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Attorney General Merrick Garland orders pause of federal executions

Bitcoin Mining Could Create Jobs In Texas. It Could Also Overwhelm The Grid.

Why a gag order against Trump would be a good idea

Preet Bharara's prediction re: Weisselberg

How fake animal rescue videos have become a new frontier for animal abuse

Lorraine Ellison - Stay With Me (Baby)

Ted Lieu: It's a horrible Supreme Court decision. They really are assaulting one of the premier laws

Vaccinated St. Louisans urged once again to wear masks indoors as Delta variant spreads

Historians just ranked the presidents. Trump wasn't last.

White House prepares for COVID-19 outbreaks due to highly contagious Delta variant

The battle of Gettysburg began 158 years ago today.

Breaking: Trump's Entire Company Indicted - MSNBC

Kurt Eichenwald: The Trump Org is in deep, deep trouble. And not because of the criminal charges.

Biden calls on Congress to 'repair the damage' after Supreme Court's voting rights decision

J&J vaccine... EFFECTIVE against Delta variant.

The Biden Administration Announced It Will Remove the Hyde Amendment

Mitch McConnell: No Lips, No Soul, No Problem The Daily Show

'QAnon Shaman' flips and cooperates with FBI -- hands over info on accomplice

'We Will Hunt You Down': Whistleblower's Lawyer from First Trump Impeachment Recounts Death Threats

Expect busy roads, longer ferry waits for Fourth of July weekend in Western Washington

Former DOJ IG On Trump Org. Indictment: It's A Bad Day For Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Where I'm coming from about the SCOTUS: of the six "justices" who voted today to

Michael Cohen says Trump's time is up: "There's no way anybody's getting out of it"

White House releases staff salaries showing narrowed gender pay gap


Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Why do people assume that aliens require mechanical devices to travel?

Cosby cartoon worth sharing

Only the little people pay taxes - Leona Helmsley - turn on Rachel

Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg Indicted for 16-Year-Long Criminal Fraud Scheme

Device to burn children

California Rent Assistance, UI and the Newsom recall.

Greg Abbott Promises $250 Million Toward Border Wall, But Could Tap Billions More In COVID Relief

The endorsements for Shontel Brown keep rolling in:

On this Canada Day can we take a moment to remember all those indigenous children

Texas soldier who shot protester indicted on murder charge

Star Trek Fans: You Can View The "The Cage" For Free On Amazon

This episode of The Good Wife with Michael J. Fox

Absolutely insane ride home in Washington DC Suburbs

YAYY!! Mary Trump coming up next on Rachel

Tucker Carlson Thinks the NSA is Spying on Him - NowThis News

Re: climate change and this week's temperatures--

Chabad rabbi stabbed in front of Jewish day school and synagogue in Boston

Anyone try this stuff? Or know what they hell it is? (Lume - deodorant)

*Mary Trump coming up on Rachel show.

Something I believe is not getting any or enough attention re Trump Co indictments today.

BREAKING: Damage Reported After Tornado Warning Issued for Arlington, Va, Metro DC Area

Will TFG and his accomplices get this sentence?

Hundreds believed dead in heat wave despite efforts to help

So Weisselberg Cheated So He Wouldn't Have To Pay Taxes Then...

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats should invest $$$ in.

It's Called Two Sets Of Books


710,117 lightning strikes hit western Canada in 15 hours

China will never allow foreign forces to bully or oppress it: Xi Jinping

Lawrence O'Donnell is going through all the tax evasion numbers - Weisselberg is royally screwed!!!!

Prosecution to introduce evidence Kyle Rittenhouse is associated with Proud Boys

Amid indictment, Edinburg mayor announces reelection bid

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona's Restrictive Voting Laws - NBC News

Trump adviser Jason Miller's new social media app Gettr is funded by a fugitive Chinese billionaire.

I 1st heard Eddie 9V when RUF Records announced that they signed him

Boy Scouts of America reaches pivotal agreement with victims

Larkin Poe and Billy. Stackin' Bones

Voting rights with Ari Berman - What's the future of democracy in America? - Beto O'Rourke

looking to DU for dog advice on abused dog we're fostering and will adopt...she's not sick...

Keith Olbermann: Pelosi picks all 13 members

Are the Q people a new Know Nothing Party or a new religion.

Netflix: Crazy manic chic falls in love with a hit-man. Hy-jinx ensue.

The First 8 Members of the Jan 6 Select Committee - Now This News

Anyone having problems with the price of food increasing?

The 'Juice Man' and the Drug Scandal That Rocked Horse Racing

If I were Weisselberg ...

Jen Psaki finally SCHOOLS Fox reporter with smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Does the lawyer for the indicted company that Eric is an EVP at know he's on TV?

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet:

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

'A very joyful moment': Medicaid expansion takes effect in Oklahoma

Mrs. BettyBowers on Don Jr...

Paul LePage is running for Maine Gov again

Have the British betting shops started taking bets on Trump's filing bankruptcy date yet?

Months behind schedule, Arizona election auditors extend lease again

Sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson has tested positive for cannabis likely ending her Olympic dream

Florida's ban on vaccination proof requirements complicates U.S. cruise line comeback

Fibromyalgia Could Actually Be an Autoimmune Disorder, Mouse Study Suggests

If Trump Org collapses, Trump still receives a president's pension for life.

Jewish college students are seeing a new face of anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Jewish college students are seeing a new face of anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Were southern Jews in the civil rights era 'inside agitators?'

Edmond may have just elected its first black mayor, but some residents are apparently still pining f

... This is what happens when the purpose of governance isn't to govern.

White Boy Summer, Nazi Memes and the Mainstreaming of White Supremacist Violence

The pandemic hasn't stopped one of Oklahoma's most prolific evictors from suing tenants

a two-fer from the vault of lebowski's 'songs that sound kick ass really loud'

Fannie Lou Hamer: Civil Rights Hero, Voting Rights; 1964 DNC Convention, Miss. Freedom Dem. Party

Trump's Business Was Just Labeled A 'Criminal Organization'

She spent six months in an Oklahoma jail waiting for mental health treatment

Why It's So Easy to Hate Ken Paxton

Tax Policy Expert: Trump Org. & CFO Indictments Detail 'Straight Up Fraud' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Why It's So Easy to Hate Ken Paxton

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Northwest Oklahoma is a 'maternity desert'

McCarthy Questions Cheney's Loyalty For Joining Jan. 6 Committee - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump, fighting to toss out subpoena, offered to give House Democrats peek at financial statements

Bill that would ban teaching aspects of race and gender in Oklahoma schools takes effect Thursday

Reunion Blues

Will the Trump Co. indictments become publicly accessible?

Kansas groups halt voter registration drives to avoid being jailed under new law

Breaking News: Fox News reports news!!!

DNC Chair: SCOTUS Ruling Was A 'Kick To The Gut' For Voting Rights - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jared Kushner Really Did Make the Pandemic Worse

Batley and Spen: Labour hold seat in by-election

Kim Hong-do, Korea's Renaissance Painter

Infant who died from COVID-19 in Kansas is the second child death reported by KDHE

Tax Scheme In Weisselberg Indictment Echoes NYT Reporting On Ivanka Trump Payouts - Rachel Maddow

Gov. Laura Kelly announces expanded food stamp benefits will be able to continue in Kansas

Ever Since Tr**p Began His Bid For The Presidency He's Sheltered His Tax Returns.....

Dog Knows He Won't Get a Treat Until He and Other Dog Sit so He Makes Him Sit

Election audit employee claims managers ignored sexual harassment

Kris Kobach is suing Joe Biden for Texas law enforcement officers. He's running for Kansas AG at the

14 indicted for $1M kickback scheme at Junction City call center

$1 Million assessment for concrete/rebar repair on 15 year old Miami condo building

omg... woman attacked on street in NYC (warning...trigger)

4 Ways Republicans Could Redistrict The Only Kansas Democrat In Congress Out Of A Job

Sha'Carri Richardson, a Track Sensation, Tests Positive for Marijuana

Members of Topeka's local Frito-Lay union just voted to strike. Here's what we know.

"shocking vandalism" to Japantown 50 year old cherry trees

30 Nebraska senators urge schools to reject sex ed standards

National Democrats air pandemic recovery ad in Omaha, signaling engagement in 2nd District

US Congress adds condition to aid to Colombia's police

Who does Steve Coogan remind me of?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/1/21

Nebraska takes down COVID dashboard, stops reporting virus numbers

2 paramedics murdered in Mexico while transporting patient

Mexican rescuers have saved lives in disaster zones around the world. Now they're in Florida.

Mexico's top court rolls back marijuana prohibition, opening door to legalization

Five more days of constant rainfall

Iowa federal judge apologizes for comments about Trump pardons

Multnomah County Bans Fireworks in Unincorporated Areas

Heatwave Causes at Least 53 Deaths in Multnomah County, 79 statewide

Willamette University inks merger with Pacific Northwest College of Art

Breakfast Friday 2 July 2021

Ammon Bundy Convicted in Trespassing Trial

would it have been easier to keep mask mandates in place than to put them back when/where needed?

Six golden bottles are hidden in Oregon treasure hunt to mark 50th year of Bottle Bill

Matt Putorti (Democrat challenging Stefanik) on Twitter (and Daily Kos):

Republican trip to the border highlights how proxy voting has changed Congress

Gov. Dunleavy vetoes $525 Permanent Fund dividend and $215 million in programs, projects

UNC board approves tenure for journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones after uproar

John Prine- How Lucky

In a way, Liz Cheney has had to adopt her stance about the "peaceful transfer of power"

Lawyers find parents of 23 more migrant children separated under Trump

Find International Travel Restrictions in One Click with This Online Too

Friday TOONs - On The Right Track

Biden's Schedule for Friday, July 2, 2021

Republicans Move to Restrict Birth Control

Alaska lawmaker shares social media post comparing media and medical professionals to Nazi war

US hands Bagram Airfield to Afghans after nearly 20 years

David Frum: Trump Is Preparing for the Worst

Former state legislator Lance Pruitt fined $19,716 for multiple violations of campaign finance and

Oops: The Trump Organization Kept Literal Spreadsheets of Its Crimes

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 25 June - 2 July (2021)

Heat wave on the West Coast, storms on the East Coast.

"Yah, ok..hmm..yah..ok..Wait..HOLY SHIT!" The Trump Org is in deep, deep trouble.

A peaceful moment for you today

Weaselburg should be scared now,

King Crab Wins First Mock Ranked Choice Voting General Election

The Hill's Morning Report - Cheney 'honored' to serve on select committee

'Unlike anything I've seen at the FTC': Biden's chair makes her public debut

Lot of excitement this morning, Hershey park bound our boys

How vaccinated is your Florida ZIP code? Check here

I do not care about TFG or his indictments. I care about VOTING RIGHTS

From The CBC*: Earth has a 27.5-million-year 'pulse' of major geological events, says study

Climate Change + Skyrocketing Rates of Infectious Disease (ProPublica)

Update - now Hurricane Elsa - hurricane warning for Barbados

President James Garfield was shot 140 years ago today.

This Case Against Trump's Money Man Is a Slam Dunk

Owner Of Oil Well Leaking 29K Gallons/Day Since 2004 Claims Cleanup Too Costly: Loses Lawsuit

Calvin and Hobbes Is Officially Part of Bloom County Continuity

Revealed: ExxonMobil's lobbying war on climate change legislation

The origin of Super Villains: Calendar Man

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/30/2021

The Rundown: July 2, 2021

China rejects US criticism on human trafficking

More regression

Hungary PM calls EU leaders 'colonialists' in LGBT law feud

America Isn't Even Close To Ready For A Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Extreme Fire Ecology

DHS report warns of possible 4th of July militia gathering in Washington, D.C

An Oddly Apt Tune, This

Neil Katyal*, "Donald Trump's Business Was Labeled A 'Criminal Organization'"

There Is No Longer Any "Moderate" Position Left When It Comes To Global Warming

US Economy adds 850,000 jobs in June

U.S. economy added 850,000 jobs in June as labor market showed renewed strength

Hi All! Haven't been by in awhile and wanted to thank you all for the kind words

Newspaper sues Cyber Ninjas, Republicans

Let me out of here!

Eric Boehlert: "Bungled," "flubbed," "chaos" -- the press tries to create summer of Biden controversy

Lululemon 'pushed for All Lives Matter' campaign

Franklin County, the most populated in Ohio, vaccination...

Getting away with murder in West Cork

850,000 jobs added in June

June Jobs Report: 850,000 jobs added Unemployment 5.9%

Kurt Eichenwald: HOLY SHIT!" The Trump Org is in deep, deep trouble.

Honestly, I hate that the trump org story has shut out SCOTUS gutting voting rights

DeSantis fires back after California bans state travel to Florida

Navy ditches futuristic railgun, eyes hypersonic missiles

Wouldn't the Former Office Occupant have to testify at his organization's trial?

Presence and Empathy

"What the hell is happening here?" Season 2 Picard trailer

DeSantis bailing on Trump rally this weekend.

A venom-spitting cobra terrorized Raleigh for days after escaping from a snake-filled home

Judge rules Minneapolis must hire more police officers to abide by city charter

House GQP Members Carve Out Climate Earmarks, But (Strange!) Don't Want To Talk About Them

If she can run that fast on weed

Stealing the language of inflicted violence from actual victims to claim 'victimhood' status is peak

The Supreme Court has sealed the doom of democracy

50 years ago we believed....

Pic Of The Moment: Looks Like Someone's Getting A New Logo!

Got blocked on Twitter by Rudy Giuliani

This Is Soul

As insurrectionists turn into snitches for federal prosecutors, circle tightens around conspirators

POLITICO: The Weekend at Yale That Changed American Politics


Interesting idea

Without Weisselberg, Trump could not have pulled his caper.

Police log : man "yelling at himself"

Biden aide charges "sabotage" of Harris

737 cargo plane crashes in Hawaii, both pilots rescued

Four years without a Justice Dept has taken its toll.

Those annoying robocalls aren't going to stop today. But they could slow down soon

"Those turtles have got nothing on us!" . . . Please come CAPTION Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas!!!

US trade deficit increases to $71.2 billion in May

Boeing 737 cargo plane crashes off Hawaii: full news report

The US spent $2.26 Trillion on the war in Afghanistan but the AUMF was used as a blank check

U.S. jobs report for June shows a gain of 850,000, better than expected.

The Euro 2020 Quarterfinals begin today...

US Economy Added 850,000 Jobs in June

MeidasTouch on Eric Trump: "Eric Trump said his family lives clean lives...."

A couple of lilies bloomed, this morning

Uber Patriot -- D'Souza: USA Must Become More Like China!

Will banks call in Trump's loans?

Webinar: G.O.P. After Trump: The Future of the Republican Party

I always refer to Al Capone. A lesson learned?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Self-Owns With Tweet About Facebook's Extremist Warning

Why does my browser (firefox) keep opening new tabs with ads?

Ford's June Sales Fell 27% in U.S. Due to Chip Shortage

The day Willie Mays hit a walk off home run and was essentially relegated to the footnotes

Guardian: "More legal troubles likely ahead for Trump Organization after tax crime charges"

Tropical Storm Elsa strengthens into Hurricane Cat 1...

It's sweep-it-under-the-rug Friday. Perfect time for the Cyber-Ninja report.

The Political Revolution Comes to... Buffalo?

Good Day DU (July 2, 2021)

this country needs more heroes like post 10

Congratulations to hlthe2b and kentuck!!! 20 years today on DU.

Supreme Court turns down petition from Christian florist in same-sex wedding case

Stuck at Prom: Duck Tape Masterpieces

526 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 22 deaths

What happened with Matt Gaetz? Is he still under investigation?

23 Shots Fired Into Home of State Senator

Did anyone see Biden talking to press? It was on CNN at 11est

Post a picture of something too beautiful to eat...

The media is expressing such concern with our departure from Afghanistan, interviewing all these

Kurt Eichenwald on why he thinks Trump Org is gonna drown in deep financial doo-doo

Buffalo NPR now reporting a partial collapse of a

Capitol rioter accompanied members of Congress on trip to US-Mexico border

Bird's eye view of beneficial capitalism at work

Brazil's Bolsonaro says he won't hand over presidency if there is vote fraud

Dominion Subpoenas Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell In Fox News Lawsuit

Biden backs changes in military sexual assault prosecution

New Hampshire Supreme Court strikes down 2017 voter registration law Senate Bill 3 as unconstitution

Wet ospreys!

'Cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae': Berman reacts to McCarthy's move

The Indictment of His CFO Hits Trump Where It Matters--In His Wallet

Strategist for Kevin McCarthy, says the 1/6 insurrection "effects no one's lives in this country."

"Mehboob Mere" (aka: May He Poop On My Knee) HD

Company once cloaked Trump in gilded fame. Now it faces felonies, debt and toxic brand.

TFG is toast -- evidence from the law suit provided by Tim O'Brien.

New Hampshire Supreme Court strikes down GOP-backed voter registration law

CNN reporting on Vice President Harris 'whisper campaign' on office dysfunction.

Climate scientists take swipe at Exxon Mobil, industry in leaked report

Ohio governor signs budget that includes allowing medical providers to deny services to LGBT

TX Lt. Gov Patrick told museum to shut down event for book questioning the Alamo "myth"

Who Thinks The TFG Organization Hid Wages On All The Other Members / Employees?

Bonus Quote of the Day

MSNBC on new voter laws

Ohio police chief resigns after putting Ku Klux Klan sign on Black officer's desk

Infamous Capitol rioter joined up with Lauren Boebert and Madison Cawthorn during border visit

TFG Is Working Harder Than Ever to Undermine Democracy

Surfside: Talk about a cruel world


On my wife thirty five years married

For all the people claiming Weisselberg will walk: Leona Helmsley

Tragically Hip with Feist on vocals. "It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken"

Miami Firefighter's 7-Year-Old Daughter Found in Surfside Condo Rubble

Joe Kelly of the Dodgers is wearing his mariachi jacket to the White House! 😂

Kevin McCarthy has chosen bigotry over truth. And the GOP is following his lead.

The MeidasTouch Podcast: Trump Organization Indictments Show Company is "One Gigantic Ponzi Scheme"

Attention potential Olympians

Tucker Carlson fawns over ex-Trump critic J.D. Vance's populist campaign for US Senate

Deleted Tweets From Lauren Boebert, R-Colo.

Did I imagine that video of TFG from 1/6?

Firefighter's 7-year-old daughter among victims of Florida condo collapse; death toll rises to 20

Kyrsten Sinema's run out of excuses: Supreme Court leaves Senate Democrats with little choice

Biden administration moves forward on banning surprise medical bills

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2022 will be in states that Biden carried in 2022.

US hits Myanmar with new sanctions, revokes ICC penalties

Lawmaker's apology for wearing yellow star at Lacey event not enough for Anti-Defamation League

Seattle starts final phase of repairs to W. Seattle Bridge, but don't expect to see crews just yet

Strong economic news pushes GOP to use odd new talking points

Wildfire smoke expected to start drifting into Western Washington

Child tax credit checks are coming this month, Biden says

Biden's small gesture toward DeSantis highlighted the president's human touch Editorial

About the Weisselberg inictment and Trump

Baton Rouge cop Ken Camallo illegally strip search a Black man and his 16yo brother...not fired

My great hope is that TFG turns into TCI.

". . . past week's heat wave the most extreme in world weather records"

Nashville police officer pleads guilty to manslaughter, family objects

Lunasea :ROSIER

My favorite brand of potato chips wins a taste test

Looks like about 2/3 of public disagree with the SCOTUS decision on voting rights rollbacks.

But...the...books are free for anyone to take.

Dog Who Had No Idea How To Play Invents A Game With A Cat

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Congratulations Virginia Cannabis Using DUers. You can now grow 4 plants

Firefighter's daughter, 7, found in Florida condo rubble

Shepherding is serious business!

Do you think that gyms are safe if you are vaccinated?

Tell us you've never read the Constitution without telling us you've never read the Constitution

Supreme Court declines case of WA florist who refused to sell to same-sex wedding

Rising European anti-Semitism blamed on lockdowns

(Jewish Group) Rising European anti-Semitism blamed on lockdowns

Cartoons 7/2/2021

The bright side of the Trump Organization indictment: Scott Baio is working again!

Michael Flynn's PsyQp on America

Personal Check for Weisselberg tuition

Conservatives go after their own on IRS fight

Germany issues World's strongest recommendation for mixing Covid-19 vaccines

A Capitol rioter reportedly accompanied GOP lawmakers on border trip

A (New) Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Trump-district Democrats post big fundraising hauls

Sha'Carri Richardson, a Track Sensation, Tests Positive for Marijuana

Trump-appointed judge rejects US Capitol rioter's claim he was 'selectively charged' because he...

Censorship doesn't work...

How The Reagan Revolution Collapsed America & the Florida Condo

Allen Weisselberg's Post-Indictment Strategic Considerations

Forget the Alamo censored by the usual suspects!

Sheffield Lake police chief resigns after putting Ku Klux Klan sign on Black officer's desk

Greta Thunberg tells it like it is.

Sandra Lindsay will be on local news again tonight

Justice Department Is Probing Lordstown Motors

Trump ally in Pennsylvania raises 2020 election audit plan

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 17

Virgin Orbit successfully launches 7 satellites in 3rd mission (

Thank You Mary Trump

About the show titled, "Is Trump Coming Down?" ...What we all want to know is "where" &" when"?

Lukashenko orders closure of Belarus border with Ukraine

If Democrats were able to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Trump-appointed judge rejects Capitol rioter's claim he was charged because he supports Trump

Republicans Can't Stop Congress from Investigating the 1/6 Insurrection, But They're Trying to

Biden's small gesture toward DeSantis highlighted the president's human touch Editorial

Question about Allen Weisselberg "flipping"

Juju plays FRUIT NINJA

A Dangerous Moment For Academic Freedom

U.S. to propose new rules requiring refunds for delayed airline bags -source

Norfolk Police reporting a shooting with 4 wounded juveniles

Toby Keith Wonders If the United States' is doing as bad as his career is.

Washington enacts statewide burn ban ahead of Fourth of July due to dry conditions

Ted Cruz holding up all State Department nominees over Russian pipeline

Am I terrible for shooting everything through a polarizer?

Another One That Took Some Finding...


If you want a taste of Nick Fuentes' white nationalist views, here he last night ranting...

Was 2020 a Record-Breaking Hurricane Season? Yes, But. . .

Shontel Brown raised $160,000 during 24 hours after James Clyburn endorsement

Ted Cruz holding up all State Dept nominees over Russian pipeline

(AZ) Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel 'knew' about plan to charge protesters as gang

Why Surrounding Yourself With Art Matters -- And How To Do It

Trump Is Working Harder Than Ever to Undermine Democracy

We lost our beloved pet today

Pilots rescued after Boeing 737 cargo plane makes emergency landing off Hawaii coast, FAA says

Later, ospreys after rain, near sunset

Gosar fundraising email: FBI might have planned Jan 6 & Ashli Babbitt was executed

Authors say state museum canceled book event examining slavery's role in Battle of the Alamo after

Education about the election process is needed in every community.

Pittie Rescued From The Woods Goes To McDonald's For Ice Cream Cones

Rep Mo Brooks (R) legal filing today defending himself in lawsuit filed by Rep Eric Swalwell (D)

Helping the Recycling Man -- It's Not Always What It Seems

FFS!!! Dozens already lined up for Saturday's Trump rally in Sarasota, FL

Judge: Feds can't prohibit Ohio's use of COVID-19 relief funds for tax cuts

How does anyone get through this, especially those who are trained to save lives?

2,100 state workers caught in the crosshairs of Gov. Greg Abbott's veto of Legislature funding

Judge: Feds can't prohibit Ohio's use of COVID-19 relief funds for tax cuts

Animals Who Hit the Genetics Jackpot

Baby bird whose nest blew out of a tree in last night's thunderstorm.

Activating Animus: The Uniquely Social Roots of Trump Support

"Everything is on the table": Democrats mull options for special session, including another walkout

I just got the visa update bulletin from USCIS

'I was shocked': McCarthy on Cheney accepting position from Pelosi

How Pro-Trump Local News Sites Keep Pushing 2020 Election Misinformation

This tiny blind puppy is a bilingual overachiever

One last time

Capitol rioter accompanied members of Congress on trip to US-Mexico border

TCM 8:00 PM -- Harper (1966)

....AND, you have that fuckin' moron Screwy Louie Gohmert and Ted 'Zodiac' Cruz too

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 2, 2021

Arizona GOP Pressured Officials to Stop Counting Votes

Boy Scouts of America settles for $850 million with more than 84,000 sexual abuse victims

Completely Off Topic... but about the Book Writing process.

It's World UFO Day.

State museum canceled book event examining slavery's role in Battle of the Alamo after Texas GOP lea

The Boy From Oz sings about his Mother-in-Law

State museum canceled book event examining slavery's role in Battle of the Alamo after Texas GOP lea

Banners in downtown Dallas celebrate one-liners from Ann Richards

It's been another horrible week for women, and sports isn't helping one bit

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 11th Season

Arizona GOP Pressured Officials to Stop Counting Votes

Ex-Richardson mayor and developer husband on trial again for bribery after first was thrown out

Better late than never.

Don't be a Ted Crud. Be a Jimmy Carter.

Eric Swalwell with as perfect and concise a description of today's GOP as you'll ever see.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 3, 2021 -- Primetime Theme: Gable Goes West

Federalist Society Voter Suppression M.O.

How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol Visual Investigations - NY Times

JUST IN: Two tornadoes confirmed between Arlington and the District Thursday night.

Just had a thought about Megan McCain

As the old saying goes; oil and water don't miz...

Another of the ferals I'm feeding

I think it's time to take my vaccinated self back to the movies.


Crestview Towers condo in North Miami Beach evacuated due to unsafe conditions

This is interesting...

Missouri patient in his 40s 'so sorry' he didn't get the COVID vaccine. Then he died

The ocean is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico after a pipeline ruptured.

Misinformation and the Jan. 6 insurrection: When 'patriot warriors' were fed lies

Audio: voicemail from Trump allies asking Maricopa County supervisors to stop counting ballots

Royal Caribbean opens cruise ship to house visiting rescuers today

Watching anti-mask/vaxxers choose between their librul hate and their beloved friends

Sadly, I think I agree with Michael Steele.

Ransomware attack on software manager hits 200 companies

Governor provides context on the July 1 wage hike for ASG (American Samoa)

And so it begins -Crestview Towers condo in North Miami Beach evacuated due to unsafe conditions

Alvin Bragg set to become first-ever Black Manhattan DA, will pick up Trump probe

Another classic video from Paul Lee Teeks - Tour de France:

Georgia republican says 168,000 Cobb County votes from 2020 shouldn't have counted.

Wealthy people can be so tone deaf.

The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video turned out to be pretty good.

ICE embroiled in major fraud scandal in Colombia

Professors and Students Sue Over Florida's New College Survey Law

Plaintiffs want over $5 million worth of IPI assets auctioned (Northern Marianas)

Vaccine Vendor Reaffirms Request for Bribe in Tense Statement to Senate Pandemic investigation

ive been seeing this word "triggered " in use lately , what does it mean. ill put it in a scentance

Dear Lauren Boebert, you really should just quit social media (and politics)

Amazon Fires See Worst June since 2007

Amazon Fires See Worst June since 2007

CNMI starts tourism 'travel bubble' with South Korea

Kitty hits the food jackpot 🤑

Pyrocumulus Cloud Formations Over BC/NW Alberta Generated 700,000+ Lightning Strikes In 15 Hours

Guam Supreme Court upholds governor's quarantine power

Gas leak from underwater pipeline causes fire in Gulf of Mexico, report says

Ige signs bill outlawing 'ghost guns'

Schatz: Congress Needs To Stop 'Ignoring The Needs Of Native People'

After Embezzling To Fund 'Luxurious Lifestyle,' Former Nonprofit Exec Begs For Leniency

If you committed a little light terrorism on January 6, you are still a domestic terrorist.

AOC FTW: Shout out to all the legislators having dinner with Exxon lobbyists

WTF!? League of women stops voter registration drive in Kansas to avoid being jailed???

Missouri hospital CEO: Vaccine opponents should 'Shut up'

Thoughts on Dr. Gupta on Jeopardy?

BREAKING: NWS Confirms Tornado Ripped Through North Arlington Neighborhoods

Looters Moved Into Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield Hours After U.S. Troops Left

Bragg's opponent concedes in primary for Manhattan DA

A bit ago DUer posted a woman stealing a baseball from a kid.

Former U.S. Prosecutor Michael Koenig on the case against Allen Weisselberg

"How do you feel having your son be in Antifa?"

HE'S INDICTED & IT FEELS SO GOOD -- Founders Sing Parody w/ Weisselberg, Cyrus Vance & Leticia James

Royal Caribbean opens cruise ship to house visiting rescuers

Trudeau denounces church burnings, vandalism in Canada

Republicans Divided on Midterm Message

"Racial left opponent" (Rand Paul fundraising email)

New Supreme Ct. Rulings Gut Voting Rights, Allow More Dark Money In Politics: Hijack Democracy

Republicans on Jan. 6 select committee will reportedly try to blame Pelosi for the Capitol riot

My dad, a racist hillbilly told me...

He is Jimmy Carter 2.0

a stone cold MAG guarantee, this is a song you've never heard, but I promise you will dig

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: