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Dog in training - Can't clear the last hurdle

Not a lot of kitty activity, today. I guess it was an eat and take care of business kind of day. BUT

Rep. Castro Reacts To Pelosi Blocking Jordan And Banks' Confirmation (MSNBC)

Long-haired MAGA rioter thought shaving his head would help him avoid being identified -- it failed

Don't know what to make of this but keep an eye South Carolina, Georgia, and northeastern Florida

Idaho lawmaker who shared rape accuser's name faces hearing

Idaho lawmaker who shared rape accuser's name faces hearing

Anti-vaccine groups changing into 'dance parties' on Facebook to avoid detection

Can vaccinated people get long Covid? Doctors say risk is 'very, very small'

San Antonio Democrat returns from Washington to negotiate voting bill with Republicans

Tucker & Jordan pushing conspiracy theory that the MAGA insurrection was actually an FBI setup

Geoff Muldaur & Jim Kweskin - Twin fingerpicked acoustic guitars on two old blues songs!

Federal court nixes Indiana's voter registration purge law

PM Update: A shower possible through sunset, then cooler and drier into a beautiful Thursday

The Inevitable Weaponization of App Data Is Here

Is there anyway I can get NESN on Youtube TV?


I don't believe it, Burnett County has "recommended" everyone mask up.

anyone watching Biden right now?

U.S. women's national team trounced by Sweden, 3-0, in Olympic stunner

hawaii reports 163 new covid 19 after weeks of mostly sub-100 days....

Wake County parents urge school board not to require masks, as COVID cases rise in NC

VoteVets - Abdulla

She's getting closer

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!


McCarthy Pulls A 'You Can't Fire Us, We Quit' For 1/6 Committee - The Mehdi Hasan Show

What is the typical timeline for vaccine FDA full approval?

California synagogue shooting suspect pleads guilty

New Fauci Warning: Current Covid-19 Deaths Are The Unvaccinated - The Beat - MSNBC

Getting rid of that dog smell on a new family puppy

88 people say they were framed by corrupt former Chicago cop

I missed Liz Cheney's earlier press conference today

Louisiana veto session ends with no bill rejections reversed (transgender sports, guns, etc.)

Rick Wilson: GOP's rapid pivot to pushing vaccines 'smells strongly of new polling'

Chile approves emergency use of Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine

Chile approves emergency use of Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine

Radio host Larry Elder to appear on California recall ballot

Watch Trump Loyalist Get Fact-Checked On 'Socialism' On Live TV (MSNBC)

Lawsuit: Kansas altered software to hide election records

Lawsuit: Kansas altered software to hide election records

Democrats are likely to win 16 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022.

Idiot college football coach sets horrible example by refusing to get vaccinated

Cancun Cruz Gloats And Giggles About Texas Dems Getting COVID

I Just Want To Say To Everybody Who Might See This

Slander: Dr. Fauci Rebukes Rand Paul's Falsehoods - The Beat - MSNBC

**For the fun of it, I'm alternating TCM, first, 'Birdie,'

American Ailrlines manager won't let anti masker fly after calling his employee a bitch

*Peter Strzock on Rachel.

Just because the GOP is now saying get vaccinated

Pelosi Nixes GOP Reps Nominated For Jan. 6 Committee Who Would Back Trump - All In - MSNBC

Texas has seen nearly 9,000 COVID-19 deaths since February. All but 43 were unvaccinated people.

How Thomas Barrack's alleged illegal lobbying shaped Trump's policies in the Gulf

How Thomas Barrack's alleged illegal lobbying shaped Trump's policies in the Gulf

If The GOP Is Pushing Vaccines Overnight That Tells Me One Thing:

Champlain towers south is no more..all rubble removed

blink-182 - Adam's Song

Members of House GOP Doctors Caucus urge vaccination amid Republican fearmongering

Tucker attacks Harry Dunn, a black Capitol Police officer who was attacked by rioters on 1/6

Tennessee Commissioner calls for the public execution of Dr. Fauci on Facebook.


Vaccines Could Drive The Evolution Of More COVID-19 Mutants

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro suing Louis DeJoy

NIH Director: 'If You're Unvaccinated, This Virus Is Looking For You' - All In - MSNBC

Greta Van Fleet - You're The One

Perseverance Looks Back After a Long Autonomous Drive

U.S. Intel Officials Eyed DLive as Recruitment Vehicle for Neo-Nazis Targeting Young Gamers

And for those that are into science and space...

MeidasTouch: Marjorie the MANIAC

Semisonic - Closing Time

Thank God for MSNBC.

Oh no! Starting to get re-runs on Midsommer Murders

Staind - Outside

They. Lie. About. Everything. Without. Consequences.

Tove Lo - Habits

"I tried to make claims about election fraud so preposterous Trump fans wouldn't believe me."

Fergit Jeopardy, Alec BALDWIN has Hilaria on Match Game!1

I got nostalgic and watched the pilot for All In The Family.

A Deeper Look at Critical Race Theory - Galston

He's been taking lessons, you can tell.

Uber and Lyft drivers join day-long strike over working conditions

I called the Suicide Prevention Line in NM.

We don't need voter I.D. - Sack cartoon

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Every day, a stream of GOP propaganda depicts Democrats as "radicals."

U.S. life expectancy drops 1.5 years in 2020 due to pandemic

On This Day: Astronauts lift off after historic moon landing

Nina Turner has Ideas.

Federal judge temporarily blocks Arkansas' ban on gender-affirming treatment for trans youth

Happy birthday, Alexander of Macedonia (credit Mayor Pete) - zodiac/Cancer

U.S., Germany strike a deal to allow completion of controversial Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win between 15 to 20 US Senate seats.

WTF?!? Biden opposes abandoning the filibuster to pass federal voting rights legislation...

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has tested positive for COVID-19

Violence flares in Haiti ahead of slain president's funeral

What's Making Mid-Atlantic Area Songbirds Sick? Blue Jays, Robins, Starlings, More

Now, that's one clever porpoise! (Dolphin?)

David Bromberg - Long Tall Mama

NIH Director: 'If You're Unvaccinated, This Virus Is Looking For You'

California Court Rules Nursing Home Employees Can Deadname Transgender Seniors

OMG, this baby!

24 year old man and 12 year old girl arrive at Oklahoma hospital "excited to deliver their newborn"

The AI we should fear is already here

Jerry Garcia - Old Timey Dude - Blue Yodel #9

'Incel' plotted to kill women in Ohio State University mass shooting, federal prosecutors say

Fact checking Rep. Jordan's claim that Speaker Pelosi was responsible for US Capitol security on Jan

Fact checking Rep. Jordan's claim that Speaker Pelosi was responsible for US Capitol security on Jan

Kevin McCarthy

Seth Meyers - Jeff Bezos Finally Travels to Space in First Blue Origin Passenger Flight - 7/20/21

The moon tonight:

Margaret Keane painting stolen in Hawaii returned to family after 49 years

Can someone tell me why Nina Turner is doing well in her race, given how much she's disliked on DU?

Biden says getting vaccinated 'gigantically important'

Least we forget: Kevin McCarthy, Jan. 13 - said this...

Brexit: UK urges EU to consider immediate overhaul of Northern Ireland Protocol

Brexit: UK urges EU to consider immediate overhaul of Northern Ireland Protocol

Florida's AG tests positive for COVID-19 after she travelled to southern border w/DeSantis

Prosecutors had evidence last year to charge prominent Trump ally Tom Barrack

Seth Meyers - Yet Another Trump Ally, Tom Barrack, Arrested on Foreign Agent Charges: A Closer Look

Been photographing folks taking riding lessons. This gal was moseying before her lesson session.

Black Throated Wind - Europe 73

Tweet of the early morning:

TX GOP Seek 'Audit' Of 2020 Election As TX Dems Push For Voting Rights - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Jewish Rights Groups: Johns Hopkins University 'Must Do More' After TA's Anti-Israel

(Jewish Group) Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony director fired over old Holocaust skit

76 trombones!

*Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

Converted Texas prison gets first immigrant detainees as Gov. Greg Abbott's border security effort

Now that McCarthy has pulled the Republicans (except Cheney) from the commission, could

Trump Saw 'Love' And 'Kissing' During Violent Capitol Riot - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Texas Democrats find renewed hope after virtual meeting with key U.S. House member

Could Nancy Ask A Senator To Be On Commission?

Vaccine hesitancy is highly correlated to politics ...

Judge forces US Capitol rioter to unlock laptop seized by FBI

Delta Air Lines refuses to use the name of the delta COVID-19 variant: 'We just call it the variant'

60-70mph wind

Anyone else tired of DC Democrats playing Kumbaya

Speaker Pelosi says ANY lawmakers who helped insurrectionists may face CRIMINAL prosecution.

Tokyo Olympics Fires Ceremony Director Over 1998 Holocaust Joke

I'm so tired...

Scientists discovered over 30 viruses frozen in ice. Almost all of them have never been seen before.

My Mailbox is Full.

Welcome 2 America - Prince

Nation Shocked by Existence of Trump Adviser Not Already Arrested

Welcome 2 America

Childish Gambino - This Is America

Brittany Howard - Stay High (Childish Gambino Version)

Trump Still Says The Election Was Rigged (It Wasn't) - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Jan Dismas Zelenka/Only three of so many wonderful compositions.


Mayo Clinic expert warns delta variant will infect everyone who is not immune

Monkeypox: More Than 200 Contacts Tracked In US For Rare Disease

DOJ Under Trump Sat On Tom Barrack Indictment: CNN Report - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Watching Colbert, he and his guest Emily Blunt just hugged

Pelosi Rejects Republican Bid To Sabotage 1/6 Committee With Jim Jordan - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Missouri Gov. Parson Announces $10,000 Vaccine Incentive

'This is like listening to Nixon drunk rambling': Cooper reacts to new Trump audio (CNN)

The Climate Crisis Will Be The Next Thing The Right Says We 'Just Have To Live With': The Guardian

Nurse Says Hospitalized Patients Are Begging For A Covid Vaccine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

At San Francisco's only Benihana, ex-workers are being recalled amid a very real hiring crisis

Voting Rights Advocates Organize For Direct Action - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Regent Palace condo building near Champlain Towers South has been found to be structurally unsound

YouTube Pulls Jair Bolsonaro Videos For Covid-19 Misinformation

'My Governor Is an Idiot' Mask Becoming Very Popular in Missouri

People Slam Celebrity Preacher Joel Osteen After Seeing His Latest Luxury Purchase

Full federal appeals court to consider Missouri abortion law

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/21/21

Democracy is at stake in Missouri's Medicaid expansion case

Don't Forget About Long Covid With Rise Of Delta Variant - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Fantastic Negrito and Tank Ball

Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke

Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld's burial info isn't available?

So the question is why did the lame duck loser-aka the Slobfather- award Gym Jordan

Let's not forget that McCarthy is playing a game!

Take a seat colluding corrupting contemptible Carlson

Six of my family members have breakthrough infections. All are recovering.

The Gaetz-MTG Fundraising Tour Is Actually a Cash Fire

Brexit Britain in the eyes of the beholder be like...

I just watched Fox & Friends and now I'm confused

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, July 22, 2021


17 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats have a chance of winning.

Python Ascends Pipes to Bite Austrian Man Sitting on Toilet

After $400K in attorney fees, Missouri governor hires new lawyer in Confide lawsuit

Till Morning Breaks

I've renamed Mittens to 'Mittens the Brave'.

Why isn't this video not on the tv lately? Watch party on Jan 6 .

Utada Hikiru: Flavor of Life

I never knew my wife was into model rockets

From Smallcreep's Day

Breakfast Thursday 22 July 2021

My suggested name for the GOP's "own investigation": "Wank-O-Rama!" nt

Listening to Morning Joe!

Among the many things Trump ruined is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Just before he

Thursday TOONs - My, What A Difference A Dip In The Dow & Polls Make

Kamala Harris's VP running mate in 2024 or 2028?

Otsuka Ai:Peach

Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members for sedition

Aiko Kayo: Aishitene Moto (Love me More)

UK scientists back Covid boosters as study finds post-jab falls in antibodies

Is Trump still ripping off the Secret Service?

After Decades Of Big Promises And Bigger Failures, 500 Green Groups Call US/Canada To End CCS

"Declining effectiveness of vaccines" -- the latest rightwing lie

Death rates soar in Southeast Asia as virus wave spreads

After COVID, Global Warming Will Be One More Thing The Right Says We'll "Learn To Live With"

A story as old as time

Silo Kayo: Hitomi no Naka ni Aru Mei Kyuu

Statement of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn (re: Fucker Carlson):

Congressman Dan Kildee describing TFG: "He's gone nuts!"

Melania Trump agreed with her husband that 'John McCain isn't a war hero,' a former aide says

Netflix - Gentefied

Police Foiled An Ohio Incel's Plot To Kill Women In A Mass Shooting, Prosecutors Say

Mini Moni: Telephone Ring ring ring

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/21/2021

New Comic Releases for July 21, 2021

Art of the Week: Week of 7/21/21

The Rundown: July 22, 2021

Meet the World's Largest Horse, Phantom

It Came True!

What does it say about science and technology when...

Beach Boys Drama OST

U.S. Jobless Claims Rose to 419,000 Last Week

Vanderbilt honors civil rights icon James Lawson with new institute

Toon o' the morning....


GOP - Everything Is Just Fine

I really wonder if the Republic will survive this vicious attack by Republicans.

Should English spelling be reformed?

Bob Dole Says Trump Definitely Lost - He added: "I'm a Trumper. I'm sort of Trumped out, though."

Don't make me Cry!

Poor security configuration exposes MAGA cryptocoiners

Democrats have lost the narrative

Why we need to tax the rich.

It's July 22nd, 2021 and Republicans are finally telling their people to get vaccinated.

American History Quiz.

Rachel Maddow exasperated that the Republican 2024 frontrunner is a criminal surrounded by criminals

A peaceful moment for you today

Storm King Mountain fire-4 July-11July 1994. I had been thinking of the Storm King

GOP: More Kleenex, Please

There are only two possibilities:

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Announce Co-Authored Book 'Renegades: Born in the U.S.A.'

Liz Cheney Spells Out Why Kevin McCarthy Is A Danger To Democracy

For Those Who Think That Jobs Are Being Handed Out Door To Door

TLP: Faux Gnus is Killing Us

Sambomaster: Sekaiwa sore wo ai to yobun waze

Do people even bother checking Latest Threads before posting?

I live in

Vaccine cards required in Provincetown, Mass, so where next?

Garland launches gun trafficking strike forces in 5 cities

Self-Proclaimed 'Incel' Planned To Kill Sorority Girls At An Ohio University, Feds Say

Eric Clapton refuses to play venues that require proof of vaccination

I'm back from my mechanics, WITH my car whose check engine light is extinguished

Yep. France lowers the hammer on anti-vaxxers.

Finkenauer to run for Senate

A mural

Theme: Great Teacher Onizuka- Takeshita Sorimachi -Poison

Theme: Great Teacher Onizuka- Takeshita Sorimachi -Poison

Born on this date.

Dune - Official Main Trailer (new)

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation

This parrot's best friend is an electric toothbrush

The Delta Variant Thrives in a State of Political and Public Health Discord

Arkansas parents plan to sue state over law banning schools to mandate masks

Do people even bother checking Latest Threads before posting?

Covid: China rejects WHO plan for second phase of virus origin probe

(Maine) Police seize 36 guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests after shooting in Old Orchard Beach

Eric Boehlert: Remember when Politico said DeSantis "won the pandemic"?

Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries

Sacramento bomb plot suspect nearly wins release. How his wife kept him in jail.

I Am A Man OF Constant Sorrow.

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

US Virus Cases Nearly Triple In 2 Weeks Amid Misinformation

High-Profile Group of Lawyers Seeks to Suspend or Disbar Texas AG Ken Paxton

Fire that destroyed portable outhouse in Richmond, ME, intentionally set

High-Profile Group of Lawyers Seeks to Suspend or Disbar Texas AG Ken Paxton

Muhammad Ali's Circus - Sports Illustrated

Feline esophagitis ... any experiences with it?

Breaking...Striking nurses, hospital resume negotiations

Luckovich: "Filling The Speaker's Shoes"

Don Henley has a birthday today.

Buy this book: Obama + Springsteen: Renegades

You Don't Own Me - Leslie Gore

Pelosi making Jan 6 select committee more bipartisan by appointing Adam Kinzinger

Traditional Latin Mass 'movement' sows division, archbishop says

Activision Blizzard Sued Over 'Frat Boy' Culture, Harassment

The CDC really messed up.

Contact Tracing for Covid


Medias Touch: Eric Swalwell dismantles the GQP in 2 minutes

Ayumi Hamasaki : Dearest

The Lincoln Project-Fox News has blood on their hands.

The Lincoln Project-Fox News has blood on their hands.

Biden administration to impose sanctions on Cuban officials following attacks on protesters

Check out this Vaxhole/AntiVa...

From Biden interaction with reporters on the South Lawn last night:

No Pittsburgh-area hospitals requires COVID-19 shots for employees

Greg Abbott Refuses to Fix the Grid, Takes $1 Million Donation

Beware: Of Fake 'Proof Of Vaccination' Cards.....

Former Rep. Finkenauer running for Senate in Iowa

What Republicans hope to accomplish with their own Jan. 6 probe

Cincinnati Mayor: Ohio GOP passed largest Defund The Police ever. It's Biden funding middle America.


Pic Of The Moment: A Brief History Of McCarthy's Stupid Partisan Games Over The Jan. 6 Investigation

Republicans suffer embarrassing court defeat in proxy-voting case

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win.

Study: Pfizer vaccine 88 percent effective against delta variant

Ashley Moody now tested positive

Should vaccinated patients with breakthrough infections be prioritized over vaccine refusers?

Shonen Knife - Daydream Believer

Some in the media, and elsewhere are mischaracterizing Biden as defending the filibuster

Florida's attorney general tests positive

At 98 and facing cancer, Bob Dole reckons with legacy of Trump and ponders future of GOP

Radiohead - Creep

"Bloodiest Movie ever Made! Guaranteed to upset your stomach!"

Good Day DU (July 22, 2021)

Cake - I will Survive

Chicago moves to ease tensions with police using new civilian oversight panel

Merrick Garland heading to Chicago to tackle surging gun violence

Pixies - Where's My Mind

Impeachment pol dings Cuomo (NY)

Biden: 'Nothing at all will get done' if filibuster abolished

Poll: Majority in key House districts back bipartisan infrastructure deal

His Name Was Emmett Till


BREAKING: Former Congressman Denver Riggleman considered as advisor for 1/6 Committee

D.C.-area forecast: Pleasantly warm today and Friday before the weekend heats up with a few showers,

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Major Science Advocacy Organization Joins Call for Senate to Eliminate Filibuster

Biden: 'Nothing at all will get done' if filibuster abolished

Hey Ronnie Jackson a question for you did you get vaccinated

Two more wild horse photos.

Yesterday's TOP TEN:

The Threat of an Unvaccinated South

Woot woot !! Derry Girls returning for season 3

Rep. Philip Cortez becomes second Texas Democrat to return to Austin, surprising colleagues


Disturbed - The Sound of Silence

Businesses condemned Georgia's voting law, then gave thousands to its backers

Some things about Rocketman

How does this man still have a 50% positive rating?

Reclusive Google Billionaire, Larry Page Off Grid A Year On Fijan Isls. Cut Off From Pandemic

Trump to authors of new book on Jan. 6th: "That was a loving crowd." (Audio of remarks)

Michael Cohen says he thinks Jared Kushner has already flipped on Trump

(Pa) Nursing homes would provide more direct care time to residents under proposed Pa. rule

Senate panel advances controversial public lands nominee in tie vote

Lindell should save his money

1174 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs;10 deaths

Manchin says he's 'very, very' disturbed about reconciliation proposals on climate change

A Different Take On The Whole "Democrats Have Lost The Narrative Meme"

(Pa) Argument over pizza sparked weekend shooting on Pittsburgh's South Side

Every single Democrat serving in Congress has confirmed that they are vaccinated

"Gas" explosion in Gaza

Delta and Virgin Atlantic to launch built-in digital health credential; provides blueprint to reopen

Arizona Covid Cases Continue To Rise Vaccination Rates Still Flat.

Correction - 40% of all Covid-19 cases worldwide in Texas, Florida, and Missouri

Longtime KOAT weatherman Howard Morgan dies at 91

Amateur Metal-Detectorist Finds Viking 'Piggy Bank' Filled With 1,000-Year-Old Silver Coins

Widespread Phone Outage in Central and Southwest Virginia

I wonder if it was this much of a problem getting people to take polio

Study: Pfizer vaccine 88 percent effective against delta variant

Check out Don Siegelman's friendly but hard-hitting interview on the YouTube channel:

Mike Lindell offers 5 million dollars

Can Somebody Please Clarify What Effective Against Variant Means?

Should hospitals be allowed to turn away patients based on race, creed, suspected gayness...

Pelosi considering adding GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the 1/6 select committee

*snicker* Looks like the FAA just redefined "astronaut" on Tuesday

2022 US Senate Election prediction- Democrats will win 17 out of the 34 seats up in 2022.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn vows that if.... "make sure that consequences are doled out" to Fauci...

Delivery charge! Hell no, I'll just cram it in my car

Propellerheads - History Repeating feat: Shirley Bassey

Internet Down: Major Outage Hits Amazon, UPS, Playstation (Update: Service Returning)

What Cat People Can Teach Us

A vertical neighborhood: Floor-by-floor look at the lives lost by Florida condo collapse

Today I'm chasing Eric Gales around the web

GOP lawmaker breaks 'first rule of whataboutism' with vaccine complaint

You didn't "put up" on claims of massive voter fraud, so it's time to shut up

Anti-QVaxer: "excuse me, the vitamins I bought from a podcast have arrived."

Wondering, how do I get the finance company name off my car title??

How San Diego incubates white extremism with One America News

Biden to announce sanctions on Cuban officials

Details on F.B.I. Inquiry Into Kavanaugh Draw Fire From Democrats

CBS This Morning with anti-vaxxer in the hospital with COVID

Media Missing Point On Covid Positive Texas Dems:

$20,000 trash cans. No kidding. San Francisco looks to roll out prototypes on street corners

Voting rights: Eighteen states have enacted new laws that make it harder to vote

U.S. Democratic senators say FBI ignored tips on Brett Kavanaugh

Did McCarthy literally cry

House votes to evacuate more Afghan allies as US war ends

Florida Coastal School of Law sues US Department of Education

Koko the Cockatoo Windsurfing in Car

I feel so lucky

President Biden and Dr. Fauci

I adore Speaker Pelosi

The FBI recieved 4,500 tips on Brett Kavanaugh.

Cuba censored the Internet amid protests. Florida leaders want Biden to respond

Twin sisters shot dead in Brazil, execution live-streamed on Instagram

Doggy Suddenly Stops and Points to Birds

Leaked Audio of Manchin Call w/ Wealthy Donors Offers Glimpse of Dealmaking on Filibuster 1/6 Comm

Democrats revile McConnell over debt limit timebomb

If you have a large dog and a repair technician is coming to your home, do you:

Pharmacist in deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak resentenced to 10-1/2 years in prison

Comcast is refusing to air TLP ad holding Fox News accountable for their anti-vaccine propaganda

Comcast is refusing to air TLP ad holding Fox News accountable for their anti-vaccine propaganda

eBay sued after former employees 'terrorised' critical bloggers

What Vaccinated People Should Really Know About the Delta Variant's Threat to Them

Traditional media outlets are enabling Republican sabotage of the January 6 committee

Top general responds to reports he feared Trump would use military after losing

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Harris County's COVID threat level raised to Orange

Not sure what to make of this post

NFL: Covid-19 outbreak in unvaccinated players/staff will result in forfeit, financial consequences

Attorney General Bob Ferguson rejects 'insufficient' $527 million settlement with opioid companies

15 giant snails capable of causing rare forms of meningitis in humans seized at Houston airport

I-90 homeless camp being cleared after dangerous debris-throwing incidents

My bet is that Trump is chewing out McCarthy's ass today.

Fellow Democrats, does dear President Biden know something we don't?

Russia escalates tech battle, levies more fines on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram

How the Arizona Election 'Audit' Has Already Been Compromised - American Oversight

Not all Republicans are embracing McConnell's vaccine push. Read what some had to say when asked

Michael Cohen thinks Jared Kushner already flipped on Trump

Zell Miller's grandson launches bid for Georgia lieutenant governor

Finished this pastel painting today.

If you're at full SS retirement age, get on SS.

Transit funding, broadband holding up infrastructure deal

Cute dog is super excited to see her best friend!

New Orleans 'strongly recommends' masks as COVID-19 cases rise

Sewer Spillage Closes Beaches At Lakewood Parks

China rejects WHO push for more investigation into covid origins in Wuhan

Top DOJ officials circulated materials related to invoking the Insurrection Act during Floyd protest

Last Week in the Republican Party - July 19, 2021 (The Lincoln Project)

there are a lot of assholes in the world, edit! the plot thickens!

Sheldon Whitehouse publicly rips Chris Wray a new one re sham Kavanaugh investigation

New contestant for Dumbest Member of Congress: Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

'Come to the altar moment': Biden teases (the praises) Fox News hosts (CNN)

Announcement from commissioner of NFL ( re covid )

As the Delta variant spreads, vaccine conspiracy groups on Facebook have doubled

NO! HIPAA doesn't prevent anyone from asking you about your vaccine status

So, according to McCarthy, gas prices have almost tripled since Biden took office....

Bar Owners Run Out Of Beer & Staff As Workers Flee Brexit Britain.

Tennessee GOP lawmakers met privately with state leaders about ending vaccine outreach

First time this year seen osprey near this nest, down-creek from 'my' nest.

Bat-Wielding Jim Jordan Bursts Through Capitol Window Demanding To Be Allowed Onto Jan. 6 Committee

I thought correspondents were supposed to ask one question with a follow up

Fox News' Doocy's question proved he's ignorant of policy & science. Jen Psaki made him pay.

Ted Cruz - one year ago today - foretells the future. 😵‍💫

Men back then and men now.....

Ahhhh.... Prince and a guitar.

T.M.Revolution:Heart of Sword

I'm finding it difficult to resist taking photos in the garden

Credit for effort, but I still see you

Oscar Mayer had a hilarious take on Bezos' space ride

Battlecry theme from Samuari Champloo

I have an old Dell computer that gave me problems recently. I called a new Guru to check it out.

FirstEnergy to pay $230M in settlement in Ohio bribery case

I'm on my way out now for a rapid covid test

NFL News: Players Will Not Get Paid if Game Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Ron DeSantis stays the course on Covid as Florida cases surge

Cartoons 7/22/2021

Life at 55 food porn , vanilla wafers dipped in peanut butter dogs love my debauchery.

'Do we have a house n-- in here?': Alabama councilman refers to Black colleague with racial slur

'If Pence had the courage ...': Hear what Trump said on tape about the election (CNN)

Who do we complain to about Credomobile?

Trump insurgents came within seconds of capturing 'nuclear football' on Jan. 6

Woody Harrelson and Mike Pence went to college together (news to me)

CIA officer from bin Laden hunt to lead Havana Syndrome probe as cases rise

Anime- ALL Bleach Openings All Seasons

Why Is Daily Kos Railing On Joe?

Dusty snow is making the western drought worse

How Vaccine Companies Have Bankrolled Fox News' Anti-Vaxx Insanity

Why, when I trash a forum, do I still see it on the DU 'home page'?

Kraken expansion draft showcases Seattle, lacks drama

Whidbey man threatens to sue students over Facebook post

Anime- All Inuyasha Openings

Naming the next Mukilteo ferry: It won't be Boaty McBoatface

Holy crap! The NFL has informed teams that if theres' a covid outbreak...

A 50 over cricket match between West Indies and Australia (in Barbados) has been cancelled

Eyes wide shut: How newborn mammals dream the world they're entering

China Rejects WHO Proposal for Second Phase of Covid-19 Origins Probe

LIST: Where to watch outdoor movies in DC, Virginia and Maryland

BS/SS on Team Nina -vs- HRC/CBC on Team Shontel... I like those odds!

Republicans Protest Lack of Rioters on January 6th Commission

OP, The Pandemic Has Changed Course Again, Biden, CDC Urgently Need To Do The Same, Dr. Leana S. Wen

Tucker Carlson Sparks Outcry ...


Why is it considered radical that we should significantly invest in the needs of the working class?

The FBI Admits That Its Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh Was A Scam

Trump's PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for

'Have him die somewhere else,' Florida homeowners yell at man trying to save neighbor's life

Florida church youth pastor arrested 3rd time for video voyeurism

Jim Jordan LOSES IT after getting denied a spot on January 6 Committee - Brian Tyler Cohen

Homemade Lemonade Concentrate Recipe

Every Anime song by KOTOKO (2001-2017)

Amid rising cases, the C.D.C. director warns the U.S. is at 'another pivotal point' in the pandemic.

Philly 'strongly recommends' masks indoors as Delta variant fuels COVID-19 cases among children

man with lung/heart problems, refused COVID vax, mom holds vax drive at his funeral

Trump PAC has not used any of the $75M its raised this year to help fund election audits

Henderson County Dems: Jeff Jackson will be at East Flat Rock Park

Pa. decertifies Fulton County's voting system after audit

Report: Biden White House Actually Trying to Prevent Americans From Dying of COVID-19

This was a nice Spooky surprise.

IRS 2020 Tax refund question.

Room for 10,000: Inside China's largest detention center

"I did the research." How many times have we heard that from the rwnj's? A very wise

Officials seize 15 giant land snails at Houston airport

Anyone thinking about inflation?

Labour MP Dawn Butler kicked out of Commons for calling Boris Johnson a 'liar'

woman, not yet connected to bungee cord, mishears "jump" command for herself, falls to her death

Alaska Ass't Attorney General Cicotte called for a drag queen to be burned alive

I me My Strawberry Eggs

Marjorie Taylor Greene SUSPENDED from Twitter for COVID Misinformation

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 22, 2021

Hawaii issues stern warning after viral video prompts wildlife harassment investigation ABC7

Florida Sheriff's Captain Found Passed Out in Traffic Sent Home With Fist Bump, No Impaired Screeni

I remind folks that Jordon is treating the insurrection the same way he did his sex-related scandel:

South African company to help produce BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine for Africa

Jeff Berardelli @WeatherProf "Scientists at the China Meteorological Administration

On this day, July 22, 1941, George Clinton was born.

Beto O'Rourke group sends $600,000 to House Democrats' stay in D.C.

#JimJordanIsStupid is trending in the USA at number 5.

Hairless Stray Puppy Is Amazingly Fluffy Now

Video of Non-Athletic Dog Attempting an Obstacle Course Has the Internet in Stitches

Had an awesome visitor accompanying me in the garden...

Black couple who refused vaccine due to Tuskegee syphilis study die from COVID-19 three hours apart

"Racist Karens are the worst Karens"

Remember the priest who helped lead the charge to deny Pres. Biden Holy Communion?

Marjorie Taylor Greene's - HIPAA Violation

Spain: Unease Over Planned Statue Honoring Elite Troops In Military Dictator Franco's Fascist Mvmt.

Beatles - Help - The Night Before

Do Democrats stand a chance at winning US Senate Election in the following states in 2022?

Azumanga Daioh - open & closing (2000)

How Vaccine Companies Have Bankrolled Fox News' Anti-Vaxx Insanity

Another idiot NFL'er ready to retire to avoid a shot.

Cardinals' Deandre Hopkins Tweets He Might Ditch NFL Over New Rules on Unvaxxed COVID Outbreaks

U.S. House Committee on Financial Services @FSCDems #ICYMI: Chairwoman @RepMaxineWaters

My solution to the debt ceiling

'This Never Happened': Florida Sheriff's Captain Found Passed Out in Traffic Was Sent Home with a...

I'm getting the ATK cookbook!!!

This dog groomer's videos are funny and delightful.

Apparently, my credit card alter ego is of retirement age...

Brennan Center: 18 states have passed 30 new laws restricting voting access this year

Missisippi demands overturn of Roe V Wade.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-2: Oops, I Creeped Out Again Edition

Why Vaccinated People Are Getting 'Breakthrough' Infections

Done an internet search for N95 masks locally for sale

Emmett Till would have been 80 this weekend. The Mississippi barn where Till was killed ...

Tucker Carlson' son?

Tucker Carlson ATTACKS Black Capitol Police Officer - Rebel HQ

I know...I am dumb...but how does twitter work??

A surprise win for Medicaid in Missouri shows the folly of GOP legislatures

White House Slams China for Blocking Lab Leak Probe

Here's what to say to employees who refuse to get vaccinated:

Kitten has the cutest reaction when owner opens door!

Rock On!

DU not working in Safari...

FL Sen. Rick Scott: "'s clear that America has beaten COVID."

'Nobody wants to work anymore': How a simple phrase became the oversimplified scapegoat for every pr

Climate Change Rises In Importance to Voters

Any advice on getting an air purifier?

Diajoubu from the Anime Boys Be

In the flurry of new Trump exposes Elie Honig's Barr expose, "Hatchet Man," might get

"Darkened Plazas with Throngs of People:" The Government Debunks the Portland - January 6 Comparison

La mer - Charles Trenet

Italy imposes 'green pass' restrictions on unvaccinated people

Italy imposes 'green pass' restrictions on unvaccinated people

Rep. Matt Gaetz cut off a reporter's question about his vaccination status

2nd Gentleman, Doug Emhoff

Argentina threatens to cancel deal for Sputnik vaccine as Russia fails to deliver

Argentina threatens to cancel deal for Sputnik vaccine as Russia fails to deliver

Eric Clapton won't play venues if they require vaccinations

A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites With Hardcore Porn

Is it my imagination or have Uday and Qusay been suspiciously quiet these days.?

Steny Hoyer went off on House Republicans today regarding Jan 6th

Have you ever encountered a serious hoarder?

Bee Gees - Night Fever (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Peru police break up alleged scam charging huge sums for Covid ICU beds

Peru police break up alleged scam charging huge sums for Covid ICU beds

I Was Made for Lovin You (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

High-Profile Group of Lawyers Seeks to Suspend or Disbar Texas AG Ken Paxton

Florida, Missouri and Texas now account for 40% of new coronavirus cases in U.S.

Time After Time - Carly Simon

My movie recommendaton for the day is "A Hologram For The King", which stars Tom Hanks.

Kitten knows what the bell is for!

This cockatoo lets his feelings be known:

"Trump Man" Guilty In Serial Pooping Spree: Ohioan, 70, targeted Democratic neighbors

We're Back Over 50,000 Daily Cases Today Per Worldometers

What If Metallica wrote Rust In Peace

Georgia Insurance Commissioner guilty on dozens of counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, money launderin

It feels like a Freddie Mercury kind of day....

Fox News' Covid vaccine denials can't go unpunished

Scottsdale Boys & Girls club closes branch after COVID outbreak

There are "Outpatient commitment" laws that force people to take drugs

Controversial USPS Plan To Slow The Mail Slammed By Postal Regulator

Bob Dole Calls Biden a 'Great, Fair, Upstanding' Person Who Won Election Fairly

What If Type O Negative wrote Enter Sandman

UN rights body names panel to probe Israel, Palestinians

This is sickening

Call out white supremacy

Spring Will be a Little Late This Year - Carly Simon and Jimmy Webb

GOP congressman gets schooled by CNN reporter who points out that Dems have a 100% vaccination rate

I went to the theatre yesterday, first time since before lockdown one.

The Republicans are very, very nervous, and I'll tell you why that is.

Ransomware victim Kaseya gets master key to unlock networks

Yoshida Brothers :Rising

How "Bad" would it have to get to go into another "March 2020" lockdown?

Pelosi says 'deadly serious' Jan. 6 probe to go without GOP

WSU Cougars football coach Nick Rolovich elects not to get COVID-19 vaccine,

Sleepaway camp in New York says 31 campers under age 12 tested positive for Covid-19

Ari just showed the Slobfather's dirty dozen - persons surrounding him who have been indicted

Remember the Ever Given of Suez Canal fame?

Mississippi Asks Supreme Court to Overrule Roe v. Wade

She or he seems very satisfied.

Judge forces US Capitol rioter to unlock laptop seized by FBI

hubs just lost his job out of the blue...all was well. Today it wasn't. I think it has to do

Freedom phones? Pikers! What you need is Magacoin

Brexit: Von der Leyen rejects Boris Johnson bid to renegotiate Irish protocol

Top Brazilian General Reportedly Backs Bolsonaro Effort To Undermine 2022 Elections

Joe Manchin signed a letter in support of keeping the Hyde Amendment around yesterday

MSNBC: Withdrawal from the 1/6 CMTE Backfires on the GOP.

Morrison Moving Heaven & Earth To Block UNESCO Change - As Opposed To, Y'know, Protecting The Reef

7/23 Mike Luckovich: Nevermind

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 23 July 2021

The "Radical Left" Is The Only Reason That We're Even Talking About Global Warming Right Now

Putin and Russia were successful beyond words

Hello. I will reveal first I am not a member of this group, BUT

Actually, the GOP ought to be shamed out of office. You can't find 10 decent people among them.

TN conservative radio host mocked vaccines last week now "fighting for his life" w/Covid-19

Great tweet from Lindy Li! LOL

The Lambda variant: is it more infectious, and can it escape vaccines? A virologist explains

Magacoin: pro-Trump cryptocurrency attracts over 1,000 people to sign up

Study: Vietnam Will No Longer Be Able To Mitigate Saltwater Intrusion In Mekong Delta By 2050

Imagine That! Record Drought, Deforestation Combine To Threaten Water Supply For Brazil's Cities

Elusive Butterfly- Bob Lind

Lara Trump says she's 'thrilled' when her child gets sick from not wearing a face mask

World's largest astronomy museum opens in Shanghai

'Nuclear football' procedures to be reviewed after January 6 insurrection