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Florida protesters show solidarity with Cubans by blocking major roads. They may be challenging stat

'Exile headquarters of the world': How Miami became the nexus for an assassination plot

Amid calls to defund VMI, superintendent calls alleged attacks on female cadets 'unacceptable'

Joe Manchin will meet with Texas Legislators

Shitfaced Giuliani reportedly pushed Trump to 'just say we won' on election night

Rob Portman

"Just say you won."

Ouch! All-Star Game Honors Hank Aaron - who played with the Atlanta Braves - in Denver

From my father, RE: Gov. Death by Chocolate's signing of CRT Ban

Lauren Boebert's Dangerous COVID-19 Comments Used Against Her In New Viral Video

Kevin McCarthy Quoted MLK. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Bernice King Had Some Blunt Advice.

Middle Age Riot LOL!

Donald Trump May Already Be Violating Campaign Laws

CPAC Breakdown: Nazis, Insurrectionists and D*cks - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Feds: New Hampshire Firm Shipped WMD Tech to Russian Spies

It was goddam freezing in CT today...

OK, I get the point, and I'd love one of these if I had 300 bucks to blow, but...

slather, retch, repeat

'SUPER FUN': A gun covered in Legos to look like a toy sets off a furor

Really appreciate what I'm hearing from Black

The irony of Cult45

"The Searchers" is on again. I think it's going to be running a lot this month.

From my Campaign Website: Joel John and the Amazing Teacher Gag Vote

Let's talk about Democrats walking out in Texas....

Trump pulling out of the 2024 election . . .

Judge blocks Maryland governor from ending extended unemployment benefits

The UFO Rogues Gallery Takes Over America

So, how does Darkness Falls end?

'Have You No Shame?: Biden Criticizes Restrictive Voting Laws

Opinion: The Voice of America whistleblowers have been vindicated

'Tell your viewers Trump lost!' Texas Dem steamrolls Fox News host for spreading election lies

A Texas family joins the list of more than 500 people arrested in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Gorka's New Gig: Hawking Patriot Bunker Food

Democrats Agree to Return to Texas if Greg Abbott Leaves

Documents reveal Obama's EPA approved Toxic Chemicals in Fracking

Democrats Agree to Return to Texas if Greg Abbott Leaves

Trump Justice Dept. effort to learn source of leaks for Post stories came in Barr's final days as AG

Texas Dems Demolish Trump's Big Lie In Dramatic Fight Against Voter Suppression - The Beat - MSNBC

Jimmy Kimmel is off for the Summer and is having guest hosts filling in.....

Texas Democrat Presses Fox's Hegseth to Say Trump Lost in 2020: 'Is This an Uncomfortable Question

Encountered a MAGAt on a relative's Facebook page.

Top vaccine official for the state of Tennessee, Dr. Michelle Fiscus coming up on Chris Hayes

At least 184.5 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S.

Entire elk heard spotted on I-90 wildlife overpass

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Oklahoma's GOP governor drowned in boos after his latest attack on Native American sovereignty

Oklahoma's GOP governor drowned in boos after his latest attack on Native American sovereignty

How Internet and TV providers get away with jacking up your bill

Salt Lake police officer killed a man inside the police department. It was his 3rd shooting

Dark Shadows and Beyond: The Jonathan Frid Story

The Language Project

Texas Veteran Timothy Beauchamp Praises Democrats For Leaving The State To Protect Voting Rights


BREAKING: Senate Dems have reached an agreement on a $3.5T budget resolution

Texas Republicans Vote to Track Down Democrats

I think the climate crisis and the fascism crisis

Okay, I need some help with a monitor issue (update: solved!!! :-) )

Greg Abbott Could Get Burned as Democrats Flee

US drilling approvals increase despite Biden climate pledge

This is surely not mental illness but I don't know where to post it

Two Weeks Before Olympics, Tokyo's Outdoor Swimming Venue Stinks

Jay Nixon plans to headline Clay County Democrat event, fueling Senate speculation

Clarence Thomas rejects emergency request to block Covid-19 mask requirement for public travel

State sees 1,476 new covid cases, largest 1-day increase in 5 months

Charges dropped against activists protesting Louisiana pipeline


'We're Not Teaching Sodomy In 6th Grade': GOP Nominee For NJ Governor Wants To End LGBTQ Curriculum

Trump Going Down? Here's How You Know 45 Is Worried Amid Criminal Probe (MSNBC)

TN Republicans threaten to dismantle health department over kids Covid Vaccine

Thirty years of Grateful Dead concerts are available on the Internet Archive.

rep Clyburn seem pretty optimistic about converging on civil rights legislation

Mayor of Miami on Bombing Cuba: 'That Option Is One That Has To Be Explored'

'Weird,' 'Frightening,' 'Disastrous': Inside Trump's Paranoid Final Days In Office - The Beat MSNBC

Here's the current state of Trump Org in one image, taken from the corporate records of ...

Jen Psaki to Fox News child reporter Doocy: "Welcome back." She then simplified answer. Schooled!

The first ever Aldi grocery store in Essen, Germany, 1930. (Photo)

Make America Sick Again

One of the Lizard people revealed!

The once-perennial Gila River ebbs to an uncertain future

Carl Sagan was prophetic. He predicted the purposeful decline of America. Is there time to change?

Breaking: Senate Dems agree to $3.57 trillion reconciliation package

Posted up with the dawgs

How Trump's team struggled to tell him no, enabled election falsehoods - PBS NewsHour

This Wasn't On The Test

Kidnap note

The Winter Whitehouse (sarcasm), but only partly

CPAC attendees cheer speaker effectively encouraging a death wish; proof bad ideology kills

Slate "The Lies Were Always the Point" (important read, I think)

Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Campaign Echoes 'Doctor's Plot' Rhetoric

Louis Rossmann -- Biden executive order unearths the military's Right to Repair problems

Now you see it: Porter Sink reopens and Lake Jackson disappears once more

She Was Fired For Promoting Vaccines. But What Happened Next Is Worse - All In - MSNBC

Who remembers having to cover your schoolbooks?

Turning Into Random Objects

CRISPR Breakthrough Blocks SARS-CoV-2 Virus Replication in Early Lab Tests

State fires vaccine chief after she shares policy about vaccinating teens

Judge Roy Moore Loses His $95 Million Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen

Bernie stepping into history

France, Greece order health workers to be vaccinated

Gingrich: Democrats are the greatest domestic threat the US has faced to freedom since the Civil War

Hannity's "question" to Lara Trump. Yes this is what Fox viewers see. 🤪

Charles Robinson, who played court clerk on long-running 'Night Court,' dies at 75

Charles Robinson, who played court clerk on long-running 'Night Court,' dies at 75

David Bowie, 1999...

Good Night DU - Tonight's lullaby is a classic Eb Davis slow blues crawl

Carl Sagan, 1996

Superior Jeans


Embarrassing: RNC runs pouty ad during ASG re: moving the game out of Atlanta(video)


Fox: "There's no reason right now, no clinical reason to go get vaccinated"

Hey conservatives, can we stop "owning the libs"?

Wondering if the golden goose is expiring...might be a day late and a dollar short.?

IRAN: Plott to Kidnap U.S. Journalist & Human Rights Activist from NY City for Rendition to Iran...

Senate Democrats announce deal on $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

Schumer Joins Local Fight Against Astoria Power Plant Proposal

Hit the airplane maskholes in the credit card.

7/14 Mike Luckovich: Eating away

'Rigged Against Democracy': Hayes On The Backward Filibuster System - All In - MSNBC

No Offense Intended

Tennessee Legislators Are Outraged That Teenagers Might Want to (Checks Notes) Not Get Covid

Did I miss the memo?

DeSantis says he wants to provide internet access in Cuba to get around government shutdown

Texas Rep Responds To Governor Abbott's Arrest Threats - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Manafort banker convicted in bribery scheme

Beto O'Rourke: Filibuster Exception On Voting Rights Needed To Save Democracy - The Last Word MSNBC

Is Virginia an economic success or 'in the ditch?' Depends on which candidate you ask.

TRIGGER Waning! 20 minutes long, but we all can help!

OPINION: JFK's Secret Negotiations with Fidel

Creativity may be key to healthy aging. Here are ways to stay inspired.

Top Credit Rating Agency Warns Trump's 'Failure to Concede' and GOP Voter Suppression Could Tank US

Are Black churches beginning to reckon with their embrace of homophobia?

Pose star Mj Rodriguez is the first trans person nominated for a lead acting Emmy

Creativity may be key to healthy aging. Here are ways to stay inspired.

So, this shirt I ordered on Amazon ... as a guitar nerd I love it, but ...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 15, 2021 -- Primetime Theme: Star of the Month - Elvis!

France will require people to use a 'health passport' to enter a restaurant or attraction this fall

France will require people to use a 'health passport' to enter a restaurant or attraction this fall

Wyoming Bar Sells Out of Violently Anti-LGBTQ Tees Bragging to 'Shoot' Gay People as a 'Cure for

Donald Trump Breathes New Life Into Need for an Investigation into Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Tory MP says party must change attitude towards taking the knee

Meme asked. Name something you can say at a family dinner or during sex. I said,

Behind Obama's Change of Cuba Policy

Evil Tweet of the late night:

Democratic Part 'stole' All Star Game

U.S. says will continue to hold Hong Kong authorities accountable

Here's a trick of Doctor Dementia to test your skills...

Cuba confirms 1 man dead during antigovernment protests

U.S. State Department invites U.N. racism investigators to visit U.S.

'Trump's Priority Was Always To Win Re-Election' Says Michael Bender - Deadline - MSNBC

U.S. warns companies against doing business in Xinjiang

"Ridin' the Dog" 1989 Greyhound Bus Documentary

Senate Democrats reach $3.5 trillion budget agreement

Seth Meyers - Richard Branson Becomes First Billionaire to Travel to Space - Monologue 7/12/2021

Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from U.S.-China rivalry

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern says special APEC meeting to focus on economic impact of pandemic

Where I Work: Chernobyl.

In setback to Trump ally, Pennsylvania county will not comply with vote probe

Crime and Punishment: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 36

Juvenile inmates ordered removed from Oklahoma County jail

Michael Wolff Reveals New Details On Trump Presidency - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Cuba Made Simple

Most Heatwave Victims Died Alone with No Air Conditioning, Multnomah County Report Finds

Republicans are determined to always believe the exact opposite of Democrats.

How people turn out after high school

Union leader floats a run for governor

Salem to offer businesses money to house unsheltered people

Biden Goes 'Full Blast' On Republican Attacks On Democracy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Amtrak stops service between Eugene and Sacramento after wildfire damages tracks

Crime Is Up Slightly Because Reaganomics Has Failed

Clyburn Hopeful Manchin Will See Wisdom Of Scrapping Filibuster For Voting Rights - Rachel Maddow

Homeless camps to be dispersed in Roseburg parks

Prediction ...

Jet fuel shortage in U.S. West could ground firefighting aircraft

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/13/21

Breakfast Wednesday 14 July 2021

Stephen Colbert - "Sit Back, Relax" - Guest Sir Richard Branson's Space Travel Advice For Jeff Bezos

Bootleg fire, nation's largest, grows to over 200,000 acres as evacuations expand to Lake County

Stephen Colbert: Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton On GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions

Declassified documents, declassified: Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuban Invasion in 1962

Four alleged Iranian spies charged in plot to kidnap US-based journalist and critic

Document: Officer used Taser on 75-year-old without warning

Watch this ... how to get an excavator off a flatbed truck (2 minute video)

'It's devastating': Unvaccinated woman thought she could 'escape' COVID-19 - now she says she'll

Dunleavy's per diem veto over PFD situation raises concerns for Legislature

These insurrection fools are fortunate they live in America

Happy Bastille Day, DU

We knew it was coming. Anti-Covid vax hysteria is starting to metastasize to other vaccines

China wants to launch asteroid-deflecting rockets to save Earth from Armageddon

A peaceful moment for you today

Trying a new recipe for the herd garlic bread casserole

All of the ironies, again, again...

Growing up in lead-contaminated area may alter personality, study says

Covid deaths are a Republican Party electoral strategy for 2022 and 2024

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, July 14, 2021

NASA Solar Sail Asteroid Mission Readies for Launch on Artemis I

Wednesday TOONs - If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Astronomers discover a binary star system that will go supernova

Mixing trees and crops can help both farmers and the climate

Welcome to Gilead

Souped-up supernovas may produce much of the universe's heavy elements

'Monkeydactyl' may be the oldest known creature with opposable thumbs

Government to introduce statute of limitations on Troubles prosecutions

FBI agents find another cache of guns belonging to Jan. 6 insurrectionist who had Capitol Lego set

The Rude Pundit:TN Legislators Are Outraged That Teenagers Might Want to(Checks Notes)Not Get Covid

Home confinement for Jan. 6th traitor (guy on stairs). Thought he was in the White House.

Colombia's president tied to suspect in Haiti president's assassination

Who Else Gets ExxonMobil Money? "Centrist" Orgs Like Brookings, CFR, Bipartisan Policy Center, More

Colombia's president tied to suspect in Haiti president's assassination

Yeah, Great Idea: CA Oil Lobby Group Wants To Strip Groundwater Protections From 1,500 Square Miles

VA GOP Gov nominee's top economic adviser is nutjob "Trumponomics" author

Toxins From 2018 Camp Fire - Lead, Zinc & Particulates - Traveled More Than 150 Miles In Smoke

In setback to Trump ally, Pennsylvania county will not comply with vote probe

A lander on Jupiter's icy moon Europa may have to dig at least 1 foot down to find signs of life

The Republican lust for the pain and suffering of Americans is insatiable

92% Of Top 100 S&P Companies Have Climate "Plans"; 75% Are Also Members Of The US Chamber

Had insurrection this morning Duncan/ Boog

How Dragonfly will explore Saturn's 'bizarro Earth' moon, Titan

Today is Bastille Day

Sowing Water: A Cuban Farm's Bid for Sustainability

Sowing Water: A Cuban Farm's Bid for Sustainability

Top Credit Rating Agency Warns Trump's 'Failure to Concede' and GOP Voter Suppression Could Tank

Chauvin judge declines state's request to revise memo about young eyewitnesses to Floyd's murder

update on "get her away from me!!!!!" Karen

In Six Weeks, Siberian Fires Have Released About 150 Million Tons CO2E - 800,000 Acres Burning Now

Moonstone Books for November 2021

The Weekly Pull: Suicide Squad, The Ultimates, Ninjak, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #145: The Heat of the Moment (7/13/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: July 14, 2021

BIG step forward on the feral kitten front

Two Liberal Backbenchers Urge Morrison To Set Meaningless 2050 Net Zero Goal Before Climate Summit

Has Anybody Studied What Indoctrinates A Person Into The Trump Cult?....

Does fund raising really mean anything??

George W. Bush calls withdrawal of U.S. and other NATO troops from Afghanistan "a mistake"

Why Republicans Are Turning Against Vaccines

The FOX coverage of MLB's All-Star Game gets more unwatchable every year

Republicans winning money race as they seek to take over House in 2022

I first heard about this story yesterday, but still have no idea why it happened...

Robin on a fencepost, with a mouthful

Afghanistan: Taliban flag raised above border crossing with Pakistan

The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards

The man who started the war in Afghanistan is now criticizing the man who is ending it 20 yrs. later

Inside the secret plan for the Texas Democratic exodus: A phone tree, a scramble to pack and a polit

I quit

Going through the motions, but it's not just another day. (one year)

L.A. city attorneys took part in 'sham lawsuit' over DWP billing errors, report says

'Breaks my heart': Former President Bush says Afghanistan troop withdrawal is a mistake

DeSantis sells 'Don't Fauci My Florida' merch as new coronavirus cases near highest in nation

Random thought... maybe the Texas democratic delegation should beat cops with flagpoles, shit in the

The Moral Collapse of J. D. Vance

On this day, July 14, 2001, Katharine Graham fell on a sidewalk while in Sun Valley, Idaho.

When and Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object

'Hey The Guardian, I rewrote this article on 'violence against women' for you'

How Tucker Carlson became the voice of White grievance

blood sugar 97 @ 0530 A .:)

Chuck Schumer Standing with the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

Coming Back: Restoring the Skokomish Watershed

RUDE ONE: As I've said for years & still say now-"Fuck you, George W Bush, you fucking war criminal"

Biden blasts GOP's attack on voting rights -- Fox News doesn't air it

It Ain't Me, Babe

EPA Considers Placing Limits On 'Forever Chemicals' In Drinking Water

Electrify America to double EV charging stations by 2025

Tennessee ranks No. 1 in the U.S. for largest increase in new COVID-19 cases

SOUP'S ON: Crash sends truck hauling ramen noodles into Lake Conway

What counts as a heat wave? It's a life-or-death question.

Eric Boehlert: The media lash out at "boring" Biden

EPA Considers Placing Limits On 'Forever Chemicals' In Drinking Water

Lithium could be key to turning Arkansas oil patch into a battery boomtown

Tax preparer convicted of failing to file his own taxes

Happy birthday sweet "Nick-Nick" (Canicula de la Bastille): July 14, 2001 - June 9, 2018

Random thoughts about Christianity

How do we know they're not performing abortions in the secret Jade Helm tunnels under the Wal-Marts?

Brazil's Bolsonaro hospitalized to find cause of hiccups, presidency says

Just how greedy do you have to be?

Maryland-based spice company McCormick offering $100k, free spices to new Director of Taco Relations

'We all quit': Burger King staff leaves note to management on store sign

Metro Wants To Temporarily Ban Riders Who Commit Weapons And Sex Offenses On Trains And Buses

DC Metro Wants To Temporarily Ban Riders Who Commit Weapons And Sex Offenses On Trains And Buses

Senate Democrats unveiling push to legalize marijuana at federal level

Latest RW distraction: the Navy is too diverse

Covid Outbreak Among Vaccinated Nevada Health Workers, Highlights Delta Variant Risks

Norwegian Cruise Line sues Florida surgeon general over vaccine passport ban

Fly in and fly away

I'm a mean mom

Americans let Democracy become transactional

Trump rioter Douglas Austin Jensen thought he invaded White House during Capitol siege, video shows

Cuba before Castro - Spoiler alert:A US backed dictator, isn't that a surprise, not!

France & Greece Introduce Mandatory Vaccinations For Healthcare Workers, Deadlines

Use THESE Plans To Build Your Own Rocket

Fox Guest: Slavery 'Never Was A Race Thing'

"It's called 'Culling the herd!'" . . . Please come CAPTION Rob Schmitt of Newsmax!

Tucker Carlson's first grade teacher busts him for lying about her to explain why he's an asshole.

How Jesus became a white man

Whitmer kidnap suspects don't want jury to hear comments in video


Right Wingers Are Taking Over Library Boards to Remove Books on Racism

The RNC knows Trump is lying. It just doesn't care.

Which one species has been placed on Earth by aliens passing by?

Confronted with crimes against humanity, Colombia's VP resorts to blatant lies

Massive Cache Of Weapons Found Inside Pickup Truck Stolen Out Of Bakersfield

So did the protest in Florida yesterday violate DeathSentence's new laws

Here's the NYT (of course) trying to normalize the CRT hysteria.

I'm not a photographer but I liked this picture

The Biggest Myth In Education, learning styles.

Greenland's 2021 spring: more snow, less melt

Brilliant editing skills

Surfside mayor says security will be tightened at the condo collapse location

Republicans - The party of integrity and law

A touch of despair after talking to my neighbor...

White woman filmed chasing black woman around Victoria's Secret - Victim's gofundme gets $78,465

The Trump DOJ tried to seize 3 Washington Post journalists' communications the day before Attorney G

Good News Network: A Jane Goodall anniversary from 1960

US overdose deaths hit record 93,000 in pandemic last year

8 fully vaccinated healthcare workers caught COVID-19 at a Vegas pool party.

Statements, The President of The Supreme Court Foresees A Conciliation Meeting

Good Day DU (July 14, 2021)

Mississippi reports at least 7 kids in ICU with COVID-19

Trump's second coming has been delayed, again.

Interesting witnesses for the Special Committee?

For years and years, Republicans have told us

Happy Birthday to Chef Jose Andres

Why are Repukes against vaccinations (ALL vaccinations, e.g. Tennessee)?

Drug overdose deaths in 2020 hit highest number ever recorded, CDC data shows

'Swatting' call leads to death of Sumner County man targeted for his Twitter handle

NBCnews: Banker convicted of bribery plot trying to obtain position in Trump admin.

Facts about the Keystone Pipeline you'll never hear on the right-wing media

Ken Starr's Completely Inexcusable Career Has a New Chapter Titled 'Jeffrey Epstein'

The Republican Party needs to be officially labeled as a Death Cult

1945 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 21 deaths

NASA, DOE fund three nuclear thermal space propulsion concepts

U.S. drug overdose deaths rise 30% to record during pandemic

OUCH The Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright disgusted by dog's horrific injuries after (naughty warning)

Dark stars: The first stars in the universe

Manchin 'open' to $3.5 trillion Democratic budget deal

Way to begin a day - Throw away the pills, grab a kitten

The hunt for wormholes: How scientists look for space-time tunnels

As Western wildfires rage, region to remain 'tragically dry' for at least a week.

Democrats need a winning message. We propose: 'Workers, wages and weed.'

MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We're on Schedule.

Florida allows Cuba protesters to shut down highway despite making it felony for Black Lives Matter

So , I am back in the hospital again

US lets Iran use frozen funds to pay back Japan, S.Korea

Brazilian women with Covid have a 12% mortality rate. Ghastly numbers for the babies, too.

Trudeau Treads Lightly After Cuba Cracks Down on Street Protests

This simple word test reveals how creative you are, scientists say

Wholesale inflation over past year jumps by record amount

Four Georgian TV stations go off air in protest over journalist's death

Personal advice needed that might benefit others here-

Biden to Announce 'Operation Allied Refuge' to Airlift All Eligible Afghans

Gutter ball: Michigan man finds 160 bowling balls under home

Don Jr. claims to be a builder.

Death penalty still an option for NYC federal prosecutors despite Attorney General's moratorium

Police called to mall as white woman is filmed chasing Black woman around Victoria's Secret

Moscow Mitch criticizes Texas Democrats for staging a walkout

Young man signs with the Nats then surprises Dad with the news:

Group founded by Stacey Abrams launches voting rights initiative

Mowing my lawn in Michigan was just like trying to mow the Everglades.

Psaki just smacked down Douchy again! Discussion the Texas Democrats leaving the state....

More than 150 companies call on Congress to strengthen Voting Rights Act

The Revolution-Will-Not-Be-Televised Politics of Gil Scott Heron -- Whitey On the Moon

Tucker Carlson, who downplayed the riot at the Capitol, accuses Texas Democrats of 'insurrection'

Fox 'news' pushing "civil war".

Critical Report on FBI's Failure to Investigate Larry Nassar to Come Wednesday

Opinion: Republicans are dismantling the right to vote. But they've enshrined the right to infect.

White House prepares to fight back in the Covid vaccine disinformation war

I don't love this country,

2021 Onward Together & Fair Fight team up for LesbiansWhoTech

Facebook reportedly fired 52 employees who were caught spying on users

It wasn't an insurrection; it was a peaceful protest

I'm so old, I remember when Governors actually tried to keep their constituents alive.

1 million people in France make vaccine appointments after Macron warning

Wisconsin judge suspended for crude remarks, pulling out gun in court

Mrs. Betty Bowers - American Sunday School Lesson

I wonder if it would be possible for families that lose loved ones because of Covid to

The Lies Were Always the Point

Fill in the blank: I have way too many ___________.

Moon rose early in the day; here approaching 'set' after 11 p.m.

King County begins mailing ballots for the 2021 primary election. Here's what you need to know

On The Occasion of Bastille Day,

Well damn, Mitch figured it out- anti vaccine less GOP votes

Cheney hoping for GOP members of Jan. 6 panel who are 'committed to upholding the rule of law'

Caught osprey family as I returned home just after noon, and STORM.

Family reunited with son 24 years after he was kidnapped

Child Tax Credit Notice from My Accountant

IMHO: No Vax? OK. No TV, internet, cell phone, air flight, train, bus or hospitalization for you.

Mark Zuckerberg 'Inundated With Antisemitic Abuse' After Posting Photo of Family Dog Wearing Kippah

Snake Handlers in West Virginia

D.C.'s summer heat is near its peak. Up next? The descent into winter.

Pastor asks Jesus for help after ignoring Covid precautions at church camp.

Pittie Goes Wild When He Sees His Grandparents

70% of state population 16 and up has received at least one vaccine dose

"Hide your noise. I am Todd Hewitt"

Cartoons 7/14/2021

With fewer inmates, state prepares to close prison units

Update on batshit crazy-

Airlines May Have to Refund Fliers for Delayed Bags



21 Republican Attorneys General Send Letter to Biden Attacking His Pro-LGBTQ+ Policies

UPDATED! I need help with something please

How Tucker Stopped Worrying About Being Bad At Phonics And Just Became Racist Instead

A Prison Interview With Scott Thorson, Wonderland Murders Witness and Liberace's Pet

The Deeply Racist Dimensions To Ashli Babbitt's Martyrdom

Iranian intelligence agents plotted brazen abduction of Brooklyn dissident journalist

Delta variant now accounts for about 58% of COVID-19 cases in US, CDC says

Rock & Roll

Bans on critical race theory could have a chilling effect on how educators teach about racism

Fox News Peter Doocy never tires of silly questions as Jen Psaki whack-a-moles him on Texas heroes

NDC Chair Rep DelBene, WA "ChildTaxCredit / tomorrow over 66 million children will start benefiting"

Tucker Carlson called TFG 'the single most repulsive person on the planet' and a 'wacko' in 1999

Good news, bad news for Dems on the Manchin front: Came out of Biden lunch without much heartburn...

Biden meets Dems at Capitol to firm up support for spending

Why conservatives keep losing the education wars

5 Members Of Texas Family Arrested In Capitol Attack Case

Bernie Sanders, Senate Budget Committee chairman, on policy targets in the $3.5T bill:

OAN: "If MLK were here today, he'd be a hard-right conservative"

CNN rolls the tape on Fox News hosts' anti-vaccine rhetoric (CNN)

This Ol' Cowboy

'I don't want the police involved in my kids' education': Fight brews over surveillance of students

Coronavirus: 'We have a tale of two pandemics' in America

Transportation groups call for national VMT (vehicle miles traveled) program

Breakthru: Vaxed w COVID, Mild Symptoms Glad They'd Vaxed: *Israel, Comorbid., Age, Serious Effects

From Ted Cruz To Elizabeth Warren, There's A Bipartisan Push To #FreeBritney

The Seattle metro area is the fastest-growing tech market in the US

Whatever happened with . . .

Florida cop sentenced to 12 years in prison for planting drugs

Along the Bike Trail

Racist NJ Asshole with 20 Prior Convictions -- Judge Rules He Must Remain in Jail

Auntie's tweet of the whole damn day.

Jeff Greenfield had an interesting article in Politico.

'Get on the team or shut up': How Trump created an army of GOP enforcers

Antisemitic symbol spray-painted on Alliance,OH YWCA

Kateri Tekakwitha, born 1656 in Auriesville, New York area, has feast day today, July 14.

Secret ethics investigation clears DA who won't prosecute gay domestic abuse cases

Contortionist drag queen blows America's Got Talent judges away with mindblowing routine

Jerusalem Post: Who is most likely to develop severe COVID-19 even after a second jab?

Surprise! You bought a Rio Wave Hi Boy!


Cuba protesters in Tampa held without bail because of 'anti-riot' law, records show

US House Committee on Oversight and Reform is launching an investigation into the AZ fraudit

Warning! Don't grow catnip outdoors.

Faith No More - Stripsearch

Three very important items in Senate's $3.5T reconciliation package

Democrats to Offer Red State Medicaid Expansion

Florida reports massive Covid surge 6,425 new cases today

Wow! 3 Standing O's for (ahem) "the boring guy"

Judge hears case challenging Alaska's new ranked-choice election system

Wyoming bar calls for murder of gay people as "cure for AIDS" and are selling it as merch

A new animated Anne Frank movie brings her diary to life in modern-day Amsterdam

Jonathan Pie: A nation of wa**ers

Jen Psaki puts down Doocy again - "I don't think anything about this is funny"

ok,,,, AZ Family reports on the Midday news that the Covid number was higher today because

is this cute? or is it the symptom of ecological disaster? discuss.

If you listen to "Pet Sounds" as the narrative of a relationship...

Top US general warned of 'Reichstag moment' in Trump's turbulent last days

PM Update: Scattered strong to severe storms dot parts of the area into evening.

Unions Gave Money To GOP Lawmakers Who Voted To Overturn The Election

US to start evacuating Afghans who helped American forces this month

The look on their face....

24-year-old who needed double lung transplant wishes he'd been vaccinated for COVID-19

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 14, 2021

If someone bumps into you once on a crowded sidewalk, there is ample reason go

Joe asks DeSantis a question.

The Moral Collapse of J.D. Vance

Steve Martin on The Dating Game 1968

Judge delays sentencing after twists in Mollie Tibbetts case

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he 'will go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands

Death of coal mine worker tied to operator's failures

What The Rubber 'Apocalypse' Means For The U.S. Economy

Office vent. Need to downsize...oh, but this space is too small!

What's the deal on Tennessee shutting down child

An innocent man spent years in prison for his wife's murder. Now prosecutors say ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 15 July 2021

Tarantula venom as an alternative to opioids?

A newborn baby was discarded in a YMCA dumpster 13 years ago. The suspected mom is in custody

Cape Cod restaurant closes for 'day of kindness' after customers' rude behavior

Fox News host Neil Cavuto notes the hypocrisy of Sen. James Lankford complaining about Democratic sp

Joe Manchin says he's 'very, very' disturbed about reconciliation proposals on climate change

Senate Dems Propose Bill To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana

Remember Last Year's 7 p.m. Cheer? Some New Yorkers Are Still at It.

Sec Pete Buttigieg's 2019 Civilian Climate Corps Policy Plan

'Swatting' call leads to death of Tennessee man targeted for his Twitter handle

Judge won't change 'trauma' wording in Chauvin memo

Remember the film industry boycott of GA over voting?

Heard someone going on and on in Costco about how Trump is going to be re-elected.

Free falling through the cracks of the new pain medication rules & regs

ERCOT Releases Plan To Strengthen Texas' Electric Grid

Jan. 6 Select Committee Schedules First Hearing For July 27 (MSNBC)

If I got this wedding invite, I might skip it

22-Year-Old Bitcoin Entrepreneur Announces 'Free Speech' Phone for Trump Fans

FBI seriously mishandled Larry Nassar case, according to Justice Dept. watchdog

Wisconsin Advocacy Groups Applaud Sen. Tammy Baldwin's Proposal To Expand Medicaid

Fox host LOSES IT in total meltdown while interviewing Texas Democrat - Brian Tyler Cohen

Happening here in southern MD, & after storm & sunset.

Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love


Shelby County [TN!] to continue COVID-19 vaccination outreach to all residents, including teens

Daily Covid Cases Triple Across Southern California

I Am Bolt.

Texas Dems receive financial help from Beto O'Rourke, Willie Nelson

Another child dies in home elevator accident, days after regulators pushed for recall

This BS of changing your user names pisses me off!

If candy isn't a hobby this thread is ill conceived 😆😁😳🤪

As Covid cases rise in Florida, Governor DeSantis digs at Fauci with merchandise

Nebraska railcar-cleaning company and owners plead guilty after deadly explosion

Richard Sherman in custody after incident at in-laws' home, car accident

Safety of taking a 2nd set of covid shots????

Liz Cheney smacking away Jim Jordan's hand on Jan. 6 as he tries to protect the "ladies" from...

Boeing discloses manufacturing problem with 787 Dreamliner that it says will slow production of jets

New book reveals how much Facebook knew about Russian election interference & how little the company

Today's Blue Dot in Texas....13 minutes long

Ex-officer sentenced to four years in prison for beating his Black undercover colleague at a protest

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Will Defeat COVID-19 Surge By Sh*tting On Dr. Fauci

Tennessee needs a new state song

After bad hiccups, Bolsonaro may need intestinal surgery

Judge agrees to free QAnon believer charged in Capitol riot (Douglas Jensen)

Judge nullifies horse trainer Bob Baffert's NY suspension

New Minority Committee Report Details Rogue Police Force Investigating A Child, Costing Millions

Shocking Blue Venus, After Which This Will Cue Up Often

Meridian man pleads guilty to felony in Capitol riot case

Britney Spears Can Choose Her Own Lawyer In Conservatorship Case, A Judge Has Ruled

Panel probing US Capitol riot announces debut hearing

Lithuanian parliament votes to allow mass detention of asylum seekers

Arizona county to spend $3M on voting machines after audit