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Sources are telling Rolling stone Magazine that Donald Trump will seek 2024 GQP nomination

Fox has quietly implemented its own version of a vaccine passport

No, Facebook and Google Are Not Public Utilities

Committee Chair Bennie Thompson asked about Gym Jordan being named to committee...

KPMG report ranks Seattle 3rd in US innovation hub rankings

Jim Jordan is a witness in the January 6 probe due to his presence at a planning meeting for January

'Your evil revolution': How a reggaeton anthem inspired Cuba protests

About stupid Republicans...

McDonald's, Uber, Lyft forced to get creative to lure workers amid the labor crunch

Tucker Carlson's son is Jim Banks Communications director (Jan. 6 Commission)

McCarthy Names GOP Reps Who Voted To Overturn Election To Jan. 6 Committee (MSNBC)

5 insults TFG hurled at fellow Republicans in upcoming book

Disney has offered a first look at President Joe Biden being added to The Hall of Presidents...

Coal miners are on strike in Alabama for the first time in four decades, but cable news is silent

TFG reportedly has a lot of executive time on his hands

Stocks skid as virus fears shake markets; Dow falls 2.1%

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy: There Is 'No Value' To Incarcerating People For Cannabis Use

How do we solve a problem like 'vaccine skeptics'? Stop respecting their excuses for bad behavior

Kevin McCarthy picks 5 old white guys for Jan 6 committee, SHOCKED!

Lancaster Seminary, Moravian Univ. & Seminary to formally begin combining

Malaysian police destroying 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs with a steamroller

This is Troy Nehls, who McCarthy wants to put on the January 6th Commission

51 percent of unvaccinated individuals think the COVID-19 vaccine contains a microchip

I'm a big fan of 2nd generation Heart

That's Why God Made the Radio - The Beach Boys

Jim Banks statement on being appointed to serve as the Republican ranking member on Jan. 6 Comm

Giuliani was intentionally given the wrong time for a debate-prep session after clashing with other

'That's my money!' TFG exploded at Brad Parscale over stories about his lavish lifestyle and spendin

COVID SCIENCE-No trace of mRNA vaccine found in breast milk; gene found that helps identify COVID-19

🤣 1,000 Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump - no really he had one made 😂

Bill O'Reilly Threatens To Sue Media For Reporting Poor Ticket Sales For His Tour With Trump

Looks like Tucker didn't get the memo. He's still lying about the vaccine tonight.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

AHSOKA TANO : I'm No Jedi - in several different languages

Rent prices soar in multiple cities across U.S.

Tokyo Olympics: Irish athlete debunks cardboard bed myth

Florida man regularly walks on beaches with AR-15 to prove a point

The Moral Panic Over Critical Race Theory Is Coming for A North Carolina Teacher of the Year

Ok, I'm hot, need my air conditioning AND my fan blowing right on me........

Watching Rachel - Five ReTHUG Cabinet Secretaries were referred to the DOJ for prosecution

What are the chances of Pelosi vetoing any of McCarthy's picks for the 1/6 committee?

Corey Lewandowski admits Trump hired actors for escalator campaign launch --


Shocking! Chevron Not Even Close To "Carbon Capture" Targets For W. Australia Gas Project

My 1986 Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap...

How Washington power brokers gained from NSO's spyware ambitions

Here in Austin we are back to stage three

Damn machines dance better than I

As Rural Southern Oregon Burns, Locals' Right-Wing Bullshit Approaches The Density Of The Smoke

South Texas court decision is a victory for cattle producers everywhere

If republicans steal

Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist behind Muhammad cartoon, dies at 86

I love this idea....let's call anti-vaxxers ANTIVA

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation

I LOVE DOGS (even if they aren't always the most intelligent creatures)

Recent news about coffee. It may be different than you think.

Rep. Eric Swalwell SMACKS DOWN Phony GOP Insurrectionists (FULL MeidasTouch Podcast)

brown bear had enough of dancing while wearing hat and glittering scarf

Marjorie Traitor Greene suspended from Twitter (again) for Covid misinformation

Confession time

SONY print ad 1973. 🥁🙃😂

Hannity tonight is now telling his audience it's time to take covid seriously and get vaccinated.

Indicted Trump Organization executive may have defended his Mercedes perks in custody, court documen

The Novel Material That's Shrinking Phone Chargers, Powering Up Electric Cars, and Making 5G Possib

I Wonder What The Roots Look Like?

Sad news...

I Can't Stop Staring at This Siberian Mosquito Tornado

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are gonna win.

(South Korea) President Moon's "coattails" helping democratic candidate Lee Jae-myung

American father, son get Japan prison terms for Ghosn escape

Fox News fearmongers about vaccine requirements - mediamatters4america

Went to visit my HIV Dr. today for a routine checkup

Pedro Castillo finally declared winner of Peru's presidential election

Pedro Castillo finally declared winner of Peru's presidential election

Rep. Eric Swalwell SLAMS Republicans for WWE Approach to Politics - The MeidasTouch Podcast

I admit that I am a Roy Buchannan addict, it ain't for everyone...

Binyamin Appelbaum: Good Riddance, TurboTax. Americans Need a Real 'Free File' Program.

Peter Jackson's 6-hour Beatles documentary confirmed for Disney+ this November

Trump INSANITY PROVEN in IDIOTIC Interview - Christo Aivalis

This is how a humble person thinks....Go Giannis!

Stacey Abrams: Time For Every Senate Member To Declare Allegiance To Our Democracy - ReidOut - MSNBC

6 Recipes for Bernie Sanders's Favorite Foods

Mo Brooks suggests COVID masks could cause cancer, heat stroke

So proud of the Tx Dems -- They're on for O'Donnell's hour w/Jonathan Capehart

What if we start calling anti-vaxxers by a name rightwingers already dislike: "antiva."

"Indian" State Names

See Trump Jan. 6 Rioter Go To Jail - The Beat - MSNBC

Dummy Trump Jr is an absolute moron just like his father!

'Conservative Porn Star' Expelled After First Day Of TPUSA Student Event

Good Night DU

In defense of Mo Brooks.

Bunny And Dog Are BFFs

Don Winslow tweet about Jan. 6 committee:

Tommy Chong weighs in on the verdict today

Austin likely to revert to Stage 4 COVID guidelines as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise,

'Not under control': COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations surge in North Texas

Graham still talking about leaving town. Do it, you dickmite.

Here comes the COVID Delta Variant


7/20 Mike Luckovich- Practicing what they don't preach

We have a fascist for county sheriff!

8 things we already know about people who STILL support Putin's Whore

Sixth Texas Democrat in DC tests positive for COVID, and boycott isn't going quite as planned

The Wreck of the Old 97

NU athletes oppose proposed resolution condemning critical race theory

The question not asked: The environmental impact of commercial space flight?

Paul Krugman: Republicans Have Their Own Private Autocracy

This message is approved by JujuChen - visiting Tahoe

Doctor accused of groping, harassing 24 women in North Texas allowed to practice again

We now live in a world where Sean Hannity said something sane.

I lost a friend to Covid on Saturday.

I.R.S. is fucked up. Use'ta be a time when you could walk into an I.R.S. office and get some help.

Twitter temporarily suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for vaccine misinformation

Houston's Joel Osteen trends as Twitter reacts to megachurch pastor driving Ferrari

Seth Meyers - Trump and Bill O'Reilly Struggle to Sell Tickets for Their Arena Tour: A Closer Look

Texas Marches Towards Gilead & Tries To Drag The Rest of the Country Along With It, Bounty Hunters

Let's bring those Afghan translators back here and give them all jobs with TSA as inspectors....

Tweet of the early morning:

Iowa abortions increase for second straight year

NJMVC Fucked up. (But you already know that.)

"On A Summer's Day" is a story I wrote about

Jason Johnson: The Only Thing More American Than Apple Pie Is Mass Shootings - Deadline - MSNBC

Vox: Making sense of the recent Covid-19 spike

Former Colombia ambassador admits to turning government into mafia racket

Defendant Hodgkins Receives Lenient Sentence. How Will It Impact Other Insurrection Prosecutions?

Our universe might be a giant three-dimensional donut, really.

U.S. Surgeon General Explains How To Reduce Breakthrough Infections - The Last Word - MSNBC


Rowan Atkinson

Beto O'Rourke: TX Dems Are Providing 'Moral Leverage Necessary' To Pass Voting Rights Bills - MSNBC

I've got a possible second lock down strategy, Do you?

Florida Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan tests positive for COVID-19

Trump Supporters Are Completely Detached From Reality - Rebel HQ

John Sinclair Freedom Rally in 1971

Everyone got entertainment for a possible lockdown 2?

Delta Variant Covid Surge Creates New Challenge For Biden - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Who's got Evers fever?

Overcoming authoritarianism

Cannabis originated in China, genetic analysis reveals

In Trump's Mind The 2020 Conspiracy Theories Are 'So Real' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How Bad Is the Bootleg Fire? It's Generating Its Own Weather.

Rapid rise in COVID patients leads Florida hospitals to limit visitors, prepare for worst

Wisconsin Democrats raise 4 times more than Republicans in first half of year

Charges filed against a man who voted absentee twice, marking just the 2nd Wisconsin election fraud

Jury awards Manitowoc woman more than $125 million in discrimination lawsuit against Walmart

Danzi, Besozzi

Madison moves forward on several solutions for homeless residents

Bernhard Henrik Crusell's 'Clarinet Concertos No. 2 and No. 3'

Trump Campaign Really Did Pay Fake Supporters To Attend 2015 Campaign Launch, Aide Admits - TRMS

Gov. Tim Walz repeats his insistence that Rep. John Thompson resign

Victor Herbert, Vivaldi

Five Trump Cabinet Officials Were Referred To Federal Prosecutors; DOJ Declined Them All - TRMS

Democrats See Several Paths To Securing Voting Rights, Including Infrastructure Bill - Rachel Maddow

Iowan Says Employers See Single Mothers as 'Liability'

Abuses Of 'Zero Click' Spyware Exposed In Global Journalism Project - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/19/21

Reynolds: Wage Increases Not State's Responsibility

State agency director who quit after 19 weeks kept retention bonus

Stephen Colbert - Guest Joy Reid On The GOP's Aim With Voter Restriction Laws

Four arrested at Des Moines City Council meeting after council votes to approve more than $1.5M in

builder builds two car garage that won't fit two cars

Strong oil prices good for North Dakota treasury, not so for roads

Bad news from the North: CWD sweeps through Alberta & Saskatchewan deer & elk herds

North Dakota must pay attorney fees, expenses in tribal voter ID lawsuits

Well at least she didn't plan to steal anything, other than democracy... so there is that...

Horse's Mouth: Kristi Noem Says She Hates America

Uranium mining rears its head again in South Dakota's Black Hills, posing threat to our already

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A peaceful moment for you today

FQX no news requires employees to have vaccine passports.

I finally worked up the nerve to look up who bought Gilmour's Black Strat

Guess what they did just a few miles from Mar a Lago?

Israel shells Lebanon after rockets fired over border

Tuesday TOONs - Zucked Over

Does Bezos rocket runoff D batteries?

Union Pre shift 07:00 everyone is masked up just observation

What fresh horror is still to come?

White House confirms Harris got COVID-19 test after meeting with Texas Democrats

Bipartisan infrastructure bill,

Too Bad, So Sad: Consortium Drills 4,000 Meters In Barents Sea, Finds No Oil, Hardly Any Gas

Coming Soon To Svalbard, Home Of The Doomsday Seed Vault: The Doomsday Music Vault

DOE Dumps Shitstain's Last-Minute Showerhead Rule - Unclear Whether Any Manufacturer Even Bothered

Breakfast Tuesday 20 July 2021

Since Paris Agreement In 2015, G20 Countries Have Spent $3.3 Trillion Subsidizing Coal, Gas & Oil

Tuesday morning kitten pics

Homeland Closing Theme

Local Authorities Advise Yakutsk Residents: Stay Indoors W. Windows Closed; 800,000 Hectares Burning

Research: India's deaths during pandemic 10X official toll

Livestream of the Blue Origin launch (scheduled for 9 AM Eastern)

Bipartisan bill aims to assert Congress's power over arms sales, emergencies and military operations

is there a law of linguistics that says words change to what is easier to pronounce?

💜 Thanks to everyone who posts in this group. 💜

New Comic Releases for July 21, 2021

The Rundown: July 20, 2021

Ghosts of Comics' Past: SDCC 1970 - Present

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 7/14/21

State Republicans shun lawmakers critical of Trump and his big lie

Republicans are losing their minds because of the massive tax cut families just started to see

CLYBURN Legacy - Shontel Brown for Congress

"SmartWater" first Va. indictment for theft. Lasts 5 years.

Taco Bell's menu hit by nationwide shortages of ingredients

Olympics Composer Keigo Oyamada Resigns After Outrage Over Past Bullying of disabled

Hungry Visitor Hangs on For Fish

U.S. housing starts rise in June; building permits fall sharply

Joseph McBride on New Day

Goose has epic response to humans taking her injured boyfriend

The Blue Origin flight is a lot shorter than Virgin Galactic

When did the 18 year old millionaire decide to actually go on the rocket today???

Justice Department seeks 50-year bar to release of grand jury material

I salute Mary Wallace "Wally" Funk on her maiden flight into space.

Pipeline to 'White Power Hour': Kevin McCarthy's 'election truther' picks 4 Capitol riot commission

Remembering the 1936 National Spelling Bee and how hatred eliminated a bright young girl from Akron

Dear Repukes:

New Shepard lauunches

CNN interview takes dramatic turn when Capitol rioter's attorney is asked about

One small step for the 1%, nothing for mankind. n/t

Democrats let the GOP, and now Manchin & Sinema, get away with not ...

How an Unproven Alzheimer's Drug Got Approved

Congratulations to Wally Funk...

The Rude Pundit: "It's easy to see Bezos' rocket as a giant d*ck . . ."

Kaavan has undergone a lot of changes in the last 9 months

Which dystopian novel, movie, or series will we be living?

Had PBS Masterpiece for three days and I'm done with it! Very little I've not already seen and it's

Jeff Bezos reaches space on Blue Origin's first crewed launch

A moment of "American exceptionalism"

I expect a higher level of creative writing at DU...

Stephanie Ruhl just made a valid point regarding taxes and Bezos and other gazillionaires

Here it is... The Ninamobile!! 🤣😂😲😜

That flight was amazing, yes he's the wealthiest person on the planet

The Bezos Sub-Orbital Flight Is Just an Uber Expensive E-Ticket Theme Park Ride.

Considering how many people ever listened to this song, the title turned out to be prophetic

Cartoon: Biden zucked over By Clay Jones -July 20, 2021 9:00 AM

The bezos space expedition

Text to speech program recommendations...

Cat pulls kung-fu moves on dog - dog not impressed

Bipartisan bill aims to assert Congress's power over arms sales, emergencies and military operations

Texas Senate Bill Drops Teaching Requirement That Ku Klux Klan Is 'Morally Wrong

Texas Senate Bill Drops Teaching Requirement That Ku Klux Klan Is 'Morally Wrong'

Event Horizon Telescope captures 'beautiful' images of second black hole's jet

This song seems to have special meaning in these times...

Majority of McCarthy's picks for Jan. 6 select committee voted to overturn the election

You'd think that all these private companies didn't benefit from the government

Russia unveils new fighter, Putin hails country's air power

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Solves Problem Of Teaching Kids About History Of White, Male Supremacy

Alan Shepard reached 115 miles on his flight

Would you begin the Select Committee with the picks that McCarthy recommended?

What products do you buy with brand name loyalty?

County by county chart of delta variant in Kansas

Just ordered N95 looks pretty bad right now. I hope the economy does not go in the

China unveils 600 kph maglev train - state media

"The government's not there to protect us!" . . . Please come CAPTION F&F's Brian Kilmeade!

Joe Gruters faces sexual harassment allegation from male staffer

How the billionaire space race could be one giant leap for pollution

Imagine for a moment that Bezos, with the whole world watching...

Has the military become "politicized"?

The German Experiment That Placed Foster Children with Pedophiles

Democrat unveils bill to allow only House members to serve as Speaker

"Here's What to Expect from the 5 Republicans daddy Trump let his Kevin put on the Jan. 6 Committee"

Just when I'm getting my anxiety issues under control, MY CAR'S CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON!!

"Please don't block the doors to allow passengers to enter and exit...

DeSantis downplays increase in COVID-19 cases

Iago's Plot - One reason I think I could thrive in NYC if I had the moolah ...

Joe Gruters, chairman of FL GOP, faces sexual harassment allegation from male staffer

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

congratulations to Blue Origin!! Here is what I hope the Bezos brothers give SOME attention to:

The World Needs Better Climate Pledges

Chomsky: Republicans Are Willing to Destroy Democracy to Retake Power

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

Michael Harriot: White People vs. Everybody

I was startled to see fireflies yesterday evening (at dusk). I hadn't seen them for a LONG time...

Hannity Spends 30 Seconds Saying COVID Vaccines Good, Fox News Can Have Cookie Now?

"Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about -- and I want to say that officially."

If you can identify at least five people in this pic you're old.....

AP makes HUGE mistake. It was Trump/Barr's DOJ that declined to prosecute Wilbur Ross

AP Has Issued A Retraction On The Garland/Ross Story

AP Issues Major Correction To Wilbur Ross/DOJ Story

Pre-election polls in 2020 had the largest errors in 40 years

Does Garland communicate with the different state officials investigating Trump's alleged crimes?

Good Day DU (July 20, 2021)

LA bomb squad 'grossly miscalculated' weight of fireworks in huge explosion

AP CORRECTION: Decision Not To Prosecute Wilbur Ross NOT Made by AG Garland--Decided by Barr

What's so funny about defrauding a majority-minority district with bait-and-switch?

"Senator @RandPaul , you do not know what you are talking about, and I want to say that officially

It's very likely the Athletics will leave Oakland

Kevin McCarthy Names Insurrection Pals To January 6 Commission, For Balance

Pelosi's spokesperson tests positive for Covid-19 after meeting with Texas Dems

State Vows Red Tide Help For Tampa Bay As Groups Seek State Of Emergency

Linda Zuern, former Bourne selectman, dies of complications of COVID-19

'We need it to work': the restaurants trying to be forces of social and climate good

The Dee Gees - Dave Grohl's Bee Gees Tribute

John Kerry: world leaders must step up to avoid worst impacts of climate crisis

Dr. Fauci shouts down Rand Paul for 'lying' at COVID hearing

Fox News' anti-vaccine campaign isn't over

TX GOP dropping teaching KKK as immoral and also dropping teaching of MLK, Women's Suffrage, etc

1154 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 0 deaths

My neighbor next just broke down when we were talking over the fence.

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.

Sham election audit's 'evangelical' believers will never be swayed by facts

Billionares of 2021 - Forbes - Top 30 of 2700+ billionares of the World

Dr. Fauci shouts down Rand Paul at COVID hearing: 'If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you'

One of The First Covid Hotspots Outside of Asia Shows Promising Long-Term Immunity

CONFIRMED: Tiffany Cunningham, the first Black judge to ever serve on the Federal Circuit


If I was challenged to name is the five WORST, most hypocritical, despicable, lying Tom Brady good now?

Rep. Gosar's Brother: "You Don't Get To Say You're Not Racist When You're Cavorting With Racists"

Here's An Interesting Photo From NASA

I cannot help it. Space missions fill me with joy and hope.

Bozo Bezos is far past his 15 minutes

States and Cities Near Tentative $26 Billion Deal in Opioids Cases

In last election, how many states did Trump win by very thin margin?

Kevin McCarthy's top pick for the Jan. 6 panel is already trying to sabotage it

Barr & Jared Kushner both referred to TFG's legal efforts to overturn the election as a clown show

They're flying in a rocket that looks like a giant...

7th Circuit Appeals Court UPHOLDS ruling that an Indiana voter purge law violated federal guidelines

New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Is Exploring a Run for Oregon Governor

Gaetz Mocked After Saying U.S. Fought Wars so Kids Don't Get British Accents

Florida man falls off bike, gets attacked by alligator

Did Hell Freeze Over? Hannity Tells Viewers He Believes In Vaccines

WOW! No need to send Trump to prison now. Bezos just gave him the greatest punishment he will

Radio host Larry Elder files lawsuit over California ballot

Why was it only FOX that covered the entire philanthropic event by Bezos? MSNBC and CNN cut away.

White House and Pelosi aides test positive for coronavirus amid Texas lawmakers' D.C. visit

PBS, Michael Pollan, Author, 'This Is Your Mind On Plants'

U.S. Bars Honduran Ex-President Lobo Over Alleged Corruption

Unvaccinated Trump supporter who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of COVID-19

Schumer urges GOP to advance infrastructure debate

Tom Brady to Biden: '40 percent of people still don't think we won'

Rep. Jim Jordan after selection to Jan. 6 committee:

We are all propagandists now

Third Peru presidential defeat is least of Keiko Fujimori's problems

'If anybody is lying here senator, it is you,' Fauci tells Sen. Paul in heated exchange at Senate

Bombing Suspect Bought WHITE PRIVILEGE CARD From Amazon

I Want My Mom...

'Bait and switch' ? Century Link phone company New Mexico

Former Policeman Allegedly Murdered Dozens Of Victims In El Salvador 'House Of Horrors'

Ecuadorian Teachers on Hunger Strike

In gym with educators

Yesterday's Stock Market plunge brought prices down to where they were on...

An assassination in Haiti shows how Colombia's war machine has gone global

We're begging you, Gov. DeSantis, stop messing in Texas and save Florida from COVID

Were the Slobfather and his Cabinet above the law

Baby Bobcat Gets A Friend

Lawmaker Denied Communion After Voting for Pro-Abortion Bill

This will brighten your day.

Syria Accuses Israel of New Attack After China Promises Support

I was not a Bezos fan but I do believe the media should cover more of the philanthropic segment of

Part of facebook's response to Joe Biden saying the misinformation...

Think Of What You Could Do If You Never Paid Income Tax - Just Look At Bezos

Driveway chalk art

Bad faith election audits are sabotaging democracy across the nation

Twin Sisters Shot Dead In Harsh Execution Streamed Live On Instagram

GOP centrists call on Schumer to delay infrastructure vote

I gotta say

The founding myth of Trumpism is a fake

Welp, A DEA special agent was arrested related to Jan 6

Republicans Have Taken a Brave Stand in Defense of Tax Cheats

Men accused of Whitmer kidnapping plot say FBI set them up: report

Afghan president slams Taliban, rockets target Kabul palace

I turned down a meeting request with Rep. Barbara Lee today...

Delta variant accounts for 83% of new cases in US, CDC director says

Freed Guantnamo inmate with Moroccan family after 19 years

Man Calling Libraries And Masturbating To A Supreme Court Opinion

Have you seen Bezos' rocket?

Senate subpanel backs military justice overhaul

Fox News treats its viewers as fools with latest vaccine disinformation campaign

Federal agencies say dozens of pipeline companies breached by Chinese hackers in 2011

Little known, seldom played: a song about gout.

State to decide new toll rates on SR 99 Tunnel, Tacoma Narrows Bridge

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are most likely going to win.

On Facebook...if someone posts to an article or thread..who benefits?

Health department takes new approach to getting people vaccinated in south King County

Blue Origin announces second crew

Climate change: Scientists are worried by how fast the crisis has amplified extreme weather

Liberal Redneck - Texas Klan Plan

Nick Brana, People's Party National Coordinator, when asked why Nina Turner is running...

Jen Psaki takes epic dig at Trump at press briefing - Brian Tyler Cohen

Facial recognition surges in retail stores

Liberty University 'enabled on-campus rapes:' 12 women file class action lawsuit

Lunacy: Over half of AZ Republicans think GOP election audit will show Trump won in 2020

White House and Pelosi aides test positive for coronavirus amid Texas lawmakers' D.C. visit

The single most revealing fact in the new Trump books (CNN)

India's Deaths During COVID-19 Pandemic 10 Times Official Toll, Study Says

Bezos one up's Trump?

Rep. Ro Khanna justifiably slams the new billionaire space travel. Let's end our gullibility!

Opponents of "critical race theory" keep inadvertently supplying materials for future CRT lessons


Come October, United Airlines will discontinue flights at Paine Field

Spotted this yesterday, in the neighborhood,

Citywide zoning proposal in Tacoma sparks intense debate

(Jewish Group) Human Rights Watch Director Tweet Blames Israeli Gov't for Rise in UK Antisemitism

Who is likely going to be the Democratic nominee for the 2022 WI US Senate Race?

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism rose 365% in UK due to Israel-Gaza war

Where TFG's Conspiracy Theory About Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Came From

Tokyo 2020 chief Muto does not rule out 11th-hour cancellation of Olympic Games

(Jewish Group) I helped organize the Washington rally against antisemitism. It wasn't perfect, but..

Biden wants spending to boost economy, but GOP to block vote

Report: Federal agencies fighting healthcare fraud recouped $3.1B in 2020

Sinema Vulnerable to Primary Challenge on Filibuster

(Jewish Group) US Jewish group accuses Republicans of using antisemitism for political gain

India's pandemic death toll could be in the millions

Weekly Ludi #23

Most Don't Want Voting Made Harder

DeSantis doubles down on anti-science campaign as COVID explodes in Florida

Taiwan Angers China With First Europe Office Using Its Name

Thomas Barrack, former chairman of the Trump Inaugural and Trump confidant, arrested on fed. charges

Can someone in this group explain or provide a reference to the assertion of Rant Paul??

No Black parents, teachers or scholars invited to Missouri hearing on teaching race

Erdogan calls for US support for Turkey to protect Kabul airport

Tom Barrack charged with illegally lobbying then-President Trump on behalf of UAE

I am a Black Republican. Here's what my party should know about racism in America.

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise gets vaccinated after holding out, calls shot "safe and effective"

4-year old Emma Sophia sings Danny Boy

GOP Lawmaker's Tweet Suggests He's Mad That U.S. Intercepted Fentanyl At The Border

California to Provide Reparations for Survivors of Forced Sterilizations in Prisons

Not A Good Day For Rand

Iran's Security Council rejects draft nuclear deal with U.S., spokesman says

Republican culture war fight driven by need to hide a basic fact.

Racist Parents In Midlothian Lash Out And Bring Terrorists To ISD Meeting

I read about Ricky Skaggs recent claim that 45 was God's chosen instrument

(Jewish Group) Jewish tradition celebrates the rhythm of nature. What happens when it's thrown off..

LA Times: It's time to get tough on COVID vaccine evaders

6 Months Ago Today .... Jan 20, 2021 ...

(Jewish Group) Fashion podcaster accused of antisemitism: 'I owe the Jewish community an apology'

DEA agent Bites the Dust....Mark Sami Ibrahim

Tom Barrack, Trump friend, arrested for failing to register as working

Miami Herald: Cruise industry has a right to protect its passengers from COVID-19.

I will not have to attend my ex husband's "celebration of life" after all. I will be in the Yale

Biden, Tom Brady Mock Trump in Trump Nightmare Come to Life

Paul Krugman Points Out The Unusual Thing About The GOP Cult Of Donald Trump

Gilbert Price sings "Old Man River" on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1967

Kyrsten Sinema has dangerously low favorability among Arizona Democrats (Mother Jones)

Inventions we use every day that were actually created for space exploration

In their case against the tax police, GOP pushes fake 'scandal'

NASA didn't really go to the moon. North American-Rockwell did.

What changed Hannity's tune about COVID and the vaccine?

TCM tonight

The Untamed Rise Of Hospital Monopolies- Higher Prices, Lower Wages, Less Care; Antitrust, Biden

So, how do DUers feel about Bezos' Awards? nt

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

COVID death toll in India: THREE MILLION

I'm sure many a right-winger's heart will be disappointed when they hear Barrack was arrested...

Yesterday, southern MD

Afghan war's end quiets chaplain's litany of funeral prayers

Vaccinations, like government, are not the opposite of freedom. They are a means toward achieving it

Last week, Senator Chris Van Hollen played a key role in advancing historic climate change

Rare moon landing images 🌕 🤔

Tom Brady Joins Biden to Laugh at Trump in Worst Day of Trump's Life The sum of all Trump fears

Wait wait Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter?

About black men again...

New word of the day:

My Baby's Taking Me and eight times

NHL prospect comes out as gay.

4th Oath Keeper pleads guilty, agrees to cooperate

It's just a matter of what matters 😄😃😁😆

A federal judge upholds Indiana University's vaccination requirement for students.

Perfect tweet from Peter Sagal re Bezos

Dog And Parrot Who Didn't Get Along Spend Every Single Moment Together Now

Trump Inaugural Fund Chairman Arrested On Federal Charges (MSNBC)

The Mountain Migration Report 2021 Are COVID Impacts on Housing & Services Here to Stay?

Drug Enforcement Agent first federal officer charged in Capitol riot

Where's Nicole Wallace this week?

Big infrastructure bill in peril as GOP threatens filibuster

Big infrastructure bill in peril as GOP threatens filibuster

DOJ just released this clip from 1/6 after CNN sued for access

Oklahoma GOP nixes censure of state's Republican US senators

Israel vows to 'act aggressively' against Ben & Jerry's

Madison Cawthorn Calls For 'Punk' Fauci to Be 'Charged': 'Pawn for the Chinese Government

World's feral pigs produce as much CO2 as 1.1m cars each year, study finds

Dr. Fauci excoriates Rand Paul (CNN)

Jeff Bezos, June 2000: "If I could do anything, I would like to go help explore space."

World's feral pigs produce as much CO2 as 1.1m cars each year, study finds

Trump Aides Reportedly Gave Rudy Giuliani the Wrong Time to Keep Him Away From Debate Prep

Charlie Kirk and Christian nationalist college team up to force their views on America's students

I just don't get tired watching this over and over.

Assholes tried putting up a "Trump Won" banner at a Tampa Bay Rays game... it didn't go too well

Jen Psaki Tells CNN Reporter 'We're in Regular Contact' With Fox News About Their Vaccine Coverage

Joni Mitchell - Me and My Uncle (1965)

How many times have you been married?

COVID-19 Will Become An Endemic Disease As Life Goes On, Is A Fairytale: US Hospitals, Docs Shortage

When Harvey Takes A Trip

Fox News Denies Talking to White House on Vaccines

this is a hat and a piece of conceptual art.... nice!

CNN: Indicted Trump ally in big trouble as 'the evidence looks overwhelming':

Hungary's spyware scandal is a crisis for Europe

I knew it. it's Biden and his allies who have been the consistent super spreaders of misinformation

If Mandela Barnes-D becomes a US Senator, Does anyone see him as a-

Look Over Yonders Wall

We humans have a tendency to do our best to make sense of whatever we encounter in life.

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 20, 2021

This was a terrible episode of "Rand Paul Boy Scientist":

idiot says what?

The best of Home Made Kazoku

Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts - Tank

Reporter: "Do you think that you should resign for misleading people about the coronavirus?"

Tom Brady cracks joke about election denial at White House (CNN)

Who knows who the Slobfather held meetings with at his private


Marjorie Traitor Greene laughs when it's pointed out that children die from COVID-19

Researchers: Virus Surge A 'Raging Forest Fire' In Arkansas

Fauci smacks down Sen. Roger Marshall

Just curious- how many people here are stocking up again?


WATCH: Fauci clashes with Kansas Republican for pushing claim NIH was involved in creating COVID-19

Pittsburgh PA street sign - this is an official street sign

McConnell Urges Americans: 'Get Vaccinated' As Cases Spike

We can finally quantify the craziest of the right-wingers.

Background on the Anthony Fauci - Rand Paul confrontation during hearings today.

Jon Stewart: Enjoy this small step for man!

My 2 cents on Bezos...after seeing what Amazon has NOT done for Stockton

In honor of a couple of spaced-out billionaires...

Oregon State Police need a new PR person

Ques: Have you yourself been vaccinated? Greene: Your first question is a violation of my HIPAA righ

Home Made Kazoku:Sikotoba

Americans' Medical Debts Are Bigger Than Was Known, Totaling $140 Billion

Guardian: Companies claim there's a labor shortage. Their solution? Prisoners

Ari covering the Slobfather's corruption crime spree

Trump spokeswoman says no 'next election' without 2020 'fix'

Wildfire smoke covers Central Park, 2500 miles away.

Arizona's largest hospital system announced Tuesday that all employees are required to be vaccinated

So should we all reaccess our opinion of Van Jones' years of balancing on the fence...

Oops.....Marjorie Traitor Greene poked Meidas Touch in a no-no zone.

*Why COVID is not going anywhere* Clark County (NV) Commission public hearing

Almost all Vanderbilt ICU covid pts. are unvaccinated, from rural counties

Dems eye infrastructure for Medicare expansion

Amazon Will Stop Testing Workers For Covid-19 At Warehouses This Month As Cases Rise

T.M. Revolution:Resonance LIVE


Please tell me someone told Bezos how stupid he looks in that hat.

PBS NewsHour: Sanders: GOP 'nervous' about 'overdue' progressive policies in budget, infrastructure

PBS NewsHour: Sanders: GOP 'nervous' about 'overdue' progressive policies in budget, infrastructure

OreSkaBand: Pinocchio

Meidas Touch: Rep. Swalwell: Fox News LAUGHS at Their "Dumb" Viewers

Dems flood primary to face Ron Johnson in Wisconsin

India's Pandemic Death Toll Could Be In The Millions

Sen. Rand Paul Again Destroyed by Dr. Fauci's Testimony and It's What He Deserves

Pentagon carries out first air strike in Somalia under Biden

Chinese army warns dam battered by storms could collapse

Score one for Dr, Fauci!

Today, southern MD

Enormous balloon could help astronomers get clear view of space

TFG high from sniffing his own farts brags that even a founding father might not have beaten him

The election grift is headed to Georgia

Ariel Henry takes charge of Haiti as probe into president's killing continues

Carbon Tax, Beloved Economic, Environmental And Climate Policy, Dies At Age 47

Outreach worker says homeless camp near Seattle school will be cleared

DNR-managed lands in Eastern Washington closed due to extreme fire danger

TFG is correct in his assertion about Washington and Lincoln

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 21 July 2021

DeFazio warns he's no rubber stamp for Senate infrastructure bill

OK, a really dumb question about Australian English . . .

Far far far left

Ethics panel upholds $500 mask fines against Greene, other GOP lawmakers

Statement by President Joe Biden on DACA and Legislation for Dreamers

House passes bill to revive FTC authority to recover money for consumers

House passes host of bills to strengthen cybersecurity in wake of attacks

How did the 18 year old on flight with Bezos paid for his trip

Israeli Ambassador Asks 35 U.S. States to Take Action Against Ben & Jerry's for Ending Sales

Tom Brady Pokes at Trump's False Election Claims in White House Visit

The MAGA-targeted "Freedom Phone" has a breathtaking amount of red flags

Will Broadway reopen??

Rand Dumb Man thinks Manimal gave Covid to the world.

Palenque's Temple of the Sun.

Palenque's Temple of the Sun.

Biden Cabinet- the most diversified & most experienced cabinet in history

Osprey siblings, at sunset

Kentucky - by Mac Wiseman

Abraham Lincoln Jumped Out Of A Window To Avoid Quorum

TFG has set a record for the most corrupt administration in history

Jeff Bezos awards Jos Andrs $100 million for 'Courage and Civility'

Call out the lying NOW....

Jeff Bezos awards Jos Andrs $100 million for 'Courage and Civility'