Professor: DU Discriminated Against Me Because of Gender, Race, Age

Now the creators of "South Park" want to buy Casa Bonita, too

Colorado AFL-CIO decides to stop donating to Colorado Democratic Party

Judge deems Wyoming's polling-place buffer zones unconstitutional

NC ... 3,200 new COVID cases, the highest number since February

Wyoming looks to store, divert more water as Lake Powell dries up

If booster shots are available and they might make me safer, bring it on.

Cheney Opponent Smith Says Visit With Trump Went Well

New report questions the necessity of ICBM silos in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota

Jill Lepore: Facebook's Broken Vows

Congress approves $521 million to pay National Guard after Jan. 6 attacks

Same Energy

Two groups sue Forest Service for Red Lodge timber plan they say will destroy lynx habitat

A peaceful moment for you today

Carl Levin, Michigan's longest-serving senator, has died at 87

Biden's Schedule for Friday, July 30, 2021

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Long Train Ride, According to Experts

In the Mood - Glenn Miller

Helen & Hard hangs Woodnest treehouses from pine trees above Norwegian fjord

Former Gov. Schweitzer endorses Monica Tranel for Congress

"May you live in interesting times!" I know it's not an ancient Chinese curse.

Friday TOONs - At The Crossroads (thanks to Movement Conservatives)

'Welcome home': Evacuation flight brings 200 Afghans to US

Montana hemp growers awarded $65 million for 'deceptive' deal

Rapper Dess Dior just performed at Rolling Loud in Miami. Now she's got COVID

Concrete house by Gort Scott hugs rocky crag in Whistler

The Flathead's First Renaissance Faire

Time to change my trash collection company

Dr Vin Gupta on Morning Joe: If you're a healthcare worker and refuse the vax, you should be fired,

7/29 - 80 Million Americans In 20 States Were Under Excessive Heat Warnings; That's W. 2F Of Warming

U.S. warns China is building more nuclear missile silos

Record Temperatures, Record Flooding, Record Fires - All At A Mere 2F Of Warming

Seattle police commander files $5.48 million claim, alleging Chief Diaz falsely blamed him

Kaufman county deputies under fire after handling of teen

How Biden Got the Infrastructure Deal Trump Couldn't

Dodgers Luxury Tax Space payroll is currently $271,706,126, $61,706,126 over the maximum.

First Group of Afghan Translators Arrive in U.S. as Others Fear Taliban Reprisal

Three Americans create enough carbon emissions to kill one person, study finds

Breakfast Friday 30 July 2021

New workplace rule...

2022 US Senate Elections from the states the Democrats will be winning in.

Man who laundered millions in Mexican cartel proceeds from small SE Portland store gets 11 years in

Father of five dies after texting fiancee: 'I should have gotten the damn vaccine'

Caught on camera: 5 men arrested after disturbance over mask mandate at Fort Lauderdale airport

Is Australia going too far in its covid response? They're deploying the military now

"New virus outbreak worst after Wuhan, say Chinese state media"

Amy Walter takes over Cook Political Report

The Rundown: July 30, 2021

Orange Conman Leads His Followers (possibly disturbing image)

The origin of Super Villains: Top

Drought worsens in California as region faces more triple-digit heat, making it tougher to control

Doctor picks up a sandwich (with a mask on)


In order to drive a car

"About a dozen busses carrying Afghan interpreters and their family members arrived at....

Disgraced Contra Costa politician to serve home detainment in his Hawaii condo

Voters to decide mayor, city council primaries in Seattle on Aug. 3

Who is surprised that Mike DeWine is corrupt? "I'm shocked, shocked, to find that..."

Biden to headline DNC fundraiser Monday

Trump: Jan. 6 Cops Who Spoke to Congress Are 'Pussies'

"Bombshell" on Hulu

Dog people: Do you feed grain-free or food with grain to your pet?

How has everyone's week been?

Happy Birthday to Malcolm Kenyatta(D-PA) who could be the youngest US Senator.

The Rose Bowl will sell beer and wine during the 2021 UCLA football season

Sweet Soul Music. I like the graphics in this clip

Covid masks are choking the oceans

Soul Makossa

Casey Stengel was born on this date.

"This Mississippi woman's unvaccinated husband is battling Covid-19 in an ICU"

"Vaccination is not enough by itself to stop the spread of variants, study finds"

'Less than 1% probability' that Earth's energy imbalance occurred naturally

My office just opened back up

Hi everyone.

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 23-30 July (2021)

"He was effectively decapitated during the operation."

Barbados will become a Republic in November

How can Ronna Romney McDaniel be "a lifelong Michigander"?

Neil Young - Harvest

York Statue Atop Mount Tabor Toppled and Partly Shattered

Happy 85th Birthday Buddy Guy!

Covid is more mysterious than we often admit.

Delta is rapidly declining in India

Key inflation indicator up 3.5% year over year in June for fastest gain since 1991

My daughter mentioned 'first world' problems

How Many Years In Prison Should An Unvaccinated Teacher Get

Covid deaths are declining worldwide, but 2 years ago, no one had it.

Melinda French Gates and MacKenzie Scott team up to give $40 million to support women

New Mexico sees another spike in coronavirus cases as delta variant spreads

A great, effective and positive campaign flyer in keeping with Shontel Brown's positive campaign:

Got some relatives coming in from Austin

Red Tide Slowing in Tampa Bay, But Moving Along Coast; Confirmed @ 109 Site In Five Counties

House primary in Ohio takes nasty turn as national Democrats descend

Governor plans to send 50 state police officers to Albuquerque to curb crime

Mutiny Aboard the Princess Matoika: The 1920 Olympics

Gavin Newsom Has Reason To Worry

Legal expert ticks off a list of Republicans who could be hauled before the Capitol riot committee

Oh Douchey Douchey Douchey- Fox News turnip tries to "gotcha" Pres. Biden with predictable results.

Michael Harriot on not loving America

Roll Up Those Sleeves or Stay Home

Reflecting on Politics the Day after My 76th Birthday

Olympics- US women vs. Netherlands in penalty shots

Reminder: Do not post Olympic results in your thread title please

How do you get the foxes out of the henhouse if they can fight subpoenas?

Buy, Borrow, Die-3 steps to tax avoidance

In the past, those in Congress who received the most campaign contributions

Melinda French Gates and MacKenzie Scott team up to give $40 million to support women

Fox says MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has decided to 'pause' his pillow ads amid election crusade

'There will never be another Carl Levin': Michigan's longest-serving U.S. senator dies at 87

Olympics Women's Soccer SPOILER INSIDE

Bus lanes are working in Toronto

With special glasses, baby girl sees mother for first time

Sensible Centrists Brookings & CSIS Provided Political Cover For Exxon For Years @ Bargain Prices

CDC mask guidance met with hostility by leading Republicans


Trust - Cat asleep in dog's mouth

Anyone experienced a "Coast to Coast" Amtrak trip?

Radioactive material missing en route to Michigan, NRC says

A 27-mile march to the Texas Capitol is drawing inspiration from historic marches ...

Here's A Pretty Sweet Version Of 'Midnight Rider'

Senator Kyrsten Sinema - WTF?

Bay Area teen dragged into ocean by crocodile while vacationing in Mexico

Arkansas Children Are Becoming Sick Like Never Before During COVID Pandemic

Arkansas Children Are Becoming Sick Like Never Before During COVID Pandemic

Gosar posts picture of himself wearing a bracelet commemorating Ashli Babbitt

New data suggests VACCINATED people could transmit delta variant

The inspirational outline for the January 6th invasion was written almost a century ago:

You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford

Simone Biles posts video explaining the "twisties"

7/29 Mike Luckovich -Main benefit of masks

Wingnuts owning up to owning the ownership

Bridge for Sale

7/30 Mike Luckovich-Disrespecting my spear

Hong Kong protester given 9-year term in 1st security case

Will conservative media ever be held responsible for killing off their audience?

Pontiac woman sets car on fire after finding bed bugs, burns self

These are the so called Christians we were accused of mocking:

The Courts Now Say a Teacher Who Puts a First Grader in a Chokehold Has Qualified Immunity

They. Lie. About. Everything. (Fox says all Covid hotspots are in Dem controlled cities)

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (Special Extended Version - Version Larga Especial)

I am fully vaccinated and wearing the mask again.. to protect others

Job search advice...

Pennsylvania Republican blasts election audit, rebukes fraud claims

Teenager becomes fourth in 2 years to jump to death from NYC's Hudson Yards attraction

He Hired 2 Men to Kidnap His Wife. They Ended Up Drowning.

Madison Cawthorn's bail fund for anti-mask Republicans seemingly funds his own campaign

8/1 Mike Luckovich: Army of whiners

I think TFG inspired many of the worst liars and crackpots we have today.

Broadway to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Pic Of The Moment: Generations

Good Day DU (July 30, 2021)

No, BLM Did Not Ask Rich White People Not to Send Their Kids to Ivy League Schools

They're hatching! Next generation of cicadas begins 17-year life cycle.

Just seen on Fox News:

Henrietta Lacks: science must right a historical wrong

"There are two jails in DC. They are at the wrong one."

Man accused of entering San Diego Zoo elephant enclosure with child

I fear the last 4 years have corrupted the House and Senate and politics in general.

Someone needs to explain socialism to Stefanik

Blast from the past. The GOP was a death-cult already back in 2011. "LET HIM DIE!"

Some vaccine hesitant now express regret

Wishing First Lady Dr. Jill Biden a speedy recovery as she undergoes surgery.

1965 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 24 deaths

Chip Roy screams loudly, confirms he's a blithering idiot.

Arizona GOP state senator who backed the election audit withdrew her support, attacking the process

There once was a channel named Fox..

Ex-Trump COVID Czar Giror to Unvaccinated Fox Viewers: 'You Will Get the Delta Variant'

No restrictions and no mandates in the state of Florida

Inevitably... "Fox News contributor calls DC officer a 'crisis actor' after testimony"

Damn that drink looks good

Ghost candidates, dark money and a 'winning formula': Florida corruption case linked to Republicans

S.C. Lawmaker Mounts Challenge to Rep. Tom Rice, Says Trump Impeachment Vote Broke 'Trust'

Has Anyone Here Been To Lalapalooza - I Want To Know How Careful They Are.....

Internal CDC document says delta should be treated as whole new virus: More contagious, more deadly

Notes Show Trump Pressured Justice Department

Cause And Effect: Charlie Kirk Edition

On July 29, 1890, Vincent van Gogh died of his injuries.

Congress in longshot bid to extend expiring eviction ban

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti signs ordinance criminalizing homelessness following City Council vote in

In Plain Sight: Uncovering Border Patrol's Relationship with Far-Right Militias at the Border

Ravages of COVID surge evident inside Missouri hospital

Pittie Who Needed A Muzzle Plays With A Pack Of Dogs Now

The "Proof" that Donald Trump is/was/and will always be a crook!

READ: Notes From Top DOJ Official On Trump's Conspiracy To Overturn 2020 Election

Caterpillar Says Costs to Erode Margins Even After Price Hikes

Biden to accept posthumous award from Kosovo for son Beau

From the Party that Nina Turner founded and proudly supports...

Let's Go Blues!

Mike Lindell Breaks Up With Fox, Marries His Company To Defamation Lawsuits

Minnesota woman found beheaded on sidewalk

BREAKING: Broadway Theaters to require vaccination proof

GOP to Herschel Walker: Consider staying on the bench

Dry streak continues, with heat advisory for some areas

BREAKING: Man jumps security fence at White House

Former Trump official says 'just a matter of time' before unvaccinated get delta variant

South Sound YMCA is offering up to $1,000 'commitment bonus' to childcare workers

Trump: "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen."

'Homecoming': 100 years after forceful removal, Nez Perce people celebrate reclaimed land

So, we decided AGAINST getting a sump pump.

The Biden Administration must walk back the MailGuard program banning letters ...

Eternal Change for No Energy: A Time Crystal Finally Made Real

62 percent of Americans favor affirmative action programs: Gallup

Walmart mandates masks for all workers in some areas

Why "the moon" and "the sun" but not "the Saturn"???

FYI: Dog Food Recall - Multiple Brands

Proof of Evolution

Armageddon Update: Hot As Farenheit

Eat it Trumpers!

Can anyone who knows horse dressage explain why them holding the horse's head

Sen. Carl Levin has passed at 87 - per MSNBC

What's in the new infrastructure bill -- and why it's a big deal

consumer warning: Zolucky is a scam. (attractive clothing -- ads everywhere online)

OK, Spot Ringo.....but don't reveal where.

When the pandemic is over, every town in the South ...

Stephanie Ruhle: Thanks for TX Voter Suppression Walk coverage but poll's dangerously misrepresented

Welp, I've been told not to come into work

Mikie Sherrill sent Ted Lieu SALT bagels

University of Michigan to require COVID-19 vaccination on all campuses.

U.S. swimmer Michael Andrew seems like an awful human being.

Gag - The View replacement for McCAIN rumors frying pan into the fire (yea there are worse problems)

GOP lawmakers' DC jail stunt backfires for Jan. 6 defendant (Way to Go, the 3 G's)

Why does Mitch feel free to go against Trump now?

CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in Massachusetts covid-19 outbreak were vaccinated

Trump tax returns can be released to Congress, DOJ says

DOJ tells Treasury Department that it must turn over Trump's tax returns to House

Dog Gets Mad at Owner for Not Allowing Him to Play With Her Hand 😂

Florida zoo: Man injured by jaguar after crossing barrier

Playful Golden Retriever Pounces Like a Lion

Is she really this dumb?

US readies new Cuba sanctions as Biden meets Cuban-Americans

DOJ - - The Slopfather's Tax Returns must be turned over to the

Dog Does Chores from Bed

This is mesmerizing...

Minor league games in Florida called off amid COVID-19 surge

How Do People Get Sucked Into Online Conspiracies... and Find a Way Out? The Daily Show

This 900-person delta cluster in Mass. has CDC freaked out--74% are vaccinated

Former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm dies at 85

Former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm dies at 85

Cartoons 7/30/2021

In today's episode of "Department of Justice, May I?"

BREAKING: Treasury Dept ordered to turn over Trump tax returns.

Louisiana man says he would choose another COVID hospitalization over vaccine

3 Monroe teachers awarded $185 million for chemical exposure

Whispering Pines residents 'terrified' as demolition looms

A reminder for everyone excited about Trump's tax won't see them.

Marco Rubio took a swing at the defense secretary on Twitter yesterday. It didn't go well.

King County acquires Blackstone, Nitze-Stagen properties to house chronically homeless

These Surfside condo owners survived a harrowing disaster. Now they're forced to battle big insurers

AZ school district ignoring Ducey and imposing mask mandate

Japan expands virus emergency after record spikes amid Games

Gym Jordan Polled People On 'Trust' And Received A Blunt Home Truth

New study says vaccines can't stop the delta variant alone

Senators push through bill with surprise crypto tax amendment

The Metaverse Has Always Been a Dystopian Idea

Trump's tax returns must be released to Congress, DOJ says

Texas Governor Threatens Fines for Local Officials Who Enforce Mask Mandates

Mein pillow...

US President Biden touched by Kosovo medal for late son Beau

I saw a guy get kicked out of the library for being maskless.

Susan Sarandon leads protest against AOC and the Squad: 'We are losing

New two-way bike path coming to Seattle's W Green Lake Way N this fall

Think the delta variant is scary? Anti-vaccination Trumpers are truly terrifying

Study: Nearly a third of Seattle homes for sale are listed above $1M

Nearly half of 911 calls to Seattle police don't need officer response

Someone please explain this to me

As COVID-19 cases climb again, more Seattle bars, restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination

DOJ Says Congress Has Authority To See Trump's Taxes

This rescued parrot is obsessed with electric toothbrushes

The Justice Department Is Revisiting Its Sexual Harassment Policies

TFG: 'Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me'

Nina Turner claims to take no money from outside PACS. Grassroots only

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Skate

2022 US Senate Elections from all of the states the Democrats are likely to end up winning.

How Colombia's far-right TV personalities get people killed

New ad from Republican Accountability Project - from Republicans but NOT Republican talking points:

I just went to run a couple of errands and

Pelosi Statement on Biden Administration DOJ Ordering Release of Trump Tax Returns

John Fugelsang tweet:

ACLU: Prison Gerrymandering. What it is, and what to do about it.

I'll stand here all day just to see a whale...

Amanda Knox upset over film "loosely based" on her story


'I'm embarrassed': Constituents react to Boebert defying Covid-19 rules

Last night I brushed my teeth with athlete's foot cream.

University of Michigan mandates COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty and staff

Bolsonaro Lies in His Biggest Attack on Brazil's Voting System

Is there someone with the capability of putting two images in juxtaposition?

The way out of this f'ing mess....

Newly revealed notes drag congressional Republicans into Trump's election-subversion effort

Floyd Smith, Getting Nowhere Fast


Six cruise ship passengers test positive for Covid: 4 vaccinated, 2 unvaccinated

Returning to wearing my mask, started today..

How to prolong your vaccine's effectiveness and boost antibodies

This is the absolute worst story I have read today

Yep, We Need More Blame

elise stefanik: medicare and medicaid have helped millions of families but socialized medicin is bad

Biden regains Western European confidence in U.S. Presidency

Brazil gets snow and ice, surprising residents

Attorney's ad needs some help......🤣😂

US Men's Soccer Thinks Women's Team Deserves *More Than* 'Equal Pay,' Since They're Better

Canary in the Coal Mine

Starving Horses Become So Gorgeous And HAPPY

Dandelion Close-up

Briton among two crew killed in attack on Israeli-linked tanker off Oman

Dan Rather schools Stefanik with a zinger

I'm watching the presser. TFG would probably ask if there was a way we could use Delta Force to

Big Tips.

Pardon my ignorance. Did Nancy Pelosi really call McCarthy a moron?

Paraguay Indigenous community evicted in land dispute

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America - You Can Do Magic

Bachman---Palin---MOVE OVER! Stefanik has arrived!

Freddy D. vs. TJ - Epic Rap Battles of History

The FL Hospital Association is now Tweeting daily Covid numbers since DeSantis won't do his job.

Nature: How the coronavirus infects cells--and why Delta is so dangerous

N.J. weather: After 12 tornado warnings, at least 3 likely touched down. More under investigation.

Can't a vaccine be made specifically for Delta?

Amnesty documents abuses by Colombia during anti-government protests

This is one crazy trade deadline day

Yesterday, I attended a private reception with The Second Gentleman...

FDA, under pressure, plans 'sprint' to accelerate review of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for full

North Carolina GOP state rep thinks solar panels make venison unfit for human consumption

Stock market live updates: Stocks fall, tracking drop in Amazon shares after outlook disappoints

Girl friends' gal friend stopped by today.

Many of Ecuador's flower farms convert to hemp production as international flower sales drop

The Obscene Hypocrisy of Republicans Blaming Everyone But Themselves: The COVID Edition

Nixon's the One!

[BREAKING] House Oversight Releases Notes Revealing Trump Asked DOJ to Declare 2020 Election 'Corrup

"Welcome to the Establishment, Our Revolution! "

I was on Federal Jury Duty standby for the last two weeks...

Bolivia to Investigate OAS Secretary for Supporting 2019 Coup

My latest experiment with abstract art

Attny Ben Crump: Kaufman County Sheriff officer restrains woman in inappropriate manner!!!!!

Khzir Khan Nominated to Religious Freedom Post

"How much of that shitty deal did you sell to your clients?" - Sen. Carl Levin (1934-2021)

Carlos Santana -- Black Magic Woman [[ Official Live Video ]] HQ

I'm not a Cubs fan, but my condolences to those who are...

woman touches monk seal. gets $500 fine and outrage

I have volunteered to help NYS with the Emergency Rent Assistance Program

Reuters Science News: Temperatures dropped across Brazil with rare snowfall overnight in some places

UPDATE; mother of that 12 year who gave birth arrested. Family knew, had thrown baby shower

Justice Department tells Treasury to turn over Trump tax records to House

Laurie Garrett: The Science Says Everyone Needs a COVID-19 Booster Shot--and Soon

When America Can Move on from January 6

Trump Asked Top DOJ Officials To Declare 2020 Election 'Corrupt,' Notes Show - MSNBC

Paul Gosar: Celebrating a seditionist and traitor

patty griffin - go wherever you wanna go (live-2013) because this amazing artist doesn't get her due

Poll: How soon until CDC OKs booster shots for everyone 12+yo?

Israelis age 60 and up to start getting third coronavirus vaccine dose next week

Walt Masterson: Trolling an Anti-Vax Rally

flash flood warning for yosemite national park

Here's the the leaked internal CDC document if you'd like to read it.

Another insurrectionist gets to go to Cancun.

Biden appoints Trump-critic Khizr Khan to religious freedom commission

The late MI US Senator Carl Levin's successor Gary Peters' election victories in 2014 and 2020.

Clean up continues after two tornadoes touch down in Ohio Valley

It's so hot--at 96 degrees here--

found and charged (in court)!! the woman who was charged by grizzly bear in may

Sam Seder's message to Jimmy Dore

Disney is requiring that "all salaried and non-union hourly employees in the U.S. to be vaccinated

GOP to Herschel Walker: Consider staying on the bench

Trump CAUGHT Committing CRIME that will LOCK HIM UP - Christo Aivalis

I wonder how hard it will be to modify current vaccines so they do more to prevent transmission?

You don't have to wear a mask to protect yourself.



Did anyone else just hear the exchange on Deadline Whitehouse?

Olympic Women's Springboard Diving *** NO SPOILERS ***

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 30, 2021

DeSantis to block mask mandates in schools

Childrens Hospital New Orleans is reporting a 'staggering number' of COVID cases in children.

One Great Dane gets zoomies, others watch him like he's nuts then gets chewed out.

Just a rant about SIL who refuses to mask up or get the vaccine.

This cat is all of us when seeing an appalling lack of taste and basic colour coordination.

U.S. Men's Soccer Union Files Brief Supporting Women's Pay Discrimination Claims

'I should have gotten the damn vaccine': Las Vegas father of 5 dies from COVID-19

"Make it a double, Dave. What a fucking week I've had" (Twitter video)

Crazed Trump Supporters Going Door To Door To Ask People Who They Voted For - Ring of Fire

Vaccine Mandates Are Popular

Bonhomme Richard sailor charged with aggravated arson, hazarding

You Choose.

Stock end lower but still mark 6th straight monthly gain

Navy Formally Accuses Sailor Of Starting The Fire That Destroyed The USS Bonhomme Richard

It's quiet out there.....too quiet.

Watch NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity explore intriguing Raised Ridges in new video

Scientists transform water into shiny, golden metal

Senate advances nearly $1 trillion infrastructure plan

DOJ just Sued Greg and Texas on illegal show me your papers order

"My Metro station would make the best drag queen/stage name ever: Franconia Springfield."

Do you hate large dollar political fundraisers? And do you hate all the fundraising emails you get?

On July 30, 1965, LBJ signs Social Security Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid

'I don't understand the question': White House spokeswoman baffled by Newsmax reporter's scientific

Coming up on Svengoolie this Saturday night:

Orbital Flight Test-2 Starliner launch postponed until at least 3 August (NASA)

One new COVID-19 death confirmed among Manatee County employees

Nancy Pelosi's statement on Congress getting Trumps tax returns.........

What did Jim Jordan know about the insurrection and when did he know it?

Visited the Watts Towers in La today.

Another one Bites the dust..."BEST DAY OF MY LIFE" Donald Smith of NJ

Here's the exact law legal experts think Trump broke when he ordered DOJ to declare election 'corr

FDA Puts All Hands on Deck to Review Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Shot

A graphic from Reddit on rental price changes in top 100 most populous regions since 2018



Former Afghan Interpreter On US Withdrawal Aftermath - MSNBC

Is there a replacement for MS Photo Gallery ?

Latest email from Paul Begala on behalf of Shontel Brown:

More Americans got their first COVID shot in the past 24 hours than any day in the past month

California MAGA BITES THE DUST....Glenn Allen Brooks of Huntington Beach, California .

Olympian Ryan Murphy is right about doping.

President Biden: The vaccine was developed and authorized under a Republican Administration, and it'

Biden Administration Sues Texas For 'Unlawful' Crackdown On Transporting Migrants title

JUST IN: US National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington finds EF0 tornado hit near Columbia Thursd

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

America Dishonored

Back to Masks. Rats.


Far From Paris, the Pompidou Plans an Outpost in Jersey City.

Saudi judo Olympian ignores pressure to boycott bout against Israeli - before clasping her opponent'

Far From Paris, the Pompidou Plans an Outpost in Jersey City.

Congress scrambles to extend eviction moratorium expiring Saturday

Republican governors and state legislatures

Vaccine mandate-details details

David Carr to be certified as winner of chaotic GOP City Council race on Staten Island -- but

With Evictions Looming, Congress Strains To Extend Ban

SHE'S THE GREATEST STAR! - A Randy Rainbow Parody (SONY Partner)

Good Question...We, As Democrats , Need To Have This Discussion

What is up with the spam calls all the sudden?

Disney tells salaried and non-union employees in the US they must be vaccinated by end of September

Georgia GOP starts push for takeover of local election board

strange video. never seen this one before. T. Rex - Bang A Gong (Get It On)

Pentagon won't require vaccine for troop deployments, but other details unclear

Lawrence Tribe up on OutFront with Erin Burnett on 'will Trump be held

Florida Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% As Surge Continues

Boeing is ready to try flying its spaceship to the space station for NASA once again, after failing

American workers are facing increasing pressure to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Can parents civilly sue state representative who sponsored law against mask mandates that resulted..

Two travellers from U.S. fined $20,000 each for fake vaccination documents

1 in 1300 - Chances of Vaccinated Catching Covid

TFg Might Not Have Donated All of His Presidential Paychecks

Exclusive: Ex-Cambridge Analytica psychologist secretly aided prominent anti-COVID vaccine group

Israel blames Iran for attack on tanker that killed Briton and Romanian

Your Vaccine Booster Calculator

IMHO - The Biggest Issue Surrounding Covid Protection Precautions Is.....

Don Lemon on Jim Jordan: Does this guy seem nervous to you?

Does Garland have the full, unredacted Mueller Report?

Jeopardy...Matt. is a super smart guy!