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Archives: July 3, 2021

DA's bombshell indictment against Trump's company and CFO is just the tip of the iceberg

New law bars public employers from penalizing workers for COVID absences

All Eyes On GOP As McCarthy Mulls Jan. 6 Committee Picks - Deadline - MSNBC

The Byhalia Pipeline is no more!

Latest alleged Oaf Creeper arrested in Capitol riot turned over body armor and firearm

An Exxon lobbyist thought he was in a job interview. Instead, it was a secretly recorded Zoom call.

Clams on Washington state beach are being cooked to death by heatwave

Death toll rises to 22 in Florida condo collapse

1 North Miami Beach Condo Building to Be Evacuated Over Worrying Inspection

DNC chair slaps Cancun Cruz over Biden criticism: 'You aren't qualified enough to tie his shoes'

Tweet of the night (The Onion):

This is what bothers me lately (should you ask....)

BREAKING: Jewish Dems are proud to endorse @ShontelMBrown in the #OH11 primary.

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 4, 2021 - Happy Independence Day

Someone Fired 23 Shots at Alabama Democratic State Senator's Home

TCM Schedule for Monday July 5, 2021 - Directed by Brian De Palma

Calvert County sunset

Julia Child, 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week

Long COVID afflicts kids too. Here's what we know so far.

3 and a half minutes into the game

My husband has been obsessing over the idea of Speaker of the House

Another Republican Telling The Truth Becomes The Target Of Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

George Conway: I'd be worried if I was Trump's children (CNN)

Have some respect! It was my Wedding Song

Seattle chamber files appeal over payroll tax decision

Kevin McCarthy asks why Democrats aren't holding hearings on COVID-19 deaths instead of Jan. 6

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signs abortion pill "reversal" bill

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Next time you visit Portland and want a doughnut, don't go to Voodoo Doughnut

Alex Jones Asks Court To Make Hillary Clinton Testify In Sandy Hook Defamation Case

Legal Heat On Trump: Insider Thinks Money Man Will Stay Silent - The Beat - MSNBC

Poll: Americans are more concerned about restrictive voting laws than election fraud

Cute Kitty Plays in Baby Bouncer

Warm, Dry 4th Of July Weekend Ahead For Puget Sound

Friday Talking Points -- Happy Independence Day!

Steve Schmidt has a comment on those who want to replace Gavin Newsom.

Economy adds robust 850K jobs in June Five takeaways from the employment report

I love Ali Velshi, the guy is a workhorse but he fills in a bit too much so I switched to CNN

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

The Trump Crime Wave

If the Stones or Faces had written and recorded this song, which you can easily imagine ...

100k paid for Ivanka's hair and make up is considered part of the "business."

Steve Schmidt: There are many reasons to have contempt for Kevin McCarthy.

Hot Tuna - Eve of Destruction.....

Michael Cohen Explains Why Trump's Nine Lives Have Run Out:

Air Traffic Control audio of 737 ditching off Hawaii. Exciting stuff!

'My Dad Did That': Trump Jr.'s Damage Control Backfires Amid Criminal Trump Org Probe The Beat MSNBC

Widespread ransomware attack is affecting hundreds of businesses

Biden administration launches effort to identify and return deported U.S. veterans

McCarthy will have to appoint Devin Nunes to the Select Committee...

Anyone know what's going on with Rachel Maddow Show tonight?

Know what I mean jellybean?

After January 6th, there were bipartisan negotiations as to what the nature of a 9-11 type

A Judge Banned This Cop Rioter From Owning Guns. He Secretly Bought 34, FBI Says.

Throw my spiky ball, mom?

Was the entire Republican Party deceived by the "Big Lie" ?

Ok.....of the lovers many smoke pot of the couple and the other one doesn't??

Mitch McConnell said it was not appropriate to spend money on the middle class

GOP senators signal they may fire some Walz Cabinet members

Marcia Fudge's mother has endorsed Shontel Brown in a new ad. It's over for Nina.

