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That Aussie does much more than practice her dance moves!

'Sellout': Ron DeSantis Accused of Taking 'Bribe' by Conservatives After Promoting Vaccine

Man Confronts Tucker Carlson At Montana Store: 'You Are The Worst Human Being'

Skywatcher spots Russia's Nauka science module headed to space station (photo)

Cleveland pitcher Nick Wittgren reportedly receives death threats after rough game

Progressives Mark 12 Years Since Last Federal Minimum Wage Hike, Blast 'Starvation' Pay

Expression pedals. What are they?

St. Louis requires masks for everyone amid rising Covid-19 cases


Pfizer Proposes $345 Million Settlement In Kansas City, Kansas, Litigation Over EpiPen Price Hikes

I am THRILLED to report that Skittish and all 3 kittens survived the deluge

COVID Is Putting As Many Kansans In The Hospital As It Did In March

James E. Clyburn @WhipClyburn Accessible, safe, and affordable child care is a critical

Kansas kicks 7K off unemployment benefits for failing to meet new work search requirement

Fox Is Requiring 'Vaccine Passports' While Their Hosts Attack That Idea On Air

Attorney general to appeal emergency-power decision, warns of 'legal anarchy'

Philippine vaccine hesitancy drops as safety concerns ebb, poll shows

Weird: first time in an elevator since February 2020

'Complete, dysfunctional chaos': Oklahoma reels after Supreme Court ruling on Indian tribes

Just when I thought I saw everything....

California man who mocked COVID-19 vaccine dies of virus

COVID-19 surge: Unvaccinated frustrate Sebelius, socialist 'lunacy' irritates Colyer

What will the death count have to be before the anti types get their shots.

And last but not least, Spooky Sr. has made an appearance, looking very much in panther mode

Colorado Police Tase Unarmed 75 y.o. Man in his Own Home

Some Kansas hospitals are flouting a federal rule to publish their prices. Here's how they're doing

Florida Leads U.S. in Covid-19 Cases as Hospitalizations Surge

It's being reported that a couple major life insurance companies will declare unvaccinated

Possibly a life saving drug for covid patients

The Cleveland "Guardians"

Kansas will continue extended federal unemployment benefits

Man Confronts Tucker Carlson: 'You Are The Worst Human Being' By Ed Scarce 4 hours ago

Karen Garner Arrest - Horrific Highlight Reel from Booking Area

About that Olympic skateboarding . . .

Dallas police Chief Eddie Garcia apologizes to mother of Santos Rodriguez, murdered by a cop in 1973

More Nebraskans can Apply for SNAP with New Eligibility Criteria

Velshi: Breakthrough Infections Do Not Mean Vaccines Don't Work - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Dedicated to twogunsid!

Gov. Ricketts declares disaster after windstorm, paving way for federal help

FBI reveals new information on Brett Kavanaugh investigation

Tommie Smith protested on the podium in 1968. He expects to see similar acts in Tokyo.

Tucker Carlson WRECKED by Montana Man: "The worst person known to mankind!" - Meidas Touch

Jackie Mason, Borscht Belt Stand-Up Comedian, Dies at 93

Let's watch the movie again:

Brazilian protesters call for Jair Bolsonaro to be impeached

Brazilian protesters call for Jair Bolsonaro to be impeached

Find those ROUTERS!!!1111!!!:

MSNBC Analyst Ticks Off Reasons Kavanaugh Is An Impeachable Sleaze

Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential Tokyo Olympics bout with Israeli

After 11 Minutes in America, I Got Hit by the Crime Wave

Elder Widow Eating Alone Leaves A Small Note With Her Tip That Left The Waitress In Sweet Tears.

Gov. Ricketts grants press credentials to North Omaha news outlet

I have a brilliant money making idea

Another Death Due to Ignorance and "Blind" Faith

Lover's revenge... m to f and f to m

Nebraska teachers union defends critical race theory, accuses critics of censorship

Are Unvaccinated Covid-19 Survivors Protected Against Re-Infection? - MSNBC

Council Bluffs restaurant owner found guilty of sex trafficking

A lighter (than policy) note: Look at this gun nut verklempt over CO gun reform laws - almost crying

Tommy Robinson: Far-right activist ordered to pay 100,000 in damages to Syrian refugee there a Olympics Topic thread that I've missed???

FBI Must Investigate Kavanaugh Now

Which of these names do you prefer?

'Hunger has returned': Covid piles further misery on Brazil's vulnerable

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

How many people do you actually know who are not planning to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Who was the USA Olympian with mask on his chin

Editorial: "Investigation into Kavanaugh by FBI Is Laughable".... Washington Post

Red tide is expected to intensify, and scientists point the finger at Piney Point

Dog Follows Dad to Get Tucked In

South Dakota Gov. Noem to headline GOP event in early-voting South Carolina

Guatemalan anti-corruption prosecutor flees country after sacking

Spain Pledged Citizenship to Sephardic Jews. Now They Feel Betrayed.

Federal Vaccine Mandate may be unconstitutional... However

Legal Brief From Mississippi AG Calls for Supreme Court to Undo Abortion Rights

Trump FANS HATE Him for STEALING Their MONEY - Christo Aivalis

HBO doc -- Obama: In Search of a More Perfect Union

and another sports figure is out of the olympics due to COVID-19.......Bryson DeChambeau

One more event for Whinny Donny to whine

Interesting quiz about what sort of dialect YOU speak

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: "Lord, I am sinking! Save me!"

On Central America's deepest lake, Indigenous communities battle against a $215m wastewater project

Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, has died

Woman aged in her 30s dies as Sydney records 141 new COVID cases

Bradford pear tree ban begins in South Carolina in 2024

Fox is Killing Us

State labor department spends millions to rent career centers closed to public

Sunday Digit: 4/10 - Uncomfortable humidity returns along with 90+ temperatures

Nonprofit Food Service CEO Indicted for Falsely Claiming to Provide Over $800,000 in Meals for Low-

Two men to face court for allegedly hitting police horses during Sydney COVID-19 lockdown protest

A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

New Law Requires Civics Proficiency In Rhode Island High Schools.

Hamlet picked the "To be or NOT to be" choice wrong: Should be, "To BE - or- to DO"

State Sen. Wendy Rogers appears on antisemitic news show. Again.

Harry Dunn: US files motion to keep Anne Sacoolas job details secret

Jackie Mason, comic who perfected amused outrage, dies at 93

Sundae 🍨 Baroque 🙂 Washington McClain, oboist

Small business owners join pressure campaign against Sinema over filibuster

Gamma variant could have 'high attack rate even in fully vaccinated people' - new study (UK: Express

Court: Shooter Cannot Sue for Expulsion From House in Harassment Case

Growing brush fire burning along I-90 near Washington-Idaho state line

Liev Schreiber in the latest Mattress Firm commercial.

Your days of (blank) are over. Have medical types or others filled in that blank to your face?

anyone see "Old",, saw it yesterday. no spoilers

What is it like to be Self Realized? Found on FB

'He's regretful': Radio host who doubted vaccines hospitalized with COVID, family says

Summer music festivals have returned -- just in time for the latest coronavirus surge

The Jan. 6 Select Committee Will Hold Its First Hearing This Week - MSNBC

☦ Orthodox Christian Hymns

Banner Health, Arizona's Largest Hospital Network, Requiring Vaccines for Employees By Nov. 1

Salt Lake City hosting 2030 Olympics is officially on the table

Tweet of the Day

Utahns raise alarm about a #DezNat candidate and the troubling views of his campaign team

Clutch - 10001110101

Based on EarlG's Venn Diagram, which kind DUer are you?

Beto O'Rourke speaks with FOX 26-Houston about 3-day march being planned

Man Barely Flinches When Car Comes Crashing Into Kitchen

Brownstone - From Soultracks 'Lost Gems'"

"New Day Rising" by Husker Du PLUS Robert Palmer's cover version...

Velshi: Rev. Dr. William Barber On Standing Up For The Right To Vote - MSNBC

CONGRATULATIONS to Ron DeSatan!! You've DEFEATED Covid!!

Here's one for our annoying relatives/"friends"always Fundie-preaching at us:

Storm causes water leaks in building where Maricopa County ballots are being reviewed

Is COVID 19 Vaccine Effective Against DELTA VARIANT? - Doctor Mike Hansen

The Daily Show - Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnell & Joe Arpaio: Who's Who on the Far Right

World Number 1 Golfer John Rahm Withdraws From Olympics (COVID positive AGAIN, twice in 2 months)

Diesel - Sausalito Summernight

I don't get it

The latest questions and answers about who can, can't cross the Canada-U.S. border

How the Democrats really fooled the election auditors - Doonesbury

The US Halts Old-Growth Timber Sales in World's Largest Remaining Temperate Rainforest

I don't get it

The Volatile Mermaid Tweet of the YEAR!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sunny Side Edition

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, July 25, 2021

Night - Hot Summer Nights

The republican party needs to remove

Morning Du community, Im in a Reagan was pos shit mood.

Possible life saving treatment for covid patients

"And there, people, is the story of why I hate people. And why I love people...."

Iain Matthews - Shake It

UK Health Minister Sparks Fury By Urging People Not To 'Cower From' COVID

My goal was to be home by Monday

This morning I'm enjoying having the TV running while I do computer/internet stuff. Right now

Wildwood, Eureka and Chesterfield will not enforce St. Louis County mask mandate

Gas Engines, and the People Behind Them, Are Cast Aside for Electric Vehicles

They have the crazies in England also...

California's largest fire torches homes as blazes lash West

Eve of Destruction

Gas Engines, and the People Behind Them, Are Cast Aside for Electric Vehicles

Two words...

'Complete, dysfunctional chaos': Oklahoma reels after Supreme Court ruling on Indian tribes

Prosecutors air more claims in R. Kelly case; 1 involves boy

Breakfast Sunday 25 July 2021

Man who made fun of COVID dies of virus

On this day, July 25, 1965, Bob Dylan plugged in his guitar at the Newport Folk Festival.

Frugally prepping for possible COVID19 Delta variant lockdown

Poll Taxes.....

Which Democratic US Senator is more vulnerable in 2024? Tester(D-MT) or Brown(D-OH)?

'I'm at Breaking Point': Radio Host Who Regrets Mocking Vaccines Is 'Fighting for His Life'

Ted Cruz takes a swing at the Cleveland MLB team . . . and strikes out

A Question I'd Like the GOP to Answer ...

*Worker Power* By Robert Reich

My wife is torturing the boys yup piss mom off ,online school clothes shopping

On July 23, 1962, Telstar relayed a TV broadcast from the United States to Europe.

Covid-19 and obituaries.


Power Failures Across Middle East W. Temps In Low 120s; Corruption, Drought, Infrastructure Decay

Unvaccinated may face restrictions in Germany, official says


Nebraska teachers union defends critical race theory, accuses critics of censorship

Born on this date.

The "times that try men's souls"...

I'M PISSED !!! Anti-vax asshole.

Top Tier Democratic nominee for the US Senate in 2022.

I Just Saw A Great Ad From 'Dick's Sporting Goods' During The Olympics

Benny Benjamin, Funk Brothers drummer, was born on this date.

Alexa is the Fairy Spy Mother

Capitol Rioter Has Feces Thrown at Him in Jail

Once you have had Covid, will you always test positive?

Steve Goodman was born on this date.

American Airlines passenger who refused to wear a mask screamed for 10 minutes during her arrest...

Another GOP moron gets covid.

When you were in your 20's, would you have taken the Covid vaccination?

Speaker Pelosi will name more republicans to January 6 Commission

Forty-seven years ago today, the world changed--a revisit and a revision of a seven year old post:

Vaccine doubters' strange fixation with Israel

Judge releases Boston teen accused of sexually assaulting a horse

Science denialism is not new. Vaccines WORK.

Pelosi appoints Kinzinger to 1/6 House select committee

'Recipe for disaster': As COVID rises, few Kansas City area schools heed expert advice

Virus Surge Disrupts Office-Return Plans

Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody

France 83 - USA 76. Olympic Men's basketball

Dog starts to walk like humans after accident

A Kavenaugh question

SF Bay Area: BART's reduced service hours allowed for acceleration of infrastructure projects

Life at 55

Check Out This Tap Tribute To Nick Cordero

Thank you Dr. Fauci thread. The man is 80+ years old and is still working 24/7 to help the world.

Covid strikes San Diego Zoo Snow Leopard

FAA announces all passenger planes will be equipped with a "Karen Hatch". No more diverting

Hannity walks back enthusiasm for COVID-19 vaccines after praise by White House

Oh! Just saw that the violinist member of group, 'Kansas,' Robby Steinhardt died last Saturday

NYT: how safe are you from Covid when you fly?

Is the 'Albuquerque Journal' the worst newspaper in America?

Astronomers push for global debate on giant satellite swarms

Does John Brennan still have his security clearance?

Have you ever tried to buy an N95 mask on Amazon or similar sites?

Man Says Oklahoma Police Seized $140K From Him Without Cause

Texas does not want to audit the small counties because that is where the fraud is

Mom of 8 nearly dies from COVID, regrets not getting vaccinated

Carl Bernstein : We need to start looking at Trump as America's own war criminal.

Games cats play

I do realize it is pointless to ask, but why pantyhose over your face, Kanye?

New rules for OTC stocks going into effect soon.

Where is our "have you no shame" moment?!

Good Day DU (July 25, 2021)

Ok, I know I missed what the ROC for Russia stands for, so what does it mean????

Well, no doubt Covid was a factor in ending the dreams and lives of many who thought they could

I Kinda Felt Safer Last Year In The Thick Of Pandemic Quarantine Than I Do Today.....

Anti-Democracy Coalition- Wealth Supremacists & White Supremacists. Protect US Democracy, R. Reich

AP Interview: Premier: Iraq doesn't need US combat troops

Moment vicious mob beats firefighter walking his dog in Queens amid rising violent crime

Suppressed 2021

New Mexico Has 55,000 Active Oil & Gas Wells; State Employs 12 People To Monitor New Emissions Rules

What's the best way of disposing rendered fat.

What is it about Funko?

Senators Scramble to Finalize Deal on Infrastructure Package

Russia, China, Brazil & Australia's Combined Climate "Goals" Could Be Enough For 5C Rise Globally

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats is to win in 2022-

"Election Liars" Is What Jake Tapper Called Gym Jordan and Jim Banks On State Of The Union

Have The 1% Use Some Of Their $55 Trillion To Pay To Fix Our Crumbling Infrastructure Not The Poor

This natural health doctor has published over 600 articles claiming coronavirus vaccines are a fraud

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 25, 2021?

As America's slide into authoritarianism appears to be inevitable..

Chinese Government Bewails NBC Showing Map of the Country Without Taiwan: 'Hurt' the 'Emotions of

Zoo Animals Are Getting Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines

WATCH: Incoherent Trump Says If Green New Deal Passes They'll be No More Windows or Cows

Arkansas' governor defends decision to approve a statewide ban on mask mandates

Authoritarianism: It can definitely happen here

1508 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun;1 death

For minimum wage workers, there's no catching up with the rent

Ship mouser-cat certificate

Had to say goodbye to my kitty this week 😢

I am very grateful

Can someone please help me identify a weed?

I bought some eco friendly sneakers recently. A friend just sent me this about how damaging

Statement from Adam Kinzinger on being asked to join January 6 Select Committee

"All Of This Is Happening Exactly As We Have Known It Would Happen" As Climate Disasters Accelerate

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Do We Need To Counteract The Karen's And Kevin's Out There?......

That was then - This is now

Democratic Whip/Rep. James Clyburn, CBC Chair Rep. Joyce Beatty, Chairman Gregory Meeks, AND...

Capehart calls out vaccine hesitancy and says "get the vaccine - before you ruin everything for ALL"

Steve Schmidt: "Donald Trump Will Be The GOP Nominee In 2024"

The Dirty, F***ing Hippies Were Right: Global Pandemic, Climate Change, Authoritarians

Cartoons 7/25/2021

As police adjust to reforms, crisis responders feel deserted

PUD's experimental solar power microgrid is ready to go live

Show them your cross

Mexican President Proposes Replacing 'Organization of American States'

TFG mused about how LeBron James could get sex reassignment surgery to compete in women's sports

If You Are Not Vaccinated You Are Obviously Too Stupid Or Brainwashed / Brain Damaged To Work For Me

Shoplifting Is Big News; Stealing Millions From Workers Is Not

Seattle celebrates the welcome return of Alaska cruise season

He refused to give up his coveted Twitter handle. Then he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack.

King County public health official recommends mask usage (again) for indoor public spaces

Fauci Says US Headed In 'Wrong Direction' On Coronavirus

oh my god I feel so much for this stick bug

If Trump runs and loses again in 2024, what are the chances of

Southerners are dying because they are sick of Democrats?

Zoo Separates 5 Parrots After the Birds Were Caught Encouraging Each Other to Swear At Guests

Fauci: US Headed In 'Wrong Direction' On Coronavirus, (Masks, Boosters Considered)

Sting "Fields Of Gold"

Biden Administration Signals That Federal Inmates On Home Detention Will Return To Prison

Baby monkey & ducklings being adorable together:

Fox News Hosts Promote Voting Ban On 'Childless' Liberals

Teri Kanefield: Republican Lawbreaking

Afghanistan curfew imposed as Taliban militants advance

One thing I can say about my life - it doesn't lack for smile inducing surprises.

WHO says, Sis/Bro???

Tiffany Cross reacts to Megyn Kelly's criticism of Naomi Osaka

Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country

Ohio House primary reveals Democratic divides that could play out across the 2022 midterm map

Charlie Wooton, noodling around in his home town studio

Seeing the 'real' Big Bang through gravitational waves

Watch live Monday: Russian cargo craft departs space station to dispose of old module

'Masks Are For Sheep'

🎶It's been Palpatine all along 🎶

Republican officials hate federal covid relief funds...unless they can steal them

Soon the right will call for the repeal of the 13th amendment.

California study shows that small cells actually increase home values. Uh, not so fast.

Can anyone identify this bird?

Anyone else completely uninterested in the Olympics?

Robert Moses, SNCC veteran, is no longer with us.

Colombia arrests retired military commander for army base 'attack'

Black women's felon-voter-restoration case in FL draws sympathetic hearing during 11th Circuit

We are living in age of minority rule.

Costa Rican gymnast makes history with Black Lives Matter protest in floor routine

Billboards highlighting Ron DeSantis' close ties to Matt Gaetz coming to Governor's Mansion

'No longer forgotten' Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial in Alexandria recognized nationally

Hello, I'm The Doctor.......basically, run. (For the Doctor Who fans out there)

Mini Pony Has The Cutest Way Of Asking For Pets

Carl Bernstein Today On CNN Called TFG A War Criminal

The Guardian view on Haiti's turmoil: long-term solutions are needed, not an imported fix

Olympic And Paralympic Moms Face Big Obstacles To Compete. They're Demanding Change

Europe Clamps Down, Tries To Head Off Delta Covid Summer Wave Like UK's, 'Green Vaccine Passes'

At some point, will the media stop reporting his mad rantings?

Chile reaffirms support for Cuba against US blockade

As Titusville hospital aims to evict OMNI Healthcare, accusations between executives fly

Anti-infrastructure campaign rolls into South Florida as crucial 'Build Back Better' vote nears

Sisolak's COVID advisor wants mask mandate at UNLV, colleges in Southern Nevada

28 abducted Baptist school students freed in Nigeria

Right-Wing Operation Condor Murderers Should Be in Jail

Bob Moses, Crusader for Civil Rights and Math Education, Dies at 86

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Pens Op-Ed Encouraging Vaccines: 'It's Clear That the Trump Vaccine Works

Michael Flynn was given a gun at event and he says "maybe I'll find someone in Washington DC."

'Fraud Vitiates Everything': Infowars Host Uses 19th Century Court Case To Falsely Claim 2020...

President Mose's killing leaves Haiti less stable but as elitist as ever

Teen brother guitarists absolutely killin this Buck's Polka.

Democrats will definitely be winning between 14 to 16 US Senate Elections in 2022.

Rural county in Nevada decides not to rename road for Trump

Opinion: Unvaccinated People Should Be Offered Cash To Take The Vaccine

'It's five years since a white person applied': the immigrant workforce milking America's cows

A cool lake on a hot day

Arizona secretary of state tells Trump before election lie rally: get over it

Small farms vanish every day in America's dairyland: 'There ain't no future in dairy'

'Constitutional Sheriff' Wayne Ivey says he's a patriot. Others see something more menacing."

Someone needs to be fired AND jailed for this! (Horrible way to die...)

Democrats and any who oppose the Trump party---a moment, please.

It's official -- Idaho ends budget year with record surplus of nearly $900 million

She is 8 years old.

Tucker Carlson Wages INSANE War On The FBI - Rebel HQ

Trump: "let's call him Mohammad". 😆😂🤪🤔😳

Does anyone know how one would go backstage after a concert?

Idaho needs to up its game in providing behavioral health services. These clinics could help.

Dr. Fauci: Republicans Are Mentally Incompetent - Rebel HQ

If Mark Kelly's twin brother Scott were to run for the US Senate in 2024,

LEAKED AUDIO Exposes Racist Childcare Worker - Rebel HQ

Perversion of Justice review: how Julie K Brown brought Jeffrey Epstein down

Conservative Montenegro registers 1st same-sex partnership

Airports in the US West dealing with shortage of jet fuel

Dog Ate Dragon Fruit And Faked Death - Purr Purr

Dog starts to walk like humans after losing leg - GeoBeats Animals

Valerie Bertinelli claps back at Eric Clapton

Aren't there public decency laws today. I see all these

Aren't there public decency laws today. I see all these

Rep. Priscilla Giddings to face ethics committee in August for two complaints

Gabby Gifford's former intern state Representative Daniel Hernandez jr is

Bowman Andros employee dies at Mt. Jackson facility

Giver and taker states

Spokane Public Schools pays $275k to family of Black teen pinned down by resource officer

Lonesome, On'ry and Mean/Ramblin Man: Waylon Time

Records show top Eastern State Hospital officials were warned of domestic violence by nurse before

Something going on with rethugs and vaccines?

Pierce County starts plans for homeless shelters in Fife, Lakewood, Spanaway

Pelosi makes BOMBSHELL announcement on January 6 Committee

Anti-Vax Folks Sign a Waiver Please

10,000 new cases per day in Florida

New record!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 26 July 2021

I'll take "Crackpot Conspiracies" for $1,000...

Whenever I watch MAGATs wildly swinging from one crazy conspiracy to another

Capitol Officer Says What REALLY Happened On January 6th - The Damage Report

24 years ago today, Company Flow released Funcrusher Plus

'Doomed to stay': The dying villages of Mexico's Lake Cuitzeo

Company Sells Shooting Targets Of AOC & Greta Thunberg - The Damage Report

Where FDA full approval process stands on SARS-CoV2

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 25, 2021

Trump's Impact On SCOTUS Continues As Mississippi Asks Court To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Pro-Hamas activists launch incendiary balloons into Israel

Flash Flood in London, England July 2021

Gov. Abbott rips Biden's 'reprehensible' attacks on Texas voting bill: He's 'willing to lie'

The Florida Legislature has declared war on direct democracy

LeVar Burton Is Next Week's Jeopardy Host

US Men's Basketball about to lose its first game to France...

A staff person who is unvaccinated in a health care center should be required to test every day

Soul Sacrifice - Santana, Tanglewood

Bryan Cancels Weekend Appearances, Calls on Virgin Islanders to Stay Away From Mass Gatherings at

Sarasota chiropractor stormed Capitol, and there was no turning back

Fareed's Take: Why America's anti-vax problem is unique (CNN)

AFFIDAVIT: Suspect set house on fire because family didn't follow Bible

It's Over, For Now, For Limetree Bay Refining

Since incentives have failed to get people vaccinated, I favor DISINCENTIVES

Buried in concrete: how the mafia made a killing from the destruction of Italy's south


FUCK !!! High school reunion coming up. We are 80. So probably the last one or two.

Michigan Republicans will return Covid relief funds used to pay own bonuses

Boys went to a strip club my wife is mad she asked them what they saw

Will the Select Committee Hearings starting on Tuesday be covered live

Is Rebecca Kleefisch going to run for governor?

Florida Republicans want to criminalize filming cops.

Dust devil almost takes out football players at match in Bolivia

I bought two 4 packs of Emergen LED lightbulbs today.

IPhone help

Please refrain from posting Olympic results in your headline

Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump is our own American war criminal (CNN)

Need some help with spam!

Today I went to an estate auction.

Senators Support Medicaid Solution for Puerto Rico

Anti-vaxxer Trumpy trolls beware: FACTS ahead!

Racist streamer gets pepper sprayed

Mykayla Skinner may be out.

It was too good to last

The Fonz doesn't find Chachi's bullshit funny

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are favored to win US Senate Elections in-

Florida recorded more coronavirus cases this week than CA, TX, NY, and IL combined

COVID-19 vaccination will be mandatory for eligible returning students over 12 in Puerto Rico

Some false equivalency being drawn between Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson

Indiana University to honor Fauci with distinguished leadership award

Delta REinfection

We don't know exactly where this novel corona virus came from,