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Michael Wolff calls out CNN's Brian Seltzer for being soft with FOX News

Sulfates of Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium,

I haven't posted for six months, but this has to be shared

Dan Rather: Freedom Defined, and Distorted

Supreme Court says former Newport police chief convicted of official misconduct can take office

Wet bulb temperature: The crucial weather concept that actually tells us when heat becomes lethal

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Capital Gazette Shooter Found Criminally Responsible for Murders, Will Be Sentenced to Prison

Maryland Speaker Announces Support for Referendum to Legalize Cannabis

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 19 July 2021

PayPal issue -- want to shut down account and need advice

Officials work to get billions to Americans behind on rent

DC Passes Emergency Legislation To Delay Evictions

"It was my second shooting. So I was kind of prepared... I always am expecting something to happen."

Huge Oregon blaze grows as wildfires burn across western US

Fox News' alarming vaccine disinformation is a danger to America (Opinion)

More Victims Of LAPD's Botched Fireworks Explosion In South LA File Claims Against City

TCM 10:00 pm Stormy Weather (1943)

First Felony Sentencing in Capitol Riot To Set Precedent For Dozens Of Cases

Rudy Giuliani was so 'incredibly drunk' on election night that Trump aides worried he'd smash valuab

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is very very confused

GoebbelsQP - "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes...."

Outspoken Democrat decries 'white progressive elite ambivalence' in New Mexico Senate

Death by DeSantis

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene

I just published an open letter to Former President Trump

Buddy Carter -- idiot

The Redbirds take 2 from the Giants, color me impressed

Trump Supporters Freak Out After Republican Leader Says Biden Actually Won The Election

Dog surprises owner by suddenly laying down and playing in a mud puddle!

Grifters Gonna Grift: Lauren Boebert's Slush Fund

Older dogs teach the new puppy how to use the doggy door!

51% of the unvaccinated think our gov is using it to "microchip" the population

Goetz & Greene get trolled - this is beautiful (edited to add a better link)

The Obama Foundation: Celebrating Madiba's Life.

Lindsay says he's leaving town!

Ummm...wut?!? Woman breaks into dentist's office, pulls 13 teeth from patient

"Why don't we just sit down and stay a while."

Opinion: Joe Biden And The Social Democratic Moment

Klobuchar: Infrastructure bill could include voting measures

I'm not a fan of passengers applauding after a routine landing

Stop calling it a labor shortage. It's a wage shortage.

OK's Lankford's challenge from the right...

Conspiracy Theories That Ran Rampant During Trumps Final Days In Office - MSNBC

Novel plastic disintegrates in a week in sunlight and oxygen

Gotta say, I'm even more impressed by this vaccine.

I'm watching Behind The Curve. Flat-earth documentary

'Privileged' unemployed man is slammed for tweeting he resents his parents for 'spoiling' him

Share of vaccinated populations

Biden's Missed Opportunity in Cuba

Trump Takes MASSIVE LOSS in Court over his LIES - Christo Aivalis

The Worst of Tucker Carlson - The Daily Show

Getting Rid of Trumpism Requires Continually Going Back to the Ballot Box

Good Night everybody. Monday is an in person work day for this old man

Facebook fires back at Surgeon General. Hear his response - CNN

Felicia, Guillermo churning across East Pacific as Atlantic stays quiet

On This Day: On July 18

Meghan McCain's hairstyles: A history of her looks on 'The View'

2 more fully vaccinated Texas House Democrats test positive for COVID-19, bringing total to 5

22 US Senate Elections that Democrats stand a chance of winning in 2022.

Is WORX a good brand?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive): John Dillermand

Blue Origin's New Shepard on track for first crewed launch Tuesday

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Ramble On

5 Texas Democrats In Washington Test Positive

Happy national ice cream day!

Why Don't We Do It In The Road

Georgia deputy loses 5-year-old son to COVID-19

New York Times Columnist Explores Run for Governor

Boston Dynamics machines flawlessly and soulfully dancing in rhythm.

1000 infected out of 20,000-person music festival in the Netherlands.

Dr. Rob Davidson: How Fox News' Covid vaccine denialism hurts my patients

COVID: Entrance of vaccinated to Israel postponed again amid outbreak - Jerusalem Post

Beto O'Rourke: Celebrating the life and legacy of John Lewis at the Good Trouble Vigil in El Paso

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 20: Star Signs

Atsu Sakari (BuckTick): Kiss Me Goodbye -personal encounter

Five Texas House Democrats who traveled to Washington, D.C., have tested positive for coronavirus

(Jewish Group) Whatever happened to John Hopkins teaching assistant who wanted to punish 'Zionists'

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism on TikTok spiked 912% says a new study. But is it accurate?

Momma cat is so helpful...

Fun TikTok Account for those who like the GTA video game franchise

Hundreds of Jews visit contested holy site in Jerusalem

Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins to be deported after boasting about undermining COVID-19

Why Covid Cases Are Rising In All 50 States - American Voices - MSNBC

Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

Anyone feel this quake in CA yesterday?

"Pollsters: 'Impossible' to say why 2020 polls were wrong" - Could It Be Voter Suppression?

Sneaky microchips you weren't expecting

With mixed reviews, Bangor hotel to end run as homeless shelter in September

My husband died today

Paul LePage wants to 'clean up' his act. Plenty of the old LePage is still there.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats have decent chance of winning.

Al Franken: Heather McGhee - An Encore of My Best Podcast Ever! (July 18, 2021)

2 men sentenced for defrauding MaineCare of nearly $2M

Sen. King expects Bath-built warship cut from defense budget will be added back

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Kontakion and Evlogitaria of the Departed'

Voters will decide if Mainers have a constitutional right to food

CNN Live: 'New Mandatory Mask Requirements In L.A. County.'

Pegasus, Private Israeli Malware Used To Spy On Journalists, Activists, Politicians

Gov. Mills hasn't announced bid for re-election, but has raised $575,000

After surviving challenge, backers say Portland rent control law will help tenants stay afloat

Velshi: When QAnon Lies, People DIE - MSNBC

Former US Senate Candidate Sara Gideon Announces Latest Donations From Leftover Campaign Funds

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

In Trying To Contextualize Vetoes, Gov. Janet Mills Acknowledges Progressive Angst

Mitt Romney Calls Out Conservative Morons For Attacking Vaccines - Ring of Fire

Trail of 'forever chemicals' leads to Maine paper mills

OPEC, allies raise limits for 5 countries to end oil dispute

On the Trail: Hassan gears up for re-election, names campaign manager

Gottlieb warns Delta variant will be "most serious virus" unvaccinated get in their lifetime - CBS

Canada has now eclipsed U.S. in percentage of fully vaccinated residents

New Hampshire renters need to earn $24 an hour to afford 'modest' housing, report shows

Desperate for vaccines amid surge, Iranians flock to Armenia

New Hampshire Community College System Freezes Tuition Again

Former state senator gets 60-day sentence for misdemeanors

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Anti-Vaccine Film Targeted To Black Americans Spreads False Information

Former CISA Director Chris Krebs on vaccine misinformation on social media- Face the Nation CBS News

Vermont reenactors to mark pivotal 250-year-old skirmish against New York interlopers

Somebody is having fun with Donald

US: Daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered

Elder care industry confronts both a labor shortage and a financial crisis

My nephew has been posting anti-CRT memes on Facebook...

City Confidential: Weinberger Fails to Promptly Notify Officials That an Administrator Is on Leave

Stolen identities of Surfside victims

Breakfast Monday 19 July 2021

Applications to Some Vermont Colleges Are Up Sharply This Year

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

Covid vaccination centres vandalised in France

Biden and Sanders, once rivals, are now partners in power

New meme in ReTHUG states

From The BBC: Scotland's mysterious ancient artificial islands with an additional nod to

'It's chilling what is happening': a rightwing backlash to Biden takes root in Republican states

What is this?

Red tide spurs closure of shellfish areas along Massachusetts coast

whatever happened to Stacy Koon? (supervising LAPD at scene of Rodney King beating 30 years ago!!)

Biden's Schedule for Monday, July 19, 2021

Yankees fan who threw ball at Red Sox's Alex Verdugo banned from all MLB stadiums for life

Monday TOONs - This Is Fine

Good News Network: Good News in History, July 19, The first Tom and Jerry animation in 1941

'It's a horror movie': A 'biblical' swarm of mosquitos has invaded a Cape Cod town

Toyota Cancels Tokyo Olympics TV Ads, CEO Won't Attend Opening Ceremony

Happy 74th birthday, astrophysicist Brian May.

Mo Brooks is a disgusting piece of slime and makes me sick.

It's back to more careful Covid precaution basics for me, though I am fully vaccinated (Moderna).

Cannabis domesticated in East Asia, new study suggests

Microsoft Exchange email hack was caused by China, US says

Joe Louis Walker and Eric Gales

They are fit only for defeat -- total and uncompromising.

Bankruptcy filing won't keep owner from operating waste plant in Pittsfield

(LOL) Trump Describes Himself as 'Wonderful Person' While Complaining About Open Championship Site

GOP Lawmaker Reported Donation from Dead Woman

Looking for mods for Asian Group

Plane Dumps Thousands of Fish into Utah Lake

In her own words: Nina Turner seems to hate the Democratic party.

A peaceful moment for you today

Deer Prances Delicately Across Street

The former guy -by Tom Tomorrow

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 7/14/21

2021 Harvey Award Nominations Announced

U.S. women's gymnastics alternate tests positive for coronavirus in Tokyo

The Rundown: July 19, 2021

Oman is flooding:

Blue Mesa, Flaming Gorge, Navajo Begin Emergency Releases To Prop Up Powell, Now Less Than 1/3 Full

Imagine if we had spent the last 20 years fighting global warming instead of in Afghanistan

Middle Age Riot tweet: Republican devolution--

Biden Administration Moves First Prisoner Out of Guantanamo After Trump Delay

America after Trump: "Dystopian science fiction ... is actually happening"

Alabama's Congressional Delegation Can't Even Be Bothered To Join The Greenwash Caucus

Why is Tucker Carlson still on the air?

London mayhem as anti-lockdown protestors throw bottles at police on Freedom Day

We've been watching "Clarkson's Farm" on Prime

We don't want Lindsey Graham to leave DC!

Beautiful image of world harmony among leadership - finally!

My daughter died 20 years ago today.

Whatever happens next on Plague Island, it's now on us.

Since the rethugs are doing everything to go against

Born on this date.

Know Earth's Enemies: The American Petroleum Institute And Its Endless Environmental Lies

Why did they change their minds?

PLEASE thank this anonymous DU donor for a $12,000 gift yesterday!!!

Commander Cody (George Frayne) has a birthday today.

The Isolation Pit Of Shame

China's UNESCO Representative Defends Move To List GBR As "In Danger" After Repeated Bleachings

Former Guy: "They were hugging and kissing. You don't see that. There's plenty of tape on that."

I was in the yard with ALL FIVE kitties, this morning.

Theme from Homeland

An interesting revelation from one of the recent books...

What is your favorite kitchen appliance you couldn't do without & use most?

Had to venture out from my anti-covid lair today

'Bite the bullet' and buy now: Panhandle ammo prices likely won't drop for 12 to 24 months

Guantanamo inmate sent to home country in Biden policy shift

Boy, 15, accidently shoots, kills 13-year-old friend in Utah

Twitter Tweeters Lets all hook up

She was forbidden as a young woman from trying on her dream wedding gown because she's Black. Now,

US blames China for hacks, opening new front in cyber offensive

"it was my second shooting so I was kind of prepared."

I have the best private nurse that money can not buy.

Baka Baka Baka!!!!

(Pa) 12-year-old driver seriously hurt in Warsaw Twp. crash

Anyone see the lightning show Saturday night?

Tell me the difference between these two lists:

Smoking has returned to Pennsylvania casinos after 1-year temporary ban

Sometimes I read an article and think-- "This would be a good Netflix series!"

This dude literally said it's not the government's job to protect people.

Joe should come out with a new vaccine name

Built to keep Black from white

Another Pa. county raises objection to lawmaker's election audit

The history of the 'false positives' in the La Popa Battalion

Dow sinks 700 points as Delta variant fears hit Wall Street hard

Wow! And I thought my greenskeeper was loyal!

Eric Boehlert: The Murdoch variant spreads

This business still requires you to wear a mask. DO NOT SHOP HERE PATRIOTS!

Wisconsin workers fight factory move to Mexico: 'Anxiety is through the roof'

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin flight tomorrow will include Wally Funk.....

Good morning! A couple early osprey birds, + then later:

A vile new Trump-GOP claim about vaccines suggests trouble ahead

Why the Vegetable Seller in This 450-Year-Old Painting Isn't Smiling Anymore

Dow drops more than 700 points on Monday, heads for worst decline of 2021

DOJ Will Not Prosecute Trump Officials After IG Referred Findings of False Testimony on Census

"We must never allow people to get away with murdering our children,"

Tucson suspect shoots at EMTs, police and firefighters in spree that leaves one dead, four injured

Ryan Grim: Fox News Workers Have Their Own Corporate Vaccine Passport

Deposed Ninth-Century King May Have Called This Cave Dwelling Home

During this week in July 1952, Washington, DC, was visited by UFOs.

Puke Florida Rep. tests positive for covid.

What is techno-anthropology?

After deadly riots in South Africa, army of volunteers leads defense, cleanup efforts

Secret Service intel briefings ahead of 1/6 concluded there was no indication of civil disobedience

Godfather of anti-vax, Andrew Wakefield, cozies up to QAnon.

1034 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.;0 deaths

Woman Takes Anti-Selfies Stance By 'Dying' At Famous Landmarks And They're Strangely Hilarious

Good Day DU (July 19, 2021)

Wild Blackberries

BREAKING: Paul Hodgkins receives 8 month sentence for Capitol insurrection

"[I]f the challenged does not appear in court...their voter registration is invalid."

Canadians Drink Milk Out of Bags

President speaking on the budget, taking questions now n/t

Welp....the insanity has arrived in England.

Another Ohio idiot pushing to ban mask requirements in schools across the state

France's honours Rev. Jesse Jackson with the Legion d'Honneur

July 13, 2021: the last day of analog TV in the United States, other than Alaska

Claude Joseph, Haiti's Acting Prime Minister, Is Stepping Down

The common medical condition you probably never heard of: POTS (growing due to covid!)

Pic Of The Moment: Only On Fox News

France honours Rev. Jesse Jackson with the Legion d'Honneur

'Fire clouds,' dry lightning bring more threats as crews struggle with Western wildfires

Illegal pot invades California's deserts, bringing violence, fear, ecological destruction

Russia reports successful test launch of hypersonic missile

What we may have is a masochist shortage, did the "job creators" ever consider that?

U.S. gymnast tests positive for COVID-19 days before Olympics opening ceremony

Garland formally prohibits seizure of reporters' records


Uverworld: mutts no kaze- live

TFG Org official who reportedly testified for prosecutors previously said TFG misused charity funds

The first rioter sentence is 8 months

California launches largest free school lunch program in US

10-Ounce Puppy Terrifies 75-Pound Boxer

Marvin Gaye: what's going on? (For my friend Mr Scorpio)

Giuliani tore into Chris Christie after the former governor the TFG legal team 'a national joke

Dow drops 800 points on fears of Covid rebound

Michael Wolff: Murdoch hates TFG but loves Fux Noise money more

Fox has undermined vaccination efforts in nearly 60% of all vaccination segments in a 2-week period

Opinion: We're becoming two Americas: One healthy, one deliberately at risk.

I am looking for an accurate death toll directly from a covid-19 vaccine...

Fox News has a vaccine passport program for Fox employees

Florida man gets 8 months in prison in 1st felony sentence from Capitol riot

Coffee won't make your heart flutter, study says

The Otters - Piano Funk

Ugh, crazy far right from Britain

Mad about the new mask mandate? Blame Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson

There is a type of THC that apparently was left off in a mistake when medical marajuana

Well, leave it to me to come down with something I've never heard of. 😂

Lewandowski says Trump paid actors to appear at his 2016 presidential campaign announcement

Pat Fallon Panders Propaganda That Caused Racial Violence In His District

Florida Man Set To Be First Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced For Felony

Democrats introduced a bill to rename more than 1,000 forests, lakes, and mountain peaks named with

Covid Delta: Reopening, Uncertainty, Worry, Anxiety Syndrome

Rosebud Sioux Nation Burial Honors for Children disinterred at Carlisle

I have been thinking about the Voting Legislation a lot

Joe Inoue : Kazee no Gotoku (like a cold)

Marcy Wheeler re Hodgkins' sentence: This is not the baseline

Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns

Not nearly enough prison time, should have been 80 months.

Very strong showing of support for @ShontelMBrown from Cleveland's Black faith community....

Detroit segregation wall still stands, a stark reminder of racial divisions

The fake Arizona "audit" is confusing, idiotic, and endless -- which means it's working as intended

CONSERVATIVES: Why isn't there a white history month?

BBQ Becky on the Covid Vaccine

We should rename the Delta variant to reflect what it really is........

BuckTick (Atsushi Sakarai - vocal) Sasayaki

A vile new Trump-GOP claim about vaccines suggests trouble ahead

Steve Doocy Implores Fox & Friends Viewers to Get the Covid Vaccine: 'Get the Shot. It Will Save Y

Dashcam catches man throwing debris onto Seattle highway

In order to prove your loyalty to TFG, you have to skip being vaccinated and offer to die for this

Leading the pack in wolf management

Looks like Rudy WANTS to be disbarred...

X-Japan: Weekend

"Marcia fudge can't endorse Shontel Brown for congress But I can"

Okay...hear me out...

Canada to open border to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens on Aug. 9

Rie aka Suzuki : Dreaming Eyes

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are going to win.

The fake Arizona "audit" is confusing, idiotic, and endless -- which means it's working as intended

Congress Mulls Limits on Foreign Ownership of Farmland

Canada to let fully vaccinated U.S. citizens into Canada starting on Aug. 9.

Survivors of Calif.'s Forced Institutional Sterilizations, Eugenics: New Reparations Program


American Assn. Peds: All students should wear masks in school this fall, top pediatrics group says

GOP is upset that Biden admin is stopping drug dealers from bringing drugs across the border

DeSantis has a dead fish problem

It's Over For Nina: Marcia Fudge's MOMMA endorses Shontel Brown!

Biden says Fed 'should take whatever steps it deems necessary' to respond to inflation

Video games are a labor disaster

William Regnery Is Dead

You guys may like this - please enjoy

Women from across the nation are being arrested right now in Washington, DC, for protesting ...

Congressman: "Donald Trump is a very dumb man. He could not have done this on his own." EXACTLY!

Pro-Democracy Republicans Emerge as Swing Voters

"Kingdom of Roaches"

Inside the feverish mind of Donald Trump two months after leaving the White House

"Nina Turner's constant smears doesn't sit well with #OH11 clergy members" :


Two jabs mandatory for English nightclubs from end of September

MassGOP Vice Chairman Tom Mountain resigns as executive committee poised to investigate 'allegations

The Biden administration is sending Afghan visa applicants to an Army base in Virginia

Cartoons 7/19/2021

War: Cisco kid was a friend of mine

TFG is history, but recent enough to justify study

Ben & Jerry's Joins BDS Boycott of Israel

War: the world is a ghetto

Oklahoma GOP Won't Censure It's Senators

Here's what can replace monuments to Confederates

Down to 2 police officers, Brier reaches out to the county

Abandoned boats washed up at Howarth Park slated for removal

Medical marijuana blues

Pence flatlines as 2024 field takes shape

NHL prospect Luke Prokop says he is gay. 'This is who I am.'

A user's guide to Rhode Island government.

Enough With the Fanfic From Trump's Shitty Generals and Enablers

Statistics show the stark risks of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Magic mesh on patio sliding door boog dunk pup golden retriever mr big paws

Merrick Garland Must Prosecute Criminal Former Trump Admin Officials to Save Democracy

U.S. gymnast catches COVID just days before Olympic opener

CDC advises against American travel to the UK

Biden hosts Jordan's king amid tough choices in Mideast

Biden's Approval Rating Near 60% As Every Republican Attack Flops

California utility says its equipment may be linked to fire

Dust in the Wind - RIP Robby Steinhardt

Had Gabby Giffords not been shot, she will be serving in the US Senate.

I'm just asking a question, you understand, but is it true that, given the widely publicized

Florida congresswoman claims Fox News and Ron DeSantis are responsible for state's COVID surge

PuffyAmiYumi: Asia no Junsen (True Asia)

Dr. Peter Hotez: Biden Battles a Triple-Headed Monster on Vaccines

Israel is administering COVID booster shots. Who qualifies to get one?

TFG said he regrets not 'immediately' sending in the military to quash nationwide unrest last summer

So on Friday I walked in a hotel lobby into super spreader event, I left quickly.

Flameless Cooking

Dow plunges as much as 935 points as fears grow over spread of COVID-19 Delta variant

Disinformation: It's History

Help me please

I took a walk today . . .

When you accidentally discover your cat is a break-dancing ninja..

Something about my kitty

Concerted effort today by Fox's daytime news shows to promote the vaccines to its audience.

Land lobsters from hell are emerging in Big Bend after summer rains

'Call It What It Is: "The Radical Fascist Agenda"'

Its appears that Ron Johnson has new competition...

Tick tick Douchey tick tock 💣 🤣

Watchdog: Ross misled on reason for citizenship question

For Destiny 2 fans- Sir Paul McCartney:Hope for the Future

Psaki bomb: "We don't believe that requires an embroidered invitation to be a part of,"

Mail order wine lawsuit will not be bottled up

New campaign ad hits Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson for 'peaceful' Jan. 6 claim

Fauci vs Bobbart

Fox News has a "FOX Clear Pass" for all vaccinated employees

GOP Says Infrastructure Vote Will Fail

Rep. Andy Biggs doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

McKee vetoes auto body shop 'markup' legislation

Well, as long as she had a GOOD reason...

Haiti's acting prime minister Claude Joseph says he will step down amid leadership dispute

Molly Jong Fast: Certified Loser Donald Trump Is Rebranding MAGA as a Full-On Cult

Federal Judge: University of Indiana's vaccination policy does not violate the U.S. Constitution

Advice about deaf cat

Mo Brooks says masks "endanger the health of those who wear them" in letter to Biden

Kasie Hunt headed to CNN after NBC departure: report

18-year-old pilot makes emergency landing on Ocean City bridge

A year out, $60M bribery scandal felt in business, politics

Tucker Carlson Should Get SUSPENDED For This Moment - Rebel HQ

Chancellor Palpatine - "Demoncracy"

Don't be shocked...Ted Cruz lied about spread of COVID-19 by migrants

President Biden has now overturned 39 of T---p's environmental and energy policies

Congrats KT2000, 19 active years on DU!

Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison (MSNBC)

The Moral Panic Over Critical Race Theory Is Coming For A North Carolina Teacher of the Year

You gotta read this CNN article on the convicted capitol rioter

Well! Well! Well! It turns out that Fux Corporation has a vaccine passport

Legalization of recreational marijuana brings worries about risks of child poisoning

Graves of Native American children are discovered in Oregon with Anglicized names

Inflation? Not in Japan. And That Could Hold a Warning for the U.S.

Extra pension payments mean big savings now -- and down the road

COVID correction of the day

Matt Gaetz Proclaims He's Ready For A Street Fight - Rebel HQ

Stay still, dammit!

Trump and Biden exchanged bodies

Magic trick with an orangutan

Jake Tapper Lied! Obama directed 25 million through DARPA to Moderna to research and develop mRNA..

SCOTUS footnote

Versailles: Revenant Choir

House Select Committee on the Jan. 6th Insurrection announces their list of witnesses for 1st hrg.

Ex-Fox reporter reveals why Tucker Carlson is lying about vaccines (CNN)

Have you ever cried in a museum? What was the art museum? Was it a van Gogh?

Time to get rid of the "Enrique Tarrio did nothing wrong" shirts

Canada's 'Doing Better' on Vaccine Rollout Because of US Political 'Divisiveness' Over Vaccinations

A gripe about equipment

My cat is a genius. I used the word "Tuna" for the first time in 6 months

Man's family surprised him with a new puppy..

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 19, 2021

Stamford-based Purdue Pharma seeking court approval for up to $29M in employee bonuses

God tweets about the unvaccinated--and gets a great response:

Should You Want To Write THe President Re: Garland...You can do so here...

5 unvaccinated children cannot dine together (Singapore)

Does anyone still preach tolerance of RWNJ's?

Biden Gets High Marks for Handling Pandemic.....66% approve

Man who threatened judge in Michael Flynn case gets 18 months in prison

Here's a great visual representation of the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Roald Dahl's message to anti-vaxxers

I tend to hate cover bands and oom-pah-pah bands, so why do I like these guys so much...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Man who threatened judge in Michael Flynn case gets 18 months in prison

JOHN PAVLOVITZ:The Sadness of Sharing a Country With Trump Supporters

American Dental Association Cuts Off Funding for Paul Gosar

where i am, the monsoon is here in ca, getting sprinkes and thunder .

The "Freedom Phone" is an overpriced smartphone that doesn't free you from anything

Senate Democrats propose requiring women to register for military draft

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about 8 months, justice, and fairness....

My Unorthodox Life on Netflix

Excerpt: "I'm Getting the Word Out": Inside the Feverish Mind of Donald Trump Two Months...

Conservative says it's time to stop coddling vaccine resisters -- and time to start mandates

OH MY GOODNESS! Taken from down creek from home, and there are 2!

Texas Democrats finally reveal results of meeting with Manchin - No Lie podcast

UVERworld-Colors of the heart

Dog Bed Pulverized by Proud Pup

How does a judge call an act treason and then hand out a sentence of

Would it be smart for Biden to issue a federal vaccine mandate (within Constitutional limits)

Meghan McCain's Husband Busted for tweeting at adult film actress

Devon Allman, Say Your Prayers

Ex-Student Charged with computer crimes After Putting Hitler Quotation in Yearbook

CleavonMD twitter thread on covid survivors.

Was Elvis Presley a racist?

Republicans Lose Confidence In Big Business

Fox News Implements Vaccine Passports for Staff

DeSantis vows to appeal court decision that keeps CDC cruise rules in place

NEWS: @heatherscope and I are told that McCarthy will name Reps. Jim Banks (as ranking member), Jim

The Upside to Unreliable Polls

California approves 1st state-funded guaranteed income plan

"Chernobyl" just might be the greatest thing I've ever seen on TV

BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy picks for the Jan 6 Commission...

Jim Jordan a McCarthy pick for Jan. 6 Committee

FOX News: Unvaccinated People Dying From COVID? So What? That's Their Choice!

Size of Oregon wildfire underscores vastness of the US West

The massive Museum of Pinball is closing its doors for good

Michigan school: Wearing masks would violate "sincerely held religious beliefs"

Covid: Boris Johnson resisted autumn lockdown as only over-80s dying - Dominic Cummings

Covid: Boris Johnson resisted autumn lockdown as only over-80s dying - Dominic Cummings

Gabriel Boric wins Chile presidential primary as protest generation takes centre stage

violent spree by 35 yr old male in Arizona leaves 5 shot, several kids missing, one dead

Utada Hikaru: prisoner of love

Illinois Gov. Pritzker announces 2022 re-election bid

Guns, gangs and foreign meddling: how life in Haiti went from bad to worse

Fox "News" practicing what they don't preach...

McCarthy zeroes in on his 5 GOP picks for Jan. 6 select committee

THREE of Kevin's pics voted against seating Biden

I wouldn't normally post a story from fox news

Nazareth, New York Broken Toy

'Do not travel': CDC, State Department raise UK travel alert after spike in COVID cases

New virus cases in Arkansas has increased by 114% over past two weeks

(Maine) Pine Tree Power veto sustained

Dog trapped between concrete walls for 5 days rescued by firefighters, found wagging tail

Me Watching

When Fox News viewers attack! --- Pissed at Doocy for promoting the vaccines

Man wins $1 million from vaccine incentive lottery in Arkansas

Biden pushes back on inflation fears ahead of infrastructure plan vote

Minnesota court sends PolyMet air permit case back to agency

What is the suburban realignment to Democrats really made of?

Hundreds of Flights Into Denver Delayed Due to Wildfire Smoke From Pacific Northwest

Cannabis breakfast treat. Working title is Weedies. Now I need a product. I suppose it doesn't

Space, the final F.U.

Didn't see this before tonight. Jon Ossoff and Dick Durbin are pushing for Death Penalty ban!

Trudeau to ease border rules Aug. 9 for fully vaccinated Americans. Now it's Biden's move.

The Tokyo Olympics... The Worst Olympics Organizing team maybe ever

Let's call it what it is. McCarthy naming Jordan to the January 6th commission is not just

Canada border opens to vaccinated US citizens Aug. 9: Everything you need to know

Geraldo Rivera knocks 'crazy' talk about right not to be vaccinated: 'We too have rights'

Norwich's Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy protection due to sexual abuse lawsuits

Poll: How should Democrats deal with the crime issue going into 2022?

Rediscovered this album recently. Kept playing it. I may be on replay 64 by now

Senate hearing in Georgia highlights growing alarm over potential post-election meddling

Paralympian Olivia Breen said an official called her sprint briefs 'too short and inappropriate'

So we've wasted even more time....Repukes reneging on bipartisan infrastructure bill

Jeopardy host today Robin Roberts hosting n/t

AquaTimez :Sen no yoru wo Koete

"Free Paul Hodgkins!!!"

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