WATCH: How the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine works - PBS NewsHour

Lauren Boebert posts, quickly deletes, tweet downplaying COVID Delta variant

I Think Kevin McCarthy is a Robot Specifically Programmed to Execute Leadership Tasks Poorly(Ferret)

Anyone else watching Summer of Soul movie on Hulu ❤️

Ghost of Tsushima -30 min ride through

QAnon Is Mad at Trumpworld Twitter Clone GETTR Because of All the Porn

Hot Tuna - Ain't in No Hurry...

Plant Stem's Shadow

Dead and Ron.....

Louie and Ella and Hestitating Blues

**Norman Lear, Just another Version of you: American Masters.

Louis Armstrong - We Shall Overcome.

The ultimate goal. (Frazier Crane)😊

No one here is talking about

AP: Records show pressure by Trump, allies on Arizona officials

Hitler's Forgotten Ally, Croatia's Ante Pavelic: Pre-War Fascists, Nationalists In Nazi Europe

Playing for Change - One Love

Playing for Change - Stand by Me.....

Elise Stefanik says she supports police. Her votes suggest otherwise.

Welcome to Mordor

Hundreds believed dead in heat wave...not a word at CNN

Seriously thinking about making a donation to the Donald J Trump library

Plan for Hudson Valley power plant collides with state's new green law

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us - Sparks

Creepseed - Wails From The Crypt

Nicholas Deusch - Rewind

It was 35 degrees cooler at my house today than it was on Wednesday...

The war in Afghanistan has cost US taxpayers $2.26 trillion.

Tedeschi / Trucks - Nobody Knows You when you are Down and Out.

there is a mini fourth of july happening in so calif

Do not come to the Florida Keys this weekend.

Sharpton On Voting Rights: It's Time 'To Put Pressure On The Senate' - Deadline - MSNBC

There's a wrenching family-dog-death thread in GD.

Happy to have been here.

So what did Biden feed the L.A. Champs?

State museum examining slavery's role in Battle of the Alamo after Texas GOP leaders complained

Earth's cryosphere loses enough ice to cover Lake Superior every year

Frankenstein star could be on the brink of a startling transformation

Tom Perez quits law firm representing Maryland's republican governor in unemployment suit

Barrett and Kavanaugh side with the Liberal Judges to reject appeal over LGBT-phobic Florist.

Did you ever have a theme song? I mean a song that seemed connected to you

U.S. surgeon general on delta variant, vaccine hesitancy and COVID long haulers - PBS NewsHour

The Earth is now trapping an 'unprecedented' amount of heat, NASA says

Biden says teachers deserve 'a raise, not just praise'

Biden says teachers deserve 'a raise, not just praise'

You Never Give Me Your Money / The End

John Love is the first person I know of running against Ted Cruz

CNN: Hear how Trump is reacting to his CFO's indictment

Huntsville could become Alabama's biggest city this year, Census estimates show (

Dear morons shooting fireworks off prematurely

Would vax rates increase in the red states if they called it the "Trump vaccine"?

'Unvaccinated America' At Risk Of New Covid Surge From Aggressive 'Delta' Variant - Ali Velshi MSNBC

Indictment Of Trump Org. Delivers Blow To Already Cratering Brand (MSNBC)

Extreme Western heat sets up dangerous holiday weekend - CBS News

MING NA WEN on being Fennic Shand - STARWARS

Wildfire in British Columbia Forces Evacuation - Bloomberg

Argentina opens door to U.S. vaccine donations with legal tweak

Argentina opens door to U.S. vaccine donations with legal tweak

Three selections by Wm. Boyce

Upstate NY judge's racist comments from the bench get burglar 10 years off his sentence

Fox News Fined For Repeatedly Violating Human Rights Laws - Ring of Fire

Brazilian governor and presidential hopeful Eduardo Leite comes out as gay

DNC chair hits Cruz over Biden criticism: 'You aren't qualified enough to tie his shoes'

☦ Orthodox Christianity: "Lord I am sinking! Save me!"

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: The Work of the Jan. 6 Committee Is A 'Constitutional Duty'

Anti-slavery passage removed from Declaration of Independence

Donald Trump Eat Your Heart Out-- this could have been your building...

☦ Commentaries - St. Hyacinth, July 3/Robe of the Mother of God, July 2 - Mull Monastery

Honest Government Ad - We Make Everything Good Sh!t

The Most Dubious Business Name in Dallas

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2022 will be from states that Biden won in 2020.

Louisiana FBI agent accused of sex crimes in Smith County

Another condo is being evacuated for safety reasons.

Crestview condos is being evacuated

Breakfast Saturday 3 July 2021

The GOP is trying to ban the Pill, choice, rubbers, IUD's, other forms of contraception....

Vulnerable US Senate seats up in 2024.

These men have turned our country into a clown car.

January 6 and the Toxification of the Republican Brand, Both Nationally and in New Jersey

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, July 3, 2021

Police: Armed Men Who Don't 'Recognize Our Laws' on the Run

Sister condo listed for sale the day after the collapse.

Massacre of Black citizens in East St. Louis, {today} 1917:

Well, if this isn't funny?

...and people are concerned about the cost of going green.

Vatican indicts 9 people in London real estate deal

Arizona Republicans faced pressure from Trump and allies following election, records show

Breakfast at Wimbledon - four Americans left

A peaceful moment for you today

Utter Betrayal

Is the GOP turning into a Death Cult? Just asking....

Congress is spot on about making it easier to cancel memberships.

The 4th of July (joke)

Court strikes Trump EPA rule for full-year 15% ethanol sales

Augusta, ME, man charged with arson after allegedly setting off fireworks inside apartment

At least 19 missing as mudslide west of Tokyo hits houses

San Antonio dog owner says he 'couldn't believe' his lab was found more than a decade later

I'm not making this up...

I am 72 years old. I have always thought of climate change as a disaster that I would

Hurricane Elsa is weakening

I Just Saw Something About Dog Wraps For Fireworks & Storms

Johnson & Johnson Says Vaccine Effective Against Delta Variant - NBC News

Biden names nominee for US ambassador to Germany

Learning the Hard Way: example of cascading climate disaster due to uncontrollable Earth dynamics.

LOL! Really enjoying all the plewding on the Republican side of the aisle over Liz Cheney's

Gwen Berry on if she would protest on Olympic podium: 'We'll see'

Baby Elephant Wan Mai Has Great Fun With The Broken Water Pipe

Legendary Jeremy Grantham on Consuelo Mack Wealth Track this week and next

The Surfside tragedy could be a 'bellwether moment' for managed retreat

Biden Hosts Baseball Champion Dodgers At White House

We just arrived in the USA for our....FALL vacation?

Supreme Court order ends congressional Dems' attempts to determine if trump lied in Mueller probe.

Don't forget when celebrating this weekend: It's the 100th anniversary of this iconic party.

Judicial Shitbaggery in Missouri

4,000-Year-Old 'Snake Staff' Discovered in Finland

"Trump is at serious risk of eventual criminal indictment in New York State."

(CNN) Capitol Rioter Joined GOP Reps on Border Tour

More than 100 guns, ammo, body armor seized from El Cajon, Ca, home, owner arrested

Weekend TOONs - The Fourth Of Q Lie

In Case Against Trump's Company, Echoes of His Father's Tactics on Taxes

Under pressure, company cancels Tennessee pipeline

Furry "convention" this year is virtual...

After this Thursday afternoon, I have no worries about my own death.

Trump Rally MASS EXODUS - MeidasTouch and PatriotTakes Featured on 11th Hour with Brian Williams

Hurricane Elsa causes widespread damage in Barbados, St. Lucia, aims at Hispaniola

Hurricane Elsa causes widespread damage in Barbados, St. Lucia, aims at Hispaniola

Just Waitin'

MLB puts Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer on 'administrative leave' following sex assault investigation

Armed Militia stand off in Wakefield Ma, my home town

Small investment properties and landlording

To everything there is a season

FBI launches flurry of arrests over attacks on journalists during Capitol riot

Turn! Turn! Turn!

New York MTA: Brand New R211 Subway Cars being Towed to Coney Island Yard

What is the most important issue in America today?

Goats in high demand in the west as a means of fire prevention

So you're gonna love this:

Lauren Boebert tried to mock Jen Psaki's intelligence. It didn't go well.

I suppose it be too much for the most famous FL resident to express his condolences

The sea is on fire, the Southwest is about to die of thirst, the Ogalalla Aquifer is bottoming out,

The Lizard King died fifty years ago today.

Covert Recording: Exxon's Secret Lobbying War On Climate Change Legislation

'Idiotic': Fury in Ukraine after female soldiers made to march in heels

Does California look kind of skinny to you?

I Heard Something About Redbox Going Public.....

Hoping for some advice talking to unvaccinated cousin

Conservatism: ONLY THE INCOMPETENT NEED APPLY (Paul Krugman)

Unable to control Tigray, Ethiopia isolates region already beset by famine and war

This (Sha'carri)

Justice Breyer staffs up for the Fall...

Hmmm...maybe the Ohtani-Babe Ruth comparisons aren't all that extravagant, after all...

I hung my flag upside-down. I am in distress.

Iran's sole nuclear power plant up and running after closure

Release the unredacted Mueller Report!

Inside Broke Roger Stone's Very 'Shady' Condo Purchase

Good Day DU (July 3, 2021)

Vegan Classics Revival -- Bein' The Change We Want To See To Mitigate Cascading Climate Disasters

Royal Caribbean's Florida cruise in July will be different for unvaccinated passengers

645 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 14 deaths

Covid Ninja Temp Checker

7/4 Mike Luckovich- The Signers

CNN: Six People Working On The Pile At Surfside Have Tested Positive For Covid

'We thought it wouldn't affect us': heatwave forces climate reckoning in Pacific north-west

'The Great Resignation': June's US jobs report hides unusual trend

Cats- They know---

9 people in custody after hourslong armed standoff on I-95

HR Record after their first 3 seasons in the Majors.

You say it's HOT in Pennsylvania?

I understand the fact that COVID is spread through respiration via mouth/nose but MAGATs prove the

Tuskegee is mentioned in this video, but that's far from the worst thing...

Meanwhile in Shasta county, California the local militia leader

WATCH: Member of 'Heavily Armed' Group Rise of the Moors Broadcasts Live DURING Standoff

Frederick Douglass' Descendants Read His 4th of July Speech

Needy Amin hosts campaign-style rally in Florida as he aims to feed his fragile ego

Biden has chosen the daughter of a Holocaust survivor to be US ambassador to Germany

1977 Debut Albums battle of the bands

Capitol fencing to be removed within days: report

Why are you masked?

Michael Cohen is suing the US government for $20 million, claiming the Trump DOJ returned him to

It's not over after that trigger is pulled . . .

Carnation's fireworks show canceled after fire marshal pulls permit

Osprey KID is SO BIG!

Unvaccinated people are "variant factories," infectious diseases expert says.

Oregon proclaims it hit 70% vaccination goal against COVID-19

Arkansas deputy fired for not activating body camera ahead of teen's fatal shooting

45 second Omelette Jamie Oliver

Rioters Accused of Erasing Content From Social Media, Phones

Now available! Supplies limited.

And Now, For Something Completely Different....

"Here is President Carter with a black eye and stitching building a house."

The eleven heavily armed men in Massachusetts who say "your laws don't apply to me", I say

Unreleased Beatles jam

Philippines raises Taal volcano danger level as thousands evacuate

FBI launches flurry of arrests over attacks on journalists during Capitol riot

Based on US National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington

Finalist for sheriff of Idaho's largest county blames Jews for communism in his job interview

Dominion unleashes the Kraken--subpoenaing Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell

Judge rules Md. republican gov's UI cutoff threatens "immediate, substantial, irreparable harm."

Road-trip buzzkill: Sticker shock at the gas pump

Building the Vehicle Physicists Called Impossible

Cartoons 7/3/2021

Charlie Chipmunk:

Fireworks fears: reopening, dry conditions and sunny Sunday

Shouting matches, arrests and fed up parents: How school board meetings became ground zero

FBI begins arresting individuals who attacked reporters on Jan. 6

Former Miccosukee Police officer convicted of forcing teens to strip naked set to begin 10-year sent

Removing Confederate Statues Unfair To Southern Heroes Who Did Other, Later Racism, Says Idiot

Fux Noise Really Wants You to Think Its Ratings Aren't Down

'An awkward, lifeless shrine - the Diana, Princess of Wales statue is a spiritless hunk of nonsense'

Trump allies' new anti-censorship app for conservatives has already been overrun with porn

What Peter Thiel's Roth IRA Means for Yours

Plea Deals Are Tearing the Oaf Creepers Apart

Kiribati: a drowning paradise in the south pacific

Police are searching for whoever fired 23 shots into the home of a Democratic Alabama lawmaker

High-rolling developer of collapsed Florida condo faced legal, money woes during project

Stacey Abrams's New Website Let's Georgians Know If Their Voter Registration Is About To Be Purged

20 days, so cute!

The Roberts Court thinks plutocrats should be able to buy the government in secret

Rioter joins elected officials at the border

Demolition of remaining Florida condo structure expected within 36 hours; collapse death toll rises

So... 'Poison Check' has become a thing in my family...

Adams Holds On As Garcia Surges With New Vote Totals: Updates

The First Glimmer of Accountability

Cherries and infrastructure on Biden's plate in Michigan

Man Who Signed His Name On Camera During Capitol Riot Is Arrested

Canada Becomes Latest Country To Ban Sale of Gas Vehicles

City of Seattle to host concerts, events, 'Halloween in July' as part of 'Welcome Back Weeks'

New report details highest rent prices in Seattle metro area during June

Monkey pays wellness call on ill women who fed him

this is a picture of a country going backwards

Media priorities:

Compassion Seattle charter amendment says it has enough signatures to make November ballot

BLIMEY! Found these 2 bills while picking litter in central Illinois early this morning

NY Times synchronizes and maps 1000s of 1/6 videos

Md: Judge Blocks Gov. Hogan's (R) Decision To End Enhanced Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

Several King County beaches close due to high bacteria levels before busy holiday weekend

One Kind Favor I'll Ask of You,.

Rising tide: priced out in miami

How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol Visual Investigations

How Liberals Are "Destroying" America:

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that favors Democrats.

Ted Cruz-Born Near the USA Tour

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 1 to 4 seats

The Rude Pundit: Emotions Experienced While Watching the New York Times Video on the January 6 Ins

of the rich, by the rich , for the rich. this goverment shall perish from this earth.

Took another bicycle ride today, but with a better camera!

Business Insider: Michael Cohen suing DOJ for $20 million...

'Sad, lonely feeling': Tokyo man evicted twice, 50 years apart, for Olympic construction

Ransomware Attack Hits Hundreds of Companies

Breyer Has Hired New Law Clerks


Thanks Biden is trending on Twitter

Malinowski posts gargantuan 2nd quarter fundraising numbers to bolster re-election prospects

'Aggressive' Cat Meets A Tiny Kitten And The Cutest Thing Happens

Murphy's name will appear on tax rebate checks

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 3, 2021

Andy Kim has a mammoth $2 million warchest after strong Q2 fundraising

Tweet of the day? "Looks like Donald Rumsfeld arrived safely"....

Yes, we ARE coming for your racist culture!

Rutgers researchers investigate probiotics as defense against the coronavirus

d'espairsRay : Horizon

Dad Cuts "Peepholes" Into Fence So Dogs Can Say Hi To Mom

Supposed to return to work Thu

Arlo Parks - Hurt // nominated for Album of the Year, Best New Artist and Best British Female Solo

Not your grandfather's Cadillac ...

FBI launches flurry of arrests over attacks on journalists during Capitol riot

Just in case you naively thought

'I Will Never Recover From This Heartbreak': Brianna McNeal Loses Appeal of Five-Year Suspension

Just in case you naively thought

Argentina renationalizes Parana-Paraguay waterway operations

Argentina renationalizes Parana-Paraguay waterway operations

I heard the news that day, oh boy*

Little Stray Puppy Reaction To His First Toy

After Sudden Defeat, Captured Ethiopian Soldiers Are Marched to Prison

TED Talks: Angela Lee Duckworth

Rep. Dean: "I no longer care if they believe the lies they are spewing."

New state law allows hospitals to build housing for those who are homeless

Gulf of Mexico is only on 🔥 fire 🔥 in that one spot.

Mom and Nanny Protect Baby Elephant Pyi Mai While Having Fun In The River

It's coming home

Joe Biden cherry-picks audience to promote bipartisan infrastructure deal

Brookings report concludes: Donald Trump at "serious" risk of indictment

John Pavlovitz: 'Bill Cosby and the Second Trauma of Abuse Survivors' (Trigger Warning)

The Brilliant Green

N.J. towns wonder how to handle legal weed now that they won't get more time to decide

'To Catch a Predator' host Chris Hansen turns himself in amid video issue

Rock Against Reagan, Lincoln Memorial, July 3, 1983

Joe Manchin says he wants a national voter ID

Records show pressure by Trump, allies on Arizona officials not to certify election results (NBC)

Pink summer day lily

Upgraded Tim Piazza anti-hazing bill now up to Gov. Murphy

🚨American Rescue Plan Lowers Health Insurance Costs for Americans Who May Have Lost Their Job

There was no harm, no foul,

Survey shows Pennsylvania has some of the highest closing costs in the nation

AOC on Sha'carri and systemic racism

If we're talking great years in music, I really don't think 1991 can be beat as a banner year

If you're a dangerous criminal/cartel member, why would you want to immigrate here?

Matt Gaetz commits to vote for Trump as Speaker of the House if Republicans take back House

GLAY: Winter, again

2 Florida men ...

How does one claim to stand for the National Anthem and

Today's PSA (rescheduled events cancelled because of Covid)

Analysis: More Jobs Created in Biden's 5 Months Than Bushes/Trump Combined

Biden stops for ice cream in Michigan

MUCC: Namonaki yume

Big cats, bears, ferrets get COVID-19 vaccine at Oakland Zoo

'They need to come down' McBride says of Trenton Kingsbury Towers after air condition out for days

Fox News Busted For Coordinating With Rudy Giuliani On Big Lie

*TCM 8:00 PM -- The Misfits (1961)

landslide in Japan caught on video

Condo collapse sequence simulation

Massachusetts police standoff with heavily armed men ends in 11 arrests

Jen Psaki Circles Back With Fox's Pete Doocy on Republicans and Defunding Police

Miami-Dade is in a big hurry to demolish the standing portion of Champlain Tower

Biden administration unveils process to allow deported veterans to return to the U.S.

looks like Sarasota FL is getting rain

The Signers (Luckovich)

I just finished

*The measurements for the water temperature in Solomons, Maryland

Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

Texas is seeing sunflowers everywhere this summer for unexpected reasons

They really are trying to out-stoopid each other (Stefanik challenger)

Purrfect: Cat summits to New Hampshire's tallest mountains

The Statler Bros. - Flowers On The Wall

I Know This Is Wrong...

Yes, it's a "witch hunt" but which hunt is it? There are so many corrupt, dishonest practices by 45

Remember, TFG, really stands for the "fake" guy!

And the Heavens PARTED.....

Woman on Tractor Flees From Officers During 4th of July Parade: Police

Shoot someone on 5th Ave? The prick is a mass murderer.

Looking forward to when the blackberries

Merrie Monarch Kahiko night last night

Reports from trump's "rally"!

Merrie Monarch Kahiko night last night

Biden, DeSantis set aside politics in tragedy response

Search-and-rescue at collapsed tower paused for demolition

The movie No Sudden Move on HBO Max while fiction, centers around a true event how the big

start of the pandemic, kids made up 2% of new COVID infections. Now, they make up 24%. What happened

Republicans eyeing White House go full xenophobic.

Texas grand jury announces murder indictment for Austin BLM protest shooting in 2020

Pic from the Trump rally:

was there some kind of drumpf event in Tucson this morning?

'Phony': Josh Hawley Slammed by Home State Editorial Board on Eve of July 4 for Pushing Trump 'Lies'

GOP 'Voter Suppression Bills' Are 'About White Supremacy,' Says Democratic Sen. Bob Casey

Stopped on DWI suspicion after multiple wrecks, man tells police he's "Jose Cuervo"

Ther Iraq and Aphgan Wars cost us $3 trillion dollars

Billy Jack and One Tin Soldier

Spent a couple of hours watching the 1972 musical "1776" just now. Fascinating to see

CHP tickets driver with apparent SpaceX Starlink dish bolted to car hood

House Approves Over $17.6 Million in Infrastructure Projects for WA-01 Communities

Lithuania declares state of emergency due to migration surge from Belarus

Generally applicable meme: